“The Briefcase” : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called “Entertainment”


“The Briefcase” is a reality TV show that gives $101,000 to poor people … to then guilt them into giving that money away. It is a Hunger Games of human misery.

Since the late nineties, television networks have thrown themselves into the production of “reality TV” because it is an inexpensive way to attract idle minds looking for brainless entertainment. Just take a second and think about the garbage television that was produced in the past years … Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?Temptation IslandHere Comes Honey Boo BooToddlers & Tiaras. The list goes on and it is just brutal. From idiot women competing for a guy because he’s rich to psychotic moms dressing up their daughters like mini-prostitutes, these shows reflect the toxic nature of today’s pop culture. They also reflect how TV network execs perceive the TV-viewing masses. To make things worse, most of these shows are fully scripted and fake, but the viewers do not seem to care.

With The Briefcase, CBS continues this tradition of absurdity … and takes it to new, sadistic and voyeuristic level. Here’s the trailer.


The trailer begins by describing the economic situation in America, where the earnings of lower-middle class families are shrinking and are being funneled to a very restricted financial elite.

“Across America, hard working families are feeling the impact of rising debts and shrinking paychecks. These tough times are testing the human spirit. Now, comes a new series that makes you question what really matters most”.

The show is however not about addressing the cause of this problem or to attempting to fix any of it. It is about dangling money in the faces of people in need and making them beg and cry for it. While this is happening, the producer of the show is in the background whispering : “Yes, yes, cry for that money. I want a closeup of these tears. Yes, now become angry and confused. That’s good TV. Nice. Explain how you’re worried about your debts and the future of your family. Yes, more tears! That’s the money shot!”

As if that premise was not dehumanizing enough, the show also pits together a bunch of stereotypes that are basically reduced to a label.

Mexicans. Did they really need to be dressed as mariachis at that moment?
The Mexicans.
The gay couple.
The gays.
The "God-feating, gun totting Republican family".
The “God-feating, gun totting Republican family”.

For each of these shots above, the producer was in the background whispering : “Yes, open that briefcase while wearing sombreros … Yes … Go outside, be gay and kiss for the camera … Yes, that’ll rile up  some people … Yes, shoot that gun in the woods … Do you have a cowboy hat? WEAR IT!  … Nice, that’s good TV.”

The show ultimately sells us a heartwarming moral : Being good is more important than having money. While this is ultimately true, that message is brought to you by some of the richest people in the world.

CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves is among the world’s highest-paid executives in any industry with an annual compensation of over 70 milllion dollars. The majority shareholder of CBS, Sumner Murray Redstone is worth 6.2 billion dollars (yes, billions). Both of them are deeply connected with the world elite in numerous ways and through various channels.

It is these people who are behind this “misery porn”, where the financial troubles of carefully selected families are exploited, emphasized and fetishized in order to sell advertising time and, as an extra bonus, to training the masses to accept their dire financial fate. Because, if they don’t, they’ll be labeled as greedy.




  1. This people sure love dehumanizing people and robbing them of their dignity while seeing them as useless pigs…….and yet according to the article, the rich who fund this not-so-different reality show sure love to prey upon the weak this way.

    All the more reason for me to go outside more often and play sports like basketball with like-minded people who don't buy into this bullcrap TV shows like those stuck at home watching it like MK slaves.

  2. Most of you say, I will not watch this. The point is you don't have anything to watch any way. Do something useful, learn, build things and be professionals in the end.
    I do not watch the television for the seven years now and I am happy. I have even sold my TV. . .

  3. The amount of christians on this website is unbearable. You guys just can't live without worshiping someone. And therefore you will never be able to get rid from totalitarianism of the government, because the totalitarianism is already in your minds.

    • truth!

      it's why the gov "elite" used subliminal messaging during the 60's (i believe that was the decade) to end ever broadcast day. within that messaging they pushed the propaganda to believe in god. god is watching you. love/respect your government. something about god being with america/government (which is why in god we trust is used on money and in the pledge of the allegiance. believe in god/believe in government. god approves of government. within religion you don't question god or the organization/pastor/priest that presides over said religion of god, so you don't and should not question government because god is watching you and he is with the government. blindly believe). buy/consume. very similar to the movie They Live. i believe that movie has was more truthful than anyone really imagined.

      religion is nothing more than a control/authority figure. it's used to divide people, and to make one cling to a control system that the "elite" are heavily involved in, they created that bullshit long ago to have power over you. they have you in more ways than one. until you let go of the controls/authority you can't over throw them. reason is many religious people are waiting for god to save them when it's really up to us to save ourselves. they are for pro religious wars which seeks to divide control and kill us. we need to focus on positive energy and get them out of power, rethink how we want the world to run and rebuild. everyone should and can have enough resources to live. we have to let go of their control systems (education, money, authority, religion, government and so on). it's the only way. we would have to rebuild and change our ways of thinking. i see the internalization of their propaganda all around me. 🙁

      • further still that's why religion promotes government. why pastors/priests/popes (there is no clearer control than the catholic church and p********a. yet massive amounts of people all over the world still believe in that religious order and promote it???? propaganda/control/authority at it's most evil) will meet with heads of state. why religion does not go against government, "elites", money but will play into the division game. remember religion wants the corrupt "elites" money, they want authority over you because they are another control system/authority figure, they brainwash people into accepting less than they should all because it's more moral (it's more moral to be poor yet at same time go out and earn as much as you can so you can give us your money. nevermind us over here living it up with said money, nor rubbing elbows with "elites". hmm…), prosperity preachers espouse the "value" and praise the "elites" dirty money system, and god will save them in the end so no need to worry that deeply or truly question just what the hell is really going on down here. even if they question things, they still won't go to the ultimate place of realizing it's all a fraud because they are deeply programmed and will not let go of all authority figures/controls/propaganda.

        remember the "elite" are not american or of any real nationality. they are global in their think. they care not for who they topple. they follow their own set of rules (ritual thought/actions that date back long ago. they count on dark energy. yes, there is both good and bad energy that seems at the core of all of this. the type of ritual that feeds them and their demands is dark. like the hunger games they have been feeding it to the world to participate in via actions like 9/11, sandy hook, baltimore and so on) and care only about their small group of people. they work together for a common goal of total and complete power that they can have out in the open with none to gain say them. again the only way out, is thru letting go of their controls and toppling them while taking back this planet with a new way of doing things. a new way of thinking. we all could live in a damn near utopia.

  4. I'm glad because my TV set is just a decoration piece, or for DVD movies once and while.

    Solution: turn off your goddamn TV. Stop consuming wrong things, and they'll feel the blow. Everything is fake, news, tv shows, cartoons… even my so beloved movies are spreading an agenda. ****ed up world where living in.

  5. The apparent message here is a bit similar to that scene in the 'dark knight' movie where the joker plants two boats with explosive, giving the opportunity to people on each boat to blow the other with a remote control. One boat has normal 'middle class' people on it, the other is transporting prisoners. In the end no-one blows each-other, because the normal people are brainwashed by liberal egalitarian 'values' and consider criminal lives as good as their own, at least in appearance. They simply lack the courage to do what needs to be done in front of others.

    This is the same kind of hypocrisy here, as we are being shown human groups that couldn't care less about eachother, but because they are in front of the camera pretend to.

    All of this spectacle is to hide the fact that the only way out for these families is to get money feed like that as the system doesn't allow for the American dream to happen anymore.

    A parallel can also be made with the movie 'the purge' :
    See http://www.counter-currents.com/2013/06/the-purge

  6. I hardly EVER watch TV, but I did watch this show by accident when I went to a friend's house. It's sick and maudlin. No one else in the room could see the game being played on the audience. Having us watch these people, who supposedly have too much stress in their lives already, obsess and agonize over more money than they will probably ever see again in their lives is psychopathic humor.

    These apoplectic comments are probably from paid network trolls or people with limited intelligence who only see the images and listen to the script without considering the context and motivations of the behind the scene players.

  7. Just when you think they can not top themselves boom! The satanic parasites increase the idiocy on television once again, and the wheel of death goes round and round because of the duped masses. The reality shows really reveal how much society has been controlled by the parasites at the top, and how much they enjoy watching their filth increase on a daily basis through the media. This show reminds me of the movie hard target in the beginning when the mafia tempted that poor black man for 10,000 dollars just to play on his emotions for fun and kill him. This world is coming to an end.

  8. Please write an article about Bruce Jenner's transformation to a woman named Caitlyn Jenner. Funny how the show "Family Guy" predicted it on one of the episodes six years ago.

  9. Ok honestly, VC? You're out of line with: "idiot women competing for a guy because he’s rich to psychotic moms dressing up their daughters like mini-prostitutes".
    First of all, lack of intelligence is not a transgression. The problem these women have is that they're SHALLOW. Greed is the sin in question, and being an "idiot" has nothing to do with kindness or morality!
    Secondly, there is no way you can dress like a sex worker ("prostitute" is a slur, by the way). You can rail against dressing children in provocative or heavily gendered clothing against their will or before they can decide for themselves, and I agree that child pageantry is exploitative as hell, but let's not drag sex workers into this. There are sex workers who wear saris down to their ankles and muslim sex workers who wear various head coverings.

    • And keep in mind that many of so called prostitutes may be forced to do that because of human trafficing. Google it if you don't know what it is.

      • arghhh. Not really. That's what they claim to get sympathy. Unless they are 12-13 years old. Then of course it's trafficking. The point is there is availability because there's demand. They wouldn't proceed to this profession, if men weren't willing to pay for the service. It's a case what came first, the chicken or the egg? At the end of the day they are all messed up without any dignity. They get money out of usually married men and it's not on. If those men weren't married and didn't cause problems to their wives and children, fair game. Trust me many prostitutes willingly bully and pester the wives. So for this reason and only I am not going to support prostitutes and men who use their services. Unless they are unmarried men or the ones who don't give grief to their wives and man up. I want to be with prossies, so I'm doing it without harassing my family. Ditch your wife and live your life however you want to live it. Or the other hand, those prostitutes transfer STDs to those men who go to transfer them to their wives. I know cases like that and it's always the same thing. The wives cannot get rid of their husbands who not only pass the money to the prossies but also transfer diseases and beat up their wives. So no respect towards prossies and also men who use their services for those reasons. I wouldn't judge them if they were leaving others who don't want to be part of it alone. They give us grief and I'm going to express my feelings about it. Bottle up everything and next thing will be the happy pills. Don't talk, don't judge, don't breathe, don't this and don't that.

      • Of course, you know everything about their past lifes, like any single prostitute in this world. They're all the same. HashtagSarcasm I still hope you'll check it out. We should be careful when judging others. The person you judge can also be a victim and going through hell in their live

  10. I want to see a reality show of these "real housewives of…" Living in the projects of New York City and trying to survive and feed a family. I want to see a big business CEO move to the Gulf coast and save a family business that was devistated using only the resources available to that family. I want to see a TV chef cook for a homeless shelter with their resources.

  11. I'm not a fan of so-called reality tv, however I do enjoy watching the show "Secret Millionaire" which makes me burst into tears every single time because despite the horrific ugliness in the world, it shows that there are many, many good people out there who are genuine and real. Even though this new show may seem cheesy and fake, it has potential to show the humanity of people and the goodness in people that so many of us have forgotten. At the end of the day, I believe most people are good and want to help others and this is another example of the selflessness of the poor and the goodness of humanity. NO matter how hard the occult elite and powers that be may try to debase us and make us hate each other, most humans are good.

  12. I might watch the first episode but it seems the same as Wife Swap. LOL. How one person has it worse or better than the other. Basically, this show is about exploiting people's life choices, life styles, and vulnerabilities. Each family receiving more and more info about what the other family needs are and how worse off they supposedly are. So now your ethics and morals are questioned because if you keep the money, all of it, 25% of it, 75% of it, then you look like a selfish and horrible person who wasn't willing to give to another family. But if you give it all away and the other family chose to keep the money for themselves, then you're screwed and the joke is still on you. It seems interesting and that's why I might watch the first episode. But I do feel the producers are totally out to exploit people and they know people are so desperate they will fall for it while they, the producers, are literally laughing all the way to the bank to cash in their millions of dollars paychecks.

  13. Boy, that is one of the most spot on reviews ever.

    What would *I* do with the money? I'd keep every penny. Because I know, personally, someone who would benefit from it more than any of the people this show could come up with. I would fly to Minnesota and buy her a house so she can move out or her Mother's basement. Veteran school teacher working "at will" who was fired for being old and expensive. She lost her house and everything she owned and is living on disability until she qualifies for her pension. She is an authentic poor person and I would give her every penny. They could even film it if they wanted.

  14. Obvious emotional manipulation but that's what masons media does . What's next , give homeless guy a stack of money , then tell him a puppy will die in animal shelter if he doesn't donate and keep in mind the guy who created the show makes over 70 million a year nut you won't see HIM donate to struggling poor . Only exploit them for ratings is sick .

  15. Glad to know I am not brainless because I do not and will not watch TV that they try to pass off as reality. I call it sheeple TV myself. The big 4 networks are nothing but the governments tools for the dumbing down of America.

  16. Look even deeper, folks. Notice the "host / chaperone" types. This isn't exactly Jeff Probst we're talking about. Emotionless, factual, seemingly objective, and always pictured with those headsets and radios, directly wired into "the powers that be". Nothing these folks say would ever be candid.

  17. My biggest though twas that the families from the first episode were not really struggling. They show the "struggling" Bronsons pulling a snowmobile around with a $50,000 2014/2015 Chevrolet pickup. Out riding a $10,000 to $15,000 snowmobile to "blow off some steam" This does not appear to be the actions of a "struggling" family. A snowmobile is a luxury item. I would bet they have a second vehicle. It upset me so much I stopped watching the episode and will not watch again. Such a staged and setup show so full of lies.

  18. "these shows reflect the toxic nature of today’s pop culture."….Exactly…….How times have changed guys eh, from the 90's to now.

  19. This also just reminded me of some people in NYC who got in big trouble by making an internet show where they went out into the streets and tempted homeless people into doing degrading things on camera by dangling money in front of them. If I remember correctly they got shut down by the Attorney General for abuse.

  20. Excellent article, VC! I wouldn't doubt if everyone involved at the top of this show's production and funding are socio/psychopaths.
    While the "elite" may have money, they are beneath us because they are unable to experience true emotions. Imagine never ever feeling love for another person, only ownership. Or having tools instead of real friends? Or never feeling bad for hurting someone's feelings?
    The temperature of their hearts is well below 0, which is exactly how much they're truly worth.

  21. Don't forget, the show requires each family to submit to an NSA level of monitoring of their bills and expenses by the competing family to see if they are "really" deserving of the money. It's like the poor being subjected to increased state monitoring of their food stamps expenditures and being denied such indulgences as jarred tomato sauce.

    The premise of the show is based on psy ops experiments called the Ultimatum Game and the Dictator Game. They are part of Game Theory, which is used extensively in politics and economics.

    CBS also gave us Undercover Boss where CEO's get to feel good giving away money to employees they should have paid a living wage to in the first place.

    Let's also not forget that the CBS logo is a giant eye.

    • Pray to Jesus Christ & put your trust in Him because the devil is already defeated- Jesus won!! Draw nearer to Him <3

  22. It would be funny to take the money and pay a hit-man to go after the show production team and capture it all on film for a new reality show…

    • You are in luck! One of the very first reality movies, which is a massive piss take and black comedy, uses a similar idea. Contestants get a gun, camera crew and have to kill or be killed in order to become the last one standing- winner. The cult film is awesome and funny as- " series 7 the contender" is the name of the film. Enjoy:-)

      • Thanks Alecksus for that film suggestion – I'll check it out along with Bamboozled suggested by art repeats art below.

    • That was the plot of another movie in about 1999 called Bamboozled.
      The revenge was not for reality TV per se, but degrading TV none the less.

      Ironically the executive that dies suggested, and then later produced the show in question thinking it was SO BAD, everyone would hate it, and boyott the station. (The star that dies had no opinion either way; he just wanted to get paid for his talent)

  23. Bruce Jenner aka "Caitlyn" will be having a reality show soon to continue the sickos or Powers that Harass agenda with the LGBT community. As well as distraction from what their current and future plans with the world are.

    I think Bruce Jenner did this whole sex change as a sacrifice for his family.

    • Why are you using male pronouns? It's HER family and HER name is Caitlyn. Y'all think there is some big LGBT agenda. Well, I am part of the B in that acronym and I can damn well tell you that most of us in the LGBT "community" are struggling with lack of acceptance from our families, anxiety about keeping our identities hidden from employers and relatives, and a continuing media history of being used as punchlines and shock value. Our agenda is to survive (preferably with our mental health intact) in a world that continues to show us hostility.
      Have you ever even met a trans person? Sex Affirmation Surgery is only a "sacrifice" in terms of social standing and societal/family acceptance. Trans people, trans women especially, face vicious judgement, higher levels of violence, and are routinely excluded from both men's, women's, and LGBT spaces. Worldwide, one transgender person is murdered every three days.
      But no, you're only concerned with this fabled "agenda". I hope God forgives you for being so heartless.

      • The sacrifice I am referring to is what is required of celebrites, as well as others in this world's limelight, to maintain or "pay for" their riches, revelance, etc. Usually they call for blood sacrifices hence family members or living creatures are killed on the celebrity's, politician, etc. behalf. Basically paying up to the devil for whatever deal they've made with him.

        Not all sacrifices are blood, however, this gender change is one example, I've read Bruce truly loves his family and would not want to see anyone harmed. This gender change also serves a purpose for distraction and a number of other agendas the "elite" have for humanity and it does not consist of equality, understanding or love.

  24. I'm somehow reminded of an old South Park episode where Cartman makes an older bully eat his parents and then has him mocked by his favorite band Radiohead. As the bully cries, Cartman says, "Yes! Yesss! Oh, let me taste your tears, Scott! Mm, your tears are so yummy and sweet! Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness! My-yummy!"

    • That's all it's about. It's sick and twisted like the rest of television. They enjoy watching us be miserable; best medicine is being happy in what God gave you and they can't beat you or bring you down. They THRIVE on misery, death, down-falls, sickness, poverty etc. Nothing good there; so is it really hard to see who is behind all the evil? Certainly not.

  25. Netanyahu’s real feelings about America were revealed in a secretly tape-recorded conversation in Fink’s Bar in Jerusalem al-Quds in 1990:

    “If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

    • Lol yup! Just saw that movie for the first time yesterday, this society has been an Idiocracy for quite sometime now.

  26. This world has gone straight to hell in a hand basket. Wonder what kind of people enjoy this craptastic TV. Really sad and pathetic

  27. #3 of 3:

    For once, we have a reality show that gives the audience a legit feel-good ending because ultimately, EACH FAMILY OPTED TO GIVE ALL OF THEIR WINDFALL AWAY TO THE OTHER FAMILY! (Except the initial $1000 they'd been told to spend on themselves). Which is bs because no cash-strapped couple would be that generous in real life. But because each of them opted to give away their windfall, in the end, BOTH families end up with the $100k, which was very nice. How long they can keep that up & maintain an audience, I dunno. I'll guess I'll have to check out the next episode to see who breaks the kindness trend.

    NOTE TO VC: Your commentary is usually spot-on, but your remarks about this show were a huge FAIL because you clearly didn't bother to watch the show! Please don't mislead your readers by editorializing about programs you haven't seen just to get eyeballs on your website. That's tacky & manipulative.

    THE BRIEFCASE isn't gonna solve the problem of 1% of Americans owning 42% of the country's wealth, Neither will hanging out this website. THE BRIEFCASE is a reality show — its purpose is to entertain you in between the commercials, not to change the world. The one thing it has that puts it head-&-shoulders above the usual reality fare is that at least this 1st episode showed REAL American families with tons of LOVE for each other, rather than catty siblings trying ot one-up each other. It showed people exhibiting tangible COMPASSION towards strangers, rather than scheming to get over on someone else. That's not "training the masses to accept their dire financial fate". That is showing the world that no matter how rich or poor you are, we can all afford to be Be A Blessing To Someone Else when we get the chance. Why should anyone have a problem with that?

    I'll take a show with "scripted" compassion that puts $100k into the hands of 2 needy families over the Kartrashians, Big Brother & the other reality tv crap out there!

    What would be really cool is if someone had the balls to do a hard-core version of this show. Send someone to knock on a hedge fund manager's door the day after he gets his Dec. bonus. Show him videos of 2 poor families & ask him how much of his bonus check he's willing to give to one or both of those families. THAT would be some REAL entertainment!

    • You obviously are a reality show couch potato. You don't have the intellect to understand what VC was trying to tell you. That is how watching these kind of shows works. Pretty soon you're shaped into the little ball of clay they want you to be by their phony plot lines and manipulation of people's feelings and character. Turn off your dang tv and do something useful.

    • I think you missed the whole point of the article. The thing is you don't need to watch the show to get an idea of the agenda they are pushing. Given that you watched it, and gave a good run down, and bought into the notion that they are really doing a good thing or helping out the needy, just shows how clever and manipulative the show is. It seems you are not dumb, but if you can watch this s***e, and then spruik it, as well as noting other good reality shows, then you have been duped, and taken for the ride they intended for the more discerning viewer. Ps, VC knows this, and can read between the lines,. Peace, and- just don't watch TV period. Is the answer:-)

  28. #2 of 3:

    Both of the families on episode 1 were White, married middle-class couples with kids, very Wonderbread boring. The interesting bit was that in both households, the wife was the only one paying the bills. Which is a severely stressful when your life plan was based on being a 2-income couple.

    In Family #1, the Bergins in No. Carolina, dad Joe was laid off from his sales job at age 40. (He's 49 now) Then he started an ice cream truck business. Later he got into a serious motor vehicle accident, then only 2 of their trucks were working, so apparently, he's not making any $$ right now. His wife says she's supporting & their family of 5 (they have 3 girls) on her part-time salary of $15.50/hr. But they still have their nice, spacious middle-class house with a big yard & all the amenities, from what I saw.

    The 2nd family was the Bronsons in New Hampshire, a married couple in their 30s with a young son & another kid on the way. The odd twist for them is that the dad is an Iraq war vet who lost his leg but has a good-quality prosthetic. (Some vets end up with terribly cheap ones). The voiceover said that he's "unable to work because of an ongoing medical condition". He's had more than 30 surgeries but his mobility is fine now from what I saw of him. They showed him walking down the stairs of their apt. building with his son in his arms & their dog on a leash. They also showed him out riding a snowmobile like a pro. Sorry, but IMO, if you're well enough to be out snowmobiling, your ass can go out & get a job! Esp. when you have the benefit of military hiring preference. His pregnant wife is a nurse & the only one working. (I'm sure he gets military benefits that contribute to the family income.) But at one point, the wife said she gets no maternity leave or sick days, which is odd for a nurse, unless she's a contract/agency employee. And in my book, when your husband is out of work & you've already got 1 kid to support, you make it your business NOT to get pregnant — period.

    VC said: "It is about dangling money in the faces of people in need and making them beg and cry for it" — which is a complete exaggeration! If he'd actually watched the show, he'd have known that. There was No Competition between the 2 families at all! Nobody had to kill anybody. Nobody had to snog anyone or do ridiculous stunts or run an obstacle course. None of the usual reality show bs went on. NOTHING HUMILIATING WAS DONE TO EITHER FAMILY DURING THE SHOW — PERIOD! And this isn't "misery p**n" when the families it features weren't living anything close to miserable lives. They were cash-poor due to debt/bills, but nobody was homeless or facing eviction.

    The only thing that seemed scripted was the back-&-forth between the spouses as to how much of the $$ they should keep. The producers told one spouse from each family that they had to go to the bank & deposit the money they intended to keep into their bank account, then come back & tel ltheir shuabnd/wife about it. But that bit-of-business was used to Manipulate The Audience, NOT the contestants.

    Unemployed Mr. Bergin decided to give away ALL of their windfall to the other family, much to the chagrin of his wife. (But she took it way better than I would have!) Mrs. Bronson decided to keep $60k & give away $40k — which made perfect sense to me. (Esp. considering that they're in the processing of having a house built.) The phony part was that her unemployed husband ALSO wanted to give all the money to the other family. IMO, that was too phony for words. Generosity is one thing, but these guys came off like 2 idiots with no sense of responsibility towards their own families. But I know tha no wife was gonna let her husband get away with that crap! So I just kept watching & waited for the other shoe to drop.

    And it drops when the producers flip the script on the spouses who made the initial decision. You can go watch the show to see the rest of it, but here's the big Spoiler:

    • Military benefits are not what they are cracked up to be. My parents live in a big house but are struggling to keep it. Just so you know, possessions do not tell the whole story. Some people appear to have something but are really having a hard time keeping what they have aquired. And the only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. Birth control can fail. I know many women who used a method of birth control faithfully and still got pregnant. And just try telling a stressed out married couple to not have sex. That's hell on earth.

  29. #1 of 3:

    "It is a Hunger Games of human misery."

    SERIOUSLY, VC? Did you even watch the 1st episode? If you had, nothing you saw could have lead you to that opinion. Seems like you're just aping what the online critics & late night comedians are saying about the show. But they're missing the point.

    For those who won't bother to watch it now that VC has dissed the show, stop reading now. For those who care to make their own decisions, you can watch the 1st episode here: http://www.cbs.com/shows/the-briefcase/video/ . I just happened to watch it online yesterday, so I'm gonna give you the REAL scoop!

    The premise of THE BRIEFCASE is as follows:
    — Someone from the show arrives at the doorstep of a financially-struggling family (but nobody on episode 1 was poor in my book) & gives them a briefcase containing $101,000. The mom & dad are told they have 3 days to decide what to do with their windfall. They can opt to A) keep all the money, B) keep some of the money & give the rest to another needy family or C) give all the money away to another family. Over the 72-hr. decision-making window, each family is given info about another family in need that they've never met. (They're also told they can spend the extra $1000 specifically on themselves for whatever they like.)

    The same process is repeated with a second family. THEN, each family is given info via text about the other needy family. BUT neither one knows that the other family has received the same $100k windfall.

    • And yet you don't find it sick and twisted; clearly you can't think deep enough to! Sorry, but truth is this is a sick show like many others; real underlying meanings behind it all. Wake-up dear, you are drinking the devil's Kool-Aid.

  30. I don't want to put any specific details, but I had a close friend who was on a reality show about a very "southern" tradition of making a particular type of beverage. Long story short, he is a very normal guy, yet the producers kept trying to force him to dress more "hillbllly" (overalls, straw hat, piece of straw in his mouth, etc). He was basically forced to quit for not cooperating. Reality shows are absolutely fake as hell. Fake as the news.

      • Thank you to both of you, Christinne you are spot on; history has been re-written over and over again to manipulate the future. People are so blind to this reality that they call us "conspiracy theorists". LOL, I welcome the label because I don't require others' validation for my beliefs or reasoning. God, Jesus, has made this all too clear you just have to open your mind. Finding the truth today is extremely difficult.

    • Well RealTalk, it's everywhere you look, can leave you queasy at times. The symbols are everywhere! On TV, DVDS, Music videos especially. Why don't we try to create our own community worldwide. New TV, new music etc. It will be hard but where there is a will there is certainly a way. God bless you lovely people, it warms my heart to see so many out there who are on the right track. I will keep all of you in my prayers.

    • Not necessarily. There are quite a few who take advantage of others to play the generous card. Generous with someone else's money? And how come they are generous only to much younger women? A tad strange. Their generosity is to have their knob polished. Plain and simple.

    • I watched the first episode and (spoiler alert) both families gave 100% of their money to the other family. It was very selfless. The show wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

  31. Why not make a show where you teach people how to create wealth and be profitable, educate them, make them think outside the box, remove bad spending habits, etc..
    That would not be entertaining I suppose…
    The problem is not the people creating these shows but the people that spend the time watching it.
    Demand and supply…

    • That's what I thought. American dream is about making money, becoming rich, not about giving it away and staying poor.

  32. UNBELEIVABLE. that is a disgusting reality TV show! why not make a show where you continually give someone in need $100000 JUST BECAUSE? if you have too much money there should be a law where you have to give some away to poor people. poor people need to survive. what a bunch of baloney this show is!

  33. A few educational reality shows such as master chef, Gordon Ramsey, Pawn stars, fish tank Kings I do like. But all the others are just disgusting. I can proudly say that I have never watched the Kartrashians or toddlers&tiaras. As for the movie the Hunger games I was baffled that so many pple think that kids hunting down kids until they die is just entertainment after all the good guy wins? Say what? Kids killing kids? How about naked pple survival shows? And we call ourselves civilized? The Elite is desensitizing the human mindset against the suffering and pain from others. I will not watch any human degrading reality shows.

  34. Reality TV, so called, is unreality TV.

    I don't think anything is as unreal as "reality TV".

    One would have to be a near idiot to find any entertainment value in the shows VC mentioned above.

    One exception I can think of is Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares".

    Assuming the stories are true, and I don't see how they could not be, the show actually helps people in need, in a voluntary, private sector manner, and does some good.

    • Kitchen nightmares is a fake show also. Their stories are indeed true but they choose people so far in debt that they'd need a miracle to keep their doors open. The businesses on the show have a close rate of 95%. The same with the show bar rescue. There area few sites that go into detail on who's still open and doing well or if they closed and when and how long after the show aired.. Everything on the goof tube is fodder.

      • Dear Rosie,

        Thanks for that info. Much appreciated. Good to know.

        That said, consider the flipside.

        If the restaurants they pick are so far in debt that they'd need a miracle to keep their doors open, it makes sense to pick them, rather than ones that are merely going through a rough patch.

        After all, suppose Ramsay only picked restaurants in relatively sound financial condition? He would then be accused of setting the bar too low and making things too easy for himself, would he not?

        Also, even if the restaurants are likely to go under even after being helped, so what? Ramsay is still doing a good thing by showing other restaurants what not to do if they want to stay afloat.

  35. I'm glad because my TV set is just a decoration piece, or for DVD movies once and while.

    Solution: turn off your goddamn TV. Stop consuming wrong things, and they'll feel the blow. Everything is fake, news, tv shows, cartoons… even my so beloved movies are spreading an agenda. F****d up world where living in.

  36. If ""they" were really interested in helping these people they wud do it in secret and not rub it in their faces in view of millions as though their patronizing these people.

  37. The only winning move is to not play their game.
    But what can We The People do to stand up against the Illuminated Ones who believe Americans, and better yet all of humanity are nothing more to then- We The Sheeple? Well then it's time to take your stand and turn their Television aka Indoctrovision off. That's right, turn it off, throw the global elites mass mind control tool out with the trash or sell it. And after a while, when your brain cells are disconnected from the flicker rate and become alive again, and you can hear the thunder and feel the rain on your face and have recovered, you will hear, and see the warning screaming its signs all around you.
    JACKAL IN COYOTE DEN, Author, DMSimonds of ScribeCave.com.

  38. How about a new "reality" show where God fearing Christians hunt down sadistic CEOs , corrupt politicians, and lobbyists for sport. The hunters would be awarded points based upon how .morally bankrupt their "trophies" turned out to be. The hunter or team of hunters with the most points accumulated at the end of each season would be allowed to choose a flat fee (from a list of the trophies that had been dispatched in the course of the season) as their reward for ridding the planet of these elitist money mongers. Just thinking out loud here.

    • My television was turned off years ago because it is all nothing but lies and garbage but for THAT show I would buy a TV and turn it on JUST to watch it!

    • They wont be real Christians if they did the hunting, i think you know that.
      Unless of course the hunting is for lost souls where the Christians can bear witness about the Word and a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to lost souls and be of service like Christ was when He was on earth
      In the Last days, according to Revelations, Christians will be hunted.
      God is more than powerful enough to destroy all evil if that was his Plan but he is a Patient and Merciful God.
      He also allows evil to exist to show all creation How evil "evil" is and prove that the Devil is a thief, murderer and Liar.

    • I'd watch that show and would actually want to participate. Me and some Special Forces buddies would gladly investigate "the elite" and ferret out the worst ones, exposing their deeds to the public for all to see.

    • This is not a physical war, but a spiritual one… ephesians 6 instructs us how to fight this battle. Our weapons, defense, armor are available for use anytime-cling tightly to Jesus, serve not the world, stay in the Word of God always. The answers are easily found in Jesus!

  39. Hello all! Those reality shows are just as fake as any prime-time show or movie. My nephew worked behind the scenes on one of those reality TV shows and the whole thing is fake, fake, fake. Those people are paid actors/actresses. They would have signed a contract with CBS prior to filming which would include the amount of their pay. Like VC said, a show like this is a gimmick to "sell advertising". It is exploitation of the working poor and keeps the execs in lots of money.

  40. A reality show called Adam zoekt Eva (Adam looks for Eva) aired on TV here not that long ago. It's a dating show in which people meet eachother on a deserted island, but everyone has to be (you probably already guessed it by the title) completely naked. At all times. I mean, I'm not even religious, but I think it's disgusting, have some respect for yourself and your body. But I guess respect has gone out the window these days, along with any morals whatsoever. Sad world we live in.

      • Amazing.. we have it here in Finland also.

        The same kind of propaganda shows are being shown everywhere at the same time. Talking about mass conditioning…

  41. i really enjoyed the comment “i want off this planet” …. me too . i gave up on cable tv years ago SEEMS i have not missed anything. with the dwindling audiences of TV and movies makes me think their is hope for man kind . a boycott or strike will be the only way to make the rich poor.

    • Just what the enemy wants to hear from Christians
      that they want off the planet
      the enemy wants us to take our ball and go home –

      That's how psychopaths operate, intimidation, bullying, abuse

  42. I've always wondered why the producers would spend so much money on extravagant sets, whether a mansion for the contestants to live in, to the sets in front of large studio audiences. Is the cost of all that less than they get for commercials being advertised? But now I also realize it's all for their sick fun. Watching a gladiator type of production for them, as well as for us, the ones being played. It's such a sad situation.

    • Trolling us… Plus, the ones that like to be in front of the camera themselves. Have ya'll noticed how the possessed (& even hybrid ones) ones are coming out of the woodwork, and out from under rocks all of a sudden? They have had at least one super creep actually levitating yoga style on America's Got Talent. Another, on the same show, brings along his 'childhood friend'… an unseen familiar spirit that gives him information, and breaks glass. There are other ones that put sharp objects through their faces from one side to the other, lift weights with their eyelids…. you name it. The demons that commune with the elite love the attention. So they build these elaborate stages filled with symbolism and hypnotic colors and graphics. The elite sit on their golden calves, toilets and thrones, and the sheeple line up outside to participate & cheer, or throw their money at them to watch. I am not saying I never watch some of these things. For one thing, my husband's weakness is tv, while mine is reading on the internet. He wants me to watch some with him, and I have one, sometimes two I watch myself on On Demand. I kind of look at it as 'news'…or 'state of the world' kind of thing. That being said, our world is in big trouble. Sorry for the ramble. Many blessings. 🙂

  43. Another stupid reality tv down our throat… I'm sick of all this daily propaganda, the elites definitely knows they have the job done. It's disturbing to see that they got all the money on earth but still play with our misery . I used to be ashamed of the christian faith but seeing this make me think that all this mess can only come from a spiritual scale. Finally God you're in my heart right now

    Btw nice article !

    • “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:20)

      I'm sure they think they're ahead of the game and it will remain as such. They're mistaken.

    • theres no need to do that. just go off the telly. you'll feel much more relieved and feel better in a few months. i'm talking from experience…

    • this picture/concept reminds me of the movie Matilda when the parents are watching "the million dollar sticky" and matilda is just so disgusted.

    • They do that on purpose to desensitize you, and they can sleep very well at night because they are completely devoided of love, compassion and empathy. A piece of advice: get rid of TV (both the programs and the device itself).


  44. I've always had that feeling when i watch reality tv show. In france we have the show "secret story" which is like the french "Big Brother" and its about people being isolated in the house. They're just like people that were thrown in a cage like freaks to me. And so many young people watch this crap and enjoy it. No wonder why the new generation is such a mess. I'm glad I wasnt born in the 20's.

    • Unfortunately, I dont even think Secret story is the worst. Have u se en Adam recherche Ève? (Blind dating on a deserted island…one gal, two guys, all butt naked, and the genitalias are blurred, which is sooooo stupid) lame lame lame

      • I was like wtf when i saw the advertisments for this show. Like really? I still cant believe they broadcasted this on tv. I can't even imagine what they're gonna invent next time. *chills*

    • And that show about literal blind dates when what they would say on camera was "im looking for deep connection" and all they could think about was make out and grope. I was browsing one night and saw that and thought "damn TF1, you've hit even lower than rock bottom!". L'amour est aveugle i think is the name of the show.

  45. Seems like an interesting show.Didn't even realize the real facts behind it.Its just so heart breaking.How can one enjoy seeing others unhappy?Whats going on with this world??

    • I think there should someone should fly a plane into CBS they are sorry ass losers I never watch them anymore that's along with NBC AND ABC there is no more entertainment there.

    • These are the end times. That's what's going on in the world.
      It won't be long until all this madness and darkness will be over. Yeshua is coming soon people. Get ready. Get ready!

    • i was just in germany and they have a reality show called 'extrem schwer' which roughly means very heavy/serious and with the help of a personal trainer/life coach morbidly obese people are shown a new and healthy path for living. it was really uplifting seeing them get stronger and healthier. even though we couldn't really understand all they were saying it was still neat to watch. but generally reality tv, or just tv fullstop is totally crap.

    • There's a show on TLC (I know I know) called the little people and it's all I watch besides my big fat fabulous life. Both shows are very sweet family like tv and real families not kiddy diddling duggar types.

    • My Strange Addiction! It's a TLC show where people struggling with unusual addictive behaviours (like eating drain cleanser, sniffing petrol, picking scabs etc.) that have gotten out of control get free therapy and counselling to help get to the root of the problem and help fix it. As someone with dermatillomania, the episode with the woman who couldn't stop picking her scabs was actually really inspiring to me, and generally after watching the show I feel motivated to break my BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviours).

      Also Hoarders (and other shows dealing with compulsive hoarding, like The Hoarder Next Door), because they also give these people free therapy and notify their families about what's going on and get a team in to clean up these people's houses. After watching I always clean my house.

    • 16 and pregnant / teen mom is OK. There's also "l'amour est dans le pré" (Love lies in the field) which is pretty popular in France.

    • We shut off ALL cable/satellite and broadcast television over 10 years ago. Smartest decision we've ever made. Amazing how one's world view changes when you aren't constantly subjected to television "programming".

      • Well done LTShepherd. I have tv I pay for each month and rarely watch it. I find all of it to be so boring and obvious slum entertainment for the elite. They like to watch us fight and bicker and chase after a dream we will never have.

        Everyone you try to show this to rejects it as if they are so deeply programmed they will never come out of the rabbit hole. I hate reality TV, it's disgusting and dishonest. Why does everyone want to be a star today? Why the hunger for fame and fortune? Well, I figure it's their drive to want to be their own "god". It's about self-love and egos. The elite want you to believe you can channel your inner god; it's BS as there is only one Lord, our father in heaven and his son the savior Jesus Christ who CAN shine through each and everyone of us if we allow.

        I am not shoving my beliefs done your throat but through all the pain in life, all the "happiness", he stands true and asks for nothing but faith! He demands no $$$, no favors, no deals. Jesus only asks that you believe in him and repent to him directly not to a man behind a curtain who is a mere human like you. We are all just lost souls trying to find our way back to the one, the creator; return to the original source of energy which we were made from and on this journey some are fooled into following the false light which is Lucifer; the evil one. We have all been programmed into believing he is "ugly" and ghastly looking when he is the opposite. Peace and God bless to you all.


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