Las Vegas Shooting : Was Jerad Miller a Patsy Used to Further an Agenda?



On June 8th, a couple shot and killed two police officers inside a Las Vegas restaurant. Before opening fire, the couple reportedly yelled “This is a revolution!”. They then covered the bodies of the police officers with a yellow Gadsden “Don’t tread on me” flag, along with a note containing a swastika symbol. The shooters then entered a nearby Walmart, killed another man inside, then took their own lives.

When the murderers were identified as Jerad and Amanda Miller, media sources quickly tagged the couple as “extreme-right”, “pro-gun”, “conspiracy theorist”, “Tea Party”, “anti-Government” and “White supremacists”. Then, pictures of them emerged and things got strange.

Was the shooting the result of deranged minds who read too much stuff on the internet or was it intentionally provoked to further an agenda? A closer look at the case reveals that several facts are quite odd and “convenient”. First, there’s the “Batman” connection.

The Batman Connection

In past articles on the “Batman shooting” and the Sandy Hook shooting, I described how these mass murders were linked to Batman movies. As strange as it might seem, there is also a Batman link in the Las Vegas shooting.

The couple apparently loved dressing up as the Joker from Batman.
Jerad and his wife Amanda loved dressing up as the Joker and the Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn.


Joker again.
Joker again.


A screenshot from a YouTube video posted by Jerad Miller where he was ranting about police and government while giving manic glares at the camera.
This is a screenshot from a YouTube video posted by Jerad Miller. With his face painted as the Joker, Miller ranted about the police and the government while giving manic glares at the camera.

In 2012, the Aurora shooting was carried out during the premier of a Batman movie – The Dark Knight Rises. In the article entitled Was the “Batman Shooting” a Ritualistic Murder Carried Out by Mind Controlled Patsy? I listed several strange facts about the shooting.

Holmes reportedly dyed his hair bright orange to resemble Heath Ledger's rendition of the Joker.
Holmes reportedly dyed his hair bright orange to resemble Heath Ledger’s rendition of the Joker.


As stated in my article entitled “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice" Heath Ledger lost his life in mysterious circumstances shortly after his work as the Joker.
As stated in the article “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice“, Heath Ledger lost his life in mysterious circumstances shortly after embodying the Joker.

The 2012 Sandy Hook shooting also had a strange Batman connection. As noted in the article Mass Shootings and Mass Media, the words “Sandy Hook” appear on a map during The Dark Knight Rises.

Screenshot from Dark Knight Rises.
Screenshot from The Dark Knight Rises.
In this map, sent as part of a promotional kit, we clearly see that Sandy Hook is identified as a "strike zone".
In this map, sent as part of a promotional kit for The Dark Knight Rises, we clearly see that Sandy Hook is identified as a “strike zone”.

The Las Vegas shooting is therefore yet another mass murder involving Batman. While there are numerous clues hinting that James Holmes and Adam Lanza were patsies, can we say the same of Jerad Miller?

Was Jerad Miller a Patsy?

As stated above, Jerad Miller (I won’t talk much about his wife because she appears to have been “brainwashed” by him) was quickly tagged by mass media as an anti-government, militia-supporting, God-loving, conspiracy theorist. That explosive cocktail of words is increasingly being used to identify America’s newest #1 enemies.

On June 2nd, the White House announced the creation of a new task force to fight “homegrown terrorism”. In a video presenting the task force, attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. stated:

“We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders. Now — as the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet — it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”

A few days later, the Las Vegas shooting occured. Is it possible that patsies are being used to generate terror in order to justify action against specific “radical” groups?

In April 2014, Jerad Miller spent time at the Bundy Ranch, the site of the much publicized “Bundy Standoff”, where rancher Cliven Bundy is involved in a long-standing dispute with the government over unpaid grazing fees. The standoff devolved into an armed confrontation between protestors and law enforcement and is turning into a symbolic battle against “government tyranny”. Jerad Miller and his wife “left everything” to join the Bundys.

During his stay at the ranch Jerad was interviewed by NBC News where he took a rather radical, violent stance.

However, the Miller couple was kicked out of the ranch soon after. While the official reason of the expulsion was Jerad’s past felonies, members of the ranch stated that the couple was “annoying” and “too radical”. Did they have suspicions that Jerad was a government agent sent to infiltrate and maybe push them to violence?

A few months after Jerad’s appearance on NBC News (why was HE chosen to appear in that interview?), the entire Bundy Standoff issue – which was gaining some public sympathy –  is now associated with cop-killing, White Supremacists. That is how you discredit movements and turn public opinion against them.

News sources also linked Jerad Miller to Alex Jones and his Infowars website. It was discovered that a post entitled The Police (to kill or not to kill?) was posted by a user named “jerad” on May 28th 2012, where the user rants about constitutional rights and his hate for police. This led news sources to cite Infowars and “conspiracy theorists” as a factor leading to the shooting.

In short, Jerad Miller and his heinous crime is being used to discredit and vilify several movements that are already targeted by the powers that be. It is a real life continuation of the movie Prisoners (analyzed here) where the “bad guy” is a deranged, religious, patriotic survivalist. (Interesting fact : An important character in the movie is named Alex Jones).

The shootings also occurred less than a week after another self-professed Libertarian shot three police officers in New Brunswick, Canada. Not unlike Jerad Miller, the shooter’s Facebook page was filled with typical “extreme-right” images and messages.

In Conclusion

Was Jerad Miller a government agent used to infiltrate and discredit specific groups? Was he programmed to carry out the murders to then take his own life? Was he just a crazy guy with a gun?  It’s difficult to say. It is however clear that the media spin on the Las Vegas shootings is perfectly in line with a top Agenda element of the elite : To discredit, demonize and lump together various groups that are not welcome in the U.S. anymore. Whether we look at Libertarians, constitutionalists, survivalists, or religious and pro-gun groups, they are all being targeted by the elite.

While I won’t claim that every person involved in these groups is a kind, balanced, law-abiding citizen, it is clear that most of these groups exist because rights and freedoms are being chipped away in America. The main goal of many of these groups is to preserve the original spirit of the U.S. Constitution, which has been seriously violated in the past two decades. However, as the elite is transforming America into a NWO-friendly police-state, these groups are now perceived as a serious threat. More importantly, the elite needs the public to turn against them.

What would be an efficient way to discredit these groups? Here’s an answer: Send out someone like Jerad Miller to commit something awful like killing police officers who have children. Then have newscasters use “conspiracy theorists” and “constitutionalists” in the same sentence as “murderer” and “White Supremacist”.

Whether or not Jerad Miller was a government agent, his actions definitely furthered the biggest Agenda item of the next few years.



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The elite control the heard with the existence of "bad guys"(some psycho with a gun) to further impose their control on the population. The goverments grip on our tax dollars is root of this dilemma. It always comes down to money and the government wont allow the population to turn against the system. Thus the brainwashing and scare tactics. We are the machine that fuels their (hidden) agenda. The government uses our differences in skin color and financial status to keep us divided. If the population united towards equality the system would crumble.

Good article, but have you seen the WalMart surveillance footage where they shoot each other? It was totally fake. She 'shoots him' without a muzzle flash or entry point. He drops his head into his folded arms, and seconds later picks it back up as if to say, "Did we get the shot:?". All the while, there is an officer narrating it as it happens, as if his saying they shot each other makes it so. The Vegas police released the video, and a still from behind inside WalMart, only of 'Jerad". Look at his videos, clearly from Indiana before he moved to Vegas in January (and uploaded just at the right time, but by who – JeradMiller and ChuckNorris?), and verify for yourself if that is the same person. I don't think it's them. The build doesn't match him, and the face, though a little grainy, does not look… Read more »

And people think this event really happened because?????? Perhaps there's a connection to Batman because it's a real life fictional event!

Stay positive, peeps. I know it's difficult but our eyes are open and more people are awakening every day.

We can beat these guys…..

"was quickly tagged by mass media as an anti-government, militia-supporting, God-loving, conspiracy theorist. That explosive cocktail of words is increasingly being used to identify America’s newest #1 enemies."

This tactic won't work because those who are truly God loving wouldn't hurt innocent people, or use violence to further a cause. One thing is probable….that if these "patsies" are witting accomplices to the hidden agenda, then they are self-sacrificing themselves for the "cause" in belief that a certain someone will protect them from divine justice. They are self-deluding.

With an insane government, I have no doubt that these two people were used to further the governments goal in gun control.

Has anyone watched the video that was released on the shooting? Looks fake as hell.

It's pathetic in so many ways I don't even know where to begin. It's actually pitiful they could not go to more trouble to simulate real events in that Walmart. Walmart has more cameras than they do parking spots. They have so many surveillance angles that it's arguable they are part of the NSA's subsidiary development teams. They could show the couple getting out of their car; entering the building; taking their guns out; audio and video of "Let the Revolution begin"; Audio and video of people fleeing down the aisle; Audio of gunshots from non-graphic video; and so on and so on. Instead NOTHING for days, and then this little lonely clip with grainy video (Walmart is all high def so they can zoom in on sleight of hand thievery). Then to make it worse they appear to have Officer's doing play by play commentary on the video as… Read more »

My answer is Yes in regards to the question in the headline. I mean all the other "incidents" that occur are false flags or committed by patsies, so why is this any different.

There's always some dumb American in the middle of it. Typical. Its a nice hot day btw isn't it. 🙂

I find it funny that this website is about the influence of mass media and its effects and hidden meanings and half of the white people and some of the black people here are so brain dead its ridiculous! Blacks whine? More blacks on welfare? A bunch of media driven rubbish. Even if the whole blacks are on welfare thing is true. To be perfectly honest black people are no different from anyone else. Everyone I mean everyone depends on the Government for JOBS. If you depend on your government to give you a 9 to 5 job you are a slave! And you're dependent! You can't produce your own food, you can't hunt you pretty much depend on government/Corporations to feed you! And you're pissed because you feel like blacks are getting the gold standard treatment while you have to work. I'm here to tell you that blacks aren't… Read more »

But what everyone seems to be ignoring is the fact that this "Jared" was interested to InfoWars! And if its anything to us, we should know that Alex Jones and InfoWars are a paid misinformation agent, telling false lies and also pushing the anti-truth movement. Heck they are even ran and fianced by the same network that finances CBS and NBC! Is there a coincidence why TPTB allowed Alex Jones to "sneak" in into one of their prized and private rituals? Expect the unexpected, and in this case, the unexpected is slowly turning into the almost down right ugly truth. No one is believing the lies these people are trying to force on us and if we don't take a stand like we aren't now, we can easily as well just kiss our Second Amendment goodbye.

Actually you are wrong. There is only 1 race, the human race. There is no difference between ethnicity except phenotype difference, and melanin content. The difference to which you refer is cultural. MATTER of fact, it is only culturally based…..the TRUE difference between "races" is socio-economic status. Learn something…it's good for your brain!

I live in Henderson NV a suburb of Vegas. When I first heard about the shooting I immediately thought "false flag." Vegas is a pretty pro-gun place. I think they may be specifically targeting pro-gun areas. I definitely believe the ultimate agenda is to take away the guns. Thats all thats really left between us and fascism. When we have a "kristalnacht" like the Jews did in Germany, there will be a very short window to get out. I recommend you all get out. One final thought. As a local, i can tell you we have issues here with street performers, aka buskers. They sued the city a few years back to have the freedom to perform but its gotten out of control and they are everywhere, breaking the rules that were set forth by the court and even appearing in public in semi-nude states. Citizens and businesses are up… Read more »

In response to your title: aren't they all, aren't they all…

how weird that lady dressed as Harley Quinn looks like someone that was either on my MySpace friends list years ago or on my Facebook friends list and she went by Harley Quinn too. i checked my friend's list and saw that a Harley Duryea was on it but deactivated her profile. i never met her because she lived someplace else and i just accepted her friend request online.

Thanks, for the analysis of these events that resemble or are all planned by a mental trigger to which previously underwent

I would like to know what you think of the movie Maleficent?

Lana del rey said she wishes she was dead…..viliganters will say hmmmmm

Wishing one were dead is not a completely unreasonable reaction to living in this world. Seriously, are there people who have not once wished this?

well i think this was all staged to vilify those groups, but nobody died , this guy was in trouble with the law and was probably offeed some deal ,an offer he couldnt refuse to participate, isnt it also interseting his name is miller, just liek the supposed shooter in another recent government staged shooting like this one , the jewish community center shooting , glen miller, also in trouble with the law, known tot eh FBi,an informant, also funny that both this miller couple in vegas ans glen milller were supposedly "antisemites" and labeled as such by the SPLC, funny because miller just happens to be the 3rd more common jewish surname in the US also funny because EVERY gun control bill and piece of gun control legislation since 1968 has been written and /or sponsored by jews, the same people who own and control the media, and hollywood… Read more »

Interesting. However, this is the work of Rothschild zionists, not Jews in general.

can you write about slenderman?

Slenderman is a made up internet story that people add to

Wrong, Slenderman is a continuation of the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamlin where the proximity of the creature human hybrid interferes with the children's neuro-chemistry and induces temporary insanity, allowing the child or children to be easily lured away; or into horrific activities that a child would not otherwise be naturally inclined to engage in.
I would have offered this same explanation many years before we discover children are acting out in new extreme violent ways under the name of appeasing this specific creature. These events are weird and cannot be explained in a mundane fashion.

No its called parents not disciplining their kids

I though the same when I heard of the shooting and the Gadsden flag: That was prepared by the elite. As VC said: "it is however clear that the media spin on the Las Vegas shootings is perfectly in line with a top Agenda element of the elite : To discredit, demonize and lump together various groups that are not welcome in the U.S. anymore. Whether we look at Libertarians, constitutionalists, survivalists, or religious and pro-gun groups, they are all being targeted by the elite." So sad, so true.

The details given to us about this couple overwhelm! Such probing, timely journalism, and unprecedented rapid sharing by law enforcement, these revelations and images of their lifestyle and home!

Such transparency by the institutions!

Wait, what?

I'm sure you'll remember the anti Muslim sentiment after 9/11. Well, here's the new hate-normal.
Reminds me of:
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

Thanks for speaking, VC.

This makes people who cosplay look bad. Ever since that shooting at the batman film majority of movie theaters have put a ban on people who want to cosplay as their favorite characters when they attend premieres. Personally its wrong to group the bad seeds with the good – obvious these people need help and why are people woth mrntal problems like depression and bipolar allowed to own a gun in the first place? That waiting for sonething terrible to happen

The purpose of adult cosplay is to age regress adults. Age regression is a type of altered state, which means that adults who indulge in it repeatedly seek to make themselves less aware and less critical. Cosplay adults role model infantile behavior to children. So in turn, children exposed to it can also refuse to grow up. Adults, who are child-like, who lack critical thinking skills, will not stand up to or even question authority. Cosplay is propaganda.

Cosplay beyond childhood is self-indulgent, immature, distasteful and annoying so if this case makes adults think twice about doing it then so much the better.

How is it immature, self-indulgent? Its a hobby like one would do with collecting stamps

Old fashioned daydreaming, hovering above exotic drawings on the quare milimeter, looking for inconveniant cuts or tears, you compare to dressing up as an cartoon-character – possibly in company?
I do not employ both hobbies, but wow, oceans apart.. Even the psychology behind them, is my guess.

But whom would you like to get stuck in a lift with?

Depends, if the suit is of acrylic fiber, i'go for the stamper.


why did you have better hobbies whilst still a child other than collecting coins and stamps?

I played with video games as a little girl growing up

It is the stamp collecting equivalent of collecting stamps within the genre of the one that featured on SPOTM. Smart, casual, sportswear, black tie and white tie represents more than enough choice. Why spoil it by adding tacky, ill fitting costumes and face paints?

Cosplay allows people with similar interest to come together & I have seen some very good cosplay – they are not all tacky people put work into their cosplay costume

Please tell me you all have searched that "how to make an assassin" doc that was on tv some years back. Some poor guys and girls were put through torture to break them and were programmed to kill a mark. This one poor guy made it through every test and with a fake weapon actually went for the target under the proper conditions. When they woke him out of it he felt so low and was scared he could be used to kill. It was real and really something else. Search it!

The girl was definitely into the occult:

Are people seriously still buying the Sandy Hook scam. check out the website before it was news, just google. several articles there on the scam of the "movie / movie set of sandy hook." No one died. It was faked and acted out to further gun control. One of the 911 tapes – you can hear the actor playing the 911 operator answering the phone, but it is a caller calling in to a regular phone number trying to return someone's phone call. Not once, but it happened again. One call shows how the actor forgot his lines and tried to back track.

Just like the women that died at the boston bombing.