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The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music



The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

Today’s pop music is filled with symbols and messages aimed to shape and mold today’s youth. Apart from the occult symbolism discussed in other articles, other parts of the elite’s agenda are communicated through music videos. Two of those parts are transhumanism and the introduction of a police state. We’ll look at the way those agendas are part of the acts of Rihanna, Beyonce, Daddy Yankee and the Black Eyed Peas.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

As seen in previous articles on this site, the world’s biggest stars exploit common themes in their work,  permeating popular culture with a set of symbols and values. The cohesiveness of the message that is communicated to the masses,  regardless of the artists’  musical genre, attests to the influence of a “higher power” over the industry. Other articles on this site have explored the way Illuminati symbolism, based on secret society occultism, has been reflected in popular videos. Exposing and desensitizing the world to the elite’s sacred symbols is, however, only one aspect of their agenda. Other aspects of Illuminati control are reflected in today’s popular music as well, including mass mind control, transhumanism (the “robotization” of the human body) and the gradual introduction of a virtual police state. Through the news, movies and the music industry, this agenda is being insidiously presented to the masses, using various techniques. If the news scares people into accepting measures diminishing their personal freedoms and ushering in a “new era”, the music business accomplishes the same job by making it seem sexy, cool and trendy. This angle is mainly aimed at the younger crowd, which is much more susceptible to “take in” the industry’s message.

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The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

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“Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. The movement regards aspects of the human condition, such as disability, suffering, disease, aging, and involuntary death as unnecessary and undesirable. Transhumanists look to biotechnologies and other emerging technologies for these purposes. Dangers, as well as benefits, are also of concern to the transhumanist movement.

The term “transhumanism” is symbolized by H+ or h+ and is often used as a synonym for “human enhancement”. Although the first known use of the term dates from 1957, the contemporary meaning is a product of the 1980s when futurists in the United States began to organize what has since grown into the transhumanist movement. Transhumanist thinkers predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label “posthuman”. Transhumanism is therefore sometimes referred to as “posthumanism” or a form of transformational activism influenced by posthumanist ideals.

The transhumanist vision of a transformed future humanity has attracted many supporters and detractors from a wide range of perspectives. Transhumanism has been described by one critic, Francis Fukuyama, as the world’s most dangerous idea,while one proponent, Ronald Bailey, counters that it is the “movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity”.

What is almost never mentioned is the fact that those technological “improvements” will be out of reach for the average man. The huge price tags of those scientific discoveries will render them only accessible to a select elite. While the common man is forced to seek nourishment in genetically modified, chemically altered and even poisonous foods, the elite is trying to achieve immortality through science. Even if the masses cannot have access to those discoveries, mass media makes transhumanism cool, desirable and, ultimately, acceptable.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

Cover of H+, a transhumanist magazine. The headline says it all.

Police State

George W. Bush’s Patriot Act has enabled the American government to expand surveillance of its citizens, whether it be phone calls, e-mails, and physical movements. It also gave the government almost unlimited powers of arrest, detention, search, and seizure. Donald E. Wilkes, Professor of Law at the University of Georgia School of Law describes this last concept:

“I want to examine here a single section of the USA Patriot Act–section 213, definitely one of the most sinister provisions of this monstrous statute.

In euphemistic language that conceals the provision’s momentous significance, section 213 states that with regard to federal search warrants “any notice required … to be given may be delayed if … [1]the court finds reasonable cause to believe that providing immediate notification of the execution of the warrant may have an adverse result …; [2] the warrant prohibits the seizure of any tangible property …  except where the court finds reasonable necessity for the seizure; and [3] the warrant provides for the giving of such notice within a reasonable period of its execution, which period may thereafter be extended by the court for good cause shown.”

Section 213 may be couched in Orwellian terminology, but there is no doubt about what it does.

Section 213 is the first statute ever enacted in the history of American criminal procedure to specifically authorize an entirely new form of search warrant-what legal scholars call the sneak and peek warrant (also dubbed the covert entry warrant or the surreptitious entry warrant).  A sneak and peek search warrant authorizes police to effect physical entry into private premises without the owner’s or the occupant’s permission or knowledge to conduct a search; generally, such entry requires a breaking and entering.”
– Donald E. Wilkes, Flagpole Magazine Sept 2002.

Subsequent acts have further diminished civil liberties of citizens by enabling the government to declare any American a “terrorist” with little to no proof. The government can also declare martial law with little or no valid reason.

The John W. Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2006, “named for the longtime Armed Services Committee chairman from Virginia,” was signed October 17, 2006, by President George W. Bush. The Act “has a provocative provision called ‘Use of the Armed Forces in Major Public Emergencies’,” the thrust of which “seems to be about giving the federal government a far stronger hand in coordinating responses to [Hurricane] Katrina-like disasters,” Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor wrote December 1, 2006.

“But on closer inspection, its language also alters the two-centuries-old Insurrection Act, which Congress passed in 1807 to limit the president’s power to deploy troops within the United States … ‘to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy’,” Stein wrote.

“But the amended law takes the cuffs off” and “critics say it’s a formula for executive branch mischief,” Stein wrote, as “the new language adds ‘natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident’ to the list of conditions permitting the President to take over local authority — particularly ‘if domestic violence has occurred to such an extent that the constituted authorities of the State or possession are incapable of maintaining public order.'”

“One of the few to complain, Sen. Patrick J. Leahy, D-Vt., warned that the measure virtually invites the White House to declare federal martial law. … It ‘subverts solid, longstanding posse comitatus statutes that limit the military’s involvement in law enforcement, thereby making it easier for the President to declare martial law,’ he said in remarks submitted to the Congressional Record on Sept. 29.”
– Source

We’ll see how those concepts are cleverly inserted into pop music in order to create a specific climate in the collective consciousness.

Rihanna’s Hard and AMA Performance

Previous articles on this site looked at the occult or mind-control related symbolism found in Umbrella, Disturbia and Russian Roulette. Fully embodying Illuminati agenda, Rihanna’s Hard incorporates the military/police state element.

In hip-hop slang, the term “hard”  usually refers to someone who is street-savvy, gritty, rebellious and who is clearly “not down with police”. Hard transposes this term to a military context. Her militaristic video features a gang of uniformed men dancing under the orders of “General Rihanna”. We’ve come a long way from Public Enemy’s Fight the Power…it is now Submit to the Power.  All of this military/dictatorial imagery is mixed with Rihanna’s sexy moves and outfits, appealing to the masses’ basest instinct: sex. This generates in the viewer an unconscious positive response to this otherwise terrible backdrop. I mean, who likes to be in a war zone? Not people who have experienced it, that’s for damn sure.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

Ummm, I don’t really relate to all of this.

How come guns were always censored from music videos (especially rap) until very recently? Is it only acceptable when they are used to promote war and a police state?

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

In this symbolic image, Rihanna’s Mickey Mouse hat represents Mind Control. She is sitting on the phallic symbol that is the tank’s cannon. In other words, she is a pawn of the Illuminati agenda.

At the end of the song Hard, Rihanna chants “Where the bloggers at? Where the bloggers at?”

I’m right here.

Beyonce’s Grammy Performance

Beyonce walks on stage with a bunch of men dressed in riot gear… the type of unit a police state would use to repress opposition during civil turmoil. What are they doing in Beyonce’s performance? Contributing to permeate popular culture with police-state imagery.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

Is the American public being mentally prepared for martial law? But that’s impossible, Beyonce is such a good girl … oh wait.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

Daddy Yankee’s Performance at Premio Lo Nuestro 2010

Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee has likely been chosen to promote the Agenda to the Latino community. His performance at the Premio Lo Nuestro awards in Miami is simply a perfect Illuminati fit. At the beginning of the performance, a picture of Daddy Yankee standing under a Masonic compass is displayed.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

Daddy Yankee under a Masonic compass

Daddy Yankee’s is surrounded by dancers looking like robotic cyber-police/soldiers. The name of his new single is Descontrol, which means “lose control”. Interesting.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop MusicThe Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

By the way, here is the logo of Premios Lo Nuestro awards.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

How many sixes do you see?

The Black Eyed Peas’ Imma Be Rocking that Body

This long video is all about the merger of humans and robots, which is, as seen above, the ultimate goal of transhumanism. It starts with Fergie saying “we are not robots!” … only to see her become a half-robot shooting a gun that causes an irresistible need to breakdance.

Will.I.Am starts his verse by saying “Imma be the upgraded new negro”, which pretty much sums up the transhumanist philosophy.

The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

The upgraded new Will.I.Am and friends?

At the end of the video, Fergie wakes up from her “dream”. It sure was cool when she was a robot, wasn’t it?

In Conclusion

Articles on this site have mainly focused on the occult symbols found in music videos. There are, however, other aspects of the Illuminati agenda that are present in popular culture. Transhumanism and the establishment of a virtual police state are two objectives that are slowly but surely being implemented with little to no public debate. Movies, video games and the music industry are doing the job of leading the masses’ collective consciousness towards a new era by saturating the airwaves with those concepts. The “robot agenda”, as some observers call it, has been an intricate part of the music industry for years now and examples of it are way too many to enumerate. The theme of the “upgraded human” due to his robotization has been exploited by most of today’s international stars. There is a difference between a trend and an agenda.

The “police state” element found in video and performances is relatively new but equally, if not more, disturbing. Music has always been a healing, liberating and emancipating medium. Looking at the music industry’s products of the last years, is there a possibility of it being hijacked by an ever-intrusive elite? Think about who owns the record companies.


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The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music

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It's funny how Vigilant Citizen only made me sure of what I've observed for several years. Ever since I gained initial consciousness that pop culture is infecting our minds, I've been utterly disgusted by how many rap & pop songs are about a rapper "wanting it" and a luscious woman "giving it". It simply struck me in awe, that all these women want themselves to be treated as sex objects or how all the rappers just go on about being rich, wanting sex or how much sex they get. Or all combined. Now it's all clear to me. A realisation occurred. You don't have to believe in God, or any belief for that matter, to see the truth behind all this. All you need to do is look at today's teenagers, really. Pretty much every kid has forsaken the simplest morals, empathy and compassion. Everyone's goals are to become rich & famous, saving no means to achieve them. People have become utterly superficial with no will to seek for compassion or emotion, instead they focus on "living in the moment" and fulfilling carnal desires. Conforming as the dead fish that go with the flow, for the sake of not feeling… Read more »

Vatican Assassin

If you think that this blog can't be true because it has not been taken down, let me remind you that taking down a you tube video is easy, because you tube is a company that can monitor itself with a single click of a button. A blog, on the other hand, can only be taken down by taking down the blogger. So there are three possibilities, as I see it. 1. This blog is a bunch of bs, 2. The Illuminati or whoever do not think it is worth it to send out a death squad, or 3. They really do want this information out. I find option 3 to be the most interesting. But why would they want such a thing? Perhaps, the world does not work in quite the way many of us think it does; that is, perhaps our energy and what we decide to pay attention to actually affects the world itself. It is a metaphysical perspective, and it would mean that if we are not careful, that even by decoding and understanding these symbols and stories, we are still paying homage to them, and still granting them our energy and mindset. It is the… Read more »


Wow…VC was right…look at what is happening now 6 years later…hmmm wonder if Beyonce was thinking of this performance when she did Lemonade…


What is this country of degenerate… wake up Americans… obama and a degenerate… wall street and Bank Federal it ruined your country… wake up Americans…. rockefeller and his Satanic band betrayed the American people….United States a police state Franc Masson n--i its fact fear your country… How can you accept all these degenerate… beyoncé lady gaga, The Black Eyed n--i Rihannanal -suck Jay z Franc Masson n--i … those are all degenerated…. me I remain a Nice cote d'azur…


I also noticed some people bringing religion into this so they can resist the "devil" they see in these videos. LOL Come on, people. First of all, not all of us are Christians on here. Personally, I'm a person born to Muslim parents but I'm agnostic. All you need to understand and resist their mind control games is to be intelligent, question, research, read, think for yourself and have an open-mind that nothing is impossible. Religion does the opposite and is just another control tool where you follow what others tell you to believe in without questioning so stop with the whole "Go, read the bible and praise Jaysussssssssssss so it will all be okay!" People who say this are completely missing the point this article is trying to make in the first place !!! This is not to say religion is bad. I respect all religions as long the person sat down and chose their own religion, and most of us did not do that. We were born into the religion we hold dear to us now, and our religion is mostly determined by the country we were born in so it is nothing more than luck. Bottom line… Read more »


I have a psychology degree, and I completely agree with this article. It might sound a lot of mumbo jumbo to your ordinary citizen but from a psychological point of view, all the techniques used to control the mind mentioned on here are 100% correct. This is nothing new. Advertisements and commercials we see and watch everyday do the same. It's a known and used technique. What do you think makes you go and seek a specific product or brand? Why do you think product brands spend millions of dollars on a 30 second commercial and even more during Super Bowl? Why is it that Hollister, Abercrombie & fitch, etc are so popular among young people? Because they all create possitive emotional associations in your brain (positive association can be funny, sexy, cute…pretty much anything positive that makes you feel good). Abercrombie & Fitch & Hollister use muscular hot guys so in time, young girls associate the brand with this extremely sexy image that their brains tell them they should shop at that store. They don't go there for the quality of the clothes. They don't sit and try to rationalize why they want to go there. They instinctively want… Read more »


check this link hired by intel wtf for ???

Brandon Danvers

Transhumanism sucks a-s. Never forget that. In the end, truth always wins. Keep up the good work bro!


Now she hates the police…lololol…yea right


And yet, there's the famous song from 1978 which openly describes what's it like being trashumanized: "Man machine, super-human being. Man machine, pseudo-human being"


I think RED has caught on to this because their song Feed the Machine says Wake up and kill the machine at the end.


my bad on the last link, since it links back to right here


superbowl halftime show – transhumanism at its finest

then read


And the owner, or at least the author of this article, is definitely someone who has a psychology background. He/she can also punctuate (unlike some people who think they know how to punctuate) – another sign that shows a high level of education and intelligence.

Lim Lynn
This series is the best videos to explain about Transhuman.


yea, its getting a little to blantant now when they constantly use police force in their performances… hellooo, no one thinks they are cool


was i the only one that noticed the leopard print on Rhianna's helmet towards the end of her "hard" vid?(pause about the 3.50 mark) when shes with the flag?


still one of my favourite articles since discovering this site

Laser Etching Machin

cable tvs these days are rapidly being converted into a digital service which offers more value added services -~~


Wow that article was to awesome i agree with everything. i hate how the elite stole the ideas of great rappers, soul singers and turned it into a demoralizing tool to promote their agenda. i dont watch tv much and dont listen to mainstream music its all garbage anyways. some artist started out teaching with rap like Kanye if you check out his first two albums then he just sold his soul when he got his mom killed. smh. God Bless those people.

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