LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow: The First MTV-Funded Video is Masonic


I don’t think this video deserves a full-length article but it is however worth mentioning. In an effort to “infuse life” into the music video world, MTV announced it would start funding the production music videos. LCD Sounsystem’s Pow Pow is therefore the first MTV-funded video and…it’s symbolic of the forces behind MTV. And it’s pretty blatant. So blatant that I’m not even needed to analyze it. But I still have a couple of things to say about it.

To sum it up, a girl visits “wicked men” and asks them to sign a contract. These men are apparently appalled by the terms of the contract and refuse. Upon refusal, the girl flashes the men with classic Masonic symbols such as this

Eye of Horus in triangle

and this

Masonic Square and Compass

The “wicked men” finally find themselves in a Masonic lodge, along with what looks like a politician, a military general and sheriff (representative of the elite).

The master of ceremonies, dressed in Masonic regalia, orders the men to stand in line, along with the politician and the military general.
Interesting point of view. The reflection of the Masonic checker board pattern obscures one eye.

At the end of the video, the girl appears from a “chamber of light”, dressed in a ritualistic white wedding gown. Are we getting ready for the initiation of the “wicked men”?

So what does this video represent? What is the contract that is being offered? Why are these men recruited?  Who knows? (Who cares).

Is MTV saying that being initiated into the Masonic elite is the “key to success”?

At the end of the video, this guy’s shirt seems takes on a real meaning.

So MTV’s first funded video is a particularly Masonic one.  If you’ve read the article The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual, you’re probably not surprised. And if you’ve visited Canada’s MTV headquarters, you’re even less surprised.

MTV Canada, Toronto


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205 Comments on "LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow: The First MTV-Funded Video is Masonic"

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MTV doesn't stand for Music Television anymore… It stands for Masonic Television.

The girl is jezebel. The table covered with the instruments are things she uses to influence people. Drugs, alcohol, make up, cigarettes, brass knuckles. The spirit of jezebel at first uses manipulations like make up and jewelry, vanity items, or pleasure items and distraction items like drugs, alcohol, or cell phones(smartphones) to influence people. The brass knuckles represent the second form of power she uses to gain control over people, force. If we don't succumb to her control by manipulation she will use force and intimidation. At the end of the video she almost selects the brass knuckles but then goes for the bracelet instead. I think this is a foreshadowing that the elite are close to unleashing more methods of force to try to control us but are restraining themselves until the time is right.

Funny how they got one of the girls from the "TWILIGHT" series to be the "evil temptress"

There's a clear message in the video, and it's not "look how blatant we can be with the symbolism…" See, the three men aren't "evil" (ignore the parchment, that's like the curtain in The Wizard Of Oz) but men with women hanging on their arms and respect in the streets. They've gained enough power to cause others to notice. So you get three men and a woman going to these three. One man to frighten, one man to haul paper (organize), one man to persuade, and the woman to "serve as eye candy" (note the quotes). And they go to the three men who have some power, one by one, and give them a contract. Each one refuses to sign. Important plot point, and one that I haven't seen commented on by anyone other than Vigilant. Meanwhile we're looking at the lady, dressed up to emulate attractive nakedness (honestly, what… Read more »

And further…(sorry for following up my own posting)…

One can imagine what would have happened if the three signed the contract. Same scene with the politicos and the masonic businessman, only now he's smiling pleasantly (and is made up a bit less creepily) and the girl's smiling to the men in welcome and anticipation. And the final scenes are of men looking in awe at their new digs, their new bling and the hottie now on their arm (the lady who smiled at them before they signed the contract).

But this video involves people who refuse…and pay the price.

MTV Canada is no longer in that Masonic Building but located in the Bell Media Queen Street building (formerly known as CHUM-City Building) at 299 Queen Street.

Freemasonry is an organization promoting the luciferian NWO agenda. They are one of the branches of Satan's Kingdom. No t the only, but Highly influential in entertainment, the NFL, Politics, etc. The Lord has been showing me this over the past two years as his servant. Jesus will return in these last days, and the devil has great wrath, because his time is almost up, and he will be spending the next 1,000 years confined from maknkind. Read the book of Revelations, and see where this tongue wagging serpent is going. The Lake of Fire, where the worm does not rot, and the fire is not quenched, the Lake of Fire. My Lord has victory over his Kingdom.

i see nothing remotley masionic. am i missing something?

WOW! Thanks for creating such a fabulous resource for those interested in the occult. I am really impressed! I wish religious people had been this smart in my day and I might have found my true path sooner. I have book marked you and this is a truly great resource. What does concern me is that many of your readers are probably poorly educated in general and only listen to this sort of thing or the guy behind the pulpit for their point of view on the subjects. Just encourage them to stay away from ignitable materials or burning people they don't like. Make sure you emphasize non-violence against people of differing views because that is sort of where the church goes when it is infective in their beliefs and practices. I mean…if the church need this level of knowledge then it is pretty desperate. If the church needs this… Read more »

I'm fourteen and I read VC everyday. And I know if my parents were trying to hide it from me it would make me more eager and I'd sneak on to know the truth. You can hide her all you want though, its your kid. But don't be suprised when she revolts.

it is totally self-reflexive, and exposes itself (the music industry) for all that it is. they say that a curce has to be announced to the cursed for it to have maximum effect. this is par for course for the khazarian satanist that are in control here – lead supposedly by the black pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach. This is apparently the guy leading the satanic cabal, the guy that gives the nod and expresses his influence on all that is put our way via the media, via the banks, and via our corrupt governments. some on needs to whack this shmuck.

peace and love

To me, it seems that this is a story being told from an outsider's perspective.

This is just a message to those in the know that they are going around recruiting those members of the underworld as they are vital to the plan to achieve many of the goals of the illuminati to achieve a new world order which may require a massive reduction in the population and mass killing. Look out for drastic increases in crime and violence and much killing, people we need to open up our eyes to the injustices that are permeating society. Open up our eyes. But God has promised to be with the just he will protect us and we will be safe.

At the end they look regretful and tured, and it looks as if one of them is praying. Throughout the video, you almost forget the song is playing because you just want to see the video.

Read to the end: Part of what I see: The subjects (men of power, prestige and influence) are encouraged to sign at first, if that does not work, they are forced into the presence of the one who owns the contract. They are then faced with a deal they can't refuse. What I could see: The way she looks at them in her last shot is an "I got you suckers" look. This look changed my original thinking from, turn from your evil ways and do the right thing to, commit to us and you will never lose. In the end the looks on their faces are regret. They hit bottom, they succumbed to something. Were they enticed by, "succubus" as mentioned before, maybe, figuratively speaking. But they realized their wicked ways weren't as wicked as what they got themselves into. As I see it – The song & the… Read more » Ayer conceded to MTV News that the clip's concept is a bit cerebral. "This video's a little far out, a little esoteric," he said. "In this world, Anna's sort of this shape-shifter, I guess you could say." Ayer further explained that the message of the clip is about remaining humble, regardless of how much you might have succeeded in your walk of life. "No matter how big you are, how important you are in this temporal world of ours, there's somebody more important," he said. "You have to answer for your sins, and that's a little bit of what this video is about. And the person who sort of represents the power in this video isn't, like, some hardcore gangster guy, but little old Anna Kendrick kinda being her shy self." The song's music video was directed by David Ayer and stars Twilight star Anna Kendrick. She told MTV… Read more »
Does anyone want to take note that on the "FORUM" link is represented by the two pillars and the all seeing eye in a triangle. Come on man. The only shock I'm getting as of late, is the fact that the masses are still completely unaware of all of this crap around us. If this "video" doesn't bring more awareness, nothing will. The sheeple will continue to follow. Sometimes I wonder though, perhaps a lot of celebrities and musicians are using all of this as a cash grab, to stir everyone up. Maybe they don't really have anything to do with the elite and are just using the symbols and stuff to create more buzz around themselves. To me, it's starting to become a trend more than anything. Unless it's just the fact that I'm becomming more and more aware of it everyday. I will admit, before I found… Read more »

Once again, signs are clear as day!!! The girl is used to lure this guys in!! Lust is a very big part it. Out past twelve, in a club. Drinks are goin, music is playin, guys come and try to get them to sign contract wouldnt do it so comes in half decent girl…Lol when will ppl realize

The more I read, the more jaded I feel. What's the use of money and fame if you're messed up, and you mess up your children and everyone else? Or as Jesus said, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Does anyone here really envy people like Rihanna and Lady Gaga? Indulgence is so overrated. Who'd rather take riches with mind and body r**e rather than little with peace of mind?

While it is clearly obvious that this video has masonic symbols in it, the real question that no conspiracy theorist ever seems to ask is WHY? It is always assumed that if a symbol appears in any form of media then it must have been put there by the conspiracy themselves.

This is fallacious reasoning. It is just as likely to have been put there by people who want to EXPOSE the conspiracy. Either that, or people who understand that by putting a few pyramids in a music video or movie you are guaranteeing the obsessive attention of thousands of conspiracy-obsessed people on the internet… free publicity.

These symbols are put before us everywhere we look because they are satanic and hold much evil energy and power. Symbols used by the occult have been corrupting God’s image (us) since antiquity, and at one point the problem became so global and wicked that God was forced to destroy it all with a flood. Matthew 24:37 – “As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”
Be always ready and educate yourselves so you can save others, disciples of Yahusha. And know you are far from alone. Bless you all…amen.

so does MTV stand for "Masonic TeleVision" ?

Excellent article VC!

MTV= Masonic Temple Videos Oh and my 9 year old son knows all about masons and the illuminati

Not for anything, but just because you think the song sucks doesn't mean everyone does. There are those of us that dig the indie sound that LCD Soundsystem rocks, and I quite like the song.

the girl is not high but aloof and 'cool'

WOW TO CANADA MTV- I mean I knew M standed for masonic. but come on!!
Interesting that a lot of artists refer to the devil as a woman. “She” or “her”
anyways- V- check out this video by the Offpring- the IRONIC title “you’re gonna go far kid”- devil is a woman here too- tells the same ol’ story you’ve been talking about, and the one that MTV is now throwing in our faces with the above video-

has anyone seen Hawthorne Height's music Video for Niki FM? It just got me thinking because of the white dress thing I have seen in other articles on this website… the lyrics are:… It mentions him being asleep with one eye open. and the lyrics "Silence in black and white falling forward as she walks toward the light" I actually muted the pow pow video and watched it with HH's music playing and when the above is being sung by HH on pow pow video i had the lodge-man with his black and white lense then the girl walking out of the light lol. Also both girls in both videos are brunette and both girls are in a wedding dress toward the end of the video. Also in HH music video at the start he is singing in a robotic way addressing his peers at a graduation day.… Read more »

My friend KH. has an amazing voice she had recently posted on facebook that she wanted to become a professional singer.I support her and all but I know that she'll be mind raped like all celebrities and turn into a robot and I feel helpless because i can't do anything unless I get in the industry, but then again i can't sing and I might also get mind raped unknowingly.What should i tell her without her weirding her out?.Please forgive my off topic ranting.

Seriously, is this considered music? To be honest I wouldn’t listen to it even if i was PAID to! Its crap.. among the first words of the song: Pow. powpowpow. POW. Gee.. Maybe im just too intelligent for this music.


Below the title of the song, at the end of the video, it says

"This is Happening."

so blatant.

You know what a friend told me about Masonic buildings, they are not supposed to ever be used or sold for non-Masonic purposes. So I guess that that indeed tells you all you need to know about MTV.

This has nothing to do with the subject, but now that I see the image of the eye of horus I remember seeing it in the villains of sailor moon when they called the demons to fight in the 4th season…

It's like they're doing it on purpose. I feel like they feel there's no need to hide it anymore. The majority of people think we're crazy anyway.

Have U seen this strange writing in da pool ? Look at 00:52' of the video clip

Still loling at the last pick…

Freaking fail

I don't understand the basic of duality. Can somebody help?

The New World Order is a Jew World Order

“The principles of Freemasonry are all contained in the Talmud”

i actually kinda like the music tho. i think it sounds good. does it make me a bad person? 😉

To me the fact that the symbolism is so blatant and obvious makes it seem like they're kind of trying to make a joke out of the current public interest in Freemasonry/Illuminati societies, as if they were trying to say to all the people that analyze videos and find hidden messages "here you have some blatant symbols…as if this was all really true."

I don't know, their choice to completely draw the shades on this can be interpreted in various ways, but it's too obvious for them to just want people to take it seriously. It almost seems like a parody to me.

On another note, who listens to and watches this crap anyway? Horrific. 🙂

The Illuminati are just human beings with enochian anunaki soul matrix we are now initiating evac of these scum to take off planet and dispose of there game in this universe is know null and void

I am starting to think the "M" in this station stands for "Mason TV" instead of "Music TV" like they insist….haha

Wow MTV Canada… Way to be subtle…

Thank you for sharing and educating us about what is going on around us.

You know what, i dont know the truth and i wont know until i die like all of us. we all have our opinions and believe what we choose but whose to say what is what unless were 100 percent sure. the video no doubt was masonic because i have men in my fam that are masons and those for sure are symbols. but as far as how it got started and all that other bullshit goes, if u werent there how can u know?

Thats crazy. Btw the eye of horus was not meant to be evil. research.

Isn't Summer Redstone the big Zionist Jew an owner of MTV ? and its true if you jump a bouard MTV you will lose out. Just ask Glenn Danzig who refused to comply.

mtv put the symbols in there so we would all slog thru their crappy attempt at a video. knowing we wouldnt be remarking on it otherwise. except to say it was drivel.

Error in last message; that's:


What? You mean nobody buys the ox excrement that the all-seeing eye

is the Eye of Divine Providence? Nothing nefarious about that, people!

On the other hand, this site does seem to be clincher to me:

What? You mean nobody buys the ox excrement that the all-seeing eye

is the Eye of Divine Providence? Nothing nefarious about that, people!

On the other hand, this site does seem to be clincher to me:
After reading this site, I see that they can no longer hide behind the old

lies about how the symbol is "Christian", not occult, and that it's not

even a Masonic symbol, etc., blah, blah, blah.

who would want to be a "powerful" illuminati as portrayed in "pow pow"? actually, the video does not even function very well as a music vid: it`s repetitious, wholly foreseeable and (at least for regular illuminati-watchers) seriously clichéd. things don`t come more obvious than here – and, besides, the power allegedly offerred by becoming "one of them" doesn`t seem all that desirable. in all, I find this a lame effort.

too bad, also, for a once pretty neat band such as lcd soundsystem – they`ve gone from being at the forefront of something new and exciting aurally (2005`s magnificent fall-inspired debut album; even "sound of silver") and visually (the early vids) to lame corporate disco courtesy of boring old school mtv/satanist farts.

To be Anti-Mason is to be a Nazi. Almost all the conspiracies about Masonry were originated by Nazis, Communists, and the Islamic Resistance Movement who believed that it was a front by Jews, organized for world domination. The lies have metamorphosized through the years, a tactic by Nazi sympathizers to hide their real origin of Antisemitism so that innocent people like those of you posting here will believe them, repeat them, and remain ignorant to the fact that they were lies propagandized by Hitler and his Merry men. There is nothing wrong with Masonry. It's not an organization that I would align with, as I don't align with organizations. But I know people who are involved, and they're the salt of the earth. I urge everyone here who really believes their are evil, sinister intents within the Masons to recollect what they believe they know, and what they find negative… Read more »

ok um, apparently your not paying attention, dude wtf are u talking about? WOW! i lol for real. i think you need to do some more research bro cuz you havent a clue what your talking about, pray for you to get some knowledge cuzo

Is this directed towards me? I think it's you who needs to open your eyes and do some research, Cuzo. All of the paranoia, conspiracy theories, and anti-Masonry beliefs originated in Nazi Germany by Hitler and his Propagandists who believed that it was a front by Jews for world domination. These are facts. Any feelings you have about Masonry that is even the slightest bit disenchanted originated there. It's not your fault that you believe it at all, it's the only stuff we have, and through the years the truth of it's origins have been swept under the rug, so it seems as if it's just legitimate concerns coming from good-hearted Christian men. But the truth is, the seeds of this discontent were planted by Hitler and his cronies. I bet you believe the hype about Albert Pike and the "Lucifer is God." BS. It's just that. BS. They were… Read more »
"All of the paranoia, conspiracy theories, and anti-Masonry beliefs originated in Nazi Germany by Hitler and his Propagandists who believed that it was a front by Jews for world domination. These are facts." "So the Anti-Masonry beliefs were spread by Nazis, Hamas, and Anti-Catholics….does this not sound strange." Come on now these statements are simply not true. Totally inaccurate. 1828…The Anti-Masonic Party was formed in upstate New York in 1828. Eight popes have issued pronouncements either explicitly condemning Freemasons or those activities and principles identified with Freemasonry.(And guess what it was long before Nazi Germany.) The very term Nazi is partially derived from and is intended to mimic the Hebrew term Nazarite, which means "separated". The Nazi's are supposed to be the chosen ones of Germany right? Well Ironically the Jews in The Pan-German area are considered to be AshkeNAZI Jews. That's is quite a 'coincidence' if one… Read more »


Sorry that I accidently applied my response to yours. That wasn't my intention. Thanks for providing the link to Kennedy's words about secret societies.

So, I guess Captain Morgan was a Nazi too since he was going to print his lodge's manual/rule book? Also, why are Masons not allowed to mention Jesus if they consider themselves Christian? How come all of their meetings never fall on days that local and state governments are meeting? I guess President Kennedy was a Nazi too since he didn't believe in secret societies, secret meetings, and secret procedings. He wanted the masons disbanded. Did Kennedy and Captain Morgan die for speaking out against the masons? We'll never know. I wouldn't ever join a group that used the pentagram as one of their main symbols. Google search images of Masonic Graveyards/headstones. Inverted pentagrams galore.