Symbolic Pics of the Month 08/15


In this edition of SPOTM : Justin Bieber in a photoshoot that sums up his career, the Jenners being industry pawns and some highly symbolic magazine covers.

This Justin Bieber photoshoot for Interview magazine is somewhat "edgy" and "disturbing" but it mostly confirms Bieber being a male Beta Slave. In this pic, Bieber is dressed like a masked boy-toy. The hand written quote is about Bieber looking up to Michael Jackson, who happens to be artist who became a slave to the industry at a very young age.
This Justin Bieber photoshoot for Interview magazine could be described as “edgy” but it mostly confirms the status of Bieber as a male Beta Slave. In this pic, Bieber looks like some kind of boy-toy wearing a S&M-style mask. The hand written quote above his head is about Michael Jackson – who also happens to be artist who became a slave to the industry at a very young age.


Justin hides one eye, confirming that his is an Illuminati photoshoot - the confused look on his face add to the industry victim persona they want him to embody. In the lower photos : a bunch of bruises. How is this NOT about Justin being an abused slave?
Bieber hides one-eye, confirming that photoshoot is about him being an Illuminati pawn. In the lower photos Bieber shows a bunch of bruises on his back, which appear to be the result of cupping.


Sexual innuendos and allusion to violence.
His handlers must find this picture sexy. It is also an allusion to self-destruction.


A naked Bieber wearing a creepy clown mask completes this disturbing photoshoot.
A naked Bieber wearing a creepy clown mask completes this disturbing photoshoot that looks as if it was taken on an unwilling teen that was abused and humiliated.


Speaking of Beta Kitten, Kylie Jenner recently graduated from high school. And this was the "official" pic of the graduation that circulated in the media and social networks. It is a coded way of saying that her education is useless as an industry slave. But wait, it might be coincidence.
Speaking of Beta Kitten, Kylie Jenner recently graduated from high school. And this was the “official” pic of the graduation that circulated in the media and social networks around the world. It is a coded way of saying that her education is useless as an industry slave. But, hold on, this it might be coincidence.


Nope, one-eye sign on purpose. What do you expect for one of the figureheads of the sexualization of minors?
Nope, one-eye sign on purpose. What do you expect for one of the figureheads of the sexualization of minors agenda?


Media also heavily focused on the twerking going on at the graduation celebration of Kylie - which also emphasized the Beta Kitten function of the family. Khloe Kardashian wearing animal prints twerking on a checkerboard pattern is a good image to associate with this graduation.
Media also heavily focused on the twerking going on at the graduation celebration of Kylie – which also emphasized the Beta Kitten function of the family. Khloe Kardashian wearing animal prints twerking on a checkerboard pattern is a good image to associate with this graduation.


Mariah Carey posted on her Instagram a picture of her inside a recording booth with a big Baphomet head in the back. There is something rituatlistic about having stars sign to a Baphomet head and recording the results for mass consumption.
Mariah Carey inside a recording booth which is contains a big Baphomet head in the back. There is something ritualistic about signing to a Baphomet head and recording the results for mass consumption.


There is also something ritualistic about a bunch of young people dancing under a gigantic set of Baphomet horns - at Glastonbury Festival.
There is also something ritualistic about a bunch of young people dancing under a gigantic set of Baphomet horns  at the Glastonbury Festival.


As usual, the one-eye sign was prominently featured on a whole bunch magazine covers, clearly reminding us who controls mass media. Here's Ellen Degeneres on the cover of Variety with one of her eyes being removed by some dudes.
As usual, the one-eye sign was prominently featured on a whole bunch magazine covers in the past week – clearly reminding us who controls mass media. Here’s Ellen Degeneres on the cover of Variety with one of her eyes being physically removed from her head.


The cover of Re-Edition does it too.
The cover of Re-Edition features a clear, undeniable one-eye sign on its cover.


Alicia Vikander on the cover of Stylist has one eye replaced by a USB jack, which is somewhat disturbing.
Alicia Vikander on the cover of Stylist has one eye replaced by a USB jack, which is somewhat awkward and creepy way of forcing the one-eye sign on yet another star.


Molly Blair on the cover of Dazed with the one-eye sign. The words "The New Agenda" are a propos here.
Molly Blair on the cover of Dazed with the one-eye sign. The words “The New Agenda” tell you what this sign is about.


Tom Felton, from the Harry Potter movies, needs to do the one-eye sign with a butterfly to remain a celebrity.
Tom Felton, from the Harry Potter movies, needs to do the one-eye sign with a butterfly (which represents Monarch Programming) to remain a celebrity.


This ad for the Latin Mass Society is strange. It features a young woman doing the one-eye sign as she is reading the Bible? Why? Above her is a quote from Carlos Espinosa who is "President / CEO of Holy Wood Acting Studios in Hollywood California". This odd link with the entertainment business explains the one-eye sign.
This ad for the Latin Mass Society is strange. It features a young woman doing the one-eye sign as she is reading the Bible Why? Above her is a quote from Carlos Espinosa who is said to be the “President / CEO of Holy Wood Acting Studios in Hollywood California”. This odd link with the entertainment business probably explains the one-eye sign.


This The Economist cover from 1988 predicts the coming of a world currency in 2018. The cover is highly symbolic as the currency on the cover is the "Phoenix" - an all important symbol of the occult elite. On the cover, the Phoenix rises from the ashes of all other currencies burning.
This cover of The Economist dates from 1988 and predicts the coming of a world currency in 2018. The cover is highly symbolic as the currency on the cover is called “Phoenix” – an all important symbol of the occult elite. The Phoenix rises from the ashes of all other currencies burning.


While we're looking at old media, here's a 1993 article from the Independent portraying Osama Bin Laden as a Soviet-fighting hero. Funny how the same CIA asset was used for opposing Agendas.
While we’re looking at old media, here’s a 1993 article from the Independent portraying Osama Bin Laden as a Soviet-fighting hero. Funny how the same CIA asset was used for all kinds of Agendas.


At the funeral of Bobbi Kristina Brown, a couple of mysterious Egyptian sarcohpageus were placed at the entrance of the funeral home.
At the funeral of Bobbi Kristina Brown, a couple of Egyptian sarcophagi were placed at the entrance of the funeral home.


The same sarcophageaus were present at Whitney Houston's funeral.
The same sarcophagi were present at Whitney Houston’s funeral, giving the funerals a ritualistic aspect, connected with the occult elite’s Egyptian magick.

Special thanks to those who sent in pics!

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That "Latin Mass Society" shot with the girl wearing a chapel veil throwing the one eye 666 sign is *not* the product of a legit Catholic group. It was instead produced by a disturbed individual, Anthony Perlas, who has hijacked the name of an actual Catholic group in England and Wales, and has begun producing fetish matrial of veiled women and girls in Catholic settings, some of it soft core.

He has been operating in California and Michigan, and the Archdiocese of Detroit has put out a formal warning for people to steer clear of him.

Carlos Esponosa also should not be associated with Perlas. Espinosa seems to be an authentic, serious Catholic. This fellow Perlas is definitely not.

A note explaining this should be amended to that image. Better yet, it ought to be removed altogether since it is effectively slander against the Church.

The Bobbi Kristina & Whitney stuff bothers me so much. Nothing about their deaths sits right with me. So sad.

Anybody seen this video??

I don't know what Whitney's doing there but she hands Moesha a note (the contents of which she never revealed), and tells Monica something like: "I went swimming again today and almost drowned again…" Her hair's all wet and stringy…

Some crazy s**t goes on in the "music industry", it preys on people, eats them alive. May she and her daughter find justice….

It is probably too late. Obviously, she had involvement in the illuminati. She may have been sacrificed, and the daughter too. So, it seems we are kept from genuine self expression because MKUltra wants to control content, etc., of music. It is the worst form of oppression. I do not consent to the NWO.

Wow!…. just wow man! This edition of SPOTM seemed really creepy and disturbing. Thanx VC and every1 else.


the newspaper article with bin laden.

can yo post that so it is all readable and includes the date



VC I wonder if Morgan Freeman's daughter was a sacrifice??

Grand daughter I believe, but yes…I thought the same.

I totally think so. These celebrities have to be reminded that as long as they are in the public eye and to remain in good standing with the elite, blood sacrifices must be made.

Bill Cosby learned the hard way.

The bieber pics are definitely sick and creepy. And I noticed another piece of symbolism on the Re-Edition magazine cover with the text at the bottom: "As the Spirit Wanes the Form Appears." To me it sounds like they are alluding to the process of breaking one's spirit, possibly through mind control, and then the "form" that appears is the form that the handlers' have implanted.

Totally totally weird that Egyptian sarcophagi would be at doors of Whitney's service (or anyone's for that matter) but again at her daughter's service?…Very creepy. How does one even arrange for these to be delivered to a funeral?

I agree. Poor Whitney with the voice of an Angel and this is how it ends for her. These Egyptian images are appearing everywhere now, even Denver Airport. I’m not sure why Satan wants to use all this symbolism all over our planet. He reminds me of a dog urinating everywhere trying to mark its territory.

…on the re-edition cover the quote: 'as the spirit wanes the form appears..' is really a perverted suggestion, meaning the carnal desires are to be emulated instead of the spiritual nature of human beings…

I won't be surprised if tyga is Kylie's new handler

You should check out Sadie Robertson's instagram, i hope she is clueless, but she models a shirt with a pyramid, supporting her campaign…i sure hope Willie didn't sell his own daughter out, and that there is a hedge of protection around that whole family…

That "eye" has been giving me eyestrain whenever I see it, and poor beiber himself looks like an overly abused pawn of the elite but he's a beta slave anyways.

And those satanic symbols along with baphomet signs never get old and the relation to Egyptian mythology is no surprise, especially when it might have something to do with the dark god Anubis (as I've read in past articles about the relationships with him, freemasonry and the Illuminati overall).

what doese it mean when you wear a clown mask like that many celebs do this during photo sessions .. movies it is even in games

Represents "the joker" or "the fool" which is another favoured symbol of the empire. We see it in all kinds of (often staged) news events (e.g. Aurora shooter James Holmes 2012, Las Vegas shooter Jerad Miller 2014 and far too many to name here).

It appears to mean that they like to joke with us, to toy with our minds. Building fear from fake events. Keeping us distracted, afraid and disconnected from one another and our true (mostly good) selves. 🙂

And of course, clowns are just freakin' scary!

And also there is now the whole phenomenon of creepy clowns lurking around various towns throughout the globe. Some of them are armed, some follow people, some have even been looking through people's windows at night! The YouTube channel "KJ Osbourne" just did an excellent video in it all and how he thinks there is more to it than just 'random occurrences'.

VC… in that first picture… Beiber's pubes / belly button were turned into the word 'OBEY' with the belly button being the O.

Does anyone else see it?

Now that you mentioned it! Can't miss it.

Definitely saw it. Subtle, but couldn't miss it!! Subliminal messaging again!!

I have never understood the hate towards Justin Beiber. He's always just seemed like a used boy, who has now reached adulthood and doesn't understand where he belongs.

It's interesting you'd mention the phoenix image as significant to occultists. I've long thought it was odd how River Phoenix died.Whether you believe in the mysticism or not, he was terrified of turning 23 on the 23rd (why would he be, unless he'd somehow been introduced to numerology by someone?) and yes, he was involved in taking dangerous substances but towards the end of his life, he became increasingly paranoid that he didn't have long for this World and that something big was going to happen.

It is odd that his name forms the anagram "Viper Heroin X". I'm not saying it's a mystical prediction but someone could've read it as a directive.

You have to recollect older media-reports about bieber. He started out as just a lucky talented kid. The media focussed on the whole show around stardom, instead of his products, the music or his developement as artist, like with Coldplay or Sting. The orchestration of headlines was global right from the start. So,the public was toyed with from the start as you and me.

I have always felt bad for Justin Bieber because his entire career is based on humiliation rituals. It's sad that people get caught up in participating in any of their sick and twisted occult rituals by proxy, but no matter how you look at it, the public will ALWAYS play right along with them and fulfill their agendas. All teen star will be pawns, and however they want us to participate whether it's hating, loving, obsessing over, accepting, rejecting, hypersexualizing, or worshiping the star as an idol, the masses will, and always do comply.

Well its time you,stop feeling bad for him. Enough is enough. He CHOOSE to do this shoot. Nobody put a gun to his head. Wake up already and stop feeling bad,for people youmdont know when they are clearly,doing what they want.,i mean he should. Have been deported and hes not. Somwake up

according to freed mk slaves who say part of their trauma based mind control is that they are forced to play russian roulette, often with children, yes they do put a gun to their head.

These pics are so disturbing. People still watch and accept them as ok is sad.

Oh, how I agree with you….young people just don't know what's happening when they accept these celebrities as their idols….it is soooo sad. And parents don't know the illuminati, and how their affecting their kids. Wish everyone knew about this…but all we can do is tell people, and show them this site…and just keep spreading the word as much as we can! Satan is in this world, and he's in control untill armegeddon comes and God will finally wipe out all this evil. I wonder sometimes, why do we all have to suffer with satan and his evil in this world? It's so crazy and unbelievable!

I just wish it was over already

I guess Michael Jackson is to male popstars what Marilyn Monroe is to female popstars in that industry. They gotta copy MJ and pay tribute to him, for the elite was and is obsessed with MJ as it is obsessed with Marilyn

This makes a lot of sense and i never thought about that

The clown mask might be a reference to m.j. too? Or to the influence of scaring children on purpose?

My sister is currently attending the "Holy Wood Acting Studios"……My mom has met the guy (Carlos) and she said they seemed like very decent people. I, on the other hand understand how hollywood works so i'm a little iffy about it. My sister knows all about hollywood and the elite so she's a bit more aware than the other people but i still don't feel comfortable with her being there….

Just watch her, protect her, pray for her….and make sure she doesn't sign anything in blood or something. If you notice even the slightest screwed up thing, get her out of there!

Advise her to stay far, far away. It starts out as though "they seemed like decent people" (satan disguises himself as an angel of light; 2Cor 11:13-14) and then there is a point of no return. Please don't let it get to that point with your sister.

2Cor 11:13 For such ones are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
2Cor 11:14 Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light?

Are you saying that your sister knows how the satanic elite of hollywood works and still she keeps attending that Satanic Holly Wood Acting Studios, DISTURBINGLY CREEPY!

The mask that Bieber is wearing is that of Pennywise from Stephen King's "It." That character is the main reason why most 80s babies still fear clowns to this day. What a sick way of control by his handlers…

Also, WB is remaking "IT"…just received something from my friend about it 2 or 3 days ago.

There's more behind the clown Pennywise from IT, it was inspired by drawings by John Wayne Gacey.
For those who don't know, Gacey was a serial killer who dressed as a clown called 'Patches', although on his clown outfit he wore a badge that said 'Hi I'm Pogo'. His clown persona frequented the parties of the high society of the time. While in prison, Gacey drew many pictures of himself as Patches and also pictures of a clown that bares a very strong resemblance to Steven King's 'IT', even down to the balding red hair.
Have a search for 'Gacey Drawings' and you'll see..

You had me until you threw in the "Egyptian magic" comment. Please explain how ancient and sacred Egyptian history plays into the demented practices of these people. Or allow me to further elaborate on what exactly it is I'm trying to say. In no shape fashion or form should the values and knowledge of the past Egyptians be viewed or understood as some form of evil magic. What has happened is power hungry people and sick individuals have taken sacred symbols and used them for their own sick purposes. What is original should not be replicated nor should it be made into what it has been.

Satan has his signs and symbols…also numbers. You need to learn satanism….before you can know evil in it's true form. And how satan and his demons have affected history. Your heart and soul has to be with God, before you can study it, because satan would love to take your mind while you study him. Evil was at the beginning of time….and the egyptians had a big hand in it. You ought to study Egyptian history too. But this website can show and teach you about them too….so hopefully you signed up for VC's newsletter?

Since at least the 1700's, assorted Freemasonry and the Illuminati lodges based numerous rituals on Egyptian themes. You seem to know something about ancient Egyptian practices. IMO, the Egyptians power elite knew how to control the slave cast with their religious practices. Spiritual? Propaganda? Seems to me there is always such a fine line.

There is a DIRECT LINK between ancient Egyptian 'religious rituals', secret Freemason rites (Alistair Crowley/sex magick) and SRA (satanic ritual abuse). The SRA aspects of abuse, torture, mind control and sex slavery, (which VC covers on a regular basis) are starting to show up in the 'hard core' p*********y that is on the internet. Normal people can't comprehend the mindset (evil) that drives these freaks. We whitewash them with comfortable labels like "Illuminati", or occult secret society elite, etc. The common thread throughout history has been Satan. He changes his name to stay 'relevant' in a culture; but as Lucifer, he was in heaven, in Eden (serpent), then Ra, Horus, Baal, Molech, Jupiter, Saturn, Pan, Baphomet, etc, etc. The Bible calls him the god of this world, and he HATES mankind. Jesus said if not for His (Jesus') direct intervention at end of time (Matt 24: 22 & Mark 13:… Read more »
Check out magick with a "k" (thelema) – "the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will". "The Anglo-Saxon k in Magick, like most of (Aleister) Crowley's conceits, is a means of indicating the kind of magic which he performed. K is the eleventh letter of several alphabets, and eleven is the principal number of magick, because it is the number attributed to the Qliphoth – the underworld of demonic and chaotic forces that have to be conquered before magick can be performed. K has other magical implications: it corresponds to the power or shakti aspect of creative energy, for k is the ancient Egyptian khu, the magical power. Specifically, it stands for kteis (vagina), the complement to the wand (or phallus) which is used by the Magician in certain aspects of the Great Work." John Symonds; Kenneth Grant (1973). "Introduction". In Crowley, Aleister. Magick. Samuel… Read more »

Kris…Kim…Khloe..Kourtney…Kylie..Kendall….. no Koincidence there then……

Don't forget Kim's husbands. Kris (Humphries) and Kanye…

I am not sure how egypt is connected to the illuminati but if you watch Madonna who is a high priestess in the Jewish occult kaballah religion in Hollywood at the super bowl ceremenoy. She come out in a roman times carriage and all gurks are dancing for her with her with the letter m on their dress. Egypt is connected but he should have explained it. But this is magic and occult.

Egyptian magic is not evil

Mmm… I saw Mariah's picture in social networks… I thought the same thing about Baphomet, but I don't think she is related to that, even if her core topic are butterflies.

VC, why don't you do a cool post related to the events that will apparently unfold in Sep. 23 2015?

She's not related to that? She's just another industry pawn like many artists, so yes, she is very related to that.

Mariah Carey is a real talented singer and composer who started her career way before all the crappy artists that exist nowadays. She is the daughter of a renowned opera singer Patricia Carey. That picture of Baphomet is nothing that she planned to do, it's just that she happened to be there when the picture was taken. So you cannot relate a successful 25 years career and deem someone as industry pawn just because of one single picture that is not even in her house. So you are saying that any singer, male or female, whoever he/she is, is related to the illuminati? Why? Please explain to me, I am very curious about your answer. I have followed Mariah since 1990 and know pretty much everything about her life. Please tell me why you think she is controlled by the illuminati handlers.

Mariah Carey is a super star. That fact alone proves that she's controlled by the "Illuminati" or whatever one wants to call them. No one attains her level of fame by accident or by talent alone.



One can. It is a matter of getting corrupted. That can happen to grown-ups aswell. Especially with the help of narcotics. Mind you, i don't mean weed, but farmaceuticals, to help one get through the ''one'' performance, because the show must go on. Then the next one, because a tour is booked, or the interviews must be printed. It is easier if the industry can start early, so getting in on getting the kids became quite popular with moguls, the last decades, about 10 decades, when you focus on modern mainstream media.

There was a thread on the old vc forums about her… It was very creepy. She is beautiful and talented but she is puppeteered here and there. First, the satanic handler Tommy Mottola and now this guy Nick Cannon. She tried to break free from Motola but she is still influenced by the industry, she pushes the agenda just like everybody else. Her songs are about her handlers. I also read that honey is an mk code for sperm, so that song is plain sick if interpreted from that point of view.

I never liked that song "honey", I never understood why people liked it so much. I was a child when it came out, so that says a lot right there

The manipulation and control of artists started way back before Mariah was even a twinkle in her daddy's eye. To get some indication check out for example the Beatles group photo where John and Paul are throwing up satanic hand signs

You should search on YouTube Mariah Carey MK Ultra and you will find some clips of her acting completely weird and zoned out aka Britney Spears/Anne Nicole/Nikki Minaj etc. There are so many great awesome singers out there and yet only a few (and some very mediocre in the talent department – not necessarily Mariah) make it to the A list. Why? Because another criteria is used other than pure talent. The ability to be manipulated, mind fractured, willing to give up your soul ultimately. Mariah has done the one eye salute in hundreds of official pics, has done the Marilyn Monroe dress up, done the butterfly thing and is still very much about being a Beta Kitten Sex Slave, despite the fact she is enormously wealthy, amazing vocal skills, hugely powerful and connected, a mother, a wife, a grown woman in her 40's – why on earth would she… Read more »
Watch the video Meltdown by Stromae ft Lorde. The video pretty much outlines how twisted not just the illuminati r but cults like Freemasons r. The have the good deed side they show the public and then the more secret acts done in darkness. I have had to undergo an extraordinary amount of therapy due to being raised in a freemasonry family. My sister and I both suffered from panic attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere and both of us have undergone hypnosis and regression therapy to find out that we've been accused of having "False Memory Syndrome" to cover what they had done to us. How can a 4 year old child know about that level of abuse unless it was true. At 44 years old I still can't believe that my own parents and paternal grandparents did the things they had done to us and be… Read more »
Oh, I wish VC would do a post on that! On what's coming in sep 2015 is a mind blower! I have kept many websites that talk about it in my favorites for the last few months. The list is long! Besides being the last blood moon, there are soooo many signs of perhaps a crash in the economy, or the stock market. crashing. I mean, is it a coincidence that every 7 years we have an economic crash? 7 years back, it was 2008….we had one then. 7 years back from 2008, there was another one. And 7 years back from then….so you see God's number is 7, and SEP is the end of God's 7 year cycle for the world to turn toward Him but it's not happening at all. Now for all the sin in this world, and especially the supreme court decision on gay marriage, we… Read more »

He says "no one" knows the day or time of his second coming! Just because you see a pattern doesn't predict that He will be here! With everything going on, the sooner the better! But no one can say "Oh September 23, 2015 is the day!" Goh

Kudos for you. My thoughts exactly. The Sep. 2015 is a mind blowing topic, it's everywhere in conspiracy sites and even youtube. Even though I try not to believe much in anything unless there is undeniably evidence there are many weird things going on in the world as we speak. I feel something wrong in the air… it's crazy, Alex Jones has the same feeling of something terrible about to happen.

I'd like to see VC weighing in a little bit on this matter.

but maybe VC doesn't agree. Every year there's always a new predicted date for the apocalypse, the truth is it can happen next year or in the next hour from now. No one knows when it's going to happen, not even Jesus himself knows, just be ready for when it does come and don't let your guard down. Blessings on you guys

Mariah Carey was a beautiful, amazing artist in the early 90s. Not that I ever bought any of her songs but I used to find her remarkably talented and amazing in her youth before all the surgery and the rubbish clothes. She used to be truly elegant when she started with an impressive voice. The last 15 years she went downhill regarding the quality of her music and the trampy look.

The fact VC doesn't agree with the subject doesn't mean it ain't gonna happen. Yes you are right, the Son of God does not know the day, but we are not speaking about the apocalypse or end of the world here. We are talking about something big that is going to happen. Some say that the Vatican will release info on UFO contacting. Other say there's going to be a financial disaster that will collapse the world's economy, leading to WWIII. Others say that something terrible will happen in Middle East that will affect Israel as the last blood moon will happen in Sep. 28th. Whatever it is, it's everywhere. I didn't care much about Dec. 2012 with the Mayan theories… but this time, judging by the present situation in the world, I have a bad feeling. Perhaps Vigilant knows something and can throw some hints across the table, don't… Read more »

Do not allow predictive programming to influence you. The more fear and negative ideas the media puts in your head the more likely you are to believe it and will it to come true.
I see the economic collapse as a good thing as money in the U.S. is backed by air and debt. It's also high time we all spiritually awaken to truth and of the power we have within ourselves as well as realizing we are not the only beings in existence.
We have been enslaved and lied to for too long, they still are enslaving and lieing to us but it isn't as powerful as it use to be. Now they plan to manipulate the E.T. aspect but know any E.T. with the government is the government, "demonic" entities are the ones running things currently and for a long time now but their time is up.

Interesting point on the ET thing. The rapture is imminent and it would not surprise me in the least if they blame the vanishing of Christ's people on alien abduction. How else will the Antichrist and its cohorts explain it away without having millions more repent their sins to be saved, they would want the focus on Christ diverted as far away as possible. Repent and be saved by Jesus Christ, the rapture is as imminent as the end of this world as we know it.

Can we not turn this into an anti gay thing please…

I agree, but, what do you expect from some of the commentors up here?

You do know our calenders a messed with long ago and more than once?

Guys, watch Ariana Grande’s One Last Time music video. Maybe that is what is going to happen in September 23!

Wow… just saw it. That is weird!

Andre did you see how they portrayed the older long haired man in the room with 5 tvs? The prepper, the crazy guy, the vigilant conspiracy theorist waiting for the world to end. Did you catch how he was supposedly in crazy attack mode and she beat him down? This is to infiltrate into the minds of the masses that theses so called watchers are crazy and prepare to come against them if need be. What I think was the saddest image was the family of four sitting in fear and disbelief on the couch. The video has many messages.

Pretty much all celebrities are clones. Many have been killed and replaced years ago. People will attribute their ever changing looks to age and plastic surgery, but age and plastic surgery cannot change head shapes, heights, face shapes, etc. Think Kylie Kardashian, the person walking around as her isn't really her. In fact that whole family has been replaced.
These clones, which tend to be soulles, are inhabited by low vibrational entities and are also Mk'd hence their dark behaviors.

Seriously? Clones? That's what you're going with here?

Yes, seriously. Movies that tell you such things include The Island, which is very forward, Ex Machina, regarding robotoids, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers the 1970's version with Donald Sutherland, just to name a few.

Look up on it.

Nothing will happen on the 23 of Sept.

Those bieber pics…omfl….disgusting. I fear for this upcoming youth who sees him as a role model. Parents: wake the f. up and heal your kids from this and the kardashian-filth. You will regret it if you do nothing about it. Trust me.

That Interview portfolio is just weird.
However, I think one of the reasons for Vikander's USB eye might be because of her role in Ex Machina (which is a whole another topic in itself).

Can someone explain to me why the highly religious sign of the One Eye is used by the occult? I mean, if they're against religion or God himself, why would they take something which is heavily referenced by the Bible?
Thank you for answering.

The one eye heavily referenced in the Bible? Where?

I hope I keep up with this thread because I am wondering the same thing. I have never seen such in the Bible.

Well, stuff about eyes/vision is frequently referenced, and if I'm not mistaken, a lot of religious iconography from the Renaissance references it as well.
I'm, by all means, open to a change of opinion, I'm just wondering whether anyone has an answer for me. I'm just wondering (since I'm pretty sure I'm completely wrong or misinterpreting something).

There is it on the bible… it is "Dad" , "Son", and "Holy Ghost" in the triangle shape.. each one in the every corner and together they are one "Thing" in the middle of the triangle. I dont know why the occults are taking this symbol mut its original meaning comes from bible.

That's a good point.

Sorry, but you are so so so wrong…how in the world would you think that is referenced in the bible?? And about your question….they have their own "religion"…it's the religion of SATAN. A lot of people worship satan….in case you didn't know….but if you didn't, then you have no clue of what's happening in the world…and in the government…for that matter. This your first visit here to this website? You need to visit more often to know the enemy, satan….and what he is doing in the world, to make people turn toward him. He is the great deceiver!

Oh, no, I'm well aware of Satanism (a lot of my friends actually claim to be Satanists and I politely discuss it with them (whilst keeping my beliefs my own)). And I've read quite a few articles on VC in quite a long span of time, so no, I'm not 'blinded' in that sense… If I just misread something, then that's fine and I thank you for pointing it out. I was just wondering, and it doesn't cost anything to ask 😉

I can't answer your specific question but it's an interesting avenue for research perhaps. I always thought though the one eye sign was referencing the Eye of Hours. Don't even know where I got that idea, and it could be off base. There are the one-eyed trump cards to consider too. Medieval in origin so your original question may have something to it.

That's a good point, and the Eye of Horus is usually referenced as the origin for the sign – it's an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph referencing the god Horus. It was used as a symbol of protection from Horus or Ra.

Definitely gonna put more research into it. Thank you very much!

satanists and lucifereans are two different things entirely. In fact, lucifereans can't stand satanists. The occult elite are lucifereans.

in islamic escathology the antichrist will be blinded on the right eye. could it be that these satanist sellouts are awaiting for his speedy arrival? many generations have awaited for him since the time of the Pharoah but something tells me this generation might be the last before he is in action.

That's an intriguing viewpoint I haven't considered. Maybe you're right.
And yes, doom does feel imminent in the air.

Yep absolutely. We've been warned about the Dajjal (the anti-Christ) from over 1400 years ago. We were told he will only have one eye and he will lead many astray through his trickery, making it seem as if he is God. The new world order is preparing the world for his arrival. End of times..

That is very interesting. Thank you so much!

You are right, the eye of God appears in some parts in the Bible. For example: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” (Matthew 6:22-23). In other parts it says that God sees everything. Many symbols, including the all-seeing eye, have been taken not just from the Bible and the Christian tradition but from other sacred books and traditions as well. The fact that dark agendas are misusing symbols does not necessarily mean that symbols are negative. For example, the cross, one of the most sacred symbols in so many spiritual traditions, has been used, inverted and upright, in negative ways for many years. This does… Read more »

I love all your answers Ori 🙂 they make so much sense

I did notice Matthew quite often when I did a little bit of research earlier, so thank you for assuring me of that.
And that is a very good perspective, actually. From this perspective it actually makes perfect sense.
Thank you for your answer 🙂

Matthew 6:22 (AOV) Die lamp van die liggaam is die oog. As jou oog dan reg is, sal jou hele liggaam verlig wees. (ASV) The lamp of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. (BBE) The light of the body is the eye; if then your eye is true, all your body will be full of light. (ESV) "The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, (GNB) "The eyes are like a lamp for the body. If your eyes are sound, your whole body will be full of light; (KJV) The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. (KJV+) TheG3588 lightG3088 of theG3588 bodyG4983 isG2076 theG3588 eye:G3788 ifG1437 thereforeG3767 thineG4675… Read more »

Thank you very much.

The all seeing eye is Saturnic. If you do some digging on the majority of occult symbolism, you will find that they have their origins in Saturn Worship. Saturn being the demiurge, or chief archon. Saturn, like Jupiter, are not planets, but dwarf stars if I remember correctly, and were in much different locations in our solar system prior to major the cataclysms some 13,000 years ago, that were written about by ancients all over the planet. So according to the research of David Talbott, before the cataclysms, from earth one would see Saturn, which was much closer then, with Venus and Mars at the center, making it look like a giant eye in the sky and was the origin of the all seeing eye (the one eye sign). There is certainly a lot more to this, but again, if you want to dig into the roots of occult/satanic symbolism,… Read more »

That is another very intriguing point and I'm glad to be wrong if this is the case!

I can only reply with what I believe is a good answer. The devil is not a creator. God Creates the devil can't. so he takes things God has already distinguished and twist them that is as far as he can go. God says yes so the devil will say no, God says up the devil down. upward cross inverted cross etc.etc. that's as big as he is and there in that flaw proves he's inferior. I hope this helps some

To properly understand the All-Seeing Eye, you need to consider that there are various aspects of the All-Seeing Eye, which in my view are: a fundamental meaning, a practical meaning, a prophetic meaning, a historical meaning, and a mystic meaning. … The fundamental meaning indicates that the eye symbolizes Lucifer [Isaiah 14:12: Hebrew, heylel, meaning “the morning star” (in the sense of brightness)]. Satan is the god of this evil world according to 2nd Corinthians 4:4. The practical meaning goes back to the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:5) when the serpent deceived Eve, promising she and Adam would become “as gods” for disobeying God. When they ate the forbidden fruit, the eye (Hebrew: ayin, meaning a singular “eye”) of their understanding was opened concerning good and evil. They became “as gods” in the sense of now being able to make their own decisions concerning good and evil. What the serpent… Read more »

Thank you so very much. This makes a lot of sense!

One of the key symbols of the New World Order (NWO) is the eye. Jesus said in Matthew 6:22, “The light of the body is the eye…” It is through the eye that light, or in a spiritual sense, KNOWLEDGE, enters the body. This is the spiritual sense of the word. There are 33 different degrees in the Masonic order. Each new level entitles the participant to acquire additional occult KNOWLEDGE. Occultists view Lucifer as the good god who gives knowledge. The eye is symbolic of KNOWLEDGE not perceived by the general public. The public could know, but they are oblivious to the truth, ruined by prosperity and deceived by lies. Remember that the Bible warns Satan BLINDS THE MIND of men to keep them in darkness (2nd Corinthians 4:3-4). God gave us His holy Word so that we could be saved and walk in the light. The name “Lucifer”… Read more »
There is the purely conspiracy theory interpretation of the one eye symbol as mass surveillance, especially when it's combined with the pyramid, which symbolizes top down control by a tiny elite at the upper echelon. The eye can also mean the sun or Saturn, the dark sun that represents the prima materia in alchemy, the primal chaos of the origin point. There are all kinds of weird occult meaning to the eye symbolism if you dig deeply into it. In Zos Kia Cultus, which is an occult doctrine of the artist Austin Osman Spare, a follower of Aleister Crowley, the combined symbol of the hand and eye represent both the magical principles of visualizing then acting to manifest one's vision (the eye sees, the hand acts), and also the union of the dark male and female divine principle, Set and Typhon. The hand symbolizes the whole body as an instrument… Read more »

I'd say, among other things, to mock it entirely…or to re-imagine it ,in a sense, to completely discern people from what it truly meant and try to have people think that's what it was originally. If that makes any sense.

Narrated Ibn Umar: Once God's Apostle stood amongst the people, glorified and praised God as He deserved. Then, mentioning Dajjal (the Antichrist), he said, "I warn you against him (i.e. the Dajjal) and there was no prophet but warned his nation against him. No doubt, Noah warned his nation against him but I tell you about him something of which no prophet told his nation before me. You should know that he is one-eyed, and Your Lord is not one-eyed."

Those Beiber pics are seriously disturbing…

I second that!

Just the fact that people want to look at or listen to him is plenty disturbing to me! Of course, let's remember, he and Miley Cyrus are really the same person in drag.

You never see them both in the same place, ever, do you? Hmmmm..

They probably come from cloning.

They truly are…especially the clown photos.

There is some deeper messages present. The clown seems to be Pennywise the Clown from the Stephen King novel IT. Wikipedia summarizes the character perfectly saying,

"Among Its powers is shapeshifting into a form that induces fear while killing the victim, normally assuming the form of a middle-aged male clown, calling itself "Pennywise the Dancing Clown", modeled after Bozo, Clarabell and Ronald McDonald. It can also manipulate people and use them as pawns into doing its bidding, either by assuming a form most familiar to them, promising them their desires, or through subliminal influence."

Who is Beiber?