5 Reasons Why the 2018 Grammys Were a Catastrophic Failure


The 2018 Grammys exemplified exactly how the Hollywood elite is completely out of touch with the American public.

Stale, boring, annoying, hypocritical, out-of-touch, moralizing, heavy-handed. No, I am not describing an ex – but the 2018 Grammys. And, if you’ve read my previous articles about the Grammys, my long-term relationship with this awards show has caused me great pain and suffering.

This year was even worse than usual. Of course, we were expecting a bucketload of virtue signaling from our new moral superiors: Sanctimonious Hollywood. But we did not expect this 3.5 hours-long brainwash session to be that awkward and heavy-handed. Nearly every single pseudo-celebrity that was given the mic had to give a sermon.

Despite all of this talk, nobody had a truly personal opinion, nobody had an original outlook, nobody even brought nuance or personal reflection. Everybody was parroting the same few catchphrases they were allowed to say. When Luis Fonsi performing Despacito becomes welcomed relief, you know that something is terribly wrong.

Here are the top 5 reasons why the 2018 Grammys failed so miserably.

#5: U2? Really?

Despite the fact that U2 was nominated for exactly zero Grammy awards this year, the band was trotted in and out of the stage not once, not twice, but three times. U2 was there at the very beginning with Kendrick Lamar, they were brought back near the end to announce the album of the year and they performed a new single that nobody really wants to hear: Get Out of Your Own Way.

The performance took place in front of the Statue of Liberty as eyes we projected around the band.

The song takes aim at the United States and its immigration policy.

At the end, Bono grabbed a US-flag megaphone and started yelling things.

The above screenshot is highly symbolic. It says that Bono is speaking for Americans … although he is Irish.

The music video of this song – created by movie makers from Israel – conveys specific messages that are also appearing in other “trendy” videos as well.

The video features images such as the Statue of Liberty crumbling as a molotov cocktail goes off.
It also features American currency burning. Justin Timberlake’s video Supplies also featured molotov cocktails and American currency burning (read my article about it here). They are telling us something here.

Despite the intense promotion, the song is not a hit. It barely reached 1 million views on YouTube, even after the Grammy performance. Maybe they should force 500 million iTunes users to download the song so they can listen to it. Oh, wait, they already did this creepy stunt in 2014.

So why was U2 all over the Grammys? Why was this specific song performed? The answer can be found in the following picture.

Bono and George Soros at the World Economic Forum.

George Soros is one of the most influential people shaping the world’s economy, politics and social issues. His Open Society Foundations operates on a budget nearing a billion dollars per year and is heavily implicated in the social policies of nearly all nations of the world. I won’t go into all of the ways this Foundation shapes modern society, but one of its core issues is the promotion of open borders.

Bono is very close to Soros (here’s a video of him singing his praise for 3 minutes). Get Out Your Own Way is basically an infomercial for the Soros agenda. That is why it was promoted during the Grammys while other songs and performers were ignored.

Although Bono loves to clothe himself in the garments of “charity”, he does not practice what he preaches. In 2006, the band caused controversy when it moved its operations from its native Ireland to the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes. In 2017, Bono was mentioned in the Paradise Papers for investing in companies that were evading taxes.

In short, U2 needs to get its preachy butt out of the way.

#4- Hillary Clinton? Really?

One of the worst moments of the cringefest that was the Grammys was Hillary Clinton’s “surprise” appearance. Her reading about Donald Trump eating at McDonald’s was petty politics at its worst – an unentertaining, heavy-handed piece of political propaganda that still managed to miss its mark. All it truly accomplished was reminding the world that Hillary was the only alternative to Trump.

Even weirder was the over-enthusiastic cheering when Hillary appeared on screen.

“Yaaaay! It’s Hillary Clinton! Cheer!”

I wonder what would have been the public’s reaction if it was shown this picture…

“Hey, that’s Harvey Weinstein! Boooooo! Hashtag MeToo! Hashtag Time’s Up! Boooo!”

OK, now, what if the public was shown these pictures…

“Yaaaay Hillary! Wait, I mean booo Weinstein! Wait, I mean …”  * Head explodes *

A couple of weeks before the Grammys, another powerful figure drew cheers and applause after a very sanctimonious speech.

“Yaaaaay Oprah! So courageous! Oprah for President!”
“Yaaaay Oprah! I mean, booo Weinstein! I mean …”  * Head explodes again*

#3: Kesha Praying

I actually feel for Kesha. For years, I reported on how she was forced to sing songs she hated and on her abuse at the hands of Dr. Luke. There is no doubt that the message behind her song Praying is powerful. However, the sad fact is: She is still under the control of Dr. Luke and his record label Kemosabe Records. Kesha attempted to break away from her contract last year and it was rejected by the court.

The all-seeing eye on Kesha’s hand: The visible proof that she’s under industry control.

In my article entitled Kesha’s “Praying” is a Sad Reminder That She is Still Owned by the Industry, I explained how the video (directed by industry favorite Jonas Akerlund) symbolically reveals that she is still an industry slave. While Praying is about Kesha “freeing” herself from Dr. Luke, a portion of every album sale still goes right into the pockets of Dr. Luke.

After the performance, Sony Music, the parent company of Kemosabe Records, posted a tweet praising Kesha … to then delete it.

The whole thing was a perfect example of hypocrisy in the music industry.

#2 Grammy Chief Accused of Sexism

Despite crafting one of the most intense virtue-signaling events of all time, Grammy President Neil Portnow still found a way of being accused of sexism. After he was asked about the low number of female nominees and winners, Portnow answered:

“It has to begin with… women who have the creativity in their hearts and souls, who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, producers, and want to be part of the industry on the executive level,” he said. “[They need] to step up because I think they would be welcome.”

Pink, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Clarkson and others fired back at Portnow, claiming that they did not need to “step up”. Portnow then backtracked, apologized and even announced some kind of “action plan” to address gender bias in music (or whatever).

This did not stop some celebrities to demand Portnow’s resignation, as a petition with over 10,000 signatures circulated online.

The entertainment industry created for itself a climate that is so tense and vindictive that the virtue-signalers are actually clawing each other to death. It is a rather pathetic sight to see.

Meanwhile, fewer Americans than ever care about any of this.

#1 The Lowest Rated Grammys Ever

The 2018 Grammy Awards recorded the smallest audience in the show’s history in the key demographic of adults 18-49. In total, the ceremony was watched by 19.8 million viewers, a 24% drop compared to last year’s ceremony.

Various theories attempt to explain the reason of this sharp drop.

There will be a number of theories to explain the decline. Though the Grammys had a lineup of big performers — including Kendrick Lamar, U2 and Rihanna — many superstars, including Taylor Swift, Drake and Kanye West, did not show up.

Awards shows have also gotten increasingly political, with celebrity presenters and winners playing the role of firebrands at town-hall meetings. The Grammys, which are broadcast on CBS, were no different on Sunday, with several performers bringing up immigration and the #MeToo movement. U2 performed on a barge just outside the Statue of Liberty, a performance not exactly subtle in its symbolism, and Hillary Clinton showed up in a taped segment, reading about President Trump’s preference for McDonald’s food from Michael Wolff’s best-seller, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.”

Nikki R. Haley, the United States ambassador to the United Nations, gave voice to proponents of the “shut up and sing” side of the debate. “I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire and Fury book killed it,” Ms. Haley wrote in a tweet during the event. “Don’t ruin great music with trash. Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it.”
– The New York Times, Ratings for Grammy Awards Drop 24 Percent

As if they were expecting viewers to be tempted to kill themselves after this debacle, rapper Logic was brought out to sing about the suicide hotline.

You are not alone … The Grammys truly sucked.

The sharp drop in viewership was probably a combined result of everything cited above. More importantly, it is symptomatic of a growing divide in America where a great portion of the public simply does not relate to the obvious agenda that is being pushed by mass media. As stated above, this agenda does not come from “the people”, but from a globalist elite that is seeking to create a borderless, genderless and spineless world.

The values, the outlook and the priorities of many Americans simply do not with coincide those seen on TV. Mass media has lost its relevance and its credibility. Many see right through the superficiality and the hypocrisy of Hollywood’s virtue signaling. And they are sick of it. They realize that most of these people only “show concern” when the camera is rolling.

Here’s an idea: Instead of parading around with black dresses, roses, ribbons, pins or whatever else, how about denouncing the rampant child abuse that has been happening in Hollywood for decades? How about getting authorities to act upon this horrific practice with actual investigations, arrests, trials, and sentences? How about stopping with the hashtags and the sermons and actually taking action?

But that would be too real. And Hollywood doesn’t deal with real.



  1. Bono doesn’t do charity; he short circuits the democratic process, going around voters and directly to starry-eyed politicians, and convinces THEM to give YOUR money away. Without the consent of voters, this isn’t charity; it’s theft.

  2. The Grammies, and the whole corporate media apparatus in general, is what is wrong with this country, and increasingly the whole (spherical) world. These corporate goons are using the entertainment industry to make us turn away from our values, so we don’t realise their amoral behavior and beliefs. They want our culture to be debased and consumed by entertainment that keeps us glued to the screen, rather than art, religion, or philosophy that can have an uplifting message. I am going to be blunt: F**k entertainment. F**k these rich poopheads, their agenda, and the sellouts, and in some cases, sadly, their slaves, that perform their agenda-pushing drivel, that we are somehow supposed to categorise as art. I am glad about the decrease in viewership; it means that people are starting to realise that that stuff is truly trash, and via the spiderweb (A.K.A. internet), people will start creating their own media and art forms, which will represent the peoples’ points-of-viewpoints-of-view, rather than those of the elites. Stay vigilant my friends!

  3. We need to sit back and watch as they all eventually get thrown off “The Gravy Train” and then we can trample on them as we march towards our long awaited freedom. My Nan once said, “Be careful whom you tread on going up the ladder of life. Because one day they will pass you and either life you up or kick you all the way back down to the bottom.”
    I guess the Elite are doing some serious “clearing of their houses” right now…..!!!!

  4. U2 are sell outs, early albums you will find ANTI WOLRD GOVERNMENT songs, now they are their slaves. Listen to the song SECONDS by U2, they once warned.

  5. Raven Starre is a p*******e and she sleeps with the underbelly of hollywood. She Raped hoe own son and she trafficked children and one is listed on her Instagram account

  6. I can’t believe Neil Portnow (the chief/head or “bussiness face” of the Grammys..) actualy had the balls to say that in freaking 2018!! I didn’t watch this year because other than One big name I Do enjoy most of their art, who won some (K.Lamar, though I dislike that Awful U2 collab..ugh), & Some other artists nominated who I Knew wouldn’t win, & did Not. Eh, it just seemed it’d be Extra boring this year. And in my Opinion, there Are still many Stellar New artists/musicians out, but as some pointed out; you Do have to LOOK for them/they are Not Promoted anywhere Near the level (or at All..) that the “usual suspects” are.

    But back to Portnow, yeah Every Year he comes out & rambles some long Boring Speech about whatever is a “big/current” topic that year; I just always fast forward him. But to say that Nonsense that isn’t true at all..wow, I just can’t believe that!! It’s like he was purposefully wanting to piss off Every female on earth (musician/artist or not), & even most men who just have common sense. He usually, boring as it is, seems to play a softer spoken “voice of reason” or whatever; WHY would he say something That absurd?! Crazy.

    Now as far as politics in music. I 100% Agree that, not just with the Grammys, but other award shows, the WAY many artists do “preach” is seriously ridiculous & getting beyond annoying more every year. I mean if someone presenting or winning an award wants to say a very Brief couple things that they Truly Believe in, hey that’s fine with Me. Many artists have did that throughout all award show/ect. history. But what’s going on Now does seem to be like they’re payed with money &/or awards (or more fame/promotion..) to make these annoying speaches. I agree with the people who say “shut up & sing,” it’s entertainment Meant to Entertain. If I want politics & whatnot I’ll turn on CNN or whatever..or look at the artists’ tweets I guess. But this is supossed to be a Music Show.

    And I have NO Problem with “political artists,” such as Rage Against The Machine & Many others throughout all of music history. But those artists typically keep their political views IN the Music!! (or videos/ect; mediums of their Art!..) Again; I don’t have an issue with a highly political artist or band that says a Few small things accepting an award, that realy is Different than Most of what’s happening often NOW. And it’s funny U2 is part of all this because I actualy Love their OLDER Music when they were younger (basically the record “The Joshua Tree” & back. ..imO all their music has been Awful after that LP..), & U2 WERE a True “political band” back then!! One of their most memorable older (& imo excellent) songs most know “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” was a stellar war protest song about THEIR home country (Ireland), but the politics were kept IN THE MUSIC!! That is how it Should be. Now ugh, it’s not just U2’s music I cannot stand (or I’ll just say “Bono” because MOST, even fans of the New music, Can’t name Any other single band member!, ha.), but realy Everything about Bono. Aside from the tax evation debacle; there’s been Many other Insanely HYPOCRITICAL things he’s done (does), & says; some is so outrageous!! It’s Clear Bono (&those other guys in the band) at a point in his career, Stopped caring about making good music with political tones he Believed in, & was most DEF imo “payed” in Many ways. Notice the NOW, Highly Political & Snobby (and annoying) supposed Music magazine, Rolling Stone, ALWAYS gives U2 5/5 record reviews/puts him or them on countless covers; sometime without having a new crappy record out/ect.? That’s just one of Countless things (being knighted, winning awards for NO reason that have Nothing to do with Music all the time, & So On & On..) that makes Me Believe he’s Probably being paid Well to arrogantly Promote very specific politics. But once upon a time, even when U2 were mainstream & a highly successful band back then, they Just put their political statements in Some song lyrics (as It Should be with any political themed band/artist..), & that was that.

    And there ARE some amazing New artists & bands out (again, yeah you have to Search a bit..) now/post milliniam, who just Keep it in the art & that’s that. But even some artists out now who I Do love the Majority of their art, are also starting down a path like what U2/Bono now is & what Many others have ALWAYS been. Even if I happen to AGREE with the specific political/societal issue, I still am Sick of this mass..yeah, “Preaching” truly is the best word for it. It is pushing agendas, some good, some not; but just keep it IN YOUR ART!! I’m an artist myself who practices various mediums, & I DO OFTEN put my Own views, political/ect, in my art. But I leave it at that & don’t rant Outside of the art itself about said views. I’m ranting Now a bit sure, and Clearly am long winded.ha. But I’m certainly Not (&Never Will..) PUSH Any of my views on Anyone & believe in what I’m saying. I feel people should believe what they Want, & they will regardless. But artists at the Grammys here in this case: If you’re a political Themed act, great!, just keep it in your art & stop annoying those who just wish to see Art without preaching that is literally causing Many of us (according to the statistics in the article on the Vast drop in viewers this year..), to not even want to watch anymore. Art is my life, & IS an Amazing way for us artists of all Mediums, to express all Kinds of views & things, there’s simply just a Right & Wrong Way to go about it!! What is going on now Mostly is the wrong way, but all you can realy Do is choose to watch the award show or read Rolling Stong magazine, ect; or not. But it Is Alienating MANY people, with differing views even at this point. Anyway: This has all Just been My Personal Opinion(s), & nothing more. 🙂

    -deadpopstar ★

  7. I used to love Bono and U2 then i saw him in concert in South Africa. Back then it was all about Nelson Mandela so he talked more than he sang. Was so political and disgusting considering Nelson Mandela has just stepped down as president of SA and he wasnt as popular anymore.

    Now Bono just looks like a stupid sheep doing his masters bidding.

    As for Hilary Clinton she needs to go and raise her grand kids and stop trying to be relevant…

    • Research the Mandela’s and their party and what they did to the minority whites once they took over. Ever hear of tire necklaces? Taking farms away from whites who have owned them for generations. We all got fooled — turns out Nelson’s no hero. South Africa used to be a wealthy country. Now, pretty messy.

      • Many whites were not paying taxes to the SA gov, they were swindling money out of the country , the did the same in Zimbabwe. They made megabe out to be some sort of dictator, I’m not saying he wasn’t but when he was drinking tea and getting cosy with the queen and kissing the West’s a** they knew he was a dictator back then….so why demonise him once he decided not to play by their so called rules and take away the land from white farmers???? Typical hypocritical west, they only like you when They can S**t on you.

      • Sorry you have wrong info. I am from SOuthern Africa and can tell you Mandela was set free to do the bidding of the West. They needed a Hero in Africa and he became the hero. He betrayed so many Blacks who were living below the poverty line and still are. The Whites held and still hold the economy. The farms taken is not much. Unlike Zimbabwe where I currently live. To be honest living in South Africa made me hate whites because of how they treat people. Even their own kind. Mandela was a sell out. Necklacing was not done to ANY white person. The country is messed up yes but the whites were part and parcel of messing it up. The blacks only know how to hate other blacks from other African Countries. In Zimbabwe now everyone lives better with each other than the current situation in South Africa.

  8. ”Although Bono loves to clothe himself in the garments of “charity”, he does not practice what he preaches. In 2006, the band caused controversy when it moved its operations from its native Ireland to the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes. In 2017, Bono was mentioned in the Paradise Papers for investing in companies that were evading taxes”

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with him not paying taxes. the gov. wants way too much of our labor.

    • Never mind people not paying taxes, it’s only when they back Dims and say “Why don’t YOU (meaning us) give more money to HIM (whoever’s on welfare, etc)?” They don’t want their own taxes raised, if they did, all they have to do is sell some houses and give the money to the government — no law against it. But they don’t.

      Smart people know how the government wastes their money and uses it for private slush funds. Every single dept. under obama is now being audited and turning out to be missing billions of dollars — Ben Carson found half a trillion missing from HUD.

  9. Bono is a high ranking member of the Knights of Malta which used to be the Hospitallers who settled and ran banks on the Isle of Man. Their banks are modern tax havens where the wealthy only pay 5%. Bono is implicated in the Paradise Papers as funneling his money into these banks to avoid taxes on his investments. The Knights of Malta have strong ties to Israel.

  10. As much as all this bs flying around may be annoying, I’m kinda glad for it. It’s showing us just how dangerous celebrity worship can be. All these sex abuse allegations, some child p**n charges, Pizzagate, etc etc are good. We can use these examples to discourage our kids from worshipping people we don’t know (aside from God, but that’s different!) It still boggles my mind about Mark Saling…I can’t even watch Glee anymore because it disgusts me knowing about the kiddie p**n. Johnny Depp is another I can no longer watch for a myriad of reasons.

    I don’t do #hashtagnumbersignpoundsign crap, but it’s looking like pretty soon it’ll be #TimesUpHollywood to more than just the truth community. How many people have learned in the past few months that a celebrity we once found appealing was really a sexual predator? Or supports murderers? Or *something* equally awful. Like in-your-face facts and not just truther suspicions.

    It’s a strange, partly scary and partly exciting time we’re living in.

    • Yeah, I don’t get what was supposed to be funny about that. Sure, McDonald’s is terrible and we all know it, but most people still crave the cheap greasy questionable cheeseburgers on occassion. Was the joke supposed to be that wealthy people don’t eat McDonald’s? Cuz I’m pretty sure that most teen pop stars *claim* to love the French fries. At least they did in the 90s.

  11. That U2 has a tour to sell. Ofcourse they get attention from their cultfriends when they need publicity. Pity, Bono get the first picture here. Maybe an abstract drawing of something like a tree, or a foot would be nicer.

    • @mbkultra Go easy on us with your Trump-boner, fella. You’re a sad little slowflake if you can’t acknowledge that SOTU was literally the same sh!t, different channel. #samemastermanymasks #yourownerluvsyou

  12. I couldn’t agree more, no real action is being taken! Anyone can wear a certain colour/rose etc but they all stood by silently for years and let it happen!

  13. The song takes aim at the United States and its immigration policy.–how so?

    Do people know the poem is by (((e lazazus)))? I checked (((utube))) and U2 had a whopping 35k likes on the song, at 2 channels[about17k per channel]…

  14. How embarrassing, and it was almost four hours long? That is an appalling waste of people’s precious time. By such boring people too, ugh. Younger people sadly seem to be the engine behind the music industry and its alive but slowly decreasing relevance these days, why are they so easily manipulated though by this? Do they really think greedy and lying, not to mention old and white (no offense but it’s worth noting), people like Bono and Hillary Clinton are exciting? I am just very surprised, that either they do care when these people are on their screen, or at least, that the Grammy committee or whatever thinks that they care.

  15. The music video made by none other that the good ol’ Israelites, shows up what is coming along the Pluto return to the Natal Chart of the US.

    Economic trouble incoming, “fight back” and the red Veneran star of Communism, what appears to be a deck box with an “A” is actually an all seing eye.

  16. Good thing you mentioned Oprah Winfrey and Hillary Clinton being pictured/connected to Harvey Weinstein.There’s far to many hypocrites and sheep when it comes to this #metoo topic(there’s. to many hypocrites and sheep in general).I mean do the masses not think it’s weird how Hollywood and etc. went after Meryl Streep because she was pictured/connected with Harvey yet Oprah Winfrey isn’t being treated nowhere near the same.

    In fact they want Oprah to run for president. Whoever is calling the shots behind the scenes is obviously cherry picking which celebrities to call out and which to give a pass to.But the fact that most of the public is going along with the cheery picking is annoying me.

    These sheep agree with anything that the media tells them.The media,”Harvey is bad so anyone who worked with him or taken pictures with him is bad too and should be called out(Meryl,Matt Damon & etc)”. Sheep, “Ok”. Media,”Yes Oprah,Hillary & etc are also connected to Harvey in some way but ignore that and continue speaking positively about them”. The sheep,”Ok”.It’s ridiculous.

    • Also, when is the Republican party going to start giving back Steve Wynn’s contributions/money? Unfortunately, it happens on both sides of the aisle…

    • Exactly they knew what he was about when they were posing up and partying with him so why all of a sudden they want to disassociate themselves??? Again hypocritical west.

  17. I wouldn’t say people are aware of virtue signaling. In fact, it’s the opposite. They’re so far into virtue signaling they don’t think there was enough.

    • I encourage people to read up on marketing and propaganda, you know, in books from about almost a decade in use. Combine those with psychology-research from thousands of years old. They’ll be shocked, not from having to read a book, but because it is confrontational in a nasty way. Like a picture of War.

    • Yeah, exactly. Self-praising women taking the spotlight so they can keep the truth under wraps. That they’re all sick f@&?$ that did sick things to children. But oh the poor women!

      • Right?? “Poor me!” Yet the “casting couch” has been an open secret for decades. Grown women making the decision to fornicate in exchange for fame and fortune.

        Kids do not have the choice.

  18. “Borderless, genderless and spineless” You are spot on. I’m a Bookstagrammer (i post pictures of books on Instagram, sometimes with political or Christian worldview commentary). I’m not sure if you know, or if it interests you, but I recently found out Penguin (publisher) is 75% owned by Bertelsmann, a German conglomerate that had Nazi affiliations in WW2. Penguin have 250 imprints. I found this interesting, but not too surprising. Keep up the good work.

  19. Why are the Grammy’s considered a “music” awards show these days. Until someone can set RAP to a musical score with harmonic parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) it has no business receiving any kind of music award. RAP is nothing more than percussive prose … give it a drama, writer’s guild or poetry award, but get it outta the music awards.

    • Yes. I do not want to offend anyone, but I hate rap for having replaced melodic songs that most people loved. Even if you add a beautiful chorus to a rap song, it can not replace a full song.
      Apparently, today writers are afraid that no one will read their prose in books, so they impose it in the form of “songs”. But this is not music, it’s just a read text.

      • Or, and bare with me here, you CONSIDER it to not be music because it isn’t in line with your cultures idea of music. Yeah, that might be it.

      • Trust us; if you’ve ever taught HS, you see the effect on kids. Plus, I’ve created and taught curriculum on the history of popular music, teaching all about gospel, ragtime, field calls—blues-to jook joints, ragtime and Dixieland… along with classical to country to rock-a-billy. Music crosses cultures. Nice try, but this is a case of vulgar, crude, sexual trash being glorified.

      • You talk about content, I talk about form, different things.
        Over an adagio from Mahler one can read out loud obscene rantings aswell, with or without pitchcontroll.

      • They should thank God for genres like rap , if it never existed you could imagine the shyite we’d be listening to now . Hip hop , r&b , reggae, ska and many other ethnic genres have a large impact on music as a whole . Without them music as we know it would be 1000 times worse Than it is now including the music that you do like and listen to. That’s why they pump so much money into ethnic music because the kids today especially 3 thirds of white kids are buying it.

      • Some rap sounds almost like 18th-century poetry, if you leave out the beats (and not think about naked ladies on cars because of having seen a videoclip). You might not like the style and rhythms, but it is not an exoticly new to perform vocally. A Classic White Musical Devotion Happening, is that better, songs of praise by a famous one, Wagner, or List, another more worldly one, Elton John. Females? : K3, or a ultrahip Julie-London-clone-with-a-sore-throat(-but-big-tits-for-great-promoshots) ? Or a nice africobeat with gospels, oh, wait, they use pitchcontroll a lot too nowadays, darn.

      • Naw. The lyrics glorify thug life, high schoolers try to copy it…nothing like praise or gospels…all about white devils, killing cops, graphic details about their privates and what big sex obsessed creatures their “h—-s” are…saying they’ll f—- you and leave you, ‘cos you ain’t nothin’ but a h—-.

        It’s gross s**t, bragging about their guns and selling their dope and being pimps. Really ugly. Most parents don’t know, as the lyrics are too dirty to print, and they think”Oh they wouldn’t win all these awards if they were dirty.”

    • Thug rap doesn’t have a score half the time..just a beat, electronic rhythm to back them up…often a sort of hook taken from real musicians. Read that Bilyl Squier’s “The Big Beat” made him rich as all the thugs like to use it behind their raps. The “drums” in that –it was just BS walking around the studio banging on a packing case…bap bap BOOM, bap bap BOOM….

  20. This quote from the article …”As stated above, this agenda does not come from “the people”, but from a globalist elite that is seeking to create a borderless, genderless and spineless world.”

    • Include religion-less into the borderless, genderless and spineless world. And the fracturing of the nuclear family. It’s been going on since the 1950’s.

  21. That Rita Ora/Oprah/Weinstein photo was so very creepy. Rita’s body language made her look as if she was scared and repulsed to have him be so near, as if she was forced to be there. And Oprah was trying to reassure her and tell her that being around him was OK. Ugh, it made my stomach turn.

  22. Yes the act is getting kind of tired isn’t it. What it all boils down to is big egos telling us what to do. While they go and party it up. Than take it all for granted and basically blame us when they lose it all. The whole thing makes no sense.

    I’m not saying these artists aren’t smart. What I’m saying is put the egos down. Most of them should be in a position of their life to do just that. Instead we witness their collective handwringing. Like oh we love and support each other so much…for awards season I mean. Every other time these people don’t give 2 s***s about each other. They are all in fact competing against each other. Not just for the awards, but for the same systematic “markets” or demographics.

  23. I am so pleased to hear that there was a 24% drop in viewership this year! That’s actually amazing if you stop to think about it. It means more people are waking up! Revolution’s in the air!

  24. Splendid article as always VC Thank you for keeping up with with your excellent workmanship, hopefully the younger generations will pay attention here, Best,

    • Who tf is that??

      Who the hell are half these people I’ve never heard of?

      Oh. Right. Mind controlled devil worshippers being paid ridiculous amounts of money for producing nothing of importance and wearing stuff that costs more than what most of us pay for rent/bills.

    • She definitely had glitched and gave a very demonic stare out of nowhere in the middle of an uncontrollable fit of the giggles.

    • I say that about politicians lol if they lived on incomes like the rest of us, our countries would be free of debt in no time.

    • Agree, I can’t stand Bono, his voice, his music , he’s so hypocrite. Oooh yeah, he cares so much about the african people. Btw, great article. I don’t trust this Time’s Up movement launched by people like Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and company.

      • I remember when I was a kid/teen in the 90s, U2 and Bono were heavily pushed on Much Music (Canada’s MTV) as being so great both musically and humanitarian etc. I thought to myself “If he’s so great, why does he only do all this work in front of cameras? If he’s genuine, he wouldn’t need them.” (Never much cared for their music, either. A couple songs are alright, but overall they’ve always been overrated imo.)

      • That’s so annoying about him, but then you see him wearing expensive clothes, hanging out with people like George Clooney. All hypocrisy

  25. I stopped watching this CRAP-show in the 80’s. Any award show really.

    Borderless, Genderless and a Spineless world…. what a great way to describe the NWO-Elite dictatorship that George (Satan) Soros is hell-bent on creating in this world.

  26. Only saw kesha’s peformance, i have to admit I nearly cried.. I was never a fan, and still not, but with this song you just feel she’s desperate to get out. It is heartbreaking to see someone fighting without any results..

  27. The talent is long gone, replaced by a self serving, ego driven marketing machine. Watched 45 minutes of this boring tripe, while waiting with my ma for her doctor’s appointment.

  28. Music and media is owned and run by jews. (((They))) are trying to genocide the White race. (((They))) aren’t shy about it, (((they))) state it and write about the White genocide endlessly. It is one of many reasons (((they))) have been kicked out of over 105 country’s.
    This is (((their))) typical disgusting and destructive behavior.

    • Don’t see why this isn’t voted up. It’s the truth. Read the Protocols (which is not a forgery or a fake), “The International Jew” by Henry Ford, “On The Jew And Their Lies” by Martin Luther….ALL of the educated and intelligent people hated them. For good reason! If everyone hates you, maybe YOU are the problem! Even Jesus called them the synagogue of Satan! If you defend them you are doing the devil’s work.

      • Sir, I don’t see your obsession with the Jews. People are people. No group has any claim on virtue or villainy. When we stand before God on Judgment Day, we will only have to worry about our own personal sin. I suggest you worry about yourself and forget about what other groups might be doing…

      • Thank you. the “It’s the Joooooz” people are maligning men, women, and children in Israel (“Zionists!) who just want to live their lives In safety. The globalist elites, the ones we are actually fighting, come in all colors and ethnicities. The Clintons are part of it; so are the Obama’s — those people are not jewish in religion or ethnicity. Jeff Bezos? Heads of google? Jerry Brown of CA?

        Don’t look at the Jooooz. Look at if they are open borders — that is the key to if they are the ones we are fighting. John McCain, Dick Cheney, the Bushes, Lindsay Graham…. Check out a list of the Bilderberger attendees… That’s who’s trying to get us all under UN slavery.

  29. Outstanding article, well researched and crafted. VC’s writing style displays the simultaneous quick-witted dexterity and deep thought necessary to break these topics down in a manner that the average, non “woke” reader can digest while keeping us more experienced truthseekers riveted. Very beneficial!

  30. @Whocares “she” even looks incredibly androgenous, even masculine. maybe a nod to their “trans” agenda and baphomet worship? I’ve noticed that since I was a child. I asked a teacher once, why does the statue of liberty look like a man in a dress?

  31. I’ve not listened to “music” since the nineties. Every “artist” that’s popular with Hollywood is just garbage to me. and I’m not that old. it’s just that it’s been the same ignorant “hiphop” and minority culture crap for decades.

  32. I don’t have any complaints about all the sermonizing, all the occultic symbolism, or anything else they do/did. My complaint is that there hasn’t been anything in the music industry for a couple or more decades worth listening to. The artists have become aping clones of each other, and there is no talent visible/audible anywhere. It’s just a bunch of sold out, mind-controlled robots emotionally masturbating each other for the adoring public to see.

    • Speaking of “robots”, have you seen the video that VC talked about, that Justin Timberlake made?
      It’s called “Filthy”. And it is! See it on Youtube.

    • Yep! and that is precisely why there is the sermonizing, etc. There is no talent and they have to keep the masses engaged or ‘entertained’ somehow

    • @Synickel plenty of wonderful music being created but you won’t find it being backed or promoted by ‘the mainstream music industry’…they have a different agenda…

  33. Since this article is all about awards: the „Emmy“ awards are awarded by the „National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences“ in short „NATAS“, which, if one reads it backwards (inversion) says… satan
    The Emmy statuette is depicting a „winged woman“ (aka fallen angel) with wings in the form of lightning bolts holding an atom.

    • we need more articles written to expose the zionist in control of the media, aka the fake jews, israels significance to the NWO establishment.

      • Stop saying the fake jews. They are the same jews of all history, what you call “deviant Illuminati agenda” is nothing but that people following their scriptures.

        You really think the God Almighty killed the first son of the Egyptians? sure…

      • look, yall dont know the ins and outs of what all went down in egypt
        the egyptians fell out of favour long before the jews showed up
        and for good reasons too.
        god can spoil his childerns, same as any other daddy
        it’s the humans who attribute all this omniscient omnipresent omnipotent stuff to him, because yeah.. to them god couldnt be any other way.
        try to look at it from god’s point of view, alright?
        the jews were chosen for their loyalty, and loyalty actually means something to god
        because god has a vision for all the good peoples, and god has the perspective to see it realized through time, in a way that humans really cant
        he explains all this to the jews after observing their search for a deeper meaning to existence, and earns their trust in that vision, and through blessings he earns their loyalty.
        god encourages jews to aim higher, because he gave them the knowledge that their loyalty had afforded, and therefore a greater responsibility.

        god also incarnates into a localized human form, a lot. i mean, why not? cannot the creator explore and enjoy its own creation?

        while god is in that localized body, well.. he just leaves the whole deal running on its own. under some supervision, although it pretty much runs itself anyways. it has to be maintained of course, but it’s actually a lot more rewarding to see your created peoples solving their own problems, taking initiative, acheiving something.. heck, just like any other parent.

        god only really gets involved.. if creation is threatened by imbalance to a degree that is beyond the humans’ ability to restore, and that has been rectified in many ways, all through history. some more obvious than others, it happens from time to time. still working against that path of least resistance too

        lay off the jews

      • Try getting these idiots to understand. They don’t want too. They want to be right and the easiest ring to throw your hat in with is whomever has the majority. Hence, bible thumping. Let these online preachers go into the lions den and see how much faith they really have.

      • Same Jew’s? Left Egypt black then returned as white? European Khazars MASS CONVERTING to a religion in 8th century AD and claiming semetic heritage 1000 years later? Stop with the in denial BS its the same as Jewish denial. You are the voice of ignorance.

      • The Egyptians were black? Lol this is where the Afrocentrist stumbles. If the Israelites are black then what were the Egyptians? Oh wait, everyone was black than two random albinos popped out and found each other and created the super race of white people.

        Lmaoooo stop looking at history from your angle and look at it from an honest point of view. “Blacks” aren’t the only people with melanin. The word is full of melanated peoples, from the Egyptians to the Israelites, but the American Negro is just that. American. So cut the bullshit.

      • Of course Egyptians were black however the modern Egyptian today identify themselves Arabs but many are of mixed race . No one said blacks are the ‘only ppl with melanin’ even white ppl have a measure of melanin or els how would they be able to tan? Over time interracial relationships and different climates amongst other factors caused lightening of skin . There’s a reason they call Africa the mother land so living in denial to make yourself feel better is fine and nobody cares if you want to look at history from your angle because it couldn’t be further from reality.

    • Possibility of a “divide-and-rule” concept where the globalist elite attempt to takeover and push forth their agenda is why I really don’t care about this crappy awards show. Besides, even the symbolism is right before one’s open eyes and well explained here.

      This world is slowly but surely rotting away, and America looks as if its going to tear itself apart eventually based on recent events.

  34. The famous statue of liberty is actually a statue of lucifer, the light bearer.

    The official name of the statue is „liberty enlighting the world“. It represents the teachings and doctrines of the Illuminati, which is another word for „the enlightened“.

    “lucifer, the Light-bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable, blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish souls? Doubt it not!”

    [Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry]

    The first „enlightenment“ occurred no other than in the Garden of Eden, when satan / the snake / lucifer said to Eve: „You will certainly not die, for God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

    The rest is history.

    • The Statue of Liberty is actually the Babylonian Godess Semiramis. Her flaming torch however, does represent Lucifer’s knowledge. The Harbinger.

    • Wait, you’re quoting Albert Pike as an “enlightened” being. Okay… Pike was not only a Freemason but also a Confederate General who was tried for treason for evading arrest for charges of scalping his opponents and mishandling money.

      • Yeah he also had a handler. As the templars looted the pharaohs treasures durong the first crusades, and then set up shop in Geneva. Pike has a statute in Washington DC, one of the most “symbolic” shitties on the Heart aka eartH plane T. Wake up y’all.

  35. I watched some of the show but was very bored. Mainstream music isn’t all that interesting right now anyways. The same boring people with their meaningless nonsensical songs. No depth or meaning in most of it. Most songs these days are just the same 2 or 3 word phrases repeated over and over. The few good songs didn’t even win any awards, as expected. You already know who will win what the moment the nominees are announced, so what is the point of watching?

    • Exactly! they give it to the same 6 people every year , so much good music goes unnoticed that’s why its all about them giving Grammy’s to those in their inner circle .

    • Yeah, it’s really just a place where Jay Z, his masonic buddies (Bono) and subordinate dick suckers can get together and circle jerk each other! So sick and tired of these f*****g people including the Kardashians. They’ve ruined the Grammys and entertainment. I haven’t watched it in years because I am sick of seeing the same f*****g people win every year and you know exactly why they win so who the f**k cares!

  36. I wanted to watch this years Grammy show because of a few artist I like who were performing… but, I could not sit through more than a few minutes without turning it off!! So many uneducated people speaking on politics and other major issues. But addressing it without real answers or individual opinion. Really just a bunch of BS! I can’t and won’t let them mix in music and dancing with the agenda for me anymore! I know longer can just ignore the BS to enjoy the show! Stick to the damn music or they will see more of a decline! They hate trump so much and sexism blah blah blah! Literal head explosion

    • Even if someone doesn’t like Trump, they will soon tire of celebrities telling them what to think, feel and how to act. Bunch of rich people who didn’t graduate from high school telling America the state of affairs. They’re burning bridges with fire they think us poor folks want. We don’t. They’re waking us up instead of keeping us asleep!

  37. Great article VC!! Lately I can’t stand the entertainment industry and all of their hypocrisy. You should do an article on the film “Call Me By Your Name” which normalizes P********a all in the wake of the Kevin Spacey Scandal.

    • YES! I was wondering why no one brought up the fact that the boy in that movie is merely 17 and the man is in his twenties. Yet they were angry with Kevin Spacey a minute ago. Does not make any sense at all!

    • Yes, I’m w you a 100% VC is the best in how he so perfectly explains without vulgar or rude language, it is absolutely educational….I for one never watch any of these “shows” fed up with it all, so I come here to gather information, we all nedd to stay informed and aware, I liked the part where statistics show a substancial reduction of viewers, well that’s about it!! If we keep on being aware I don’t like to say awake or wake up, because it has another connotation, per Youtuber Chiron Last’s series of The Golden Web and The Witness, which I highly recommend to watch and continue to grow, learn be on alert mode etc. My respects to you, to VC and all the wonderful people gathered here…


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