The Esoteric Symbolism of the Viral Video “I, Pet Goat II”


“I, Pet Goat II” is a computer-animated video that is loaded with silent messages and esoteric symbolism. While the movie has no dialogue, each symbol tells a piece of a story that covers the fields of history, politics, occult conspiracies and spirituality. We’ll look at the esoteric meaning behind the viral sensation “I, Pet Goat II”.

Produced by the Canadian production crew Heliofant, I, Pet Goat II is a short animated movie that quickly went viral on the internet. Praised for its visual feats and its interesting imagery, the video, however, left many puzzled about the meaning of its symbolism. Politics, conspiracies and false flag operations are mixed with esoteric spirituality and occult symbolism in one big mesmerizing mind bender.

After watching the video, many might say something like “What the hell did I just watch?”. The story is somewhat non-linear and there are many cryptic and enigmatic elements in the movie. I won’t claim to fully decode every single symbol-filled frame of the video, but many of the messages are easily understandable due to rather heavy-handed symbolism.

In general, the movie appears to be about the political and social climate of the past decade – complete with puppet Presidents, false flag terror, and mind-controlling sorcerers. Then, through the following of a Christ figure, we leave all the sadness behind to enter a new, sunny era. In short, the story is about the triumph of spiritual enlightenment against the forces of darkness. Let’s look at the movie and at some of its many details.

I, Pet Goat II

The opening scene is already replete with symbolism.

The video begins with an interesting scene: A goat inside a box in what appears to be some sort of detention (FEMA) camp. The goat has a bar-code on its head with the numbers 6 6 6 underneath it. If I, Pet Goat is about liberation from the forces of darkness, this first scene seems to depict the exact opposite. Does this goat represent those who have been “boxed in”, bar-coded and brainwashed by the corrupt system? The usage of the pronoun “I” in the title implies that the goat might be, in fact, the viewer himself.

The Puppet Show that is Politics

In the first part of the video, a hidden puppet master controls George “Dubya” Bush inside a classroom. When the planes struck the World Trade Center in September 2001, Bush was inside a classroom reading the book My Pet Goat to children. The Masonic checkerboard floor of the classroom might signify that this whole charade had a ritualistic component to it.

Bush tap-dances, makes scary faces and says random stuff to keep the masses clueless about the truth.
Above Bush is an interesting graphic depicting the evolution of mankind from fish to monkey, to a man holding a weapon. What is the final stage of evolution? The illuminated man, represented by a sunburst around its head.

Bush wears a dunce cap, this conical hat that was given to “slower” students to humiliate them. When Bush is done making a fool out of himself, he turns into Obama, a charming and distinguished man wearing a graduation cap. He starts off nice and lovable, but he ultimately begins to laugh at the audience. While he appeared to be the perfect response to the idiocy of Bush’s era, the fact remains: He is simply another puppet controlled by the same puppet master.

While most of the audience is totally oblivious to what is happening, one girl is not buying it.

While the masses appear to be deaf, dumb and blind (and restrained by barb wire), this little girl realizes that “this apple is not hers and drops it”. Obama is concerned by the awakening of this girl.

We are then taken to the cold and snowy outside world around the school. On a wall, there’s a graffiti with an important message behind it.

On the school wall is a graffiti saying “Psalm 23”.

The Biblical verse that is referred to by the graffiti appears to foretell the journey viewers are about to embark on.

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies. You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

– Psalm 23, NIV

A World in Decay

The outside world is dark, cold and literally in decay. It is sad, corrupt and everything is shaking and crumbling down.

At one point, two towers – reminiscent of the WTC – fall down. We then learn that it was an inside job.

Bin Laden is wearing a CIA badge, hinting at the fact that he was a tool used by the American government to advance its agenda. The moon crescent, a symbol associated with Islam, is reversed, which may be a way of saying that all this Al-Qaeda stuff is a perversion and an exploitation of Islam.

While oil leaks from everywhere, a six-pointed star appears under the Statue of Liberty, renamed by the makers of the movie “Lady of Helotry” (“helotry” means serfdom or slavery).

Is the six-pointed star (also known as the Star of David) appearing under the Lady of Helotry a way of saying that the US is highly influenced by Israel?

While the world is crumbling down, many ancient institutions disappear or get destroyed.

This Mosque is destroyed by fighter jets.
This Latino worker is sinking, along with his hammer and sickle – representing the disappearance of Marxism in third world countries. On Heliofant’s official site it is said: “After years of economic exploitation and the environmental degradation, Juan “Pepito” has a decidedly sinking feeling.”

Controlling the Masses

The world is under the spell of an evil sorcerer named Drako. According to the makers of  the movie, Drako is:

“The Sorcerer, the unseen hand and spirit of madness seeking ever more control through trickery, lies, poisons, false-flag events, wars, and mountains of bureaucratic and legal framework to siphon off the energy of the inhabitants of the earth. He fears the light of day as he fears life itself, and operates in the shadows. His greatest power is his hold on the issuance of the currency.”

Does this sound like what we call the Illuminati? Yes, yes it does.

The same way the Illuminati seeks to brainwash children since birth, Drako preys on this unborn child named Ludovic.

Drako’s reptilian eye awaits the birth of Ludovic.
In esoteric tradition, the symbol of the serpent-entwined egg is known as the Orphic Egg. In short, it represents the latent seed of life and the infinite potential of creation. In other words, while this child appears to be hopeless, he still has the power to reach his full potential.

When the egg is hatched and the child is born, Drako literally takes control of his mind in a creepy, parasitic way.

Drako has the pyramid and all-seeing eye found on the US dollar bill on his chin. Not only does it represent the fact that he controls the currency, it also represents the Illuminati. Underneath Drako’s eyes is the saying “Ordo Ab Chao” – meaning Order Out of Chaos, the occult elite’s favorite slogan. Also, the dude has only one eye open. Could he, like, more represent the Illuminati?


The Liberator

Amid all this chaos, a figure emerges with the power to make everything right.

Navigating on an Egyptian ceremonial boat, Jesus Christ appears to be in trance.

The Christ-like figure has a third eye painted right on the pineal gland, which refers to the concept of spiritual illumination. The triangle above the eye represents divinity and that illumination leads to the contact with one’s own divine nature. The symbols on Christ’s forehead are in complete opposition to pyramid on Drako’s chin. While both figures bear similar symbols on their faces, Christ has them “right” and Drako has them in reverse/inverted, meaning that he (and the Illuminati) have corrupted these ancient symbols.

Named by the makers of the video “The Fire of Truth”, the Christ figure is not meant to be Jesus Christ himself, but a representation of the concept of Inner Christ as defined by Gnosticism. According to this esoteric current of Christianity, the Inner Christ is the potential found in everyone to reach godhood through spiritual illumination. On Heliofant’s website, The Fire of Truth is described as:

“That’s YOU!!! when you stand in the awareness of your sonship with the Divine and the brotherhood of mankind!!! “

When the Christ figure breathes the Fire of Truth on the world, some oppressed or distressed characters come back to life, like Ludovic, the child inside the egg. Also, Aali, a little Muslim boy that appeared battered and dead rises back to life.

Little Aali rises up from the crumbles of the destroyed Mosque, twirling in traditional Dervish attire.

The boy is executing the ancient art of Sufi whirling, which is practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order. The Dervishes are an ancient esoteric current of Islam.

“The mysteries of the Islamic faith are now in the keeping of the dervishes – men who, renouncing worldliness, have withstood the test of a thousand and one days of temptation. Jelal-ud-din, the great Persian Sufic poet and philosopher, is accredited with having founded the Order of Mevlevi, or the “dancing dervishes,” whose movements exoterically signify the motions of the celestial bodies and esoterically result in the establishment of a rhythm which stimulates the centers of spiritual consciousness within the dancer’s body.”
– Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages

Whirling Dervishes

The rebirth of the Muslim boy as a Whirling Dervish signals that there is a link between him and the Inner Christ: Both represent initiation into esoteric schools, which all have a common goal – the contact with divinity through spiritual illumination. Other religions with esoteric undercurrents such as Hinduism (represented by a dancing Shiva), are also represented in the movie. Is the Christ figure maybe the Anti-Christ deceiving all religions into following him? Perhaps.

When the Christ figure exits the Cathedral, the building (which was guarded by an evil-looking gargoyle) crumbles behind him.

In this new era of spiritual enlightenment, elaborate man-made buildings become unnecessary and outdated. They therefore crumble and disappear.

As night turns into day, the Christ figure opens his fiery eyes and navigates towards the sunlight. Lotus flowers, symbols of spiritual enlightenment in Eastern philosophy, appear behind him, confirming to the viewers that the path to freedom is indeed a spiritual one.

In Conclusion

I, Pet Goat II has received widespread acclaim for its technical prowess and its original storytelling. Although there is no narration or dialogue, an elaborate story is delivered using the most ancient and universal language in History: Symbolism. Through symbols, the movie manages to deliver an acerbic critique of today’s Western Civilization, to describe its numerous evils and even to predict its inevitable downfall. More importantly, a thorough decoding of the movie’s symbolism reveals a powerful message of spiritual enlightenment based on ancient Mysteries. While this esoteric aspect of the movie might not be understood by many, it is at the core of the movie and is presented as the ultimate solution to the evils and corruption of today’s world. The movie’s conclusion is, therefore, a very personal one: Either YOU become a pet goat with a 666 bar-code on your forehead or YOU become a Christ figure with a third eye on your forehead. This notion of personal enlightenment is definitively a Gnostic one and is common to most esoteric schools of thoughts in all civilizations.

Agreeing or disagreeing with the movie’s spiritual conclusion is a question of personal beliefs, but it is nevertheless obvious that those behind I, Pet Goat II are “in the know” about all things occult, esoteric and even conspiratorial. Each scene has a profound underlying story behind it – whether it be historical, political or spiritual – that would take pages and pages of words to thoroughly explain. Therein lie the power of symbols: They can simply be admired for their aesthetic beauty or they can, when fully understood, reveal a profound story about humanity, God and everything in between.



  1. As a muslim, I really dont know much about Sufis, except its just another sect deviated from the Prophets teaching. Its not Islam I know of, we pray to god 5 times a day, not dance around in circles according to planetary motion that just….esoteric i guess.

  2. part 5 final
    . is worth ur eternal soul that will last no more then a few more years compared to an eternity is bliss/happiness/eurphoria the truth is are minds are unable to even comprehend what the Lord has in store for those that accept His FREE gift of salvation, you need to NOTHING but accept it (believe He died on the cross for your sins/is the son of God an choose on daily basis to follow Him, yes its hard at times an you will still sin but daily you become more and more like Him but He does it not you, all you have to do is give Him your heart…sorry not meaning to preach, I'm just so sick and tired of all you precious souls fooled by the enemy who cares nothing for you…blessings in Yeshua's mighty name >>> btw Yes all have a right to believe what they want but at least seach the TRUTH for yourselfs those that truly seek it will find it an ur eternal soul is worth is, for it was bought with a HIGH Price

  3. Cont part 4
    PLZ PLZ PLZ seek out the truth do NOT believe what you hear via the media/govt even 'some churches' you can ONLY trust the Word of God (bible) isnt ur eternal soul worth it, satan was the most beautiful/creative angel created by God an he was able to convince a 1/3 of the angelic host to follow him so he's more then capable of fooling ANY of us even those of us that are saved but we have Yeshua (Jesus) to help us see through the lies of satan an of those that follow him with unfortunatly are those that control govts/media/money/music etc…ask ur self how much fame/forture etc..

  4. Part 3 cont…
    , actually thinking that they will in fact win this endtime war that COMING so soon that i don't know if we even have days yet and this is a study i've been in for over 20 years an the past 2 yrs of my study have far exceded the past 20..( i'll cut this short but plz so many answers are on youtube I recommonded watching youtube videos by "thejonathankleck" knowthetruthstudios" an "thescariestmovieever" for a MAJOR wake up call but ONLY those that TRULY want to know the truth will see btw that Christ figure at the end represents the new-age christ meaning the anti-christ NOT the TRUE SON of the Living God YESHUA (Jesus Christ)– I'm not meaning to offend anyone its just that time is truly shorter then most know an RFID chip is going to soon be mandetory (mark of the beast) don't take it its the finally act of rebellion against God and there is NO salvation for those that do,,,,etc…

  5. Part 2 cont.
    3.the apple represents the lie that satan has told since our beginning that we can become as gods an sad to say the lie is believed more and more everyday. 4. The egg/serpent is represents our dual nature seed of women/seed of fallen angels (GEN 6) AS in the days of Noah so shall it be at coming of the Son of man–this is about when fallen angels mated with women and had hybred offsprings known as the Nephillim (giants/ Goliah was one) these were abonination to the Lord and the reason for the flood all of mankinds bloodline was contaminated besides Noah thats why the flood occured so that Yeshua (Jesus) would be born through a pure line and thats exactly what the powers the be are doing know via our govt and secret organization i.e aliens ARE fallen angles an they are mixing there DNA with humans NOW with the help of the Illumantti…CONT>

  6. sorry to say but ALOT of the explantion into this is WRONG, ( i suggest going on youtube to get a better understanding of this video) just a few things I'd like to point out…1. the Pet Goat with barcode 666 represents those that have taken the "mark of the beast in the bible" its a goat because the Lord divides us as sheep (those that belong to Him an goats those that belong to the world i.e satan) 2. 'Checker board floor represents his masonic connections– btw Listen to the teaching reading the book to the children during 9/11 when bush was there.. Planes hit steel etc..) signs of 911 were all around before it happened because there were demonic forces aside from our govt behind ..all the info is there in youtube videos if you truly seach the truth… CONT>….

  7. This vid is decieving. The illuminated pyramid will always represents the enemy. It doesn't matter if its flipped upside down or not. I definitely think this was to get people to accept the anti.

  8. Am I the only one who noticed that in the title “I, Pet Goat II”, “I, Pet Goat” uses exactly 9 characters? I1,2P3e4t5G6o7a8t9 and II can easily mean 11. Thus, 9/11.

  9. how can anybody watch this and still belive in religion? it was created by the same people who you are opposing in the video did u guys miss the most important part???

  10. The symbol that is always on the blue dancing person is a four pointed star. Methinks that four-point star is the holy symbol of Asis, goddess of life. I have no idea where that leaves us. VC this is intriguing can you help us out?

  11. All I'm reading is stuff that human beings, even ones that "believe" they have opened their eyes to what is true, should have known. This is the year of the beginning of Spirtual Awakening. I don't have time to worry about what is going on, I need to work on myself as a human being. I'm tired of hearing people say "wake up" "they're all going to burn in hell" "I'm so glad I can see what's happening" when essentially you can't. You are suppose to be awakening, connecting with your spirit and then connecting with others to bring this world into a better day. I'm making a stand but I have yet to hear about anyone else doing it. You just talk on the internet, tell your friends about it. But why? What is that going to do? Bring awareness? F**k your awareness! They will find their own way to illumination, you focus on yourself and your enlightenment in order to protect yourself.

    My friends constantly ask me about my "Eye Necklace" and try to link me to the Illuminati but if you actually did your research you'd understand why I wear it and where it comes from. Instead of doing research on trying to decode secret messages in music videos or movies, you should be reading a book on awakening,loving your home, saving your mind from any clutter created. That's the most constructive thing you can do.

  12. Creepy indeed! To answer the question "What does it mean God is in you." That means when you get the Holy Ghost like they did in the book of Acts, under the Apostle Peter, and the rest of the disciples who were with them. That is what that means. Otherwise, that interpretation falls into the Gnostic camp. Period. Thank you.

  13. This video is about the rise of the antichrist.

    I think the beginning (the hypnotized goat with te 666 on the forehead) is actually the end, after the "supposed Christ like figure" arises.

    From all of the chaos, there will come one who appears to be the savior and leaves religions behind to become a "spiritual enligthened" one.

    Therefore, I am not buying that's JC. And VigilantCitizen, I am in shocked you buyed into it!

  14. I agree with most of your analysis. For me this video tells the story of the currently waning Illuminati control of our planet…. Their Masonic network that controls the U.S. presidents and uses various forms of mind-control (television, false-flag attacks, CIA-created 'bogeyman' (Bin Laden) to feed off of the energy of our world is on the decline as a new 'light' waveform encoded with higher consciousness has entered our planet and is re-opening the heart centers of the people and awakening the higher levels of consciousness that lay latent within each human. The 'fire' symbolism may have something to do with these waveforms coming from the sun…. the symbology of an 'icy winter-like environment" in the opening sequence may represent the end result of the current control-system that the Drako, a reptilian-being, has used to block humanity's consciousness/heart center from receiving this light waveform, represented by the Christ figure (Son, or Sun, of God). This is a intensely positive video.

  15. There is WAY more symbolism in here then VC mentions. The phallic symbolism, when it zooms in on that igloo like light house, it looks like it is on a body made of ice, essential the light house is a penis… And there is a woman trapped inside (Or the bars seems to indicate entrapment anyway), which I found interesting, she is older and topless, does she draw power from where she is, as she is in a light house, but when a light shines down on the heavens, she seems to awaken and begins casting spells. Which then mobilizes basically every non-Christian religion, many people dancing and casting spells of some sort.

    I found that section to be the most intriguing.

    Besides the fact that the so-called Messianic figure has his eyes shut, until he exits the tunnel, after all these people perform these magic rites, which seems to imply he does not actually have the power, but is connected to them, and that maybe it was even him who brought about the destruction, he is only a representation a figurehead.

    I also found it interesting that the little girl with the apple resembles Alice from Alice in Wunderland, and has a white rabbit behind her. What I also found intriguing is that she has a gold circle around that was obviously painted around her, usually, in magic, a circle of some sort, in some practices of witch craft and the occult, can be used as a means of protection of evil. The fact that there is what looks like a blob of gold paint, seems to imply it was hastily done, which to me, says that someone probably wanted to protect that girl, or she is a sorceress or witch of some kind. The fact that all the other people people in the room after Obama appears are in "bondage", seems to further punctuate this point, she was protecting herself from the lie of Obama, and probably Bush too.

    An apple also often signifies enlightenment (see the story of the Garden of Eden in Genesis), not necessarily good either. Not only that, she doesn't drop the apple because she's scared, she actually looks like she has fallen in to a trance, and then drops it, and then the apple grows, which seems to imply she may have enchanted it. It is likely Obama fears the apple because it represents "enlightenment", the sweat and music, definitely implies fear.

    It is after this we see different representations of "good" and "evil" the Drako figure, the Messianic figure, and eventually the people "waking up" and performing magic rituals and waking up the Messianic figure as well.

    This is in no way complete, there is a lot more in this video, this is just one aspect I wanted to bring up, the issue of magic and enlightenment. This is my take on it, based on my own research, and this doesn't necessarily invalidate what VC has said, but I think it fills in some of the gaps. 🙂

  16. Also noticed that when the Christ figure comes out of the tunnel on the boat, before the church crumbles, the tunnel opening looks like a vagina which could, along with the water, symbolize rebirth and/or the birth canal from which we are all born.

    Very interesting video. Thank you for the insight, I will pass it along.

    • He also takes in a deep breath. Just as infants do when being born. Then the barbed wire crown of thorns disappears.

  17. So much symbolism! And I agree with the others who say that is not the real Messiah, just an imitation.

    I wonder if those that are behind this video are for or against what they have depicted in their video?

  18. "…God is not one eyed while the false Messiah is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape"

    Prophet mohamed [Sahih al-Bukhari, 3:30:105]

  19. Did you notice how the sun at the end destroys the temple in the background? I think the sun represents Jesus. And how he's going to face off against the fake christ.

  20. Hi! After seeing the video, I was curious about the old lady with her boobs hanging out, imprisoned in a tower with a cross on top of its roof and before that a big hand pointed out in that tower were the lady was in and she was freaking out and his panties were covered in blood but when the rays of light shine upon it, it disappeared.

    Can someone with good interpretation care to explain to me what was that all about?

    And as for my general opinion and just as the good book says: "The World Has Already Been Given to The Wicked".

    its the point of choosing whether for good or evil.

    All types of warning that you all have been hearing and reading about has been given.

    Your Fate is all on your own.

    May God have mercy on our souls.

    I'm so scared of whats going to happen on the next couple of years from now…….

  21. The Star of David appears a few times in this video…. I dreamt once that the Star of David (or the HEXagram, which is the magician's symbol) will be the symbol of the One World currency when its eventually revealed…The Hexagon is also the symbol for CARBON which is the element that humans are made of…

    Researchers are using carbon based graphene to sequence DNA and alter the genetic makeup of humans spurring our EVOLUTION…

  22. I realized after seeing it, YouTube took most of them off the air, on top of that that kid is important,she looks like a pure Alice, and she's in a circle, a hole, and behind her is a rabbit. At the end, pyramids are crashing. Muslim activists want to destroy the pyramids. (not hatting but its true)

  23. There's also some things that were missed that I noticed. Bush was a distraction while we were pushed through the satanic agenda, that's why his spotlight was a pentagram while he danced.

  24. This is not Christ. Definitely the Anti-Christ floating on an Egyptian boat. Since Yahshua was a fisherman, the fishes jumping into his boat seems to be a trick, fooling the masses. Plus floating towards the sun could be a Sun God reference(Satan). I'm glad this video has us airing our differences but we need to take this same energy and continue to educate the masses( non believers).

  25. I found the video darkly beautiful in a way. I understand the meaning behind all the symbols in it, which the first go around made me feel a bit scared and uneasy.. But it's all truth.. Everything in that video is true. Theres no getting around that. I guess i like the fact that someone has the guts to throw it all out there in such a beautiful manner. I loved it.

  26. It should also be noted that the makers call themselves "Heliofant" which is the combination of Helio — Greek God of the Sun and "fant" a contraction of the word "infant" or child. Sun child.

    Lastly, the vidoe is so well done they had to have some good funding which suggests some secret media benefactor probably paid for this.

    • Well, the funding could have been recieved from a government grant – Canadian (and the video is supposedly by a Canadian production firm) government has a pretty good financial support network for arts. But then again…

  27. The art of disinformation…..The Jesus(YAHSHUA) i know does not emerge from the underworld with a boat shaped with the head of anubis!! The bible says, EVERY eye shall see the second coming, as the lightning shines from the west to the east, so shall the coming of the Son of man be!! This video is dedicated to the false prince of peace….the antichrist and the beast system along with the false prophetQ They mix in alota truth with their propoganda, and it's crafty, but if u seek u shall find the truth!! I Agree with u 100%!!

  28. [quote]I found it creepy also. Whose side is the creator of said video is on, Us or them?!?[/quote]

    I saw this video before VC did an interpretation. I usually agree with VC's analysis BUT disagree largely with I Pet Goat.

    IMO this is a pro-illuminati snare. YOU have to understand the Hegelian Dialectic:

    1- Problem = Create a WWE type bad guy — The Illuminati — Big Brother corrupt world system

    Check! This has been done

    2- Reaction = Wait for people to rebel and protest this evil system — start to "wake up" to the Big Brother system. This is happening now.

    3- Solution = Introduce a one world Religious leader who claims that the dogmas of the ancient religions are the cause of all this strife. This is what the "Christ figure" is at the end. He's the false Christ who blends all the religions into one. HE is the ultimate trap.

  29. Much more symbolism than you did indicate. Some letters, Bush's hand horns, bunny behind the girl with apple, leters zo(?), brain destrojed into two parts with lightning and dragon, , picture of owl on wall (bohemian grove) sig pointed stars (Zionism), 3.13 min of video a nuclear explosion, Dracos reversed triange and jesus's normal (something fake here?) jesus enter into cave that looks like human mouth, then Hindu deamon and goddes Kali with tongue layed out, old woman posibly raped (too old for menstruation) is healed by God hand, Kali dances again, some dude african also dencing 4 pointed star, church falls apart, we see on jesus's head a nice picture, a triangle without eye, eye is on his third eye ( meaning of illumination of all humans, or illuminati loosing their power), comets from the sun destroys piramids hitting them at the top… maybe more but I cannot explain them all. Nice work anyway :)) keep up 😉 you see my mail if you want to contact me 🙂

  30. Hi, just wanted to clear one thing up. The dancing Hindu figure isn't Lord Shiva, but Goddess Kali, his female counterpart (Shakti)- the Goddess of War. According to Hinduism we are in the Kaliyuga -Iron Age, where there is nothing but anger, lust, greed, hatred and wars. Here she is performing the Rudra Tandav – Dance of Destruction, generating energy to destroy the dark desolate world depicted in this video (consider her as a symbol of hope?)

    But other than that, a highly interesting video, that satirically displays the state we are in and the multiple theories of the modern day calamities that befall us…

  31. I'm sorry i had to comment but, there is so much that had been missed in the detail, the phallic symbolism of the apple and the flower, the sweat off the brow/forhead, the guilt, the shadowy detail of what happened to the little girl, but also what will happen to all women. the entire symbolism i agree with, in terms of what is being said, but there is such a deeper meaning to all of this, all of what will, is and had happened already. yes the history, the politics, but the abuse of sexual exploitation of females to generate a powerful, yet unspeakable force that is coming and is here already. the formula of the whole thing is so remarkable it is so scary, that there are pictures which might not have a meaning but are not discussed. the rabbit, the Oprah as teacher and Dakota Fanning and her apple, similar to the one posted some time back. there is so much…so besides this being sick…i agree it is…there is something we are missing. have you noticed the time. and its meaning. what about Psalm 23 sure it is not Psalm 28.

  32. Here's what I think about this video:

    The video is WITH the Illuminati.

    Here's the plan that I see.

    1. The Illuminati makes a mess out of everything.

    2. Within the mess, videos like this will come out.

    3. This video will tell us that in this time of trouble, the only thing we can do is embrace the sense of spiritual enlightenment. Not building a connection with God, but having a godly feeling out of being spiritually enlightened.

    I suddenly remembered what Oprah said in one of her episodes, "god is not an entity, it is a feeling."

    From what I can see here, the Illuminati is doing the same programming process with everyone. We are being tormented by the global problems uprising, and it is being imposed in our minds that we can't do anything, and videos like this would come out to push us into what we call as "spiritual enlightenment". This "spiritual enlightenment" is not what we believe as "having firm faith in God", this "enlightenment" is detaching from reality, focusing on yourself to have that godly feeling within, that you are the center of your own life, without God as your Guide. They are trying to make it seem that this "enlightenment" would be the only solution to our agony, where in fact, this "enlightenment" is just among those lies that would push everything to fall into place. It will be a new society under a new order within a new world.

  33. Looking at some other explanations around the internet…when Bush read Pet Goat, that was during the false flag event (9/11). Pet Goat II may contain the second false flag event (such as Big Ben being shown while the twin towers burned down…and then later leading to nuclear war or WW3)

    Either way I wouldn't want to be anywhere near England during the end of July.

  34. sorry if someone already posted this but is bush saying, fool me once shame on you. fool me cant get fooled again? something like that? i don't think i'm stretching but eh want to hear anyone else's imput

    • Bush says "“Fool me once, shame on you….” But he fumbles trying to complete the saying. So flashes gang signs and says instead…"homey can’t get fooled again"

  35. I have come to the conclusion that the reason why the illuminati are becoming more and more blatant, is because they know that even with all the knowledge we have gathered, we're still confused as s**t, so of course they can show us all this stuff, they are aware we still don't understand s**t.

    Reading the Bible and some books about esoteric teachings and mysticism means NOTHING as long as we still process that information with our minds and not with our inner eyes. And this is why we're still stupid sheep in their eyes, because we are still ruled by our Egos, by our rationality, while our inner eyes are closed.

    Yes, there is a Christ and there is going to be an Anti-Christ, but they are SYMBOLS, they represent two different paths:

    Christ represents Natural Illumination, while the Anti-Christ represents Artificial Illumination.

    Natural Illumination, the path of the real Christ, means that through faith, you surrender to the flow of life, you allow your own life to be your master, to guide you from within, to teach you all the lessons, to lead you back to God. This path means faith, trust in life, in the natural unfolding of things and in the beauty and kindness of existence and the Universe, even when things look dark and hopeless. You walk this path through surrendering in faith and out of overwhelming love to the wonder of existence.

    Artificial illumination is when you achieve illumination through artificial means, like selling your soul to entities that in turn train you and teach you techniques and secret knowledge that help you achieve illumination. However this illumination is forced, it is not real, and in the end even with all the secret knowledge and power, you will still be empty, your state of bliss will be an artificially manufactured one, because you have missed the most important thing, the genuine journey.

    Anything that didn't happen naturally, that was created by the mind, by planning and rational thinking, instead of surrendering to that which is greater than us, represents the Anti Christ. I also consider Monarch Programming a form of artificial or manufactured illumination.

  36. In the picture where Bush is tap dancing , you can see he is high lighted by a the "Star of David" underneath him .

  37. I didn't watch it, only read the article, it'll only disturb my mind.

    This is about conditioning people to accept the coming of the antichrist.

    And the image where mosques are bombarded are a sign of the upcoming slaughter of the muslim people, the most hated humans by the elites.

  38. Now I watched the video a few times, and my view of the Christ-like figure changed. At first, I thought he is antichrist, but now I think he is not. Towards the end as he approaches the light, pyramids far away collapse. ( Go to Heliofant site and see the video enlarged, and you can see it.) He is the representation of Christ consciousness in every one, as the producer said, and he is awaken to his true devine nature. Remember, Jesus said your Kingdom of God is within you.

    • That is a pretty dangerous interpretation!

      What does it mean when the Bible says the kingdom of God is within you?

  39. This is the most amazing piece of digital art I've ever seen.

    That being said, after watching this about ten times I realized that the false world, as described by all the symbols that the "The Fire of Truth" is passing through with his eyes closed, only falls away when he opens his eyes and turns away from that world.

    That's how we hasten the demise of The Beast: by opening our eyes.

  40. the creator of this video put a subliminal message in the scene with George bush. there a part were if you rewind it backward you can hear echo voice say Don't be afraid, Don't be a Jew

  41. Pasted on the wall in the school is also a pictue of an owl (Bohemian Grove), plus a brain that is split in 2 (possibly symbolic of fracturing or disassosiation of the mind). The apple rolls to the foot, and the shoe is partially covering a coin with the Masonic symbol.

    This video is absolutely incredible with soooooo much detail. Hard to ignore.

  42. Hi I feel like I undertsood all of the symbolism thanks to VC and the rest of you guys, but the only part that I am a little bit confused about is the topless old woman with the saggy boobs, she has her period I think too does that reprsent birth or I dont even know, some clarification would be much appreciated.

  43. I thought the apple represented the biblical representation of 'knowledge of god,' where Adam and Eve were prohibited to eat the forbidden fruit.

    To me, it seems like the girl realizes it's forbidden and drops it, which then rolls to Obama, who is mesmerized by it. Just my 2 cents.

  44. All of you jesusfreaks and bible fear mongers need to get a grip!!

    My main issue with all of you biblefreaks is precisely that, you automatically freak out and dismiss everything that has any esoteric overtones to it (the symbols of the video and the "christ conciousness" allegory) judging everything that's not on "your" bible as satanic or evil. Gimme a break!

    Esoteric teachngs dates WAY BEYOND your judeo-christianity religions, and they have been there for a reason. All things esoteric just ARE; it depends on the way you utilize such things, to do good or to do evil, that's their main reason and meaning, and that's why the elite has had the upperhand for quite sometime now; because they have been "taught by their evil masters" the esoteric teachings to do evil.

    Can you imagine if such teachings were taught to do good? To seek the love and light? I think not.

    That's why you keep crawling scarred to your distorted bible (yes it is distorted, flame away) and to your jealous and oppresing "god" *coughyavhehcogh* and begin to point fingers, blame others and sit in your butts, waiting for a "savior", while the rest of the biblefreaks impose your beliefs with an iron fist, newsflash for you all, you are no different from other fundamentalist religinos you claim to be against.

    The elite has really succeded at this, distoting the teachings of the ascendant masters like Christ, and put us against each other with distorted religions and lies. The proof is on the pudding, just read all of your comments on this site, pointing fingers, blaiming anything other than "your bible" and waiting for a savior. Gimme a break.

    Open your eyes and get a grip!!!

    • 'Me I'm not' – If you had the wisdom & knowledge you claim to have you would be more respectful of other religions and faiths and not use blasphemy to prove your point…

      You seem to bear a lot of resentment towards Christians.

    • Wow. No need to go anti-Christian. As an open minded catholic I respect all faiths. I respect those vc'rs that are continuing to educate and evolve their way of thinking even though the topics are a bit out of their comfort zone. I found the video to be extremely disturbing due to the disrespect of our Christ and the idea that the collapse of all religions and faiths is suppose to be something wonderful and enlightening. Without my faith, I am nothing. I have little control over the game plays of the extremely powerful but my faith is one thing I hold dear. As many here do. So continue to speak your mind but please not in a hateful way. We are not against eachother if we are all fighting to hold dear to us the freedom to worship and pray in the only way that can truly enlighten one self… God.

      God Bless

  45. This seems like a tribute of somesort to the anti-christ.

    It seems as though he's been born? There's been successful genetically modified test tube babies. The baby in the egg is the genetically engineered baby, thus having no soul and rendering it open for satan.

    That is not my Jesus in that video. It's definitely the anti-christ, I can feel it in my funny bones.

    Jesus, I need the one and only Jesus. I couldn't finish the video, I felt sort of unsettled.

  46. Just a few thoughts I think people missed:

    1. Concerning the circle the girl sits within: In the card game "Magic: The Gathering", there is a series of cards called "Circle of Protection". These cards provide protection from various things. In the video, it would appear that the girl is "protected" from the deceptions of Obama, etc., through her use of witchcraft. (Or, at least, that is the intended message.)

    2. The Book of Revelation describes two anti-Christs, or, at least, that is the way I read it. These are the Two Beasts described in chapter 13. The first will rise from the sea, and the second will rise from the earth. The first beast is described as being like unto a leopard, with the mouth of a lion, and the feet of a bear. Leopards are stealthy; they sneak up on their prey, and kill by seizing the neck. With the mouth of a lion, this Beast is not only stealthy, but has great power once it has seized its prey. Bears have very sharp claws, which would indicate that even those who escape this bite will have difficulty escaping. This first beast appears to be the puppet-master depicted in the video. The symbolism of it rising out of the sea is not depicted directly, but the impression I got watching the video was that the entire world was covered with water, which could be an indirect reference. The second beast has the appearance of a lamb, but it has the voice of a dragon. This beast is the "Messiah" figure in the video, which appears kind and gentle, but in reality will deceive. He comes from beneath the earth, which is depicted in the video as coming within a cave.

    One anti-Christ will replace another anti-Christ.

    3. The depiction of Islam is dangerous. It only shows two sides: Jihadi terrorism, represented by Bin Laden, and Sufism, as represented by the Dervish resurrection motif. Regardless of which side we chose, we fall into Satan's hands. The Illuminati control the Jihadis, while Amraphel controls Sufism. (Amraphel is a term I use to refer to the ultimate hand behind all these things. He/She is the human ruler of the conspiracy, but is not The Anti-Christ, because that would be Lucifer in human form. Illuminati are but puppets in a larger scheme here.)

    4. Why is there a shark on the blackboard? Reference to the alleged shark-conspiracy in Egypt? (Shark attacks against tourists in Egypt increased, and so they naturally claimed that it was part of a Zionist plot against Egypt.)

    5. Hearts on the blackboard. What?

    6. Vine imagery on the walls when the little girl drops the apple. Could this be refering to the Garden, emphasizing the imagery of the girl as a second Eve?

    7. In reference to all the water everywhere, I am reminded of someone who has predicted that the next terrorist attack will be against the Hoover Dam, and that a city would be flooded with a giant tidal wave. This amount of water everywhere, especially around the school, could be a reference to this. I'm not sure about this prediction, but it could be related.

    Also reminds me of how the First Beast will rise from the waters of the sea. Might the NWO arise from the effects of this watery death?

    8. What's with Bin Laden's beard? It looks like there's a flame symbol on it.

    9. There is a red crescent moon. Combination of Islam and Communism? Bible does say that the moon will turn to blood.

    10. "Drako" has one earring in his right ear. I am aware that this occurs often, but I don't know if there is any symbolism involved here. My first thought is how, in the Old Testament, the High Priest is annointed on his right ear (along with right thumb and right big toe). Is there a relationship here?

    11. The child, after emerging from the egg, has a broken head. This could be a reference to the child abuse that goes on in Hollywood, Disney, etc., that leads to Monarch Programming, etc. The child's mind is broken, and as a result, is more easily controlled by Drako. Drako has no way of even entering the child's mind until after it is broken.

    12. When the tanks and the peace protestor clash, the lights create a yin-yang symbol between them.

    13. The cave that the "Messiah" emerges from looks like a throat to me. This could be a reference to Esoteric Hinduism, and the Throat-Chakra. (The seven Chakras are Root, Sacral, Solar Plexis, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.) Kundalini energy is believed to ascend from Sacral upwards to the Crown, although certain practices, such as Yoga, are also believed to help align the Chakras correctly for the energy to flow properly. The movement of this "Messiah" up to the surface world could be seen in two ways: a. this represents a personal journey of a person achieving "Christ-Consciousness", or b. this represents the entire world achieving "Christ-Consciousness", through certain actions being performed.

    14. When the Moslem child emerges as a resurrected Sufi, he is above an island city. Could this refer to Atlantis reborn?

    15. What is that symbol on the chest of the Blue Masked Man? It never changes.

    16. Thinking about the dancing of the Blue Masked Man, he does some modern dance, yet clearly with a religious motive. Reminds me of an article at the Gates of Vienna, describing Islamic prayer. Ritualized actions can affect how a person thinks, even if they don't believe the ideology. Yoga, Islamic Prayer, and Christian Prayer were described by someone well acquainted with each. Each has a different effect on how a person thinks, and the actual movement of the body influences this effect. How much of the dance moves created by our modern media are designed as a method of programming? Could it be that some hip-hop moves align the mind-spirit-body energy in a way that is more conducive to this New Age thinking? Might be over-thinking this one, but it is something to think about.

  47. Never thought we will be living in the greatest movie script of all time.. god bless of all u brothers.

    Follow jesus christ with all your hearts and NOT THIS ONE depicted in this animation.

  48. Was someone on drugs making this, I mean come on!! Have to say so full of symbols and so damn creepy. The music was strange, weird and creepy also. First time I ever heard of this.Wow!!!

    It just gets more and more out there with politics blending with creative work. I'd say the illumanti run everything they run it all. This is more like a 60's acid trip coming back to haunt a old hippe.

  49. Excellent analysis, VC.

    In the photo of Bush in front of the blackboard there is a ton more symbolism. Notice that the graphic above his head depicting the evolution of mankind has a vertical delineation between the man holding the tool and the illuminated man that doesn't reach the top of the graphic. Is that indicative of a hurdle that must be overcome? The owl symbol to the right of the blackboard is quite telling, the burning house next to Bush's right ear, the rocket-shaped fallus ejaculating towards Bush, the shark by his left ear and the hangman game spelling out the word evolution is incomplete, again, denoting a delineation between the letters l and t. And the part I find most interesting, the hangman on the board appears to be dead before he is finished. Is that hangman game in the process of being finished or does it indicate de-evolution where the letters have been removed and the hangman's leg taken away? Or am I reading into it too much?

    Also, in the photo of the Christ figure above the conclusion of the article – are those the reflections of two people in his eyes?

    • The hangman, with one more leg to go before losing the game, means, I think, that the correct answer to save your life is evolution. This would be the great deception.

  50. The same old arguments and accusations aren't new or surprising but it's very Interesting to see which video suddenly stirs strong backlash against Christianity and Christ on this site.

    One day, the truth will be undeniable but we all still have time to choose who/what we believe in as creatures of free will.

  51. Two random thoughts:

    1) The shark on the blackboard may reperesent the shark attack stories that dominated the media (i.e., distraction) the summer of 2001 before 9/11———————–

    2) For those who are familiar with Egyptian Mythology, one of several Creation Stories that Egyptians developed over the centuries told that mankind was born from Ra literally MASTURBATING and then spilling his "seed" on the Earth——so mankind was ultimately developed from Ra's "gunk."

    Could that behind the penis symbolism on the chalkboard at the classeoom scene?

    Just asking………………………………….:)

  52. A few things I noticed which I don't think anybody has commented on yet:

    1.) An equation on the wall behind Bush. "F=-F" but with marks above the two F's. This is a representation of Newton's third law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    2.) The fire seems to come out the the Pleiades star group. This is just before the Christ figure has fire coming out of his mouth.

    3.) The teacher seems to be a caricature of Oprah.

    4.) The moon behind the dervish is not the earth's moon. What is it?

    5.) There is a small mark or pin in the Miami Florida area on the map.

    6.) There is an reversed crescent moon (reversed Islamic?) mark on Obama's left cheek.

    7.) The girl who drops the apple and the girl who tries to stop the tanks are the same girl?

    8.) The rising sun spits out fire which destroys the three Pyramides.

    9.) The whole thing shakes briefly just before a wave (tsunami?) pushes the Christ figure out of the cave. A reference to the Boxing day disaster?

    10.) A black serpent crawls out of the boy's broken head. Easily mistaken for the cord of the TV thing. He is also covered by yellow material and seems to be a visual pun for an egg head or intellectual. Is the Hispanic boy also drowning in the same material?

    • That part about the Pleiades is interesting. I know that there are some New Agers who believe that the "good" aliens come from the Pleiades.

      Which also reminds me of the destruction of the pyramids at the end of the film. The Pyramids of Giza are associated with Orion's Belt. It could be that, within the New Age mindset, this "Messiah" works with the Pleiades aliens, and is defeating the influence of the Orion aliens on this planet.

  53. I have been following VC for awhile now and its probably the only site I ever visit apart from youtube. I actually saw an analysis on this video yesterday before I noticed it was on VC. Definitely take a look at it, as VC always does a great analysis , this user on youtube does an awesome job on analyzing everything, and even explains Heliophant (the creator of the video, which is against us as well) . All of his videos are worth watching, this series is called Sackcloth&Ashes and the user is KijaniAmariak

    • Thank you for sharing this video, it just went deeper. Not that VC do a great job, just went deeper into how the Bible is the word of God.The truth!

  54. Notice the pentagram outline that the spotlight makes on Boy Bush and the division of the left and right brain hemispheres by the lighting bolt below the blackboard and also the dragon that is facing it. School is intended to predominately put us in this left brain function as a way of unbalancing to cut one of from higher self.

    The Jesus like character shown to come from the heavens enters the world directed by his/her unified self, needs not physical eyes and is cleansing and trans-formative by representation of the flame at the feet.

  55. greetings friends!

    i'm from a SEA nation and i've been browsing this site for quite some time now and it was "enlightening" so to speak.

    first of all, this is just my perspective, i do know that i don't have the monopoly of knowledge, and most of you are more learned in this than me.

    i can't help but see a lot of negativity, yes, now i know that they're all around us (the elite) but isn't that enough cause to be positive? to have a reason to live on? and now that i know, what do i do about it? does it all end on just knowing and advocating? and how can we be sure that we are on the right side? who defines the concept of right or wrong? symbol interpretation depends on the viewer/receiver. and pls don't take a lecturing note on symbologies, we have different cultures, try not to take an imposing stance on others…

    i know i'll get flak for this but don't dismiss me as "sheeple" or "ignorant herd" or "dimwits". we know and speak your language while you do not know ours so, well, you know the implications, go figure.

    it is also in my perspective that these things may seem trivial to us average Juans here. unlike you Joes over there, we live for the day, we cannot be preoccupied with these because we have to work hard for a living. coupled with natural disasters in our corner of the world here and the political dynamics of our system, its hard to think about anything else. but that's just my opinion…

    "opinions are like $#*t, everybody has one but everybody else's stinks except yours."

    again, thanks for the "awakening"! keep up the good work!

  56. Damn! I wna watch it again…chills throughout my entire body! How creepy! The puppet master hands wit the witchy rihanna nails "/
    Who noticed the baphomet star spotlight on the president? Who peeped the white rabbit in the background? The ejaculating penis on the chalk board "/ this whole video is tweak!!! Scary! I wna c more tho. I can't front s**t is getn real n ppl r beginning to see the truth!

  57. VC: One of your finest. I think you need to do a part II and maybe even a part III, with a frame-by-frame analysis.


    I don't read here every day. But it seems we — or at least me — forget that there are not shadowy, nebulous powers directly behind the output VC analyzes.

    The pictures, videos, this video, etc. they're created by real human beings, translating ideas in their heads into the content we discuss.

    So how do we find out exactly WHO as WHO out this together? Who is the creative person behind this? What are their names, background, education, who were their influences, who are the connected to via business or school, etc. This could yield useful information.

  58. on the 1st scene, am i the only one who noticed the drawing of the penis on the board squirting cum as bush "teaches?" also the owl in the top left corner, above theres the transformation from animal, human, then to robot? i know i cant be the only one to notice this.

  59. Ive said alot on here today LOL

    My Christian brethren.. you keep saying this is not the TRUE IMAGE OF JESUS. But the image that western society propagates is a FALSE IMAGE in its self.. Jesus was NOT CAUCASIAN.

    Its not the race of him that matters, but more that you all black, white, brown, yellow, accept THAT image as the true image when we know two things.. he was JEWISH (n please think more of the ethnic features of Palestinians and Ethiopians and less Jerry Seinfeld European Jew) & LIVED IN THE MIDDLE EAST.. meaning his melanin was WAY more concentrated than the pictures Western people use to depict their western god!

    Pretty much ALL churches use this FALSE image.. and when presented with a more accurate depiction.. the brown Jesus is met with scrutiny.

    However, at the Vatican, in the Pope meditation room (its available for viewing online), ALL THE IMAGES OF JESUS & DISCIPLES ARE PAINTED BROWN & DARK BROWN.. not a Caucasian on the wall. Yet in the chapels / cathedrals of Catholicism/Christianity, the Jesus is always Caucasian. The pope is the head of the church.. he mediate, worships, & communes with a brown Jesus, yet the parishioners worship and commune with a white one.

    Why the change?..for control of the people. The image of the savior must match that of the conqueror, oppressor, colonizer. Otherwise, the take over doesn't work.

    So ALL THIS TO SAY.. stop screaming about this is not what YOUR JESUS looks like.. he surely doesn't look like the one in your church window. No pictures or pictorials exist as to what he REALLY looked like, but deductive reasoning and common sense says in a place before European invasion, the Messiah was NOT Caucasian. Hair like wool means kinky or curly, feet like burnt bronze, Ethiopian Red brown complexion. Your Messiah may have looked more like this one in the video than you think.

    "And His head and His hair were white like wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire; and His feet were like burnished bronze, when it had been caused to glow in a furnace, and His voice was like the sound of many waters. And in His right hand He held seven stars, and out of His mouth came a sharp two-edged sword; and His face was like the sun shining in its strength. And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as a dead man. And He laid His right hand upon me, saying, 'Do not be afraid; I am the first and the last, and the living One; and I was dead, and behold, I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of death and of Hades." (Revelation 1:12-18).

  60. The fact that the Christ figure is on a boat with the Egyptian symbolism is key. This is a false Christ. Like people have mentioned, Christ will come from above not below. Many esoteric writers believe that their "messiah" will come from the center of the earth, and unite all religions–that there will be a spiritual awakening (all seeing eye).

    This is their "christ."

    To take this further. In Revelation 17:10-11 there is a verse that says "And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, [and] the other is not yet come; and when he cometh, he must continue a short space. And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition."

    The eighth is one of the seven, and he is the son of perdition. Many Christian scholars believe that this verse indicates that the Son of Perdition, the Anti-Christ, is a revived person who ruled in the past. Many believe that he could be Caesar Nero, coming back from the Abyss. I think it is possible that it is none other than Nimrod himself. He will come from the pit, in the center of the earth. Tartarus.

    This "false messiah" is also called The Assyrian, and Appolyon. And the reason why the connection with the symbols on his forehead and the symbols on his boat make sense, is that this man is seen in every myth on the planet. According to them he is divine. Half man/half god.

    They all have these trinities. In Egypt we see Isis, Osiris, and Horus. In other cultures they have different names (same people). Esoteric writers detail that these are the same "gods."

    This is not Jesus of the Bible at all. This is a world leader, a spiritual world leader who comes from the center of the earth during a time of great crisis and chaos, and unties all the religions.

    The seed of satan.

  61. This video is trash. I hope no one feeds their mind on this stuff, the wine of Babylon. Even to analyze the esoteric meaning behind it. We all know its not of Christ.

  62. FORGOT ONE!!

    Is he the FALSE CHRIST cause he Loses his crown of thrones at the end as he heads to the sun?

    or does he lose his crown of thorns because he has delivered the world?

  63. A few thing he didn't cover that I feel he didnt want to get so deep into the esoteric particulars. so Im hoping that VC answers for me:

    The old lady who is impregnated by the hand coming out of the swirl, whose hand is it, and is she the w***e of Babylon? Shes caged inside of a giant penis that is covered in white stuff that you can only interpret as semen. She is also bleeding, and upon the inception, she stops bleeding, and a young curvy woman enters at the bottom of the tower that now resembles a DNA strand. What did she birth? Also, there is a reference to a Egyptian mythology of an old woman (alligator) giving birth to the new world upon Christ's return on the Anubis boat. IS this referencing that?

    When he comes thru the portals/dimensions, on the fiery breath, whose mouth is he entering.. The beast's? or maybe The Belly of the Beast? He also has a halo and is made of fire and charged with electricity.. what is the meaning of the halo?

    The fish hopping in the boat, are those the ones that are raptured..are those representing Christ's flock?

    Shiva is the destroyer, and she is doing her destruction dance..but shes shape shifting representing all the elements. Does Shiva represent the anti-christ in her final form as a blue faced boy… isn't that the bible too?

    The Christ figure upon exiting. the pyramids of Giza crumble being destroyed by solar flares.. is this the end of a era? Is he headed to the kingdom he has build?

    In the beginning, there are lots of pictures on the black board.. the one that stood out was the split mind with the dragon touching the right side of the brain. Reptilian, ancient alien thoery of reptilian DNA inception? Just curious


  64. The Dance is 5:40 reminds me the black swan!

    VC… Have you seen Sigur Rós – Fjögur píanó????? I bet we could get a great article from that. It's full of symbolism.

  65. I havent even read this analysis.. but I watched this thing 10 times yesterday. I was confused, but I walked away feeling uplifted. Maybe it was Jesus.. I do believe in him, n his conquering of all those false gods, etc felt ok. I saw all the symbols, and each time watched it, I saw more. I wanted to share my thoughts abt it before I read VC interpretation cause I know mind is gonna feel differently abt it as soon as I read this article LOL .. off to get my feeligns hurt

  66. I'm a bit baffled by all the people who say that Christ has the Illuminati symbol on his head and therefore he is the anti-Christ. LOOK CLOSELY! In the Illuminati symbolism the all-seeing eye is at the TOP of the pyramid (looking down on the masses), while the symbol on Christ's head has the all-seeing eye UNDER the top of the pyramid, meaning that the masses at the bottom will finally see, not just the elite at the top. This story is about awakening, from beginning to end. It is a very positive message IMHO. Also, Christ represents only a higher state of consciousness, it's not really a man who's coming to save us with a few magic tricks. "Raise your consciousness and you will see" is really all this video says.

  67. Sometimes I wonder WHY they continue to present us with puzzles to decode, like this. I think it's an ugly little video. They are SO addicted to attention.

  68. Did you people not read? The Christ-like figure is not supposed to be the Anti-Christ. The pyramid above the eye means spiritual enlightenment not illuminati. Drako had the inverted eye above the pyramid on his chin, he was the anti-christ. If this video was satanic in any way they wouldn't of put Psalm23 on there. I think it's a work of art.

    • Anyway, did you know Sean Pagans, Satanists and Freemasons will misinterpret Biblical scripture for their personal use.

  69. Of course they left off the real ending to this story…namely that Anti Christ and Satan gets thrown into a lake of fire.

  70. the problem is all of you acting like you know s**t when you are really in the dark. this fake ass life is full of fake ass s**t. there is no spoon. this life is just like the matrix. it's fake and doesn't count. if i was an atheist i'd kill myself knowing that this fake ass life is all i had to live for. God is all i know but unfortunately can't prove to you. i am just patiently waiting for this to all pass because i'm ready to know why. *praying for no suffering and thanking God for everything*

  71. The school teacher (black heavy body woman) at the beginning is Oprah Winfrey, representing the popular media who is actually the one providing the stage for the politicians.

  72. Interesting fact

    Clock point at 12:00 while Bush was at 8:55AM at that school

    At 12:00 An engineer predicts Building 7 will collapse (and then it collapsed at 5)

    • 12:00 could also allude to the fact that we are beyond the 11th hour. This second rendition of Pet Goat occurs when we are out of time.

  73. WTF is this?

    A creepy, disturbing short movie with unclear intentions. My understanding of the movie is something like that: everything we know ist wrong. Politics, religions, the whole f***ing life is a lie. End even religion can´t save us. And why is Jesus on a Horus-headed boat? And why are the Gizeh-pyramides are destroyed by the sun at the end?

    Will there be a massive sunerruption, that would be lethal to most of us?

    Questions over questions and this short movie has no answers (for me).

    BTW, I'm atheist, but this sceneries makes me think. Not only about christianity, but also about the sense of all relgions and worshipping. In the end there is/are no god(s) to help us.

    • That the false Christ [AntiChrist] after he died and Satan possessed Obama body. Satan attracted those people who deny GOD existent thus running after AntiChrist Whereas, India and Egyptian ancient mysteries they [Illuminati] worship Idols made by gold silver clay stone wood depicted in the video.

  74. Some other observations:

    VC comments a lot on the illumanati and the ruling elite. I don't know much about them but the bible points out that Satan the Devil is the one behind even the "ruling elite".(1 John 5:19) He is the one causing the turmoil and actually behind all the world governments. The video seems to allude to it. At the beginning the one holding the puppet strings has reptilian like skin. The Bible calls Satan, the original serpent. (Revelation 12:7) Also later on the creature that was watching over egg was serpent like.

    Also the woman to me seemed to be a Babylon the Great. Babylon the Great is mentioned in Revelation. She confuses the mankind with false religion. In the end she will be destroyed by the world governments. The video seemed to allude to this as well.

  75. Heliofant is combined of 2 words

    A hierophant is a person who brings religious congregants into the presence of that which is deemed holy. The word comes from Ancient Greece, where it was constructed from the combination of ta hiera, "the holy," and phainein, "to show." In Attica it was the title of the chief priest at the Eleusinian Mysteries. A hierophant is an interpreter of sacred mysteries and arcane principles.

    Helios – was the personification of the Sun in Greek mythology.

    Did you pay attention that after 6:34 the boat is actually stopped?

  76. The video is 7:28 seconds long. Digits add up to be 17 which in numerology is the number of the Son of Man, obviously depicted (albeit in false form) in the video. It also represents the action of evolution which is also shown in the video. It also has other significances that you can search on your own. These were just the most striking to me.

  77. hey i think vc missed some points on this one either.

    i am hoping to see some positive stuff, symbolism used for good if you will, but i hope it will look nothing like this. creeped me out made me sad and depressed. and it is not the feeling i get when i see some hope.

    first of all i think the video is not for all of us, for some of us who are white skinned, blue eyed (eugenics) and who were doctrinated to some degree (the rabbit and holding the apple) and i think the rest is like the goat, or all the other commoners we see at the rest of the video, dead muslim boy, dying comunist, weponised african boy, wierd lady on top of a tower (which ill speculate about later), or the empty headed boy being tortured by the one eyed sort of jinn like figure on the screen at the end of a snake.

    I also think this is also suggested in the evolution chart. after the homo sapiens with the weapon, there is a block, some sort of a wall to jump or break maybe or to be suck. this tells me there is a block there. and only a few will be let throug. (open to other suggestions)

    secondly, did you see the dead muslim boys mother was mourning over him yet she was holding a purple potion cup or something. she had a rd halo. the boy had a right eye drowe on him. and a bug creeps on him. the bug also has a symbol on him. can anyone make out anything out of this scene? starting around 3.13

    AT 4.35, there is a body, with an ncredibly hard to miss erect penis, i can see the breasts up above where chest should be, is it the hermaphrotism issue of humanity???, whatever, there is an old messed up lady there inside the top of erect penis, she seems like a sex slave or something (the rle for modern premiscious women of our time), a hand is given from up above, a light and some liquidlike thing falls down, we see the red dot dissapearing from her underwear. I think this has to do the obscuration of gender, by highly sexualising the women and making them premiscious first, and then a hand is given and everyone is sterile ( no menstural blood at the underwear – ultimate goal of elite for eugenics and population control) and family, and all other human values are over. dissapearing.

    any suggestions?

    • binladen also seems to do some worship like movements but he is only controlling the oil, we see the plants and the dropping of petrol ( oil) right after. he is a fake and it was to acquire the wealth the arabs hold right now: oil looks like coming from a bottomless pit.

      • cant stop myself.

        look at the name of the video for gods sakes. i, pet goat!! it says "now look here you mindless barcoded, prisoned, multipled, drugged goat. we will show you what shall come to pass, and you have nothing to do to stop it."

  78. Three things no one has mentioned in the classroom background behind Bush: The owl with the hypnotizing glare, the rocket shaped like a phallas on the chalkboard, and the photo of a brain being split in half by lightning.

  79. Did anyone else happen to pet a goat immediately prior to the arrival of I, pet goat, II?

    • That was the continuation before Bush reading Pet Goat to the class 9/11. A female teacher was teaching the kids to read all the words to link what is going to happen a few minutes later.

  80. Petting the goat made me happy, and later we swam and watched a beautiful sunset, with the moon incongrously hanging behind and above us. Then we ate icecream and the kids fell asleep …

  81. At the end those light ships turned the pyramid to dust, just like they turned the WTC to dust. So maybe they are saying Jesus is on his way (horus) but he's going to be awakened when the pyramids get turned to dust.

  82. On a personal note, we went to the Rennissance Fair in Door County two weeks ago. In the midst of a beautiful forest were many stalls, and amongst them a petting zoo. Having 3 children we visited the zoo. Among the animals were two twin baby goats, beautiful and dainty creatures and utterly unlike anything you would imagine would represent evil. I asked the somewhat simple lady if I could pet the goat in her arms, and I did – I felt the top of its soft head, soft save for the two nubs of its horns. The simple lady indicated the baby was tempermental sometimes from missing its twin.

    On returning home, I discovered I, Pet Goat, II.

    Lately my life has been a series of improbable coincidences.

  83. Love your site VC, just ran into it recently and I'm hooked. I looked at the actual page on Vimeo, and Heliofant states in the comments:

    "Perhaps it's just an invitation to go past the veneer of change, into that fire that every great religion speaks of. That divine knowledge that I and the "Father", "Mother", "Source"… are one! Thanks for mulling it over!"

    So yes, they are inviting you to HELL ("into that fire that every great religion speaks of"), and yes they are promoting the bullshit that man is a god.

    Also, as a Muslim, I am quite offended at idiotic films such as Zeitgeist that attempt to turn Jesus (peace be upon him) into a fictitious figure. This is precisely their goal because if they can make us believe he never existed, people will also believe that he will never come back again. And the Roman Catholic Church has done their part in hiding the truth about him and helping turn him into a fictional character, meanwhile claiming that the only way to reach God is through the Church (the bride of Jesus as they like to call it), thus establishing their own worldly power over the population.

    To those who still cling to the modern ideas of Christianity, please understand that all your current Bibles are based on the versions that were passed down by the Catholic Church (and Christianity was completely re-invented by "St." Paul aka Saul of Tarsus, a known enemy of Christians who claimed to have met Jesus in a dream. Please study the details of the dream he talks about and you tell me who it is he saw in his dream that completely transformed Christianity), all of which have been changed and edited time and time again. I don't mean to offend my Christian brothers and sisters here, but this is a fact. Christian scholars themselves attest to it and so does history. In fact, even the cross that is used today as the symbol of Christianity was not adopted as a symbol of the crucifixion, but was adopted after the Council of Nicaea since it was the symbol of the sun god, and at that time Emperor Constantine was believed to be an incarnation of the sun god and the cross was his symbol. Before that time, the symbol for Christianity was the fish. So frankly, they have you fooled already by making you wear their sun god cross around your necks without even thinking twice about it. Also, it's worth pondering why there are so many versions of the Bible out there, the two main ones being the King James version (the fact that it has the name of a king on it should already make you skeptical) and the Catholic one, each having a different number of books in them. So which one is THE truth?

    The real Jesus existed and will be back. Please read the Quran and learn about him. The Dajjal (literally "deceiver" aka the anti-Christ) is also coming so it's ever more crucial for us to investigate the facts. Peace.

    • Koran 4:156-159 & 3:55 denies Jesus died, let alone rose again, and demonstrates that Allah is something quite different than the Holy Father of Jesus, but also that Jesus is seen as a misguided prophet in need of forgiveness & blasphemy.

      Speaking of symbols – research why the cresent moon is the symbol for Islam……start with Suen, then Sin then Sin al-ilah just for starters.

      The Politically Incorrect Truth About Islam:

      "Take not the Jews & Christians for friends….slay the idolaters (infidels) wherever ye find them….fight against those who….believe not in Allah nor the Last Day."

      Koran, Sura 5:51, 9:5,29,41.

      There is also much in the Koran about lying to infidels to promote Islam, and it is not only forgiven by Allah, but they are not held accountable.

      PS – I know Muslims I consider friends but our beliefs could not be more opposite, and no offense taken, brother. Hope the same with you ~ Peace ~ I am a proponent of freewill, biggest gift we were ever given!

      • Wow, talk about taking quotes out of context. You are worse than the confused media. Where the hell do you get the idea that Islam considers Jesus a misguided prophet? You have obviously not read the Quran and are just quoting verses randomly taken from anti-Islamic sites. At least do your homework and READ the Quran for yourself. At least I have bothered to read the Bible. If you want to play the game of misquoting stuff and taking stuff out of context, I can quote death and murder from the Bible all day.

      • Truth(i)ness – I had a feeling I might offend, so apologies, it was not my intent. Just a friendly debate and attempt at keeping it balanced. I've read the latest attacks on Paul, and while there are some interesting points raised, you also attacked 1/3 of the New Testament, and at the end of the day, the anti Paul crowd cannot attest to Jesus himself telling the thief on the cross that this day he would see paradise. No works necessary, only heartfelt belief. I wasn't kidding when I told you I had people I know (Muslims) that I respect tremendously. I only started 'waking up' about 5 years ago, so I'm the first to admit I am a work in progress. A few years ago I started thinking that Islam was much more lined up with Christianity than I had previously believed, so I did start looking into it more. While I'm NO expert in the religion, the more I looked, the less I saw the similarities on some extremely fundamental issues. If you have some 'koran' studies on Jesus, or any studies at all that could disprove or set me straight on my limited understanding of Islam, I more than welcome the information. We have all been lied to about so many things, and just as the Lord instructed in Psalm 146:3, Isaiah 2:22 etc…. I put my trust in no mortal man.

        PS – I speak out against Christians all the time – Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, even Billy Graham 33rd degree Freemason…..that was a hard one to wrap my lil noggin around!

      • Your post was simply primitive and wrong in so many ways. Firstly, Jesus is honoured in Islam and is mentioned by name in the Quran more than Mohammad himself, he is a righteous prophet who struggled for God, the one true God that Muslims believe it, non a trinity. Christians themselves cannot even agree on this so call triple thing hence Unitarianism.

        Also, one of the biggest misconceptions is the quote you pulled out. That verse that engine kling the polytheists wherever you see them refers to polytheists, thus it is not applicable to Jews and Christians who are seen as people of the book, Islam sees them as brothers. Secondly the verse is a time specific verse that relates to an incident on Mecca where the polytheists had broken a treaty and illegally entered Mecca and were massacring Muslims. The verse gives permission to fight off the attacker BUT it is also mentioned that if the perpetrator wants to hear the word of God, then the individual is REQUIRED to take them to a safe place and leave them alone!

        So ironic how people use this verse all the time to accuse Islam of violence when the actual purpose and meaning is the exact opposite.

  84. Seems to me like this is another zeitgeist type a film that makes itself appear to be an awakening-conspiracy revealing film but is actually indoctrinating and mind controlling in its anti religious tone.

    Reminds me of communist propaganda films from china and russia. See also nazi germany.

  85. does any body notice the coin under obamas foot right next to the lotus? it has what appears to be a crown insignia on the face.

  86. Hi all

    I have watched this many time – Did nobody notice that the old lady in the erect penis had a menstral cycle, but when the light touches her it disapears- The old lady see's the light that's why she is fighting it befor it wins.

  87. We are all sparks of God's consciousess, we are all creators, we are all one and one with God. We are all extremely powerful beings that have been tricked into believing we are powerless mortals, through fear. We are one with God, and therefore are being urged in this video to reconnect with God and watch as the beast and its structures crumble to the ground.

    Ask yourself this, what message did you personally get from this video? What did you feel in your heart after it was over? We are all at different stages of awakening/our spiritual paths/Ascension, and therefore will all be affected differently. Just go with your intuition, your heart always and the golden age will arrive in the blink of an eye!

  88. here's another interpretation of the fake jesus passage of the video.. here, the fake Jesus clearly destroys the catholic church as represented by the ugly w***e locked in the tower (w***e of babylon reference).. he has no remorse as the church crumbles down.. it could be that the fake jesus is also an illuminati puppet because he sports their symbolisms on his forehead.. islam (the esoteric kind represented by the dervishes) will rise as a dominant world religion proclaiming peace and others are just happy to follow and embrace this new bringer of peace.. fake jesus doesn't give a f*ck.. as the anti-christ his goal was to destroy institutional christianity because it's corrupt anyway.. he did what he came to do f*ck christians you lose .. that's my take.. and I'm a Christian who usually doesn't give a rat's fart about end time prophecies but this video is interesting.. thank you for your very detailed and interesting interpretation VC

  89. Its important to note how the name of this video "I, pet Goat 11" was derived… If you search on the internet " the pet Goat" It was actually the book George Bush had continued read to school students before being informed about the nine 11 attack. Just the plot of the stroy he was reading reveals much about this blasphemous video .


    "The Pet Goat" is the story of a girl's pet goat that eats everything in its path. The girl's parents want to get rid of the goat, but she defends it. In the end, the goat becomes a hero when it butts a car thief into submission.

    Its obvious what most people and governments world are coming to- plain evil ( one government = one agenda= fall of many countries) If we are found blameless, the Almighty God who they are trying to keep us from will save those of us who are found blameless and spotless of the worlds blasphemous satanic desires in today's era. Lets open our eyes and be educated, before we fall as puppets who are plain fools of satan lacking wisdom and knowledge!

  90. First: why did they make Jesus look so creepy? & funny how they got ALL the occult symbols in that video, makes me wonder what their true intention is.. Just looking at the screenshots, it gives me a really bad vibe.

    Second: he might have the third eye symbol (which actually does represent the eye chakra = enlightment) but oh wait there's a pyramid just on top of it!!! Darn nwo you almost got me!

    To be honest this movie is a mess, I consider it more dark than anything else (from the beginning to the end!)

    I believe in God and I've learned that you must use your heart and inner intuition when judging if something's good or evil, go with your guts, if it feels even just slightly wrong STAY AWAY FROM IT!

    If this video truly went viral, then the end of the world is near my friends…

    -May God help us-

  91. I am a spiritual person, having awakened back in december of last year. I just watched the video and i am confused why people are so against the messages of this video? I personally loved it, and thought it was beautiful. I am very sensitive when it comes to deciphering the positive from the negative by how it feels in my heart, and i felt this was undoubtedly a positive message of humanity's mass awakening to the dark cabal and their evil ways, and our subsequent spiritual awakening which are both underway and in high gear. People have the choice to either remain in the 3d matrix, or leave it behind and Ascend. On top of all that, the video creates conversation between unawakened souls, and hence increases awareness. How is a video that seems to say that we can follow jesus to a better world (ascension), and creates awareness a bad thing? I welcome constructive criticism on my opinions, but if you just want to be mean, or try to humiliate me, it'd probably best to keep your comments to yourself.

    • It's called DISAGREEMENT.

      The video is open to a variety of interpretations.

      Just because you have one does not mean YOURS or MINE are THE truth.


  92. Well, I have corresponded with the publisher and he disavows knowledge of future events. He did suggest that the sowers of inequity would soon be driven mad and begin conflicting – whether such conflict involves us is unknown.

    If you hold the title page upside down and place the image in front of a mirror, the title appears to present an internet address or email address. I tried both with no obvious result. Note that VC failed to mention that in the final seconds, fireballs emit from the sun, destroying the Egyptian pyramids and presumably anything else in the way.

    Only one thing is currently clear – everything you see and read is being manipulated and the only certain thing is the fact of the manipulation. Go with the flow and learn to recognize the "tells" – they are everywhere.

  93. people who are blind enough to believe that Christ is riding in The Anubis boat, i would recomend buying a King James bible and read it. as you can see he tattooed, not supposed to mark yourself. he also has the all seeing eye and the cap stone to the unfinished pyramid on his forehead. that my friends, is the antichrist. the demolished church at the end is his showing of destroying Christianity.

  94. Unbelievable. That is one messed up video. there is so much symboligy i cant even begin to digest it all. Wow, unbelievable.

  95. I get a slight different take on the "Christ-like" figure and the crumbling of the church… The crumbling of the church by this "Christ-like" figure seems to represent or imply that you don't need religion to reach to know God or have spirituality, everything you need for spirituality is in your "inner-self".

  96. Sarah, your comments are well put! The intent of this video exposes the evils around us, yet it offers a FALSE solution. No human being can ever reach a state of godliness and that idea is just absurd. They are trying to tell us that in order to defeat the evilness, we must reach a state of "Christ consciousness", and then we will be immune. Ha! That is impossible. We are all God's creations, and we will ALWAYS be inferior to him! To think that we have the possibility to become gods, is very dangerous. That is exactly what Satan thought, and look where it landed him. Little do they know the answer has been in front of us all along. It's as simple as trusting in Christ, and knowing that he died on the cross for ALL of our sins. These people need to stop fabricating demonic solutions. Christ-He is the way, the truth, and the light. He is good.

    • Dude that argument is tired, overused and completely shot to s**t years ago. Come up with a new one why don't you

    • I think that's wrong if I'm not mistaken they got it from Jews not egyptians. But I could be wrong if I'm not show me proof please and thank you.

      God bless.

      • The Israelites were in captivity for a long time in Egypt, and there was definitely some cultural and religious cross-pollination. The entire Mediterranean complex of culture and religion shares traits across nations and ethnic groups.

    • Actually, Egyptian mythology and other ancient mythology that existed around the time of the 1st century AD were reworked due to the heavy influence of Christianity. The original form of mythology bore little resemblance to Christianity prior the emergence of Christianity.

  97. I noticed that int he classroom behind George Bush the puppet. There is a map with plotted points on it. Those plotted points are Tulsa, OK (Where the Oklahoma city bombing took place), New York, New York (Where 9/11 took place) and New Orleans, LA (Hurricane Katrina).

  98. For by peace he shall destroy many , it says in the book of Daniel in the Bible. I think this is true, the antichrist will bring a temporary peace, but it will not last , and after a 3 and a half years he will show his true colors . the lotus flowers represent peace, the christ consciousness being awakened in everyone seems nice, but its not true peace. true peace and salvation can only come through Jesus Christ and Him crucified. thanks for showing me this video, citizen , it is yet another sign to how short time is.

  99. This Movie is very nice looking and well made but the message is a little different than some on this site have concluded. The makers are not trying to paint the christ figure as an anti-christ but as an actual christ figure that is uniting all religions to their "true" un-perverted form and battling against Draco who represent greed, evil, and the perversion of truth. The reality is that this is very true in that it is coming soon to the world just as the video prtrays…well sorta. A man will most definitely come with promises of fixing the world and uniting all forms of "truth". At the end of the video the crown of thorns disappears as a building with a cross at it's peak crubles to the ground signifying that this figure is destroying the preconceived notion that he is the Christian Jesus Christ. the christ figure, however, continues to ride on an Egyptian boat with what looks like an Anubis figurine in the front. This is the portrayal that this in fact is not the second coming of Christ but a gnostic christ figure with it's origin in egyptian mysteries. Although the intent of those who made the video was to portray their "christ" who they are awaiting, what I actually see is a foreshadowing of the anti-christ who is to come and unite the world under his religion of witchcraft. It is a little unnerving to think that so many people are actually awaiting this figure with open arms and hearts. Jesus Christ is the true way.

  100. I took a completely different outcome after watching this video. I went into Heliophants Facebook page and it was opened on march 6 2012. (3/6/12). This means only one thing to me.

    This whole video is an annoucement that the anti-christ has now taken possesion of the Human who will rule the world. The anti-christ has been born!

  101. As always, very distrubing to watch as we all try to live out our lives. For me, I was raised in church and all things church, but as I have gotten older, it is quite obvious that the world is in decline and the biblical quote, "Whoa to those who call evil good and good evil," is powerful and set in motion against the things that were and the things that are coming upon a Godless world. Deception is never blantantly obvious, it is gradual and unsuspecting. It is what the bible calls "the lie." This figure is not the Christ but the antichrist. Thanks for sharing and thanks to all of you who comment, please, keep the peace.

  102. People have gotta stop bashing the illuminati. Yes the elite that control us are often known as the illuminati, but the true illuminati are actually the good guys trying to bring down the elite.

    If you visit you'll see the truth, and how the real illuminati's name has been distorted to mean the freemasonic elite, appose to the true illuminati.

  103. So he's a fiery, Immortal Spirit of Truth AND the (dishonest) anti-Christ? That doesn't make sense to me, but whatever. If that's your take… Also, it's bad if Jesus gets people of other religions to listen to him? I thought that was the point of all that missionary work so-called Christians have always been doing?

    Before the pyramid was the illuminati's favorite symbol to represent their social status (the wealthy few at the point above the wide base representing the many, many more numerous poor people) it was a symbol in Egypt, and apparently by coincidence all over the world, of spiritual rebirth and the lasting nature of the soul beyond death. Pharoahs were put in them with their favorite belongings in hope that they could enjoy them in the afterlife (although I'm with the "You can't take it with you" camp) and the Pyramids all overlook the Nile while having been designed to view major celestial points. Christ is also in a boat with the head of Anubis, God of the afterlife and death that goes under the ice bergs; I guess they represent the coldness of the world. This is meant to tell us what is happening: It's the author's portrayal of the sacred death and resurrection of Jesus. Vishnu seems to be delighted to see him and according to Wikipedia he'll play a role at the end of kali yuga.

    I'm not sure if the author is merely incorporating other religious symbols or drawing upon the relatedness of them. You dogmatic people want to think you know it all, but what you don't know is that many religions have similar themes, like I just pointed out about Christian death themes like an afterlife existing in the Egyptian and Christian religions.

    I do agree with most people here, a human can't be a god (someone else can have that Jesus debate lol). Too weak and bad.

  104. Plus at 2:57 you see needles and pills by the kid…probably representing the drugs we have today as another way to control the mind and body.

  105. I have to disagree about one part with VC…Marxism has disappeared from Third World Nations?????

    When did Cuba, Venezuela…heck all of Central and South America's leaders suddenly leave? If anything those nations continue what Russia started.

    I look at it as the Latino workers accepting Marxism and then disappearing into the slime of it.

  106. I was wondering why some of the deities had raccoon tails on them….found out the music is credited to "tanuki". "Tanuki" is the name of the Japanese raccoon dog. 🙂

  107. Hey guys,

    Check out at 4:33, a twirl appears over what seems to be an erect penis (a man laying on his back, with his left leg up) – out of the twirl, a hand points to the top of what seems to be the erect penis, where there is a cross right at the top (head of the penis) and also a man trapped in "jail" and there is a flashing heart…

    any thoughts?

  108. Yup, this Jesus/Maitreya is owned by the pyramid on his forehead. Same reason the supposedly freed Sufi boy has one eye marked and is dancing in front of the moon, our own artificial satellite. The entities who built the moon are the same ones who built Jesus' creepy Egyptian "boat of a million years": the Anunnaki.

    Interesting Maitreya's star (see Creme's website) appeared in Scandinavia.

    This video took a LOT of talent and money to make. If you think this is made by anyone but TPTB, you are being deceived. Notice how many phallic symbols are in this??

    Also notice the US map has Illuminati-made disasters marked: WTC, OK City, Katrina (see HAARP), Gulf oil spill.

    As a feminist I find it ironic that the Feminine spirit/crone is rescued from a tower prison by a male Hero, after he passes thru the cave/womb entrance which looks a lot like a vagina and clitoris to me.

    After you uncover the deception of the more overt Illuminati, next step down the rabbit hole is understanding how they twist real spirituality, peace, environmentalism and enlightenment to also fit their anti christ agenda.

    You can become One with God, ye are gods, but they are twisting it around. Stick with the real Jesus, the real Krishna, no this mythical Anunnaki sun-god worship or worshipping your self (Luciferianism). You can find God thru prayer and devotion, charity, yoga, fasting……not thru a Luciferic light experience that instantly gives you magical powers like the magic flame eye Jesus in this creepy ass film. God sees your heart, your intentions. Jesus said that we are given to him, and nothing can take us away from him. There is nothing to fear.

    • I have an issue with your comment. You're equating Jesus with Krishna and saying you can find God through yoga? I think you have it twisted, too.

      • That's just what I believe, I understand that not everyone thinks like I do. I'm a Christian (used to be atheist), but that doesn't mean that I think all other religions are completely wrong. There are many connections between Jesus and Krishna. Unlike many Christians, I don't think that the Catholic-edited Bible is 100% correct and that any one who happens to be born into a different religion, for instance Hinduism, is 100% wrong.

        And what's wrong with yoga? It is good to discipline your body, to take time to disconnect from the world and re-connect with God. It's relaxing and good for you, I do it for my bad back.

      • Magnolia, apologies for the blunt tone of my reply to your post.

        All I'm saying is that religious dogma and practices like yoga, while

        they of course have some good qualities, are Antichrist in that they are not

        based on the principle that Jesus is the way to the Father and salvation.

        As far as yoga, I agree it's great exercise, but it has a spiritual component

        that is definitely not in line with Scripture.

  109. as the christ figure exists the fiery ice structure, it appears as a vaginal opening, flames on his body and eyes subside. did the christ figure become reborn after visiting hell? Many people who have allegedly "sold themselves to the devil" often talk about being engulfed in flames and being reborn after visiting satan in hell. Did the christ figure sees the light by accepting satan? also, I also learned that the classroon Bush was in when he was informed of 9/11, could have been a ritual in itself or a verbal trigger code for him. the children reading had words like "plane, must, hit, steel"…. youtube.

  110. did anyone else notice all of the phallic symbols that were shown? anyone know why these were included? there was one on the board in the classroom, and the tower that the boy is dancing in looks like one as well before it zooms in. something shoots out of the top of it then it zooms to the woman with her breasts exposed and blood between her legs? i don't understant that. the depiction of obama is spot on , i didn't trust him from the moment he popped up out of nowhere!

    • There is one more phallic symbol which I have not seen mentioned yet. And at the same time, one more eye symbol.

      Notice after the sufi child begins doing the dervish above the destroyed Mosque. As the screen pans out, look at the scene on the right. There is a large eye in the bombed landscape, with an obelisk at center of the eye. (Inside the crater/iris.) Reminds me of the one at the Vatican. As it is encircled too.

      Nothing in this film was placed by accident.

  111. Hey VC, I like your analysis because it's written objectively. From reading your analysis, I could not guess which religion you are. I must say, though, that I used to read your forums but I cannot anymore because there are so many people who take very rigid views on religion and use that lens to see everything and everybody. Some people are confident they have the only answer, yet they deny that the structure they rigidly adhere to has been manipulated by political powers since its inception (which has caused the loss of millions of lives, such as during the Inquisition). According to these types of people, the dancing shaman, the whirling dervish, Shiva, and Rangda (the old woman) are all evil and deceiving us. I can't help but think that a fervor for the Bible was the excuse Europeans used to wipe out Native American people and culture when Christian colonists started taking slaves around the world. This nation would be a better place if we were all honest with ourselves to start.

  112. I personally don't think that is Jesus Christ. I think at the end they use "Jesus Christ" to create Cognitive Dissonance. Gnostics believe that the only real religion in the world and the most ancient one is the egyptian religion. Horus, Ra, the pyramids, etc the son of Horus, the enlightenment or the power of the sun. So its as if theyre trying to show that egyptian religion IS the way. But theyre using the image if Jesus Christ just so we accept it easier.

  113. Does that look like a man's private parts urinating at the top of bush's finger in the first picture? I also see the illuminati "owl" in a picture frame over there :-|…unbelievable 😮

  114. Hmmmm… official video removed from YouTube. I watched one uploaded by someone unaffiliated with Heliofant. Unable to access Heliofant homepage… Interesting. Try Google searching "heliofant" and it tries to correct you and get you to search for something else. Fascinating. It's like someone doesn't want people to see this video, or any info connected to it. Could it be that Google and YouTube (amoung others) are all owned by the same people who don't want any alternative viewpoints making their way to the public? The interpretation of the video is obviously a matter of debate, but I just think it's interesting that it seems someone has gone out of their way to keep it off the radar.

    • But how is this video a contrasting viewpoint? I still see the all-seeing eye as a way of redemption 😐 To me, the video is saying we're creating all the chaos for humankind to find its potential…so the all seeing eye people create the chaos and make themselves look like like redemptors at the end…sorry 🙁 i fail to see how this offers a different perspective

  115. I think the 'Christ' figure represents a new religion, a merging of all the major religions that exist today perhaps?

    • I agree, imho together with many things it/he represents also the "one world religion" powered by NWO.

  116. I had to watch this video twice just to get a good look. Did anyone notice in the 'evolution of man' image, the part where Bush is pointing upwards, that the rocket kinda looks like an ejaculating phallus?

    • I think you mean goat. Sheep go the right path (with the Shepherd), and goats are led the wrong way. i agree.

  117. Our Prophet Muhammad told us that Prophets before him warned their followers of the Antichrist, yet he said "I will tell you one thing that nobody before has foretold, he will only have one eye". If that isn't prophecy, I don't know what is.

    • This "prophecy" was of course already established in the old testament so there is nothing new there.

      Zechariah 11:17

      “Woe to the worthless shepherd,

      Who leaves the flock!

      A sword shall be against his arm

      And against his right eye;

      His arm shall completely wither,

      And his right eye shall be totally blinded.”

  118. What the video means, I think, is that Pet Goat I would refer to Ben Laden, whose image and name were used at will by the hidden elite ( criminals would be a more suited word) to stage the 9/11 false flag event (the word scapegoat comes to the mind also).

    They don't care any more about alluding clearly to 9/11 as their work, because they know that anyone who isn't simple minded knows about it.

    But now it is about who is going to be Pet Goat II, for a coming new false flag event. Pet Goat II is Christ, not the true Christ but a false image of Him, in the same way as a false image of Ben Laden was used for 9/11.

    Like several comments put it, the Christ in the video isn't Jesus Christ at all, but bears the symbol of the hidden elite ( the third eye), and destroys souls ( incinerated butterflies). He is brought back from the Dead ( this is the occult meaning of the egyptian boat), like Ben Laden, who was likely dead before 9/11. This last symbol shows that those who made the video are not Christian ( they don't refer to Jesus Christ as being alive). In the video the false Christ is taking the place of the goat of the beginning, as the main character of the short story.

    What this all means is that there is a risk of a coming new false flag event in which this time, the American Christian will be the new scapegoats, hold responsible for it, in order for those in power to destroy and control them, like they did with those who resisted to them in the Islamic world, after holding them responsible for 9/11.

    In the video, the two faiths are clearly put at the same level, one after the other. First Islam is targeted (mosque destroyed), and what is allowed to be reborn is only what suits the occidental elite: the mystical part of it (Suffism), practised by a child (=someone under control).

    In the same way, if the new false flag event against Christian Americans would succeed, the actual christian faith would be replaced by an artificial, New Age kind of religion ( with a Christ bearing a third eye, etc).

    This is so, because they know that in the US, it is among the Christians that are most people who have " eyes to see", who understand what is going on, and who are united and educated enough to resist the NWO. It is in this sense that the sentence " It is all of you" has to be understood: it means the Pet Goat this time is all of us ( what else could it be in a video whose title makes viewers have to say "I, Pet Goat" when talking about it?). But as most elite creation, it plays with opposites, made to confuse to viewers, to lure them with a contradictory message that would, anyway, be in favor of the occult elite as well ( in this case, it would be to forget about all the horrors they did since 9/11, and think in a mystical way).

    So clearly, the video comes from the elite ( and sadly I don't believe anything could go viral in this way on the net, for now, if not coming from them). It isn't what it seems to be ( in the world as it is now, quite nothing is what it seems to be, as 9/11 is the proof). That's why it is a blessing to have a site like the Vigilant Citizen's to help understand the truth in time.

    Maybe if such a new false flag event could still be averted, it would slow the path of the hidden criminal elite for good.

    At the end of the video, I think they could have put, as at the end of the movie 2012, " You've been warned".

      • Wow This Jr. guy really got it against christianity….see him commenting everywhere someone says something that sounds christian…it makes him tick i think 😀

      • I wasn't confused with the video it just predictive programming of what's going to happen next Satan thrown down from Heaven Lightning [Valley Death Psalms 23 what pagan misused for non Christian Obama]

        Revelation 1

        12And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks; 13And in the midst of the seven candlesticks one like unto the Son of man, clothed with a garment down to the foot, and girt about the paps with a golden girdle. 14His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15And his feet like unto fine brass, as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. 16And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.

        Compare LORD Jesus Christ the Son of GOD with the video it's not the same description.

  119. Yes, this short is indeed elaborate, and very artistically powerful, with mesmerizing propaganda-power. Of course the Christ-figure is the Antichrist. He travels on an Egyptian boat with a one-eyed Anubis-head, also he is a "cosmic Christ", and I am reminded about the end of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. He is the master controller, he controls even Drako. The fact that he has upwards the symbol on his forehead simply refers to the concept of duality. Duality is very important for mystery schools, as the readers of this site know; and even the Bible refers to the fact that the fallen angel pretends to be an angel of light (deceiving people by pretending to be good and loving and a quality that is a friend of humanity "who gave us fire", or the "chance of enlightenment without obeying God"). It is Satan (Seth-Ankh) and Lucifer – they are the same, and only pretending being not the same. That is part of the big deception. The Antichrist-quality is so deceptive, that by establishing new laws of "love" and giving a new "religion" to the entire world, it will deceive even many of those who have a clear head and heart. The dark forces only disappear (seemingly), because the controller, the Christ figure (who is kinda "enlightened from the inside") simply does not need them anymore, once he has achieved his aim of controlling (almost) everything and everyone. Most probably there will be a short world peace (forced and controlled by the Antichrist-ruler) during the REAL second coming of Christ… the "sunny era" depicted by the end of the video. So, this short says: either one become a pet goat with 666, or one become "enlightened spiritually" by one's own means. No thanks. I choose the 3rd option: believing that Christ is really given all power on earth and heavens, and if it is enlightenment, I want it only THROUGH HIM.

    Imho this short is trying to deceive the truth seekers too, who know already that the world/politics is a puppet show, who know that there is a huge conspiracy against humanity… also it is pretending that you can only choose being a controlled pet goat or following the Antichrist. So in conclusion I find this film a multiple mindbender, but I still have my conclusion about this animation being a cognitive dissonance that starts in pixels and ends in the reality, in the "near future". Other than that I loved the artistic means they used and wish this wouldn't have the dark meaning and conclusion/deception that it has imho.

    • I totally agree with you theseeker! I had just written my analysis as long as yours but then yours popped out and as a follower of Yeshua I totally agree with what you just said! The big deception of the video (through the backwards hints of Gnosticism) to make many think this "Christ" figure is indeed the Messiah restoring peace to the world and ending all the "man-made dogmas" and ideologies when in reality it's the reign of the anti-christ showing false miracles that will deceive many.

      It is only until Yeshua's grand entrance with his people (as it is said in Revelation 6:11) to fight the anti-christ that it will be known that the TRUE Messiah is back to destroy and reveal the wicked one!! Scripture is our only way to know the truth; it's videos like this that pervert and deceive people.

      REV 19:20 But the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who

      had performed the miraculous signs on his behalf. With these signs he had

      deluded those who had received the mark of the beast and worshiped his

      image. The two of them were thrown alive into the fiery lake of burning


      20:10 And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of

      burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They

      will be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

      20:15 If anyone's name was not found written in the book of life, he was

      thrown into the lake of fire.

      • Hank Missenheim_Jr, who called me the goat of this video: I think you are mistaken. This video says either you choose to be a goat or "enlightened" through New Age dogmas. Both ways are to be chained as a slave to the devil himself. The bible mentions there are 2 types of sheep: the lost sheep and the sheep who follow His word.

        Since I am a follower of Yeshua, I am His sheep, and I hope not to be a lost sheep. For a person who insults others is clearly not awakened but lost. Thanks for the insult 'awakened one'.

    • Militant Atheist, you won't understand me until you have your own encounter. In the meantime, you'll be in my prayers, not because I am better, believe me I wish to be good, but because division only spreads the lawlessness and that's the last thing we need.

      Peace be with you Militant Atheist,

      in my terms: God bless! 😉

    • theseeker – you are spot on. I'm very encouraged to hear there are others who are not deceived by this. i've read and seen all kinds of opinions about this, but missing that key – that this is not the end of the story.

      Christ does return and deals with the man of lawlessness with his breath. (truth, spirit, life).

      it is easy to get tangled in the web of things that are around us. we must remember that, there is not peace until Christ returns – but there will be one that will deceive many, even the elect if possible. It will cost us our life.

      good words theseeker – again spot on.

  120. Wow, this is really cutting edge stuff here – the CGI animation and music both are extremely well done.

    And I think VC's analysis of it is dead on.

    The "Jesus" portrayed here looks like the anti-Christ to me…riding on the boat with the horns of Anubis out front and leading the way.

    They put a lot of time and thought into making this – very creepy, but revealing.

  121. That is soooooooo exciting! I think the girl in white is the church, the bride of Christ!

    That Jesus-figure is messed up though and does not represent Christ at all. Yes, I know, before anyone gets upset…I get it's a "Christ-figure", but I don't appreciate any depiction of Jesus in any way that isn't the Truth. He won't be appearing with triangles on His forehead.

    Still excited though!!

  122. Also Obama looks like he has a painted face in the last shot of him, which depicts questioning his origins or race.

  123. I think so, also in the child's eyes around 3:00 min or so, Plunge Market S&P 500 and War Coverage scroll across them.

  124. The video is pretty much a New Age thing, going back to Sun worship, Ra, or Amon-Ra, who was known in ancient Egypt as the Sun-god or just the Sun, floating on the boat in the skies. Also Notice the name of the project – its Heliofant, and 'Helios' means the Sun again. That's how I see it. From Russia with love.

  125. Did anyone notice the symbolism on the wall behind Bush? The masonic owl and did anyone notice the male genital drawn on the blackboard? Very disturbing.

  126. The part where ‘Bush’ is talking is taken from this video, where he forgets a popular idiom –

    Some things that nobody has discussed:

    1. The obvious checkerboard floor in the classroom, does this indicate that the show begins in our classrooms, in the education system?

    2. The numbers that the apple rolls onto on the floor of the classroom? Looks like a 07?

    3. 'Osama bin Laden' has black feathered wings? Fallen angel perhaps?

    4. The figure that's dancing capoeira style around the fire, shape shifting?

    5. 'Christ' comes up from the ground and flattens the dusty, grey, businessmen masses?

    Curious about what these symbols mean, any ideas?

    • I think the the apple stops before a backwards "7C" and splits in half representing a "W" (double you) and then the lotus flower blooms into a "T." put it all together and you have Obama sweating over WTC7. anyone? Maybe?

  127. Please VC take another hard look at it. I love your articles, but there is nothing positive about this video. This is propaganda for the coming New Age one-world religion. And many people who were against the illuminati will be deceived by the coming New World Order. Just like the bible says…many will be deceived by the Anti-Christ.

    At the end of the video, a Christ-like figure emerges while all religion crumbles. This is clearly the Anti-Christ. He will sacrifice the Old World Order for the New World Order. It's in the bible, the Anti-Christ will preach a message of false peace and an one world religion. And MANY will fall for his message.

    Let's not forget about the Georgia Guidestones who emphasize replacing Christianity, Judaism and Islam with a new religion.

    Let's not forget about the Denver murals. The murals tells our future. The false sense of peace and the new spirituality come AFTER war and chaos.

    • I remember reading that antichrist/satan gets tired of using Babylon/the great w***e religion (that is drunk on the blood of the Just) and abandons it to be destroyed.

      This could be a depiction of antichrist destroying all religion on earth and the Illuminati alike, when he's done using them for his goals, after which he claims to have become god and rules the world in their stead.

    • You said it so well. That indeed is a depiction of the Antichrist who will fool a lot of people. the all-seeing eye and the true Christ are like oil and water. They would never mix.

  128. I know what you mean about no one wants to hear. Before VC I went on visceral gut reactions to things. In South Africa where I live independent thinking & evaluation of information is obsolete. Thank you for this site VC & knowing that there are others like me out there.

  129. I strongly recommend you read Eve Lorgen's last articles on Horus-Ra the inter-dimensional parasite and Corrado Malanga's articles "The Global Picture Of the Alien Interferences" and

    "The Copying" ( a kind of “cloning” but not exactly ). just google this titles.

    Occult societies mighty be behind the scenes but behind the occult societies there are aliens, behind the aliens there is the primordial man.. every body has a boss on the hierarchy of these self-declared gods.


    0:01- The video already starts off in an apparent "Containment/Concentration Camp", with a fence designed to keep things (People?) in, located in an obviously cold and dark place.

    0:04- Six headlights in the distance "Illuminate" the area.

    0:05- A search light off-screen lands on the crate or wooden box (With a stickman figure,holding a gun and a leash, seemingly restraining a barking dog). There seems to be more than one crate within the fence.

    0:06- A goat, with a bar code and "666" on its forehead (Goat of Mendes?Or a representation of the antichrist followers in their captivities?) rears his head out of the crate, appearing lively.

    0:08- The goat undergoes an apparent hypnosis and slowly rotates his head counter-clockwise. (Brainwashing of the masses (goats)?)

    0:10- You can see two smoke stacks side-by-side in the top left corner of the screen.

    0:15- After the hypnotizing is apparently over, the goat seems docile,lazy,and apathetic.

    0:19- Two bloody,demonic-looking hands, with a ring showing a golden "S" and a line behind it on the ring finger of the left hand ("S" for Satan,Dollar sign?), are holding puppet strings,indicating the hands are the hands of a puppeteer.

    0:24- The strings are attached to a George W. Bush puppet with a "Dunce" hat on its head. The strings seemingly brings him to life. (This scene is blatantly depicting that Bush, or all of the recent U.S. presidents, are mere puppets)

    0:29- "Bush" is now in a classroom with a checkerboard (Masonic) floor. A black female teacher (resembling the teacher of the class Bush was in during 9/11.) is standing in front of a black chalkboard. Also Bush was inside a classroom reading the book "My Pet Goat" to children on 9/11.

    0:31- The puppet is now "putting on a show" by tap dancing and making faces. Note, his spotlight is shaped like an inverted pentagram.

    0:37- He sits down in a chair and seems to struggle to spout gibberish to the on-looking "students" (Masses?). Notice behind him, a map of the U.S. with red pins in NYC (9/11),Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City bombing),New Orleans (Katrina), and the Gulf of Mexico (BP Gulf Oil Spill). An owl is also on the wall, above the map.

    0:44- The Evolution chart above the chalk board depicts a man with an "Illuminated" head (similar to the Roman Catholic portraits). The light radiating from his head must mean: at the final stages of human evolution, man will reach a higher "God-like" level of wisdom and/or consciousness.This is Gnosticism/Transhumanism. Also notice the clock seems to be not moving and stuck on 12:00.

    0:54- The hangman game on the chalkboard (With a dead man) shows the word "EVOLUTION". There's no "U" and "I" in the word. No second "O" in it either. The snowflakes on the wall are shaped like the Star of David. The "F=-F" Means 666 (F=6th letter of English. "=-" is 6 in Braille). Also, there's a dragon (Satan?) licking the right hemisphere of a split brain below the chalkboard.

    0:55- Bush flashes the class (masses) his "Devil Horns" hand sign. Then poses with it.

    1:04- The Bush head on the puppet turns into a seemingly articulate Obama head with a graduation cap. He SEEMS to be the perfect response to Bush's idiocy, but notice only the head/face of the puppet changes. (Same puppet, different face= Same goal, different President)

    1:05- He starts off as lovable,charismatic and innocent. He winks as if he's indicating to "trust him". He ends up (due to the teleprompter in front of him telling him to "lol").

    1:13- A seemingly "bright" blond,blue-eyed white girl (on her knees inside Heliophant logo), sticking out from the rest of blue, faceless, and artificial "students" restrained by barbed wired (Showing their un-individuality by having no face features whatsoever), looks up from a red apple in her hand.

    1:16- The room dims , except for the girl. (Does the seemingly highlighted rabbit behind her indicate she's an "Alice in Wonderland"-type of figure?) Does she represent the VIRGIN?

    1:19- She looks down at the apple, frowns as if something's wrong with it, then drops it and it rolls towards the feet of Obama.

    1:31- It splits and out comes a lotus flower.

    1:39- Obama faces anxiety while looking at the flower's elegance.

    1:46- A graffiti of Psalm 23 with lightening going through it. (Does this mean Obama must "Walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death"?)

    1:47- Inside the snow storm, the American is ripped in half from the pole. Notice the Clock Tower says "12:00"

    1:51- You can see that the school was fenced in in a way that nobody could come in.

    1:54- As the view pans out, two towers of ice collapse in the same fashion as the Twin Towers collapsed.

    2:03- A dancing masked person dives off a bridge of ice.

  131. Notice as the camera quickly zooms into the "tower" where the old woman is trapped resembles a mans body with the tower as a penis… any takes on that?

  132. Well, I think that the Jesus in the video is a doppelganger, as in FAKE… As VC said the video conveys a message about finding your inner Jesus and having this divine enlightenment whatsoever, but as far as I know we're only humans and our human nature's capacity is limited and incomparable to God. Eve for example was deceived by the snake into biting the forbidden fruit in exchange for power. Another thing, I really can't comprehend the pyramid and eye in Jesus' forehead which is a clear symbolism of illuminati.

  133. WOW……that was not my Jesus!!! This Christ 'consciousness'' IS the original lie………'you will be like gods'. Nothing new under the sun!!!!

    It stands to reason that you cannot understand or even withstand an enemy if you do not believe he is real.

    Christians……please watch! Placebo:

    Ephesians 6:10-18 armor up!!!! Much love!


    • I hadn't even watched the clip when I made that comment… that I have, God help us!!!! That is the worst new age satanic propaganda I have sees in a long time!!! Esoteric or not!!! We are in the age of deceipt like never before……I am actually sick to my stomach about it tonight. Grieved……literally.

      • I definitely agree with you, it's a clear deception. It's encouraging people to be your own God, to transcend which has always been the elite's propaganda.

      • You are so very welcome! And God Bless you too! I think a lot of people on here need to watch

        The Power Behind the New World Order:

        A BIG piece of that puzzle is this 'New Age' movement……and it has been in the works for quite some time now.

        Eternity is in the hearts of men and they will do anything to experience it except admit their need for a Saviour. If I may paraphrase Ecclesiastes 3:11 😉

  134. The Jesus figure reminds me of the Hindi trip he or his brother James took to India; tranced out and channelling 'demons'. The green sludge drowning the figure with the hammer, reminds me of the 'core exit' nanotech released in The Gulf following the engineered 'BP Oil Disaster'. This 'Core Exit' is self replicating and survives on carbon (will eat up whales, dolphins, plankton and of course, humans). The girl-child with the 'forbidden fruit' is the New Eve for a New Era. The new religion is a mix of Hindu/Paganism with the Luciferian 'god' at the helm (see David Spangler, Barbara Marx Hubbard).

    As with all symbolism and imagery these days from whatever source, it is deeply disturbing, ugly and devoid of LIFE. People call themselves 'Spi-Ritual' as if it is a higher caste without understanding that the root wording denotes blood sacrifice!

  135. Great article! However I'd like to know more about the little girl in white; there's a white rabbit on the wall behind her, despite the fact that she is awakening, could she be a MK-ultra victim?

    • For people in the know of MKUltra, this is my take on it. If she's Alice in wonderland, she's been playing a part and her followers, in bondage behind her are influenced by her. (There's 12 of them I think, so they may represent something else.) But she just "awoke" to the role she's been playing and her part is done – the "gig is up" and hands it over to Obama…like "next, your turn". Then he's stepping on a coin, so US $ might end or change somehow there, it's under his foot (control). Then he starts sweating, cause he awakens to know what's next is his part to play, then Psalm 23 is shown. "walking in the shadow of death", probably means war.

      To me, Alice could represent someone like Katy Perry right now, especially with that new song "Wide Awake" came out. The red Exit sign is in the back of the room is like a stage door exit. But it could apply to any or all performers, just using her as an example. I do believe there's a salvation plan for all of them and everyone, btw.

      I may be way off, but that's from a MK ultra take on it…the symbolism is there.

      Hope someone else chimes in.

  136. I just posted this over on youtube and thought I'd post here too. After watching this many times over, I came to this:

    The beginning starts with the end of the Goats journey. I, Pet Goat II – the Goat already has 666 on forehead. You are a Goat, if you took the mark of the beast, you accepted a false christ. When you choose NO to the beast system, you are a Sheep. This is meant for the Goats who accept the false antichrist that emerges from below. The Sheep know the true Christ comes from above. Doesn't mean the Sheep won't go through trial and tribulations, but Sheep know the true Christ. For me: I, Pet Sheep!

  137. The video is very interesting and has many layers of depth and meaning. Esoteric symbolism is how I think one person described it…and I looked online but could not find part 1 (if there is a part 1 – perhaps the 2 is just part of the name). One can sit around probably for weeks or more and go through and analyze the various symbols and hidden meanings on top of the the transparent, overall message that the creator of this piece is trying to convey. But I ask – will that really make any difference? If one is upon the truth and confident upon that truth, then esoteric symbolism, no matter how clever or creative, becomes like the "hobbies" I mentioned above in my response to Eric i.e. it is more of a distraction than anything else. I saw many symbols corresponding to egyptian religion, freemasonry, satanic ritual, the so-called illiminati (i oppose all the contemporary theories behind that historical group), alice in wonderland, ufos, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (a.s), and the list goes on and on. Towards the end, there is a depiction of a church falling apart, and Jesus (as) moving away from it. However, don't you know – the church fell apart the moment that power was taken away from religion itself, and given to men who set themselves up as partners with God…like ceaser and the roman emperors; like the corrupted monks who rewrote the laws and commandments of God; like the kings and queens who preferred that the people bow to them instead of God; and now, to democratically elected leaders who claim that as elected officials, they have the right to determine what is or good or bad (instead of adhering to God's message), or to follow their electorate's whims and desires. What this video really can't convey is the reality of the commonalities and differences between the various groups and peoples and individuals depicted. It is easy to wrap everything up under some sort of new-age transcendence (but God alone, is the most transcendent), but that is no more truthful and no less polytheistic than trinitarinism. Obama and Bush are two sides of the same coin, but there are important differences between the two. If one truly understands God (this is the foundation I was talking about towards the end of my response to Eric above) and the attributes of God…then they will understand what has happened and what will happen. Then they will understand why Obama and Bush are really one and the same (yet, not in any way, shape, or form like the way they are depicted in the animation). Then they will understand what Jesus (Prophet Isa – a.s.), the son of Mary of Nazareth and rightful Christ (Messiah) of the Believers really called mankind to, or what the Shaykh of Jihad, Usama bin Laden (r.a.) really succeeded in doing (and reviving). This animation was indeed well done, but so are the works of David Blane and his fellow magicians. At the end of the day, these are merely distractions; tricks; the other side of the coin with regards to the mind-drain that is corporate television/entertainment/information. God is the Most Merciful and Just. The Creator has a clear message and a clear connection to the creation (while remaining separate from the creation)…without the need of intermediaries or partners; saviors or symbolism; music or dance!

    and God alone knows best

  138. Just to let you know, the vido was made by a company called Heliophant.

    Heliophant is ancient greek for "the one who reveals the sun".

  139. This whole video is dedicated to the New Age Movemenet…..People like Alice A Bailey, Achariya S, David Icke, Jorden Maxwell etc…They are all pushing the SAME message, WAKE up ppl, and start doing some research, the whole conspiricy is uncovered in Genises 3:5..The Devil is the father of lies and he will stop at nothing to try and convince u that u can become a god….(How pathetic to think u can be equal to YHWH)!

  140. Ludovic, as in Ludovico Technique; a reference to mind control a la A Clockwork Orange, perhaps.

  141. The puppeteer hands appear to have scales and be reptillian a la David Icke and Stewart Swerdlow. The ring is both a snake and dollar sign. The TV has scales too.

    I took the disappearing blood stain on the woman to mean sterilization and the loss of the right to procreate as if all woman will be post menopausal since it's on an old woman. Since she's in a tower shaped like a penis with a cross on top the Church will decide who gets to procreate.

    A few are saying that NWO will bring out their own mind controlled Jesus to entrap Christians and the Jesus here seems quite out of it. You'll see him do miracles (Project Blue Beam), you'll feel ecstatic in your body (ELF), you'll hear him no matter how far away (LRAD) and other technologies that can bring "swift destruction" to those that deny him. If you see someone on TV deny the second coming and his skin starts to burn what are you going to do when it's your turn? Good luck with that whichever way you choose.

    The illuminati tell us what they are going to do in advance, possibly even with a way out as VC suggests here, to give themselves a karmic out and this video seems to fit that model. The illuminati know most people won't recognize or believe the message because of their prepackaged religious/political/economic beliefs but that's not their problem.

  142. The movement of this video going viral, along with the KONY2012 movement reminds me of a lil card game called Illuminati by Steve Jackson(i think that's his name) anyways, it has a card in there named ''Power to the people'' On a subconcious level these evil freaks are giving false power to the ppl, and the un-informed who just go along with the movement then feels empowered, because he/she is thinking that they are actually helping some1(KONY2012). Now with this video and it's ULTIMATE message(which is nothing more than Satan's first lie that he told in the garden of Eden) Genises 3:5….U are BOMBAREDED with the message that the power lies within u, that u as man can become a ''god'' They mix truth with lies, it's called the art of disinformation(U give enough truth, so that when a lie is presented, u will believe it to be truth)….I was AWE struck at all the mind control symbols in this video, like the white rabbit behind the girl who was not ''asleep''….And i am sad to think that it is getting so BLATANT, because i realize that the end of probation is drawing near very fast. There is a battle for each and every1 of our souls, i urge any1 reading this, if u believe that u can achieve ''godhood'' through spiritualism, to close your eyes and seek your Creator(YHWH) u can not be a god, because you were CREATED by an ALL POWERFUL CREATOR!

    • How can that which is created, become 'the creator'? I concur. IMO those who try to become 'gods' do blaspheme. Self deification is narcissistic psychopathy, in a nutshell. Just look at the illuminati's actions. Personally I shun anything remotely like that. Playing 'god' is what illuminati do.

      I am amazed in my travels, I do encounter numerous people who think they can become godlike. We humans can not replicate a single blade of grass. Yet some still believe this. It's not a path I would choose. We must choose carefully. The deceivers would love to lead us all astray!

      The illuminati have certainly pulled out all stops. Everyday we find blatancy du jour! **sigh**

      Thanks VC for so much symbolic food for thought! 🙂

    • So true this is also called transhumanism thinking that you have the ability to be more powerful then the image of God and man just like Satan can create there own kingdom. Not a free kingdom of love and individual thought but a kingdom none the less even if it is filled with everyone in bondage just like to goat with the barcode on it's forehead lock in a small box, with no imagination or potential for real life. Satan doesn't have the answers either but he is a mass manipulator giving false information as you stated above. He is just a very old living entity so he knows what he can corrupt and he knows what we don't know he is stuck as well because he will never know of God’s power or love again, we all know that he misses that light. He works the realm that he has access to and that is the darkness. I am sure that the fallen angels regret the choices of following Satan as well but what can you do the choice was made and the same olive branch will be extended to us choose this day who you will serve.

  143. The only way back to Godhead is through Christ/Krsna consciousness. Without these teachings/philosophies in religion, the religion itself has no real purpose other than to keep you enslaved in the matrix, and a slave to your mind. The entire point of life or test, is to live with love and compassion in your heart, and to achieve Krsna/Christ consciousness.

  144. Sadly you have know idea what you are talking about, and without Christ/Krsna consciousness teachings in religions, religion serves no purpose other than to keep you a slave of the matrix and your mind.

    • The majority of peopleOrthodoxt Christians.

      OF COURSE they atre going to interpret this in light of their belifs. (I happen to be like them, BTW).

      YOU don't know the truth either, smart-ass.

  145. This is my theory, and I wouldn't mind and would in fact appreciate VC for correcting me if I'm wrong, but he isn't a Christian in he traditional sense of the word (although he makes this somewhat clear as he describes himself as a "Mystic Christian."

    But what I mean is that VC doesn't believe in Christ in the way most people do. Christ, like everything else on this site, is merely a symbol. The return of Christ isn't something literal, that is to say, a supernatural angel dude will end up saving us incompetent humans. The return of Christ can also be interpreted as the return of Christ Consciousness throughout humanity, thus enabling us to save ourselves.

    Christ Consciousness can be likened to Enlightenment, like the Buddha. In fact, many non Christian people around the world believe that Jesus existed, but not a son of a supernatural God, but as a brave, enlightened yet normal human being. His legacy was ultimately manipulated by men who crave power and control over people, thus the birth of the modern day Church.

    The way to end the rule of those parasitic esoteric manipulators is simply by transcending the Ego. Jesus did this. Buddha did this. You can do this. The current decayed state of human culture may not end soon, but God's Kingdom is available to any consciousness throughout the universe now for those who choose to "walk the narrow path."

    It is my theory that VC is in alignment with this way of thinking, but of course, is using esoteric methods himself to contribute in the awakening.

    • I think Christ in this vid has more of an Egyptian meaning. The boat on which he is on has the head of Anubis, God of the Dead, on it, and when he leaves the cave he sails towards the sun, Sun God Ra. I'm thinking that ancient beliefs/spirituality will be ''resurrected'' through Jesus.

  146. If it is the REAL Christ in the video, then why is he riding an Egyptian boat with Anubis on it (God of the Dead)? He ''emerges'' from the dead world, and then sails towards the sun (Ra?), which basically means that the new religion will be a new Egyptian religion and that the Christ in the video represents the Egyptian beliefs ''resurrecting''.

    That's what I think.

    • How anyone can still believe in a Christ is beyond me. The Bible has been a distorted collection of pagan origins, manufactured, re-translated, rewritten into thousands of languages, rewritten again, mashup of hundreds of different authors, full of weird symbology and obscene cruelty… You might as well believe Twilight is real… No offence to anyone, it just surprises me that I see all those comments on a site like this where apparently everyone knows symbology and that you basically can't trust anything that says ''obey, I own you, you're not worthy but I still love you'' etc. I wonder if it's just a bunch of trolls renaming themselves and posting the same comments over and over again… [insert Bible reference]

      • The Bible is not a "distorted collection." It was painstakingly copied many times and passed down with full trust. Vaisius, you should learn to understand the Bible with depth and not with pride nor shallowness because those qualities will only allow you to dismiss and jump quickly to your own baseless conclusions.

      • The Bible is the only Book that has thousands of original manuscripts. With some historical books, they have only been able to find one or two and they deem that as enough proof of its authenticity. Besides, if you take a look at history in the time of Christ, no one denies that he lived. They just may not believe he was resurrected. But even that, why is it that Jesus body has never been found? Why would all of the disciples of that time be willing to lose their lives over it, if Christ had not resurrected. Don't you think that the pressure of death would have made them change their minds, unless they were convinced it was the truth!

        With all of the translations and reprints of the Bible, don't you find it odd that you can still go back to Hebrew or Greek manuscripts and discern whether or not it was well translated? When you study the book of Revelation and Daniel and see how many of the prophecies have already come to pass, you cannot refute that either.

        If there is a God, which I am certain of, don't you think that He is big enough to protect His word?

        Just because you don't like parts of it, does not mean it is not true.

        This video definitely is pointing to the AntiChrist. Why? because all of the symbols that the "Christ" is linked to are pagan.

        ON a side note, I wonder if the fish entering the boat represent the end of the age of pisces and once he comes out of the church or womb, he enters into the age of aquarius.

      • If you notice that all information is used in that one tone. I have seem at least 3 remakes of the same movie within a 30 year time frame and they change, rearrange, readjust, refurbish and transform the same information constantly like every story like every 10 years. The same thing happens with the education system as well. Most of this stuff is planned and planted information for a reason to distort. Before the world trade center disaster even happen they had been talking about this taking place in movies that exact same way. None one has to believe in my Jesus because God gives you a choice but your choice as nothing at all to do with my choice. I just feel that Jesus is a complete image of love which is something that most man (the human body) does not celebrate or appreciate in this world. You have to value something to take from it and from what I see the two most powerful images and terms in this world is money and sex.

        The video is definitely interesting and it gives you images without translations. As human being we don't need for other people to confirm an opinion for us we are a least intelligent enough to handle that concept.

    • Hank, we "bible thumpers" haven't died out in the last 2,000 years and we probably aren't anytime soon…well unless millions of bible thumpers suddenly dissapear then you'll be getting your wish.

      The same old arguments and accusations aren't new or surprising but it's very Interesting to see which video suddenly stirs backlash against Christianity and Christ….

  147. Anybody else think the house on fire on the chalkboard could be about the housing crisis. The thing that plunged us into the horrible economy.

  148. Notice the "Big Ben" to left, while the Twin Towers Fall. Is this a sign that Big Ben will fall?

    ALso Bush throws up the middle finger and throws up the Devil Horns.

    Obama has a teleprompter that says LOL so he laughs…

  149. Notice the hands at the beginning with the puppet strings has a dollar sign ring.


  150. It's sad but understandable from people how anything that's not from a Western Baptist church or extremely current and Americanized is blasphemous and evil. It's understandable because one of the Illuminati's missions WAS to poison the image of all these ancient symbols. It seems like anything that's not a cross is evil, even though these symbols are literally ancient and were once (and still are) very Holy. It was their mission to hi jack and poison those images…and they've succeeded.

    • I agree and this is in no offense to the Christian thought of Jesus.. I just prescribe to the older version, the Gnostic version. Mysticism is not evil.. Jesus was the only Perfect Man.. a true mystic in that he can minister a man to truly, literally, Move the mountain when you say move. We are the Sons & Daughters of the Living Father, we come from the place where the light began, from our Father , of our Father, but we know in wisdom we ca NEVER BE OUR FATHER!

      Jesus says in the Gnostic Scripture, Gospels of Thomas, as he does in the king James version the very thing the video makes clear “THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU”.

      American King James Version

      Luke: “Neither shall they say, See here! or, see there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”

      Dead Sea Scrolls, Gospel of Thomas

      “(3) Jesus said: If those who lead you say unto you: Behold, the Kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will be before you. If they say unto you: It is in the sea, then the fish will be before you. But the Kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then shall you be known, and you shall know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty.”

      Now.. who got what from who? … and the latter is way more poignant and speaks to the souls of man. Its much more liberating than the newer KJ version… you cant control ppl with words this powerful, you can only free them from the yoke of this world and prepare them fro the next. We know how the Greeks (Constantine n his Nice council)wanted to control the ppl, so the would have said a text making men free is heresy.

      He comes as the fiery destroyer of evil. If you do not hate evil, then you cannot follow Jesus.. that too is in the gnostic text & KJ version

      • Gnosticism is all about "secret" knowledge hence "Gnosis" this fits with the idea of the Illuminati having a special knowledge or can see in the dark.

        Basic Overview of Gnosticism

        1 THe material world is evil and the Spiritual world is good.

        2 Secret knowledge or "Gnosis" is required to achieve salvation

        3 Jesus was came from the Spiritual realm to free those captive to the material realm.

        It denies the incarnation of God as the Son. In so doing, it denies the true efficacy of the atonement since, if Jesus is not God, He could not atone for all of mankind and we would still be lost in our sins.

        1 John seems to deal with and correct the erroneous Gnostic thought.

      • You are correct it all stems from knowing thyself, knowing how the minds works, the mission of the heart, the concept of the soul, and the illusion of the flesh. Since Adam and Eve sided with the devil in the Garden of Eden and gave him physical power over the earth realm that man will always experience these 3 concepts in life no matter what way that they may be presented. The lust of the eyes man wanting all that he see's, the pride of life feeling that we are all powerful and knowing being even beyond logic, standards and structure and the lust of the flesh meaning that the body offers no control and only want to absorbs all that it within in path. Our personal control comes from the soulish realm and the spiritual power of Chris within our lives who was the image of a perfect man. The soul is the mind, the thinker and the chooser and the world is distorting that with all of these images, false information, sexism, racism, materialism, money, we actually walk toward the bondage and accepts the delusions (the negatives parts) of the world. To me the illusions are the self-indulgent parts of the world that brings us temporary comforts like fame for example. The illusion of fame is it abundance because most celebrities are not really happy or stable for that matter. They also are not free they are very control but television would tell you otherwise.

  151. thought you might want to check this out

    there are already hundreds of analysis videos on this animation its crazy!!! the jesus in this movie is not the real Jesus!! the Real Son of the Living God is the truth, the life and the way! through out the New Testament, Jesus Christ has been warning and preparing us for these times. the enemy has been defeated when Christ died on the Cross. He is coming to put satan in his place and bring a new Heaven and Earth. His Perfect Love casts out all fear. Revelation 21:4 He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever."

    • The Bible is an arbitrary compilation of stories that were decided for you that you need to know, and the rest were lost to time and ignorance. The Bible does not mean much.

      • If the Bible doesn't mean much, the powers that be sure spend a lot of time and do a fantastic job of fulfilling prophecy from it. It's called scripture because it's a "script".

      • Evidently the world stage doesn't mean much as well if all life and information is based off of control and ignorance. This life that we are living is not abundant or fruitful and Chris is really the only light in the atmosphere and he has never preaches a message about outer control but inner control of oneself and of being truly informed for the sake of the world and generations to come. We have power and strength in this dominion to change a lot but we don’t believe in that power and never use it. We are the ones who do not know thyself and the real meaning of life beyond sex, money and materialism. And money is about to become an obsolete tool and system and then what many will be lost on that one. We are coming to an era where no one will be able to nothing without the sign of the beast so unplug yourself from the Matrix and start to detox yourself from this corrupted and falling system.

    • Right, that vid is the Goat's journey into accepting false antichrist at the end, not the Sheep.

      And He shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

  152. Just a thought about the cathedral collapsing after Christ left…could the meaning behind that be the collapse of false religions that proclaimed Jesus but deep down did not do his well. Such as the megachurches we see today? That was my opinion on what that meant.

      • Or I guess on the other side of the coin…that is the Anti Christ who is hell bent on destroying Christianity. You notice that happens after the crown of thorns disappears…maybe that represents the anti Christ being unleashed with his goal of eliminating Christianity. I think there is more to having that building crumble because it is a cathedral type building.

  153. The Bible says how Christ would come back…just as he went into heaven…he's coming back through the clouds. Acts 1:9-11

    Anybody that says they are Christ that doesn't come back this way is a liar.

    • I'm not dissing the Bible but it was written by man and you just quoted Act 1-9:11. Any symbology there? I'm not saying I'm not a believer but we must be "vigilant."

      • I hope everyone that states "The bible was written by man" reads this comments.

        OF COARSE IT WAS WRITTEN BY MAN. But, the Holy SPIRIT spoke through MAN to make the word come to life.

        All of you are quick to be vigilant..but slow to listen and learn.

        The very fact that we all frequent this site to stay informed means that we all believe essentialy the same thing, evil is afoot. If evil exists, does that not mean there is the complete polar opposite, the Ultimate Good? That good is Christ. Money, fame, selfishness, greed, lust….all these things have perversed EVERYTHING in this world, and that includes the Church.

        You are offended when we post scripture. Do you not read them? They all point DIRECTLY at the very thing that has banned us together; to shine a light on evil. To warn us. To prepare us. We are not prepairing our physical bodies, but rather our Spirits. The human existance is much more than can be explained by numbers and science. You cannot write a calculation on a chalk-board describing my desire for a double cheeseburger today. I felt the craving for that. Science will never explain our soul..

    • Christ comes from above, not from under…out of an abyss in an Egyptian boat. This is the Goat's journey. The Sheep know the real Christ comes from above in the clouds and all will see him.

    • Why do people say this line with such committment?????

      I’m not dissing the Bible but it was written by man…. Every book in history of life was written by man but you are still reading other text am I correct? I really don't get this blanket statement when spoken.

  154. great article and analysis, lots of symbolism going on, it's almost like they portrayed the entire agenda here.

  155. Me becoming God? That's blasphemy, and that's how we all got into this mess in the first place. This video confuses other spirits to make them arrogant and proud enough to believe that they can become the 'Christ.' Worldly lies.

  156. I am the going to be the new age Christ, and all religions will become one. There is no religion higher than the truth.

  157. Dont worry people, there a really great religions like Christianity, Catholicism, Mormonism, Islam, Scientology, and the Jehova Whitnessess out there to save you and keep you in control and check through fear and domination. May God continue to bless you all and America, lol.

  158. The Christ figure is an Imposter that will soon be on the World stage, bringing all religions under one banner…

    The New World Order, will pretend to usher in a World of Peace under him?

    All nations and people's will think this is peace at last, but no cigar..

    In the prophetic scriptures, it states that the 'Son of Perdition' will be let loose on this Earth, pretending to be an angel of light?

    Sitting on the throne, making himself, God..

    Everyone, who does not bow to his rule, his statutes and Laws will be killed…

    There will be a period of 42 months that this situation will be allowed on the Earth, before this Evil system will be bought to naught.

    Even the Illuminati know the Truth, they are playing everyone in a Game…

    Their desires have clouded their hearts and minds and they have given themselves over to the lusts in their flesh.

    They will change all the Laws, to bring Mankind under Satan's rule….

    This is the age of 'Lawlessness' which was spoken by YHWH Elohim in the scriptures.

    He, states that HE cannot Lie, therefore you either believe the words written or you don't?

    If one is Lawless, then that one will surely Die.

    If one is under HIS Law, then that one will Live….

    Do you know HIS Laws?

    A good place to start your journey, is Jeremiah: 33:3.

    HE asks you to call to HIM….

    Another place is Proverbs:30:4,5,6.

    How are you to call upon HIM, if you do not know HIS name, or the name of HIS Son?

    We, have all been deceived….

    Seek whilst HE may be found, ask and HE will give to you, knock and you WILL be answered.

    Remember one thing, HE has given you life and existence, even if you loose it for HIM, HE can give it you back?

    Do not let Fear strike your heart or mind or being…

    We are all like a shadow, living our meaningless lives in this place of slavery, for a short time…

    It has, I suppose had to be this way for the many peeps that are suddenly awakening and seeing that it is a LIE…

    Be peaceful at heart, be mindful of the things that you utter with your lips, and think upon the wrongs you may have done in the past…

    This is the time to repent and ask, for forgiveness first…

    I wish you all, a wonderful life and Shalom…

    Nice words VC…

    Peace, Love and Laughter Cap Reg

  159. Notice that the embryo in the egg is not born of woman, but instead a test tube baby. This is a big clue as to what is coming.

  160. WOW. Im amazed, Without any dialogue they managed to convey such a powerful story simply through the use of animation and symbols.

    But I did NOT like how Jesus was represented with masonic symbols of illumination crap. As a muslim I can tell u that we believe that humans are not God-like, and can never become God, that is a very Luciferian concept. To accept Islam literally means to "submit to" God, and there is no God-like quality "within" us.

    I agree with u when u indicate how this so called Jesus is the Anti-christ. Muslims believe that before the "real Jesus" comes down to earth, the Anti-Christ (Dajjal is what we call him) will be the leader of all people and a false prophet. This Anti-christ will deceive people from all other religions into thinking he is the true deliverer by having supernatural powers and performing many miracles (fooling idiots) and people will have waited long for him to come deliver them and he will be very powerful politically and will lead the people like the Pied Piper of Hamelin to their doom.

    Then the "real Jesus" will come down to earth and there will be a big battle which will defeat this Anti-christ.

    So I believe that this Jesus figure depicted in this movie is the Anti-christ as he is represented with a pyramid and a third eye and is inspiring people to find God within themselves and the whole imagery at the end with him sailing off towards the sun is very gnostic indeed.

  161. To me, this is just another form of the film Zeitgeist. Grant it, it is clever. Almost convincing to an untrained eye, and one lacking true wisdom and knowledge. Like ZG, it promulgates a "christ/savior/messiah consciousness." To an orthodox and confessional Christian, this is a another christ. The Christian also calls this "an angel of light." It appears, that one also presented itself to George Washington at Valley Forge. The christ presented here, is that one presented via Hinduism and Shamanism. It is not the True Christ. The idea of a pyramid, with a deliberately missing capstone, a "cornerstone" that connects all four corners, may well be of true Divine origin, corrupted by The Dragon. The "Eye of Horus," probably not so. If a distortion of a Divine genesis, that source is unknown at this time. "The devil is never a maker. The less that you give, you're a taker." — Ronnie James Dio

  162. Lol at people saying this Jesus is an impostor.

    I think its quite clear he represents Jesus, or the inner Jesus to say so in that way. He destroid the executives (wall street slaves) and went towards the light.

    Moreover, I think its the apocalypse represented through many different ways.

    We have got a Jesus with fire. Resembling the Christ of the Apocalypse

    Suffi Kid dancing. The Suffis were persecuted and executed by corrupted branches of the Islam. The fact he's a kid and he's dancing, represents that there'll be freedom again.

    That's not Shiva, its Kali and she's dancing. In Hinduism Kali is depicted as dancing during the Kali Yuga, or apocalypse.. which happens at the end of each era.

    The Lotus is a symbol of Enlightenment. The lotus growns in the middle of the bog. This is a buddhist symbol.

    Jesus in a boat similar to Ra and Osiris, simply because the collective unconscious have captured the enlightenment in different ways. Its not to mean that this Jesus is fake, and is in fact an egyptian deity. Jesus/Ra/Osiris to the people of different eras simply represents the conscious surpassing the death. Defeating the eternal death aka perish of the soul. And reborning..

    The girl that looks at Obama is striking similar to Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) Actually, there's a rabbit in the background. Representing that she must chase the reality..

    The evolution part: Mainly represents Men has to evolve to the next stage, enlightenment in the sense he's no longer a materialist creature.

    The world outside is melting and looks like the north/south pole for a simple reason: We live in an era in which contamination is melting the poles, nature is diying. Whether you believe in Global warming or not, the truth is that its happening.

    The gothic church collapses at the end because it represents the institutionalized religion. Which is a corruption of true-inner spirituality.

    One last thing: The all-seeing eye, or third eye are originally good symbols. They have been corrupted which is the same as how Madonna takes a cross and uses her for the show. Doesnt mean the cross is evil.

  163. When those "in the know" release these kind of videos/messages they expect the masses to respond. From the responds they can get a feedback of what people think and therefore they know how if people are awake or to what extend the know the truth.

    In my personal opinion, I realized that people are still in there deep sleep.

  164. I'm interested in what the title means, and the gaps in the title on the goat…. Seems as those they might be an anagram or have some deeper meaning.

  165. Can anyone tell me what that is above Jesus' head? It seems like the pyramid, but VC hasn't made a comment about it?

  166. Something minor, but the spotlight for Bush in the beginning was an inverted pentagram, dunno if anyone else noticed/mentioned it already.

    • True, true, jameccia!

      Too bad this video represents only one side disguised as two. It will be lost on a lot of people.

  167. Great Analysis. Also, if you look at the masonic checkerboard when George Bush is dancing (picture above) it shines a light in the shape of an upside down star possibly symbolizing Baphomet.

  168. The little girl represents alice in wonderland with the white rabbit behind her. She's sitting in white dress in a ceremonial circle on a masonic checkered floor. Alice in wonderland also symbolizes mind control and p********a. This video is saying a lot!

    • “Alice” is sitting listening to the “show” of the fake presidents.. not convinced. She is the only one of her class that has a SHAPE.. personality. The other kids were mutilated by the corrupt education system.. they are sad freaks.. a product of the system. They are deformed & disfigured.. shapeless. Some of them look like victims of Abuse..(MKUltra programming? – Mind control & Monarch programming? – ill because of the GM food?!)

      Notice the white rabbit.. by following it Alice may find the truth! (see the books of Fritz Springmeier on the subject)

      She is the only kid that understood!

      She sits inside the SunSirius logo of HeliOfant.

      The others are beaten and live in ignorance.

      The truth that she “suddenly” realized scared the politician. The fear in his eyes represents the beginning of the terror that was caused by 911.

      The Elite designed the event to scare and shock, and they succeeded in their Massive RITUAL.

      The official site of the company says about the girl character:

      “And suddenly a startling realization arose in Lily: "This apple is not mine", she thought. "It belongs to someone else."

      The other kids are hopeless & helpless.. bound by wires and physicalpsychological disabilities.


      Annotation on the video

  169. Some other observations:

    0:09 – The Goat (general public) stares as if in a trance while boxed and caged. A barcode (like our Social Security Number) is stamped on his forehead.

    0:30 – Bush distracts the public while dancing under a pentagram spotlight.

    0:37 – On the wall of the classroom, a map of USA hangs with push-pins on NYC, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, and the Gulf of Mexico (BP's Deep Horizon?).

    0:54 – Also on the wall, picture of the human brain with the hemispheres separated (so not fully functional). An image of a dragon is mounted next to the brain, with tongue nearly touching the right hemisphere.

    1:05 – Bush morphs into Obama. Same puppet master, different puppet.

    1:55 – As the towers fall, squibs can be seen supporting the theory that the collapse was a controlled demolition.

    2:04 – A figure, wearing a persona of sadness, falls from height. (as victims of WTC on 9/11 did?)

    2:30 – As we zoom up to the Lady of Helotry (Statue of Liberty) her torch, representing progress, breaks away and falls. The country falls into darkness.

    2:55 – Ludovic, incapacitated by Dracko (TV screen representing the mass media?)

    3:11 – Another figure is shown wearing the sadness persona (does the feathered headdress represent the Native Americans?)

    3:14 – The Virgin Mary holds an Islamic victim of the US's attack.

    3:23 – A Somali pirate with a African child soldier.

    3:30 – Juan Pepito is swallowed alive (the US's attempt to destroy Cuba and socialism?)

    4:00 – Ludovic attempts to resist Drako's hold on him.

    4:05 – The Fire of Truth enlightens the world.

    4:20 – L'enfant bleu, wearing the mask of the Kali (goddess of empowerment and change)dances by the flames.

    4:35 – The old woman (Madame Q) representing women is dominated and repressed by males and religion is freed.

    5:00 – Christ conscience destroys the terra cotta army of "stuffed suits" (capitalism?)

    5:12 – Ludovic breaks free from Drako's control and is set free.

    5:30 – Keeper of the flame goes through transformations.

    5:48 – As the Christ conscience exits the ice cathedral, he spiritually awakenings, breaking the bonds of religion and attaining enlightenment. The Church, no longer in control, crumples into the sea.

    • You missed the many squibs going off as the towers fell. Look at it. It goes down differently than all the other structures. It goes down like the towers did. Controlled Demolition charges can be seen all the way down.

    • What I did omit was Newton's Third Law, F=-F at 0:54. For every action there's opposite action of equal force (not that it matters on this page of science challenged individuals).

      • thank u.. i was wondering what that equation was! & if this is shown while we know the evil puppeteer is working, reinforces for me that for all the evil they put in the world, there is an equal amount of good that will come an rectify that evil .

        (this is not so much for your comment)

        Im not so convinced its the anit christ. Christianity is not the only religion that believes in an evil entity.. "satan" has many names and evil is personified in most world cultures. The Gnostic Christan texts are MUCH older than the collected, re-translated, king James version of Christianity. Jesus taught that "

      • sorry.. cut off..

        Jesus says in the Gnostic Scripture, Gospels of Thomas, as he does in the king James version the very thing the video makes clear "THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU".

        American King James Version

        Luke: "Neither shall they say, See here! or, see there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you."

        Dead Sea Scrolls, Gospel of Thomas

        "(3) Jesus said: If those who lead you say unto you: Behold, the Kingdom is in heaven, then the birds of the heaven will be before you. If they say unto you: It is in the sea, then the fish will be before you. But the Kingdom is within you, and it is outside of you. When you know yourselves, then shall you be known, and you shall know that you are the sons of the living Father. But if ye do not know yourselves, then you are in poverty, and you are poverty."

        Now.. who got what from who? … and the latter is way more poignant and speaks to the souls of man. Its much more liberating than the newer KJ version… you cant control ppl with words this powerful, you can only free them from the yoke of this world and prepare them fro the next. We know how the Greeks (Constantine n his Nice council)wanted to control the ppl, so the would have said a text making men free is heresy.

        He comes as the fiery destroyer of evil. If you do not hate evil, then you cannot follow Jesus.. that too is in the gnostic text & KJ version

        If it wasn't for the Gnostic text, I would still be a non believer in Jesus, the Savior. He is a Master, Teacher, Savior, Son of God

      • From other sources, I have read that the Illuminati believe in "balance", so for every evil they plan on doing, they will "balance" it out with good. Applied to this video, I would say that the Conspiracy (I believe that the Illuminati themselves might just be puppets of an even more evil group) plans on creating a great deal of harm, with the belief that this will "balance" out the "good" they plan on creating.

        Hence, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For the greater evil they create, the greater good that will come to counter it. At least, that is their belief.

  170. The person controlling the "eggman child" looks like a Pharoah….Also, I think there are a lot of clues about genetic manipulation here. The idea that we are beginning to tamper with the evolution of the human race through genetics. The apple being split in two to bring forth immortality symbolized a lotus could reference cloning. I think some of this deep underground genetic manipulation is taking place in military labs and bases in the north pole. There was a reason this was all taking place in a barren frozen landscape..

  171. This is NOT Jesus… This is —-> THE ANTICHRIST.

    He has the mark of the "beast" on his forehead, for example.

    " he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads " ( apocalypse )

    He has fire in him… comes from the darkness…. He wants to be worship like a god but he's not God. He's the man possessed by the Devil who will rule the world via the so called "illuminated" New World Order.

    Please, don't make that mistake……

    • It's not the anti christ you babbling looney. The bible itself is a rip off of the Sumerian civilization. No such thing as the 'anti christ' stop scaring yourself. The Jesus-like figure is everyone one of US.

    • Thats what I was thinking, this is not the Christ. Jesus doesnt have a third eye or a pyramid on him. Then it says how the "christ-like" person raises muslims from the dead? Jesus came to save those who believe in him, those who don't like hindus and muslims do not apply unless they repent. To sum this movie up its basically made for the conspiracy theorist saying illuminati exsists but you are your own God (thats what gnosism believes right?) and as long as you rely on your own personal spiritual beliefs you will find freedomn.

      But God says its through Christ and Christ alone you are saved.

  172. The old lady represents paganism. She's locked in the tower which is shaped on purpose like a phallus. Pagans worship the god (symbolized by the phallus) and goddess. The Goddess is symbolized by her menstruation. There were many rituals with menstrual blood in pagan religions. She is actually what many would call a witch. They're showing all the religions Islam, Egypt (polytheism), Paganism, Native shamanistic religion, "Christianity", New Age, Hinduism etc.

  173. 4:20 Kali, Hindu god of destruction (tongue stuck out). Pyramid in the head-dress too. That dancing figure is turning from god-to-god.

  174. In Islam the Dajjal will have one eye bulging like a big grape and bigger than the other..That esocteric almost genie version appears to be a good depiction

  175. Oh … and notice the nuclear explosion behind the ink pot (?) held by the black clad woman as she mourns over that dead child with the black eye.

  176. Notice that when the apple rolls to Obama, there is a gold coin under his foot. Is that a reference to real money being a threat to their (paper money) system?

    • And when the apple rolls towards Obama, there is illuminati eye outlined on the masonic checker bourd floor. Just under the apple. ( view in full screen mode to see it.)

  177. The woman cradling the dead body toward the end is most likely the Pieta (Mary cradling a dead Jesus after the crucifixion), which means the "Jesus" figure on the boat is a false prophet, as the real Jesus is dead – and yet to come again, if you believe that.

    The Jesus on the boat is in a trance, which means he's being controlled. I don't trust the all-seeing eye, as it's just a twisted way of viewing enlightenment. I agree that this is NOT the Jesus of the bible.

  178. The Hangman chalk drawing looks like it could be an 'R' in front on the unfinished 'evolution'.

  179. On the chalkboard under the diagram of the evolution of the illuminated man, note the phallus and the hanged man, both pagan god symbols. The hanged man is a symbolic representation of the sacrifice of the solar god. Plus the owl and the snowflake hexagram on the wall. And re: the siz point base of the Statue of Liberty, the base she stands on is in actuality an 11 point star, symbolizing the Qliphoth gate in the Kabbalah and making her a Babalon idol. Creepy stuff. Drako's pyramid beard also reminds me of Gaga's nasty eyeball pharoah beard in one of her videos.

  180. Nicely put VC, I agree with you on this one. Easy to understand for masses. Unfortunately, judging by most of the above comments, the masses still have a long way to go before they actually "get it".

    People don't seem to have noticed that the Universe does not care for the human perceptions of good and bad. No room for logic, reason, scientific or archeological evidence in religious minds.

      • He's saying the universe doesnt take sides. Everything is order and chaos. God is probably impersonal as well. The Christ in this video is definitely suspect. Maybe its a promotion of a one-world religion.

    • I believe your observation is related to the conclusion, where the Christ conscience awakens and becomes enlightened, and gazes into the Sun, the true source of life on our planet.

  181. The Egyptian boat is saying that Jesus is based on Horus. This is the same message of the internet sensation movie Zeitgeist. In short, they are saying Christ was a myth. In all, this looks to be "Zeitgeist for Dummies", which had a three part message: Christianity is false, the Fed Reserve is evil, and the 9-11 was an inside job.

    • I think Zeitgeist was doublethink created by "they"; most people know about the fed and 911 so give them two creditable scenarios of truth and then use the viewers trust to discredit Christianity, why? I don't know but it seems "they" are more and more trying to discredit the good principles and teachings of Christianity………get the masses away from it hmmmmmm

    • I often feel like the world is trying to imposes a fake falsehood of Christ existence but I have seen so many prophecies some true from the Bible that I refuse to not believe, I have had so many spiritual moments of enlightenment that didn't come from the world that I refuse to not the believe. God information is the truth and the devil information is a lie. I think that it will be a while before Christ feet tough the earth even if they do because he will come in a flash of light but there is a war that still needs to be won. God says that he is not the author of fear or confusion and all the devil ushers out is confusions and lies.

  182. can't believe something like this has seen the light of day… hope the medium helps to bypass cynicism or blockages.

    and if you ever get the chance to see the Dervishes, do so, unforgettable and transformative.

    “Behold, I am sending you as lambs among wolves; be therefore crafty as snakes and innocent as doves.” –Matthew 10:16

  183. I am speechless. And just this morning I saw something equally disturbing by Kanye West. They are gearing up for something big, I believe before the year is out, but the prayers of the saints avails much!!

  184. VC, please research and post something about the Order of the Skull and Bones. Many US presidents and prominent figures are/were members. I am not so convinced its the illuminati we should worry about anymore. Thanks.

    • VC is here to help us with his analysis, but keep in mind that you can always do your own research as well. That's the point of this sight…to make us all more aware. Don't depend on VC to do all your research for us. Type Skull and Bones into Google and do some searching on your own. You'll be surprised at what you find. Pretty much anything anyone wants to know about it available on the web. That's why there won't be any excuse for people who say they didn't have a chance to know something. If you were curious and you had access to the internet and you didn't search out on your own, the argument of ignorance will not hold. Not trying to be disrespectful to you or anything, I enjoy reading VC's exposes more than the next guy; but let's not forget that we can do our own research too and make sure that we're educating ourselves!!

    • If you google skulls and bone you can find a lot about them , and if im not mistaken are the secret societies(skulls&bones , bilderberg , bohemian groove etc etc)lower than the illuminati

  185. doesn't this video somehow seem to be consistent with the purpose of mystery schools and esoteric traditions? sure, i appreciate the fact that at least it isn't promoting some bubblegum meaningless lady-gaga/nicki minaj/etc bullshit but actually tells the viewer of the current world state. but having watched the documentaries on this site and read some of the books (educate yourself section) the aim of the "enlightened" is to create a new atlantis where "destiny" i.e. the christ figure in the video will deliver mankind from anarchy chaos and serfdom. ironically, the schools themselves are the perpetrators of the chaos humanity is in (and is going to when the world literally turns into utter chaos) and want to destroy the new atlantis that they set up(America) so that by it's destruction, or sacrifice, a new world, which would be a manifestation of all the idealistic societies envisioned by nearly all philosophers of a secret tradition such as plato and manly p. hall, would come into being world wide. in short, the "false christ" of the mysteries, who would have come to "liberate" us from chaos and lead us into true "illumination". well…in my humble opinion, i think that's a load of baloney! when the antichrist shall come, it says in the bible that all men shall be in awe and wonder of his nature and of his works of "peace" and "deliverance". i therefore believe this video, although somewhat positive, to be like jay z's and kanye's no church in the wild. it looks like humanity has been saved after a period of struggle and total collapse of the materialstic western culture and has embraced a new form of spirituality, or has, found again that which it had in atlantis before it got lost, knowledge that leads it to its salvation. but who is the bearer of this knowlegde? why does he give it to us? what is his agenda? in the end, we will still be trapped, the illusion will only have gotten stronger when the false light incarnates in this realm as a "christ figure" who will teach us to find divinity within. i think that ideas like this with a new age feel to them will be promoted to make people somewhat ready to embrace this new age christ when he appears. i'm just saying.

  186. Aye whats with the saggy tits woman with the blood stain between her legs? This is some crazy s**t and also did you notice on the black board behind bush is what appears to be a man's private parts complete with semen drops. This is getting worse everyday, is this suppose to be a movie for kids or what? i dont understand.

  187. Great analysis VC! Personally, I thought the video starts off strongly with a critique of the elite. It follows major events in the past 10/11 years. However, by the end, particularly due to the crumbling of the Church and the distorted "version" of "Christ", this has led me certainly to think these people are in the know.

    A few extra things I noticed:

    At 4:34: tell me that doesn't look like a naked man lying down? And why is that old lady in the naked man's "tower"?

    At 5:19 that skeleton man looks like he is controlling Little Aali (who has a lumpy/bruised right eye by the way).

    The evil eye (Drako?) looks like a TV. Hmm…

    More Illuminati style propaganda? I think so…

  188. awesome analysis!!

    thanks VC, been seeing this vid alot, sharing it myself as well ~ great post!!

    PEACE AND LOVE to all

  189. My question: Why is Jesus on an Egyptian boat? What does the child who's dancing around the fire wearing different masks symbolize?

    • Rosa, this is not Jesus but the Antichrist. He arises from this system to bring order out of the chaos. Do not be fooled. This is pure Satanic propaganda from the pits of HELL. This system we have now is designed to be destroyed and a Satanic Utopia is supposed to save us. The figures that arise, like Christ and the spinning little boy have one eye symbolism. The little boy has a black eye and our "Jesus" has the illuminati one eye over his forehead. You have to be leary of the system that will arise when this one falls because the one eye is in control from start to finish on this video.

    • The child with the masks dancing around I believe represent the twelve desipels of the new age christ who's name is Meitreya.

    • There's something called "project bluebeam" that supposedly makes all tribes and religions see their own god…..

      At 2:03 we are first introduced to the blue shapeshifter. Right after the towers are destroyed we see it dive off an ice cliff wearing a 🙁 mask. Could this mean that 9-11 was the "jumping off point" for America? The ball seems to be rolling now.

      Later, we see the shapeshifter again at 4:21 wearing the Indian(?) Goddess of Death mask. This is right after the Jesus figure breathes fire and activates the hanging globe(pineal gland?)

      The final time we see the shapeshifter, it is dancing around a sacred fire. Many cultures see fire as sacred and cleansing. As it dances it rapidly morphs thru a series of different gods. I don't recognize them all but they all look ancient. If the shapeshifter morphs thru different ancient gods, why does it dance in a modern hip-hop/breakdance style? Would it not do the ancient dances that go along with these deities?

      I think that many gods + blue+ modern dance = the use of project bluebeam to blend all gods of all cultures into one. Note that it stops transforming and dancing when the building crumbles and white light shines in.

      Does anybody know the shapeshifter's final form? I can't tell who or what that represents.

      sorry for this novel of a post.

      • The blue shapeshifter that jumps after the towers fell represents the Blue Kachina prophecy. It means that we reached a point of no return, and the end will come soon.

  190. There were a couple of other symbols thrown in there as well…

    Behind Bush on the wall there is an Owl. Occult symbol for knowledge. (owls are nocturnal – ie see in the dark, hunt in the dark live in the dark, while everyone else sleeps)

    And The girl in the white dress in the classroom with the apple (Could this be Eve's apple from the tree of knowledge that she drops?) SORRY got carried away with another symbol!!! But this girl has a white rabbit behind her as well. And she wears a white dress. Rabbits are a symbol for purity but also of fertility. Could this be the reason the young girl drops the apple from the tree of knowledge? Eve sins against God when she bites it & talks Adam into biting it.

    WOW many questions I have still. Any one else knows about these symbols & can comment?

      • You're right. The rabbit may not be intended for the girl. Possibly for the classroom/sch system. As a sign of being contolled. On the wall behind Bush/Obama, there is a picture of a brain being destroyed in two. (Which decscribes many of the classrooms today)

        Did you see the teacher? She gave Bush the evil eye as in "hey stupid they're on to you!" Then Obama magicaly appears and "Winks" back at her, or someone…

        I can go on & on.

    • The apple reminds me of the cover to one of the Twilight books. (Never read them, never will, but I remember that image.)

      Also, in several systems of Gnosticism/Occult, the Fall is seen as a rebellion against an evil god, with the serpent "saving" man from ignorance. It could be a reference to this idea. The idea is that Jehovah was preventing Adam and Eve from understanding what was really going on, and essentially controlling them the same way the Illuminati try to control us. Then Lucifer came along, in the form of a serpent, and "enlightened" them, allowing them to understand what was "really" going on. From this

      perspective, Lucifer is the "good guy", and Jehovah is the "bad guy".

      Of course, the Bible says otherwise.

      • Lucifer translates and literally means light bearer or morning star which represents Venus rising in the morning to signal the Sun coming up to illuminate the land, hence the name light bringer. With this in mind I couldn't help but notice that the Christ figure is illuminated with fire throughout the video. Relating lucifer to the devil is a common modern misconception.

        Could it be that we have our gods reversed; that somewhere in early Christian history the men of the early church perverted Christianity from Gnosticism in order to keep us in the dark with the purpose of deceiving and enslaving mankind for their own agenda and benefit? Just a question to inspire critical thinking, not a diss to any religion.

        On a side note, anyone searching for the truth behind religion, the subject of Astrotheology might be of interest. For a beginner who is willing to pick up their own cross and walk their own spiritual journey I would suggest researching Jordan Maxwell, he has a ton of good material on Astrotheology which most can be found on YouTube or his website at and is a good start on your path of wisdom. Good luck and happy travels!

        Remember that a mind is like a parachute, it only works when open…but not so open that your brain falls out!

    • i noticed on the class room wall under chalk board 2 posters.

      the one to the Left was lightning bolts splitting the left hemisphere of brain from the right.

      on the wall next to poster almost starting to overlap it is a dragon figure.

      the poster under the right side of the chalkboard is an anatomy sketch of the human heart.


    • i noticed on the class room wall under chalk board 2 posters.

      the one to the Left was lightning bolts splitting the left hemisphere of brain from the right.

      on the wall next to poster almost starting to overlap it is a dragon figure.

      the poster under the right side of the chalkboard is an anatomy sketch of the human heart.


      mind being altered and split. (too much mind activity anyway)

      the way through is the heart.

  191. in the second picture with bush in it there is also an ejaculating penis, ive got so good at noticing important symbols and s**t i might even start my own website

  192. For the first time in the history of mankind we have the technology to make this globalist dream a reality. FYI, "Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, and no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666." Rev. 13:16-18

  193. Did anyone else notice that Drako's pyramid was inverted? Can anyone shed light on that.

    The Christ Conscienceness being was asleep or "surpressed" while modern day religion took control of the world via our Puppet masters.

    I love how the puppet masters finger has a ring with the $$ sign on it. As of the old tale Lord of the Rings – one ring rules them all.

  194. What the **** did I just see, there are many symbols that VC Didn't explain, there's a connection between the Egyptian boat and Osiris (God of afterlife = a new spiritual life) and with Jesus, with the fishes (Jesus fish, and the fish in the Osiris story), There's a theory that says that Jesus story was based on the story of Osiris (some say his wife Isis = Virgin Mary and his son Horus = Jesus) I think you should do more reasearch about that, and what about the part where a girl protested for peace and a weird skeleton laughed at her, also the Red Indian Dance with changing masks, with the old lady in the top of the tower…

    • My thoughts exactly. I liked the video up to the end where they depicted "Jesus." Why are his eyes closed? If it were Jesus, his eyes would be open in order to see the truth. I would like to like this video, but the last part seemed in part like a perversion of what Jesus truly is.

      • this is in fact the antichrist, an imposter as you so rightly put it, and the antchrist will bring together all manners of perversions of our current judeo-christian religions and mash them up with new age thinking and all other sorts of crap so that there is one word religion so that the antichrist can control the masses and harvest their souls through false promises and power and all manners of deceit and treachery.

      • In most "new age" beliefs enlightenment is met through meditation/deep trance.

        The symbols on the forehead (Same as the Illuminati's favorite symbol) Is an ancient symbol meaning illumination through third eye activation, similar to the Hindu symbol Om. (I personally have never seen anything wrong with these symbols, Just because the Illuminati claim them, does not make them wrong or evil. The Illuminati see themselves as Illuminated and Superior, which Is why I think they stole those symbols and turned into something wicked. Like the Nazi Swastika, that symbols original meaning was't hatred.) Is indicating the figure is all seeing, Like Clairvoyance but more, I hope I'm making sense.

        When the Spiritual eye is open, the physical eyes can be shut. That may be why.

        Whether the Christ-like man is supposed to represent THE Christ , Mans Christ -like potential, or THE Anti-christ, I really don't know. You never can really tell, Illusions and Symbols are what "THEY" have used to trick and brainwash people up to this point. How Can you really be sure what you are viewing is absolute truth. In my opinion, you can't. You can never really trust your eyes as they are misleading, Trust your heart, instinct. That's what's got me this far.

      • And then again, The people who created this may intend for the Christ-like figure to actually be the anti-christ. The video depicted other illusions, false leaders. Bush/Obama, 9/11 being and inside job (one of the factors being oil) Why not a false Christ? That may be their prediction of our future. A figure who will fool us onto a false path.

        Though I personally feel their is nothing wrong with Self enlightenment/Meditation/and the new age jazz. I feel their are multiple ways to connect with God. I'm Spiritual, not christian, (mainly because I believe Christianity is a lost religion, I say with no disrespect. I believe once long ago when it first came about it was true, but now I cannot accept something I feel the illuminant or any person tinkered with. There are things in the bible I agree with and others I swear was put there for personal interests. So I trust the God in my heart) not religious. I think because God created us, we are a part of him, and so posses his God energy, enabling us to become Christ -Like. Not Christ I stress, Christ -Like, meaning basically the best humans we can be, through Gods love and light. I feel it has nothing to do with self- arrogance over god.(or at least that's how I feel) My goal is to be the best soul I can for myself and others, So i may be my best for God. Not God, I do not wish to become God lol. My road of enlightenment, Starts and end with God.

    • Shiva was in there too…the Hindu Destroyer/Transformer goddess. Interestingly enough a statue of Shiva can be found outside of CERN (although I'm wagering that most of you already know that).

    • Yeah I was wondering about the boat myself but I think the fish goes back to the storyline when of the disciples where trying to fish to feed the poor and didn't catch anything but then they went back on the water with Jesus and caught more fish then the boat could hold when they trusted the Messiah. They also feed the multitudes of people that day.

      I am not sure if I view the Jesus in here as the Anti-Christ but I am curious about what his image symbolizes. I believe in Christ and I know that the first things looking like him won't be him because the devil is good with deception and often tries to emulate God to feel like a God but there is not truth in him and he manipulates first and intimidates second and that is usually the only way that he rolls in this life.

      • I thought the fish might have an astrological significance. From what I've read, the New Age movement teaches that Jesus was the "avatar" of the "Piscean age", which constellation is a fish. The ages move backwards through the constellations, and thus the next age is the "Age of Aquarius", which constellation is associated with water. (This could explain the water everywhere throughout the film.)

        According to Astrology, an Age lasts around 2000 years. The Age of Aquarius is coming soon. This "Messiah" figure in the video probably represents the Avatar of Aquarius.

        From CANA, I have this about the constellation of Aquarius:

        "As in most occult philosophies, death is never final but is necessary to sow the seeds for new life. The sign before Pisces, the eleventh sign, is Aquarius, representing the self's recognition of its part in collective humanity, the need for service to mankind, egalitarianism, and a desire for a utopian good. The Age of Pisces, with its emphasis on spirituality and compassion, and being a water sign, has been viewed as a time of cleansing for humanity, a spiritual preparation for the Age of Aquarius when the level of the collective unconscious will rise as each person raises their own consciousness, and when man turns from outer wisdom to his own inner wisdom for guidance."


    • osiris , horus and isis = the false trinity same in babylon with nimrod , simiramus and tammuz Babylon is the MOTHER of idolatry……U can see that in the Roman Catholic faith with them replacing Jesus a the mediator to YHWH with the virgin Mary….the cycle stays the same, the times just change!

  195. Please, please, PLEASE explain some of the other scenes you left out. I am trying hard to understand most of them, but it's not easy.

  196. Great video, Great message!

    We can get thru this time of greed and deceit and emerge on the other side reborn and awakened. Even tho the days seem dark at present, by keeping your own "fire" of positivity burning, doing that which is "right" and just, we can not only get thru, but blossom on the other side.

    Really good analysis VC. I am extremely proud that I actually "got" the majority of the messages myself, but those that I missed, Psalm 23 amongst them, are appreciated.

    Thank You. Love the site, vigilance is even more important now than ever before.


    • I think she is The Sacred Feminine representing compassion, nature, earth, motherhood, etc. She is trapped in a tower, and dying.

      • i feel like her blood stain is a sign that the qualities of the feminie, though weakened, imprisoned and worn out, are once again fertile. new life is possible. other ways are possible.

  197. Wow! I mean, i always knew that 9/11 was just a sick American-Israelian game. And now, we all know the truth! Israel is bad news, just like America. I can't live in this country anymore, knowing that the government is… all masonic and s**t. I knew Osama Bin Laden wasn't really a terrorist, i knew it since the day he ''died''. He's probably still out there, making up some new devil plans.

    Anyway, good article VC!

      • How come there were no Jews killed during the 9/11 incident? They had allegedly some kind of celebrations that day? It doesn't sound remotely odd?

      • Please don't say that, Israel is an Insult to the Jewish religion and to it's people. God does not 'choose' Zionism.

      • God's people are those who believe in Jesus Christ as their Savior and do his will. Not a place on this earth.

      • While I am a practicing messianic Jew, I am no longer a Zionist. I subscribed to the teachings that Israel was God's "chosen" nation I can no longer support the apostasy that we call "the State of Israel" today. Yehovah promises us that Messiah will return and regathering Israel. Man got tired of waiting of God (as usual) and took matters into their own hands – creating the State of Israel in 1948. This is NOT the regathered Israel of prophecy. This is a secular state created by man – look at their fruits. Also, when Israel was to be prophetically regathered it was to be so with Messiah as the KING! The King has not yet returned. And just as some other posters have pointed out – the Adversary, Satan, counterfeits with the false before the real deal shows up. The Nation State of Israel – as we know her today – is a grand deception. Do not be deceived…

  198. Like VC said,we are on a spiritual path,thus those who desire to push us off it into a new secular order are trying their utmost hardest.

    Hold onto The Lord,and He will surely guide you-for only He can provide us with the light that the makers of the video symbolise.


  199. Check out the map, the pins mark events. Oklahoma City Bombing, 9-11, Katrina, and the recent Gulf Oil Spill.

  200. Amazing analysis once again V.C, your use of the written word makes for an entertaining read! Can't wait for your next piece! God bless us all!!

    • I'm more inclined to take this opinion as well. The second coming of the Christ/Mahdi is always preceded by the Antichrist/Dajjal. The woman in black with the dead child reminds me of the mother of Christ. She is weeping over the son we killed. Or, it could mean the unfortunate women who has given birth to a dead baby because it has no soul. The protestor in 3:42 strikes me the most. No matter what, we are playing to the tune of the puppeteer. The Christ we are left with could be a manufactured entity. If we are to question our surroundings, then we must also question what we have learned and its veracity. Why does the butterfly get incinerated when it touches this Christ? The New Age religion isn't just a mashing of religious ideas together. Its the integration of these ideas into a greater common denominator skillfully wickered from the foundation of Satanic thought.

      • Instit. ( 7,17,9)

        Exactly. I think that in this video the butterfly get incinerated because in greek language butterfly is said "psike". And in greek psike means also "soul". Who touch the  Antichrist (who adheres to the New Age) loses its soul.

      • The woman with the child reminded me of some of the depictions in the artwork in the Denver Airport. Did it look like that to anyone else?

      • It most certainly is the anti-Christ. If it's Christ, why?

        1. His heart is burning?

        2. His legs are on flame?

        3. Half of the journey his eyes are close?

        4. When his eyes are finally opened, you could see fire thru his eyes?

        5. Why he's on on an Egyptian boat?

        Christ represents light and comfort. I didn't get either of those feelings from that figure.

      • The "paint" on the Christ figure's face is flaking off in the scene where fire is reflected in his eyes. So much for wholesome..?

    • Exactly what I thought when I first saw it, before even reading VC's analysis. This is foreshadowing the antichrist. When the world is in complete total chaos like this, is when the antichrist will show up to "bring peace." This is after the second coming of Jesus Christ, the rapture. Crazy stuff!!!

      • There is no rapture or special event that will exempt us from living through this other than death. No disrespect, but the Rapture is Satan's snake oil for Christians. Be prepared not naive.

      • The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus is returning to the earth to conquer His enemies and deliver those who trust in Him…. But you would be well advised to search the scriptures deeply because neither Jesus or Paul teach a secret rapture! Christian are told repeatedly that they must suffer many trials and tribulation to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus warned that only those who ENDURE TO THE END will be saved and enter into His kingdom. Please also study the scriptures carefully because there are many conditions placed on believers….

      • Sadly there is no more divisive word for Christians than "rapture". Best to just have plenty of

        "lamp oil". No one knows when that final trump is going to blow (not even Christ).

    • I can't believe the number of "Christians" who watch this and think that's Jesus. It's the anti-christ and that's why 99.999% are going to worship him.

  201. they are becoming more and more blatant these days, its like an "in your face" message. tsk, just like that simpsons episode wherein a triangle with 3 "6" and a devil was included…I cant believe people would admire something as sick as that freaky goat augh….

  202. Well done, VC. Although as a Christian, I interpret the message as it being very clear that there is only one God, one way and one truth: Jesus Christ. He is the victor. I aso interpret the fall of the church as inevitable as the Vatican does not fall in line with Christ's teachings and is pretty evil. They too are in the pockets of the "powers that be" on earth. But as the video shows, they too will fall. Jesus really is the truth, the way and the life. I also did notice that as soon as the Bush puppet started to "crack", it was replaced by the Obama puppet. I also couldn't help notice that the puppet master wears an "S" ring. Satan? A lot of people were confused by the topless old woman. She represents sexual deprecation and slavery. As she is a "prisoner". Sex is also sold as a false love (the heart outside the tower) in today's society. In conclusion, I am in love with this video and love the idea that so many are aware to the reality! Keep fighting the good fight!

    • Excellent interpretation. I was wondering about the old woman as well. The blood stain baffled me.

      • i thought the blood stain repesented penetration.

        also i have ?s about the symbols under the apple by obama's feet.

        and the part with the african girl. notice the guy with the inverted cross on his chest is pulling away the ribbon on her leg. i think thats her virginity/ innocence, but she is completely life-less and controlled by know bc she's a war child.

        you guys should become aware of whats happening to Congo too btw. im working on a picture for it, bc its funny how a lot of the corruption in Africa are there bc of European and western influence.

        that were those situations sprout from when we fund violence for our own political interest. thats why ppl in Congo aren't treated like people anymore bc whites have been messing around in THEIR political system since forever making them easy targets especially with all the abundant resources they have. i didnt want to say whites but its true-weell, maybe i can say Europeans. oh and sorry fro the rant. i had it on my mind just needed to let it loose <=/.

        i also noticed the guy had a skull and cross bones tattoo. so u can take it as that or he's a pirate. stills says a lot about the situation:

        we are so entrapped in our own 'system', that we dint see whats happening in those couple of scenes.

        speaking of that. did any one get the scene with the woman and the dead boy. the woman looks familiar btw. so does the beetle

      • There were several moments of past popular culture that were shown to not work this time.

        The Tiananmen Square failed with the Tanks – death stuck his tongue out and pulled the protestors shoulder away from the task.

        The Madonna and Child appeal didn't work.

        I thought the old woman represented the feminine aspect in society of non violence with the heart outside the Rapunzel like tower. The woman turned old waiting and was forgotten – "Girl power" will die of old age.

        And that was the Antichrist with fire in his eyes and feet surrounded in flame moving toward the growing fiery sun as the Cathedral falls apart.

        Not a happy ending. "S**t just got real"

      • Blood stain on the old hag's underwear represents purely womanly period. Which period represents the fat that the woman is fertile and able to procreate, to give birth

      • The whole video is bizarre, especially the old woman with her exposed breasts. Who is behind this superb video clip? I'd like to know that special creator.

    • I noticed the ring too, and feel certain that the character was Satan, especially since the ring was on the wedding ring finger. Wedding rings originated in ancient pagan practice, and their use was rejected by the early Christian church.

    • The old woman is Catholicism/Vatican/The W***e of Babylon. Notice the tower and landscape she's in. Looks like a man laying down with an erect penis, and we all know how the vatican loves phallic symbols.

    • hey everybody..And Assalam o alaikum ( Peace upon you).i am a muslim boy and i regularly read the articles on the V.C..i am not one of those people who dont know about their religion or world and just wasting their lives…i know about Islam and i foind it very close to christinity…all those concepts u people talk about here , we have them in our religion DAJJAL (anti-christ) and we believe that he will be the biggest threat to the world or FITNA..we also believe that Hazrat Essa (Jesus) will return to fight against Dajjal and will eventually kill him or beat this illuminati s**t..only difference that i found bw us is that we believe Hazrat ESSA was Prophet of ALLAH( who is the GOD the most powerfull and most merci full) and not the Son of God or God himself…and bible was supposed to be the book carryng the message of Allah to the local people like Quran does…muslims and christians were never supposed to be fighting. even in Islam a man can marry a christan women because they have more or less same believes…

      i hope i can convey what i was trying to say…and there is also a prophecy that in the end times, we all will fight against Anti Christ together…

      • the bible says in order to be saved you must confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord… i understand that these 2 religions have similarities, but this is a huge difference..Why do you think Jesus is made fun of so much in movies and stuff? why is his name chosen out of all the ones for this? i made a comment about this earlier about how 80% of the movies ive seen lately make fun of Jesus. some examples: 21 jump street, ted, the dictator. Jesus is the name that Satan curses and is afraid of. Jesus died in the cross for all of us as a sign of true love

    • i think all Christians will have to unite to fight this evil.

      We've spent too long attacking each other while the real enemy laughs and rubs his hand at our foolishness.

      And you can bet that they will try to destroy the catholic church cos as stated in albert pikes book – once you destroy them the others will fall easily.

      We should be praying for each other for the grace to overcome the trials to come.

      • I read somewhere once that the devil's biggest trick was convincing the world he doesn't exist…if that doesn't work, then making people hate each other will work. Keeps you from fighting against him right?

    • @Jen – Look again. It isn't Jesus Christ on that boat but Anti-Christ.

      He is in a boat of Egyptian origin (one of the two mystery schools most revered by illuminists – the other school being Babylonian)

      The helm of this Christ's boat shows the statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. In contrast Jesus Christ is the truth and the life. He defeated death (and hell) and has nothing to do with it anymore.

      In freemasonry/ illuminism Anubis is also represented by the Dog star Sirius – their blazing star of the heavens. This star is the pentagram that is found in lodges and freemasonic works.

      If you look at the head of Anubis at 2:38, we only see his left eye…his right eye is in darkness – another sign that this approaching "Christ" is the One-Eyed one now being heralded openly in movies, music and magazines by celebs and models.

      The third eye and the pyramid on this Christ's forehead depict that he has "Christ-consciousness", he has found his divine self and now wades along in a trance waiting for a time when he can teach all mankind how to find their own divine "Godhood" or "IAM"… a lie that was originally told to Adam and Eve, "Ye shall not surely die…ye shall be as gods", and pure blasphemy against the true God.

      This "Christ" then comes into this world in his Anubis boat. He travels through the heavens – I can't quite tell the constellation depicted (though it wouldn't be a big surprise if it turned out to be Canis Major) – and is released into the world after coming through four dimensions.

      The Anti-Christ's religion will be an amalgamation of the eastern religions and the mystery religions of old, which were effectively sun and mother gaia worship; pantheism. For pantheism to become a reality, the monotheistic "One God" religions that state there is only one way into heaven will have to be destroyed, ergo the destruction of the mosque 3:04 (notice that of the black birds that fly from the destroyed mosque one lands on the cosmic Christ's hand suggesting the power to destroy is his) and the church later at 6:04.

      Notice the Shiva character's headpiece has the triangle at the top 4:22, suggesting that this one of the accepted religion that will be allowed to make it into the new religious order. The Shiva character appears happy that the "Christ" is causing the destruction of the church and later dances excitedly at 4:56 – similarly, the shaman appears to bow and retreat after the mosque is destroyed 3:12. A third dancing (Inca?) shaman appears at 5:29. He has the same symbol on his chest as Shiva and the first shaman, and he's also clearly rejoicing the pending destruction of the church and the coming of this cosmic Christ.

      This "Christ" is clearly the cosmic Christ and not Jesus Christ. The lotus flowers shown throughout and those accompanying him herald him as the new age christ consciousness spirit. When the lotus flower opens, it represents a portal that opens to allow cosmic christ consciousness to enter and "enlighten" us. The lotus flower itself is a symbol of what new agers call "ascended christ consciousness". Just a bit of background for those curious: New agers don't believe that Jesus Christ was the unique Son of God, both fully man and fully divine. They deny the deity of Jesus Christ and say that he was merely a man and that the "christ consciousness" descended on him and that is what made him realise his inner divinity. They believe that men are now discovering their inner divinity and are therefore mini-gods in the making and godhood is the next evolutionary step for man…they're awaiting their cosmic Christ (also called "The Christ", "Ascended Master Jesus", Sananda", "Maitreya" or simply "Jesus" – not to be confused with Lord Jesus Christ) to come back and lead the world into a new golden age of peace and divine enlightenment through the worship of self and nature; the worship of the creation rather than the Creator.

      What they are in fact doing, is denying the authority of God's Holy Spirit, which descended upon Jesus Christ when he was baptised by John. The Pharisees in their time also denied the authority of the Holy Spirit and wrongfully called Jesus Christ a magician, attributing the miracles he did to demons. This way they committed the unforgivable sin by blaspheming the Holy Spirit and they also showed themselves up as evil people who were clearly versed in the dark arts and used to consorting with demons.

      In any case, this video is a misleading piece of new age promotion that harbours an agenda within an agenda so to the Christians and anyone else searching, take care – the Jesus being hailed here is not the Jesus Christ you know, it's an imposter. Keep in mind that the real situation will be just like this…the cosmic Christ will seem to many to be the messiah, and where possible he will deceive even the most passionate of Christians. Always question, always keep your eyes open and the truth in front of you. Be wary of anyone who tries to paint you a different Jesus Christ.

      Other things I noticed:

      0:45 Bush flips us the bird and at 0:55 curses the classroom with el cornuto (when it's pointed at the audience it's meant as a curse)

      3:20; The scarab beetle walking on Ludovic's face represents resurrection in Eygptian lore

      Someone was wondering about 3:24; it's a depiction of paedophilia, mind control and violence: what we're seeing is a adult man undressing a young girl (hence the purple ribbon, you can see her pubescent breast if you look carefully) who appears to be hollow inside as a result of being abused and under mind control. The side of her arm has a gash and she is holding a gun, which suggests children being forced into violence or the use of children in war…in any case the scene is symbolic of human trafficking and the abuse of children.

      3:25 Yin Yang duality is symbolised on the ground as the woman waves the flag at oncoming tanks. This opposition of forces is further emphasised by the symbology on her jacket, which displays a tiger on it. In Chinese mythology, the tiger is a courageous, militarily strong creature. When it's in conflict with the dragon (which here would be Satan's one eyed tanks) this conflict symbolises the opposing forces of spirit and matter, yin and yang – crouching tiger, hidden dragon anyone?

      I've not yet quite sussed out the role of the skeleton mad hatter guy.

      6:26 The scorpion's tail formed in the clouds in the rising sun – I found a text that seems to aptly expain this symbolism – it certainly correlates with the role that is expected of this Christ by new agers, who speak of a coming transformation and quantum leap in consciousness. They also say that those who don't wish to go along with this transformation will have to be "removed from the planet" – understand that however you wish. Anyway, I'll leave you with the text, which I got courtesy of

      and wish you all a great evening. It's nice to see so many thoughts coming together.

      Lone Wolf

      "Scorpio rising reveals one of the most difficult and important tests. It is the sign through which an individual must pass in order to come into those transformative crises which turn desire into love and personal will into the Will-to-Good of the Soul. Scorpio can be called the “sign of the Disciple” for it is through the path of discipleship the we eventually learn how to effectuate these necessary transmutations of our lower self. It is through Scorpio that the personality enters into battle with the Soul and eventually emerges as the “Victorious One”—the Soul-infused personality.

      When an individual is born with Scorpio rising, she has committed herself to this battle in the present incarnation. The lower self has to be redeemed by the Higher (the awareness of the relationship between the two having been established in Libra). A choice has been made to fight and the war must take place. The purpose and the path of Scorpio rising is not just to do battle. It is not enough that the personality and the Soul meet in an intense urge to unite.

      Scorpio embodies the Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict, and conflict there must be! It is through such conflict that the real task of Scorpio rising takes place—transformation! And while Scorpio is transforming herself, she is also encountering those life experiences which bring her into contact with the opportunities to be an agent of transformation and renewal for others.

      Scorpio is a fixed, watery sign. As such the current is determined, the will is set, the waters of the personality (the emotions and desires of the lower self) will be irradiated by the fire of Spirit and blended into the loving consciousness of the Soul. Scorpio rising shows us that the individual is preparing to open the way out of the entrapments of the lower life. This is why Scorpio is called the sign of the “reversing impulse”, for it is through Scorpio that the Path and Purpose of the Disciple is revealed.

      Mars is the ruling planet for Scorpio rising on both exoteric and esoteric levels. In terms of the former, Mars increases the desire nature and the sense of personal separation. It therefore can “kill off” that more sensitive part of ourself which seeks to unite with its higher principle. When Mars is acting as the exoteric ruler of this sign however, it sees to the death of such separative feelings and desires so that there are no impediments remaining to soul-infusion. "

    • I thought the S ring on the puppet masters hand was the dollar symbol $ and represented money (money being the true mark of the beast and the tool which is used to control us all through economic slavery) but I could be wrong.

  203. Glad VC got this. I made sure to send it to him as soon as I saw it.

    Also, how is everyone missing that the spotlight Bush is dancing in is shaped like a Pentagram?

      • I saw that one .. i just don't have a good relevance for that so i left it alone..

        please give a meaning for that pentagram .. what does it symbolize ?

      • Well, he's being controlled by Satanists, and in combination will all of the other Satanic imagery, it just kind of fits. He is locked into their control, or the control of Satanists, so he is within the Pentagram.

  204. Absolutely sick. I cannot believe how blatant these people are becoming now, and yet the masses are STILL denying their existence! From tv shows called "666 Park Avenue" to this videogames— I'm just in awe of mankind's denial. Good work VC.

    • How is this sick? This video is advocating a positive message, to not be a sheep (or goat in this case) and the many other things it implied, like how politics are a joke. I appreciate videos like this because the symbolism is so blatant that people don't understand what they are watching, so they then look up the meaning of the video and symbols which leads them to become aware of the truth. That's how I found this website, through googling the meaning of Lady Gaga's music video for Telephone.

      I think this was a very interesting video and I'm happy it went viral.

      • I think it is sick. There is nothing encouraging I get from this video. It basically says my whole world is a lie (which it is) and every institution around me must be destroyed. Believe me when I say this Christ figure is the order out of the chaos. Humans are not Gods. We are creations with great potential but not God-like potential. I would love to break away from the evils of this world as much as the next person, but the eventual destruction of everything DOESNT HAVE TO HAPPEN!!!!! Quit buying into the garbage that by everyone meditating and yogaing is going to create a Utopia. It's not gonna happen that way. By believing you can be a God you are NOT escaping the Satanic I Goat 666 system.

      • It's sick because of what you even just said, that it is so blatant people do not even realize or understand what they are watching. These are subliminal messages, and not everyone are able to pick them up. Those who have the capability are the ones seeking for the truth and not just believing in everything that the media tells them. Think about why the video went viral so quickly in the first place. This is where the word "sheeple" comes from. Movies, songs, tv shows, etc. are filled with these messages. Just be happy that you are able to interpret it. There's absolutely nothing positive that one can get from this except realizing what it really is. And I'm glad that you have found this site. But while people like you are seeing these things, the MAJORITY (and even more) of Americans are unaware. THAT'S why these videos aren't good.

        Remember KONY2012? And how fast that video also went viral? What happened to that movement and all the Ugandan kids? Everybody started spreading the video without even researching what the movement was really about. And it wasn't about Kony or the kids like they said. Now the same thing is happening to this video. Everyone's spreading out. What's the reason that they're spreading it for, though?

      • This is meant to be a response to Sarah who commented on Elle's post:

        I'm not commenting on what the maker of the video was trying to say but rather something you said.

        Please don't generalise spirituality into people trying to become gods or god like, this is not the intention of those seeking to live a truly spiritual life.

        "Learning how to love is the goal and the purpose of spiritual life – not learning how to develop psychic powers, not learning how to bow, chant, do yoga, or even meditate, but learning to love. Love is the truth. Love is the light." – Lama Surya Das

        I take it you don't practise yoga or meditation yourself but these are simply tools to help in the quest for spiritual enlightenment and they are used because they work. There's no need to bash these activities or the people who use them just because you don't see the use in them.

        So I agree that everyone thinking they are a god or simply meditating and doing yoga isn't going to bring about a utopia. On the other hand if everyone strives to rediscover their connection to "the one-ness" of everyone and everything that is and learn to live spiritually and love, a utopia is most certainly not out of the question. I think this is the important message to remember.

      • I'm a spiritual person Fisherino. I'm not bashing yoga or meditation by saying that those things won't create a Utopia. And I don't believe people like you who believe in the power of love are wrong. Love is truly powerful. My problem with this video is that the powers revealed here (good and evil) are all derived from the All seeing eye. The All seeing eye doesn't love you. Jesus loved you and his love is powerful enough to save you, me, and the whole world. Why if Jesus is so powerless does the New Age Religions refuse to acknowledge Him? Why is Satanism so threatened by Christ? Why is this occult world so down on Jesus? If He's nothing, a myth, a fantasy- why is so much effort put forth to blaspheme Him? Why is the world trying to erase Him from history? Why all this propaganda for a Christ at all if not Jesus? The more I'm told Jesus is a fantasy or a myth amongst this world of lies the more I know He must be real and a real threat or there would be no need to dismiss His divinity.

      • Well I'm very glad to hear that then 🙂

        Just be careful of your wording when trying to make a point (especially when you're passionate about a subject) stick to one point and make sure you are precise about what you are trying to say or your message can be easily misinterpreted as seems to be the case here (sorry about that).

        As I said in my last comment I'm not interested in debating what the video was about because it is extremely ambiguous and I don't know the person who made it and therefore I can't comment on his intentions. If you see a negative overtone in the way he used a symbol, perhaps you misinterpreted it, perhaps he misused it, perhaps he knew exactly what he was doing and he's a malevolent bastard, I don't know.

        I'm not a religious man myself but I respect your views, I don't wish to start a theological debate here and I also doubt that was the intention of the creator of the video.

        I for one am glad this video came out, it has a lot of very interesting/important messages in it and most importantly it has people asking questions, and possibly leading them to sites such as this.

      • People really act blind to these symbolisms but who keep showing something to the extreme like this if it doesn't have a meaning at all. Even with the devil hand sign that most every high raking figure or celebrities constantly show, it is an alliance people. I really don't understand how people can be so disconnect from this understanding. Life is progressive and while the information that you have learn is always available it keeps it moving not staying on one tone, in one are of stuckness trying to brainwash you. God lets you pick your devices while the devil only gives you one monotone lifestyle, perception and informational vertex and that is the one that gives him all of the control and you no options.

      • No !!! There'r no positive messages here and the reason is demonstrated in the end when everyone is supposed to think that this look a like "Jesus" is our saviour when in fact this figure has the 'all seeing eye' and the pyramid symbol all over himself. Basically the creators are trying to say that THIS IS christ (the one that bares these symbols) while we (the few) know for a fact that he is the anti-Christ.

        The real Messiah (Jesus) does not have one eye nor does he carry the pyramid anywhere. He is free from these satanic symbols. He will come without these symbols (to hopefully destroy them).

        Also note that when this christ like figure "frees or unleashes" religions, in reality he is not. He demolishes instead and unleashes falsehood. Note the derwishes that are supposed to represent Islam. Well, in reality they do not represent any part of Islam whatsoever. Islam does not recognise these derwishes/dancers. There'r no dancers in Islam nor any Sufi orders. These orders were created by a man to change Islam's teaching & twist them round hence they do not belong to any Islamic teaching and thats a fact.

        Another 'faith' that he supposedly unleashes is hindu's krishna/vishnu and thats another devious twist. These 'faiths' do not worship the one true God. Sorry if I am offending some people but this is what I believe in.

        Basically he just unleashes bullsh** and destroy all true religions.

        These dogs can try to destroy our beliefs but they won't succee because everytime they do it backfires right back at them. 9/11 is a proof.

    • Wasn't the pet goat book Bush was reading to the students when 9/11 happened. Word is you cannot find a copy of that book today.

    • I completely agree. I feel like no matter what i do i cant do much about it either. Hardly anyone will listen to anything about this stuff because they immediatly think "conspiracy"–>'insane' . after all this stuff is everywhere too and people are still in denial. sigh.

      • Exactly, Stara. And that's the problem these days, and the main reason why I so dislike that word "Conspiracy Theory." It's plain denial by them. But that's exactly what the Bible says about these types of people who look at things but cannot see it.

        Son of man, you dwell in the midst of a rebellious house, who have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house. -Ezekiel 12: 2

        Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; who have eyes, and see not; who have ears, and hear not. -Jeremiah 5:21

        They have mouths, but they speak not: eyes have they, but they see not. -Psalm 115:5

        I believe everyone gets the point. I'm not preaching here. Just saying that these "sheeple" as we love to call them will continue to deny the Truth. And the Truth shall set us all free. Jesus says He IS the Truth; so we must follow Him. These are the end times, and I know that people are being deceived and being prepared for a false christ that is to rise out of these times. But we all must continue seeking the truth, so that we may not also be deceived. Thank God that our eyes are open. And this is why I appreciate VC for everything that's on this page. Be vigilant and watchful of everything that occurs.

      • Choosing not to believe, they say. It's not a choice anymore, it's the easiest way. Denial is the automatic response to the truth.

    • It amazes me how people choose to be so blind when it is right in there face and being thrown in there lap these are not people that I would preferred to be connected to when the s**t hits the fan. I try talking to my family about this but they only want to see it as negative instead of being informative. Everyone has no idea have evil it will become and they are effected your strong tool and resource now your heart, mind and soul. You will to be educated and to know danger and trouble that is here and coming when you see it. All that I can do is to continue to he informed and to listen to my inner thoughts and to make realistic and conscious changes. I often feel like the little girl in the classroom all alone seeing a different truth then everyone else and feeling suppress to talk about it to and with others but I do try.

    • This is why I think that I am going to stop watching TV all the images are lies and more versions of twisted lies and eventually even the wisest person can be affected because we are all human. The internet is on the verge of being controlled and while everyone is going paperless I am beginning to stock up on my books because we still need continual information to grow and to transform and the world knowledge will be very limited at best and dumbed down that is for sure.

    • Did you, or Vigilant, notice that there's no U in evolution on the blackboard? Was Mr. Bush implying (or the makers of this video) that U (or we the audience) will not evolve with the rest of humanity? Any thoughts?

      • Not only is there no "U" in the hangman game, there's only one O. It's on the board E V O L _ T _ _ N. So there's a U and an I missing, but O has apparently already been guessed. It seems like the game is rigged against the classroom, especially given that the 'man' is almost dead.

      • Wow i didn't even notice! thats an awesome analysis. this really shows how crazy "the elite" are…

        I feel like when i try to show people this stuff they think im the insane one 🙁

        I agree. they are probably saying exactly that.

      • Someone on youtube said the only letters that are in caps are: LTN and that's the airport code for London Luton Airport. Might have an Olympic connection…not sure.

      • Also, In the classroom, the Alphabet is backwards.

        Instead of:

        Aa Bb Cc its aA bB cC

        Its supposed to be the other way around. In the educational system, the illusion is given that youth are being taught correctly, however look closely and you'll find otherwise.

      • @ Wrong. I was Wrong lol. It happens at 2:46. I was looking at how much time was left in the video, not how much time had passed. My bad 🙂

      • there are more details ignored by Citizen article. I don't now if he doesn't sow its or just simlply he considered it invaluable. The truth is that this details, after "decoding" the "main message", "we will destroy you! signed, Illuminati" are not so important anymore. I just put its here for those who not sow them:

        a burning house behind bush.

        an owl – left up side

        an ejaculating penis above bush

        12 o'clock – time is over!

        a Labyrinth – the wall pattern (very fade)

        the hung man is "not seeing" (no eyes)

        the Ishtar Star of Chaos (snowflake)

        As I already said this detail are not so important I think meanwhile the main message is "illuminating" us about our dark near future.

        As the "12 o'clock" show I deeply think the time is really over. Soon in our time life, the most extraordinary battle in universe, The Great Conflict Between Christ and Satan, will end forever. The very and urgent important thing for every human being is to choose now to whom they give access to his mind. Excuse my English please.

        Greetings to Citizen and to all of you.

      • Did you also notice at 4'36 the hand from the sky shines a light on the church tower on the island that actually looks like an erect penis…

        Don't think these filmmakers are good guys at all

      • actually I O U are missing. I can only imagine that they are saying that we are owed our evolution. As you see the hanged man wears a war helmet (the surrounding images a penis/missile a shark etc all send the message that we are effed) and I think the key is they keep delaying it with war not love–evol backwards=love. The hangman is also in a lose R position perhaps alluding to the masses or hanged men revolting or demanding our evolution for the love of mankind.

    • Here's a thought about the 'human evolution chart'

      Do you think it was placed right on the top of the blackboard in the class-room, representing the lies they are feeding us from the second we go to the school? The fact that the 'science world' comes up with statements such that we are 'evolved animals'? I'm sickened by such statements and the impact that it's having on our children.

      It seems like these days it's a trend/cool thing to be agnostic or atheist! The word is; humans are evolved animals!

      God save us!

      • NO, Ludovic isn't the anti christ…the "Christ" figure with the illuminati pyramid/eye symbolism is. I mean…he's not even really with it for most of the time that you see him; like he's almost a puppet himself. And when he exits the building on his boat…looks like satan at the very top of the opening. Then begins all the miraculous signs…which is exactly how the anti christ will deceive everyone; so called destroying the enemy and performing miracles…claiming to be Christ. I believe that the 'sun' at the end may actually represent the "son", the real Christ coming to clean house so to speak, right about the time that the "fake christ" seems to wake up or resign himself to what comes next. I got the impression that his expression changed and seemed like he knew something unavoidable was coming next. I mean if this was supposed to represent the actual Christ…what could he possibly be waiting on? He's it…when Christ comes back all the drama ends.

    • "When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near." -Jesus (Luke 21:28)

      "Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book." -Jesus (Revelation 22:7)

      • I don't understand the old woman or the robotic boy with an adult untying a string…can someone help me…?

      • My sincere apologies for not saying this before;

        But it should be noted that “Heliofant” which is the combination of Helio — Greek God of the Sun and “fant” a contraction of the word “infant” or child. Which means Sun child, clearly indicating that they are part of the "cult". No surprises there, the video was remarkable, money clearly wasn't an issue for them, due to the fact that they are being part of the Zionist entity. Eurgh.

        Also I think the Big Ben Clock Tower was seen at the beginning of the video near the school?

        Symbolically representing 9/11 part.2 ?

        During these ill-fated Zionist Olympics in London?

        Or during the apparently last day in December? That specific date where we are all supposed to die which was also seen in Britney's video 'Till the world ends'.

        I advise you all not to completely indulge yourselves into this "cult", or "concept". It can ruin your life, bringing depression and paranoia 🙂

      • @Murad

        If your interpretation of the name HeliOfant is correct, then it may prove their connection to FreeMasonry!

        If Helio-fant is derived from (The infant of Helios) then it could be similar to:

        PhreMas(sen).. which means in Ancient Egyptian (Sons of the son, or, Childern of the light).. which isn't very far also from the meaning of the word: Illuminati !!

        Good Catch


        Phre= Sun or Ra the so-called "Sun God"

        Mas= child (in plural: massen)

      • @xxx

        I suggest that you read about the Old Testament God of the Bible to see for yourself that "fighting & killing your enemies" is not that UNholy as you imagine!!

        Know your religion before criticizing other people's faith!

    • The hell is this? After watching it 1 min i got sick! Like how it could even go viral??? its creepy s*it! God save us all! i gotta go puke my self…

      • I don't see how you could NOT find it to be a stunning work of art, obviously you are entitled to your opinions, but I thought it was the most haunting and powerfullly beautiful animated short I have ever seen. The truth isn't pretty, it's scary and overwhelming, but it needs to be thrown in our faces if we are going to have the fortitude to resist it. That's what this video is, it's truth, and it's beautiful because someone has taken the time to create it for us to help us fight back. I, for one, always confront the truth head on, even when it's scary and it inconvienently takes me out of my comfort zone; this is a war on us, and it's not going to be comfortable. I'm not trying to attack you because you found it offensive, I just wanted you to know why I had completely the opposite reaction.

      • you'll have to watch it more than once to pick apart all the details

        for example, notice in the beginning of the video where the former president is dancing in the classroom the teacher is a black heavyset woman

        the teacher who read my pet goat on 9/11 with the kids and the former president was a black heavyset woman

      • Sheeple, that found it creepy and evil, obviously don't have their third eye/pineal glands open and don't get the symbolic message about it. SMH get back int herd/churches sheeple

      • This video has gone viral, probably, for it's NWO symbolism that the society of today has been so bombarded with and brainwashed with by the NWO's media. Especially targeting today's youth. That way they can grow up to be an adult generation that will be ready to receive, almost without question or fight, the NWO's Anti-Christ.

    • Please help me someone! Is it bad to let my 7 year old sister watch Disney programmes and Nickelodeon programmes? And what is so bad about seeing the Masonic checkerboard floor in the programmes?

      • Hi. It's bad because by those "innocent animated stuff" the perverse p*******e Disney an now his perverse p********s followers, are mind-manipulating the little children, preparing them to accept all kind of sex-abuse, slavery and social programming as being something nice and natural.

        If you love your little sister (& your-self) you will better cut off the tv antenna, throw out all those sic CD-DVD-BlueRay with music-movies forever.

        There is a WAR on this planet. An spiritual WAR. Those man-made wars, revolutions, social movements, global crisis, Illuminati, New Age, etc. around us are just the instruments and the visible parts of this WAR.

        The subject of this WAR is the MIND of each one of us. Every man has to choose to whom give his mind, his thinkings, his soul; to Jesus or to Satan.

        That's all about. Start pray seriously

      • Disney princesses teach opposite of morals, man. Like, all they need is beauty and they will get the prince, or the evil sorceress who wants to kill you because youre beautiful – doesnt matter once a man saves you. etc

      • When I begin to feel angry at all that is happening around us, I get back to the basics : to witness the light that lies in everyone, even these who seem to be "deluded", "sleeping" or "not on the right track". Never forget that at some point, we all had to wake up and begin our true lives/journeys with both our eyes opened. If you haven't see the light in a long time and someone throws you outside on a shiny day, you'll be blinded by the light. I think it's the same with truth, it has to be taken step by step, bit by bit, in a progressive and respectful manner. Force someone to do something and he'll do the opposite. Show truths to people by getting interested in what they are and feel and they'll open up and listen to you.

        We all come from the same mother, you know. We're all the same, and I feel the best way to show the example is to BE the example. I hope this comment tells you something! Peace to all of you!


      • There is no doubt, that, with some research, one will find NWO-type symbolism, as well as occult symbolism, within the Disney movies. Satan cleverly uses Disney to brainwash kids (and adults). Is it family-friendly for Disney World to support and stand behind the gay movement? Gay celebrations at Disney World. Some of the children's Disney movies are of an occult nature. Interesting how many former Mousketeers have become stars that promote deviant music material: Christina Aguilera, Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, etc. I had around 4 or 5 Disney movies I so loved (Freaky Friday, both versions; and Parent Trap, both versions, too; and others) but, I got rid of them for my own conscience sake.

    • just thought of this , from past researching , cant remember where . bear with ,

      The Lord of Darkness shall return in the latter half of the twentieth century,

      He will make known His presence , first in the Scandinavian countries , Finland , Germany and Great Britain .

      He will appear in mortal guise , He will appear not as one but as many , His name will be Legion "the greens" . Then He will perform the following tasks –

      The deception of fools ,

      The corruption of the innocent ,

      The destruction of the good ,

      The veneration of the evil .

      By the blind obedience of His disciples ,He shall

      carry out His will through

      the power of prayer .


      as this ODD video would suggest

      • …and Jesus Christ is still persecuted in his own 'hometown' some 2000 years later……hmmm… kind of makes you wonder…..

    • making fun of Jesus is very common in movies…if anything it's in like 80% of movies i've seen lately…for example 21 jump street, the dictator, ted…theres even a scene in jurasick park 1 where they sacrifice a goat to dinasours…and later on in the movie they say how man will destroy God (hahaha) it's like they're trying to make sure we know that those who believe in Jesus will be made fun of…the fact that they do it so often shows what they got in mind. how can people be so blind?!

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