Kanye West : “Tidal is not the Illuminati”


Paper Magazine published a letter written by Kanye West in which he rebukes the fact that musicians are pinpointed as being “the Illuminati”, adding that “we don’t run anything”. Duh.

A few months after his wife’s big oily butt starred on the cover of Paper Magazine, Kanye West graces us with his timeless words of wisdom in the same publication. In his letter, Kanye describes his dabbling in the fashion world as an epic struggle everybody should care about, he compares himself to Steve Jobs several times andย  then goes off for a few paragraphs about how he’s an inventor and an innovator. In short, the letter is the most Kanye West thing ever written.

Beyond his usual rant, Kanye also rebukes the fact some people called the Tidal press conference an “Illuminati moment”.

The weird, awkward star-studded conference promoting Tidal.
The awkward, star-studded conference promoting Tidal. You can see the enthusiasm in their eyes.

Launched by Jay-Z, Tidal is a streaming music service that users must pay for. Despite the unremarkable nature of the service, the PR surrounding it however describes is as a “revolution” and a “historic moment”. The ad campaign surrounding Tidal is a cringe-inducing gathering of rich people complaining about how they want more of your money.

This ad unites some of the biggest industry puppets in the world – “artists” who have been paid to push the elite’s Agenda for years. For that reason, some people (even Complex magazine) half-jokingly called the conference an Illuminati reunion.

Kanye West took offense to that and felt the need to clarify something important : Tidal is not the Illuminati. He then proceeds to explain the obvious :

“I heard a comment — a joke — about the Tidal press conference being an Illuminati moment. If there was actually an Illuminati, it would be more like the energy companies. Not celebrities that gave their life to music and who are pinpointed as decoys for people who really run the world. I’m tired of people pinpointing musicians as the Illuminati. That’s ridiculous. We don’t run anything; we’re celebrities. We’re the face of brands.”

Kanye then explains how his peers are puppets subjected to the industry’s will.

“We have to compromise what we say in lyrics so we don’t lose money on a contract. Madonna is in her 50s and gave everything she had to go up on an award show and get choked by her cape. She’s judged for who she adopts. F*ck all of this sensationalism. We gave you our lives. We gave you our hearts. We gave you our opinions!”

Madonna "choking on her cape" at the Brit Awards trying to do what the elite requires her to do in order to stay relevant.
Madonna “choked by her cape” at the Brit Awards while trying to do what the elite requires her to do in order to stay relevant.

In short, Kanye is right. Tidal is not the Illuminati. But nobody with half a brain actually believed that. Most of the artists associated with that campaign are industry pawns who do as they’re told and who barely control anything relating to their careers. They were most likely forced to appear in that universally hated ad campaign. Record companies create artificial hype around their artists, puts them under the spotlight and uses them to push various messages.

When Kanye said : “We gave you our lives. We gave you our hearts. We gave you our opinions!”, he should have been addressing the elite controlling the music industry – not the public. Because these artists gave everything to them … and they SOLD everything to us.



  1. The saddest part about all of this is *people actually exist in reality* who look up to these ‘stars’ and wish they could be like them, having ‘fame’, ‘hoes’ and whatever else slang these losers ‘sing’ about. Talk about clueless!

  2. Wtf. Kanye trying to get into the fashion industry is HUGE. The fashion industry is what you keep writing articles about, what CONTROLS images, media, pop culture, identity, our youth. Kanye trying to get in and having a BIG PUSH from them shows how controlling the fashion industry is and how disturbing the peoplw are who are behind it. Look at some of those runways and you will see the same disturbing images you complain about on here. It’s like just because some people feel they don’t like Kanye(bc they blindly believe the media like idiot although they may never hav met him) they are unable to grasp what he is saying. Kanye has never been behind the establishment or illuminati, hence why they go so hard to discredit him. Also, why can’t he compare himself to Steve Jobs??Are you kidding? Steve Jobs is not to be put up on some peddle stool all people should be able to compare themselves to him if they too are trying to be innovative and follow their passion.

  3. Maybe some school kids concluded after smoking too much crack that the music industry is the illuminati.

    Stupid but blame the media for that confusion. They deliberately want to misdirect youth to follow the appearance of power rather in order to convince them to sacrifice their own personal power in exchange for delusional fantasies that never materialize. The proverbial carrot held in front of the donkey to make him run.

    These stars who are addicted to the idea of fame have no brains. They are quite literally w****s who sell their bodies for sexual stimulation. It’s legalized but it’s still prostitution. W***e of Babylon? Probably but I figured that was really the politicians.

  4. I'm not a Kanye fan, but I agree they are all faces of brands. I particularly don't like people who attack the programmed women with insults, like that guy who always says "Lady Kaka"–it's so childish. If you believe they are not the REAL power brokers, why call the women names? I don't hear this so much for someone like Jay Z. It is always sexual insults hurled at the female illum. celebs.

  5. I'd tell him were to shove his music service & no one wants his heart (if he can find it) or his opinions, what a w**k

  6. The record companies and the phony artists they push on us are DEAD TO ME!

    Have fun losing EVERYTHING like the rest of us have because once EVERYONE catches on, get in the bread line suckas!

  7. Actually he is right on point…he is just a puppet….& so is madonna….her EXACT words as she fell…."I let down my GUARD….."…….well……….they are the VICTIMS & Vessel…..as the Garbage video say when the robot replaces the original……The World is not Enough….. but it's a perfect place to start…….now that was one serious ILLUMINATI movie planning out the first decade of the New Millennium that we see before us….IS, Chenchen rebels, OIL pipelines, Nuklear mayhem & Stockholm Syndrome, terrorist…..well……Electra King….always felt the 007 movies were pure Archonic devices for predictive programming of in plain sight…….ps when will someone breakdown Daniel Craig…..he seems to have avoided Occam's razor…..and when you consider he dated the drunk beta Moss…..well…..

  8. I saw Arcade Fire (Win and Regine) and I guess I can't deny anymore how much they have sold out. Why are they involved in this? Were they forced? I'm so disappointed because I really love their music. Ugh!!!

  9. Watched the video clip and heard the following, not in exact words but to this extent, "that we need to come as we are as artists [this word again]" and "it is something about the people and not technology", but then there are persons dressed up in robotic militant type uniforms? Is this a joke?

    Also, don't these faces we see seem very confused with their speech and in what they say? Having to say one thing and doing the exact opposite with their careers?

    I am afraid though that these faces at this Tidal event are not joking and the confusion on their part, and seen by an observer, is due to them not knowing/misrepresenting what they, the "artists", truly are. Confusing is the product of lies/misrepresentation/hypocrisy.

    To my understanding art is to inspire beauty/well-being/intelligence. Most of the faces I see in this article do no such thing (more or less), and that Minaj, phfft…. I have not seen or heard anything from her, ever, along the artistic lines.

    These faces and the power players (Illumanti or not) behind can dump all their time and money, put up a huge stage show round table conference, create an air of importance, sip on their drinks with their pinky up, stir up unnecessary attention all for the sake of 'art', to… at the end…. conclude that what was discussed will be long forgotten. The only thing that might be remember/discussed a year from now is who was wearing what.

  10. ALSO you bunch of musical retards, no one is accusing brainless idiots like you of being the Illuminati, we're accusing you of being PUPPETS.


  11. Energy companies??!! F**k you KAnye

    Even when denying the illuminati label he pushes an Illuminati agenda, the war on fossil fuels and the global warming scam.

    Prize fuckwit. He's no where near as talented as he thinks he is.

  12. ~ "we're not the illuminati." like hell you would be. you're their bloody drones. you've been mindf*cked so many times, you don't know if your coming or going let alone spreading disinformation.

  13. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666. If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, he same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

    —Revelations 13-14

  14. Tidal sounds just like Pandora, etc. Not exactly new. As for comparing himself to Steve Jobs he might have a point. Both are puppets. Jobs of course set up CIA funded and created Apple, or at least that is the official story. Kanye is actually nowhere near as bad as Jobs. After all, Apple runs concentration camps "manufacturing" facilities were most of its actual good are made through Foxconn. Why do you think they have suicide nets?

  15. "and they SOLD everything to us."

    Except for their souls. That they sold to someone else. These celebrities use the only defense they can: maintain argumentative division between those who know what these celebrities are up to, and the brainwashed masses who refuse to see what is becoming more and more obvious to those paying attention. The celebrities already know that we are onto them. Their objective now is to slow the process of awakening. So when Kanye uses simpleton logic like "we don't run anything", he already knows that we understand that you don't have to run it to be in on it. But to the mind of the average dupe, it is equivalent to saying "there is no elite conspiracy, so continue on with what you were already doing or not doing".

    If you want to see just how corrupt these celebrities really are, watch any interview or speech by Angelina Jolie. She can hardly contain herself.

  16. LOL!!!! "You can see the enthusiasm in their eyes" I used to feel so disturbed and sickened by this stuff but now its all just laughable. I mean I feel bad for these clowns.. they look so empty and lifeless despite the millions of dollars between them. I look at my life as a poor person and I'm actually VERY happy; I'm surrounded by loved ones and I have the ability to enjoy the simple things and not take things like food and shelter for granted. I used to envy people like that, NOT ANYMORE. I have healthy and happy relationships with my loved ones, my God and myself ๐Ÿ™‚ enough money for organic food, thriftstore clothes, shelter, a vacation now and then and I'm good.

  17. West is living proof of the old saying: "Rich people are eccentric, but poor people are crazy." Every time he opens his mouth, he gives (me anyway), more evidence that his has grandiose delusions in connection with schizophrenia or the manic end of bipolar disorder. I can't make up my mind if his programming has popped a gasket, or if he's crazy, or both! Anyway, if he were one of us 99% he'd have been locked up long ago.

  18. Hahahahaha!! tidal is flopping hard and even boosted sales for spotify, you'd think with all the money these asshats have they'd be able to do this right. Glad to see it going down

  19. wetwete I think I liked your comment best out of this whole comment forum (my other favorite one was "they want us to see them as gods but we see them as puppets and it p*sses them off!" haha!)
    back to your comment—YESSSSS that's what I thought too and I watched the video twice–I just couldn't understand why it sounded so scripted and mechanical. they seemed like it was just something they "had to do"–they didn't even seem excited which is ironic since it was "such a historical day"–I didn't see any sincere smiles or sincere joy in their faces. they seemed nervous which is a first—ive never seen these celebs act nervous. and yes, their personalities seemed to be non-existent. "vacant" is a perfect way to put it. and well we all know why being avid readers of vigilantcitizen.

  20. This TIDAL logo what is it? An inverted pyramid (made up of rhombs). It could also be a horned head. If u go to the TIDAL' s page rite now, ull see Willow Smith with the Tidal logo above one of her eyes and the other half covered by the letter "L" from "TIDAL".

  21. I thought it was pretty funny to see Jason Aldean. Haha oh man what a poser!

    Side note: he's probably never picked up a shovel in his life!

  22. Just ugh I wouldn't give any of them one cent of my hard earned money because they are all so rich and they all waste so much money on clothes, cars, jewelry, etc. They could easily live on a small fraction of what they spend and they could help a lot of poor people around the world. Kanye West calls himself a genius and people believe it. If I call myself an expert does that mean I am an expert or just a liar? How do you know? I heard so much about his Yeezus album. I read through the lyrics of the first song and it was all filthy swear words about him boasting about disgusting immature base subject matter.

  23. "We gave you our lives. We gave you our hearts. We gave you our opinions!” Oh no…no..no honey, you sold yourself, it wasn't free, and it's called being a w***e!

  24. “We have to compromise what we say in lyrics so we don’t lose money on a contract"…..So in a way he (Kanye) just admitted to being puppets of the illuminati. They are pawns which are easily disposable and replaceable if they don't play right.

  25. Hey Kanye West
    I think that you're a pest
    media needy
    money greedy
    and you whine when we don't salaam to you
    whine when we don't buy your sick words

    Hey Kanye West
    I wish you'd go away
    nothing personal
    but your verse 'n' all
    brings us down
    illuminati clown
    and your millions won't buy heaven
    and your millions won't buy heaven

    by locust – no rights reserved, no trademark or copyright.

  26. Noo,, Chris Martin also part of this ๐Ÿ™
    Funny that Kanye for once tells the blatant truth..
    They're not illuminati, they're puppets.

  27. Kanye also said that racism doesn't exist anymore, just classism. So his words are worth about as much as a soiled paper towel.

  28. Was wondering if youtubers are affected too. Eg bethany mota. Search her music video up, it's full of triangles and weird rubbish.

  29. The ad gets so many dislikes and negative comments on you tube. Seems like nobody's buying it. Glad not to give up my hope in humanity

  30. I guess they have to compromise their music too cause it's sooo retarded and lack of creativity. It sounds like it is manufactured (because it really is). He just forgot to mention it.

  31. I think he is right in this part.
    and that's true they didn't born in an elite family and they don't have blue blood.

    SO YEAH they are puppets to the ELITE, they are there to push the agenda and they don't make any opinion in their career.
    they are all controlled by the same system that controls the mass media.


  32. how are thes pawns bettering humanity?!? how is he giving his life? who amongst them is the modern da MLK or Ghandi or JFK? more like cowards and slaves to me

  33. Why is it that those with the least talent get the spot light?
    I'm a musician and have seen this personally in the many bands and music projects I have been in.
    The front man/band leader, or lead singer wants to be in control while offering the least to the group.

    On the other hand, I have seen very talented though not often enough people, share the stage and spot light with the sidemen/musicians.

    The music business is a back stabbing, dirty dealing,ego filled, loud & obnoxious, two faced industry.

    And those are it's good points.

    • Very true, but there are some (very few) exceptions. Kanye West is one such exception.Others include Bob Dylan, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Metallica, and Nine Inch Nails. But the vast majority of mainstream music is complete trash. Always has been, and it’s gotten even worse over the years.

  34. It's all staged from standing there with their hands in pocket to pretending Jay Z controls something . Reality is the hidden hand , or cabal that controls music would NEVER , NEVER give up control of distribution of music, it's as important as ownership of song . That's just an Illusion cause he's a Front , cause presumably he has enough money to start up anything he wants w/o any "stars " help .
    Just look at the myth about him owing Barclay Arena when it wads just 1/15 of one percent AND HE HAD TO SELL IT BACK after they got what they wanted from city .

  35. The CEO of Tidal quit or was fired. Last week.

    The sales of the app are diving as Spotify's is increasing.

    The press conference was laughable and cheapened the artists involved. And they appear to be aware of this.

    Jay-Z and Jack White were forced to make personal phone calls to subscribers to thank them for giving them their money!

    Tidal is a BOMB. The Age of Aquarius is here. Fun's over. These creeps are all going down hard. The dark forces have a bill to pay and collections are underway. Get used to it. Don't enjoy it. But they earned it.

  36. I really wish they would stop calling their music "art." Their music is trash.. They are all tools and wouldn't spend a penny supporting their "music" if I was the richest man in the world.

  37. I'll just stick to torrenting and actually buying music from real artists and musicians.
    Thanks. I'll never fund anything associated with any of these clowns. Plus what's so historic about this as "Ms Queen B" said. They are very egotistic people.

  38. Kanye should shut the f*** up. He has no idea what he's yakking about. Celebs may be the face of the brands, but many celebs have had to shut down brands because they're not selling as promised. The reason why Kanye's are is that the Illuminati is funding (and probably fudging) the system. I find Kanye's reputation has gone to pot and now Tidal is just something to bring it up to illum standarding.
    PS. Madonna has the crucifix on upside down. We all knew what that cape-yanking incident was about, as well.

    • pls Marozia,
      what exactly was the 'cape yanking' incident all about really? can any one pls tell me the symbolic meaning? alot of people think the fall was not ordinary…

      • Nothing is done without a reason. I personally felt that the cape business was to show that Madonna was 'human' and that we all make mistakes, my dad thought it represented her 'fall from heaven' like Lucifer. Other friends figured it may be that she is making way for a new High Priestess of the music cult.
        Watch the video again, maybe one of us is right. Then again, maybe we're all wrong!!

  39. Refuting claims that him and the rest are "not" illuminati…….I thought I saw kanye's statement after reading it further saying that they're celebrities and "Face of Brands" which more like the "well-known" one that many do not realize thats both "uplifting" and "degrading" them same time.

    So what I'm getting out of this is that they're saying that they may not be illuminati, but they surely are the b*****s of the "elite" since that's what they gave their souls in for fame and fortune at the expense of their own dignity.

    These puppets sure love sucking up to their "handlers" with such contradictory statements in that "blood contract" they signed up for.

  40. That moment of Madonna at the BRIT Awards still haunts me. I can't help but feel like it's symbolic for something.
    Is she going to "mysteriously" die in 2015? It seems her fall from the public has already begun, as her music isn't as hot as just a couple years ago.

      • I noticed the same thing. As well, she's at the top of the stairs facing towards the stage. One would think the dancers next move would be to step forward with Madonna yet they didn't skip a beat -they moved back with her in a perfect formation and paused while the incident took place. If she had planned on stepping down again, she'd have already turned around, non? I wouldn't have questioned it if they had continued their ascent to the upper level while she fell behind (now that would have been REALLY embarrassing) but everything about it was seamless, even the lyrics.

        Whatever the motivation, I believe it was a stunt. A stunt from the original Stunt Queen. And it worked! I doubt she expected the "granny get off the stage" ribbing but the bottom line was the same. It's all anyone talked about and the only thing anyone will remember about this ceremony for years to come.

    • I haven't seen the show, but I think you're right. This isn't the first "accident" happening at a huge show, that we all know wasn't really an accident. They plan everything carefully, and everything has got a specific meaning.

  41. First time I saw this commercial I couldn't help but laughing. Non talented, non artists, sleazy but oh so famous, rich pple mumbling words about their "greatness and creativity" and now they want YOUR money. Huh……no. I am not sure why they all look like they are attending a funeral? Kanye is trying to hard and it has the opposite effect. He can't sing, his songs are mediocre, he has not "innovated" anything, has an inflated, delusional sense of self, looks perpetually angry and fights with everybody. How in the world did he become famous? With the help of fellow satanworshipper JayZ. How else? Thank you VC!

  42. Great Article.
    Maybe Illuminati Sock Puppets?
    West is a joke, Mr." I Sold My Soul To The Devil". It is about art…since when? The crap will only get worse (i.e. if that is possible that it could get any worse). Obviously the End is near…there is no art left in the West ( no pun intended).

  43. Please, can someone tell me what is Elite plan for NWO ??
    What are they trying to do ??
    what exactly they trying to achieve with this Celebrity Puppets ??

  44. I can't believe there are more than 2 1/2 people who listen to and watch the crap these talentless creeps put out anyway. Just looking at them gives me a wave a nausea.

  45. Lies. Lies. LIES. Who would admit what the REAL thing is? Of course, no one will do! Blind ones will be deceived that easily.

  46. These useless twits take themselves so seriously. Most of us know they are nothing but amoral puppets that have sold their souls for money and fame and they won't convince any of us they have any more substance or depth than that. Such jokes they are.

  47. No leather kilt needed! Kanye West easily exposes himself in the following two lines. "It can be a scary thing for people to think universally, to think in terms of the world. It's not traditional." and '. . . this interbreeding of ideas, is necessary for us as a race to evolve.' These two statements reflect the hermetic/Freemason/Illuminati philosophy in a nut shell. Universality (one world government) and the intentional evolution of the human race.

  48. They all look SO miserable in that first picture. Maybe it's because KNOW they are controlled—to a degree. But it's all compartmentalized. So, these musicians don't really understand the full spectrum dominance of control or the ultimate agenda. I do believe that Jay-Z and Madonna are higher up Masons in the Illuminati so they ARE more aware. Kanye West is not illuminati–at least not yet or he is just very low level.
    I'd also like to add THIS:
    VOTE WITH YOUR DOLLARS, PEOPLE!!! You have more power than you think. You don't have to support these pawns. You don't have to watch TV or buy their music… Don't comply. Resist. Uplift Others. Don't buy their product. ๐Ÿ™‚ XOX VC Readers!!!!!

  49. In a weird twisted way, Kayne's right.

    No, the entertainers are not the Illuminati. They just work for people that want to control the planet, and occasionally get a taste of the high life, for a price.
    They probably DO give their all to their work — it's hard to give up every sensible value in your soul, act categorically degrading, and know you'll have to do more or….else.

    They are ARE face of a brand: "Let Us Own You, INC" is doing extremely well in today's economy and has a projected growth ratio of 100% over the next 6 months.

    They absolutely have to compromise what they say in lyrics. Mind you some of the drivel that comes out is probably more intelligible than what they had planned, and the fact some of it just happens to point to luciferian influence, well you know, working folks like them just gotta make their cash, and conspiracy hounds gotta rant…

    And people ARE mean. Just think, those poor entertainers act like clowns to get our attention, then adopts little kids they can indoctrinate, and we laugh at them for their silly antics.

    Life's tough.
    Then they pay you million dollar contracts. (now where's that wet wipe so I can get the blood off my fingers…)

  50. How much is your soul really worth? Those of us who still have them know that they are priceless. I will take poverty and suffering for all eternity over selling it to the dark side. These people (if they can be called that anymore) are really, really pathetic.

    • I've tougt about this many times myself. And it IS pathetic because who gets that desperate to be famous and have people talking bad mouthig you and no privacy for the rest of your life? It might lok glamourous and sure, you have lots of cash and get a materially great life but..for your SOUL? Small price for the devil.

  51. I think he is right… those "celebrities" don't have any powers, unless the power WE give to them. The same occurs in politics. Those people have influence in our lives by our CONSENT, because we bow down our heads and swallow down every s**t they offer to us. We should put our CARE on things that really matter and stop caring about superfluous, shallow, superficial stuff. He's right: we are ruled by BRANDS and corporations. We left those people rule our lives, we give them our permission. If we boycott, if we don't demand, if we stop giving our energy for those people… things will change, believe me. WE have the power, not them.

    • since the world is world, only them rule the world, so how you can say WE HAVE THE POWER. yes you have the power but you are in spiritual prison, you can nothing just by your will or energy. so only Jesus can defied them, and i's coming back soon and you will see what will go on, and we make fan on everything this elite does, because we know that we can not defied them but Jesus can and they know that , that why they try to prepare his second coming in order to defy him. so be aware, look for Jesus all your soul and you will be saved because Jesus will confuse elite and simple people who refuse the elite but don't come to him Jesus too, with Jesus don't worry about elite agenda, just remember the babel tour, god confused it just when they finished job

    • I believe you, in my country people stopped watching celebrity shows and all of them where cancelled (5 of them) , now there are only two.

    • Most meaningful post I've read in a long time. You're absolutely right. We are the oppression, we are the Illuminati, we enslave ourselves (and the person next to us) by allowing them to control us and even fighting back one of our own, when they say something out of the box like "We have the power, not them". The elite doesn't even have to move a finger anymore, we enslave ourselves by suggestion, by education, by normality.

      And the solution is not to fight it, it's to deny it. Fighting gives more power to the elite, it acknowledges they exist and they have impact on our lives.

      For example, I see people complaining about how Gmail or Facebook changed something in the way they operate and they b***h and whine online about making it the way it was… but never give up actually using those services.

      Like William says, boycott, don't demand, deny, turn your back on what you think has no influence on your life. Don't fight it, deny it. Stop talking about the negative, talk about the positive. And suddenly, it disappears.
      We have and always had the power and their greatest trick was to lead us to believe they have.

      Lastly, don't obsess over the problem or the solution. In the end, it's all about positive or negative energy, there's no wrong or right in anything we do in our lifetime and when we leave our bodies, we're all brothers and sisters and all the same, in the spiritual plane.

      • It's about the Use of energy? By you, us, them, animals and plants.Maybe even things we never heared of.

    • i think thats very true . hit em where it hurts boycott music and movies . they alread look scared , So it looks like its working . and even 20% vs 1% is a big enough number to toppel them. when people turn off ICKE,WILCOCK,JONES and regain their life back…it's game over

    • So true. I dont listen to or buy their music and i am so happy that many of the youth today are not listening or buying their filthy music either.

  52. So, they are making out the 'stars' have finally got together and taking back control of their careers..lol

    I think the name is very apt….TIED ALL!

  53. Kanye is an idiot. He expects us to take these people seriously as artistes, but says it all right here: "We’re celebrities. We’re the face of brands." Not, "We're artists, the face of creativity." But product shills for giant corporations. Such integrity. And we're supposed to feel sorry for highly paid Madonna being accidentally choked by a magician's cape on stage at a glamorous awards show? No one was sorry for me when my coat got caught in the subway door. No one who married a Kardashian can reasonably expect to be taken seriously by anyone except the culturally bankrupt.

    • right? he is saying we're not this but right after, he just confirms it! we are the faces of brands , it' s like they're saying we run these brands, we own them, we are powerful. and that video was so terrible, so scripted. they can't even act in their own commercials. it sounds like none of these celebrities have personalities. maybe that's what happens when u lose ur soul.

      • Read the whole article in Paper, he makes very little sense. Contradicts himself, saying money is important, artists should work for big money, but we should all be more authentic and less materialistic. Well, which is it? Whoever let him publish that did him no favors.

      • Seems so. Every magazine I see has pictures of the models' faces looking dead, lifeless, and as my mother put it, 'vacant'. She doesn't believe the Illuminati exists but agrees that there's that, and some artists who might have Satanic influence in their lyrics.

      • You mean when u choose to give ur soul to evil. These celebrities as they call themselves, always had a choice. I don't shed a tear for Kanye or Madonna, et al..

        That they chose celebrity $tatu$ as pawns for the illuminati over being an authentic artist, is their problem. As citizens, we have a choice too. We can choose to turn our backs on these hypocrites and spend our time, money and loyalty on authentic artists.

    • Right. They are still slaves…as much as when their ancestors were tied to blackberries…only now it´s gold and fame…now they´re clowns as well.. they degrade the word and meaning of Artist.

    • "And we're supposed to feel sorry for highly paid Madonna being accidentally choked by a magician's cape on stage at a glamorous awards show?"

      Well said!

      Innocent children are being blown to bits daily by NWO drone attacks, and our concern is supposed to be "Keeping up with the Kardashians?"

      • Exactly! The rest of what he said is ridiculous: "Madonna gave everything she had to go up on an award show and get choked by her cape." Like she had run into the face of enemy fire. Or like a wardrobe malfunction of an Armani garment was the worst thing that has ever happened,. #EliteProblems

      • Reminds of some wilderness survival movies. The stranded survivors include a cross-section of society, from hardhat to Hollywood starlet. The starlet breaks a nail and it's the biggest tragedy in her life!

      • She gave everything she had, that's true, including soul, everything they asked for so she be on that stage…

      • Not true. You can't sell your soul to the devil because he already HAS it, unless you receive Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

        The truth shall set you free….

      • I don't care for Kanye as a person, but as for the illuminati satanic a lot of the puppets including famous people are actually signed into the group by their parents. They know how to corner people and manipulate people into signing in with them. The selling of the soul isn't real. It's a metaphor for giving your life over to them to control. Some of them have to do satanic rituals etc for the elite. I don't care for Madonna either she is extremely blasphemous is her performance, but I'm still not judging her actions she might have to do it..sometimes if you don't comply they threaten family members and their children's lives. I personally think Madonna and Kanye like the fame because they're naturally self centred individuals that love attention, but I think there are some good hearted people that really don't like it and want to get out but are trapped.. it's not their fault. A lot do drugs to deal with it.

      • God knows who is of ill intention and who is not. Don't forget he has authority over all creation. Even fallen. They know too. They just aren't mature so they do things to mock and spite God..but God always has the full authority over souls.

      • Jesus Christ isn't your savior, God is. Jesus is merely a human, he was a prophet for God, not God himself.

      • Dear me, some cannot face the truth. One thing to be an a******e but to be so dishonest, is another thing. It's preferable to say, 'Yes I cannot live up to Christ's expectation. I want to do whatever I wish but I understand that even though I'm a bvm, that's the truth'. On the other hand, by denying the truth or distorting it because I don't fancy to behave like I was meant to, it's cockiness all over the place.

      • Uh, Jesus Christ Himself said "I am in the Father and the Father is in me" and "If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father", and "Even before Abraham was, I AM."

        I think its PRETTY fair to say that Jesus Christ *IS* GOD.

    • god, jesus, allah, buddha, satan, etc., are either creations of the first planet controllers (= illuminati) or they're just how our ancestors perceived 'ancient aliens' (watch this show on the History Channel and it will open your eyes to a lot of things) who visited Earth. They're not real.
      All religions are false and were created in order to divide us and control us even more.

      All sentient beings in the universe are immortal souls, all in different stages of their evolution. That's what 'god' is, not a supreme single being!
      The day we realize this is the day we are no longer powerless, afraid and hopeless, and everything that we thought was important or relevant (money, owning stuff, career, being better than everyone else, being successful, etc.) will no longer matter anymore.

      You say your eyes are open, yet you believe in one of the biggest lies told to humankind – god!

      • no… just no…

        How can anything be completely orderly, and without fault or exception if "we" are God? And if so, where did "we" come from? Certainly we aren't Always Existing.

        God IS a Supreme, Sovereign Being expressed as 3 Persons all while still being One. (Research the name Eloyhim.) He existed before Everything and will Exist after Everything. (Hence His I am Alpha and Omega statements.)

    • @Mike. Yeap! I agree but that applies to EVERYONE(including myself)not just those in the entertainment industry.We must asked God for forgiveness and accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.We have a CHOICE.God will not force anyone to get saved.If people decide to use their free will and decline becoming born again and avoiding spending ETERNITY(forever) in the lake of fire.That’s up to them.

  54. Mr. Kardashian doth protest too much and in the process, gives it all away. Silly, volatile little man, we see straight through you!

    • Finally a site with intelligent people. Well the majority that is. The Ashley person is caught up in the voodoo they do…

  55. Kanye West can be very dumb sometimes.When he was on tour he rapped on stage sayin' "I sold my soul to the devil,it was a crappy deal even though it came with a few toys like a happy meal." Theres also another one from his track You can't tell me nothing."i had a dream i could buy my way to heaven when i awoke i spent that on a necklace.i told God i'll be back in a second man its so hard not to act reckless." mr big mouth tells us a lot in his raps.

    • It looks like the business savy, articulate, professional, well behaved alters are triggered in that pic. They look lifeless.
      A picture says a thousand words.

      Now imagine looking at that same picture in your mind, and right underneath it is another picture with their agenda pushing alters triggered.

      -Riri would be half naked and probably hog tied (s&m vid reference)
      -Nicki would be half naked rapping with a dildo microphone about how she makes guys eat her ass
      -Madonna would be wearing an inappropriate, shiny, leather outfit, with devil horns on her head while humping the floor
      -Kanye would be wearing something he considers "fashion" while whining about his "struggle" and how Beyonce should be winning something.
      -and Jay-Z would be…just there..portraying himself as a businessman I guess, while smoking a cigar.

      And somehow at some point, they'll all manage to hide one eye.

  56. What got my attention is him saying "we have to compromise our lyrics….. " Now that I believe. Not only do they compromise their lyrics, but they compromise creative control. It's like he's admitting that they have to push specific ideologies, new age teachings, images and so forth. I mean what lyrics are being compromised ?

    Compromising lyrics when you create songs like N's in Paris, or the disrespecting & degrading of women, or the ones where they are promoting violence against one another, or materialism, and reckless behavior YOLO……. How about promoting satanic worship & self worship yeezus ? That's just the males. Where is the compromise ijs ?

    He basically confirmed that artist are contracted to be puppets of the so called elite. If you think about it, the only thing they are expected to compromise: is their views on homo/sexuality, you can't say anything negative about jewss, and they or expected to remain tight lipped on real issues. Am I right ? He unknowingly said a mouthful imo ?

    • @Jane. I disagree with you about them not being able to say anything negative about Jews.Recently people received backlash from defending and supporting Israel(it’s fill with tons of Jews)against Palestinians.The actor Jon Voight is someone who comes to mind.Mainstream media and tons of celebrities speak against Israel(Jews are the overwhelming majority there) for defending themselves all the time.Anyone who supports Israel(Jews are the majority there)receives criticism for their opinions.The mainstream media,liberals, the entertainment industry and etc.. all support Palestinians and every single time a terrorist attack happens by Muslims or people who follow Islam,there will be articles written and people(including president Obama)will say,” not all Muslims”.They say that and things similar to that to protect Muslims and Islam from rightfully deserved criticism.So, Nope! Muslims,Islam Palestinians are the ones that people are now being shamed into not speaking negatively about. I know I’m really late in responding but I had to respond because what you said is NOT true.

  57. They can try to discredit and misconstrue the mass awakening, but diluting the word illuminati will not help. People are researching and using discernment more than ever.


    yayayay i hope i got your attention

      • Miley Cyrus is extremely talented when it comes to singing. I don't think she's an mk puppet either. The industry hates her because she doesn't play by their rules. She does what she wants. that's why they try so hard to humiliate her and defame her. She's an outspoken advocate for homeless youth and lgbt rights and she's a lot smarter than you think she is. It's not her fault that you all believe the media's version of her

      • Ever herd of a wolf in sheep clothing I.E. Bruno Mars, who even calls himself a wolf in sheep's clothing

      • If she were a wolf in sheep's clothing wouldn't the masses be buying into her being an amazing person and wouldn't the media be portraying her as such? Like they do with the facade that Is Taylor swift? Taylor is America's sweetheart for being fake and singing songs that sound like they're from a 12 year olds diary

      • Miley Cyrus, the virus, is a S LUT promoting sexuality and drugs. She's obviously mind controlled by her masters to act like a SL UT

      • Or maybe she's just a human being that enjoys sex like everyone else. I'm guessing you're either a man or a sexually repressed middle aged woman. Do you ever think that maybe she's trying to expose double standards? Men can do whatever they want and have multiple sexual partners but when a woman does the same she's a s**t? Why do you act like you know what goes on in her personal life? When she's at home she wears normal clothing and cuddles with her dogs. What she does on stage isnt a reflection of what she does in real life

      • "She does what she wants" UAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA maybe… but in the end she does EXACTLY what THEY want…. OVERSEXUALIZATIOOOOOONNN

      • she does what she wants?? LOL……nooooo she doesn't haha. she is completely controlled by them-if you only knew. and they humiliate and defame her because that's what they do to ALL of their puppets sooner or later. mmmmm….you really don't know.

      • Miley is an MK puppet. The industry does not hate her, a good amount of the PUBLIC hate her. The industry created her. Think about it; she became famous by literally playing the role of a child with dual personalities. Disney, the most pervved out group in the mix, was the machine behind her name for half a decade.

        Now, you take that girl, sexualize her (Miley posed nude at the age of 15) while at the same time running her on the Disney Channel as TWO "good girls", and you successfully confuse millions of young girls without even batting an eye. Miley is this generation's FACE of MK Ultra mind control. We won't even get into her role as the industry's new sex kitten with the whole Bangerz era.

        And yes, Miley is an outspoken advocate for gay rights, trans* rights, homeless youth, etc. I think you have what it means to be an MK slave confused. Miley being controlled doesn't make her a bad person; she's clearly not a bad person at all. She's just controlled by the elite who use her to push an agenda. Remember, Miley Cyrus was sold into this industry as a little girl, much younger than even the girls who idolize her today. She's just as much a victim as the kids her influence is used on, maybe even more. Those girls can stop listening to her, ignore her, whatever. Miley has no way out.

      • Miley didn't post those nudes at 15. I believe she refused to be a sex slave for the p********s in Disney and they leaked it. They said it was some random teen that hacked her but I don't believe that

      • No, Miley did pose nude, with her father, for Vanity Fair magazine at 15 years old. She was barely covered up by a sheet, and it was actually Miley's first huge controversy. Look up "Miley Annie Leibovitz" if you want to see what I'm talking about. And Miley doesn't have the authority to refuse; she was a child sold to the industry by her parents. Nothing that happened to her was her choice.

      • Yes I know and if she was covered by a sheet that doesn't qualify as nude. She was nude under the sheet but we're all nude under our clothes. She was mostly controlled then, but she got out after her 2010 album "Cant be tamed". There's also a song called "robot" from that album that described her relationship with Disney in a nutshell. I'm not saying that she's completely free, I'm saying that for the time being this is just her rebelling against the industry and the GP

      • Yes, I'm aware of Robot, Liberty Walk, Can't Be Tamed (the song) and everything from that album that was sabotaged by Hollywood Records. Also, the final Hannah Montana soundtrack even has some songs that seem to be thinly veiled shots at Disney.

        However, you have to remember that it isn't that easy for an MK slave to just "rebel". Miley may have "rebelled" from Disney, but she is still very much an industry puppet. Her "Bangerz" era proves that. Miley is wearing a necklace that spells out "666" in the We Can't Stop music video, has a clip in the video that literally symbolizes "blowing smoke up someone's a s s", and that VMA performance… Miley stripped down to a nude outfit with her hair done up in little buns like a child and humped a guy dressed in classic programming patterns while at the same time singing a song about the "blurred lines" between consensual sex and r**e. Not to mention on the first performance after her 21st birthday, she performed with a giant cat (sex kitten) that made sure to do the "one eye" signal. Miley is not rebelling against the industry. She has JUST advanced her ranks from a teen star to a popstar who has the ability to influence not only kids, but adults as well. And let's not even go into her Marilyn Monroe shoot for German Vogue. That basically calls off all bets.

        I know it's difficult to accept that a person you're a fan of is controlled by the industry, but again, all of this doesn't make Miley a bad person. She's a victim, just like the ones who came before her.

      • I know what blurred lines is about. It's an abhorrent song and I hate it. But when miley bent over HE came up to her and rubbed his crotch all over her. She didn't make him do that. But it was her decision to do that performance and her idea. Do you think maybe all that stuff was to hype her album? These celebrities know that you think they're illuminati puppets and they take advantage of that. I'm not saying that the illuminati doesn't exist. Because I know it does. Celebrities are a distraction and it's working on the GP and everyone on this site. You all claim you know what they're up to but you're still willingly obsessed with celebs lives and what they put in their videos and performances. I love Miley and I know she has a good heart. No matter what they could be doing to her. And I'm not going to sit here and call her a s**t and an illuminati puppet just to get my rocks off. I'm going to live my life and put everything in God's hands

      • YES! That's the point. He, Robin Thicke, was dressed to symbolize MK Ultra handler; the person who inflicts pain and trauma on the MK slave. Miley was dressed as the slave. The fact that HE came up to HER pushes the idea even further. Robin forced himself on Miley, the same way a handler forces themselves on an MK victim. No, that performance was not Miley's decision. She is an industry puppet. Her symbolic performances aren't her decision, and it doesn't help that she's signed to RCA, a label known for controlling their big artists and forcing them to do EXACTLY what they want. See: Britney Spears.

        The celebrities, for the most part, DON'T know that they are being controlled. That's how effective puppets are created. That's the whole point. Ah, yes, but the difference between us and the masses is that we know what's going on, so the brainwashing and subliminal messages don't have as much of an effect on us as someone who thinks the industry is solely based on entertainment.

        We KNOW celebrities are a distraction. That's literally the point of this article. Celebrities are puppets, used to push the agenda of the people who are actually pulling the strings. We get that. Everyone here gets that.

        I KNOW Miley is a good person, as I am a fan of hers as well. I've said that several times, literally every comment I've made, I've reaffirmed that Miley is a good person with a caring heart. She is a victim of an industry that simply wants to use her to influence the masses, and they've been using her ever since she was a child. That isn't her fault. It's her parents' and her handlers.

        She is a puppet. It sucks, but that's the reality. You can't be faced with the blatant evidence of her reality and deny that. Live your life, that's fine, I'm living mine, too. That's why it takes us so long to reply to each others' comments ๐Ÿ˜€

        PS: You mentioned Can't Be Tamed; that video is FULL of depressing, controlled symbolism. Notice how she's on display in a cage, with everyone gawking and admiring her. She then breaks free in an inspiring dance montage (there's a Satanic goat the resembles portraits of the Baphomet at one point, you know the "I'm not a mistake I'm not a fake" line), and then at the end of the video, after she gets her moment of supposed freedom, she's back in her cage, on display all over again. That's just a basic overview, but I'm sure you get it.

      • Miley is doing exactly what they want. She is there to sexualize young girls and sell products to young girls. If they do not make young girls feel insecure about their bodies, then they do not make huge profits selling beauty products and over-priced clothing made in third world factories by third world slave labor. If they do not make drug use look cool and rebellious (Miley) then they do not make huge profits off of their illicit drug trade. If they do not promote violence then they do not make huge profits from illegal gun trade and war. If they do not promote homosexuality then they cannot undermine the strength and unity of the family.

      • They cannot undermine the unity of the family if men, the ones over 40, were not nasty, disloyal and dishonest womanizers. The tramps are plentiful, if men's attitude was decent, the tramps wouldn't even exist. Certainly, they wouldn't have any kind of power. Don't start me with that nonsense that allegedly it's their fault that men have abysmal characters. We read, we hear, we know what's going on.

      • hahahaha "mentally slow untalented ignorants…like you"

        wooow literally though what an elusive judgement

    • Oh dear, you need to really read and educate yourself to the ugly realities of this world we live in. Don't idolize these women. You benefit nothing from it.

      • No need to idolize anyone. Just admire the traits of some people but why idolize them? We are allowed to admire I believe. Don't trust anyone and anything. That's the best for sure.

  59. "The first thing I told my team on New Year's Day was, 'You know, people say bad news travels fast, but this year let's make good news travel faster.' You get back what you put out, and the more positive energy you put out, the more positive energy you'll get back." – Kanye, Paper Mag, 4/20/15

    “Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé." – Kanye, E!, 2/8/15

    Very positive, Kanye.

    • Actually a few of them do.

      But usually ONLY if they are sure you'll take it as a joke, or they think you're so stupid, you won't figure it out (the whole hidden in plain site, and sometimes not that hidden idea.

  60. I've never been a fan of music streaming anyways. Nothing beats walking to a store and buying your cds for collection.

    One good thing about all this is that Kanye says something publicly about the matter. That means that even if they are not going to change their ways because of the views shared in this site and many others, at least we are annoying them, and showing them we have our eyes wide open.

    They hate that we see them as puppets. They thought we saw them as gods, but no. They are puppets, and nothing more. That p*sses them off !!

    • Well put! I'm still buying vinyl, and making mix tapes haha! The audacity of this clown. One day, when he's no longer relevant, he will experience the most hardcore wake up call any one person could ever experiance! If he wants real praise, and real respect, then he should use his celebrity to bring to light any number of causes! Like child trafficking, chem trails, or environmental destruction just to name a few! Imagine how many young people out there that he could reach with his status, wake up, and educate about the reality of this world! Unfortunately for him he'll disappear from the collective consciousness having never contributed one iota of anything that really matters. But in all fairness he's most likely a sociopath. What can you expect from a dancing toy monkey?

    • I think so to; theyre mad about having lost their Godlike status to us, the masses. But I bet its not their choice to go out saying theyre not with the illuminati, they HAVE to deny it, or else..The elite seems to have gotten annoyed that so many of us are in the know now.

    • Kanye is taking a lot of slack from society, maybe if we would LOVE HIM LIKE WE SHOULD LOVE ALL LIVING SOULS, he wouldn't have so many negatively inspired emotions towards us, the listeners. Tidal can help the artists who dont get paid properly due to those that have the majority of the power. He knows he and the other musicians have some power over the masses. He is not at liberty to admit this though, due to the 'energy' companies.
      We also need to recognize these entertainers are highly intelligent.

      • love him ? um, I can love him from *far away* and you can try living with him and see how much you can love him with his narcissistic "I-am-a-god" ways. I get that tidal might allow them to have some justice done as far as getting paid their dues but overall they ALREADY have a ridiculous amount of money that they use mostly to buy yachts, mansions, and Bentleys. but they need more…."OK". and as far as them being "highly intelligent" im not sure where that's coming from. I can see them being "highly talented" but then that's not very true either except for a few.

      • It's not energy companies but banking family dynasties who own all the banks and the federal reserve who prints all the U.S. money. Kanye West is feigning ignorance as if he doesn't know his bosses are.

  61. Technically none of them are illuminati. Merely pawns who push their agenda, that being said they don't have any control or say in matters and are honestly just another little something for the public to be obsessed over. Be distracted while those who have the power to, change the world under our noses.

      • No, they are not They are still puppets.
        To be an illuminati, you must be born into a specific bloodline.

      • Madonna seems to have a bloodline, and via rocco now a little more solidated family relation form. So many so-called stars, are family members from well known ''other people''. And a lot of the hangers on are related to army, marine and airforce.

      • Just because everyone at that table respects Madonna and Jay-Z the most or whatever doesn't really mean anything. All of them are under an eye. They are not the "eye". They are not "big brother". None of them.

      • You have to be born into one of the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati to be "in" the illuminati.
        Look it up, and look up Fritz Springmeier. If your an artist directly signed to one of "The Big Three" (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group) record labels, then you have signed on to do what they say and are a court jester in their "kingdom". Some of the more veteran artists have less of a leash on them based on their proven track records. In other words all they did was go from the field to the house… All in all they still work for "Massa".

    • He wouldn't be, he is a black man. Rather, he is a puppet. The bloodlines are all white really and they don't believe in breeding outside of the bloodline. They believe in incest.

      • What the heck we miss then eh? Like who cares to breed with those bliddylines? Now I'm so disappointed, how I'm going to survive like that.

      • Yikes! What a load of Bile! FYI None of the singers or celebrities are illuminati, they are pawns of the illuminati, big difference. Second, the real illuminati want you to make racist remarks like that, why? United we stand, divided we fall. You think they don't realize if you get caught up in race you miss the real issues?

      • Cass-what evidence do you have to support that the elite are white supremacists? As I understand it, the few behind Big Government, Big Business and the Banks have seized power and set our future's course. Please expound.

        Also, I love when people, especially on this site, use asterisks without giving a hint of the word/s they're referring to. /******* <- /sarcasm. Th*s is*'t Wh*el of For*une s* ple*se *** ** help a fel*ow com*enter out. T**** y** v*** m***. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hey look up the families that run the world aka have the most money. They are in charge. Their bloodline goes back from years ago when their families were forced into the caves of the caucus mountains. They received the teaching of tricknoligy and instead of sharing it with their people they kept it to themselves in a small circle which is why they have advanced from caves people to powerful world rulers. Not from God but from the understanding and power in wickedness. It's actually amazing honestly. Which is why they feel as if they don't need God. Just like Lucifer. Which is why they worship him in short. Go back to the Rothechilds lineage. It's so much research I even found hidden ancestry I wish I could post the link here but I'm on my phone a did it through my laptop. Also the Rockefellers. These people have power. True power as you can see Satan deceived the whole world and just like the illuminati has pawns to push their agenda Satan has them as pawns to push his which is where their ideas are coming from. Only God can save us. It's all in scripture. No matter what race what religion seek refuge in your Lord and be blessed loves. Peace.

      • Oh, please, Snowman! You must be new here!

        Cass was trying to discreetly communicate that the Illuminati bloodlines believe in argyle. The asterisked word is "argyle." It's so obvious! … Or "muesli." … It could be "muesli." … Or "helium"? …

        Huh. I see what you mean.

      • Woah! My mindreading powers were waaay off! I though he may have been talking about movies but everyone likes movies. Caviar? Not everyone likes to feel the pop of fish eggs in their mouths. Travel? Elitists like to travel because they can go almost anywhere with their private planes and there's no waiting in line. Lol

        Thank your for the laugh, Light's.

      • And you cannot live with yourself with the thought that they have private planes and you don't saddo piece of work. I bet your thoughts are with what they have got little man. Your mindreading skills are very rusty. The spirits don't give you the right signs.

      • Well, that's a shame: A pleasant, good-natured encounter is sullied by a nasty, feeble-minded troll. Sorry that happened, Snowman. (Personally, though, I'd rather have poor mind reading skills than poor reading comprehension skills. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

      • First of all Kev, if I couldn't live with myself because wealthy people have private jets, I wouldn't be alive and well, correct?
        Second, what does "you don't saddo piece of work" mean?
        Third, you wrote "l bet your thoughts are with what they have got". Nevermind the improper grammar, is that a convoluted way of guessing I'm consumed with jealousy because of the elites' material possessions? Because if it is, I can confidently say I'm not. My monetary goals are set on a much smaller scale. Living comfortably with a few perks here and there is what I strive for because money isn't my first priority in life. Or my second. Or third.
        Fourth, "your mindreading skills are very rusty". That, fellow contributor, is accurate. I can "read" my Mom's, my best friend's and my boyfriend's mind's a lot of the time because I know them so well. Everybody else, not so much.
        That brings me to my next point. You never know who your talking to online. Kev, I'm not a man. I just like Snowmen. They're cool. I am petite though.
        And what's this about spirits? What signs are you referring to? I use my own, independent perceptions to process that which is in the world. Do you have spirits around you and do they give you signs often? I'd be concerned about that. I suggest informing your doctor as soon as you're done replying to this post.

        Lights, I'm with you. Reading comprehension skills are far more important than mind reading skills. Unless you're Kev. Though he didn't do a very good job of reading my mind either, did he? Lol In fact, he might as well have used asterisks to make his point. He could have titled it "Illuminati Mad Libs" and we would have something more to enjoy.

      • The asterisks were done by VC, not me. The word I used there was I-n-c-e-s-t .

        If you don't know what that means you shouldn't be on here. Simple. Your assumptions make you look as ignorant as I am guessing you actually are. I am also a female, not male. Another terrible assumption.

        Your dry sense of humor won't get your anywhere on this site.


      • They are either Zionist (false) Jews like the Rothschild's, white Bavarian Germans like the Rockefeller's, and the only family who isn't neither is the Chinese Li family. The evidence is in numerous books. There's more (false) Jews then anyone and they don't consider themselves white even though they are white. They hate everyone who isn't in the elite but blacks the most. That's why they have fun humiliating black celebrities by making them wear dresses or purposely allowing a black POTUS who's going down in history as the worse President. There is the Boule or black Skull & Bones frats and Prince Hall Freemason but they are known as house slaves but they don't use the term slaves.

      • Excalibur, I'm well aware of how our POTUS has irreparably damaged our nation and why. I'm also aware of David Chapelle's claims regarding the degradation of blacks in the entertainment business as well as understanding the obscene level of power and influence the Rockefeller's hold. I'm not as aware of the other points you made. Will you provide more information on the subject? Preferably online links since I rarely go to the library and I have more books on my reading list than I can count.It would be much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah – this is a joke. Have you noticed how CREEPY the promotional ad is? Most ads are exciting and enticing, and make you want to join in. This one is more like a threat. It feels like a meeting of gang leaders, talking about how they're going to bash heads if they don't start getting more money for their music. They sound, and act so entitled. They're silly. I can't say I wish these nasty people any success.


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