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“The Briefcase” : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called “Entertainment”



"The Briefcase" : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called "Entertainment"

“The Briefcase” is a reality TV show that gives $101,000 to poor people … to then guilt them into giving that money away. It is a Hunger Games of human misery.

Since the late nineties, television networks have thrown themselves into the production of “reality TV” because it is an inexpensive way to attract idle minds looking for brainless entertainment. Just take a second and think about the garbage television that was produced in the past years … Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?Temptation IslandHere Comes Honey Boo BooToddlers & Tiaras. The list goes on and it is just brutal. From idiot women competing for a guy because he’s rich to psychotic moms dressing up their daughters like mini-prostitutes, these shows reflect the toxic nature of today’s pop culture. They also reflect how TV network execs perceive the TV-viewing masses. To make things worse, most of these shows are fully scripted and fake, but the viewers do not seem to care.

With The Briefcase, CBS continues this tradition of absurdity … and takes it to new, sadistic and voyeuristic level. Here’s the trailer.

The trailer begins by describing the economic situation in America, where the earnings of lower-middle class families are shrinking and are being funneled to a very restricted financial elite.

“Across America, hard working families are feeling the impact of rising debts and shrinking paychecks. These tough times are testing the human spirit. Now, comes a new series that makes you question what really matters most”.

The show is however not about addressing the cause of this problem or to attempting to fix any of it. It is about dangling money in the faces of people in need and making them beg and cry for it. While this is happening, the producer of the show is in the background whispering : “Yes, yes, cry for that money. I want a closeup of these tears. Yes, now become angry and confused. That’s good TV. Nice. Explain how you’re worried about your debts and the future of your family. Yes, more tears! That’s the money shot!”

As if that premise was not dehumanizing enough, the show also pits together a bunch of stereotypes that are basically reduced to a label.

"The Briefcase" : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called "Entertainment"

The Mexicans.

"The Briefcase" : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called "Entertainment"

The gays.

"The Briefcase" : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called "Entertainment"

The “God-feating, gun totting Republican family”.

For each of these shots above, the producer was in the background whispering : “Yes, open that briefcase while wearing sombreros … Yes … Go outside, be gay and kiss for the camera … Yes, that’ll rile up  some people … Yes, shoot that gun in the woods … Do you have a cowboy hat? WEAR IT!  … Nice, that’s good TV.”

The show ultimately sells us a heartwarming moral : Being good is more important than having money. While this is ultimately true, that message is brought to you by some of the richest people in the world.

CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves is among the world’s highest-paid executives in any industry with an annual compensation of over 70 milllion dollars. The majority shareholder of CBS, Sumner Murray Redstone is worth 6.2 billion dollars (yes, billions). Both of them are deeply connected with the world elite in numerous ways and through various channels.

It is these people who are behind this “misery p--n”, where the financial troubles of carefully selected families are exploited, emphasized and fetishized in order to sell advertising time and, as an extra bonus, to training the masses to accept their dire financial fate. Because, if they don’t, they’ll be labeled as greedy.


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"The Briefcase" : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called "Entertainment"

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Outsourced IT

I'm glad because my TV set is just a decoration piece, or for DVD movies once and while.

Solution: turn off your g-----n TV. Stop consuming wrong things, and they'll feel the blow. Everything is fake, news, tv shows, cartoons… even my so beloved movies are spreading an agenda. ****ed up world where living in.

Was a sheep

I want to see a reality show of these "real housewives of…" Living in the projects of New York City and trying to survive and feed a family. I want to see a big business CEO move to the Gulf coast and save a family business that was devistated using only the resources available to that family. I want to see a TV chef cook for a homeless shelter with their resources.


Just when you think they can not top themselves boom! The satanic parasites increase the idiocy on television once again, and the wheel of death goes round and round because of the duped masses. The reality shows really reveal how much society has been controlled by the parasites at the top, and how much they enjoy watching their filth increase on a daily basis through the media. This show reminds me of the movie hard target in the beginning when the mafia tempted that poor black man for 10,000 dollars just to play on his emotions for fun and kill him. This world is coming to an end.


Glad to know I am not brainless because I do not and will not watch TV that they try to pass off as reality. I call it sheeple TV myself. The big 4 networks are nothing but the governments tools for the dumbing down of America.

Shaun Finn

This world makes me want to vomit.


I challenge them to bring me the case.


Just keep the money and give away what you want lol


Shows a joke families making 140k a year? That's not poor. Give me 140 a year and I'll be far from broke.


My biggest though twas that the families from the first episode were not really struggling. They show the "struggling" Bronsons pulling a snowmobile around with a $50,000 2014/2015 Chevrolet pickup. Out riding a $10,000 to $15,000 snowmobile to "blow off some steam" This does not appear to be the actions of a "struggling" family. A snowmobile is a luxury item. I would bet they have a second vehicle. It upset me so much I stopped watching the episode and will not watch again. Such a staged and setup show so full of lies.


It would be funny to take the money and pay a hit-man to go after the show production team and capture it all on film for a new reality show…


You are in luck! One of the very first reality movies, which is a massive piss take and black comedy, uses a similar idea. Contestants get a gun, camera crew and have to kill or be killed in order to become the last one standing- winner. The cult film is awesome and funny as- " series 7 the contender" is the name of the film. Enjoy:-)


Thanks Alecksus for that film suggestion – I'll check it out along with Bamboozled suggested by art repeats art below.

art repeats art

That was the plot of another movie in about 1999 called Bamboozled.
The revenge was not for reality TV per se, but degrading TV none the less.

Ironically the executive that dies suggested, and then later produced the show in question thinking it was SO BAD, everyone would hate it, and boyott the station. (The star that dies had no opinion either way; he just wanted to get paid for his talent)


Most of you say, I will not watch this. The point is you don't have anything to watch any way. Do something useful, learn, build things and be professionals in the end.
I do not watch the television for the seven years now and I am happy. I have even sold my TV. . .


Please write an article about Bruce Jenner's transformation to a woman named Caitlyn Jenner. Funny how the show "Family Guy" predicted it on one of the episodes six years ago.

The Norwalk Avenger

Look even deeper, folks. Notice the "host / chaperone" types. This isn't exactly Jeff Probst we're talking about. Emotionless, factual, seemingly objective, and always pictured with those headsets and radios, directly wired into "the powers that be". Nothing these folks say would ever be candid.


Sick bastards!!!


Sumner Murray Redstone's real name is Murray Rothstein and he owns mtv.

Not Blind

Excellent article, VC! I wouldn't doubt if everyone involved at the top of this show's production and funding are socio/psychopaths.
While the "elite" may have money, they are beneath us because they are unable to experience true emotions. Imagine never ever feeling love for another person, only ownership. Or having tools instead of real friends? Or never feeling bad for hurting someone's feelings?
The temperature of their hearts is well below 0, which is exactly how much they're truly worth.

They Live

That's because a number of them are Reptilian.


This people sure love dehumanizing people and robbing them of their dignity while seeing them as useless pigs…….and yet according to the article, the rich who fund this not-so-different reality show sure love to prey upon the weak this way.

All the more reason for me to go outside more often and play sports like basketball with like-minded people who don't buy into this bullcrap TV shows like those stuck at home watching it like MK slaves.


Excellent article, man


so we can't say the word that pertains to molestation of young people? wow!


Time to permanently pull the plug folks…

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