Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/12)

This photoshoot from ELLE Italia

In this month’s edition of Symbolic Pics of the Month: Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and a whole bunch of symbolic images from fashion shoots.


This photoshoot from ELLE Italia features the elite’s favorite way of portraying models: As lifeless puppets controlled by unseen handlers


No life, no control and used to sell products. Yup, that pretty much sums up the fashion model.


This  calendar from Bazaar also exploits the concept of a controlled puppet. In this case, the handler is shown with one eye hidden and looks quite evil. There is also an emphasis on one of the models eye – as she is a reflection of her handler’s will. When decoded this symbolic image is an accurate and disturbing portrayal of the fashion world.


This casual pic found on Beyonce’s Tumblr account. It features a ring the singer appears to love as she has been spotted wearing it several times (notably during a performance at Coachella). The ring appears to be nothing else than the head of Baphomet.


Speaking of Baphomet, here’s a pic taken from a fan during Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Ball Tour. She is wearing a horned mask similar to those worn in Illuminati Balls.


In this other pic, Gaga is hung like a piece of meat with other pieces of meat. She’s always engrossing.


In this photoshoot from Vogue US featuring model Natalia Vodianova contains several familiar symbols. In this image, one of her eyes is hidden. Also, in the description of the pic, it is mentioned that the dressed is “like that of the robot in Metropolis”. As seen in several previous articles, Metropolis (especially Maria the android) is extremely important in the occult entertainment industry.


In the same photoshoot, the model is shown chilling between two Baphomet-looking heads. The same combination of symbols keeps coming back across the entertainment.



In these pics posted on Rihanna’s Twitter account, the singer is wearing Sex-Kitten leopard prints and is saluting her handlers by hiding one eye.


The cover of Rihanna’s single “Where Have You Been” also features a prominent one-eye sign.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s Kreayshawn’s girl Lil’ Debbie.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s the main image on Cheryl Cole’s website.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s the album cover of popular polish singer Justyna Steczkowska.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s another polish singer Magda Steczkowska.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s the cover of Fiona Apple’s new album.


Speaking of one-eye, here’s an ad for shoes (or something).


Here’s a new creepy trend: Girls looking like real life Barbie dolls. I have no idea where this originated from but I believe it is a result of the constant glamorization of deshumanization in mass media.


Is it becoming cool to be lifeless?


The logo of USDA Foods. Is there a chemtrail in the sky?


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298 Comments on "Symbolic Pics of the Month (05/12)"

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Anyone else think the USDA add looked eerily similar to the Obama campaign images…are they produced by the same marketing team or is this a ploy at subliminal advertising for us to imagine that a "change" in office also ensues a "change" in our Food and Beverage Administration to employ "healthier" foods as promised by our First Lady?

Corporate that rules the World —>

One might ask, how does such evil continue seemingly unabated? The truth is that people do not want to hear the truth and despite the blatant symbols that are so obvious, they reject the truth and think that "conspiracy theorists" like my self have gone insane and losing our minds. Because of the willful ignorance of the "masses" this evil continues to flourish. Thanks to this website and many others, many other things have been exposed like the detrimental effects of rock music being not in the lyrics but in the beat itself.

Lady Gaga is also born March 28th, so her astrological sign is Aries. The Ram is the symbol of Aries as well. Could she be "Born this Way" in terms of being born into somebody's plan?

O M G! Where are these mags!? Either my state is slow to get that kind of stuff or I've been fortunate enough to not have interest in those.

My idea of pastels is springtime, happiness, growth, new life, Easter (resurrection), kitties and fuzzies. It isn't being controlled like a lifeless puppet. Jeepers creepers!

On a happy note, I'm so happy we finally got some warm weather! Green, blooming trees and cool breezes in the hot sun. Now that is a pastel life!

Great work. A few other things in the pics that could be pointed out, beginning with… Third pic: model looks like a cross-dressed male: Marxist war on gender. Right hand implement forms triangle with forearm. Right arm on blonde forms square with body: Geometry=Freemasonry. The model in the pic with two Baphomet figures also looks like a guy. Gaga pic: note X-in-a-box shapes. The view from above a pyramid. X-in-box shape is prevalent in many movies and tv backgrounds, dating far back, cf. Twilight Zone to Bourne Identity on point-neuf etc. Meat Gaga pic: Right arm forms V with carcass. Vodianova pic: Die covering eye is 1-die, surprise surprise. An eye covering her eye. Left arm of handler forms a V. Lil' Debbie: Swoosh on shirt has square edges, forming V. Cheryl Cole: Uppermost parts of keychain forms pyramid front V. In gold, no less. Justyna Steczkowska: Headset positions pupil… Read more »

Before stumbling onto this site, I never noticed all the goat head and one eye imagery in pop culture. Now, I am amazed. I see it everywhere. Coincidence that such imagery is so prevalent? I think not.

And did you notice that the dice make the number 7 when put together in that one pic?
Also, I noticed the lady with HORNS in Maleficent. Nice try, Hollywood!

I googled the "real life barbie" she is a ukranian 21-year old named Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova (Russia's "real-life Barbie") DEFINITELY uses PHOTOSHOP. I frequent many of the tumblr's exposing the internet's so-called "snowflakes" and came across this image:… As you can see, the water-cooler is warped where she's photoshopped her waist smaller, and the wall pattern is warped where she's given herself a bigger arse. I've also seen some candids of her, which show that her unreal Barbie-like looks are just that…not real. Yes, she's extremely pretty. Yes, she's had a crapload of surgery. No, she does not look like her pictures. She actually looks human. Oh and FYI, videos can be edited too. See "kotakoti" (that other "real life Barbie", also known as Dakota Rose Ostrenga) and her magical wiggly chin that grows and shrinks during one of her hair tutorials – The result of using adobe after affects. She's another serial offender when it comes to photoshop, which is feverishly denied… Read more »

These girl is not only creepy-looking-Barby, she is kinda insane. Emagine herself as goddes named Amatue, came frome Sirius. Together with similar looking friens she is trying to give master classes and s**t to young girls brains. All, she could sucseed- to be mem and subject for joke in all russian speaking enet:). Also, these “mango-goddes” do not consern to show business or smth.

Here's more pictures than you might ever want of that creepy lifeless doll chick (apparently she's Russian, and there are more than one of them?)

One of the stranger things I've seen… she must be thrilling to sit next to at dinner…

Please add Jamie Oliver to the list :((

I think they do that one eye thing so they can be on the VC site…

I'm unclear about the Barbie doll girl; is she natural or is that photo shoped? I know it stinks for the rest of us average body type humans, but there is such a thing as people who are naturally and freakishly beautiful or proportioned, that is unless thee really are aliens half breeds or other humanoids on the planet. Real or PS? And yes people, there are teenagers with natural yellow hair like that as well. In high school I had a Norwegian friend who was close to this ideal, and I knew a few others. It doesn't last beyond 24.

I am convinced that the one eye symbolism is representative of their coming god/antichrist. If you staunchly doubt that supernatural realms both holy and evil exist, then the programming of the elites and ultimately their king and sugar daddy Lucifer has effectively banished all hopes of being something more than an animal with no eternal purpose from your mind. Many with authority in academia (namely those involved with life sciences and astronomy) are servants to this savagely twisted system as well. Despite all of their prestigious credentials, surveying the mind-numbing intricacy, order, and mathematical beauty of this planet, they continue to elevate and feed their "indisputable findings" to students, which inevitably leads many to despair over the alleged pointlessness, savageness, and fleeting nature of life. I used to be a staunch skeptic of the supernatural myself, until I made friends with a few people who had witnessed hauntings and terrifying… Read more »

Hi Vigilant.

Regarding a picture with this quote,

"In the same photoshoot, the model is shown chilling between two Baphomet-looking heads. The same combination of symbols keeps coming back across the entertainment.In the same photoshoot, the model is shown chilling between two Baphomet-looking heads. The same combination of symbols keeps coming back across the entertainment"

I believe those are not goat-head sculptures (the shape used for the baphomet) but antelope head sculptures. Please correct this mistake, or me if I am wrong.

The BarbieGirl's name is Valeria Lukyanova. You can check her facebook account and see how she really look-like. . .lifeless. Creepy.

i gotta say, these pics are pretty compelling. however putting Fiona Apple up there seems a little out there for me. After all, this is the same woman who declared way back when at her debut at the MTV vid/music awards in the 90's that the entertainment world was bullshit and to all of us at home, not to believe any of it. i highly doubt she is "part of the machine", if she were, she would be a hell of a lot more popular. just sayin.

The popular cosmetic line MAC recently did a collaboration with Gossip singer/writer Beth Ditto. I got quite a start when I saw the promo image for the lineup. Just look at it –

You should add the #1 hottest woman according to MAXIM magazine.

She's got the one eye going on.

Lookk at this picture of Hollywierd's fav couple Will and Jada

A Family Affair

The Smith clan, headed by mama and papa Will and Jada and their not-so little ones Willow and Jaden, hit the New York Men in Black 3 Premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater.

(Hint): Notice how the caption reads mama and papa Will and Jada…as in will= mama jada= papa… and what could that sign be that willow is throwing in our face :O

(Photo: HRC/

I don't want to live on this planet anymore

fascinating. except the chemtrail in the USDA foods symbol. sounds a bit paranoid.

The seemingly innocent and sweet Kristen Stewart has done a rather interesting photoshoot with Elle magazine recently. Should check it out.

I feel sorry for Robyn Fenty (Rihanna). It looks like she didn't know what she was getting into and was just seduced by the music industry, and she hates being controlled and forced by her contract to do things she doesn't want to do. On her public twitter she's written and retweeted things such as: "The Pisces female is also suited for both roles submissive and dominant , but she prefers to be the 'slave' most of the time." (she is a pisces) "Pisces never wants to hurt others unless they think they deserve it, and even then they might not." "So much to be thankful for, yet I'm over here stressin on s**t I can't control" "I tried Lord!" "Woke up repenting!! Feelin like a sinner…" "I just noticed when they do the arm thing in the curly hair scene, its supposed to an eye blinking. That s**t is… Read more »

wow, i never realised it was like this. I always though they chose to do it not forced to do it :S

I must admit that i feel sorry for her / now it's the first time in my life i ever feel sorry for her -.-

but omg.

That "Barbie" girl looks gross. Her curves are so extreme they look very fake and she looks too thin, like she doesnt even have ribs or something. Her nose is too small and thin for her face. Her eyes looks cold and dead (probably because of the eye makeup and the coloured contact lenses). She just looks creepy… Only weirdos, desperate people, and people with weird fetishes would find that appealing! No offence. But I prefer people who looks natural and human, and I like to knwo what people really look like? God knows what that "Barbie" girl looks like underneath the ton of foundation and makeup. Have you seen pics of her BEFORE surgery? She actually looked normal and human of course. She was a pretty girl, nothing spectacular to me personally, but she looked much better than she does now coz she looked alive and normal. People with… Read more »

The barbie girl was so much better before her various surgical procedures. Actually she was genuinely very pretty, now she managed to lose her individuality. Seriously she needs a shrink and not surgery.

If you look at the opening scenes of the new adidas advert – what does it look like Katy Perry is doing? Combing her hair?

Thee. Pic. Of cheryll Colegot inside the hearts scratched out jesus

I saw this posted today (Alice Eve): one eye!!

Hey! 🙂

Some points:

I love God! And these comments below are sarcastic

Rihanna's tongue out told me about death.

The Lil Debbie had some rosaries on her neck while flashing the one eye. Really loyal, don't ya think?

The girl that had the picture of keys, well, heart-shaped keys over one eye tells me how much they love an eye.

"The girl that had the picture of keys, well, heart-shaped keys over one eye tells me how much they love an eye." ====== HA! It's C Cole who was in one of those reality shows pop something, similar to xfactor. She can't sing for her life but being part of a manufactured pop band takes you a long way if you have the right connections. Actually the only girl -an Irish one- from her band, which band I can't recollect at the moment, who can sing for some reason has sunk into oblivion.


Just thought I'd let you know, in the 3rd picture there is also a Baphomet in the middle of her chest (The handeler) There are also two upside down crosses on her knee's.

Have you seen the lifeless doll's website?

WOW! That is so OBVIOUS that she works for the illuminati!!!

Everyone check her website out!

I hope to see an article from you based on Justin Bieber's "Boyfriend" music video. It completely goes along with them sexualizing younger generations.

I think VC was right on the money with the chemtrail reference. What else could those streaks in the sky be? They could have used a fluffy white cloud in that logo, a ray of sun, a V-shaped flock of geese for crying out loud (or just left the sky blue), but instead they used a streak across the sky that certainly looks like a chemtrail… why? Of course, if chemtrails are real (and all evidence suggests that they are spraying SOMETHING up there in the sky), it is the government that is doing it, so it would make sense that a massive government agency like the USDA would put this in their logo. There is some evil stuff going on these days.

Actually, ' Barbie girl's ' photo's are all accurate. She's done live shows and admitted to close to undergoing $500, 000 worth of plastic surgery! From pictures and video's she was always very attractive being a model and singer. I believe this is just as sad as nicky minaj's transformation or any other celeb who went from zero to hero to respond to media needs to acquire fame. Remember, bad publicity is still publicity.

the barbie girl is a reference to marionette programming, in other words doll programming. She's being used as a femme fatal (fatal woman), obviously a sex kitten, to make them losers look good. I'm not going to say I hate these guys cause they feed on hate, I pitty them. They really think they're something special when in truth they're exactly the same as a bunch of geeks who attend sci-fi conventions and join a dungeons/dragons cult. I'm sorry but how can u be turned on by someone who is clearly distressed, not even there in the head, i mean come on, are they that hideous that they need to manipulate girls into sleeping with them. This is why there is a hell. Hell is for people like them. I feel for these victims, I really do and don't hate these pop stars, they have NO control, on the outside… Read more »

To be quite frank i am getting quite sick of all these stars pushing satans work, its so annoying now, but thank you VC, you always come through to show us, to reveal all the hidden messages. 🙂

Did you forgot this picture:… …

It`s a creepy painting, made by Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, using HER BLOOD. …

Now, lokk at the top of the image… i`m sure that thing is THE EYE!

To: Jumamaoura

How grose! I can't see what they were trying to paint but

a baby can draw better then that LOL!

Knowing how the "illumi nothings" like to also put the rings of saturn (satanic imagery) in logos, in the usda logo im not so sure those are chemtrails. They might as well just put a bophamet head right in the middle of that field as far as i'm concerned.

hey VC. i have an update to relate to ya'll. Buzz In!!!!!!!!!!! Whitney Update: well the other night i was enjoying i must say, to some whitney houston music videos and it came to my realisation, thanx to u: that she was in some deep s**t!!! take for instance the video for 'How Will I Know' her head-tie was positioned in a Mickey Mouse ears lookie-like and she was in a Alice in Wonderland Scenery. yes the song is about mystery but damn with all them guys in dark shades?! also the walls that she was going around and thru had kinda drawing of ppl that were upside-down and from what i saw was kinding screaming at the mouth. well i'm sorry i cant get the video to ad here (were i am dont have the best of technology). anyways!!!!!!!!! in a part of the video she was in a… Read more »

Barbie girl is cute

@unknown: this will surely explain… . No need to despair. Very interesting times. Think of it as you chose to be at this time for some reason that only you know.

The ending of "The Hunger Games" movie.

The female main character during the interview with the blue-haired guy, she is made to look like a doll.

She lost in a sense because to stay alive she has to stay with the boy that went to the games form her district, when she loves the guy that did not have to go.

He (guy that went to the games) wins because he gets the girl he has a crush on and she relinquishes her desires to save his life.

Lifeless without feelings, she becomes his eye candy, his doll, china doll?

Programming the young women to seek security in lifeless doll like fashion to survive.

symbology of the one eyed [wo]man (a lot in popular culture) means facing outwards, the solar and missing the core inside. Half-blind. (memos from Michael Tsarion new 'The Posthuman World' presentation. Don't miss that one!)

LLOL when i saw the barbie girl i was like: GO EAT!

ILLUMINATI fails one more time.. Because even my donkey can spot the hidding messages on the photos


fail fail fail.

The ELLE ITALIA shoot is wrong. It's from ELLE DUBAI

What is wrong with this world today? Can someone explain why this is happening? All I see is demonic/satanic symbols everything. People becoming ignorant and brainwashed to the point of being brain dead. The younger generation is turning out awful, and unfortunately I am a part of this generation. What is the point of all this? World domination? I am so sick of everything I actually wish I wasn't born into this damned world. I just can't take it anymore…. 🙁

As far as the barbie doll image I just read and heard recently that they are not going to be using pencil thin models as much, yhea, right I believe when I see it. No one is going to start shoving in food to look heavy….. And they should not. Its probably going to be a size 6 model anyway because that use to be the average now its one and zeros's. wow talk about thin. The fashion and media industry think anything over 6/8 is big. Give me a break…..If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to gain weight or its in your genes where you can eat anything and alot without gaining weight, great your lucky and get a pass but if you starve yourself or binge then throw it up just to fit in with society and what they deem as beautiful you… Read more »
USDA, looks a lot like the obama/pepsi logo… As a photographer, i have to say this one eye garbage is so old and over done. I mean to the "sleeping" viewer who doesnt understand the symbols i would still be sick and tired of this constant repetion of the same themes over and over again, "OOOOH a model thats dressed like a robot, OOOHH now shes a puppet, OOOHHH now a maniquin, OOOOHHH shes covering one eye, I hope the next one is another metropolice robot its SO ORIGINAL! I wish it was easier to cut out all the toxins i consume every day, I work at a gas and sip with free fountain drinks for employees, I imagine i drink A LOT of Fluride and HFCS, but i still dont understand how one can be dumbed down enough to accept the great lie and consider the garbage the music… Read more »

Yacks! that poor bb.

Little Boots new single couldn't be more suggestive
theres also Norah Jones new album with an spaghetti western vibe & All seeing eye.

oh, this video:
would it be 'the factory?'