Symbolic Pics of the Month 04/14


In this edition of SPOTM: Miley Cyrus, Kylie Minogue, Beyoncé, Khloe Kardashian and more proof that the fashion world has lost its damn mind.

Vogue Italia's photoshoot entitled "Cinematic" features something the fashion world LOVES to do: Combining designer clothes with violence, death, abuse and dehumanization. Here's a model posing with a dead guy.
Vogue Italia’s photoshoot entitled “Cinematic” features something the fashion world appears LOVE: Combining designer clothes with violence, death, abuse and dehumanization. Here’s a model posing with a dead guy.


Here she is screaming bloody murder at the hands of some kind of psychopat...while wearing a gorgeous dress by Givenchy (or whatever).
Here she is stylishly screaming bloody murder …while wearing a gorgeous dress by Givenchy (or whatever).


The clothes in the picture are basically modeled by a corpse ... While a creepy dude overlooks the situation. Why is the fashion world so eager to put clothes on corpses?
The clothes in the picture are basically modeled by a corpse … while a creepy dude overlooks the situation. Why is the fashion world so eager to put clothes on corpses? Probably because mass media is looking to surround us with a culture of death.


This is the poster of the upcoming movie "Something Wicked", which is the last movie Brittany Murphy appeared in. As stated in previous articles, Brittany Murphy lost her life at in very mysterious circumstances at the young age of 32. The one eye sign on this poster is almost a "wink" to the occult elite sacrifice that occurred there.
This is the poster of the upcoming movie “Something Wicked”, the last movie Brittany Murphy appeared in. As stated in previous articles, Brittany Murphy lost her life at in mysterious circumstances at the young age of 32. The One Eye sign on this poster is almost a “wink” to the occult elite’s sacrifice.


Speaking of one eye, here's Rosario Dawson doing it for not particular reason.
Speaking of One Eye, here’s Rosario Dawson doing it for not particular reason.


This is Lou Teasdale, One Direction's personal hair and make-up artist. She released a book revealing "what trends are going to be big this season". Apparently, hiding one eye and having an inverted star on your forehead will be big this season.
This is Lou Teasdale, One Direction’s personal hair and make-up artist. She released a book revealing “what trends are going to be big this season”. Apparently, hiding one eye and having an inverted star on your forehead will be big this season. Start doing it now!


This book entitled "Top Model Make-up Studio" teaches kids how to put on make-up. And also the one-eye thing.
This book entitled “Top Model Make-up Studio” teaches kids how to put on make-up. And also the One Eye thing.


Another book, another one-eye. In fact, pretty much every single book cover features the one-eye sign. Pushing children to become sexualized adults is part of the Agenda so it makes sense.
Another book, another One Eye. In fact, pretty much every single cover of this series features the One Eye sign. This is not surprising as pushing children to become sexualized adults is part of the Agenda.


Here's Khloe Kardashian and some peeps doing the a-ok triple-6 handsign. One of them is hiding one eye. They're soooo cool and hip. I wish I was there with them posing for this pic like a moron.
Here’s Khloe Kardashian and some people doing the A-OK triple-6 handsign. One of them is hiding one eye. They’re soo cool and hip.


I guess that's what you need to do to stay in the spotlight when you have no discernible talent.
I guess that’s what you need to do to stay in the spotlight, especially when you have no discernible talent.


Even when you have a discernible talent you need to do this Illuminati crap. As stated in previous articles, all representatives of sex kitten programming must pose as Marilyn Monroe. It's Beyoncé's turn to do it.
Even when you have a discernible talent, you need to do this Illuminati crap. As stated in previous articles, all representatives of Sex Kitten programming must pose as Marilyn Monroe. It’s Beyoncé’s turn to do it.


One Eye + Marilyn Monroe + pushing up breast = Kitten Programming.
One Eye hidden + Marilyn Monroe + pushing up breasts = Kitten Programming.


Kylie Minogue (who recently launched an album under Jay-Z's label Roc Nation) must also do it.
Kylie Minogue (who recently launched an album under Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation) must also do it.


Kylie and the original Marilyn. That's what this twisted music industry forces you to do.
Kylie and the original Marilyn. Doing it is an OBLIGATION.


Ariana Grande asked her fans to choose the cover of her next album. One of the choices: One-eye combined with dualistic pattern. Which picture will win? The answer: Who cares.
Ariana Grande asked her fans to choose the cover of her next album. One of the choices: One-eye combined with dualistic pattern. Which picture will win? The answer: Who cares.


Here's Katy Perry with her girls chilling at Coachella. Their tops: A devil head, an all-seeing eye and "hell". It's like an Illuminati for kids fashion show.
Here’s Katy Perry with her girls chilling at Coachella. Their tops from left to right: A devil head, an all-seeing eye and the word “hell”. It’s like an “Illuminati for kids” fashion show.


 Speaking of Illuminati for kids, here are costumes inspired by the movie Maleficent. Sure, let's all put horns on our children's heads.
Speaking of Illuminati for kids, here are costumes inspired by the movie Maleficent. Sure, let’s all put horns on our children’s heads.


Here's Miley Cyrus doing the Illuminati hand sign in New Orleans. Even some mainstream gossip pages said something like "who taught Miley Cyrus the Illuminati hand sign? LOL!" Most of them also add that "the Illuminati is not real like Jesus and the Easter Bunny".
Here’s Miley Cyrus doing the Illuminati hand sign in New Orleans. Some mainstream gossip pages wrote about this pic “LOL Who taught Miley Cyrus the Illuminati hand sign?”. Their assessment of the situation is however extremely superficial.


What these sites do not realize is that the Brunswig Mausoleum is the grave site of Lucien Napoleon Brunswig, a powerful figure in New Orleans. The Egyptian magic inspired mausoleum make it almost a certainty that Lucien Brunswig was part of an occult secret society - probably a high ranking Freemason. So Miley Cyrus' hand sign was far from random.
What these sites do not realize is that the Brunswig Mausoleum is the grave site of Lucien Napoleon Brunswig, a powerful figure in New Orleans. These types of Egyptian-magic-inspired structures are almost exclusively used for the gravesites of high ranking members of occult secret societies. So Miley Cyrus’ hand sign was far from random…as if she was programmed to do it.


Here's a pic taken from Miley's "Bangerz Tour". Yes, it's an Illuminati pyramid, complete with All-Seeing eye rising out of nowhere while young girls cheer frantically. That is today's pop culture.
Here’s a pic taken from Miley’s “Bangerz Tour”. Yes, it’s an Illuminati pyramid, complete with All-Seeing eye rising out of nowhere while young girls cheer frantically. That is today’s pop culture.


Miley Cyrus got hospitalized and was forced to cancel a few shows. That did not stop her to post a one-eye pic, as if she was programmed to do so.
Miley Cyrus got hospitalized (reprogramming?) and was forced to cancel a few shows. That did not stop her to post a one-eye pic… as if she was programmed to do so.

Special thanks to everyone who send in symbolic pics!

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It's genius, actually. People started opening their eyes to symbolisms, so what do they do? They put it out there so much that's it's no longer "hidden". Now people who call it Illuminati or satanic symbolisms, are deemed as idiots because it's common place, it's fashionable, all of the musician and actors are doing it now. The only way now to truly prove it most times is that we have to line up the symbols that are in fashion or what musicians and Hollywood are doing, with actions that are being displayed or known about the people or companies of the people, who are showing the symbols.

I mean, I've been lurking on VC quite a long time. I'm still confused and don't really know wether to believe that the Illuminati exists or not. I mean. Some say the Illuminati was something completely different in the 1770s and then y'all come up with this. Regardless of that, I think those ''high fashion'' photoshoots are pretty disgusting and I don't understand how they try to sell anything with that. I have a 25th anniversary Elle Magazine at home, only one anyway, and they have some weird ass photoshoots, where I started to think, do they put out these magazines just to show their editorial skills or is it there to actually sell s**t? I just don't get it. You can not even fully see the clothes. And obviously not everyone is rich so why do they even sell these dumbass magazines thinking anyone would be able to afford… Read more »

Vendetta, I enjoyed reading your little outburst lol (joke). It's soo true man and I love the fact you have realised these changes. This whole technology obsession is so that we become dependant on it and as a result, turn our minds into vegetables where we can't think for ourselves and where we don't use our brains anymore and then "they" (The Elite) can control us and trace our every step…….. Wait till everyone has to get chipped then we really are f.u.c.k.e.d.

It's actually VERY encouraging to me that someone your age is seeing CLEARLY how technology, corporate propaganda, and biased media-control is disconnecting us from Nature, from ourselves, and EACH OTHER. Focus on doing ALL those things that you value….do all those things that ignite your passions…..take walks in nature…..find the people LIKE YOU that want to be involved with the world and each other….they are out there….have you heard of meetup? 🙂 I KNOW…more social websites…..but these groups meet in REAL LIFE all the time, based on interests, passions, and also activist causes. Inspire those that are stuck in the bizarre matrix we live in……inspire them to be a "part of REAL life" once again. BE the change you want to see in this world. 🙂 Thanks for your post….you made my day….I LOVE that your generation is so knowledgeable and sensitive and seeking to create real change……really awesome. Many… Read more »

Meetup is great, very diverse. You can find a group of people who are into anything, from as random as a group of people who are into 1970's B horror movies, or art gallery meetups

I would suggest you to stay firm on right foundation. Know for one the very comment you had is nothing short of a vivid testimony that not everything is lost. The existense of the illuminati is not as important as one might think. Even if they are not really around – what gives ? We got very complex network of fraternities,lodges,orders as well as bunch of other occult satanic evil secret societies and secret sects working together for no one's good. Things are not even as secret as they used to be. What folks used to wisper now is heard worldwide for everyone who is willing to learn. Make sure to steer clear from the craziness of the world. You do not belong. No matter what band used to be your favorite and who used to be or is currently still your friend there is no reason to get entangled… Read more »

Excellent advice hvns. It is far too tempting to over-research these topics and find yourself drawn too far in by association. Some of us need to know more than others to make sense of our origins or our upbringing. Chances are, most other people would be well advised to steer clear and concentrate on keeping their head above water.

I think this Lucien Napolean Brunswig guy is the man who started the big Pharma companies, and helped create the drugs that make MK Ultra possible

Nope, its not him

He was huge in the Pharma industry but it's difficult to find any info on him.

It would be interesting to see if anyone could find anything on him related to the occult.

Though he did belong to a few groups.

While in Los Angeles Brunswig served as Director, Bureau of Americanization; Director of a number of Franco-American Relief Societies during World War 1; Chairman, Pacific Coast States American Field Ambulance Service; Chairman, Pacific Coast, Fatherless Children of France; Chairman, American Committee for Devastated France; President, Alliance Francaise; President, Lafayette Society of California; While he lived in New Orleans he served as a Police Commissioner in New Orleans from 1895-1899; Vice-president, Anthenee Louisianais; Member, Louisiana Historical Society; President, French Society; and served as Vice-President for the Board of Trade.

It is right in front of your eyes. But more info could be read between the lines of the official statements. And make connections with his fellow bussinessmen.

Absolutely he was. Did you all notice the eternal flame, urn and sphinx at his tomb?
True illuminati symbols.
Of course, as you know, Napoleon Bonaparte was a 33rd Degree Mason and his brother Joseph was grand Master.

Some of the most powerful luciferians are always in the shadows. Even worse – lodges and orders give lodging to people that basically do not exist as they enter country illegally.

hi guys as far as example of kitten programming in South Korean music I think Hyolyn aka Hyorin is probably it.
look up on youtube this video, and skip to the end montage.. in it she kisses a cat right under the nose , like it is human… her room has alternating patterns of black and white… outdoors as she enters a van a dude wearing a leopard pattern jacket just happens to be there….
anyways here is the title.
효린 – 단독 컴백쇼 'HYOLYN'S LOVE & HATE' (131128 MUST 스페셜) [part 4/4]
(not sure if links are allowed)

psychopath. if you see someone to be obsessed with their pets, there is a major psychopath under the facade. if they sleep with their pets, ding dong. those are also human haters. red flags.

having pets is normal behavior. This particular lady is a mega star in S.Korea and the point was about possible mk mind control type of kitten programming of her.

I had never been able to fully understand what is behind the affectionate love some of us pay to their pets.. This is not even remotely normal. In place I am from cats and dogs knowing its duties – catch mices and protect home and its owner respectively. No animal should be sort of equal to human being. The very thought of someone kissing pet in its face or allowing it inside the room gives me chills.

It is one of the tenets of certain non-God believing movements to elevate animals to the level of human beings or above. After all, a lot of the entities existing above the 'pyramid' are hybrid beasts such as Baphomet and Pan and the fact than these wretched people bow down and worship them is in opposition to what God said about man being the most superior of his creations. The UFO and alien theories are not completely discountable either – all this represents is the establishment of better communication between these entities (who are answerable to Satan) and man. Becoming unduly obsessed with those topics is not much more honorable than becoming, say, a Little Monster and blindly defending Gaga. These entities work very well with technology as the people at the top of the IT corps take direct instruction from them in order to make these generational leaps (there… Read more »

I meant to add that I wonder how many ads for wireless products feature the red/black color combination. The red black are actually opposing frequencies and they pretty much open the channels for a lot of occult ritual.

"Becoming unduly obsessed with those topics is not much more honorable than becoming, say, a Little Monster and blindly defending Gaga."

Well said.

i suspect your lenghty reply is a way of mocking ..

no hvns it doesn't give me the chills to invite a cat or dog inside the room. i used to have pets and certainly my cat was sleeping in the same bed as me. however, some people are OTT with their pets. they dress them like babies, they adore them more than humans, feed them excessively like that designer K Lagerfeld. pets are pets, why treat them with such strange adoration. and it usually come from people who wouldn't do sth for any human being although they spoil their pets to a disturbing level. we can look after them, feed them, take them to the vet, certainly not abuse them because they are pets but with some moderation. that's all i'm saying

we are all unique. i know some of us just will not allow pets indoors. obviously most pet owners do not kiss them, including me…. however having a companion, especially while living alone, inside the residence can at least keep your mood positive.
now, celebrity mind control kitten programming in the entertainment industry is another canof worms.

Sorry guys it was noit directed at any of you.. I am not against any animal or pet.mY point was that amn haters take it to extreme

Seeing animals simply as tools for humans to use is just as sick and psychopathic as overvaluing them.

VC can we please have a write-up on the witch coven called the Kardashians???? And their pimp-handler Kris Jenner?

I'm surprised that VC didn't do a write-up on Kardashian escort drama at the Vienna Ball with the billionaire paid her, there's a bunch of symbolism in the event photos, even in the cross design on Kim's dress.

excuse my typos..

Miley was moved from Kansas city hospital to undisclosed facility…poor girl…

"Murphy was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m. at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Murphy had been suffering from flulike symptoms for days and was throwing up profusely in the hours before she died, TMZ said.

"There were a lot … a lot of prescriptions in the house," a source said."

How strange???!!! She was at CSMC where she died – same place as where Miley Cyrus and many others have gone for "help" or reprogramming or…?! and of course, Zionist Media led by Zionist lawyer on TMZ stated the situation like in Paul Walker's case (BS!!) and a source stated "prescriptions etc" what a great way to muddle up our minds and make it seem like she was a druggie and died bc of those things interplaying or overdosing or something else…but in reality it was something more wicked that was DONE to her.

One thing that I noticed with the model wearing the red dress at the bottom of the staircase. there's a knife beside her and drops of blood. The man behind her her is not "looking on", he's dead too. You can faintly see at least 2 yellow arrows on his chest and and blooded wound marks. Miley Cyrus is a typical Disney programmed kitten. She reminds me of the character Eliza Dushku from Doll House where they program her into a different personality and character everyday where she is then hired by rich clients to do their dirty work, or by the government run company to do their dirty work. I wonder how much dirty work Miley Cyrus has done (and I don't mean her music videos) It's very disturbing to watch. It's a shame I (I'm sure others will agree) really feel a strong emphatic connection toward the character… Read more »

Enter to rehab like Kesha, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez….rehab means PROGRAMING.

Funny, I just saw Joel Osteen make the 666 sign by his eye, telling viewers to say zero when faced with a negative person, such a smart way to put that in there, sigh and I use to look at him all the time.

In general, beware of any figure in major religion with millions of followers and a huge bankroll 9i.e.books, tv shows etc). They are only allowed to get so big because they're promoting a desired agenda.

Did anyone notice that they openly mention Hydra's New World Order in the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier? The agenda is openly mentioned.

This is a general comment. One thing that people need to understand is that, in the Mainstream media (MSM), if you see it or if you hear it you were almost certainly meant to see it or hear it. The big money of the MSM buys them a lot of control. They have the expertise, the equipment, the software, the time and the people to almost always control what is seen or heard. Very little is left to chance, especially on non live stuff (and even on live stuff, except for sports). Virtually everything is carefully planned. Because of this, virtually none of the examples on this web site just happened. For example, a police siren sound in a Katy Perry video would be there because it was MEANT to be there. When it occurred, how loud it was, how long it lasted, where it appeared to come from, etc.… Read more »

Can't believe Beyoncé joined the whole Marilyn Monroe look-a-like band wagon. It's so tacky and over done, like honestly, what was SO special about that woman???

Beyonce is a MK diamond Presidential beta slave just like Mariyln Monroe! She was programmed to act like her. Also Beyonce is tacky nowadays!

I just researched Brunswig and answered some of my own questions. He was born in France and migrated to the USA as a young man. He started at the bottom working in a drug store, and later owned his own pharmaceutical business. He had a partner, moved west to LA to expand, and later bought out the partner. The business expanded and was a huge success. He died 10 years before MKULTRA began in 1953, so I doubt he was involved with MKULTRA. He appeared to be helpful during WW1 in the US and France. But he must have been a very wealthy mason, because there is no way a non mason would have a grave like that. The masons were probably proud of his contributions to society and built the most masonic looking grave possible. Bottom line…the rich masons financially own the world, and they own Miley Cirus (and… Read more »
Excellent photos. Also note in the background of Lou Teasdale a monarch leopard print and 13 stars with 13 flowers around her head. I really don't understand why all monarch beta kittens must pose as Marilyn Monroe. She was the first mind controlled diamond model, but so what? Is it to honor her? Or is it a way of identifying the person as a monarch? And as to the fashion industry, Mandy in Eyes Wide Shut had friends in the fashion industry. And she was sacrificed in the movie, just as we see bloody sacrifices in these photos. I would like to know more about Brunswig. Was he a wealthy mason? Needless to say, the masons are into ancient Egyptian stuff. (check out some of their temples). I also feel that some (not all) of the most wealthy masons are involved in this awful MKULTRA mind control. No wonder they… Read more »

I wonder if she is a handler for 1D, especially Harry? She seems to be with him quite a lot and has a big influence on him.

Thanks for the photos guys, I'm surprised you did not feature images of the Kardashian's Kids Kollection clothing line, which they debuted last month I think and guess what prints feature on the clothes?…. Yep, Butterflies, Leopard prints etc. & I thought straight away that VC will have them on SPOTM but not to worry, you do a great job anyway.

I have already mentioned about the kardashian clothing line as a comment in one of the articles in this site 2 months ago.

You probably did but I'm surprised VC didn't feature it in their SPOTM

i don't understand one thing every teen star is showing signs of them being in illuminati but i've never seen demi lovato do anything like this?i mean its impossible to have a career without being in illuminati but she isn't a flop and have considerably sucessful and have large fanbase

Of course she's illuminati. She's a Disney kid, first of all (poor girl–she can't sing that well so i'm sure she was made to work overtime to please her masters.) And how does someone with no actual singing career wind up as a "judge" on American Idol?

Association with that show and others like it is like advertising to the world that you're in the "club." Personally, I was disappointed to see Ellen on there, and Shakira on "The Voice" (she didn't USED to be a sex kitten!)

And Dancing with the Stars is like a contest to get into their (ILL/PTB) good graces.

umm she might be in illuminati and supporting it subtly and i know it doesn't matter here but that girl can really sing, infact she's the only current disney star who have pipes…

Wondering if anyone else caught the anniversary ceremony for the marathon. The speeches were loaded with symbolism worth further evaluation, especially the link between the boy and Patrick & Walsh, as well as Patrick insisting that we are all connected and held to a destiny that is beyond our control. He kept emphasizing that destiny and all of our connections & I wonder if he was trying to tell us something . I think these guys are halfway in the know of something wrong but not fully aware, now the MPD is a diff story I think they at very much in the know with their hands tied . That guy who pranked with the confetti bomb backpacks later that night ? He has mental issues but how odd after all the security talk this guy runs around & does that it could've been real? Where's the security ? It's… Read more »
Don't forget the hexagonal "honeycomb" pattern on the floor in the very first pic. The hexagon is a favorite symbol of the occult elite, particularly the Saturnian Death Cult faction, in which they worship El the God Saturn which is one part of their three-fold deity worship of IS (Isis the Egyptian Goddess) – RA (the Egyptian sun God Ra) – EL ( the God Saturn) forming IS-RA-EL, Israel, which displays the Star of David as its symbol that forms a hexagon by connecting its points and mimics the hexagonal storm at one of the planet Saturn's poles. Strange as it may seem, in early human history, the Planet Saturn was a brown dwarf star, and the exclusive life-giving celestial body (sun) of an early planet Earth (a time known as the purple dawn of history) until the Saturn-Earth configuration collided with our current solar system, reconfiguring the planets in… Read more »

What in the world are you talking about?

Saturn used to be Earth's sun. Now it isn't. The elite worship Saturn. They have knowledge of our true history and keep it from us.

keep digging, researching and connecting the dots and you'll get there. Its hard and frustrating but keep at it.

Jarrod man, I never read your comment actually until now and I have also mentioned the hexagonal pattern in reply to "theseeker" (5 posts above). Nice comment you posted, I have also read about the info you have mentioned, interesting stuff but where else can you find this info? Thanx

A few places…The first is SaturnDeathCult dot com whereby you'll find a tremendous amount of info on the subject. The site's creator Troy MacLachlan (spelling?) has also did many interviews pertaining to Saturn, the Golden Age (as it relates to the purple dawn of history) and the most exciting thing about this is the scientific and archeological evidence that supports this model. Look into the Electric Universe Theory and Plasma Cosmology…The Thunderbolts Project should suffice. The work of David Talbot is useful. Also, for the Israel three-fold deity model, the documentary Esoteric Agenda by Talismanic Idols and Ben Stewart, has a wealth of information pertaining to these agendas. This particular film (if you haven't seen it) is a good, all-around introduction into occult control of society. I personally have tried to concisely explain occult manipulation of reality in a short and to the point video called Truth and Common Nonsense… Read more »

Thanx Jarrod, i'll have to check it out

VC… about an inside scoop on why Miley Cyrus is hospitalized? Something doesnt sound right. I wonder if her handlers forced her to be reprogrammed like you mentioned earlier. As always….great work!!

The fact that she was holding an octopus in front of her eye could be symbolic of reprograming.

That last Miley picture actually reached me on vacation in a place I never thought she had ever reared her head. Just goes to show that she is hugely important to their cause. The vibrant colors in that picture are very pre-school appealing. Even my baby reached out towards it and placed her little pink hand on the octopus – sadly, this is the first picture that has ever caught her attention and there will be many more.

Yep, but you'll just have to continue to monitor her and explain right/wrong to her as she grows up. Its sad how much influence media and celebs like Miley have these days, but active parents can be even more influential.

Its interesting you say that, because when I saw the picture, I thought she looked like a baby herself. I was actually surprised by how young and vulnerable she looked there. Miley is promoting p********a-the teddy bears and the bratty pigtails, the toys and lollipops. Its so obvious.

Thanks, both. I just noticed that baby/toddler accessories vendors such as Vertbaudet employ the same color palette. I guess that Britney went there but did not oscillate back and forth between the 2 extremes.

Ariana Ariana!my goodness,, am speechles

Are disney stars still shocking. There's a path they all take…….wholesomeness to sl.ut basket…and the transition happens quickly leaving fans and their mothers in shock and awe

^ Ariana's actually on Nickelodeon, lol, but yeah, i'm just as upset lissa… unfortunately, can't say i wasn't expecting this though T_T

Miley Cyrus looks like a different alter on the last pictire with octopus, not the alter, that did twerking and stuff.

Make up and lights, lesson one

I think we can all agree on this: This world is f****d up

Sidenotes ~ I've really liked Beyonce & her music since I was like 5 (I'm almost 17 now) & I used to watch Hannah Montana. It's just sad and weird to see all these stars I've grown up with & the new ones coming out being decorated in evil symbolism. But you have to have a really strong mindset to give up your fame & riches to be wholesome. They rather keep all of that instead of going back to real life (which we all know is crappy as hell) like us, and I can understand that. I'll just never involve myself in such an addictive crazy business.

They often don't have a choice 🙂 I know a few of the people that vigilant often writes about… Trust me, 98% of them would LEAVE at the first opportunity that presented itself. The un-programmed ones know very well what's happened to their mates and they are TERRIFIED of it happening to them and they just want out. But they keep getting trapped by contracts that bind them, people who're supposed to 'look after them' often end up stabbing them in the back and selling them out. One of my friends got told that "nobody gets out alive'. Take Beyoncé for instance. It's a known fact that she regrets her fame now, there's plenty of video evidence and even her songs like "save the Hero", and, "Scared of Lonely"… She is trapped and bound so tight, few of us can even fully comprehend. 🙁 It's actually incredibly sad.

Toetappin' and Lillee make very good points. I'm only commenting because I started watching reruns of The Cosby Show and was reminded of what happened to Bill Cosby's son, Ennis.

I could recall that years prior to his son's murder, Bill made some not so nice comments of his Jello Pudding campaign. It's only of late that I understand what he really meant. Then, after his son's death, the scandal of an affair and illegitimate child came to light. Hollywood, the entertainment industry…whatever you want to call the "beast", made sure Bill left their stage because he wasn't playing by their rules.

I agree I think Beyonce wants out but there is no way out for her. You can see it in her face, body and when she speaks. I ntoice is wearing a lot of leopard print lately (programming beta sex kitten) I guess her handler Jay-Z is pimping her hard nowadays.

D'ya think Jay Z sold her out?

They have no choice. They are killed if they don't go along with the program. Or their loved ones are killed…

How funny!! a couple of years ago Beyonce was singing that "nasty girl" song with Destiny´s child bashing women who show too much skin and telling them to respect themselves LOL now she looks and acts like a prostitute

I know right really! I was listening to Nasty Girl to yesterday. And I couldn't help to think of the image of her dancing around half naked in "Drunk In Love" now thinking. "Well that escalated quickly".

Crazy. Just like Hannah Montana to the Miley we have today… A classic ploy by these folks, like someone said above.

& Next in line is Ariana Grande

at least Grande is cute. Cyrus not that much

Yeah, she is fit but unfortunately her handlers will exploit that, u watch

And Christina Aguilera. From wholesome girl dancing on the beach in Genie in a Bottle to riding on men nearly naked in Dirrty and wearing collars, mouth gags and slave chains in the Not Myself Tonight videos.

Except Genie in a Bottle was never wholesome in itself, only by comparison.

You guys have reverted to s**t shaming instead of criticizing character…disappointing comment…

S l u t shaming *

This isn't Jezebel; I don't think you'll get supporters against shaming.

I think what the poster was shaming was the hypocrisy of pop stars who end up doing things they spoke out against before. So they actually were criticising character.

I feel like there's a different vibe with Beyonce nowadays. She used to be portrayed as a somewhat wholesome and private woman, but has become blatantly over-sexualized. I think she has been reprogrammed to stay relevant in the media. Her ratings have been decreasing in the past few years, so I'm not surprised. It's really sad, I used to look up to her when I was younger, but the truth won't always be wrapped in your favorite colored bow.

That's a tactic…..pull u in when she has the wholesome innocent act….make u a hard core fan so when she changes from good to bad…she leaves her fans confused but still a fan of the nastiness….."same with Rihanna and most in music….innocent then good to bad. Either way their fans are into deep from the beginning so they become confused fans….all part of the ploy

Yes, but when she was a 'naughty girl' they punished her by allowing her to be photographed looking ugly and demonically aggressive at the Superbowl. Just to remind her they were in charge and that she should not get too big for her boots. It worked. That is what you need to realize about enter- tainment and the puppets who are handsomely renumerated in exchange for complete submission and manipulation. They choose your rank and file depending on how successfully they can channel the magick through you. Goes well beyond entertainment, of course,

I have the same feeling with Adam Lambert… I used to love his personality, music, interviews, etc. but not anymore. I think he's changed a lot in the past two years…

That's the point. These females set example of what the young girls should want to follow (as far as the controllers are concerned) to see wholesome ways transform into overly sexualized character is exactly the sort of world Satan plans to create. Welcome to the new Babylon

That Topmodel thing is popular in Europe. There is tons of that crap(even dolls now). All the characters look the same(just different hair, skin color and clothes)and look like children. And yes, they promote superficial crap in there and bad role-models like Lady Gaga. Very disturbing to think about someone buys that for their children.

And those magazine photos with the dead models are disgusting! What sane person think it is fashionable and who would buy those clothes after seeing those pictures? And of course it is mostly women that are the victims.

I am absolutely disgusted to be a part of my generation. Whenever I tell people that Kesha's music videos are loaded with symbolism or show them pictures of every famous person they know doing the one eye hidden sign, or explain to them whee these symbols come from, some people do think that what I am staying does make sense, but its too scary to come to reality with. Most people, flat out deny that I have any "real" evidence that the new world and these symbols are related. They tell me I can't believe what I read and that I'm believing a conspiracy. So what are we supposed to think? These one eyed signs, stories of Horus, portrayals of women as sex kittens or slaves, and constant need to dehumanize or predict society as a Dystopian future in movies does NOT mean anything? I mean why would they KEEP… Read more »

Hey TruthSeeker, were you writing a research paper on these subjects (of this website and the like)? I remember reading in the comments a while ago about someone stating they were working on a research paper. I think it was you but correct me if I'm wrong. If it was you, how'd it go if you don't mind me asking? 🙂

Truth is that the industry was set up and run by humanity-hating universal scum. As if the entire contents of the universal toilet were emptied into the consciousness of this beautiful creation of a planet to be called 'HollyWood' 'Fasc-Sion' 'Muse-Sick' 'Banking' 'Royalty' 'Politics' 'Pig Famer Cattle Management' aka 'health' 'HeadJewCation' and so on and so forth.

The 'fashion' industry is controlled and run by sodomitic canaan-baals who HATE wombmen, children and real men. The crime is that the masses actually take all this seriously.

I love your comment.

more proof that the fashion world has lost its damn mind. …. love it! It made my day! Great comments!

I get fashion is supposed to be quirky, fun, daring, even controversial, but my goodness, they're pushing the boundaries way too far. How on earth can corpses be used in photo shoots over and over again without anyone batting an eye or showing the least amount of disgust? Why is it that no one takes attitude? I'm just discovering the truth about the world and it's getting more sinister by the minute and harder to digest. I just can't comprehend how anyone could be so evil and twisted to do such things. Like, really, I can picture it. "Yeah baby, gimme that sexy look, yeah that's great." while the creepy guy watches over her. As for Miley and Beyonce – nothing new. However, for some reason, I have more sympathy for Miley than I do for Beyonce. It's so obvious no one in their right mind would stick their tongue… Read more »

Fasc-sion was never just a bit of fun. The industry was created for sexploitation and 'monkey see, monkey do' influence over growing adults. Difficult to tell kitten programming when just about every pre-teen and teen wear the same garb on the street, isn't it? Gross is the norm with mutilation and death part of the package. Would have thought they'd have tired of the old one-eye symbolism by now but then they are extremely limited creatures. As for sympathy, I'd spare it for ALL children born into that filth and for ALL children being influenced by such effluence. As for parents, they're no more than retarded teens themselves.

I'm reaching the same conclusions about as you in regards to fashion, and the music and film industry also. It's such a shame, really. There are teenagers who genuinely like modelling and they are fed this illusion. They end up crushing their dreams so mercilessly, because very few expect anorexia, being objectified, posing next to dead corpses, and last but not last, getting hit on by creeps. By now, you'd have to be blind not to notice the symbolism. I'm so sick of the one eye thing, and the masonic pyramid and everything. I'm 18, and seeing clothes designed for children with such blatant symbolism makes me sick to the stomach. Take Jay Z's clothing line, for instance. So fashionable to have a creepy goat on your T-shirt. I agree with you. I'm scared for the younger generation and what they are being subjected to. They're at that age in… Read more »

It is a shame. My son picked out a Quicksilver top when out shopping and after I had washed it without bothering to look at it, I noticed the pyramid and the eye. I considered giving it away or putting it on ebay but all those options would indirectly be allowing myself and others to be involved in it's dark power so I literally put it in the bin and it felt great!

They seem to be reasonably aware of the symbols but disinterested in responding to what it means. Apathy rather than complete ignorance will bring down this civilization in the end.

Beyonce is a victim and Jay-Z is her pimp. Do you know how many people she had to be with to get Jay-Z's business ventures finalized? Trust me he wouldn't be as success if he never had her by his side with her legs wide open and willing to do do whatever. I have heard many stories from people in the industry but it is always covered up. Also the fact the Jay-z beats her on a regular. So both Miley and Beyonce are very much victims and I know Beyonce has gone through much more than Miley!

I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure Beyonce knew exactly what she signed up for. These celebrities know there is a price to pay for fame, and if they're willing to compromise themselves for it, it's their choice and they don't deserve sympathy. There is a reason why few make it, and trust me, it's not the ones with the most talent. Beyonce is talented, I'll give her that, but the moment she got involved with someone like Jay Z, she's paved her own future. Take JoJo, for comparison. She's got a killer vocal range and control (I know a few about music), and because she made a song exposing the dark side of entertainment (it's called Hollywood, look it up), she's not out of the spotlight. You barely hear about her. Now, we hear about Beyonce, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga everywhere and there is a reason for it. They don't… Read more »

Yeah I agree with you Alyssa, Miley was born into the filthy industry and grew up with Disney so I have some sympathy for her. Beyoncé on the other hand, was old enough to make decisions for her self. I find Beyoncé so vile now and it's a pity because I think vocally she is the most talented. It's weird that after she had her child she started to become even more sexual.

Thank you. Miley was sort of born in the spotlight because of her dad's career, whereas Beyonce made it there through immoral means, like so many others. It is a shame. I believe Beyonce and Lady Gaga are one of the greatest vocalists in the music industry today, yet it is virtually impossible to enjoy their songs when every single one is filled with dark symbolism, or like them as people, as role models, when they act the way they do or compromise themselves for fame. Beyonce, as I stated, has always been a sex symbol, but lately it seems she's desperately trying to stay relevant. Her golden days are pretty much over if you ask me. Maybe that's why she's being oversexualized these days.

Well beyonce started out when she was 15 years old with the group destinys child- so in that retrospect that would make her a victim of programmingin her teens.

550 Million dollars is how rich Jay-Z is at this very time. Sickening!

and he's not even a great talent. imo he has no talent. however i don't want to sound mean, so he has a bit according tot others. but 550m for what? i guess it helps being a satanic person.

Miley Cyrus in hospital — "reprogramming"?

Interesting. Her dog died a short while ago (as reported in media) and she was devastated by it. Trauma.
Now, she's in hospital for an "allergic reaction".

Miley will end up like Brittney Spears.

First, it is Britney, not "Brittney". Second, while Britney has fallen deep, please, please, please, don't ever compare Britney to that other woman. There is NO point of comparison except their Illuminati background.

And yeah, I am a Britney fanboy.


Defend it any way you want, it doesn't change the fact they are all the same on a fundamental level. They sold their soul for money and fame.

Did they sell their souls, or were their minds bent at an early age due to being sold off by their parents?? I think the answer is obvious in both cases, sadly.

maybe…but Britney somehow lived through her ordeal and is alive (I personally think they tried to kill her for starting to speak up, but they didn't succeed). Whereas it's quite doubtful if Miley will even make it to her 25th birthday.

She is also at Cedars Sinai which is where they all go when they "breakdown".

another jewish establishment, coincidence.

Now then Christina! Yes and this is where they go when the celebs have their babies…Oh and have you seen their logo? wow!

Lil Wayne went there when it was reported he was suffering from seizures…..intresting.

Okay, so she has eaten dog sashimi, I'm sure that would provoke an allergic reaction hitherto unidentified.

I just read another article that said she was in there because she has a heart defect (it said she was born with a hole in her heart) and has been partying too much but who knows…… Although she's only 21, hopefully she won't be led further down a road of destruction and end up in the 27 club.

Some end up in the club before 27 .. Some long years and even decades later. By this time we should be able to determine the cause and consequences of any audacious attempt to break free..

Who said that it was particularly a 27 thing anyway? They did. It encourages the masses to zero in on a particular subset of victims whilst more easily discounting those who died in similar circumstances outside of the age band. I am sure that many articles corroborate the fact that there are far more victims who were NOT 27.

Cyrus = sirius=dog star = leach all energy out of dead dog ritual via urgently scheduled reprogramming. Note also dog print clothing she wears on several occasions and twerking is a dog-type movement

According to TMZ, Miley was 'triggered' by the death of her dog. It also shows her breaking down next to a big version of a dog on her show. This represents her 'wizard of oz' programming, where they will kill the dog to affect her even more so. The use of the word 'triggering' is also….triggering..

Didn't know that. Pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing it.

Yeah, that dog died pretty randomly/suspiciously, now that I think about it…

That is pretty regular thing for any kind of perverts – occult or otherwise to kill someone's pet to get what they want. Animal sacrifices are nothing new too.

This reminds me of when Britney was spiralling (around 2007) and her nanny told the media that her manager at the time would hide her dog to traumatise her and then a couple of days later, would bring the dog back…. disgusting that they would manipulate a person like this

Was reading a bit into this as well and that was my first thought. Horrible, traumatizing event and then a hospitalization.. just fits the "reprogramming" bill quite nicely. Glad I wasn't the only one thinking this way.

Her instagram pictures are pretty strange, she seems high on drugs in a lot of her pictures. In one picture she even says "lets burn in hell'. In some she even appears sad. I do think miley exhibits traits of trauma or control. It is scary and I will be praying for her. I feel like some of these child stars had no choice because they grew up in the business. I blame the parents for allowing their children to be a part of this business. They probably knew how much money it would bring. I think once these kids attain a certain level of success it becomes too late and industry insiders have control of these young stars.

yeah in that octopus pic her eyes are dialated like someone trippin ballz!

OMG not Ariana!! :/

Are you surprised?

she made a video the last year called "right there" and it was full of illuminati symbolism plus shes working on nickelodeon too soo the same s**t lol, she's another puppet

Looked her up on google-pics. She does look like she has only one or two facial expressions towards the camera's. Very flat posture. Hardly any personal projection. Doll like. Wonder if she studies acting, to broaden her talent. Trainwreck in the making, i've heared, but she is young and learning – i hope.

She seems to be a victim of monarch programming, let me just say a few things that led me to believe that: In the show "Victorious" there was an episode where Ariana wears a blonde wig because she thinks the boy likes her for it, it seems innocent but remember that blonde hair is commonly used to identify beta/sex kitten programming victims (Plus the character she "plays", which is probably an alter ego, is named "cat" so…) Then in her video for "Right there" you see a scene where a man covers her eyes, a handler maybe? and look at the all seeing eye picture VC posted of her, he mentioned duality which I think we all know is another way to symbolize the multiple personalities of the victim, finally let me just say that Ariana has a song on her debut album entitled "Daydreaming" which is associated with monarch… Read more »

Her song daydreaming was about a guy she likes but on other points you seem spot on. Also on her fb page, one of her pictures is her on a motorcycle wearing a dualistic black and white dress. So sad. I actually really like her singing, her voice is gorgeous!

True, the girl has talent, but Hollywood will probably end up sexualizing her image and selling her out as soon as she turns 21 this year.

Sorry, it double posted or something

Ariana Grande: her pictures, her music, her life… who cares… The only remarkable thing here is, people chose the hidden eye cover. So that tells me that this brainwashing is deep within youngster's minds. The dead model in the red suit… what's that in the floor? Her hair, or her brains? That is SICK. Beyoncé with blonde hair. Just ridiculous. I couldn't care less for this girl's career; but I think her body speaks enough for her. No need of blonde wigs. Dark skin does not match blonde hair. Kylie Minogue… wow… very cute. I have always liked this pretty woman very much. Very much. Too bad she also wants to try and eat a piece of this Illuminati cake. She doesn't need that anyways. The Kardashians and their complete lack of talent push them to try very hard to get noticed and stay relevant. Again, I couldn't care less.… Read more »

If you ever saw Kylie in the flesh, you would realize that she has not looked like that in twenty years. I love that David Walliams the comedian commented on her Australian Vogue cover by saying that he used to look like her (in that picture) when he was a young man.

Kylie was given a medal by Queen Elizabeth and she has always been corporate pop. She is one of them.

The elites like their slave blonde that is why Beyonce has been rocking the blonde weave/wig forever. Notice how a lot of black celebrities are wearing blonde hair e.g., Nicki Minaj (she stopped now) Ciara, Ashanti, Mary J. Blige, NeNe Leakes, Rihanna (sometimes), Tamar Braxton, Eve among countless others. It is no coincidence!

Oh please… There are black people who are natural blonds. Why are you focusing on such a superficial thing? And yes, blond hair can and does work well with brown skin too. It's strange. I have never heard anyone say such things about white people who dye their hair blue, green, purple, etc… Why is such distained reserved for brown skinned people whoe dye their's blond?

who even

Callinguout, of course you can get black people who are natural blonde but the black celebs Shar mentioned DO NOT have NATURAL blonde hair and I can't think of any black person in the music/ entertainment biz with natural blonde hair without them being mixed, bi racial or multi ethnic.

Callingout: it is the pervs in charge who focus on the "superficial thing" being blonde hair. Shar is correct in citing the "slave blonde." The whole Marilyn Monroe MKed sex kitten ideal documented far and wide. There's plenty on this site regarding the origins.

Lol Miley Cyrus is far from talentless.

The picture on the left DID NOT win for Ariana!! The picture on the right did. I get that there are many artists in this but you know what, many of you are just as bad, immediately labelling these artists the second something anywhere near this is done. Ha;f of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Many of them do not even choose the photography that goes in magazines or w/e. Calm down and let us not jude others but ourselves and our own lives.

Omg I knew kylie was was doing waaaaayyyy too much in that 'sexercise' video. Damn pimp ass Jay Z!

She is a pint-sized alternately wrinkly and over-botoxed, she would have to do a LOT to get the gig these days. If you saw her, you would walk straight past her and never believe she was Kylie even if she insisted. She started her career in an extremely cheesy Australian soap opera but passed through the Michael Hutcheance/ Sedaoui programming route to get where she is today. She lives round the block from me and has done for years so I do know.

Hey again Anon, what/who is Sedaoui?

Stéphane Sednaoui (sorry typo) is one of the biggest handlers in the Industry. Laetitia Casta had a baby with him (google her and count the symbolic pictures) and he has been through most of the big names.

As a Kylie fan since I was a tyke, it makes me ill in the stomach to see her lower herself to this level. She, unlike Madonna, was always the one with the class. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was easily the most sexually provocative she ever got, aside from a few album only tracks, that playfully teased as sexuality.

Seeing her pose like a w***e for media prostitution these last few months, makes me want to forget that I have followed her for the last 2 decades. One of the best dance-pop artists of our generation, turned into a Marilyn clone because she sold her soul to the devils of this world, for American fame.

So right, even when she performed it on SNL, she had on clothes, like she was going for a walk in the park or boating, lol, she danced but it wasn't twerking, she maintained a more wholesome image, always smiling, not dark and disturbed. Frivolous perhaps, but G rated, bubble gum pop. She interviewed that she is close to her family and I hope she has a foundation to hold on to, or return to. Take your check Kylie, and GTFO.

Do you remember those golden shorts from the early days?
A lot of my teenage friends used to *erk to that video.

Fantastic analysis ! I was fascinated by the facts – Does anyone know where my business could get ahold of a blank NHCQF 0106-401 version to edit ?

these are sooooo true

The Octopus Miley holds may harken to the kind of symbolism one sees in relation to the NWO, of an octopus on top of the world, encompassing it with it's many tentacles. It's as if they are blatantly mocking us.

Any symbolic pics of the month for May?!

Concerning the Vogue's "Cinematic":

Hexagonal patterns indeed plus the less obvious "666" sign made out of the arms with all the empty spaces around them and the girls' arm surrounding the dead man's head.

People forget that the U.S. was founded by illuminists and freemasons. As a member of an invisible Green Lodge, it appears to me that what we are seeing with this symbolism going mainstream in pop is actually an attempt to destroy TRUE MASONRY. The tenants of the original lodge are liberty, justice, equality, equilibrium, knowledge, temperance, not using knowledge as power but as an equalizing force for good. What we are seeing here is a celebration of materialism, self worship, ego and conformity to domination. This is the opposite of the true craft, and the opposite of what America was founded on. The true craft rejects materialism, animalism and debasement and seeks harmony with the universe and peace with each other, not celebrating perversion and worshipping darkness. This is the set up for total destruction.

..''knowledge as power but as an equalizing force for good..''
Oh really, then why all the secrecy around it and the gross old-fellow-tactics when it comes to politics, justice, peace and liberty for ALL, instead of just the sworn in members of this group of so called good people .
I know a few of them too, and they are not honest straight people, but use their mates to get a better place for themselves , not the whole of mankind.

Thank you for your insight. I belatedly discovered that I am married to one and he seems to fit that description. Thanks for giving me hope!

did anyone of you watch miley's "tounge tied" video? its filled with symbolisms

In the photo of Miley at the hospital, we see the old "one eye" of Horus thing again. But when I took a closer look at the octopus that she holds to cover one eye, I thought it looked familiar. Then I looked up VC's article on the octopus logo for the new NOR spy satellite in the "latest news" section. Perhaps there is a connection between the use of the octopus for these two different things.

I hope you include Ariana wearing the mouse ears in her RDMA's performance.

The Rothschilds first broke into London culture with the fashion and textile industry. Dress a lady like a prostitute, make a w***e.

I am scared because the time is coming near of Jesus Christ return, and that day will be a day of TERROR!!! I believe we are the last generation everyone, so stay aware and prepare spiritually because they are BOLD with getting many as they can to give allegiance to Satan and join him in hell. This is not going to turn out good.

I naively saw Magic Mike since some of my friends said it was fun. I knew I shouldn't have. Please do a write up! There is a sequel coming out and I def will not see that. I saw so much crap in Magic Mike.
Marilyn Monroe reference, initiation of the "kid", drug use, just too many to mention.

As blatant and annoying the eye symbol may be, miley said so herself, "we can't stop" doing it until everybody else follows the status quo through these symbolism as obvious in the illuminati agenda with the youth the likely targets.

With sex kitten programming and the ever-popular "eye of horus" displayed here, I wouldn't be surprised if there ever came a moment where lust and murder goes as far as fully exposed nudity and extra gory slaughter.

Cyrus herself getting reprogrammed in the hospital which may lead up to her future "disposal" as to what happened to Brittany Murphy a few years ago.