Is Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” Going Against the “Evil” Music Industry?


For months, I’ve been receiving e-mails about the South-African rap-rave group Die Antwoord, saying something like “OMG theirr illumanaty!!” Since the release of their new video Fatty Boom Boom, e-mails now say “OMG therre anti-illumanaty!!”. So are they for it? Against it? Don’t care about it? What’s the answer? (Get it? Die Antwoord means “the answer” in Afrikaans – so clever).

At first glance, it is hard not to be weirded-out by the visual esthetics of the group, which seem to be tailor-made to piss-off the parents of rebellious kids. Their videos always deliver a whole lot of shock-value coupled with a “don’t give a damn” attitude that is pleasing audiences around the world.

They are credited for having popularized Zef, a South-African counter-culture movement that I can only describe as “South-African-trailer-trash-ghetto-fabulous”. Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord said, “It’s associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and s**t. Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style.” In short, it is about glorifying and making stylish the cheap things that are associated with the lower class.

Faking it?

While many love and identify with the group’s style, others have claimed that members of Die Antwoord are “fake”, that it is all an act, as they are not the ghetto-dangerous crew they claim to be. While the group’s official website describes rapper Ninja as a “fat cash-stackin, hydroskalonic weed-blazing, all kinds of crazy fully-automatic heat-packing, bad-ass rhyme animal“, others remember him as a member of “corporate” conceptual group MaxNormal.TV.

While in MaxNormal.TV, the duo had an artsy-hipster-corporate style going on, which contrasts rather sharply with everything associated with Die Antwoord. In fact, it is the exact opposite of Zef.
That’s one hell of a makeover right there, but its, like, the opposite of what you would see on makeover TV shows.

Die Antwoord fans obviously don’t know or don’t care about these critics as the group obtained great viral success when they independently released their first album $O$.

In and Out of Interscope

Die Antwoord’s shocking and original style generated a huge worldwide buzz, which lead to their signing with Interscope records in 2011. From being an unknown South-African group, they became label mates with Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and Eminem. Die Antwoord’s partnership with the prominent label however quickly dissolved as the group claimed that record execs were trying to change them and to force them into a particular mold. In an interview, Ninja stated:

“So anyway…Interscope offered us a bunch of money again to release our new album TEN$ION. But this time, they also tried to get involved with our music, to try and make us sound like everyone else out there at the moment. So we said: ‘U know what, rather hang on to your money, buy yourself something nice…we gonna do our own thing. Bye bye.'”

Knowing the way major labels proceed, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see the group forced to produce more radio-friendly music or to incorporate “elite-friendly” symbolism and messages in their act. In fact, some of the group’s promotional material of that era featured imagery that VC readers might find familiar.

While with Interscope, the group was going in a direction full of MK imagery including checkerboard patterns, dolls, butterflies and all of that crap.

In an interview with MTV Canada, Ninja stated:

“I think they thought we were just like a weird, strange act, then like: ‘Let’s just let them have their fun for a while, and then when it comes to their second album we’ll have them play games’. “They were looking at Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas and that type of sh**ty pop music, and were thinking we could like twist into that.”

Free from Interscope, Die Antwoord released its second album entitled Ten$ion, under their own label named Zef Recordz. Their anger against the industry is more than visible in the video Fatty Boom Boom, as it visually assaults today’s music business especially the group’s ex record label, Interscope (which happens to be one of the biggest distributor of Illuminati imagery nowadays). If the group was about to fit in the mold of other pop acts, Fatty Boom Boom can be interpreted as a big middle-finger to the industry.

Fatty Boom Boom

Fatty Boom Boom is about South-African pride, complete with tribal rhythms and imagery and a (controversial) reference to the country’s racial diversity with the rappers wearing black and white body paint. Also, and mostly, the video disses the hell out of the group’s former label mate, Lady Gaga. Here’s the video (don’t watch if you don’t like weird, twisted stuff).

The video begins with Lady Gaga doing some sightseeing in South Africa. We quickly get a feeling that she doesn’t belong in the savage “urban jungle”.

Gaga is played by a man (of course) and is wearing her now legendary meat dress (including a steak as a hat). She’ll soon realize that wearing this particular outfit was a mistake.

When the tour guide shows Gaga some local street musicians (Die Antwoord), she says “Oh my god, look at their freaky fashion! I should get them to open for me!”. This is a reference to Gaga asking the group to open for her in the past, to which they replied: no. In an interview with MTV, Ninja stated:

“Weird s**t’s been happening, like f*****g Lady Gaga asked us to tour with her and we’re like, ‘No, don’t worry about it.'”

In that interview, they went on by implying that she was doing “weak, superficial s**t”. So, obviously, they really don’t like her.

So, the tour bus then gets hijacked by armed men and Lady Gaga runs away in the concrete jungle. That will also be a mistake.

The lyrics of the song express anger against the music business, today’s rap music and its lack of originality. In the first verse, Ninja says:

“What happened to all the cool rappers from back in the day?
Now all these rappers sound exactly the same
It’s like one big inbred f**k-fest
No, I do not want to stop, collaborate or listen”

The most striking element of the video, is the mural that appears during about half of the video. It is definitely not subtle nor nice to some major figures of the music industry.

The mural entitled “Evil Thing” features Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu holding a Bible that is shooting fire at a monster composed of the horned heads of Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and Akon. The monster is defecating on the group’s previous label mates, the Black Eyed Peas.

Is this multi-headed satanic “evil thing” the music industry? The message is rather clear.


The rest of the video is about Lady Gaga having a prawn extracted from her privates (a reference to her Born This Way video) and her being eaten by a lion (which was probably attracted by her meat dress).

The king of the “concrete jungle”, symbol of justice and of African pride, eats Lady Gaga alive. Yup, Die Antwoord really doesn’t like Lady Gaga.

So, with this video, is Die Antwoord genuinely going against the music industry or is it simply seeking media attention (because its working)? Rejecting Lady Gaga’s offer to open her Monster Ball Tour and leaving Interscope records were gutsy moves but were also a great way to gain notoriety and loyal fans. Will these moves pay off and will the group keep waving the proverbial middle finger at the music industry? We’ll see what kind of material they’ll release in the future. Once thing is for sure, they will keep pissing off a lot of people and cause controversy… Because that’s their thing that they do.



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What? Are you kidding me? Looks pretty satanic to me. I don't care how you cut it, this video gives me a lot of unease. My vote goes for controlled opposition.

Actually I am South African and they are Demonic. Just go and You Tube their Video's. Before you make positive comments about this sick group go and do you some research. There is a reason this no-talent group has become so big and that is most likely devil worship.

Unlike most posters here I really liked Fatty Boom boom specially the Lady Gaga bit made me laugh, but I searched them on you tube and listened to baby's on fire, i fink you freaky, enter the ninja and f**k julles. I even watched a very odd performance of i fink you freaky on Letterman, on which he showed their album twice and asked a very shocked audience to buy it. This music is deeply satanic, i mean, not even metal makes me feel this way, like one poster said, it messes up your energy, gives you headache…. After my die antwoord listen I felt I needed to read the Bible and wash my body with marine salt. On "Baby's on fire" Landi is praying to "God" and says "Thank you for Satan" (then it turns out Satan is their black dog). I fink you freaky has weird egyptyan paitings… Read more »

Maybe it's just me, old guy that I am (56) but this stuff is just rancid evil. Every year I see music slide more and more toward the patently pornographic and demonic. I know kids today are pretty much shock proof and heaven forbid someone actually make a judgement and call something the s**t that it really is. As for me, I don't like it, or want it anywhere near my life. The world I was born into, for all it's faults, had nothing approaching this kind of in your face depravity (or at least it was well hidden). The human race is out of control and spiraling downward. I truly despair for anything good and beautiful.

"or at least it was well hidden" ….well hidden being the most important point here. The revelations or "apocalypse" which comes from the greek word "to uncover/reveal" are these times of all the truths of humanity, EVERYTHING that WE are as a collective coming to the forefront for us to deal with. The world you were born into kept its truths "well hidden" but these things still went on. Psychologically it is about the "shadow" of the human psyche. We cannot change, heal, work with that which we do not know or acknowledge. Everything in the external reality is a reflection of the internal reality. It is all us out there. There is darkness and light in us. We are all capable and have the capacity for evils. Some of us CHOOSE not to act on them, free will, but we have the capacity for it. As a collective we… Read more »

So Die Antwoord are against some evil people in the music industry. But they too are monsters. Different, but neverthless monsters too. I resent this disguisting false insinuation that they are against evil.

I think by now it’s obvious Die Antwoord is a blatantly satanic band or at least posing as one. They certainly use enough satanic imagery in their videos and all that devil graffiti on the walls in the Tranhumanist film ‘Chappie’ which starred them should be enough proof of the direction they’ve embraced. Their own logo of an encircled antelope’s head with Set-shaped ears superimposes perfectly with the Baphomet pentagram.


How you open a discussion of something you are not suppose to discuss or talk about straight forward? tip: indirect language and even comedy. Is a common thing in serious art, if you care to read other sources, rather than just one perspective.

They are actually look fed up, and they do appear to be trying to act like, for example, Lemmy of Motorhead, who also had a hard time when he decided he didnt want to be another toy of his label. Many supposed “satanists” are actually the opposite: some are pranksters, others do actually want to help people think about things a little more to reduce superfluous judgments.


Fun fact: the three big western sacred books of western religions do this too, and if people rather than sticking with one compared the three, they would be able to see how they are actually related, and why people of the past and today, sometimes have to use cryptography to be on the safe side and be able to help people.

at age 60 , you might think i wold hate these guys , but nope- they got the dope, so there's hope.
i seen all the bands since hendrix and i say they are the real s**t kids.
they also worked with director Harmony .. cant recall his last name – but he did the crazy underground vis- Gummo.
i say the kids are alright. punk is not dead- it just smells funny.

the author so missed the subtleties of the intro while being too preoccupied with noticing a lack of "typical" illuminati symbolism and concluding that the band seems ok.

there are 3 clear metaphors there:

1. the hyenas eating rubbish are the people who "feed off" this pop rubbish by appreciating it and becoming fans of it/ wasting time with it

2. the shop owner chilling with his black panther are the big illuminati record companies that cannot be ripped off or loose because of the little dark helper

3. the stop sign/robot comment makes me think of mind control and/or subliminal messages: the color tells you what to do.

Consider that in South Africa, it is very common to refer to stoplights as "robots". 😛
Nothing really strange there, it's just linguistic differences at work.

I'm just not entirely sure, I'm sensing some as above so below ish movements when Yolandi keeps throwing her hands pointing up. Twice during the video she points down, once when she's like "here I am" I mean it makes sense in the context though.
Plus obviously even if they are against the agenda, they seem to thoroughly know what's up

If they are against the system, they are portraying it wrong. We need good in this world not additional weird negative s**t. Over these people. Ridiculous.

And also, anyone who signs a deal with the devil and tries to get out gets whacked.

At the very least, Lady Gaga would file a lawsuit. But if anything, it's giving her more publicity.

So, I'm convinced it's all part of the elite's agenda.

It's an act!

I'm surprised only one other person touched on their use of 666 so far. In their video for "Baby's on Fire," Ninja's car's license plate says ZEF666. And in the lyrics for "You Make a Ninja wanna F***," he's talking about taking a groupie to a hotel, room 666. So if they are anti-industry that's great, but why the imagery, use of satanic references, and glorification of sex, violence and drugs if you're trying to be different? Because that's the same mold that the vast majority of musicians are in now anyway.

For what it's worth, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of this negativity is probably truly part of a big joke of theirs to parody the Illuminati-type artists. It's a long story lol. I may post evidence later. At least I myself better understand them after studying their lyrics, though part of me still is uneasy. And I kind of think they like it that way – more attention, more buzz, more people thinking, or at this point purchasing their stuff.

She makes the 666 sign with her hand to her head in Baby's On Fire video. There's also a 666 on the forehead of the squirting penis on their website. The Evil Boy video has 666 on the DJ's headphones, along with a Star of David and a "Thank$ Jimmy". The Fok Julle Naaiers video has 666 on the wall, and a ton of crosses interspersed with inverted crosses on the wall, as well. Yo-Landi also thanks the Lord for Satan in the prayer part of the Baby's on Fire video, though they cover that with a photo of a dog names Satan. They had trees with inverted crosses back in the MaxNormal or days too. Jones also does a shoutout to his Satanic homies in one of his pre-Antwoord songs.

So they've been running Satanic symbolism and talk before, during and after the Interscope time.

They are real. Kanye, all the others, typically have songs written by one person, recordings done by another, tons of auto tune and I say, that is NOT Kanye's music, it is property of the music industry.

Die Antwoord writes their own music, lyrics, no auto tune, no layering. They even do their own murals. BTW, they did collaborate with a costumer for this video, LOVE the black (asian) hair dress with white face.

Also the black panther is a symbol like the lion: pride and independence.
Michael Jackson used the panther in his anti-occult ending from Black and White!

All I know is that that picture of that "Monster" on the wall of Nicki Minaj, Kanye, Pitbull and whoever else that was looks exactly like the "W***e of Babylon" picture that the archeologist in "The Omen part 2" found on the wall and Desmond Tutu is no coincidence either. I think it symbolises him trying to drive out that element that has also unfortunately now infected Africa.

Die Antwoord can also be an anagram for "Ordained Two" In their FOK JULLE NAAIERS video, we see Monarch Butterflies all over Yolandi, upside down crosses in the background , 27 (2+7=9 , 3 to the third, i.e, an inverse of the trinity), a 666 on the wall, In evil boy we hear yolandi say "I'm a bad ass chick, feel my black magick" and lie down on the bed boy let me light the candles, as she shackles a man and candles light and she draws a pentagram on his chest, also the bed (or symbolically altar) that she lays him down on is red, symbolic of sacrifice,blood etc. "F**k a pen and pad I write my raps with a ouija board Draw a pentagram on your chest wif my lipstick Visions in the mirror heavy zef futuristic" Channeling spirits possession, demons etc, self explanatory. The DJ throws up… Read more »

I don't think they are doing anything original when it comes to straying away from the Illuminati. In some of their past videos they make references to butterflies (enter the ninja), for some reason they like rats, and they also have a scene with them praying in the beginning of one video (kind of mockingly if you ask me).

They may not be in it with the big names but I still think they are part of the agenda.

Die Antwoord is really satanic. Even if they're anti-establishment they're still working for the darkness. Butterflies and upside down crosses everywhere, "then I got caught up with the mark and the beast" several 6's behind him when he says that. Also the beginning sounds like a horror movie soundtrack.

Tell it like it is. This is all evil to the core.

If that's the case then ALL creativity must be evil. I think not.

Regardless of which this group leans, that video looks demonic! Whoever thinks that imagery is cool and just as disturbed as that group is. Only demons have blacked out eyes, and that language and profanity is horrific!

Have you ever considered that "demons" are simply the dark side of human nature, and not physical entities that are apart from humanity. I personally love the creativity of Die Antwoord.

where do you get that demons have black eyes? lol! have you ever actually seen a demons?

Just bc a group of musicians reject a certain label or group of artists does a vigilant group make. The symbolism rejected interscope and certain musicians but didn't reject Luciferian symbolism. I saw several baphamets and one eye references. Looks like they're just saying mainstream music is lame but they are still down with the devil IMO.

I disagree that just because you rock a symbol, it means you're down with Lucifer or whatever. I own a t-shirt with a butterfly on it, does that mean I want to r**e, torture, and control the minds of children? No. It does not. Sometimes an eye is just a freaking eye.

Illuminati or not this is still weird stupid crap.

Agreed. The Lady Gaga bit is funny, but the 'music' is still just as moronic as everything else out there.

They copy gaga quite convincingly though lol.

They are not a part of the big music industry, but they are practitioners of chaos magic. They are still pawns of Satan and his minions.

That is not a prawn. It’s a Jerusalem Cricket. They live for hundreds of years underground around eucalyptus roots.

this is the same people from Chappie

I think it's very clear they are pro illuminati as they wil be featured in the upcoming pro transhumanism movie "chappie" and if you look at their album covers you can see where their loyalties lie.