The Police State Agenda in Jay-Z and Kanye’s “No Church in the Wild” and Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”


Why do music videos these days often feature police in riot gear and violent repression? Is there an attempt to normalize the concept of a police state in mass media? Two recent and blatant example of this agenda is Jay-Z and Kanye’s video “No Church in the Wild” and Adam Lambert’s “Never Close Our Eyes”. Even though these songs are different in style, their underlying message is similar and is on par with the police state agenda of the world elite. This article will look at the meaning and implications of these videos.

What does Jay-Z have in common with Adam Lambert? At first glance, nothing at all. At second glance, they’re mainstream artists part of the music industry and at some point, even though they differ in style and substance, they are expected to push the agenda of the elite. As we discussed in the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music, the entertainment industry is used to promote and normalize the concept of a police state in the eyes of young people. Since the publishing of that article in early 2010, many other artists have featured an oppressive police force and violent repression as part of their works. From performances in live shows to music videos, there is a conscious and constant effort to associate the cool and sexy aura of pop stars with the otherwise abhorrent sight of riot police in a free society.

Two recent examples of the perpetuation of the police state agenda in popular culture are Jay-Z and Kanye West’s music video No Church in the Wild and Adam Lambert’s Never Close our Eyes. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the fact that these songs are two different genres that aim to reach two different markets, they both contribute to the saturation of popular culture with police state imagery. While the authorities are not necessarily portrayed as the “good guys”, they are nevertheless there, as if their presence at any kind of public demonstration is normal. Let’s look at the symbolism and the underlying meaning of these two videos.

No Church in the Wild

No Church in the Wild has rather profound philosophical implications. The lyrics are of course up for interpretation, one of which is that the song is a rejection of religious dogma to embrace a more humanist (and maybe hedonistic) way of life. The title of the song itself is a figurative way of saying that religious institutions such as the Church are unnecessary human constructs that are not found in nature. That being said, the video consists of lovely footage of trees and streams … oh no, actually the video is about a bunch of dudes getting beat up by riot police. Why? What’s the relationship to the lyrics? I am not totally sure, but the video is pretty much five straight minutes of angry rioters and violent police repression. A great way to desensitize young people to the concept of police state.

The video begins with a guy lighting up a Molotov cocktail in Prague (although some shots appear to be taken in Paris, France).

In the video, the rioters do not appear to have a valid cause and they are clearly portrayed as the aggressors.

So, right away, we are right in the middle of a confrontation between police in riot gear and young rioters. There is no prior explanation and the rioters have been given no “noble cause” to defend. Even if they do, the viewer is not made aware of it, sort of how mass media relays stories of riots across the world. We’re just seeing senseless violence that is initiated by rioters.

The rioters are angry and aggressive. Without a back story describing the source of their grief, it is rather hard to identify with them.

The policemen do not take this crap for long. The young guys charge, violently, giving police an excuse to take out their shiny weapons and retaliate with even more violence.  And boy, do they bash on them.

This guy gets clubbed back to sanity.
This one gets his feet swiped off to fall on his back while other policemen apparently laugh at him.
This one gets a face full of tear gas at point blank range, a lot like student protestors at UC Davis. I am pretty sure that this is NOT the way the user manual recommends using tear gas.

All of these scenes happen in slow motion with a cool beat in the background. As Dave Chappelle once said in his legendary Chappelle Show, everything looks cool in slow motion. Even police clubbing down a young defenseless guy. Is police oppression being glamorized in an indirect way? Here’s a strange juxtaposition of images:

This guy got chased down by police cavaliers and got smacked right on the head with a nightstick.

Right after this scene, we see a shot of a statue that gives a deeper meaning to the violence shown.

Right after we see a rioter get clubbed down by a policeman, we see a shot of a statue of Theseus clubbing the Minotaur. This story from Greek mythology esoterically represents the slaying of man’s “lower animal” side in order to achieve illumination. Is the video saying that the rioting masses are the “lower animal” side of society that needs to be tamed (or slayed) by the illuminated?

The video features several other dramatic shots of sculptures found in Paris, notably a few from the Arc de Triomphe. As we’ve seen in the series of articles Sinister Sites, sculptures and monuments in major cities are often imbued with the symbolism, mythology and philosophy of the world elite and the secret societies behind it. Since these massive monuments are often commissioned and funded by members of the world elite, it is rather expected that they represent them and their views. In the context of the video, showing these stone monuments implacably overlooking the chaos that is happening on street level is a reminder that the elite is seeing what is happening and probably approves of it. After all, isn’t the Masonic motto of the world elite Ordo Ab Chao (Order Out of Chaos)?

Later in the video, day turns into night … and strobe lights, the kind we usually see in clubs and raves, appear in the riot scene.

Police in riot gear surrounded by strobe lights. They are really trying to associate police with stuff young people enjoy.

Usually when strobe lights are on, it is because something cool is happening, like music, partying or dancing. That being said, why are they around police in riot gear? Are we trying to confuse young minds with good old-fashioned cognitive dissonance? Just in case you might be confused: Being repressed by police does NOT equals a party.

At the end of the video, nobody truly wins or loses. Rioters fight back and appear triumphant while police still stand their ground. In other words, nothing has changed and status quo is preserved. An elephant makes an odd appearance in the streets of Paris, reminding the viewers that the “wild” in question is, in fact, our society, where people act like animals and the strongest one wins. In this wilderness, there is no Church, no respite from the savagery, just the stone gaze of statues overlooking the violence. These sculptures represent the puppet masters, those who pull the strings on both sides in order to advance their agenda of a more controlled and repressive society.


Never Close Our Eyes

While Adam Lambert’s song Never Close Our Eyes differs greatly from No Church in the Wild, it still exposes young people to the same kind of imagery and ends a similar way: An illusion of victory by the revolutionaries – with a special emphasis on the word “illusion”.

Never Close Our Eyes takes place in a dystopian future (in mass media, the future is ALWAYS dystopian) in a setting that is reminiscent of George Lucas’ movie THX 1138 or Michael Bay’s The Island, where Adam Lambert finds himself living in a tightly monitored community (or prison), surrounded by emotion-less and zombie-like denizens.

Never Close Our Eyes is yet another video set in a dystopian future, characterized by the omnipresence of surveillance cameras. If we are not already in this vision of the future, we’re definitely heading directly towards it.

In this giant compound, the inhabitants are constantly under surveillance, are fed and sedated with pills and have their individuality repressed through eye color removal.

Adam and his mates must enter soul-sucking machines that remove the color from people’s eyes – representing the lost of free will and individuality. Isn’t that what TVs are for?

Adam’s eye color however stays the same – meaning that he rejects the system’s indoctrination. He ultimately gets fed up and starts an uprising. A funky uprising.

Adam doesn’t feel like doing back-breaking labor anymore. So he gets up in defiance and runs away with a few other rebels.

Adam and his crew then run towards the exit in order to escape the Big Brother prison.

So up until now, one could say: “Finally, someone who stands up to this NWO crap and delivers an inspiring message”. Most critics effectively describe this video as “Adam Lambert destroying Big Brother with dance”. But does he really destroy Big Brother? Let’s look at the rest of the video and see what really happens.

A bunch of officers meet the rebels at the fence and shoot smoke at them – turning the place into a dance floor!

In No Church in the Wild, police were surrounded by strobe lights and in Never Close our Eyes, they walk around with smoke makers like those found in clubs. Wow, riot police always really bring fun everywhere they go!

After getting smoked, do Adam and his friends fight harder to tear down the fence and run away? Nope, they stay behind the fence and start dancing. Does that equal destroying Big Brother? Last time I checked: No.

After being smoked out by the police, Adam and his friends are shown dressed in colorful attire and performing super funky choreography. Take that Big Brother!

If you look closely at the dance scene, Adam’s clothes keep changing, which may hint that the whole thing is just one big illusion or hallucination. Were they drugged by the gas? Is this all happening in their heads? Is all this dancing just “smoke and mirrors” making them believe that they’re free and happy? One thing is for sure, the entire thing seems to have confused Adam and his friends because, at the end of the video, they actually run back to where they came from!

Hey gang, freedom is the other way! Why are you running back there? Why are you so happy? Why … awww screw it I give up.

To sum up the video, Adam rebels against a highly monitored system where everyone is controlled and sedated. He runs towards freedom but, when he is met with police with smoke guns, his rebellion turns into a colorful party and, when all is said and done, nothing really happens. The rebels get all happy and cheerful, dance for a while and run back to Big Brother.

We can parallel the conclusion of this video to what happens in America and the world. While the masses are increasingly getting our rights revoked, our privacy eradicated and our freedoms taken away, we do nothing about it. We are distracted with smoke and mirrors, television and cinema, escapism and denial. We celebrate a contrived and fabricated illusion of freedom, then run right back to the comfort of the elite-controlled society, allowing the elite to pursue their agenda uncontested. As Frank Zappa said: “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”


In Conclusion

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s No Church in the Wild and Adam Lambert’s Never Close Our Eyes are two examples of a widespread and continual effort to promote police state imagery on TVs, movie screens and computer monitors across the world. Associating cool artists who are adored by millions of people with riot police not only normalizes the concept of a police state but also creates an unconscious positive association in the minds of the viewers. Meanwhile, in real life, protests across the Western world are increasingly being met with riot police. Violent repression, brutal arrests and sophisticated weaponry are being used with less and less restraint and are even becoming the norm. Peaceful protests are often purposely sabotaged by paid agent provocateurs who incite violence, “legitimizing” the police repression.

Do not be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that make up the news and music videos: The presence of heavily armed police forces during public demonstrations is not normal; rather, it is an aberration in a free and democratic society. However, this obvious fact seems to have been forgotten as police state laws and tactics and weaponry are being deployed with increasingly frequency across the world. But there is nothing cool or normal about riot police … even if they are shown with strobe lights in a Jay-Z video. Even if they dance around with Rihanna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga. Even if they’re in all the video games. An oppressive police force is the opposite of normal in a free and just society. And if riot police ever do become normal, the elite will have accomplished an incredible feat: Duping the masses into accepting a police state, without it even knowing it.


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One anti-christ world gov’mint, coming up !

The most depressing thing is the pure idiocy of 95% of people. If people weren’t such complete idiots with no sense of morals or understanding of the concept of what a democracy is really about videos such as these *wouldn’t even exist* because there’d be nobody to watch them, pure boycott. What level of stupid do you need to be to actually look UP to somebody like Jay-Z, and spend your money on and time on his pathetic, self-aggrandizing BS such as what VC describes here? Mindboggling! Illuminati imagery all over, Patriot Act, obvious false flag ‘terrorist attacks’ to usher in gun control, Masonic/Satanic/occult imagery on official government buildings, subliminals in movies – even children’s shows, obvious occult undertones and agendas in music business productions, JFK/other assassinations and the history of CIA/others’ misdeeds involving MK ultra and various other black ops being info available to all… and yet, if you… Read more »

Dude it’s called having money to waste. It’s not a really big deal. Modern-day humans are so stupid they believe anything we say, do or put on the TV. It’s called Social Darwinism, if you feel smart.

Police states came to my house today be cause they were searching a terrorist or something like dat…my family members were like "there is the poliiiiiice 😀 " and I was like… DAMN! 😮

When Adam mentions the New World Order that he presented in the video, from the context of his words, he is obviously talking about the order / govt / system – you can call it Orwellian, Big Brother, dystopian – that he and his fellow prisoners rebel against. When the guards spray them with gas/smoke, it doesn't "turn the place into a dance floor". Instead, the resistance of the rebels turn the gas / smoke into color, and turns the place into a dance floor. It is their resistance that is the catalyst. You see the guards drop their equipment and run away. And the dancers are free now, so it doesn't matter what direction they run in. Pretty simple. In fact, one of the reasons I don't like this video is because it's so simple and obvious. It certainly doesn't make a police state or its agents look attractive… Read more »

"What was, what is, and what will be."
From my point of view, only a full on revolution can stop this. Yet the people of the world are not ready for such a thing… yet.

I think the post about Adam Lambert video is exaggerating. Besides. When police tries to smoke them, they have a colourful shield which symbolised individualism and with them – they protect themselves. It means that if everyone fights together – they get stronger. Dance symbolises freedom. At the end they're happy and celebrate freedom!

I think this time the video was really wrongly interpret.

I'm disappointed with Adam Lambert's music video. When I heard that Bruno Mars wrote it, I thought the music video would be kinda cute and sexy. I hope Adam's third album is different.

The Illuminati isn't gonna give us a choice as we can attest according to what's described in the videos above and the Ron This Town video also created by Jay Z and the crew.Pay close attention to the lyrics as well as the images and you'll see where Jay's loyalties are and it ain't in GOD,I can tell you that much is a fact.He's more entrenched with the ways of lucifer and you can tell by the hooded sweatshirt he's wearing which displays Thou do what Thou Wilts,which is a saying associated with another illuminai faction The ORO and you can look that up as well. People the time for playing or sitting idlely by is over.

Is it starting to sink in now? The bible states that all of this must and will happen,I was just reading about the Skull and Bones (a secret society deeply hidden at Yale University),The Brotherhood,Freemasons and the Knights Templar all which are connected to the Illuminati.We know where the illuminati stands as far as world domination,both bushes fomer father & son potus and secretary of state nominee john kerry are all members of Yale's devilish secret society Skull and Bones. People we need to wake the H up and realize that the lack of knowledge is the reason this country is in the shape it's in.

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Hey u all missed the point the real symbolism of the video is religious oppression by force and oppression of the free will of a state to control what your religion teaches you

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Well, I've seen the video multiple times and I really like it. I think the exact opposite of what you think. I had some kind of feeling that I wanted the riot crowd to win. I wanted them to beat the cops. And at the end, they kinda do. You see them climbing a statue. One man kicks down an agent of the statue. You also see fear in the eyes of the agents multiple times. I don't know what the riot was fighting for but I had the urge to join them. They didn't seem to be out just to riot and destroy thinks, but to actually fight for something.

I have to agree with you here. I´m not denying that there has been a far-too-excessive proliferation of state policy imagery (and, possibly, agenda) in mass media lately but… I just have to wonder: Is that truly the end game? How could one possibly know? And, for that matter, if "the Elite" hold all the keys, who´s to say that they, too, filter out information that may or may not advance our culture and understanding of life as is? Who´s the victim and who´s the tyrant? Is what I have to ask myself… If someone is being bashed down into oblivion, and they´re too oblivious to know that that is actually the case, who´s to say they won´t benefit from that? Who´s to say they won´t grow because of it? A slap in the face is also a wake up call… but not, necessarily, a call to arms. We all… Read more »

Dance, rummy.

another sheep blindly following other blind sheep.

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like

you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few

pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is fantastic blog.

A great read. I will definitely be back.

I think you are just a little disillusioned here. No church in the wild means there is no order in the wild. Church is order but that institution is falling to the wild the rioters

This is only new for people who are not of color. Foreign brown people and African Americas all over the country have been introduced to police in riot gear through civil rights.. and to police brutality through racial profiling. The idea of needing to take action over the police or a martial state is not new or foreign to members of the black community. In the suburbs cops aren't found around, but in every major city.. like mine.. there is a cop posted on every block with a dash cam.. cameras everywhere.. and now thanks to technology we can record some of the police brutality.. but this isn't news breaking..

only for suburban white kids

It's a representation of Revelations, rapture and antichrist. No church in the wild is the church being taken off earth. Enjoy the tribulation!

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Any way I'll be subscribing to your augment and even I achievement you access consistently rapidly.

May I simply say what a comfort to uncover someone that actually

understands what they are discussing over

the internet. You certainly realize how

to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more

people have to read this and understand this side of your story.

It's surprising you're not more popular given that you most certainly possess the gift.

i remeber i saw a simspons show. its new. it was about the government watching us, and it had muchines with the one eye symbols. it wasnt even hidding it was right there in your face. got so scared and shocked. i turn that s**t off and whatched domething else. how can not ppl beieve this s**t. its everywhere,

its sad i gues seeing is believing isnt enough anymore

I found an interesting quote in the comments section when reading a story about a cop who raped a single mom leaving work one evening. He claimed he had ptsd, which is mind control gone bad basically. And though I don't condone the act, I understand as my baby's father is dealing with ptsd everyday from doing 9 combat tours over the past 20 years. Thank God he is retired and does not want to be a police officer. "Working in law enforcement, I see a lot of disconnect with those who have served in the military and those with college education. Unfortunately, those who come from military and go straight into police work do not get extensive psychiatric testing for PTSD to make sure they can conform to society. Unfortunately, 4 year degrees are not required and only a high school diploma or military service is. Our police force… Read more »

"Being repressed by police does NOT equals a party." well said.

I think the elite think they are better partly because they know things many of us can't even imagine. Like they know firsthand that some of them are reptilians. And I think Adam Lambert may be a reptilian. Look at photos of him – snake and reptilian signs everywhere! (Maybe they are flaunting the imagery lately also as a sign to others like them, so that when SHTF soon the various alien/demon races can spot each other and such.) Or maybe it's symbolic. I don't think the snake can be all bad, seeing as it also represents Kundalini which IMO is an extremely important energy and some would say is everything. It also represents awakening on not only the Kundalini awakening level, but also on the snake in the garden offering the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil (just like Katy Perry video – "awake"). So… Read more »

Uh, to the authors. If it has not already been mentioned, Jay-Z's video is correlating the state to the church, and atheism to anarchy. Considering the implications of the video are strongly anti-Christian, what follows from that juxtaposition should be rather obvious. Nothing changes at the end of the video precisely because the theocracy is still alive and well; the government is the new church, the president is the new pope, and the people are still the parishioners. God is not dead, he's just become a social institute.

I hate rap music and this is even obvious to me just from the first few lines of the song.

I think what alot of us fail to realize is that there really is nothing that we can do to stop any of this. We focus on mere men the members of the secret societies and entertainers as the enemies but the REAL enemy is the SPIRITUAL POWER behind the men. I know alot of folks dont believe in God or the bible but the fact of the matter is what bible prophecy tells us is not separate and apart from what is going on in the world today. Our hope and our help is in beginning a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who is the ONLY one who will save us from this mess.

♥ God Bless

i think they are telling you that this is what we have to look forward to. some police will be doing the illuminati bidding. and for those of us that try to buck the system this is what's going to happen. police state. slave state. or die.

My apologies if I misread the main idea of this videos, I have two theories as why they might show such rebellious scenes in such music videos.

1st I think this videos target the youth ,they want the youth to be conditioned to revolt against authority figures and by doing so the targeted group tend to show social learning and they may end up having trouble with the law… day they might end up on the dark-side of the road: the prison, then drugs etc….

2nd I also think they are trying to give mixed cue of authority figures ( they're trying to condition the mind to generalize stimulus ). In other words ,I think they are trying to depict or paint religious beliefs with an authority figure so people rebel against religious values .

Well that's my take let me know what you think…

We can keep criticize the artists and the wrong message they're spreading, but we better get on our knees and pray for Hollywood that God will purify Hollywood and use it in His plan. Hollywood needs our prayers. There is so much brokenness!

There are so many long-suffering people all over the world with real problem to worry about than delusional hollywoodweirdos tbh.


Just wondering if you believe that satan and the likes of the Jerry Sandusky's need prayers also? How about I pray for our soldiers, the weak, the infirmed and the innocent and unless you were asleep when you wrote this I might need to pray for you. Hollyweird is full of evil doers knowing exactly what they do and why they are given much riches. Jesus said that they– (the serpents and the pit vipers)are of their father the first murderer and do the works of thier father and belong to the synaguoge of satan and unless they have been mk ultra'd (thus my praying for the innocent/ or victims if you will) will I pray (ex: Brittany Spears or those that show they want out).In the end we are held accountable to God for the blood that is on our hands from our evil and disobedient actions unless we… Read more »

We can't do much about anything even if we tried so I say sit back relax and let the brainwashing begin.

if you type 'jay z' in Google, 'jay z illuminati' is now third from top of the highest searches

More people than ever are aware of these people's existence

Things are truly coming to a head in 2012

I watched one of his videoclips last year -I might admit it was the first time ever- and I got so terrified that I had to google the name of his song. That's how I found this website as there was an extensive article about JayZulu.

What I don't like about the word sheeple is that it is a hint to the sheep in christianity. Christians are called sheep in the bible and Jesus is our shepard. In the bible it also means that sheep are not the most intelligent and need someone to look after them, but in a gentle self-sacrificing way like Jesus did on earth. And there is a big difference between a spiritual shepard and a gouvernment shepard. The bible is clearly not an advocate of big gouvernment.

Surely if you believe in God and religion, then you must know, that they cannot do anything which God has not willed. Therefore the chances of them actually ever getting close to their agenda is very slim.

Stop going overboard and relax. Keep with your religion and just remember, too much of something is bad.

It is a symbolic message to your subconscious to cut off your lower or weaker nature, this does not illuminate you, it keeps you trapped spiritually from wholeness, that is what both videos are about. That is what everything is about, which is why it is a constant part of the media, hiding one eye, it's all the same message, different ways to tell it.

"Adam Lambert finds himself living in a tightly monitored community (or prison), surrounded by emotion-less and zombie-like denizens"


couple of months ago, i saw this video clip from Dr, is called new world order, and also it had the same chaos and riot theme as in these music video, and in the midst of all there is a woman on a big screen behind Dr, Dre and she says the new world order has begin, and all civil rights had been suspended .or something in this concept.i dont listen to Dr, Dre, so i didnt know which year it was produced , well it was back in 90's i guess. it only shows how they always feed ppl with this crap. but these days it is just soooo obvious

Great article, thank you a lot. every bar/lyrics explained on this website

One of the most talked-about tracks on Watch the Throne, “No Church in the Wild” is an existential renunciation of traditional, organized religious worship

Reminiscent of Cassius in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar”

The fault, dear Brutus

Is not in our stars

But in ourselves

That we are underlings

let's not forget Eminem's and Lil Wayne's video for "Drop The World" and Jay-z Rihanna and Kanye West Run this town video are all similar

If the elite can dupe us into accepting radioactive particles in our food without question, then they can dupe us into anything. This police state acceptance brainwashing actually works on some young people who aren't up on history and the people's side of the story because they have not yet learned to question the official elite side of the story. Real sneaky of them with the rave touch to glamorize the oppression. I can't believe how much they stick this mind control contradictory imagery in so many videos. The back-breaking slave labor in the video is scary. Note the physiques on people. Soldiers will be robust, thick, well-fed. The slaves will be slim, light, probably encouraged or forced to be vegans and not healthy ones either. The elite I imagine will be somewhere in the middle, still well-fed and with all the best of futuristic medical technology. Which highlights the… Read more »

The only logical answer is that most of the world are morons. What other answer is there when over 50% of the human debris on this Earth supports those flying drones. It makes us safer! They say. disgusting.

I don't like to look at them this way, but yeah most people accept radiation in food and the air too because a lot of them don't even know what ionizing radiation is. And they would rather go along with the crowd thank think for themselves if it means being different.

Do we blame them or blame the government for dumbing them down with chemicals? I won't side with the murderous elite, but it's hard having understanding for people who don't care what happens to us unless it's a Twitter, Facebook, or other pop culture trend.

It's like Auschwitz. Most people think we're being led to a happy sudsy shower, instead of what the plans really are….

I really want to LOVE people. But it is impossible to give and recieve love from other people if this is the mindset.

The radiation thing is horrible Fukashima is far from over and is only scratching the surface.

The Earth has a natural protective barrier that protects all life from radiation. So what do we do? Create radiation where we have trapped all life now under its ominous hand. To me the man created radiation is the wildcard for if humans survive. We are now not just destroying our ecology that sustains us but tinkering with the Genome now. Game set match on that one.


I watched West's video for "Runaway" a few times, and found it incredibly disturbing myself. I think Selita Ebanks is portraying a fallen angel/demon because it shows her falling from the sky in a blaze of fire at the beginning of the video. There is a scene where Kanye sleeps with her right before you see her image in red against a black background. Why is she red? In my opinion it's because the Devil is always portrayed as red in images. And then there are the lyrics he sings about being "headed home, up the stairs, and to my surprise, a n***a's replacing me". When I suggested that those lyrics refer to death, someone replied, "No, he's saying that his girlfriend cheated on him." I don't believe that. I remember when West released one of his first singles in 2004, years before he sold his soul to the devil,… Read more »

I'm on the same page with mostly everything you say, but with this post im noticing errors in your thought process. everything doesn't always need to be looked at as negative. I feel that kanye and jay z chose sides with that video and they chose the side of the people! they don't want to make us accept a police state.. they want to spark the fire in the average sheeple to wake the f**k up and do something. I personally respect them for this video because I feel that they are trying to take matters into their own hands.

I think what you don't understand is that Jay-z and kanye don't actually have a say in choosing their videos so if it seems that they're on our side it's only the agenda of the powers that be. Do you really think they can blatantly send a message like that and get away with it if it was a warning.

Come see Katy Perry's "Wide Awake" video and tell me what you think! 🙁 There's so many of them and I'm kinda confused of the plot, I hope VC will review that one.

ever spun around when urinating in a public restroom and stating over and over in a monotone robotic voice:

"Drop it!" "I am Robocop!" "Thank you for your cooperation!"

I watched the Lambert video before reading the article and it reminded me of The Island. Not surprised VC mentioned it. I've been reading the articles about music videos on this site for years. It's getting to the point where the messages are blatantly clear, I read an article here and think "that's what I was thinking." What's sad: If I try to discuss with the "blinded", I'm made to feel like a crazy conspiracy theorist. Sometimes, I just want to give up. What can one do about the masses controlled by a sinister elite. Revolution? Ha.

Will Man ever wake up? Will the truth be exposed? Sigh. It's not looking good. All that's left is prayer. Whether you're Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or just someone with good, pure intentions in the soul. It's time to pray. If not for us, for our young.

Godspeed to us all.

I didn't see the Throne video as glorifying riot police. Rather, it seemed like it glorified the rioters (those guys looked pretty fashionable in their keffiyehs, for one, and Kanye loves his fashion). I especially got that impression from the notably slow-motion scene where one rioter takes down a mounted cop with a pole, and takes his horse. That doesn't glorify the police at all. I took the video as being inspired by the recent excessive police violence at OWS protests. I know for certain Jay-Z had his piece to say on the OWS movement. Perhaps that explains the slew of riot police in recent music videos. They're in the news, they're in the social consciousness. Following that vein of thought, I took the video as a representation of the collective masses taking down the organized and oppressive hierarchy (police in the video, "The Church" in the lyrics), making the… Read more »

No one mentioned the elephant that appears at the end of the video… I read this one on someone's blog: The elephant is the Self, deep within the Collective Unconscious, the Feminine principal. Is this emblematic of the Sacred Feminine/Goddess Worship?

Police presence putting a clamp down on people's rights and freedoms…how can the sheeple be so blind? And all have no idea about the iron fist rule that the "illuminated ones" are gonna bring down on them with the police.

If that's the case, then they're distorting the tale of Theseus severely. Remember that other movie-article, The Hunger Games? The Minoan entity in this equation is the goddamned Illuminati, and this mythological double-standard really undermines their whole propaganda machine in my view. They do not deserve to act like they're the "Enlightened Ones" and everyone else is just a stupid animal in need of taming. We should totally sue them.

They delude themselves if they truly consider themselves enlightened, when in reality they are purely animals. Animals are devoid of critical and rational thinking, likewise the ones who claim they are enlightened share the same traits.

Literally "reverse psychology", huh.

They are fools, worshiping the devil as the highest god. He has fooled them. He will lose in the end and they will know it when it's too late.

It's a good thing these elites are all guilty of high treason, theft and racketeering, otherwise we might actually have to riot like this to get any results. We can just go RICO on their b***h-asses, and stay on the right side of that police line. I mean, the conventional authorities can't all be corrupt puppets.