This “Tween” YouTube Channel Clearly Caters to Pervs … and is Recruiting Young Girls Worldwide


The YouTube channel SevenSuperGirls features tween girls doing random stuff. However, it also appears to be custom-made for pedos. Even worse, the channel is recruiting young girls on the internet. 

In my article entitled Something is Terribly Wrong With Many “Kids” Videos on YouTube, I described the numerous ways videos aimed at children can be toxic and disturbing. Unfortunately, that was only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. And that iceberg goes deep. And it stinks. It is basically a terrible iceberg.

A segment on the comedy show Tosh.O exposed a YouTube channel named SevenSuperGirls which contains thousands of videos featuring young girls doing “cute” things. In his segment, Tosh.O claims that he might have stumbled on to “something dark” while adding that those who watch that channel should “put on their pants and report themselves to the FBI”.

Jokes aside, there is clearly something dark about that channel – not only due to its contents but due to how it attempts to recruit new girls by requesting audition tapes.  It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to picture how things can go horribly wrong for the girls involved. Especially when one understands the system behind the channel.

Seven Super Creeps

At face value, SevenSuperGirls appears to be a “tweens” channel aimed at young girls who want to see girls their age doing random stuff. However, it is difficult NOT to see the appeal the videos could have to adults who want to ogle underage girls in all legality.

The channel description even states that it is the “largest all-girl (under 18s) partner collaboration on YouTube”. Here’s a screenshot of the channel’s description. As you can see, the channel boasts nearly 7 million subscribers and over 7 billions views. That is massive.

This description is oddly similar to something one would find on an adult site.

As the name of the channel implies, SevenSuperGirls consists of seven girls who each have a sub-channels on which they post videos. In most of these videos, the girls act in an overly childish or bratty matter, while wearing evocative outfits. A ridiculous number of these videos feature the girls – who are aged between 8 and 12 years old – wearing bikinis and leotards. Why? Is that necessary to capture the attention of young girls? No. But it is necessary to capture the attention of creeps.

While I feel uncomfortable posting screenshots of these “videos” here, they are needed to illustrate how the channel obviously caters to specific “adult” fetishes. To find these screenshots, I did not need to scan hundreds of videos in order to find outrageous stuff. I simply played some of the most watched videos on the channel and captured tons of images in a matter of minutes. In other words, this article could have been much longer and filled with hundreds of screenshots, each one more disturbing than the other.

For starters, here’s a screenshot from the #1 most viewed video on the channel. It has 138 million views – a number that rivals music videos by international pop stars. Does it feature lit dancing and fire music? Nope. It features this:

A bratty girl wearing a onesie and a tiara while licking a cream pie. Yup.

Here are screenshots from other videos.

The #2 most viewed video features a girl strapped to a bed with duct tape. Yup.
Another top viewed video features a girl dressed as a mermaid and swimming around a pool.

My previous article also contained a screenshot of girls wearing a mermaid suit. It there a secret fetish market for underage girls in these costumes? I hope not.

Another video features 6 super girls with bikini tops and mermaid bottoms.
This video features a girl in a bikini swimming around for like 5 minutes. Who actually sits there and watches this? You know who.
In another video, two girls smudge their faces with lipstick, put on leopard high heels and put on a fashion show for … those who watch this kind of stuff.
This … doesn’t look right.
Here, the girl asks the viewers to vote for the bikini she should wear in the following video. How many old dudes voted?

Who comes up with these scenarios? Don’t the parents of these girls find them extremely inappropriate?

Recruiting Girls

In the video How to Get on SevenSuperGirls!, young girls explain how the recruitment process works. It is a rigid and specific process.

Indeed, girls who want to be part of SevenSuperGirls must first apply to one of the sister channels that are part of a larger entity called SAKs Channels. The sister sites are SevenGymnasticsGirls, SevenPerfectAngels, SevenAwesomeKids, SevenFabulousTeens, SevenFuntasticGirls, SevenCoolTweens, SevenTwinklingTweens and SevenEpicDancers. These channels are all filled with hundreds of videos similar to what is found on SevenSuperGirls.

This is from one of sister channels. More underage girls being duct taped.
In another video, this girl smudges her face with feces and is then put in a bath. This probably excites amateurs of scat.

Therefore, SAKs created a system where it obtains audition tapes from young girls, recruits the most promising ones within its ranks and transfers those who have “what it takes” to SevenSuperGirls. That is one sketchy thing to get young girls involved in. The recruitment video even states:

“Beware of the fake SAKs channels. There’s hundreds of them.”

What kind of people would create fake channels to trick young girls into sending audition tapes? You know exactly who.

One thing is for sure, in order to get audition tapes accepted by SAKs, strict guidelines must be followed. The video SAKs Guide to Auditions details these requirements (though I wouldn’t watch the intro of that video in public).

Here are some of the requirements: Girls cannot hide their faces; They must include head-and-shoulder shots, half body shots, and full body shots; They must “include some action” (i.e. dancing or swimming). A girl in the guide video even says:

“Think about how you look. Try to look your best.”

Why though?? Here’s another requirement posted on the channel’s Weebly page:

“If you’re auditioning for SevenGymnasticsGirls, try to wear a leotard. Remember that they need real gymnasts.”

Parents of young girls should probably be leery of sending videos of their children wearing leotards to complete strangers on the internet. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.

More Than Just a YouTube Channel

A NY Times article about SAKs explains how one of the girls ended up singing with Nickelodeon. It also sheds some light on the company.

“The SAKs channels, as they are known, were started in 2008 by seven families in Britain who, in the early days of YouTube, wanted to make sure their children were making family-appropriate content. The only remaining parent of that original partnership is Ian Rylett, who is currently in charge of the SAKs operation.

Mr. Rylett, who lives in Leeds, said producing the channels was essentially his full-time job. He and a team of six others take care of copyright issues, create sponsorship deals, come up with weekly themes, monitor the channels and arrange meet and greets. The tickets for a 1,000-seat event that is coming up in Orlando, Fla., are selling for $30 each.

Mr. Rylett receives an income from the channels, as do some of the girls. The girls own their own content, he said, but they have not signed contracts.”
– NY Times, With Hair Bows and Chores, YouTube Youth Take On Mean Girls

While, in 2008, the goal was (reportedly) to produce “family-appropriate content”, the goal probably shifted once 6 of the 7 families involved in SAKs quit. The channel now appears to be banking on the fine line between “family-appropriate” and “perv eye candy”. Furthermore, SAKs also generates lots of revenue with “real life” events.

Several videos on the channel promote upcoming meet and greet events where fans get to meet the Seven Super Girls. Who would travel to California in order to meet these girls? You know who.

In a Tosh.O comedy skit, Tosh goes to one of those events while spoofing the show “To Catch a Predator”. An older dude comes in and Tosh asks the guy to “take a seat”. The skit implies that these events are filled with creeps. He’s probably right.

In Conclusion

While the channel SevenSuperGirls appears to be aimed at young girls, it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination to see who else it is aimed at. Several videos appear to cater to specific “adult” fetishes and, judging by some of the creepy comments left by viewers, some of them really LOVE these videos.

Meanwhile, young girls looking to be the next SevenSuperGirl are told to send in videos of them “in action” while including “half-body” and “full body” shots while “looking their best”. These videos end up in the hands of who-knows-who and the girls who are successfully recruited could end up who-knows-where. In short, SevenSuperGirls is yet another example of a “wholesome” YouTube channel that is actually a gateway to a dark and exploitative underworld.





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This is vile . This is ‘Soft’ subliminal paedophilia , lowering tolerance levels to make people ( the general population ) believe that these images of young girls and the sex acts they are performing and implying are the “new normal.”
This is a very deliberate but subversive agenda to normalise paedophilia as “just another sexual preference ‘
Ultimately we are being asked to revise what we think is acceptable and where we think our social norms are going , it’s as always up to us but apathy on our part will rapidly propel us towards cultural collapse if we aren’t there already .

Also did you notice how 6 of the original families pulled out?? I wonder if this did start out family friendly and then when things took a turn toward the perverse, they wanted nothing to do with it anymore. That or the one that runs it now got greedy and tired of splitting profits 7 ways… UGH!!! What a disgusting concept though 🙁 I have an 8 yr old daughter and this makes my stomach turn…

“Also did you notice how 6 of the original families pulled out??” This was clearly stated in the article.

There is a youtuber called Blaire White (not completely sure about her name though, sorry) that´s been trying to get youtube to ban and/or be aware of a lot of pedohilia friendly youtubers. They´re trying to make it seem normal or okay. The scariest thing is that youtube doesn´t seem to mind. It bans a lot of stuff but not those guys/gals.

So so true..I truly fear for children today & I fear we are there already.A few of us stand up to be counted but the majority of the sleeping masses have the attitude that if it “doesnt affect them personally then heh why bother?” What they dont realise is, our socities are being eroded away & poisoned from the inside out & if we dont all do something & act now we will ALL be affected later on,trouble is now though if anyone speaks out publicly about the disgusting agendas,trends & images peddled by the mass media then they are branded as either,sexist homophobic,right ring or just downright evil for not being PC.

Joe Biden said if it wasn’t for Jews, there would be no gay marriage in the US.

Think about that people. And wake the F up.


Could you please elaborate? I don’t understand the deal with the jews….

Seems you are at beginners level.
Its the Zionist (Jews) who are controlling the world. They own everything in this world – Oil, Federal Reserve, Internet, Media, Hollywood, Pharma, Military.
They are leading the New World Order.

Hitler understood the problem. Russian Putin understands it. Unfortunately, America is already a slave to Zionists.

can you please just stop conflating jews with zionists like theyre one in the same? you can be a zionist and not jewish and jewish and not a zionist. shut the f**k up with ur reductiveness

Are we back to blaming all the problems in the world on the Jews again and again and again? Yawn……… Because certain catholic Priests are soooooo innocent.

I smell Rome all over this….people can’t!

While disfunctional junkies like Hitler were making headlines and chaos, the rulers behind the politics made sure some laws were changed drastically, almost immidiately globally effective already! To ensure nobody of the common pople could ever mimick this attocity, even when partizaned..

Why don’t you do some of your own reaearch?! I’m so tired of people in the comments sections wasting space by asking others to spoon feed them information !

Oh, it’s already happened. Teetering pass the point of no return, just look at the worldwide chaos happening recently.


If they try to normalize “transgenderism” they’ll try to normalize p********a next, it’s only a matter of time.

I’m not looking forward to when they flip that switch and all the brainwashed libtards freak out if you dare have a problem with p********a like you’re the one who’s abnormal.

Libtards will support any sort of degraded perversion so long as they’re told by the media to.

don’t you dare compare lgbt with p********a, can’t you see the difference?

Couldn’t have put it more perfectly

The American Psychological Association has renamed p********a as “minor attracted individuals” in their Diagnostic Statistics Manual for Mental and Behavioral Disorders. By doing this, they are seeking to normalize the act of p********a, and many YouTubers have jumped on board. The p*******e community wants their perversion to be normalized like trans and homosexuality. They want LGBT to have a P on the end. And eventually it will, because their stance is that unless someone who is minor attracted acts on his or her impulse, it shouldn’t be vilified. It’s OUTRAGEOUS. But that’s the way THEY want it. Good is evil and evil is good. Woe to those who join in.

That’s why I said as soon as they normalized LGBT then it would open the door to paed0philia. Next up is beastial!ty and people wanting to have relations with animals.

I completely disagree. Sexual acts between consenting adults, (regardless of gender) is vastly and entirely different to sex with a child or an animal- who cannot give consent.
It is about abuse of power.

The rise of LGBT groups may appear to be subverting the “norm” but we need to stand together, not apart when dealing with such horrific abuse against children.

It’s a slippery slope, you can justify acts between “consenting adults” but it’s still perverted and it still lowers the bar for society as a whole, if you say one perversion is ok, then it gets harder and harder to morally justify any perversion not being ok, no matter how extreme.

We’ve seen this happen with transgenders, something that even a decade ago made people feel ill is now treated as normal, now in the next decade it’ll be pedophilias turn to be normalized.

First it was normalizing gays in the 00s, then trans in the 10s, next will be pedos in the 20s, just watch and see.

I am not even a part of the LGBT community but who are you to call something “perverted” like being gay or lesbian? I mean I thought my country was homophobic but seeing westerns with these attitude make me want to vomit. Being part of the LGBT community is completely different from being attracted to kids or animals. And if we want to protect children, we must do it together with all our mights. The solution is not blaming something completely irrelevant with the main issue.

LG is abnormal. Period.

Apparently Canada recently legalized beastiality. Been dragging feet on fully legalizing pot (it’s been decriminalized) but outta nowhere suddenly it’s legally acceptable to literally f the dog. Because soooo many Canadians have been really pushing for our right to hump pets and livestock *sarcasm* As for the P and LGBT, a few years ago I’d have said people were overreacting about gay acceptance being the gateway to making p********a acceptable. But in the past couple of years, yeah, I see that really was the plan all along. Which is really effing sad, sick, and unfair to the LGBT community while masking itself as a good thing. I mean, sure, P’s may not be able to help being attracted to minors and children anymore than a gay person can help being gay….but even today a massive flamer in a locker room is going to make -some- straight guys feel uncomfortable about… Read more »

I’m pretty sure there have been beastiality brothels in germany for some time now.

All over the world.

Whatever! I am a B in the LGBT and have many friends and associates who are LGBT and not a single one of them is ok with kids being sexualized or p********a! You’re wrong! These sickos are an entirely separate population and your equating them with LGBT is a FALSE equivalence!!! I’ve studied so many cases of ministers, youth pastors and youth counselors as well as a VERY LONG LIST of law enforcement agents who have been charged with child r**e abuse and P**n so you need to get real here! The vast majority of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by a person in a position of trust- FACT. doctors, teachers, cops, priests, coaches, relatives, counselors, family members!!

I’m not saying pedos are like homosexuals or any other alphabet acronym. I’m saying THEY want it normalized, the pedos. I certainly don’t! But this IS what happens when you espouse “love is love” as a blanket response to anyone who believes differently than you do. It either applies to the b********y folks, pedos and incestuous lovers or it doesn’t apply to anyone. It’s a Pandora’s box that will be hard to close for those who view it as a doorway for themselves. If you feel like denying others the same rights you have demanded from society, you might want to understand how society has viewed YOU, because the child molesters will use your playbook to normalize what they feel is simply a sexual orientation.

So very true. Not long ago, there was a completely legitimate news article (not false urban rumor) about a mother who gave up her son for adoption when she was like 17. Now, 20 years later, she has 9 other children, but the adopted biological son came back to find her after he became an adult and they “ended up falling in love and having a sexual relationship”. They are interviewed on the local TV news and they justify it by repeating over and over that they’re adults; they don’t view each other as mother/son; they can’t help that they are attracted to each other; and it’s not wrong, because they “love” each other!! The son even says – and I quote – “It’s no different than the gays; they can’t help who they’re attracted to….our situation is the same.” They both state they are prepared to do time in… Read more »

I’ve read/seen other incestuous stories very similar to this. One was a father/daughter. One was a mother/daughter, but theirs was even worse cuz the mom actually raised her and the daughter was 17 when they “came out” after keeping it on the downlow for a while. Effing sick! That poor girl was brainwashed and is a victim who has almost a Stockholm thing going on; and she’s in complete denial of it. She’s going to completely fall apart in so many ways when her mother/handler is no longer around….

You hit it right on the nose by using the phrase ‘handler’ Incest is literally monarch programming

Incest isnt a sexual orientation tho, neither is peadophilia they’re learned behaviours, I saw a horrible news story about a couple who molested all there children and the mother who was abused as a child said it was fine because it’s what her family did when she was younger!) nobodies born a Paedophile or incestuos and in both cases r**e and abuse of minors is involved. And honestly the overly sexualised children in the media doesn’t help let kids be kids!
And I’m sorry but maybe that woman should have the rest of children taken away from her if she thinks it’s fine to sleep
With her son!
Love is between 2 consenting adults and a mother and son even though they’re both adults there is still
An imbalance of power, that’s s***s just f****d up

do you know how often gays are the victims of r**e or sexual molestation? Look it up, then apply your own logic.

And I suppose people aren’t born gay either. Bloody fool..

Most of the time LOVE IS LUST IN THE MOMENT! People want to do what they want to do…and that’s that!

We are there already

Wow! I’ve seen the same kind of story but it was the father and the daughter. Smh..

Yep, they’re using the lgbt thing to push other agendas and its working. Once people let that through it opened the floodgates and let those in power know that it was time to move forward with the plan. Next thing you know it’s Sodom and gomorrah and the evil ones will be “normalized” and we will be the ones looked at as backwards or bad

They already tried to do it in the 90s, look up the documentary “Chicken Hawk: Men Who Love Boys” which is about the organization NAMBLA trying to ride the coattails of the LGBT movement in order to gain acceptance for p********a, the guys in the documentary are very frank and honest about what they’re trying to do and one them even gloats about “shoving it down America’s throat”

The difference is in the 90s America wasn’t yet so far gone so it didn’t work, but let’s see what happens in the 2020s.

also fyi the documentary was also made to expose this, not support it, the ending makes it clear what the filmmakers intentions were.

The whole mosaic (LGBT……P) is making society more and more f$ck up

Look at the facts, majority of homosexuals are p********s period. Lgbtxyz your lifestyle is a PERVERSION.

No you dumbfuck, most pedos are straight.

Name calling makes you a silly fool…be an adult and reason. If a pedo is raping a boy..that doesn’t make him straight….it makes him crooked! He is a crooked and wicked man. Now with that, most boys are sodomized or raped by gay men and they become gay. Those men that say they’re straight are no way straight bit playing a deadly game.

I am not saying straight (labels ugh) people don’t do messed up things…they do…but to harm a child in any manner is disgraceful and horrific. And name calling shows your crooked behaviour and ways!

Wow f**k you buddy, I’m sorry that two consenting adults who love each other offends you so much and I think you’ll find it there is no set sexual orientation for peadophileas but children are More likely to be molested by someone they know e.g family, which most likelys means someone who identifies as straight!
But I’m not an a*****e who’s gonna say all straight people are paedophiles, because that’s not the case just as all homosexuals aren’t either!
Why not just focus on vilifying the actual offenders rather than your dated view on a sexual orientation?

no one cares what you are

Sure! I have known some gays that told me stories about them and seeing the young boys under 18 they have dated. You don’t know what they do behind your damn back. I wish people stop saying they know people when people can be sneaky and know how to hide stuff. The stories on how these young boys became gay in the first place is saddening but then they become like the person who hurt them.

Not all gay people are bad…I really hate using gay…homosexuals!!! And not ALL ARE GOOD AND WANT TO BE WITH ONE PERSON. It’s bad in any of us especially if we WON’T control it.

Yes this has been the Illuminati’s plan all along.

Research Canada’s take on beastiality…our next door neighbor.

It is already happening and society has been muted in one way or the other

I think at this point u are offending homosexual people. This is sick even for homosexuals.

Peedoughfelia has Nothing To Do with lgbt, the only thing in common is that it is sexrelated. Well, so is making love to toiletpaper-rolls for some. Now go on taking all those from public spaces, churches, your home..

“Peedoughfelia has Nothing To Do with lgbt” Oh Really??? Ask John Podesta, he’ll tell you a looooong story about it. + Homosexuality is SEVERELY punished in the bible, it is “a crime that asks for God’s revenge”. There’s nothing kind and generous telling homosexual people “do what you want, it is ok as long as you want it”. This is not showing any charity or true love to them encouraging these persons in such a way, as they are going to end up in HELL!!! And to all the homosexual that may read us: Guys be aware that gay people who are aware of this horrible sin and choose to leave their life in chastity are seen by God as saints and martyrs because they struggle against their own flesh! And God knows how hard this must be! So be aware that a huge place in Heaven is promised to… Read more »

Amen! Remember when Lot begged The Lord to save S&G and Lot could not find 10 people in that city that wasn’t homosexuals? This is coming reality today.

Remeber when Lot slept with his 2 daughters TWICE and got them pregnant? Yeah, those were the times.

Oh crap!

”Remember when Lot..” You made me laugh. You do not even remember it yourself. I like the way you have used capslock. But the green Read more-link , i did not use.

I wonder what god thinks of all the priests that’s abuse children? Servants in his name and all that is it fine because they’re straight? Organised religion is a farce! Do you have any idea how many teen suicides are due to LGBT teens being told they’re not normal
And it’s a sin, there are far worse things than loving someone of the same gender!

Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

kristaneena, hate to tell you this but the majority of “p*******e” priests are gay. And not one person thinks its “fine” its sick and depraved just like all the rest who do it.

Induce confusion, fear and minority-complexes is a tool, to make the listener unhappy, unworthy feeling and lets him or her think they will never be good or succesfull if they do not try to fit in. That’s a mindtrap, universally used, not only by religious folks. They just copied what was already a great way to manipulate insecure humans into passively waiting for otherones’ solutions. Like praying, or meditating, or organizing a villaged silent walk for a dead dog, too. Al those without immediate result, just have people stalling themselves in waiting lines for fake eletions. While enjoying supperficial music in deafening inner-earplugged wifid devises.

So “if you make yourself uncomfortable and restrained for the comfort of our brainwashed partitioners, we will give you a pretend huge room in heaven with room service and mini-bar” god really just wants the christians to be happy. if you pretend you aren’t a homo god will be so nice to you!! Even though god made you a homo he loves when you go against nature. Also god is a man with a penis and beard.

Nothing to do with LGBT? Good one!

Even the L has nothing to do with the G nothing to do with the B or nothing with the T. That 4 letters are put together as a concept. You want to put the P there as well? Go ahead, but please do not judge anyone other of the four letters of being put together with a P.

Liberals don’t know when to quit, every perversion must in time be treated as normal no matter what it is.

Oh god, it’s happening.

The fact that YouTube shuts down truther channels and lets immoral channels such as this one flourish, is a major sign of the degradation of our beloved society. I’m afraid we are way beyond the point of no return and things shall get even worse before they get any better. The iceberg is indeed greater below the surface.

as are our laws, (blatant proof that satanists run the show) for, in many a state, an individual will serve more time for a handful of a dried plant, or for cultivation of one or more of that same plant alive, than that of a man who has had sex with an infant, toddler or child.

Darker times are coming unfortunately as this turns out to be just that

I just reported this channel and advise that all of you do the same.

Unfortunately, all you’ve accomplished is reporting it to the authorities who cover for their fellow pedos or to JewTube, also owned by pedos.

what do jewish people have to do with it?

Zionist Jews have their hands in everything, where have you been?

what do jewish people have to do with it?
Beginner alert.

Everyone has start somewhere on their quest for information. You were a beginner too at some point.

Blaming everything wrong in the world on the Jews again is getting boring and redundant. You hate the Jews we got it!

I believe it was Jesus who said: “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” So maybe, they are not really Jews after all 😉

Pervert nation

Reported what & to whom? You don’t like the topic of discussion? Maybe you are one of them. You pick the “them” to which I refer. I assume you can deduce your perverse groups to choose from.

I think you misunderstood. They reported the channel to YouTube, not this website or article.

D-I-S-G-U-S-T-I-N-G! No child should be subjected to this! Unfortunately, like most celebrities, these young girls are probably promised everything under the sun…selling their souls without getting a receipt in the process. The sexualization of our children is becoming far too blatant and celebrated.

Teach your children now! Don’t wait until their main goal in life is to be a mermaid!! It takes a village…


Hey did you see the village? It is messed up! I wouldn’t let my children go to village….this village is dead and disgusting. The village wants them in school…ha! In college…bigger ha! The village is the government that wants to spoon feed your child to be a good trained chimp. I will pass!

I am a professional Dominatrix of nearly 20 years. These channels are WRONG WRONG WRONG. I engage ADULTS who have every right to explore and experience with other CONSENTING ADULTS and within a framework which excludes unhealthy activities. I have limits that I strictly adhere to. This CRAP is definitely something else! It’s sad to me that adults wanting to express healthy exploration of their sexuality are stigmatized and judged while freaks like this get away with targeting kids. Society is whacked. And yes this channel does mimick an escorting site.

Here are some additional interesting facts:

SevenSuperGirls’ channel on YouTube is ranked one of the 74th highest YouTube channels ever created. It has estimated earnings of $312k/year to $4M/year:

The IP address for’s website is This server is hosted by Trident Server, and at the same IP address are sketchy production companies such as “Youth City Productions.”

Youth City’s videos on YouTube are called “Sizzler Reals” of young girls in even MORE suggestive poses/conduct than SevenSuperGirls. YCP says it’s a “member of the SAKs group of channels.”

“YCP”! it’s right in our f*****g face. cp stands for child p**n in the underbelly of the internet where these transactions happen. YCP, young cp.

Wowww, good catch.

Well at this point, there should be articles in MSM to talk about how successful and popular this channel is! But no, nothing, and we all know why…

Parents will now have to physically fight for their kids.
These perverts will try to use the law to make their practices become “legal”
I think thought that they underestimate how most parents will fight for their kids.
If they ever try, i think this might be the straw that will wake up everyone.
As for me, im keeping my weapons ready

Yeah, kind of in your face obvious. I am very surprised this soft core type, thinly veiled pedo stuff is still up on YT. As stated, it is somewhat ran like a p**n site. Heck, I am afraid to even visit these kind of channels in that I don’t want the creepy residue near me. Parents allowing this should be flogged and dungeoned. Yeah, that is not a real word but it applies.

SAKS? Sounds like sex. And that poop emoji is disgusting. A cat pillow and a poop pillow. Youtube seems like its a big perv show. UGhhh

Yeah, I noticed that right away too. Way too strange to be a coincidence if you ask me.

Why is Walmart selling these poop pillows?

I shared the link to one of these articles on a large parents Facebook group that was discussing the dangers of kids and smart phones (rightfully so) but hardly anyone even responded. This is new information and really shocking to most parents. The thing is that most of the parents in the group really try to shelter their kids and shelter themselves too. They have noble intentions such as only reading good literature and staying away from time wasting and inappropriate things. But it is worrying because it is really easy for a kid to disobey and find this stuff on YouTube. I was hoping more parents would want to be aware but hardly anyone responded. I think most people disnt read it in their efforts to shelter themselves. Frustrating.

The problem is we’re at a state where things are so bad it’s way past ‘noble intentions’ and ‘trying to shelther oneself’. We’re at the point where we either reject this and openly fight it or we let these child-molesting, devil-worshipping psychopaths indefinitely run the show. What do you suppose the next generations will look like? I’ll tell you what: If we don’t oppose this now they’ll grow up in a world not worth living in, if they’ll live to grow up at all. The NWO is coming at us, full speed. We’re the last line of defense. Let them run us over now and the future will be full-scale social conditioning, perversions, rampant lies on the ‘news’, possible genocides and wars. YouTube now openly caters to p*****philes, while shutting down ‘insane’ truth channels left and right? Sure, let’s just allow that and not question it. Does anybody care about… Read more »

Amazingly-said, ScepticCat…Amazing.

People today are like the Ostrich, they keep their heads down oblivious to what is going on around them. They hide in their sports or their FB likes or whatever else the Hellywood elites can think of to keep you away from doing the real work. Raising children up to know fear and respect their only loving God. The creator God of the Bible. It was the removal of God from the public square that allowed all this perversion to slip in. I’m afraid that the only thing that will make things right is the return of the God. Which WILL happen right before WE destroy ourselves.
May GOD bless and keep us all safe and free from the temptations of our times!

Did you know facebook conteracts al lot of those warningsposts about ”conspicary’ with enormous amounts of subliminal mesages in ads/polls/announcements that just indirectly dismisses your own posts when they apear on other people timelines, or such. Ther big picture is they do not want you in real power, their strategy is making you powerless in the long run. Be inactive, just fb you life for every thing you do. But talking to a neighbour in your village/city is more effective maybe in changing from within – your local powergrid of sameminded folks that argue the mainstrampolitics. Ans are willingto come in actions between those et propagadafest of two years ahead of te electionday (wich you willshortly forget by means of football, weather, the voice of..shows, tp-commercials with playing puppies to distract to the fact they cost 5 times more than just normal tp-paper without playfull dogs on you asswhipers..

So where are the parents of these girls? They ARE minors, after all…

Raking in the dough…

disgusting, the’yre motivated by greed, as opposed to protecting their children from these lecherous scumbags.

Stage mothers. The type you see on Dance Moms.

Laughing on the way to the bank 🙁

The video that you captioned “This doesn’t look right” was a base pornographic reference. That’s SO disgusting. I really would love to know what made the other 6 families quit the channel and whether any of them have had anything to say about the trash being produced under the name of a channel they used to be affiliated with. Thanks for the article, VC

WTF is this s**t? This is horrible and disgusting.

I am 100% done with the internet, especially the main popular websites, social media, mainstream news, etc. I may try to fast completely from it, honestly. Sometimes I think I need the web still, even so, because of its wealth of information but then I think, there are also libraries and there was a time people only had access to knowledge through books, radio, traveling, through communication with other humanbeings with their insight and culture to share. Schools also but those too are more inundated with corrupt agendas presently. As for YouTube, it is evil, pure evil. I am going to be one of “those” people and say I do not plan to ever use it again. Merely linking to it would make me feel like I am entering a website I shouldn’t be on or ever want to be on. Thank you as always for your analysis, VC… it… Read more »

Why do you think children are such a major theme in homosexual and trans activism?

I think there is a resounding goal to destroy innocence and purity and who better to target than children? They are young, inexperienced and have the perfect young minds to corrupt and sway. They are also easily controlled… you can’t make just any adult do, say and agree with whatever agenda you please. You will get resistance or apathy. A child may not have the choice and can be punished if they resist. It is also appealing for some reason to the evils of the world to use them for these causes… it hits some nerve in people if they see a bullied, oddball child (like honest to god we probably all were at one time in our youth and is nothing new) that is gay or is a boy but wants to be a girl or whatever. Dumb people think aww well why not let them decide and be… Read more »

Don’t forget lgbt too…..
They’re all over schools now. Do your research. They’re pushing all types of stuff in schools too. Research before youtube and the internet take it down.
Teaching as young as kindergarten gay sex….sounds interesting.

Sad to say that there are “some” parents who don’t care about their own child’s well being and want to use their kids to the general public in order to get some cash … it’s like pimping your own kids to this sick twisted rabbit hole.

pedophlia and child p**n is now mainstream. welcome to hell.

See? I tried watching some of these videos, but it is BORING to me!! I mean, do grown adults really enjoy watching this crap? WEIRDOS and creeps!

J – e w s run youtube, no?

Youtube, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Ebay, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple,….

You-tube is not completely run by Jews. Please stop the antisemitism.

Stop with the anti-semitic crap. You guys stink up every forum you post at.

Facts are not anti-Semitic.

Think about that knee jerk reaction you just had.

and plus are you serious when you say the girl is eating feces?? please tell me it’s not true.

Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, by Pier Paolo Pasolini. He is murdered.
A movie. With torture-scenes. Not one I would recommend. Ever. Just read about it and about the so called magestrates it artistically portraits. Then read about those in your area in the last century.

this needs to be removed now and put the pervert in jail and throw away the key. take it down now. i can’t believe you tube would allow such sick and disgusting perverted junk on there site. i think you tube should be dealt with also for allowing sick pervert stuff like this on there site.

Noticed several things in these pictures that ALSO cropped up in the other article VC just did on YouTube videos featuring weird stories and little girls: gumballs/gumball machines (?); Hello Kitty; black & white patterns (we know what this points to); the poop emoji pillow; kitten imagery; pony tails on lots of the girls. You know who else I see when thinking of pony tails and obvious sexualization of young females? Brittany Spears – her first big video (Oops I Did It Again) featured her dressed as a young schoolgirl in a really short skirt, tight unbuttoned blouse “uniform” and pony tails/braids. I remember the first time I saw it, I was shocked at how sexually suggestive it seemed, when her character was clearly a schoolgirl (plus, she was pretty young herself at the time). I was like, “Am I the only one who thinks this is totally gross and… Read more »

actually it was baby hit me one more time. opps i did it again was the red cat suit and britney didnt make school girls sexy , adults did. just look at sexy lingerie or sexy costumes for adult women most are cartoon characters geared toward children like sexy pikachu or sexy mario,peach ect.

The foundations are being overturned and demolished. The immoral and perverse have become so bold that they are actually recruiting. The tide is turning not to righteousness, but wickedness. This is about as wicked as anything I’ve seen. I think there are a lot of Satanists out there, and we don’t even know it, and they plan a takeover.

Creepy is not the word.

All the more to declare a citizens war against all Satanists and Paedos

it’s not just the soft normalization of p********a, i think these girls are being pimped out both online and in real life. these weird videos etc are “nods” to the kind of people who know what to look for and start a dialogue – active transgressing pedos.

you wondered if there’s some kind of fetish for the girls in weird costume – well, if you have the heart check out this tumblr and see the weird s**t Europeans are int. it’s NSFW but there’s no CP/anything illegal, just the absurdest costume/clothing/food fetishes. lots of “leotard” and other weird fetishes.

if the girls are being trafficked these videos exist to basically advertise the “options”

if you wanna get an idea on how girls are being pimped out on youtube go dig around the youtube channel “BebotsOnly”

Couldn’t bring myself to finish the article. These folks doing this to young kids are just sick sick sick.

P********s rationalize their conduct by citing young peoples’ latent sexuality.

It is entirely true that young people have powerful latent sexual feelings.

But their egos have not developed to the point where they are capable of defending themselves against exploitation by sexual predators.

Once they have reached physical maturity, and are no longer minors, they can if they choose to engage in sex with whomever they choose. A free society cannot stop others from persuading them to engage in consensual sex.

But until that time, the answer must be “No. No way.”

Also, the way the girl is positioned in the tub is completely disgusting and obvious.

The conservatives comparing p********a to homosexuality seem to forget that the poor kids being exploited in these video came from heterosexual parents who are willingly pimping their own kids. What is more depraved than 2 consenting adults from the same gender having sex or pimping and allowing your own kids to be exploited like this?

Good point? How? You’re just upset that the topic is about you. This is what a child does when something is said that they dont like and they have to call it out. Most people that are gay start off straight….remember that! Born this way my ass! For the Lord sakes something goes terribly wrong and then they turn. Or lust has filled that selfish heart….and it’s never corrected but stays crooked.

Good point.

The liberals NOT comparing p********a to homosexuality just seem to forget that ALL p……….s have had homosexual relationships.

homosexuality has nothing to do with abusing minors

All people abusing minors have tried same sex activities before becoming p********ans.

I was abused by a male when I was a girl. You don’t have the sexual history of every pedo.

Your shortminded ignorance is making waves of stupidicy among these reactions of readers.
A new form of trolling maybe, leavind out religion and just focus on peoples’ personals?

You mean Our LORD is shortminded then?! And what the holy bible tells us is all lies?!!
I leave you to your divagations and your sins…
Our Lord Jesus Christ thirst ALL his souls and wants them in Heaven next to him for eternity. You apparently don’t! How cruel, selfish and simpleminded one must be to talk about “trolling” when its about the salvation of us all.
I will pray for you D D d!

”..of us all.”
I get the impression a lot of religious people overhere do not wish to share heaven with a homosexual, or this planet.. They choose and react themselves over here, I do not read a messege by God here that says gays or lesbians are sub-human, just other people repeating that statement over and over – while they should focus on living and becoming a better person themselves they just keep on judging. Weird, semantics, no?

It’s about the lust of the flesh. Christianity at least provides a warning to the individuals, who shame themselves out of society through their lust – which in fact might not come only from our own bodies – but also from “outside” of our bodies, like demonic posession, or something.

But true Christians would not harm anybody, for “our fight is not against the flesh”. Muslims, on the other hand…

Oh bear, .. you can read muslim, …or loudly-singing-old-crazy-lady where I wrote homosexual, too. Did you not get my point?

Apparently I didn’t. So what is your point?

did the girl really smudge feces on her face tho? WTF

Here in Spain we have a LGTB activist called Loola Pérez (aka Doctora Glas) who is receiving money from the State in order to push the LGTB agenda. The problem is… she is totally in favour of p********a and b********y!. She is giving some lectures at schools and the seeks to normalise all these odd preferences. She has stated it is time to put all the tabooes away… Really sad…

Can the first and last names of those that run SevenSuperGirls be found and listed?

This is absolutely disgusting …. I have nothing more to add.

Thank you so much VC for your continued journalism efforts to expose all of this information. I am so much better informed and am much better at discerning thanks to your hard work. Thank you so much.

And you just know Youtube nor Ad sponsors find this content inappropriate

Yeah dude, when I show the articles and pics to my 12 year old and even they think it’s messed up, yeah that definitely says a lot…

Coincidentally, I just watched a great documentary called “an open secret” its on youtube and it it focuses on male child actor/singers who at some point were trying to make into show business only to get abused by sick Pedos posing as talent agents or managers and the effects that this had on those kids who are now adults…..very eye-opening and moving. I highly recommend it.

Probably the only names named are dead ones or obvious ones that were in the public eye already? Please tell me it is a step further to justice, instead of just an hour without content to build a case.

This is fkng insane. I just looked that up on YouTube.. “Seven Super girls Try Gymmastics” got 67M views and their “Mermaid” one got 40M! All the rest capped at 5M views…WOW is that ever clear O_o

The day of the rope can’t come soon enough.

The very first photo is reminiscent of a famous MK Ultra photo taken at Ewen Cameron’s hospital in Canada

People sure know how to make my blood boil.

Shame that the modern human celebrates this, they also tend to protect p********s as long as they’re in positions of power, like judges, lawyers and police men, the masses have a secret love for p********s.

You have got to be kidding me?!!? This is wrong on EVERY level. Definitely toxic and disturbing….

OMG, this is so horrible, someone should report all this to the police.

Ha ha ha,you made me laugh ! Such a naive view of the world we live in !

The police are in on it too.

Geese… Dark doesnt even cover the amount of disgust I honestly couldn’t even read the article all the way. I was a victim of Sexual Abuse from a pervert who was my cousin. John Robert Webster who is not in jail for his sexual assault on me. But for sexually assaulting another child. My report was never followed thru he is the sickest p*******e there is. In Snake River in Oregon. My family called me a liar and then when John was arrested for his sick perverted disgusting ways. My family Lied & kept it from me in shame becAuse they knew he was a Huge Pervert. I created as a way to heal. I am an artist who has PTSD from sexual abuse. I didn’t know what was happening to me until after a sex ed class at the age of 15. 5 years old to 15… This… Read more »

Innocent seeming actions do not always have innocent results.

This is just beyond sick! Easily acessiable soft paedophilia. Youtube should be ashamed of itself to allow s**t like this uploaded onto thier website.

Just when you think things can’t get any creepier, VC unrolls another one. I wouldn’t be surprised if the girls are not “sold out” at these meet and greets to traffic rings.

I normally don’t leave comments, but this right here is outrageous. And those vids with the tape bound and gagged girls? That IS a fetish.