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$9.95 per month or $99.95 per year

VC Membership is a subscription service that provides several perks that are sure to please Vigilant Citizen readers.

1- Logged-in members enjoy a 100% ad-free experience while browsing the entirety of the site. The only “ads” members see are in-house banners that relate directly to The Vigilant Citizen.

2- Members can download the VC e-book and all other books that will be available on this site for free. While logged in, members will automatically see a 100% discount on the product page of these books.

3- Logged-in members are granted access to a members-only category named “Uncut” that contains articles that cannot be published on the main site for several reasons.

The subscription process is quick and easy. Once subscribed, you will be redirected to your account page and you’ll immediately be able to enjoy the perks of your subscription. Also, you will receive an e-mail that will explain how to make full use of your membership.

VC Membership is also included as a reward to second-tier patrons on Patreon (10$/ month or more).

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Once registered as a VC Member, you can log in on any device to access your account. On your account page, you can manage your account, edit your profile, change your password, cancel your subscription, view your payments, and more.

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While logged in, you won’t see any ads on the site (except for in-house banners that relate directly to the site). Here’s an example.


2021 06 03 17 50 39 The Hidden Meaning of Chemtrails Over the Country Club by Lana Del Rey The V VC Membership

If you go to the e-book download page, you’ll see that it will cost you exactly $0.

2021 06 03 17 53 30 The Vigilant Citizen E Book 2020 Edition PDF The Vigilant Citizen VC Membership

You will also have access to the articles filed under the “Uncut” category. These articles are only available for members.

The VC membership is also available through Patreon.