Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/12)

This photoshoot from ELLE Italia

In this month’s edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and a whole bunch of symbolic images from fashion shoots.


This photoshoot from ELLE Italia features the elite’s favorite way of portraying models: As lifeless puppets controlled by unseen handlers


No life, no control and used to sell products. Yup, that pretty much sums up the fashion model.


ThisΒ  calendar from Bazaar also exploits the concept of a controlled puppet. In this case, the handler is shown with one eye hidden and looks quite evil. There is also an emphasis on one of the models eye – as she is a reflection of her handler’s will. When decoded this symbolic image is an accurate and disturbing portrayal of the fashion world.


This casual pic found on Beyonce’s Tumblr account. It features a ring the singer appears to love as she has been spotted wearing it several times (notably during a performance at Coachella). The ring appears to be nothing else than the head of Baphomet.


Speaking of Baphomet, here’s a pic taken from a fan during Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour. She is wearing a horned mask similar to those worn in Illuminati Balls.


In this other pic, Gaga is hung like a piece of meat with other pieces of meat. She’s always engrossing.


In this photoshoot from Vogue US featuring model Natalia Vodianova contains several familiar symbols. In this image, one of her eyes is hidden. Also, in the description of the pic, it is mentioned that the dressed is “like that of the robot in Metropolis”. As seen in several previous articles, Metropolis (especially Maria the android) is extremely important in the occult entertainment industry.


In the same photoshoot, the model is shown chilling between two Baphomet-looking heads. The same combination of symbols keeps coming back across the entertainment.



In these pics posted on Rihanna’s Twitter account, the singer is wearing Sex-Kitten leopard prints and is saluting her handlers by hiding one eye.


The cover of Rihanna’s single “Where Have You Been” also features a prominent one-eye sign.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s Kreayshawn’s girl Lil’ Debbie.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s the main image on Cheryl Cole’s website.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s the album cover of popular polish singer Justyna Steczkowska.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s another polish singer Magda Steczkowska.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s the cover of Fiona Apple’s new album.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s an ad for shoes (or something).


Here’s a new creepy trend: Girls looking like real life Barbie dolls. I have no idea where this originated from but I believe it is a result of the constant glamorization of deshumanization in mass media.


Is it becoming cool to be lifeless?


The logo of USDA Foods. Is there a chemtrail in the sky?




  1. And did you notice that the dice make the number 7 when put together in that one pic?
    Also, I noticed the lady with HORNS in Maleficent. Nice try, Hollywood!

  2. Lady Gaga is also born March 28th, so her astrological sign is Aries. The Ram is the symbol of Aries as well. Could she be "Born this Way" in terms of being born into somebody's plan?

  3. O M G! Where are these mags!? Either my state is slow to get that kind of stuff or I've been fortunate enough to not have interest in those.

    My idea of pastels is springtime, happiness, growth, new life, Easter (resurrection), kitties and fuzzies. It isn't being controlled like a lifeless puppet. Jeepers creepers!

    On a happy note, I'm so happy we finally got some warm weather! Green, blooming trees and cool breezes in the hot sun. Now that is a pastel life!

  4. One might ask, how does such evil continue seemingly unabated? The truth is that people do not want to hear the truth and despite the blatant symbols that are so obvious, they reject the truth and think that "conspiracy theorists" like my self have gone insane and losing our minds. Because of the willful ignorance of the "masses" this evil continues to flourish. Thanks to this website and many others, many other things have been exposed like the detrimental effects of rock music being not in the lyrics but in the beat itself.

  5. Valeria Lukyanova (Russia's "real-life Barbie") DEFINITELY uses PHOTOSHOP.

    I frequent many of the tumblr's exposing the internet's so-called "snowflakes" and came across this image:

    As you can see, the water-cooler is warped where she's photoshopped her waist smaller, and the wall pattern is warped where she's given herself a bigger arse.

    I've also seen some candids of her, which show that her unreal Barbie-like looks are just that…not real.

    Yes, she's extremely pretty. Yes, she's had a crapload of surgery. No, she does not look like her pictures. She actually looks human.

    Oh and FYI, videos can be edited too. See "kotakoti" (that other "real life Barbie", also known as Dakota Rose Ostrenga) and her magical wiggly chin that grows and shrinks during one of her hair tutorials – The result of using adobe after affects.

    She's another serial offender when it comes to photoshop, which is feverishly denied and covered up. Her mother (Cathy Ostrenga) is constantly filing false copyright claims on any unflattering (i.e. "accurate") picture of her daughter – along with the ORIGINAL artwork of bloggers, satirizing her or her sister (Kiki Kannibal). Totally illegal, but they do it anyway.

    Anyhow – Do I need to tell you this? PHOTOSHOP! PHOTOSHOP! PHOTOSHOP!

    If it looks too good to be true, it isn't! πŸ™‚

    • These girl is not only creepy-looking-Barby, she is kinda insane. Emagine herself as goddes named Amatue, came frome Sirius. Together with similar looking friens she is trying to give master classes and s**t to young girls brains. All, she could sucseed- to be mem and subject for joke in all russian speaking enet:). Also, these “mango-goddes” do not consern to show business or smth.

  6. Here's more pictures than you might ever want of that creepy lifeless doll chick (apparently she's Russian, and there are more than one of them?)

    One of the stranger things I've seen… she must be thrilling to sit next to at dinner…

  7. The blonde girl, who looks like a doll?? There are two pictures of her?? She is an actual doll-She's not human at all πŸ˜‰ I think* that she is a sex doll, only the very high end type πŸ˜‰

  8. I'm unclear about the Barbie doll girl; is she natural or is that photo shoped? I know it stinks for the rest of us average body type humans, but there is such a thing as people who are naturally and freakishly beautiful or proportioned, that is unless thee really are aliens half breeds or other humanoids on the planet. Real or PS? And yes people, there are teenagers with natural yellow hair like that as well. In high school I had a Norwegian friend who was close to this ideal, and I knew a few others. It doesn't last beyond 24.

  9. I am convinced that the one eye symbolism is representative of their coming god/antichrist. If you staunchly doubt that supernatural realms both holy and evil exist, then the programming of the elites and ultimately their king and sugar daddy Lucifer has effectively banished all hopes of being something more than an animal with no eternal purpose from your mind. Many with authority in academia (namely those involved with life sciences and astronomy) are servants to this savagely twisted system as well. Despite all of their prestigious credentials, surveying the mind-numbing intricacy, order, and mathematical beauty of this planet, they continue to elevate and feed their "indisputable findings" to students, which inevitably leads many to despair over the alleged pointlessness, savageness, and fleeting nature of life. I used to be a staunch skeptic of the supernatural myself, until I made friends with a few people who had witnessed hauntings and terrifying spiritual encounters that could not be justified by diagnoses of any mental illnesses. Demonic forces DESPISE each and every last one of us even if some put on convincing friendly acts in order to spread more lies concerning their identity and the reality of the spiritual realm. We still possess the beauty, dignity, and blessings of God (YHWH) that they forfeited and lost after choosing to side with Lucifer in his unjustified and selfish rebellion against an all-loving Creator who didn't desire the angel's ruin whatsoever. Since that time, this mad super genius of a cherubim has conspired to keep humans in the dark about their source and misrepresent the Creator's character and message to those who do believe in a Higher Power (eternal torment in hell as a prime example) . His own consuming jealousy of God's all-seeing position is the primary drive behind his recruiting of human pawns (elite ruling class) to create a camera-infested surveillance global society that allows him to artificially MIMIC God's omnipresence and omniscience.

    Many scientists have concluded that alien spacecrafts possess interdimensional/spiritual-like properties, which has led a number to believe that these aliens are not visitors from other planets, but demonic entities masquerading as space brothers.

    Personally, I believe it's a very real and likely probability that by the end of this year or soon thereafter, the appearance of falsely peaceful aliens will occur and absolutely MESMERIZE the entire globe. If they could convince the world's masses that humans were their creations, there's absolutely no telling how many people would willingly worship these insanely evil angels hiding behind friendly exteriors. Whatever the originator of all human misery and suffering has up "it's" sleeve, it's wickedly and brilliantly DECEPTIVE and CONVINCING.

    Our only hope is allowing our Creator to free us of our selfishness and ignorance regarding what the wisest course of action to take is when we're confronted by the coming fruition of Lucifer's long-held plan.

  10. Anyone else think the USDA add looked eerily similar to the Obama campaign images…are they produced by the same marketing team or is this a ploy at subliminal advertising for us to imagine that a "change" in office also ensues a "change" in our Food and Beverage Administration to employ "healthier" foods as promised by our First Lady?

  11. Hi Vigilant.

    Regarding a picture with this quote,

    "In the same photoshoot, the model is shown chilling between two Baphomet-looking heads. The same combination of symbols keeps coming back across the entertainment.In the same photoshoot, the model is shown chilling between two Baphomet-looking heads. The same combination of symbols keeps coming back across the entertainment"

    I believe those are not goat-head sculptures (the shape used for the baphomet) but antelope head sculptures. Please correct this mistake, or me if I am wrong.

  12. The BarbieGirl's name is Valeria Lukyanova. You can check her facebook account and see how she really look-like. . .lifeless. Creepy.

  13. i gotta say, these pics are pretty compelling. however putting Fiona Apple up there seems a little out there for me. After all, this is the same woman who declared way back when at her debut at the MTV vid/music awards in the 90's that the entertainment world was bullshit and to all of us at home, not to believe any of it. i highly doubt she is "part of the machine", if she were, she would be a hell of a lot more popular. just sayin.

  14. Lookk at this picture of Hollywierd's fav couple Will and Jada

    A Family Affair

    The Smith clan, headed by mama and papa Will and Jada and their not-so little ones Willow and Jaden, hit the New York Men in Black 3 Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater.

    (Hint): Notice how the caption reads mama and papa Will and Jada…as in will= mama jada= papa… and what could that sign be that willow is throwing in our face :O

    (Photo: HRC/

  15. Great work. A few other things in the pics that could be pointed out, beginning with…

    Third pic: model looks like a cross-dressed male: Marxist war on gender. Right hand implement forms triangle with forearm. Right arm on blonde forms square with body: Geometry=Freemasonry. The model in the pic with two Baphomet figures also looks like a guy.

    Gaga pic: note X-in-a-box shapes. The view from above a pyramid. X-in-box shape is prevalent in many movies and tv backgrounds, dating far back, cf. Twilight Zone to Bourne Identity on point-neuf etc.

    Meat Gaga pic: Right arm forms V with carcass.

    Vodianova pic: Die covering eye is 1-die, surprise surprise. An eye covering her eye. Left arm of handler forms a V.

    Lil' Debbie: Swoosh on shirt has square edges, forming V.

    Cheryl Cole: Uppermost parts of keychain forms pyramid front V. In gold, no less.

    Justyna Steczkowska: Headset positions pupil of the eye in backdrop.

    Magda Steczkowska: Same name. Cabal bloodline? Fuchsia swoosh implies eye.

    Blonde Barbie: Dot in middle of forehead: third eye. Add medallion eye and naval eye = 3. Cabala number.

    USDA logo: US flag on ground, like Obama (Freemason) logo, traditionally considered blasphemous. Red-bordered window: The Marxist elite looking over public represented as clouds (ignorance).

    Thumbs up to eddrum for citing the Laurel Canyon documents by Dave McGowan. A must-read.

  16. The seemingly innocent and sweet Kristen Stewart has done a rather interesting photoshoot with Elle magazine recently. Should check it out.

  17. I feel sorry for Robyn Fenty (Rihanna). It looks like she didn't know what she was getting into and was just seduced by the music industry, and she hates being controlled and forced by her contract to do things she doesn't want to do. On her public twitter she's written and retweeted things such as:

    "The Pisces female is also suited for both roles submissive and dominant , but she prefers to be the 'slave' most of the time." (she is a pisces)

    "Pisces never wants to hurt others unless they think they deserve it, and even then they might not."

    "So much to be thankful for, yet I'm over here stressin on s**t I can't control"

    "I tried Lord!"

    "Woke up repenting!! Feelin like a sinner…"

    "I just noticed when they do the arm thing in the curly hair scene, its supposed to an eye blinking. That s**t is >>>>>>"


    "I beez n da trap #ofcourse “@RIHquest: @rihanna Robyn do you know its #WHYBdownloadWeek on itunes?? Come and join us!"

    "If you only knew…."

    "Ask God 2 show u what U need 2 change. Accept others 4 who they r and see how God works in u to complete your joy."

    "Cry more?… Why for?"

    "There's no such thing! Ur either a role model or not! "@kellyjarvis: I gotta say, @rihanna is probably one of the worst role models"

    "I'm not living right, if you're not by my side"

    "What Jah can do, man could neva"


    "Boy I gotta watch my back, cuz I'm not just anybody"

    "Our highs are bliss, and our lows make us miss our highs. But my faith stands firm in the most high, Jah."

    She's miserable about what she's controlled by, and even admits that she still loves Jah! She (and other 'Illuminati stars') doesn't need hate because she's made a terrible mistake of falling into the Illuminati trap, she needs our prayers to help her get out.

    • wow, i never realised it was like this. I always though they chose to do it not forced to do it :S

      I must admit that i feel sorry for her / now it's the first time in my life i ever feel sorry for her -.-

      but omg.

  18. That "Barbie" girl looks gross. Her curves are so extreme they look very fake and she looks too thin, like she doesnt even have ribs or something. Her nose is too small and thin for her face. Her eyes looks cold and dead (probably because of the eye makeup and the coloured contact lenses). She just looks creepy… Only weirdos, desperate people, and people with weird fetishes would find that appealing! No offence. But I prefer people who looks natural and human, and I like to knwo what people really look like?

    God knows what that "Barbie" girl looks like underneath the ton of foundation and makeup. Have you seen pics of her BEFORE surgery? She actually looked normal and human of course. She was a pretty girl, nothing spectacular to me personally, but she looked much better than she does now coz she looked alive and normal.

    People with that much plastic surgery and fakery are a massive turn off.

    • The barbie girl was so much better before her various surgical procedures. Actually she was genuinely very pretty, now she managed to lose her individuality. Seriously she needs a shrink and not surgery.

  19. If you look at the opening scenes of the new adidas advert – what does it look like Katy Perry is doing? Combing her hair?

  20. Hey! πŸ™‚

    Some points:

    I love God! And these comments below are sarcastic

    Rihanna's tongue out told me about death.

    The Lil Debbie had some rosaries on her neck while flashing the one eye. Really loyal, don't ya think?

    The girl that had the picture of keys, well, heart-shaped keys over one eye tells me how much they love an eye.

    • "The girl that had the picture of keys, well, heart-shaped keys over one eye tells me how much they love an eye." ====== HA! It's C Cole who was in one of those reality shows pop something, similar to xfactor. She can't sing for her life but being part of a manufactured pop band takes you a long way if you have the right connections. Actually the only girl -an Irish one- from her band, which band I can't recollect at the moment, who can sing for some reason has sunk into oblivion.

  21. Hi,

    Just thought I'd let you know, in the 3rd picture there is also a Baphomet in the middle of her chest (The handeler) There are also two upside down crosses on her knee's.

  22. I hope to see an article from you based on Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" music video. It completely goes along with them sexualizing younger generations.

  23. I think VC was right on the money with the chemtrail reference. What else could those streaks in the sky be? They could have used a fluffy white cloud in that logo, a ray of sun, a V-shaped flock of geese for crying out loud (or just left the sky blue), but instead they used a streak across the sky that certainly looks like a chemtrail… why? Of course, if chemtrails are real (and all evidence suggests that they are spraying SOMETHING up there in the sky), it is the government that is doing it, so it would make sense that a massive government agency like the USDA would put this in their logo. There is some evil stuff going on these days.

  24. Actually, ' Barbie girl's ' photo's are all accurate. She's done live shows and admitted to close to undergoing $500, 000 worth of plastic surgery! From pictures and video's she was always very attractive being a model and singer. I believe this is just as sad as nicky minaj's transformation or any other celeb who went from zero to hero to respond to media needs to acquire fame. Remember, bad publicity is still publicity.

  25. the barbie girl is a reference to marionette programming, in other words doll programming. She's being used as a femme fatal (fatal woman), obviously a sex kitten, to make them losers look good.

    I'm not going to say I hate these guys cause they feed on hate, I pitty them. They really think they're something special when in truth they're exactly the same as a bunch of geeks who attend sci-fi conventions and join a dungeons/dragons cult. I'm sorry but how can u be turned on by someone who is clearly distressed, not even there in the head, i mean come on, are they that hideous that they need to manipulate girls into sleeping with them. This is why there is a hell. Hell is for people like them.

    I feel for these victims, I really do and don't hate these pop stars, they have NO control, on the outside they may look calm, happy, and together but behind the cameras, they get switched off into a mindless zombie, dragged to sex parties, i.e there was a report that gaga and beyonce were seen leaving the same hotel with jay z looking well, you know where I'm going with this.

    Also i saw abit of gaga's born this way ball, she's really trying to inflict satanism onto the people, i mean when she performs her first song, the colors red & blue appear, which is dualism in free masonry, and in judas song she does it again, has a blue pillar for Jesus and red for judas with her standing in the middle. Another illuminated teachings, false teachings.

    I find it ironic how they say they're enlightened when they couldn't be any more blind, I mean they're all on the losing side. They're going to lose. No question about it. And I'm sorry if I come across as a crazy christian but everyday, revelations become more and more real and apparent, we're going into the days of noah.

    Btw anyone seen those vids randomly popping up on youtube of those apparent giants? OH & people watch war of the worlds too, that is all about the alien invasion the elite are planning & there's a program i think called spooks, in one episode they've got a scenario where a nuclear bomb has gone off during the olympics.

    Something is definately going to happen this year, everyone can feel something in the air. And I'm not on about the poison they're shoving down our throats. & sorry for the spelling mistakes, once i'm on a rant, i tend to make a lot of spelling mistakes. lol

  26. To be quite frank i am getting quite sick of all these stars pushing satans work, its so annoying now, but thank you VC, you always come through to show us, to reveal all the hidden messages. πŸ™‚

    • To: Jumamaoura

      How grose! I can't see what they were trying to paint but

      a baby can draw better then that LOL!

  27. Knowing how the "illumi nothings" like to also put the rings of saturn (satanic imagery) in logos, in the usda logo im not so sure those are chemtrails. They might as well just put a bophamet head right in the middle of that field as far as i'm concerned.

  28. hey VC. i have an update to relate to ya'll. Buzz In!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whitney Update: well the other night i was enjoying i must say, to some whitney houston music videos and it came to my realisation, thanx to u: that she was in some deep s**t!!!

    take for instance the video for 'How Will I Know' her head-tie was positioned in a Mickey Mouse ears lookie-like and she was in a Alice in Wonderland Scenery. yes the song is about mystery but damn with all them guys in dark shades?! also the walls that she was going around and thru had kinda drawing of ppl that were upside-down and from what i saw was kinding screaming at the mouth. well i'm sorry i cant get the video to ad here (were i am dont have the best of technology). anyways!!!!!!!!! in a part of the video she was in a room-which would represent her mind and there were that many doors with these guys in the dark shades that were seeming to push her back into the empty room. Well i'm just saying creepy mind game!!!! πŸ™

    now this article…………… now for the pic with the handler and the slave, the pants that the handler has on looks like the inside of a robot. also it looks like part of britney's video for 'hold it against me' with all the wires plugged in. so its kinda like the handler is plugged in and the slave is connected to the exterior semi-invisible wire to the world. just saying.

    Rihanna………………………. i was watching some of her videos too. 'Ride' in that video she looked so alive and breathing except for the ballet parts where she looked stiff. 'Shut up and drive' she looked young and ripe <<<i>>> 'SOS' SHE LOOKED A LITTLE TO SHINY BUT STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

    AND THEN IT WENT DOWN…………………….

    'Hard' she did look hard in the bone<> 'Russian Roulette' Dead!!!! now even though she looks a little alive in those pics tat here her eyes were dead. i dont know how a person can be happy with looking dead. it a good thing Tiffany Evans saw it. just saying!!!!!!!!

    the Barbie Girl———->> now around her waist it totally looks like she did much or tooo much plastic surgery and so does her face. guess she got the memo on the lifeless deal. but she looked kinda good <<>> guess Nicki has competition!!!!!!!! just saying.

    speakinga bout Nicki Minaj…… i saw the video for 'Beez in the Trap' ( yea i like to watch videos) was that her cousins?! if they were wo' be onto them!!!!!! they all looked Barbie, they all looked dead and controlled. and then the beez part?! B.E.P's 'Imma a Bee' is that the new era that is coming around?! now how she said is is like a multiple personality is reciting these words and it was a there dimensional sound mix. whatz up with that?! i'm just saying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyways VC i would like u to shed a little light on the 'Touch' series and the effects or message it may or may not be sending to the Anti-Christ and us the ppl to be affected.

    dont know which part this verse is from, not even sure of the words but it goes something like this>>>>

    If someone comes and tells u that Christ is here or there, be not deceived. for no man knows the hours that he shall come upon us………

    well this is just my words now…. these are the most evil of times and we as ppl waiting on an Almighty king to trust not in scorcers and wizards even witches no matter what form they take. >>touch<>twilight saga<>avengers, thor<< NO!!!!!! we are supposed to be apart from them. it is written, ….. donot dwell in the council of the wicked or sit in the seat of the ungodly……. for we are the salt of the earth.

    Jesus said those who worship him should worship in spirit and in truth, when you are born again old things have passed away and you have become a new man, a new being. he has separated thy sins from thee as far as the east is from the west.

    And on that note i end my comment. thanx VC and VCers. God Speak!!!!! πŸ™‚ *slimj*

  29. Before stumbling onto this site, I never noticed all the goat head and one eye imagery in pop culture. Now, I am amazed. I see it everywhere. Coincidence that such imagery is so prevalent? I think not.

  30. The ending of "The Hunger Games" movie.

    The female main character during the interview with the blue-haired guy, she is made to look like a doll.

    She lost in a sense because to stay alive she has to stay with the boy that went to the games form her district, when she loves the guy that did not have to go.

    He (guy that went to the games) wins because he gets the girl he has a crush on and she relinquishes her desires to save his life.

    Lifeless without feelings, she becomes his eye candy, his doll, china doll?

    Programming the young women to seek security in lifeless doll like fashion to survive.

  31. symbology of the one eyed [wo]man (a lot in popular culture) means facing outwards, the solar and missing the core inside. Half-blind. (memos from Michael Tsarion new 'The Posthuman World' presentation. Don't miss that one!)

  32. LLOL when i saw the barbie girl i was like: GO EAT!

    ILLUMINATI fails one more time.. Because even my donkey can spot the hidding messages on the photos


    fail fail fail.

  33. What is wrong with this world today? Can someone explain why this is happening? All I see is demonic/satanic symbols everything. People becoming ignorant and brainwashed to the point of being brain dead. The younger generation is turning out awful, and unfortunately I am a part of this generation. What is the point of all this? World domination? I am so sick of everything I actually wish I wasn't born into this damned world. I just can't take it anymore…. πŸ™

  34. As far as the barbie doll image I just read and heard recently that they are not going to be using pencil thin models as much, yhea, right I believe when I see it. No one is going to start shoving in food to look heavy….. And they should not. Its probably going to be a size 6 model anyway because that use to be the average now its one and zeros's. wow talk about thin. The fashion and media industry think anything over 6/8 is big. Give me a break…..If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to gain weight or its in your genes where you can eat anything and alot without gaining weight, great your lucky and get a pass but if you starve yourself or binge then throw it up just to fit in with society and what they deem as beautiful you may need help. Its okay to carry a little weight be healthy and not thin/sickly or too fat/unhealthy, theres a balance. The media has always shown us woman that its in to be thin….

  35. USDA, looks a lot like the obama/pepsi logo…

    As a photographer, i have to say this one eye garbage is so old and over done. I mean to the "sleeping" viewer who doesnt understand the symbols i would still be sick and tired of this constant repetion of the same themes over and over again, "OOOOH a model thats dressed like a robot, OOOHH now shes a puppet, OOOHHH now a maniquin, OOOOHHH shes covering one eye, I hope the next one is another metropolice robot its SO ORIGINAL!

    I wish it was easier to cut out all the toxins i consume every day, I work at a gas and sip with free fountain drinks for employees, I imagine i drink A LOT of Fluride and HFCS, but i still dont understand how one can be dumbed down enough to accept the great lie and consider the garbage the music industry puts out is anything artistic and even worth listining too. Idont get it!

  36. Dr. S – You have really amazing insight and info. Do you have a website yourself and do you have any recommended books, websites, or other sources so other people can learn what you know as well?

  37. Oh god I actually thought that was a real barbie doll……That is so f*****g weird…

    I can't believe people do not believe that the illuminati is real

    It's so f*****g obvious.

  38. The girl's a Swedish model. She took a lot of operations and cosmetic surgery to have a Barbie-like look. However, according to people with a lot of free time, if you use an original Barbie's proportions on a person, she'd probably be anorexic with bones protruding your hips.

  39. The barbie dolls are a definite example of what we would become like under the control of the elite. Lifeless, useless, senseless puppets that they could control and do away with however they want.

    Yes it is creepy, scary but then again it is a forever darkening foresight to see in the glimpses of what the next generation may become like.

    Slaves to their masters for all eternity.

    Now about Rihanna, Gaga, Beyonce and others like them, its already obvious that whatever they do they show gratitude to their "owners" for all that they were given…at their own expense. And like those people who mentioned children in the comments I've been reading about, this is definitely a "total brainwash" all over. Corrupting the children with false fantasies when in reality, they are just going to be "owned"…..literally, and be forever put to waste later on constantly following their so-called "idols" who are only going to lead the kids to their own demise.

    Oh, what a diabolical plan I might have just figured out not to mention some of the other dark sinister deeds that the illuminati may do.

    So fashion also is involved eh? Never knew it could be more than just "entertainment" since it has a whole lot more meaning to it.

  40. The only solution i see is to protect our children by giving them the same knowlegde we are getting from website like this one,my dream is to create interesting and interative books and comics for babies,childrens and teens…Since they are the ones that are easily influenciated by all these horrible maistream things,its important to prepare them for the world we live in!

  41. re JFK/Jackie comments try the link below in a search its from a site called

    it contains a long article including videos that offer an explanation of the assassination

    its very detailed and needs to viewed/read more than once. It offers a very interesting hypothesis – or is it the truth.

    You decide

    Take Care

  42. I saw the Rhianna video today. It is, as usual, filled with symbols. Rhianna and her dancers even display a blinking one eye in their coreography.

  43. I'm confused by the Barbie girl. I find something about her stunning but at the same time I find her horrific. I read a recent article about the 'sex' coming out of what we find sexy, and perhaps that is happening. After all, a doll can be aesthetically perfect, but it is not sexy. Human beings are sexy for a myriad of different reasons. Looking lifeless, cold, plastic and harsh are surely not sexy. I found something very disturbing and sad about this. Isn't what attracts us to people warmth? I know we are living in a cold world, perhaps getting colder, but it deeply disturbs me if this is what people are becoming attracted to.

  44. Just to let you know, that Barbie girl is only one person. She's from Ukraine I believe. She calls herself a living Barbie, it's just HER. Dont use her as an example for a mass organization or anything.

  45. This is what VC said "Speaking of one-eye, here's Kreayshawn's girl, Lil' Debbie".

    He wasn't refering to Kreayshawn, he was talking about Lil Debbie, why are people mixing this up?

    As for the Photos, i'm lost for words cos I don't really see why we allow such people to affect our daily living, they're are pure demons only to lead us astray.

  46. im glad someone else saw the whole where have you been video by rihanna. Honestly i was like can she be more predictable??? and those pictures of her exactly show how badly she is in it. The whole video looks like nothing new same old one eye. And lady gaga born this way ball same thing as well those horns i said yupp but the barbie doll shxt is disturbing…. nobody wants to be that FAKE! but i guess so ;p

  47. Hi Vigilant,

    Sometimes I think they know you will post these pics so they put it up! You're worldwide baby!

  48. Some of you may give me crap for this, but I must say it. Some of you people are part of the problem. I cannot even tell you how many times I have been on the bus, and saw a young woman with a Louis Voutain (whatever his name is) bag, coach sunglasses(even when there is no sun out) Gucci earrings, and an iPhone. I'm like look, you can buy whatever you want and remain ignorant to the current human state of affairs. But, if I had money to spend it would not be on overpriced items made by, some devil worshipping, elite loving, occult believing, mind control playing "designer". Imagine if all the people around the world yelled and stopped buying unneeded items, stopped paying taxes, stopped the elite brutality. Chances of this happening are slim to none unfortunately, we don't realize we have the power. On this site, I see we all have our opinions of artists who have "sold" their soul. Which I think is a figure of speech. Music is for the soul, and if you don't have the rights for your music, it is like you sold your soul. I have judged them like many of you have. But, have you ever looked up what a contract is like. An artist has no rights over what she/he does. In the eyes of the laws it is looked at as a job for hire. Imagine that, the blood, sweat, and tears a person puts into making a record, to get less than 50 cents a record. And how much is a CD? The ones who get truly, paid are the producers, managers, label execs etc. Not the artist, so in a way I am sympathetic for what they go through. You could be on a label for 5 years, and never make an album, but you cannot leave your contract. Many artists who had changed their appearance have said that they had been signed onto so and so, and because of whatever they did not make it big. And even if you are apart of the small percentage of artists on that label who makes it, you either end up broke, held hostage, or owing them. With no rights, to your work what so ever. That's why many artists die broke. That's why you can watch a car commercial and hear Digable Planets- Cool like that. Highest bidder gets the track, not the artist. Now they are trying to own the artist's name and image now. So because of previous knowledge, I can guess that many artists may not know why putting a hand over the eye is necessary for their album cover. Or why having a goat head on his/her shirt is fashionable. Now I'm not saying all artists are oblivious. But, what I am saying is some know and choose to follow, some are under contract and are forced to follow. We as the masses have been conditioned to think we do not have power. Yet we have to keep on hoping and coping with "change". "Hope and change are direct opposite" (Attested Development – Fishin 4 religion) funny though, soon as I heard this song. Barry aka Obama appeared into my mind. Do you know what the definition of insanity is, loosely recited, it means to do the same thing over and over again and to expect a different outcome. Doesn't that sound like history? Lastly, I would like to say. We are all under mind control. How so, we pay taxes up our, but they still harass me (Fugees- Mask). We all are under mind control because we are under surveillance 24/7 365, under the pretenses of terror attack. Yet, who enabled the towers to fall? People who have done hard investigations on 911 have said, that the plan was too elaborate for random terrorist to fly planes into towers. We are fed food with animal DNA. Our water looks clear, but is contained with massive chemicals, we are given shots that kills us softly. We go through 10+ years to be miseducated. We are given luxury items to stay dumb and docile. We are told to breathe in toxic air. We are told to work hard, persevere, and take the honorable approach. In today's society that leaves you finishing last or being told to bend over.

    • Rihanna looking burnt out is so typical of the industry. The "models" have to hang out until the wee hours of the morning to meet "contacts". Of course they have to use artificial "stimulation" to do this. Nothing has changed.

    • Good catch, only I think it's saying "Control Minds". 😐 Slightly more concerning since it's phrased in an active rather than passive way, as in "let's control minds" or "we control minds". Beyond the controlled, becoming the controller or supporting the controllers. So blatant. With the upside down cross Rihanna is fond of.

    • Her fingernails are deliberately painted to look claw-like, with slight but noticeable black around the tips. She keeps doing hand gestures and what look like mudras. I don't know if I'm noticing it more lately or if it's happening more lately, the very deliberately carved-out hand gestures, even more than the classic "let's rock" devil sign. They can be invoking spirits with these hand signs, turning fashion shoots into rituals. I wonder what affect a lot of this has on us when we look at it or hear it. Somewhere hidden in much of this stuff is probably Kabbalistic and other ritual audio-visual tools that have specific spellworking intentions and purposes.

  49. I was at Kohl's last night and came across the Mudd jewelry line and it made me lol. They had snake rings, gazelle head rings, owl rings and phoenix necklaces. Needless to say I didn't get anything from that section.

  50. it is my opinion that people who watch television are already mind-controlled. i don't watch t.v. and i accepted the entire Illuminati business in a trice and people who do watch actually laugh at me when i say them about it. they have zero per cent acceptance and adore totally disgusting people like nicki minaj and lady gaga. compare the girls today with the girls lets say 100 years ago. 100 years ago no girl would have imagined walking down the streets in skimpy dressing even when the temperature is like 90 degrees. and today girls and totally fine stripping down to bikini in the beach.

  51. These are really creepy. Especially Beyonce's ring.

    The Barbie doll girls are dehumanising to all people, not just females. Funny thing though, I saw a picture of my mum at age 31 (after having 5 children by 5 husbands/and 2 grandchildren) and she had a waistline like that little Barbie girl. No surgery either! So stick that, illuminati! I suppose good breeding shows….

  52. I just saw a video of Ukrainian barbie girl. When I saw the picture, I couldn't say that I completely agree with that image, but I respect her desicion to look like she thinks she really is (don't get me wrong, but I really respect the desicion of people want to look like and feel inside. A particular case, the argentinan model Sabrina Sabrok). I don't know how she has lived or hes idea of life, I couldn't judge her… Until I saw this video.

    It's a twisted animation with many creepy scenes … And a lot o familiar things: music, astroplaning, a rainbow, a unicorn and the search for a "higher spirituality"

  53. You have to remember that the whole "INDUSTRY" works for the hidden hand. All these "puppets" are doing is showing you who is boss. All the one eye symbolism,trans humanism, symbolism and propaganda is what they are, what they worship. Not these celebrities we see on television but the higher ups.

    I'm not saying they are oblivious to what they are doing because i believe they do but the ones that are in control are the ones we should worry about because one things for sure they are too. Remember we are not the only ones under control. (example : Micheal Jackson, Whitney Houston)

    • what's with it? i actually considered norah the last singer without all the dark symbols, skulls, inverted crosses and other weird crap. i would be heart broken if she turned out to be another thoughtless and soulless person in the industry, i really enjoy her music : – /

  54. had that vogue its mays issue with Scarjo on the cover, saw that shoot and threw it out. i was like wow, and here it is on symbolic pic…lol i dont even need this site anymore.

    rihannas new vid is like whoaaaa

  55. What are the white things on the hills behind the barbie? First thing that comes to mind is a CIA listening station (GIS to see why), though I don't think there'd ever be so many in one place irl.

    • They seem to be some sort of satellites. It's called Menwith Hill:

      "The Menwith Hill spy base near Harrogate in North Yorkshire, England, is the largest electronic monitoring station in the world."

  56. That "real life barbie' lady claims to have not had any surgery. Give me a break anyone can see she has had plenty of work done who does she think she is fooling, plus her before pics are on the internet. If youre gonna spend all your time and money to look cute and dolly (weird and creepy) own up to it why lie about it if u think its normal.

  57. Why don't they just use mannequins and let these girls eat instead of having them do creepy stupid looking photoshoots like these?

  58. And in Rihanna's "Where Have You Been" video there are interesting looking men painted in white, similar to Florence and the Machine's "No Light, No Light". Also in Rihanna's video she's dancing and her dancers surround her and they all form the shape of an eye and then move their hands as if to make the hand blink once. Are we being watched..? I think so…creepy.

  59. Why would superstars pose like this? What's in it for them? Do they owe their souls to the elite? Thought Beyonce was a Christian. Guess not.

  60. Another great article from VC !thanks a million.BTW I would LOVE to see an article talking about the relationship between those hidden agendas of the elite and the huge number of series and movies that are talking about vampires,werewolves,witches,etc cuz im a big fan of the vampire diaries πŸ™ hope you put my request in consideration πŸ™‚ again,thanks a million ^^

  61. Did you see Rhinna's new video, then you will be suprised for the title claims her to be princess of china but she resembles a Hindu Godess like Sita, Who hurt her now maybe Rama, thought to be God in Hindu, then in her nest video.."Where have you been?" She is moving her hands like Sita but for Ravayana the devil in Hindu religion. Why is she doing this and becoming so demonic…….it's obvious

  62. I'm shorked by the CD cover that rihhana has published! She is at the edge now, I wonder what will they be posting on their highest occult year number 2013..? yoh, but thank you VC keep it up!

  63. That's a very insightful look into the modelling industry. Most people see modelling as glamorous. I used to model for a short time, but i didn't like it precisely because of the reasons you just mentioned. You have no control over your image, you're told what to wear, and where to go.

  64. There are 13 "stripes" in the USDA logo. If you look at the "cloud" there are three distinct stripes with one more removed from the group equaling four. Then there are nine red and white stripes upon the ground. 13 stripes to match the repeated 13 that shows up on the seal, the flag, the colonies. One thing I discovered was in the Greek Dodekatheon where there are 12 gods of Olympus. HOWEVER! One goddess stepped down to make way for Dionysus, thus 13 gods. The Roman gods were based upon the Greek gods, and those gods can all be found in America's capital of D.C. I posit that the repeating 13 represents this collection of gods, not the 13 original colonies. People may be surprised to learn that there were more than 13 colonies back during the Revolutionary times, but only 13 were included in America's beginnings. What's the purpose of "13" you might ask? I feel those 13 gods may be representations of fallen angels or powerful nephilim in the Antediluvian world.

    Going back to the USDA logo – the one cloud "stripe" being separate from the others… sort of like Hestia… the goddess of architecture (among other things). Architecture, eh? Funny how America's Capitol (and other state capitols) all have architecture that resembles ancient Greek architecture. Strange indeed. Keep eyes open. "Be ye wise as serpents."

  65. The Barbie doll Girl has been a rising craze it is kinda creepy but she is kinda cute at the same time. Also Beyonce baphomet rings yes but the model in between the 2 statues i kinda doubt that it baphomet, the statues look like one of those animals with really long horns like gazelle.

  66. The girl you have labeled as a "real life barbie" is deeper than just looking icky. Her website is all a bunch of stuff I can't read (different language), but I saw the same thing through another website and someone who could speak both languages informed us that her website is all about spiritual realms and astral projection s**t. Those are not photoshopped pics, she has had a ton of plastic surgery to look that way. Apparently she has some sort of religious cult like following and if you look deeper into her pics there are some of her at a mayan temple, some of them have even been photoshopped so that the pictures of her on top of the temple look like she is looking out to some funky stars. She has tons of pictures of herself in fancy clothes posing in fancy places, but the photographer is never shown, I'm thinking that person is probably her handler. She doesn't seem to have a job, but money is no issue, so there must be someone powerful supporting her. I'm really surprised you didn't catch all of that VC! You never seem to shy away from your homework, so I'll just assume you didn't get those pictures from the source and assumed that was all.

  67. Rihanna is truly a victim of Mk-Ultra

    Whether she chose the devil or not

    When I think of her reaction to Chris brown and his girlfriend Kae, one can tell her programming is breaking down somewhere somehow

    Although she keeps pushing the agenda.

    The One eyed symbol still disturbs me, it must have some kind of effect on us whenever we are it.

    I think of how Danial survived in the Lions Den and how his friends weren't burnt in that fire

    Surely there is hope for those in Christ, or out of respect whichever Faith you believe in.

  68. Have you seen that barbie looking girl's website?

    The intro header begins with the eye symbolism, then there's a checkered pattern, and a glowing light symbolizing Lucifer. This stuff is getting ridiculous. Satan must really be running out of time.

    • I know her. She has a vogue on the runet as a little bit diseased and insane girl. She is fond of the occult, esoteric, meditation, new age etc. Also she is so called singer who sings terrible songs with stupid lyrics which are written by herself.

  69. The picture where Rihanna is standing, her other hand looks suggestive. I think her fingers should just be pointing down freely and not inwards with her legs open!

  70. Gosh I gotta get that look!…I can already tell this is not going to be fun. That dead look? Gag me with a spoon. Just fake is what it is. BTW what's a chem trail? Maybe that's smoke coming out of the barnyard because they are cooking some of the meat that Lady Gage was hanging with. Lol i'm so hungry right now…gonna go fix a sangwich.

  71. To be honest I thought the "real life Barbie" was pretty , but of course creepy and not right at the same time. It's like those little girls on youtube (Venus Angelic , Dakota Rose , etc.) that pretend to be "living dolls"…(Try not to google either of them , especially not "Venus" , they don't need any extra attention especially considering the fact "Venus's" mom is harassing a fellow youtuber and has cyberbullied and harassed many other young girls on youtube in fear of them stealing "Venus's" spotlight…>.>) Thanks for the update though. ^~^

  72. A few weeks back I was on Pirate Bay and on their main page they were promoting a free album download from a musician named "Soso". From the image used I already had a feeling that she was probably going to have a lot of symbolism going on, and when I went to her website I found links to her tumblr which proved me right. Out of curiousity I also googled images of her and found tons of one-eye pics, masks, mickey mouse ears, bondage promotion, eye of horus makeup, sex kitten clothing and poses, cat ears, and the list goes on.

    Maybe I'm the only one who hadn't known about her, I don't know. Apparently she was a somewhat-known scandnavian pop artist named Sophia Somajo. Then one day she re-appeared with the new moniker "Soso". I would not be surprised if she suddenly became a huge success….

    One song on her album, "Happy People" (which was supposedly recorded in her bedroom by her and her boyfriend – probably handler) is about her being shown a movie of herself as a little girl and appearing to be happy, but goes on to sing about how that child wasn't her.

    Another song, "Who's Gonna Love Me", one of the lyrics is, "You try and try to own me, but I don't even own myself…. I sold my soul to the devil". Seriously, check out the video, it's so blatant I'm shocked that people still don't clue in to something going down in the music industry.

    • Wow! Good find! It's like they come out of a factory. Very catchy music too.

      "Who's gonna love me, really, now? Anybody?" Reach out to the kids with low self-worth so you can snag them in, eh?

    • Looks like we got another one here! I found this by accident, thanks to you, looking up SoSo. It's a band called Automatic Loveletter featuring a Juliet Simms. One eye decorated with sequins, that vaguely feels like a butterfly but not really. They're with Sony.

      This is ridiculous. While searching images on SoSo, I found a Japanese singer called Boris, whose album cover is loaded with Teh Symbolism. Says they've been around 20 years, calls them "thoroughly hypnotic". Almost see a pentagram or reversed on on upper left. There is a prominent eye on the left. It looks like molten something all over her face and stuff dripping down her face (semenancy as Dr. S said?). You can't see her eyes even. The picture is just below the SoSo review:

  73. Aw Beyonce shes just like us everyday people. Creating a tumblr account….filled with satanic imagery…she's so down to earth.

  74. Barbie dolls? Meh cosplay will check out inside the l.c though….. Check out Giovanni's Squatrini's website (the photographer responsible for the pastel puppet pics… quite a lot of weird imagery here. Some one eye shots, mirror shots, a girl with her head inside a plastic bag! As well as your typical vapid eye model poses……

  75. Okay that one eye pose is played out cmon these people cant atleast come up with another sign?? Not to mention it looks moronic. The illumaniti are all over the place you can even buy the freemason rings at jewelry stores. I was watching fashion police one day and a picture was shown the actress Helen Mirren's tattoo…which happens to be the freemason symbol.

  76. Once again you continue to show us that there is alot of one eyed puppets lifeless without even being able to use their own mind. I noticed that it seems easier to control the mind of woman then men even though there are men/boys in the entertainment world that are monarch mind controlled victims also, there are more woman/girls under control of handlers etc. Keep em' coming good work vc. I guess the paycheck is greater than saving their soul. But once again they may not even know that they are promoting the nwo/owo. Theres not much to say anymore except there must be hundreds correction thousands of these disturbing odd phots and adverstisng pictures. You could make a huge gaint coffee table book of these images and call it { One Vision Through On Eye.} and the proceeds could go to the new world order………. just kidding ha-ha!

    • I was thinking before how you don't see many men in these photos.

      But then I realized what's not in these shots:

      no cars, no sex, no nearly naked women, no sports, no strength, no gore.

      You might be able to convince some women with mind bending colors and puppet/doll scenarios not to mind so much when they made to model obvious control situations. But you have to use a different tactic with the guys.

      Now develop some MK scenario involving Monday night football, a remote control, some bikini clad females and a vague claim to the artistic, and we might see a whole new genre of "control the masses" pictures.

  77. "is it becoming cool to be lifeless" apparently in this world it is. there are plenty of videos on youtube teaching girls how to look like dolls using big lens contacts which Im pretty sure started in japan. On note of beyonce's weirdo ring I saw on a website that exposes satanism in the entertainment industry, the jewelry company commented that the ring was a gift from them and its just a ram's head not satanic at all. (Believable right?) Its no secret that these ram/deer heads are popping up all over the place all of a sudden, how can people not question it?

  78. Notice how the Barbie Doll pic is taken infront of what looks like Menwith Hill, the largest intelligence gathering and surveillance center outside the US

  79. In the logo of the USDA if you look the ground you can see that the white stripes form a 666.

  80. Poor girl…I bet she can't smile anymore. I've looked at her photos and not one shows her smiling. I seriously think she can't anymore with all that surgery done.

  81. I don't know if any of you guys noticed but there literally appears to be a face in the picture where Rihanna is smoking kind of by like her right eye. Spooky!

    • I see a arm reached out touching her shoulder on the right. Probably just one of those times when our eyes play tricks on us. She is just terrible the way she acts and tries way too hard to be edgy and what she thinks is sexy

  82. Can you please do a write up on the show Styled by June. It is really creepy how she even refers to their managers as handlers. She takes them out of their comfort zone and they cry the whole way…in the end happy for the fame. Really disturbing to watch..

    • yea i saw her episode where she styled Da Brat and her photo shoots consist of being a little girl with dolls and lollipops and another where she had some type of butterfly thing in her mouth smh

  83. can i just apologise as an adult for the dreadful state we have left this society in for the younger generation. adults are so arrogant and selfish. i'm embarrassed to be one. we so seldom listen to our children and behave like we know best. well we may have experience but as far as i can see, these days, it's the children and teenagers who have the wisdom. so sorry. may God forgive us

  84. Here's the thing: Valeria Lukyanova (and Kotakoti) is not the result of exercise, diet or scalpel. She was genetically designed by dark beings, not aliens, but demons and men. Soon it will be more women like she living among us, you'll see. (read Gn 6 as a reference).

    Note: Poor antelopes, they have to bear the stigma of look like Baphomet.

    • Finally, someone else noticed that artiodactyls have different horns! It's even more embarrassing when people get -cow- skulls mixed up with goats. That should be a pretty clear difference, not to mention that cows have another demon entirely (which VC is also probably familiar with).

  85. I would like to point out one thing about the lady gaga images. These have been taken out of context about the actual show. Based on an in-depth fan analysis, the show's storyline actually centres around lady gaga escaping the G.O.A.T (Government Owned Alien Territory) for wanting to bring about a race without prejudice. I know the "race without prejudice" can be interpreted as a terrifying idea of the new world order, but when coupled with the messages of positivity she is communicating, I feel it is a totally different idea.

  86. I don't know if those are chem trails, but it is a close cousin to the Obama logo. That to me is even more creepy!!

  87. Incredible. You know I am truly shocked that people can't put 2 and 2 together. There is no commonsense and / or actual thinking going on anymore. In my opinion if you can't see whats going on then you deserve whats coming to you.

  88. I've seen Beyonce with Baphomet rings (maybe same one?) before.

    As far as Poland, I'm pretty sure that as soon as or shortly before President Kaczynski was "accidentally" killed in that huge plane crash, is when all this Illuminati stuff really took off in their country. It's sad because Kaczynski was kind of old school and stood up for Poland's independent will amidst the new goings-on in Europe. As soon as he died, the biometric ATM's were set up in Poland. Then they started going forward with nuclear plans. And now these Illuminati artists all over the place. The new president, Komorowski, is NWO-friendly, so it was predictable this would happen.

    • You know what? I live in Poland and I never thought about it like that. I kinda still don't belive in assassination of Lech Kaczynski. He wasn't a big of a threat to Komorowski in, then upcoming, elections. Komorowski would win easilly, because all of the media in Poland are against Kaczynski brothers.Lech and JarosΕ‚aw Kaczynski and their followers are portrayed like weirdows. And it was always like that. But I don't think they are against NWO. They just put diffrent masks on their faces, so, in case of changing the government, there will be still "right people" on top.

  89. We don't to anything to prevent this? Humanity is giving up, fast. Smoke weed πŸ™‚ I worry more about war, greed, my brothers and sisters in the world, the little damage Marijuana does to my lungs is low on my list of things to worry about. I wanna change the world when I'm older, well, of whats left of it I guess if our older brothers and sister do SOMETHING, either that or you guys will leave us in a world full of corrupt and full of chaos, just because many people we're hiding in fear of being killed, we're suppose to help one another. Sacrifice one another to help a brother or sister, think of others not just yourself. I don't want to keep seeing nature being destroyed by these complete dismantled governments because of money. Once the rest of us are gone and these "high power", "rich" people are "saved" they'll be left useless on this planet, their money will be of NO USE, they won't sustain eachother for to long and humanity will crash completely. All because of their f****n' greed.

    • First I haven't done any drugs but they should make them legal.

      Second if the middle class and poor are gone and only the rich and powerful are alive and left on this planet trust me it {lord of the flies….} They'll eventually be killing each other off…..maybe.

      Nothing last forever and their is no utopia or perfect world except in our childhood dreams….

      So good post triple double stuffed.

  90. The barbie doll thing is creepy, really who'd wanna look like that? You'd be 7 feet tall, your spine wouldn't be able to support the weight of your chest, you'd have to walk on all fours due to the proportions and your waist would only be able to hold half a liver and a couple feet of intestines (facts I read)

    And when I was walking through the store today guess who was on a magazine with the headline "most beautiful woman in the world" Beyonce. Guess the elites want to glorify their head puppet and make being controlled all the more "sexy and cool" for adults and teens.

  91. It can be difficult for ordinary, decent people to comprehend the depths of perverse depravity involved in "Illuminati" ritual and control programming technologies. Even to discuss these things in public forums is difficult as they involve such extreme obscenity. However, those with the eyes to see cannot escaping noticing how they flaunt these terrible perversions in the faces of the public in images such as the above.

    Please carefully examine the two photographs of the "puppet" model dressed in conservative women's fashion from the late 50's/early 60s. She is dressed in obvious imitation of the attire worn by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy on the day her husband was ritually sacrificed before the public. However she also wears a tiara – combining the image of American royalty with more traditional images of the noble and virtuous queen. This icon of respectability and grace is then ritually bound at the wrists and prepared for public humiliation and defilement as part of "Illuminati" sex magick mind control ritual.

    Students of "Illuminated" sex magick techniques invariable notice how vital violent and degrading forms of BDSM fetish sex are to Them. In this case – the virtuous queen figure is also evoking very popular modern fetish play in which women dress and behave as they would have in "pre-liberation" 1950s American for men who use them as purely objectified sex objects as part of ritual housewife humiliation magick.

    But the 50s fetish is only part of the sick "Illuminati" sex deliberately evoked her to provoke and arouse the public. The "queen" is bound by the writs in sexual bondage and prepared above a filthy drop cloth in preparation for rituals of mass semenancy in which the "queen" is covered in the ejaculations of dozens of high ranking "Illuminati" and the resulting seminal patterns either interpreted in order to determine future events OR drawn in ritual veves in order to influence current human events.

    When most people start to read of the particulars of these rituals and mind control techniques they frequently assume these accounts to be fictitious due to the extreme and bizarre nature of what is being described. Most people have no personal experience of the extremely perverse sexual world of the "Illuminated" and tend to dismiss the obvious. But those with the courage to research BDSM fetishes being promoted at an ever accelerating rate will quickly realize that even these very decadent practices pale in comparison to the obscene rites of the "Illuminated" – obscenities that they proudly and deliberately flaunt more and more openly before a public still mostly asleep.

    Semenancy is one of most common themes and we see it referenced twice more in this month's picture series. First, the model depicted with the "Lucky 7"/"7 the Hardway" dice obscuring the eyes is an obvious reference to ritual group sex bukkake semenancy as used for commodities market prediction and manipulation. Secondly, we see the obvious psychedelic semenancy and bondage/flagellation references that make up the cover of "Illuminati" inner circle favorite Fiona Apple's album.

    So obvious and yet so readily overlooked. Only those willing to seriously research the specifics of modern sexually deviant subcultures will have any chance of truly understanding the symbol bombardment of images such as the above. Good luck to you all!

    • Great insight! I used to think BDSM was just sexual fun with trust and boundaries, until I started seeing more of it in contexts such as these photos. And it feels sometimes like it's become more of a mainstream fad (or just fashion fad) and not what I thought of as a subculture thing. In any case, I believe what you say because I know that for some people BDSM goes very deep into occult stuff and is much more than just a sex game. At that point, when in the wrong hands, I don't see how it is cool at all (what a way to lure in unsuspecting thrillseeker alternative types). I now think the whole thing is sick (especially because of borrowing from torture and Nazi imagery) and is turning some people into fetishists so they won't enjoy normal sex and will demand the one- or two-way abusive stuff from future partners. Although for some it may be a passing exploration, I think some of these people have more control issues than they would openly let on.

      • And one more thing. JFK was murdered to advance the NWO agenda. Rose Cheremie was screaming bloody murder about the JFK hit and the NEW World Order after she was thrown out of that car. She is the women in the opening of the movie "JFK".

    • Also, some BDSM is intricately bound to energetic vampirism practices. Not as cool or glamorous as the mainstream makes it seem. The vampire trend is part of this, too, IMO. Among vampire fiction fans can be found vampire wannabees, practicing occult energy vampires, and those thinking it's romantic and how they'd love to have a vampire type lover. It's like glamorizing abuse through BDSM – what's glamorous about stealing any form of lifeforce from another? But the powers that be would have us thinking this is all really great stuff, while they prepare us for mass slavery.

      • @anonymous, I will personally vouch that eddrum is no disinfo! Doesn't mean we all don't get bad intel from time to time, but this sounds more like an issue of your own personal cognitive dissonance and in all honesty, the details are always sketchy, by design. Maybe it wasn't Jackie, but maybe it was……………

    • Jackie Kennedy was a Satanist. I know people that knew her. She was severely abused as a little girl. Her father was an abusive drunk. The shot that hit JFK in the back of the head went UP! Think about that fact people.

      • Didn't JKonassis have some weird relatives who were living in filth with many cats somewhere in North-East?

      • Jackie Kennedy did have her aunt and cousin Edie (Bouvier )Beale (both Edie) living in squalor in a Mansion in East Hampton on long Island, N.Y. The estate was called "Grey Gardens". Jackie knew about this and ignored the fact that they were destitute until a 1975 documentary was done about them. Jackie the cheapskate finally helped them after all of the press and ridicule. A film was done about them starring Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange. The film was quite good. It's interesting the Marge Simpson's maiden name is Bouvier and Marge wears the pink outfit that Jackie had on in Dallas. Read some books about Jackie and read between the lines. Start with "Nemesis" by Peter Evans. And yes, the shot that hit JFK in the back of the head did go UP. HMMMMM…????

      • I don't doubt that Jackie O was from a nasty bloodline and went through some messed up things, but I've heard that that shot more likely came from the driver. You know, the one who, um, f*****g stomped down on the brakes when he should have immediately hit the accelerator. By the way, what would Jackie's motive have been?

        Dr. S, I always love reading insight such as yours and that of Fleurdamour, OjosPelados, etc.

      • Sorry, but William Geer (the driver) didn't shoot JFK. The angles are all wrong. Try Kellerman from the front. Two shooters from inside the car. The Zapruder film is as fake a a 3 dollar bill. "I heard" is not investigation, it is speculation. Don't just repeat what you hear. The shadows in the "Z" film are all wrong. The solar shadows in the first part of the film are at an angle when the sun is going down. However, after frame 400 the shadows are in the correct position. And the last frames of the "Z" film show the picket fence. Look carefully, for there is nobody behind the fence. Some might think that this is "off topic", but someone mentioned that the model wore a Jackie like outfit. The FBI covered up Jackie's whereabouts in the weeks before the hit. (Mind control prep?) Motive? She HATED Jack for one thing. JFK was going to divorce Jackie if he had gotten re-elected. JFK was hanging with Mary Pinchot Myers. Mary was murdered shortly after. Jackie's first job? The CIA. How do I know these things? I know a man who was in Dallas in charge of the motorcade "security" in the week before the hit.

      • GI – Kennedy Jr was trying to expose the dangers of vaccines and was getting ready to run for NY against Hilary Clinton among many other things. If you've ever checked out the "Clinton Body Count", leaves room to wonder at the least. If Jackie was CIA which it certainy now seems, loyalty is always with the agenda, even at the expense of your offspring.

        The Assassination of JFK Jr – Full Version

      • But who killed Onassis' son? Was it in reality an accident? His daughter was allegedly drowned in a bath tub.

      • GI – I actually have no idea…….the mystery continues!

        The Onassis Family is reported to be one of the Illuminati Bloodlines

        Having learned what I have on how some of these families work furthering their agendas, proving loyalties, & sacrificing humans to their demi-gods(demons) etc….if their kids only suffered accidents…..they got off lucky.

      • I guess the protection provided by marrying into an Illuminati Bloodline family is about as good as one can get in this NWO game of 'Survivor' …..but it's never set in stone.

        If Jackie was CIA and shot John, she needed some protection. She'd be next, they always tie up loose ends.

      • Sarah Connor has amazing insight. I was told "Jackie was a real trooper for going along with it. They didn't care, they would've whacked her too." Who's THEY? That is an exact quote. Her first job after college was with the CIA. Jackie told the Warren Commission that she couldn't remember the assassination. Then she kept on describing the shooting in detail and wouldn't shut up about it. Mind control? I was also told that Oswald shot at General Walker because "he was in the 'club' ". What club? If JFK was still around, I doubt that all of this subliminal advertising would exist today. He was going to expose the agenda.

      • Eddrum, I used the phrase "I heard" because I don't recall the first source that said that. Actually, I have done alot of research, so I'm not just "repeating" things. Whether there really was a Mr. Zapruder or not, that film is a snuff film and is all spliced up. If people in the car shot him, then why was the Stemmonds Freeway sign removed? Why did Jackie try to climb out of the car? Why draw attention to herself? How do I know you and/or your source are not disinfo?

        Anyways, back to the topic. I don't really think the model's clothes look that much like Jackie's infamous outfit (unlike that character in the Venture Brothers cartoons). At least not enough for most of us to make the connection, but who knows?

      • I was told by a family member that Jackie Onassis performed a Sun Ritual like an "Aleister Crowley".

        That in itself is rather scary. Considering that AC was a British Intelligence agent. Not only that, he was a 'double' for Winston Churchill.

        Skorpios Island is a very creepy place.

  92. I am so glad that I'm not easily influenced by today's fashion trends. I feel sorry for the people who don't have a clue when wearing certain clothing or accessories.

  93. oh, no.. not Fiona Apple.. (β•―°β–‘°οΌ‰β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻ (table flippin')

    she's one of my favorite artists out there <3

    well, at least we didn't see HER wearing/doing anything fishy. the cover was made by others.

    i so hope she didn't join them..

    i'm really getting sick of all these signs..

    (off topic) by the way, since Pinocchio was also used in mind control programming, and transhumanism within the public, i just remembered a japanese cartoon i really really enjoyed. it's known as "Android Kikaider". if anyone from here saw it, please let me know if you think it has any affiliations with "the bad guys". thank you (^w^)

    • Fiona Apple is definitely NOT Illuminati. It takes her years to come out with an album because her label (Epic Records) gives her a hard time due to the fact that she doesn't play the game. Otherwise, she'd come out with two albums a year (like Rihanna). Everything about her is anti-Illuminati: meaningful lyrics, intelligence, creativity, originality. Need I go on? Lol. It's easy to go crazy with this kind of stuff. No worries here, though : )

  94. I believe in these conspiracies but in the fashion industry (or what ever is called) I think most are done on purpose for marketing techniques, some may be done to have an esoteric meaning but others are just for attention. For example; if I was the director for a new commercial or photoshoot I would know that this "conspiracy" thing is big mostly everywhere specially with the youth. So I would put some eerie looking things and some obvious "hidden" symbols to make people study them more and bring more attention to your products weather you do it for the devil or for marketing. Like the quote that says "bad publicity is good publicity" (something like that) Now dont get me wrong, I believe, but some things seem too obvious to be taken seriously.

  95. I did some more research on that Barbie looking girl (the blonde) and her name is Valeria Lukyanova. She has her own website:

    Pay attention to the creepy video that automatically starts playing on her home page!

    MK'ed, maybe?

    • Just checked it out and I would totally agree with you on the whole mk-ultra mind control idea.

      Creepy indeed the whole eye image and the blank stares, creepy indeed.

    • I don't think she's MK'ed. If you understand the language, you'd probably think she's just insane. But there's nothing impossible…

    • masonic checkerboard floor with a horoscope wheel and the all seeing eye. Fantastic. It doesn't get any more obvious than this

      • I'm still surprised that VC hasn't mentioned much about her…I emailed him months ago about Valeria / Amatue. She has a YouTube channel and thousands upon thousands of these…>10 second clips of her just staring off into space…she sometimes tries to say something "deep" about astral projection and achieving your higher consciousness or something…she even runs workshops to teach people astral projection techniques. She thinks she's an alien consciousness temporarily inhabiting a human body, or so she claims. *shrugs*

        Is it bad that I kind of like that song? (Her other ones aren't really as interesting) but it gets stuck in my head…>_>

  96. Yes Rihanna!!! Everyone go check out her new music video that ties with the picture posted here and see if you can pick out the illuminati symbols before VC posts it.

    • Darn I wish I could but I literally can not stand watching these "pop stars" for more than few seconds and then I gots to shut the video down. Logical intelligent brains who are striving for more just can not take it without a brain explosion. LOL.

  97. Im not sure if this is relevant or not but in the picture with justyna it look like theres a hand reaching to her in the bottom right corner serving as the outline for the mountain.

  98. Surely these people must know that they working for satan, or are they that dumb? Beyonce really gets on my nerves, because she acts so sweet and innocent yet she is a baphomet w***e and as for that Rihanna, she looks as if she really relishes the role of baphomet w***e and dont get me started on the creature called gaga. These demons are leading our children astray, they really are disgusting!

    • yesterday i call my self watching rihanna's where have you been video only because i've never heard the song before.. during the second verse at is where my mouth dropped i counldnt beileve my eyes..

      have any ofyou guys watched it yet.??

      it blinked and everything..

      • I just watched this….Holy cow!!! VC better do a article about this!! I honestly felt like there was a spell being cast from this song! I prayed for protection I felt it so strong. The big "eye" is terrifying. They are preparing the masses for something huge!

      • Just watched it too,bloody hell what was with all that reptile stuff??

        Maybe Icke is right after all! πŸ™‚

      • True, but you need to remember that just because artists are tricked into a contract where they have to serve these sick bastards doesn't mean they all like what they do. Yes, Beyonce and Jay-Z knew what they were getting into and love what they do, but not all "Illuminati stars" are the same. I feel that Robyn Fenty (I choose not to call her Rihanna, as that is the music industry owned product used to further hypnotise the masses, rather than Robyn, the person) doesn't like what she's doing, but she like so many other stars is forced into it and can't find a way out, as she is literally owned by the industry. On her twitter she even points out the eye herself by retweeting somebody saying "I just noticed when they do the arm thing in the curly hair scene, its supposed to an eye blinking. That s**t is >>>>>>", so maybe even she secretly wants people to wake up and see the horrible system she's imprisoned to. Also on her twitter, she refers to herself as a slave and a sinner, admits that she's a bad role model, keeps posting about being powerless and miserable, and even writes about how she loves Jah (another name for Jehovah or Yaweh) and even though she's suffering she has hope that He'll release her. She and many artists need our prayers, love, and mercy, not to be hated on for things that they have no say in.

    • You're right about Satanists in the entertainment industry. I personally knew people who go to Bohemian Grove. I saw the robes in the closets in their 5th Ave. and Park Ave apartments. I was told that the robes are "Halloween costumes". Sure.

      • Really, if Beyonce at least owned up to her behavior, i would dislike her less. She is such a phony.

      • Beyonce plays it happy families with the other moron Jay-Z, but probably it's all smoke and mirrors. I think there's much more to them than they let us believe. I don't care about her, however she's an attractive/pretty woman IMO, can sing quite well and perform at the same time. I admit I find her talented.

    • Yeah Nicki Minaj no doubt really got the Barbie craze going. The fake empowerment slogan "It's Barbie, b****!" (that's supposed to be cool how? by playing into girls' egos?), the video with Mariah Carey "Up Out My Face" where they are both in a doll package looking like Barbies, and all the other Barbie images she puts out there.

    • If you think Nikki Minaj is the one responsible for pumping up the Barbie image in her videos or as part of her persona, you are SADLY mistaken and still VERY asleep! Matel is behind this! Do you think they would let her muck up the history of Barbie and make it slutty by some dingbat like Nikki, on her own? They are using her to appeal to young girls and also to make mature girls act like little girls (pedofphiles love that) and it's making them more money! Girls are running around calling themselves Barbie B*****s. Matel would sue her for that if they weren't behind it! learn how to follow the money trail…….These performers are doing just that…..performing. More than enough of them are money greedy and don't even realize the ramifications of what they're doing or how they're being directed to do things in their videos. Your "HATE" needs to be re-directed, dear, to the ones that are the puppet masters of these puppets!

  99. The entertainment industry is rampant with focktarded imbeciles.

    All these deranged individuals are all gigantic wacko idiots with the worst taste in the history of the world. The are so stupid, it's baffling.

    Go ahead with your covered eyeballs 24/7, looking like deficient wannabe aliens.

    These fools are such epic atrocities of Earth, it's amazing. I am baffled everyday by the amount of weirdos running on the surface of the planet.

    Go ahead with your ugly wigs and bloody surgeries and deformities.

    Go ahead with your animal horns, looking like dumb@ss horses. Go ahead, be a goat. You are not people, you might as well get rid of your forks and eat your food off the floor.

    The entertainment industry is so embarrassing.

    These people cannot be anymore dense and demented than they already are.

  100. There are a lot of "barbie" make up tutorials popping up on Youtube… I don't understand why people would want to look lifeless, confused and dumb.

    • I agree but alot of people don't have good role models and tv and the media are constantly showing us entertainers {mostly woman…… & some men…..} that thin is in. No one talks much about heathly habits except for workout alot and eat very little because god forbid us weigh to much and look fat. It not realistic to be so concerned about your body image that the mind heart and soul and personality get shoved off to the corner left unforgotten. Everything in moderation and with some sense of control. Not obessed total control. Being obese is not heathly neither was barbie…….

  101. I was reading tweets from Robert Cavalli on how he's done with fashion, it's been sold to the highest bider……can a connection be made with the death of Versache (sp) Mc Queen, Robert throwing in the towel…..I know I may be reaching but maybe these people were killed/pushed aside…. in order for the elite to takeover & push satanic clothing & accessories etc as they saw fit

    • Was waiting for someone to post on this. Very possible, IMO, and Cavalli's comment reminds me of Whitney Houston saying the music industry became all about the money.

      There is suspicion about the deaths of Versace and McQueen out there. Videos for each, Versace is the top one relating to the Mob, McQueen regarding connection to Lady Gaga and Bjork. I haven't watched them yet so I can't comment on them:

      It seemed to me, too, that they were pushed out of the way, possibly, though one could argue McQueen was already dark (in extremely creative way) so I don't know what was going on there, if anything.

      • Here are the tweets :

        I canot speak with you anymore. Many silly fashion site … Wont to close my mouth. I dont want to be part of this mafia fashion system !

        Fashion…is a big machine of money !! no creativity anymore ! In 50 years the books of fashion … THEY DONT HAVE NATHING TO SAY ABOUT US

        Sorry, I canot do anythink against that, I dont have the power of the bigest They are buying the market of fashion !! like the politic

        where is the franch fashion ? No one disigner is franch…….in the franch brands, English…American….. italian ….

        THE ONLY AMERICAN DESIGNER THAT I LIKE IS MARC JACOBS…! but …just in the Marc Jacobs show !!! Louis Vuitton show is for old ladys

        The italian fashion is the most creative !! and Dolce e Gabbana are the best !!| The italian fashion is book of all the world disigners

        I canot use twitter …just to wish GOOD MORNING or GOOD NIGHT To my friends…… I am not silly and banal !! I love to say my thoughts

        I love the fantasy and the creativity in fashion and in any other designer …. I am old… I done my best, the fashion is in my DNA

        I confide you a secret…Anna Wintur das nt come to see my show in Milano ……. Why ?? becouse I dont do publicity in American Vogue ??

        In Mc Queens case he probably knew too much, or things started wearing heavy on him ! Thanks for the links can't wait to check them out when I have time.

      • Yeas the Italians are the best designers. Maybe since the 80s. They have an extraordinary aptitude for creating beautiful, elegant clothes, shoes, kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, cars, the whole nine yards.

      • @liv Thank you for the tweets! Lot of information in there. I was wanting to see. He sounds muzzled, poor guy. I must look up Anna Wintour now. She's the one Devil Wears Prada was based on. lol I wonder if there is more to her. I always just thought fashion industry people and their devotees were snobby and superficial. Oh, look, they're calling her Satan.

        "Is Anna Wintour Satan?" and another article below it, "Anna Wintour Must Be Stopped".

  102. I knew these "fashion" people when I lived in NYC in the '70's. What a bunch of coke freak perverted psychos. They use up the models and then throw them out like garbage. Halston went crazy from too much coke and had his business taken away from him. He was such a CREEP. And the Whitney Houston article about her death is right on. I met Clive Davis. Don't get me started with him. Hollywood people are worse. Music industry? Read "Inside the L.C." by Dave Mcgowan. REALLY frightening.

    • I dated a former NYC model for a few years. She had this thing with always lookin at the clock at a certain time. I think ten or 11 minutes after the hour. I saw something on VC about the watches on the models where it was 10 minutes after or something. Can not remember. But it was something strange and some kind of trauma associated with it. She had Borderline Personality Disorder. Lots of these "celebs" have personality disorders and have been molested or traumatized at young ages. Prime time targets for mind control abuse.

  103. I dont blame these weirdo wackjobs they as all humans are just glorified chimpanzees. The behaviors, etc…are so similar.

    Good read: The Third Chimpanzee by Jarrod Diamond.

    I blame the "people" we have put them up on the pedestal and given them the cash. Shame on us. Personally I give ZERO to them physically or mentally. They dont exist in my world. There energy is dark and toxic. In fact I would not lose a minute of sleep if they all died off today.

    Pro peace.

    • i'm agreeing with you mate – it wouldn't matter dip squat to me if all those glorified and idolised shillebrities all died at 6pm tonight – they don't exist in my world either.

  104. The "real life dolls" are the results of sexism and misogyny in our media and culture. Women who look natural are not considered beautiful. Women are constantly dehumanized in our society. The commenters on this site are usually a prime example of this.

    Cue the "That's not true I love natural women and I'm a man" comments.

    • The media and culture is saturated with messages which attack women's feminity…What sexism ? almost the only 'sexism' I see these days is anti-man…what is called 'feminism', with their hysterical anti-male accusations, would have turned me into a misogynist if it weren't for those sensible real women out there. Anyway, I want nothing to do with all that at all.

      • Then you know nothing about feminism except what the *elite* wants you to believe. There is a reason every message of feminism was perverted and used AGAINST young women.

        Read the feminists yourself and use your own brain, rather than believing what some bloated talk-show radio host OR Madonna and her ilk would have you believe.

        You know, if you're brave enough to see for yourself.

      • Feminism is just the radical notion that women are people. All the feminist movement wants is equality for both men and women. I am a huge feminist and every other feminist I know (male and female) are smart, educated people who just want equality. I have never met a feminist who hated men. It goes against everything they believe. People threatened by women being equal to men try to make "feminism" a dirty word.

      • Feminism was coopted by the CIA, it teaches women they are victims to external circumstances outside of themselves instead of them having the power inside of them to change, the illuminati exploits the rifts between men and woman so they can to keep them fighting eachother, because if they joined in one unit under love it will mess their plans up. This is also why they attack marriage, and pretty much anything they can that brings people together, really.

        Legitimate social movements are usually corrupted once they reach the mainstream.

        The bottom line is, both women AND men are getting attacked in the media and getting into a "my suffering is more holier than your suffering" or "women get it the worst, no men get it the worst" argument on this subject is just falling into their trap. You can choose to be victims of this programming if you want, or we can rise above it together and smash it.

    • and BTW, I am a woman who used to identify with a feminist, but that has changed since I've been aware of the dark side of it and the negative ways it has effected me and other people.

  105. I am really shocked by that real life Barbie doll thing.

    Nicki Minaj is calling her followers.. Barbz.. just like something Gaga does with Monsters..

    They set this trend and young adults and also children think it is very normal indeed to be like THEM.

    Look like them and ofcourse dress a like and act the same.

    What is also very disturbing is Rihanna lately, she is such a bad rolemodel for children who adore her.

    They all have a big fan base. Acting like this is exactly what the elite want, so the next generation will be slaves, even more than our great parents and so on…

    Also I want to mention Beyonce, she is a LOT in the media lately.. talking about her pregancy (too much about not faking it but well)

    Her tumblr is very full of symbols. I wonder what her role is going to be next..

    She knows she has lost a big fans base and I hope someone on earth will make the people open their eyes.

    I am so tired to be looking all day at these things, on tv, magazines, internet.. even people act just the very same way as these artists.

    They begin the mimick every step they take, clothes they wear, lifestyles..

    Everyone thinks it is so normal to not care about real things in life. Just music, fashion, partying…… so on

    • That's because they start brainwashing the children from a very, very early age. Almost everyone allows their child to watch The Disney Channel, almost from the crib. Disney is where they first get endoctrinated. The same folks who "guest star" on Disney, are the one's that the young children follow. And then, things like I saw the other day when I took my three year old grandson shopping. I was hard pressed to find CLOTHING that didn't have skulls and bones on them, or an eye, or some other demonic symbol. If you are brainwashed into thinking this is the way of the world from the time you are born, why WOULD you think otherwise? Sad. But true.

      • I know what you mean Disney has virtually monopolized childrens entertainment from movies to cartoons to toys. The messages they depict are those of violence, sex, and indoctrination into mainstream thinking. When I visit a library and I am looking for movies to rent out, Disney movies are the majority. When I am at a toy store Disney products fill up an entire isle and the depictions are blatant: TV roles, extremely sexual in appearance, too much for the age that the toys are catered to. I took my daughter to the movies, all that was g rated was lion king 3d so we watched. I was discussed. The level of violence was incredible, the sexual content as well as the racist overtones were just too much. Never will I expose her to this crap. For sure this is delibretely done too get whole mass of viewers indoctrinated to think this is normal and numbed to more and more of this. Before you know it (it already is like this) we will be so exposed so much negativity that we will not see it for what it is. This is how society is manipulated from above introduce these themes into hollywood, TV, etc. were millions will watch and whole society is shaped into the mold that is easier to control by the elite.

  106. Since there are always pictures of symbols on this site and talk of "the elite", i'll mention where the one eye symbol came from and point to who "the elite"is.

    1st book of Samuel 11:2

    I will gouge out the right eye of every one of you so as to disgrace all israel

    Revelation 2:9

    I know your afflictions and your poverty–yet you are rich! I know the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    Not inducing anyone to switch to my faith or from another, but just trying to provide more information amongst the pretty(or not so pretty) pictures. Please, do your own research and discover the truth. None of this is coincidence

  107. the pictures of the "barbie" girl are quite sad. i dont know whats more disturbing…someone wanting to look like that or the people that are attracted to it…

    • You don't understand it, do you ? The "Barbie girl" can and must be very proud of herself, she is so cute ! And people with an open mind can and must admire her. There is nothing sad or disturbing with the girl, on the contrary. I am a man, 66, and I am a great fan of Miley Cyrus, but you won't underpitand it, will you ?

  108. That's Lil' Debbie, not Kreayshawn. But they were in the same group and people confuse them all the time, so whatevs. Interesting pics though, as usual.

    • Exactly.. and when the models do this a decade (or maybe even for 4, 5 years) straight ahead.

      So as musicians, actors, leaders …. every stat citizen will follow them.

      And they will never think with their own common sense that it CANNOT be true.

      Just look at 9/11.. look at >> movies..

      I looked at it

    • I figured out an interpretation for the lifeless doll look.

      Lifeless is how we're gonna look when we're sick, fatigued, and brain-damaged (or already are somewhat) from Fukushima radiation. And from radiation from San Onofre, and all the other US leaks they're covering up when they suddenly disappear from the news. Even Jay Leno made a joke about San Oh-no (no he didn't call it San Oh-no lol).

      We'll be more easily controlled that way, too, adding to the spacey robot look. And our DNA will be (and is being) damaged, hence we have insta-transhumans.

      They're just preparing us so we'll recognize how glamorous we look. :p "No, girl, you look hot! That look is in."

      • I used the word 'transhuman' wrong. Been up commenting too late, so I'm not sure what I meant but I know the DNA changing fits in somewhere. :p

      • With all due respect, could you please just… not say that? It's so rude.

        It's pretty damn obvious that the pictures above are photoshop masterpieces, and I know this is the internet, but you can't just go around assuming that people who doesn't fit your standards of "healthy looking" are starving because they seem too skinny or that they're constantly eating because they seem fat. People have different metabolisms, and this type of assumption is plain ignorant.

      • @La Li Lu Le Lo: With all due respect, I don't 'just go around assuming'; there are many, many models (and other performers) who've admitted that, not only have they starved themselves in order to land jobs, but that this sort of behavior is typical in the industry.

        Additionally, since the generally-accepted definition of a masterpiece is: A work of outstanding skill, creativity, or workmanship; a photo of a scrawny girl posing in a nondescript field hardly qualifies as one.

      • @Voice of Reason Yes, I know this sort of behavior is basically a rule when you're an entertainer, but this girl is not a celebrity; I was guessing she could be an aspiring model or maybe just an internet gimmick (i.e. Kotakoti). Either way, it's still very offensive to say this, considering the girls and boys that fall prey of this twisted mindset suffer from body image issues, low self-esteem, depression and, unfortunately in many cases, self-harm. The fact she felt the need to change the pictures so much is enough to prove at least one of those.

        In other words: there's no need to make a insensitive comment to prove your point. tyfyt

      • Speaking of one eye, I couldn't help but notice the creepiness in Rihanna's "Where Have you Been'. A quick glance and you will only notice that she has one eye covered and the other displayed.

        But take another look and you will notice a round bulge in the socket where the hidden eye is meant to be.

        A quick search on Google led me to sayings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) about the description of Anti-Christ or Dajjal, who will be "blind in the RIGHT eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape"

        Now, scroll up, look at Rihanna's hidden eye again, and see if it looks like a "bulging grape" and if it is the Right eye?

        "Where Have You Been?" is an apparent reference to the Anti-Christ as if the elites are asking him to come sooner. They want to hasten his arrival in other words. This is what I think and God knows best.

        Oh, those masons..

    • so I get that they have to put the disgusting disturbing tasteless artless ugly one eye sign everywhere but to put shoes on there face is degrading humiliating and ridiculous

    • "We can’t even trust the USDA…"

      Somewhere, there's an organic farmer, laughing at you…

      (Hint: do some research about the USDA; "chemtrails" in the logos are the least of your worries)

      • They label food organic when it's been outside all year getting fallout. Thought organic meant no radiation. Fallout comes in jetstream from Fukushima almost 14 months now, and people think it's not coming down from the rain into the soil and onto the plants? When its' been measured in the rain, air, and measured in food til FDA their accomplice stopped checking (while UC Berkeley does some testing and found lots in the California milk). Then nuclear (government?) trolls come and argue with the math like anyone with a few facts can't figure out we're in danger in the US.

        So, those "chemtrails" look like fumes – radiation "fumes" if you want to pretend they're visible.

        At least if the gov is going to keep information from us, they could change growing practices to protect against radiation seeing as most people dont' notice or care what's going on anyway. Not like they haven't got time to change everything over to protected growing!

        Nobody questions a thing. $$$

  109. You'd have to be like 7 feet tall to look like a real life barbie doll. If we had her proportions we'd look scary.

      • lol i thought the same thing when i glanced at those curves. but then i noticed she was curving too much…. Looks just like a doll smh

      • "I don’t care, I’d tap that." – EW dude, are you serious? She looks frozen and plastic… like a blow/sex doll, which is fine if you're desperate or something lol. I don't wanna sound offensive, but there is NOTHING attractive about looking fake. People are appealing and attractive when they look human and have "warmth" and expression. That girl (if she's even real) looks frozen, plastic, and cold… She doesn't even look alive. She has A TON of makeup and foundation on her face, and she also looks too skinny, she's got curves but somehow they look very fake… They're just too extreme and extremes of anything are never healthy or attractive. Also, her face looks like she's had a lot of surgery, her nose is way too thin for her face. Looking like a lifeless doll and looking plastic or fake is not appealing or attractive. People should look human, and they should have expressions on their faces… They should look healthy and real, and they shouldn't be an extreme of anything. Real people are attracted to other real people. This idea that people should look lifeless and plastic is stupid, it starts with the media and then people fall for it and they don't even realise. It's just sad.. What's happening to the world and people these days?

      • I have Japanese friends and they told me this is not a girl but a companion doll. They are scary lifelike and they are expensive $15,000 or more. The more you pay, the more lifelike you get. The ones that are the most lifelike look human and are in full working order. They can even eat food, and their other parts work too if you know what I mean! YUCK YUCK YUCK!

    • For any woman to look like that there’d have to be a lot, lot, lot of photo editing. If she’s even real to begin with.

      • it looks a lot like really expensive japanese sex dolls, seen a programme about them. they are so life like its worrying!

      • they are real, there are tons of blogs and youtube videos about how to look like a doll. Tutorials on makeup and a ton of other stuff. Google living dolls, its sickening, a lot of them come out of Russia and Europe right now.

      • Nope she is 100% real. She has a video on youtube. i can't remember it right now though. The trend originated in Japan. They mostly look like Barbies in those places if you haven't notices.

      • Wow .m. you guys don't know this person. Yes she is real. They call her real life Barbie. it's not a trend its just one person. she has a youtube channel. And I believe she modified her body as she had pictures before she started looking that way. This is the result of plastic surgery and unlike the other pictures has nothing to do with the industry, but maybe a person's own choice. The thing is she was already pretty .x. oh well.

    • malice mizer – illuminati *old song
      just worry if VC doesn't see my post before.

      keep ur eye on Gackt.

      anyway, VC missed this. *about march photo
      this one with the kids.. very hurts me..

      since VC had talk about perfume, kyary pamyu pamyu, aimi of AKB, vocaloid, featured some of j-artist photos.. i wonder when VC would talk about visual kei.

      visual kei is a part of j-culture and fashion. their movement grown after world war II, *as i read*

      but their horroric/ erotic/ androgynious appearance allows illuminati to infiltrate easily.

      • I am glad I'm not the only one who's seen that video! I mentioned it last month when VC posted the Gakt picture! I was like "Nothing New! Malice Mizer had a video called Illuminati…"

        Funny thing is, people seem to think other countries are immune, ESP those obessed with Japanese, Korean, or Asian culture in general. The thing is, most of their videos had these kinds of symbolism long before they were prominent in the states or… I have done a lot of research in to foreign music, and its interesting to go back, and see how things related to the illuminati and mind control were a lot more visible in other countries before they were here.

        However, I will note that there is tons of stuff from the states as well, earlier than most think. One of the most blatant videos is "Eyes Without a Face" by Billy Idol

        Not to mention many of Pat Benetars albums had blatant MK symbolism on the covers. And… Well metal has had many of these symbols for a long time! And I like metal, but its its true! Ozzy Osbourne esp, Dio, Disturbed, etc, etc, etc.

        Speaking of foreign…. Mylene Farmer, TONS and TONS of symbology, which actually Florence Welsh' symbolism is so close to hers, which makes you know, yes, they definitely are visually inspired by the same people.

        I could include more but… I'll leave it at that. πŸ™‚

      • That tumbler picture speaks volumes! It parallels the Bank of America mural in depicting the underlying theme/goal of all the illuminati machinations. Ther's ole one eye, at the top of the energy-flow pyramid, w/his "left-hand man" molech in attendance, and a partially rendered feminine figure awaiting his arrival in a prone and worshipful stance. Also waiting are the children, (1 male, 1 female) focused upon the doorway thru which he endeavors to enter our world. In the background, we see the Ladder (like the staicase in the B of A panel) each rung of which is a Level or Dimension the dark ones intend to conquer, until they reclaim the heights of Heaven from whence they were expelled.

        Am I the only one who has put the pieces of the puzzle together? The Kabbalah is a map, the Olympic rings is a territorial marker, the "666" is the agenda (3rd attempt to conquer this Level, i.e. the Cube/Star of David/Tiphareth.) A picture like this one makes it even easier to figure out–they put it all right there in front of your face!

    • Yeah, as lecherous as my mind may be, all of those poor souls just make me want to hurl. There are machines. "Love people and use things"

    • That fake girl is Valeria Lukyanova or something like that. She went under plastic surgery to look like Barbie (obviously). She's an idiot if you ask me, she looked way better without it, but the again each to their own I guess.

    • No kidding.

      That sign with the USDA, the circle with that pattern made with Red and White. That looks like the presidential Hope sign? Also, I have seen this elsewhere…..


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