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The representatives of Manitoba’s population pass legislation in a magnificent building but few realize that it is entirely based on occult and masonic principles. The great amount of details in this recreation of Solomon’s Temple reveal the importance of secret societies and hermetic philosophies in today’s democracies. This article, written by collaborator Harm One, explores the numerous occults symbols in this public building. Comments in blue added by Vigilant.


There is no shortage of Gothic elements in North American architecture, in addition, an abundance of neo classical and esoteric designs from various periods are seen in a number of buildings, in any given city. But, Winnipeg, Manitoba, is home to a very unique architectural example of the masonic term, hidden in plain view. Just a few kilometers from the exact geographical center of North America, is Manitoba’s Legislative building (MLB) finished with with tyndall limestone, complete with marine fossils. It sits on 30 acres of parkland on Broadway, the outskirts of downtown Winnipeg.


Winnipeg at the geographical center of North America

It’s quite the spectacle to be seen from the outside alone, but upon exploration of the interior one finds the design to include an integration of Christian, Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian and Jewish imagery, combined in an alchemical fashion with the most ancient magic tradition of Hermeticism. Although for years we didn’t pay much attention to the building itself, the high pressure lighting around the MLB kept us hanging around as kids to abuse the lights; when you stare into them long enough your colorful view of the world is reduced to a strange, purple psychedelic effect, an adolescent activity known as “purple hazing”. Little did we know what this building actually represented, even though it looked us dead in the face for the most part. Only in 2006 did the degree of masonic influence incorporated in the MLB became mainstream news, with the Winnipeg Free Press and others who did extensive and exclusive reports, exposing countless numbers of sinister symbols while propagating it as a very positive and good intentioned project to “celebrate rebirth”. The dedication and show of power relating to Hermeticism throughout, is what I partially consider the most important symbolism in the MLB.


The “Golden Boy”. Hermes is of first importance to Masonic scholars, because he was the author of the Masonic initiatory rituals, which were borrowed from the Mysteries established by Hermes. Nearly all of the Masonic symbols are Hermetic in character.


Solomon’s Temple – The Three Holy Rooms

The most interesting aspect of the MLB? Arguably it’s the fact the building is in proportion to the original Solomon’s Temple, according to researcher Frank Albo (FA) from the University of Winnipeg. The researcher studied the measurements and details of the MLB and concluded that all the proportions have been meticulously kept. The original Temple of Solomon was constructed during the 10th century BCE, and was eventually brought to ruins by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. A second temple would be built four hundred years later in the same location as the first, in Jerusalem, on the holy city’s highest point of elevation. It was the center of worship, and generally a meeting place for the Jewish people of Jerusalem. The original was designed by Hiram Abiff who presented the plans to King Solomon. Historically, masons place Solomon’s Temple in very high regard; it’s place in the spiritual hierarchy, and as an initiatory theater of thought. Upon entering the MLB from the front you will enter a great hall which is a perfect square, and each side is 66.6 feet long. According to Albo, the 666 is a reference to the occult work “De Occulta Philosophia” by Cornelius Agrippa. While the number 666 is usually associated with the beast of revelation 13, there are several different possible meanings. Most relevant to the MLB according to the media, its relation to the sun and its power of life; one finds when you add the numbers 1 through 36 together it adds up to 666. The significance of 36 being the number of constellations controlled by the sun.

Back to this hall, you are first greeted by two life sized bison statues, intricate in their detailing, with the intent to capture the protective magic of the bulls in ancient temples, they are believed to ward off evil by the ancients.


Two bisons and 3×13 steps (13 is a sacred masonic number)


Going through the two pillars of Freemasonry and entering the Temple of Solomon

Right in between the bulls you find the grand staircase, bearing 3 flights of 13 steps each, of brown veined Italian marble.

Walking up the stairs you enter the level directly underneath the Golden Boy, the room with the dome ceiling which houses a circular alter and geometric wheel, surrounded by a tessellated marble border. An eight pointed star figures in the center of the lower room beneath the alter, known as the Pool of the Black Star. The star was also a symbol of Babylonian goddess Ishtar, it is directly aligned with the Statue of Hermes.


Rotunda situated right under the Golden Boy

One is to stand directly on the star to speak into the above alter and hear their voice transformed, a relay of the harmonics in a most amazing and chilling way creating a perfect harmonic 5th. This area of the MLB is also designed in accordance with a sacrificial chamber, one where the gods of the underworld received power through sacrifice, the departed souls, led by Hermes, to the underworld. Apparently the veined marble near the star is meant to be a metaphor for the blood of a sacrificial victim, according to Frank’s accounts. All of this in a room that’s perfectly centered underneath the upper dome, on top of which the Golden Boy sits and faces northward.


Pool of the Black Star, situated right under the rotunda

Moving across the hall to another room known as the lieutenant-governor’s reception room or what would be the holy of hollies in Solomons Temple. More representation of Hermes is found in this room, not only that, but when converted to masonic cubits the dimensions translate to 20 by 20 cubits, the same measurements stated in the first book of kings, in the Bible. Just above this room, on the outside, an Ark of the Covenant replica is sculpted in a central aerial position, in stone, and also in proportion to the biblical Ark of the Covenant which was kept in the temple.


The Lieutenant Governor’s reception room


Blue Curtains similar to the blue veil that covered the Arc of Covenant in Solomon’s Temple


The Ark of the Covenant of the MLB,  right on top of the Holy of Holies (the Lieutenant Governor’s room)

On top of all the old church renaissance you still have the Golden Boy at the peak of the building, perhaps the most important aspect of all this: a shiny
and very impressive 17 foot bronze cast coated with real gold. The Golden boy is a metaphor for Hermes Trismigestus, the father of alchemy, occult philosophy and who taught the wisdom of light, stands on one foot gracefully with a torch in one hand and wheat in the other. Hoisted on the dome in 1919, he faces north, towards Winnipeg’s notorious North End. At night the statue shines just as much as when the sun is upon it. In the spiritual realm, the alchemical symbolism in the MLB holds weight as alchemy was often used to communicate more than just words. It’s the union of opposites and much more.

On the main tower that houses the dome, there are 4 groups of 3 sculptures of life sized figures, each one representing either earth, wind, fire and water, or they could be viewed as Science, Agriculture, Art and Industry. Not only are the four elements represented in the form of these life size groups, according to Frank Albo, the golden boy presides over the 4 elements for the purpose of “unifying” them and “transmuting them into gold”, another important process of alchemy.


Statue of agriculture - which represents Earth, one of the four elements of Alchemy
Statue of agriculture – which represents Earth, one of the four elements of Alchemy

Egyptian Motifs

The MLB also captures the deeper and darker magic of Egypt; two great sphinxes grace the roof of the main tower, one of which faces the rising sun, while the other one faces the setting sun, hidden in plain view, and in life size. The sphinxes also bare hieroglyphic inscriptions that translate to the name Thutmosis III. He is known to masons that Egyptians to be the most precise of magicians, and their lineage being claimed by the Rosicrucians. In the same area on the MLB, hieroglyphic references are also made to the sun god Re, with a hieroglyph that translates as reading “The everlasting manifestation of the sun god Re, the good god who gives life”. These kind of inscriptions are what’s to be expected on the walls of ancient tombs and temples, not hidden on the roof of a government building.



Secondary Features

Summing up the major secondary features included in the MLB : you have the two great sphinxes on the roof (which bear inscriptions of the sun god Ra), multiple pairs of life sized bison, the head of Medusa, cattle skulls and other apotropaic designs throughout including lion heads, various lamps and lights (symbolic in nature), one of which located in the rotunda represents Jesus, with twelve lights surrounding one central one, gold rose pedals throughout, male and female faces meant to symbolize the offspring of Hermes and Aphrodite (Hermaphroditos), a tree of life mural in the legislative chamber by Augustus Tack, sculpting by Georges Gardet (statue of Moses holding the Ten Commandments, and Solon of ancient Athens), sculptures by the Piccirilli Brothers, prepared by Albert Hodge, astronomical themes such as the re enaction of the procession of the equinoxes through optical illusion in the sanctuary. Certain construction dates were scheduled for days when the planets were aligned. In the park like setting surrounding the building, there are many clusters of lights, 3 perfectly
round bulbs in each cluster.


Medusa, facing Athena


Bucranium – representing sacrificial Ox


Moses with…horns?


Does it represent Jesus and the twelve disciples or the Sun with the twelve signs of the zodiac? Either way, the total number of lights is 13, the sacred masonic number.


A mural depicting WW1 as the Passion of Christ. The central figure, who is bare chested, represents Jesus Christ but also represents a Mason being initiated into the Brotherhood.


Bare chested Masonic initiate

There are also various monumental statues on the property including Louis Riel, who is facing south and away from the building, on the south side. On the opposite side you find a monument of the queen, who is facing north, and various other figures around the yard.

An argument deeming it hypocritical that the practice of politics is taking place in a highly ecclesiastical temple replica is an argument that should be made, whether there’s any validation or even interest with the mainstream or general public is another question. Upon learning about the architectural details of the MLB, one could only imagine that it was designed specifically for practitioners of the occult arts on an eternal quest for knowledge, and to perhaps achieve divination through the physical and spiritual purification of beauty using experimental imagination, the union of opposites, and sexual magic. Regardless of all these possibilities it’s hard not to call it a morally uplifting experience, walking the halls and staircases of the MLB, transcendent in nature and spiritual were the effects of the designs, items throughout the halls brushed off on you ; the elegant furniture and sculptures, the ornamental decor/materials, different patterns, the apparent precision of the measurements, hieroglyphs and paintings, etc. As was the case with the original temples in Jerusalem, a sense of spiritual redemption is unquestionably felt throughout the building, having seen it myself.

The Architects and their Motives

Frank Simon is noted as the primary architect involved, a man who was heavily influenced by members of a masonic lodge called “Simple Hearts of the Polar Star”, which is underneath the wing of the Grand Orient of France. Simon originally had won a contest offered by the Manitoba government in 1911, but a shadow figure named Septimus Warwick actually has gotten the credit in Europe for working drawings of the building. Simon seems to be the front man for his masonic brothers. In the mind of Simon, execution of geometry in the building would rely on a divine miracle, and although the building was never completed due to financial problems and delays with World War I, having esoteric motifs conflict so intimately with Christian aspects makes for an undeniably transcending and sublime piece of architecture. In regards to why the building was built, Simon was quoted saying “Men and women cannot be happy or good in surroundings that are commonplace, ugly, uninspiring”. Using the “golden section” method which goes back to Vitruvius, Simon and his team achieve some perfection in the geometrical detailing, a certain sense of beauty that is undeniable. According to Albo, who no doubt has the deepest understanding of the characters involved in the conception of the building, Simon intended to produce with the MLB, a subliminal effect through the architecture that would “impel people towards virtues such as faith, hope, morality and charity”. But if this is true, is it safe to assume there are evil motives in the minds of men to go along with the positive ones? Experimental imagination and this kind of symbolic magic employed by Simon has everything to do with being successful, knowing yourself, and finding a higher path up above. But could be used for evil, voodoo, and sacrificial means as well. Being a pupil of Frank Albo’s, I gathered much information throughout my time in university, but ended up with more questions than answers. When it comes to possible motives for the construction of the MLB, an imaginative person could draw several sinister conclusions based on ecclesiastical connections and actual facts. Winnipeg is a highly masonic city, and is still active in that regard. It has also been described as a place with a high level of psychic energy. Creator of Sherlock Holmes Conan Doyle once said of Winnipeg “I came away with the conclusion that Winnipeg stands very high among the places we have visited for psychic possibilities”. Doyle was in Winnipeg attending a seance at a house where several master masons used to gather to summon the dead.


To Conclude

The sheer beauty and majesty of the Manitoba Legislative Building is certainly awe-inspiring. It is in perfect contrast with the modern trend of faceless and sterile buildings, solely conceived for practical purposes. After analyzing the symbols, one can however question the spiritual significance of the building. The sides of the great hall measure exactly 66.6 feet, 666 being the number of beast of the Revelation and the number commonly associated with Satan. The Pool of  Black Star contains the eight-pointed star of Ishar, the Babylonian Goddess of sex, fertility, love and war. Her cult involved sacred prostitution and she was considered the “courtesan of the gods”. Ishtar is also a representation of Venus, which is referred to as the Morning Star – the other name of Lucifer.  Another interesting symbol is the statue of Moses bearing horns on his forehead. Michelangelo has portrayed Moses in a similar manner at the Church of S.Pietro causing a great deal of controversy. While the profane are told that the horns were simply a result of a mistranslation of the Bible, their true meaning are revealed to occultists:

“So with horns, Michelangelo acclaimed Moses a man of power and station far greater than lawgiver of a local tribe. With horns he saluted him not only as one who had stood in the presence of God, and had realized, had become at-one with, his own divinity, but nobler far, as a man fulfilled who had returned — for some do not. Only the few come back, down the mountain, in order to teach and lead mankind.”
-Eloise Hart, Theosophical University Press

Horned Moses represents the man which has obtained divinity by his own means, through mastery of sciences and magic, spiritual attainment and knowledge, a concept embraced by the luciferian doctrine. Furthermore, the symbolic depiction of Jesus Christ as a Masonic Initiate reflects the esoteric concept of Christ as the “perfected man”. In other words, occultists believe that each can become his own Christ by going through the spheres of the Mysteries. Finally, the numerous ram heads carved inside and outside the building are quite reminiscent of the horned figure of Baphomet.


All these strange features lead us to wonder: who are governing our democracies and what is their true object of worship?

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Great article. However as a lifelong Winnipegger I can assure you that the scariest and most destructive element of that building are the idiots politicians inside it.

Legend has it that the temple of Solomon was built with the power of evil spirits under his command, one of which was Asmodeus, who tricked Solomon and possessed him for a length of time. Biblical story has it that Solomon, due to the influence of his many wives, who worshipped strange gods/spirits, built temples to these gods and himself conducted human sacrifical rites and rituals to evil spirits. For his transgressions Solomon's kingdom was divided and brought to an end. The fall of Atlantis was said to have been brought about through the knowledge of the forbidden arts and science taught by conjured evil spirits from the Abyss, story has it. An ancient warning not to use forbidden knowledge which upsets the delicate balance of nature and the natural order is being ignored again in the name of self righteous deification. It is insane to keep repeating the same… Read more »

It is whats under the Parliament aka Legislative Buildings in Winnipeg, the center of North America and the convergence of all the Earths Leylines. Not just a "chamber" but an ageless Temple in a Temple almost as old as the planet itself. Yet no one known has been allowed access to the chambers below the Pool of the Black Star and the image of Hermes above. Masonry is only a tool used to manifest in stone what the ascended masters wish humankind to know at this time in time. The fibonacci 5th is only a hint at the powers that be and the power of sound.

So with the Masons having a knack for hiding things in plain sight, how can we be sure that it isn't the real Arc of the Covenant sealed in concrete here?

The name Manitoba keeps coming up on truth seeking websites as if there is something entirely corrupt about the province.

I live right across from this building. Right now, its the only building I see as it is highly illuminated from top to bottom and all around it is dark. What most people don't know is that they grow Datura (also known as Devil's Weed – an extremely powerful hallucinogen) all around the building. On a certain full moon of the year, a man comes and harvests all of it. Sometimes I see lights turn on at all sorts of weird hours. During a specific time of the year, the setting sun will shine through the building and the light beams right into my apartment. Its a magnificent building steeped in tradition. The symbolism belongs to all of us. It is our heritage and we have been alienated from it. We must stop attributing symbols of power to those in power. We must reclaim those symbols as well as our… Read more »

Damn! Why would you do that? Just because you are impressed, or maybe because you assimilate this to local tradition? This would mean choosing to be apart of evil world, and trust me, that the biggest mistake you could ever make.

guys. even satan believes in jesus! wtf. the most basic truth has been forgotten. so sad.

speaking of what the leaders of this "democratic" country worship-

you have to do something on what goes on at bohemian grove that once a year disgusting boys club

It amazes me how so many people can read this then go on about how god or Jesus is going to save them, save you from what? you know why your called God's Flock because your the sheeple and the elite is your Sheppard the strong looking out for the weak otherwise if they killed you all at once they would have to turn on each other and they aren't about to do that, and quoting the bible? lol really with all these satanic symbols showing up at churches, who do think wrote the bible? The invisible guy that lives in the sky? who is fighting the guy that lives underground? lol I have actually met people who think that hell is under the earth and heaven is in the sky, so can I dig my way to hell or fly to heaven? or when I die will I be… Read more »
So which one are you Boss or a Worker? You seem kind of bitter so I'll say worker. Its sad you don't feel or understand But I'm sure these reasonable and understanding people know where your coming from and hopefully we all agree that Christ will shine everlasting LOVE into your tattered soul and replenish you. For you need this message more than anyone. So Just open your heart to PERFECT LOVE and accept it. Its hard to accept imperfect love if you if never received it, but this perfect love. JUST HOLD ON ITS ABOUT TO BECOME AN AMAZING JOURNEY. Don't forget to answer when he calls upon you. Whether you like it or not SINCERITY IS MOS DEF PRAYING FOR YOU BECAUSE THATS JUST WHAT I SHOULD DO. SPREAD THE GOSPEL AND PRAY FOR MYSELF, OTHERS AND EVEN LOVE MY ENEMIES. So I got your number. REMEMBER HES… Read more »
I should also say that some of the claims in this article, namely the part about master Masons historically performing seances or necromancy, should be backed up with sources. Not because I doubt it, per say; moreover it would be more interesting. Also, many government buildings, including grave yards and mayoral houses were built by, commissioned by, or designed by Masons, or individuals whom Masons had hired. Rome, Greece, and Egypt were the models our forefathers used as inspiration when planning the countries future. Building features still pay homage to these times and their esoteric teaching. In the article you suggest that with the good of these symbols, there may be badness, as well. In Masonry, other than swearing fealty and making paths of silence, everyone’s path is their own to choose, good or bad. So, yeah, there’s both. But this also makes them seem less sinister… At least in… Read more »
Also: the horned Moses can be found in many instances of art throughout history. The best theory that I’ve heard for this is that when European artists began looking to the old testament for details to depict characters and scenes from biblical texts, they had to struggle with translations from the Hebrew and Greek. One description of Moses features a word that looks almost identical to another. I can’t remember what the word is, but I’ll pick one to illustrate my point. “Moses the Bearded” mistranslates to “Moses the horned”. You can prove this by looking at any King James ( or earlier) bible. Read through the Pentateuch, passages that deal with Moses as a living being. You will come across the singular phrase ” Moses the horned” at some point. So, reading this poor translation, artists began drawing him with horn. To this day, if it is done as… Read more »
Wanted to add some insight, as that I am. Hermeticist, myself. The article mentions 4 groups of 3 statues representing elements. I wanted to expand on that by saying this arrangement is Zodiacal. Of the 12 signs, there are four elemental groupings of 3 subelements. For air there is Libra, gemini, and aquarius. Broken down, for each element there is a Fixed, a Kerubic, and a Mutable sign. Libra is fixed, Aquarius is Kerubic and Gemini is mutable. Aside from subelements, these three designations can also be seen as alchemical. The three alchemical principle states are salt, sulphur, and Mercury. Salt is earthen, slow, feminine, cold. Sulphur is firey, masculine and fast. Mercury is airy, androgenous and medium speed. The other elements, as regards the zodiac are, for fire: aries, leo, Sagittarius. For water, Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces. For earth taurus, virgo, and Capricorn. It gets confusing because there should be… Read more »

“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are──or, as we are conditioned to see it.”
― Stephen R. Covey,

Twisting who Jesus Christ truly is,giving Moses horns and the multiple baphomet heads. WOW! Straight up evil.

The Golden Mean does NOT go back to Vitruvius, the Roman architect!

It was used in the Greek Pathenon, waaay before Rome.

i just heard the other day there are only three cities across north america not a having a zeitgiest screening night. Winnipeg was one of them, little suspicious… i walk over this property everyday on my way to work, it drives me insane.

Upon learning about the architectural details of the MLB, one could only imagine that it was designed specifically for practitioners of the occult arts on an eternal quest for knowledge, and to perhaps achieve divination through the physical and spiritual purification of beauty using experimental imagination, the union of opposites, and sexual magic. Regardless of all these possibilities it’s hard not to call it a morally uplifting experience, walking the halls and staircases of the MLB, transcendent in nature and spiritual were the effects of the designs, items throughout the halls brushed off on you ; the elegant furniture and sculptures, the ornamental decor/materials, different patterns, the apparent precision of the measurements, hieroglyphs and paintings, etc. As was the case with the original temples in Jerusalem, a sense of spiritual redemption is unquestionably felt throughout the building, having seen it myself. ——————————————– haven't seen it myself, but from the pictures,… Read more »

I was born, raised and currently still living in Winnipeg, myself.. thank you for the informative article.

Um, the geographical center of North America is a couple hundred kilometers to the south-west in Rugby, ND. Too far to try an association.

Dude, I would love to drive a go-kart in there.


Greetings from a very very hot Southern California. Incredibly well done research on Manitoba's Parliament buildings aka legislature. Can't help but notice most of the comments were not focused on Manitoba's Parialment building but more than a few off the wall comments on something few who have commented seem to have any knowledge , that is Freemasonry. Rather more that a few seemed to have no inhabitions at taking cheap shots at the Catholic Church with more that a self rightious aire to there smug comments. As to the Manitoba legislative buildings they are in fact unique in North america in their beauty and in a "Great mystery hidden in plain view". Architectually they are more than equal to other famous world structures such as The Tah Mahal, La Eglais de Invalides and the "slowly being restored" Parthenon in Athens . As you enter Manitoba's Parliament builds you in fact… Read more »

Michaelangelo depicted Moses with "horns" – Why? Horns, in art & sculpture represents WISDOM.

i beleive there are secret organizations out there that are bent on corralling the souls of the masses to hell by misinterpretation and misguidance….. the church is the 1rst to do so and imo… is the 1rst delluminati to do so…. jesus came to heal thesick, not in body but the mind… the deaf were those in whom he preached to yet would not heed, the blind were were those that listened yet could not bear the truth so they chose not to heedand the dumb wher those that heard words but bcould not make any sense of them…. he did what his covenant was, DELIVER and that all he came to do… he canniot save you but from those afflictions….. you are only safe from evil and its charms if you mirror your life after the good prophet….. that is what christian really means christlike ….. christ (greek: annointed… Read more »
i think that the mind is very powerful ,,and we only believe what we want to. now, our creator, does not want our money, only man does and there are many men out there using there beliefs to suck money from the people ,if you are a good person,you would have respect for all other humans ;yes there is evil out there but what good does it do dwelling on it, positive energy,attracts positive,if evryone was more positive this world would be a heaven, i feel we are all on mother earth to create .build, and plant food, those who are here to kill and rob in the name of freedom, will pay a heavy price, after the pass on, one more point, MAN WRITES ALL THESE BOOKS AND DOWN THROUGH THE AGES STORYS GET TWISTED UNLESS YOU WERE THERE TO WITNESS IT, DONT BELEIVE EVERY THING YOU HEAR,

I question your statement about a harmonic 5th interval created by whistling into the space above the Black Star. That is not scientifically plausible, since sound waves at a particular frequency will bounce off any surfaces in their path and maintain the same frequency, unless you are moving toward or away from the source at the same time. I listened to an entire flute solo at that same location in the legislature and heard no harmonics. — only echos. Don't make up stories without backing, that is my motto.

Also, you might want to check in on a copycat of your article at <>. Verbatim copy of your original article, without any credit given or even a link to your article. That person needs a shout out!

The copycat link I was trying to give you (blocked out by your comment editing program because of extra brackets) was the following:

the moses with the horns was sculpted by michaelanglo, and the two "horns" are supposed to represent the rays of light eminateing from moses head after he communed with god. accounts also said that he had to wear a veil afterwords.

"Speaking about confession(nativeson) is a lack of knowledge about this subject, because confession has first been practiced by chaldean initiates to bind their new disciples into secret. In fact you play a game you don’t understand, for this i give you my pardon." Oh, you give us your pardon, do you? Why, thank you, for without your grace and leave, whatever should we do? Bobo, you are the one steeped in ignorance. A true Christian's worship stems not from fear, but from love and a desire to share the Divine Love with all of mankind. Confession is a way for us to cleanse the sin from our souls and repent for our wrongdoings, and is a Sacrament. We do this not out of fear of going to Hell, but to purge ourselves of the negativity we've brought into our own lives. It's the equivalent of going to your Mom or… Read more »
"'“So with horns, Michelangelo acclaimed Moses a man of power and station far greater than lawgiver of a local tribe. With horns he saluted him not only as one who had stood in the presence of God, and had realized, had become at-one with, his own divinity, but nobler far, as a man fulfilled who had returned — for some do not. Only the few come back, down the mountain, in order to teach and lead mankind.” -Eloise Hart, Theosophical University Press' Horned Moses represents the man which has obtained divinity by his own means, through mastery of sciences and magic, spiritual attainment and knowledge, a concept embraced by the luciferian doctrine." No. No, no, no, no, no. That is not what your quoted article says At. All. If anything, the article quoted indicates that he is horned and deemed above other men because he returned, fulfilled, having faced God… Read more »
Why do christians complain about the game they play a part in. Talking about fear in the name of a loving god is quite a proof of misunderstanding about the message left by jesus. If you need to express such of a low grade feeling, like fear, to revere your god, it is because this is not a god at all. Appealing a lower instinct to serve a god is reverse spirituality, it is like giving the lowest, creepiest offer to a god. If you don't know about occultism and especially about egregores, just don't speak, because what you do is venerate a lower entity. Speaking about confession(nativeson) is a lack of knowledge about this subject, because confession has first been practiced by chaldean initiates to bind their new disciples into secret. In fact you play a game you don't understand, for this i give you my pardon. You should… Read more »

Thank you Vigilant! Very interesting reads on this site, great discoveries.

I also like to read comments, (fascinating as well or as hell:) Just a word play, not too worry. Although after reading article about Lavey and his Satanic bible on Wikipedia (i know not the great resource) i was a pleasantly surprised by their tolerance to other religions and beliefs (among other things).

But no, i dont believe in Satan or Jesus or Santa Claus. And i even less believe in religions, they brought so much pain, destruction and grief, i think its immesurable.

(About comments) Moses with horns? Why not?! i was laughing when i was reading about wrong translation! Yes, Michelangelo was uneducated loony who could barely read, of course he made a mistake…. or somebody before him.

Anyway, great laughs, great info, Thanx!

Jah bless 😉

Horns on moses represent wisdom. It has nothing to do with satanism.

More comments about this, really? These people believe Satan == Lucifer == the light bringer and liberator from the evil authoritarian God of Abrahamic religion. Wisdom, then, is Satanic wisdom. It’s a rejection of the scriptures with a role reversal by people who accept Satan as God. Why would you think this ‘wisdom’ is a good thing? What does it tell you they’re hiding these things on a public government building? get a book of MB legislative and freemasons symbolism.

All of these posts, including the main article can acquire elucidation when read against the backdrop of the Sumerian Tables, much of which was translated by Zacharia Sitchin, in the series, "Earth Chronicles." The Sumerian tablets tend to coincide with much of the bible, Old testament, especially about the creation, and other issues. God and Satan are actually seen as brothers Enlil and Enki, who came to earth, and the younger brother was sent from the region of the Mesopotamia (Iraq), the high world, to the "underworld" (Africa). Much of the symbolism represents events in real life and real time that took place probably several times on earth, the latest one being in the last 100 thousand years; the "God" periodically returned to earth, after each cataclysm that decimated it. Does all this have spiritual power and uplifting spirituality? I think as it can influence our minds, and we believe… Read more »

Yes . I have learned that all religions came from Sumeria . From the ;Secret societies video by Philip Gardner . about the watchers , shining ones , giants ect .

@ 20. (Guille) I agree with you about the spelling (altar vs alter) – however I presume you are either in Europe or Canada where the spelling can be different to the U.S. (through vs thru etc). I doubt very much that a different way of spelling one word will affect Vigilant's credibility…

Moses is often depicted with horns, even in bibles that have illustrations. Horns are not a sign of evil all the time, often a sign of wisdom.

well well well i cud say this is ntn new r suprisin

1 money d root of all evil

2 America most money

= ntn suprisin jus need 2 do u research dis wrld is fukd up

The bible says ; The love of money is the root of all evil . If I used my money to pay for someones electric bill because that person had to pay lets say a hospital bill , or if I helped that person to pay that persons hospital bill , isn,t that money being used for a good purpose ? Really what should have been written is ; GREED IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL . But along with greed come massive wealth and along massive wealth comes power and along with power comes the addiction to power and then comes the greatest addiction of all and that is CONTROL . The world is controlled by control freaks who think we are scum and should be eradicated .

Actually the Moses with horns thing is due to a translation error in the Vulgate (Latin bible). The translation for the Hebrew word horns is the same as rays so when the translator wrote the book he used the word for horns instead of rays of light. So when Michelangelo sculpted Moses he read horns thus explaining Moses with horns. Just goes to show that not everything on this site is true and it's basically the words of either a college student or some regular old blogger.

ChildOfGod, From your comments it seems that your belief in God is solely out of fear of eternal hellfire? Seems like if believers weren't living in abject fear of judgement, they wouldn't hesitate to see all the contradictions in the Bible, Koran, etc. and conclude that religious doctrine is simply a collection of fantastical stories interspersed with arbitrary proscriptions regarding food and sex. I find Vigilant's work here fascinating from an historical/cultural point of view, but I don't share much of the hysteria about satanism that most of the commenters seem to express, simply because he is a fictional character. I truly enjoy reading here, and haven't commented until today, but felt compelled to do so now because all the right-wing evangelical crazies who post in the comments really ruin the experience for the rest of us. Bible: Origin: 1300–50; ME bible, bibel < OF bible < ML biblia (fem.… Read more »,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

@princessmischka, That's right… makes you think about catholicism, doesn't it? Keep thinking, keep asking questions

I live in Winnipeg. I have to go see this…

"the high pressure lighting around the MLB kept us hanging around as kids to abuse the lights; when you stare into them long enough your colorful view of the world is reduced to a strange, purple psychedelic effect, an adolescent activity known as “purple hazing”."

There's a room the in Leg that's called Purple City. You can see the city, as if everything was purple. It's supposed to be this little secret. I haven't seen it for myself, but I'm going to make a trip to the Leg in the next few days to check all this stuff out now.

There is not a room in the Leg that is called the "Purple City".
To see the "Purple City" at night, you would stare into one of the bright lights surrounding the Legislative building, turn around and all of the lights in Winnipeg would look purple. That is it, no room.
When I was a teenager we didn't call it "purple hazing" we called it going to see the "Purple City".

did you see it yet?

No no 'purple city' is what the article referred to as 'purple hazing'. In my time we just called it purple city. You'd go to the leg at night, stare into the halogen lights shining on the building for awhile, then step away and the whole city looked purple.

Just a stupid way to kill time and your eyes before one was finally old enough to drink lol.

This used to happen to me when I stared into a blue kiddie pool as a kid, then looked up at the sky.

I wonder why it's important..

@ Victoria That is awesome that you were able to see thru the lies of the many Ancient Mystery Religion Cults (mainly the RCC) to the Truth of Christ and the Word of God!! My heart sings when I hear of testimonies about people who were once "Christian" then fell away due to the many False Religions then come back to the Truth of Christ with out the Pagan overtones so drenched in modern Christdom. Christ is the truth way and life and the only way to the Father and the Devil knows this so he has set up many False Religions to misdirect and to give Christ a bad name!! You are absolutely correct when you say these False Churches do not discredit Christ but only themselves and their leaders. The Word of God is infallible and will never be destroyed no matter how Satan tries. It seems to… Read more »

Devil!? There is NO devil!

It is Human Beings that do wrong, and then refuse to see that they, and they ALONE are the ones, the responsible ones for the wrong, so they shift the blame for what the person does wrong, to a "being" they invented, the devil. So the person never takes the blame.It's the devil, the devil. He did it!

With regards to Moses having horns:

The hebew work Keren, which Michelangelo incorrectly translated, means both "rays' (as in rays of light) and "horns".

Michaelangelo picked the wrong translation. History happened. Whoop-de-do. Not quite satanic.

just read that- interesting

VC can you do something on ferris wheels and paris?

Just read this yesterday:

Thanks for the article.

Please, a sacrificial table is an altAr, not altEr, which is a verb meaning to change. MIght help your credibility to get it right.

Понравился блог, материал подобран по тематике, Молодец автор.

Wow, I am starting to understand that this satanic power is everywhere at this point. I guarantee you it's all over Europe at least. Growing up there I was disillusioned with Christianity because I understood the hypocrisy of the churches. Now I know that the churches were infiltrated (the Catholic church never was Christian of course). I am starting to see the bigger picture thanks to websites like this. I am a Christian again, this time a real one.

Actually Victoria, when you speak of the "Catholic" Church you speak solely of Roman Catholic. You in your ignorance forget that the word Catholic is derived from the Greek Katholikos which means Universal or Whole. The early Church was not Protestant but Catholic, you should read the early Church Fathers and don't take every word a Pentecostal preacher says. I believe the Bible is inspired by God and shows us the way to Life. But I do not accept Sola Sciptura. I am an Anglican with the Anglican Network in Canada

Concerning the statue of Moses with horns, I remember the original trailer for the movie "The Ten Commandments", where Cecil B. DeMille explains why Michelangelo's statue of Moses had horns. The explanation was that the original word in Hebrew for both "horn" and "ray of light" is the same. This is something that I have not verified myself, but in any case, I believe the context of the biblical passage determines that "rays of light" was intended.