London 2012: The Olympic torch relay and Prometheus


London is getting ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics and the Olympic torch relay will begin on May 18th 2012. This ceremonial event, where people from all walks of life carry the Olympic torch across the host country, is particularly symbolic to those who began this Olympic traditions.

In Greek mythology, the original “torch-bearer” was Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from the gods in order to give it to humanity. Fire was considered by ancients as being a tiny spark of the sun, which was considered to be the physical manifestation of deity (see Sun Worship). By bringing fire to mankind, Prometheus has therefore enabled humans to partake in “all things divine” and even allowed them to aspire to become gods themselves. For this reason, Prometheus is particularly revered in secret societies, as his myth is the ultimate representation of the philosophy and the goals of mystery schools: ascension towards divinity and immortality through man’s own means.

In esoteric teachings, the act of “carrying the torch” is symbolic of man’s awareness of his own “divine spark” and represents his aspiration to become “one of the gods”. This is, in a nutshell, the core philosophy of the world’s elite, which is heavily influenced by the hermetic teachings of Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism and Illuminism. For this reason, Prometheus’ Torch of Illumination is often found in the occult elite’s symbolism.

The myth of Prometheus is, in many ways, similar to the myth of Lucifer – whose name is Latin for “Light Bearer”. Since Lucifer fell from Heaven to the earthly realm – bringing with him “the light of Illumination” – he is considered in occult schools to be the Bringer of Light, of the Morning Star, of intellectualism and of enlightenment.

Since the Torch of Enlightenment is the main symbol representing the elite’s philosophy, is it surprising to find it prominently featured in a ritual opening the world’s grandest sporting event?


In the Olympics

The first relaying of the Olympic torch was held at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, during the Nazi Regime. Despite the fact that Hitler banned Masonic organizations from Germany (he identified them as servants of the Jews), his regime was nevertheless inspired and deeply steeped in by secret societies. He had a great respect for the symbolism and the constitution of secret societies.

“All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death’s heads, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed an esoteric doctrine not merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don’t you see that our party must be of this character…? An Order, that is what it has to be — an Order, the hierarchial Order of a secular priesthood… Ourselves or the Freemasons or the Church — there is room for one of the three and no more… We are the strongest of the three and shall get rid of the other two.”
Hermann Rauschning, “Hitler Speaks”

The Nazi Party was heavily influenced by Germanic mysticism. Several members of the Party were part of the Thule Society – an occult secret society based in Munich. Despite its outward differences with other secret societies such as Freemasonry, in the end of the day, when all is said and done, all of the inner-most teachings of these society are pretty much the same.

Since “occult minds think alike” the torch relay became part of the Olympic tradition. So, every two years, entire countries gather and celebrate the passing of Prometheus torch, which  can only be lit by the ultimate source: the sun – symbol of the deity.

Since most people who assist to these torch relays – including the torch carriers themsevles- know nothing about the occult meaning of the event, the carrying of the Olympic torch remains a stunning example of the elite’s rituals and philosophy being celebrated in front of a dumbfounded crowd. Clapping for and cheering their local light-bearing Lucifer, the masses celebrate, once again, the extent of their own ignorance.

Other Illuminati symbolism in the 2012 Olympics:

Here’s a recent BBC article celebrating the torch relay and describing some of its history:

London 2012: What is the Olympic torch relay?

“It is an utterly thrilling thing to do,” says Philip Barker.

The Olympic historian and author has a lump in the throat just at the memory of running, torch clasped in his hand, high in the Taygetos mountains above Sparta, Greece.

He was a part of the torch relay, the human-powered running feat that bore the flame on its journey from its source, Olympia, to the Atlanta Games in 1996.

From 18 May 2012 the Olympic torch relay will tour the UK in the run up to the London Games – taking 70 days, with about 8,000 torchbearers.

Organisers say 95% of the country’s population should be within one hour of the route which will end with the lighting of the cauldron during the opening ceremony in the Olympic stadium, Stratford.

They hope that the emotion felt by Philip Barker will be shared by the nation and among crowds lining the route.

But how did the Olympic Games come to have this almost cultish following of a naked flame?

The perception of the torch relay is that it’s a contemporary re-enactment of an ancient Greek tradition.

In reality, it is a phenomenon just of the modern Olympics, only beginning in the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin, and for the Winter Games at Oslo in 1952.

But the idea is rooted in a mash-up of Greek myths, thought to date from around the 6th-5th centuries BC.

The stories concern Prometheus. He was a Titan and “friend to man” who stole fire, a sacred element, disguised inside a narthex stalk (a kind of giant fennel) from Zeus, the father of the Gods, and gave it to mortals.

The ancient Greeks had Lampadedromia – torch relay races – where the winning team lit a sacred flame, possibly as part of the cult worship of Prometheus and his defiance of the gods to impart knowledge to mortals. The modern relay has a nod to the flame-kindling vestal virgins from the rival Roman civilisation thrown in.

It also conjures the spirit of the “sacred truce”, a peace declared across ancient Greece in the months before an Olympic Games and communicated by runners who travelled the country.

As University of Oxford classicist Cressida Ryan puts it: “It’s an amalgam of bits of mythology.

“Agreeing on the facts doesn’t really matter, it’s too long ago to know. Today it is used as a force for good – someone has taken an idea and run with it.”

An Olympic flame first burned at the Amsterdam Games, 1928, but it was not until 1936 that a relay with a torch took shape, under the Nazi regime and sports organiser Carl Diem.

A flame was kindled in Olympia using the sun and a parabolic mirror, then carried to the Berlin stadium by runners through Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia – countries that later would fall under Nazi domination.

Fire was a symbol of Hitler’s regime, and torchlight processions were a feature. The leadership aimed to draw a direct link back to ancient civilisation. As Ryan explains: “They wanted a symbolic bridge between ancient Greece and modern Germany. And light is a symbol of purity – the bright, white, pure, stunning light of the ancient Greeks was something that fed into the Aryan myth.”

Adolf Hitler’s favoured filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl captured that myth, documenting the event for her 1938 film Olympia.

Post-war, for the 1948 London Olympics, organisers embraced the idea of the torch relay. Despite the austere times, the torch was mobbed by crowds along the route.

Since then, the torch has enjoyed a mostly high old time, every four, and latterly two, years, changing design with each Olympic host city and each decade’s trends.

The relay has sometimes gone with a theme – Rome 1960: The Ancient Relay; Mexico City ’68: The Relay to the New World; Seoul ’88: Harmony and Progress.

The modes of transportation have become ever-more outlandish – on skis, Oslo 1952; Skidoo, Calgary ’88; and ski-jumper, Lillehammer ’94.

The torch has taken to the water with swimmers, in Veracruz, Mexico, ’68 and in Marseilles, France for Grenoble ’68 as well as underwater at the Great Barrier Reef for Sydney 2000.

It has taken to the skies – on Concorde, Albertville ’92; via satellite, Montreal ’76; parachute, Lillehammer ’94. And the torch, without flame, has been into space, twice, ahead of Atlanta ’96 and Sydney 2000.

Canoes, steamboats, wagons, horses, camels and many sportspeople and celebrities have also played their part.

It has also drawn protest, most prominently from pro-Tibet and human rights campaigners in many countries when it was flanked by Chinese bodyguards in its round-the-world-tour ahead of Beijing 2008.

And until at least the 1950s, it was rather a sexist torch – no women were allowed to take part.

The flame is sometimes accidentally extinguished en route, apparently “more often than they like to let on,” says Barker.

In case of such an event, it can be re-lit with special back-up flames from Olympia carried with the relay, often in miners’-style lamps.

Should a cloudy day threaten the initial ceremony when women kindle the flame from the Sun at Olympia, there are also a series of flames kept in reserve from the “practice kindles” in the days leading up to the televised event. The torch has been used to light the cauldron by sporting legends like Muhammad Ali, by athlete Li Ning suspended on wires, by paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo and as fire amid water by runner Cathy Freeman.

It is all part of the facade that Olympic-minded historians say stokes enthusiasm for a positive sporting event, often among people who cannot be at the Games themselves.

The founder of the modern Olympic movement, Pierre de Coubertin hoped the Olympic torch would “pursue its way through ages, increasing friendly understanding among nations, for the good of a humanity always more enthusiastic, more courageous and more pure.”

Thirty Olympiads on, for carriers like Barker, that symbolism is key.

“When it is your turn to carry the flame, you think emotional thoughts, think of people who have competed in the Olympics, Jesse Owens, great heroes like Steve Redgrave,” he says.

“You feel part of that because you’re helping take the flame to the stadium. It was extremely special, very emotional.”


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Don’t put too much time into learning what satan and his demons are up to, lest you get caught in satans snare. Better to spend time in scripture and walking, praying with our Lord Jesus. Theres no other Way.
Psa 119:110 The wicked have laid a snare for me: yet I erred not from thy precepts.

Those who are anti-religious, this site is about religious occult worship of the elite that is telling you what to believe (or not believe at all so that you are a slave to material things) and the same elite hates true Christians. Why? Because they love their Lucifer. It is YOU who refuse to see the spiritual reality right in front of you. Well, your choice, but don't post here if you wish to refuse the fact that YES there are still people believing in more then a limited and broken and sick self-ego…

Exactly. If you don't want to see the truth, fine. That is your choice that you are allowed to have. All this 'logic' that atheists use is regurgitations of other scientist's opinions. 'Logic'=narcissim=ego. Stephen Hawking doesn't know any more about black holes than you or me. He just THINKS he does based on common 'science.' Common 'science' used to say the world was flat too. We are ants in a controlled ant farm and all God wants is for us to love and enjoy the beauty of this physical existence he created for us. Things like greed, jealousy, hate, pain are all by products of this great 'knowledge' we received from Lucifer, who freaking hates mankind. It's hilarious. Funny how all the great world leaders go out into the woods and worship a pagan stone owl god named Moloch. God could crush satan right now if he wanted but obviously… Read more »

don't forget that the 2012 logo for the Olympics is Lisa Simpson giving Bart Simpson a b*****b

hey the torch is going to tropic isles elem.

@ M. Oliver

"Instead, you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, with its thousands of angels. You have come to the joyful gathering of God's firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, who is judge of all people and to the spirits of good people made perfect." ~ HEBREWS 12 : 22 – 24

off topic- oprah changed her finale date to today?

no longer 09/ 2011?

My question is not completely related to this article, but to another older article (I've just discovered this website a few days ago) about Lady Di….

…I still don't understand why SHE had to be killed, just because her name was Diana?

the torch is connected to orion, during summer solstice the sun crosses orion's "torch", during this period of time. the lightening of the torch (as well as the alignment with the center of the milky way) during an equinox or a solstice means that we are entering in a new "precessional seasonal age".

here it is

The Olympic Torch today is ignited several months before the opening celebration of the Olympic Games at the site of the ancient Olympics in Olympia, Greece. Eleven women, representing the Vestal Virgins, perform a ceremony in which the torch is kindled by the light of the Sun, its rays concentrated by a parabolic mirror. (wikipedia)

my complete post about this (in italian, sorry guys)

Something to add to the article. I found it on Facebook (sorry if old):

The mascots and the logo are really, really creepy!


I would kindly suggest that the first step to understand secret societies is to study Dante Alighieri’s poem: La Divina Commedia. And go to the paradise where the blessed souls in shape of rose are.

Dante is supposed to be the first rusicrucian in the past.


Those who choose to participate in this agora are not familiar with the pleasures and pains of which you speak…spirit, and who is to say they are wrong or unwise to remain so.


It's Greek mythology…it's still highly revered today.

The only difference between mythology and religion is faith.

If such stories were true, then I for one would like to thank the light bringer (Lucifer or Promy) for bringing us some super special awesome knowledge.

Also, the word satan never appeared in the Torah until after the Jews underwent Babylonian captivity.

So something tells me it was just added onto their little stories.

"In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is King”. Both mythology and religion are one and the same…requiring human belief and human faith to make them real in the minds of the worshipful believer. Lucifer, the one eyed god and demon of the wilderness, in the aspect of Prometheus, represents the 93 magickal formula of sex/love under will, which embodies the purposeful torture and abuse of the human unconscious mind and its psychic sexual reproductive energies and potencies in works of evil spell casting, black magick, bewitchment, illusion, sorcery and witchcraft. To the ‘Practitioner of the Craft’ (sorcery and witchcraft) “the one-eyed man is King”, but to the wise, the knowledgeable, and the understanding, Azazel, another name and aspect of ‘the one-eyed King’, is the embodiment of the seven deadly vice which corrupt the 'Eternal Spirit' and brings about the slow and anguished death of the immortal soul.… Read more »

Isn't there a torch bearer in Kanye West's Runaway Full-length Film? I've been trying to figure out why they have a little kid dressed in red running with a torch in the video (around 7 minutes into the video and again about 9 minutes into the video). Except theres smoke coming from the torch not fire. Odd.

Forget about 1 event being near to me…. there are FOUR OF THEM!


Just because are well educated and well rounded that read VC….does NOT mean we are all Christian fanatics. Open a couple books (ur mind as well). Ppl that spend time only looking in one direction are the problem with MANY of the problems of the world.

La geurre du feu (Quest for fire), a movie produced by Jean-Jacques Annaud shows us a 'light bearer' much older than Lucifer and Prometheus. It is about primitive tribes, that just discoverd the use of fire, and because they didn't yet control the art of fire making, one of them had to take and guard the fire with him. (Wikipedia gives a good description of the movie… (by 'older' I mean: these primitive tribes hadn't yet invented 'complicated' stories like the one of Lucifer and Prometheus, this story inventing is a later stage of human development) What this movie shows is how 'symbols' are rooted in antropological experience. Mankind first had to literally 'bear the fire/light) with them to survive. Later on came the association of 'fire' with wisdom, invention, courage… Maybe some groups 'claim' these symbols. But in fact they belong to 'humanity'. So, if it is true… Read more »

What can i say? This fire carrying thing is STUPID anyway! Y does everything gotta be from egypt or greece paganism? and they still get nitwits to applaud!!

The mascots, they're hideous!

When it was released, I knew something was sinister. But a survey describes how children are finding them "enjoyable" (Wiki).

They've successfully dessentisized our kids!!!!!!!


I agree – the mascots are gruesome.

When my little son (now aged 3) first saw a picture of spiderman, he recoiled in horror.

I think this shows the natural instinct of a small innocent child.

So sad this world we live in – all its appalling, unecessary images.

Have you seen, Infant Indoctination series. Youtube.

Spot on Lorna, you had me in stitches and not because the horror he sensed is hilarious but it came to my mind an old saying >from a child and a crazy person you learn the truth. I just remembered the reaction of a beautiful blue-eyed baby boy. As soon as the poor sod came across some masks in a store just before Halloween, he got really hysterical.

another amazing and fantastic article VC!!!

Great stuff vigilant. Would you all please read our article on Wenlock and Mandeville / 2012 / ZION / Apotheosis of Man at

Janet, that whole idea in the video is pretty surreal….the cute lil "one eyes" having so much fun "over the rainbow".

Unbelievably blatant, once again.

I found this today on the internet:

"Despite its outward differences with other secret societies such as Freemasonry, in the end of the day, when all is said and done, all of the inner-most teachings of these society are pretty much the same."

Whoah whoah whoah. I see what you did there. Cuz, you know, the Freemasons and the Thule society, they're pretty much the same thing…

That's bullshit and you know it.

Really? Everyone is just going to accept this and move on? VC, you are better than this kind of cheap generalization.

Thank you for the response. While you are correct about Sebbotendorf, to state that all of these groups are essentially the same is a gross oversimplification, and amounts to cheap fear-mongering. As a regular reader I know you are educated enough to know the differences between these societies, and I suppose I am a little disappointed to see this kind of generalization slipped in there.

I guess it doesn't matter, really; your general audience seems to eat it up. I come here for intelligent, insightful articles, and usually that's what I get. And I happen to agree with your thoughts on the Olympics, by the way. I just had to object to your moment of silliness.

In any case I will continue to frequent this site. I just ask that you refrain from dumbing it down too much.

Thank you.… "In fact, Pastor Batchelor has directly challenged Camping, offering him $100,000 to hand over the deed and rights to the Family Radio network following the May 21 deadline. He explains, "The Bible clearly teaches in Matthew 24:36 that 'No man knows the day and hour' of Jesus' return. Christ also warned that in the last days, there would be many false teachers. It is worth asking then, does Camping's prediction match what the Bible really tells us about Christ's return? I don't believe it does. But if Camping is right, he deserves the money to spread the message; if he's wrong, he should not own a radio network." Batchelor also warns, "Reckless predictions of the second coming of Christ create an artificial excitement among believers followed by a corresponding depression. In addition, it hardens skeptics in their unbelief and provides new fodder for cynics to mock the Christian faith."… Read more »


VC, please look this man up–there are two comments above my own as it is.

2012 is going to be the biggest deception of all time…

XXX (30) Olympiad. Prince William is going to be XXX years old.

The 2012 logo spells out ZION.

Look up Rik Clay on youtube–he was suicided just after he made a video.

Email me at if you have any questions.

Here's his book if you're interested.

Anyone reading this, inform yourself and spread the word. He revealed too much… they didn't like that.

Also–note the pyramid on top of the one-eyed mascots…

The 2008 Beijing pyramid looked similar.

everybody needs to read that link..omg.. thats so creepy especially the u.k. passports design.

everyone see this video about the project bluebeam.

That is some pretty interesting stuff……thanks for posting!!!