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WTF is SOPA ? aka The US Government Trying to Ruin the Internet (video)



If you’re on this page right now, it is probably because you enjoy obtaining insights and information from sources that are not mainstream. Be aware that this could radically change if SOPA, an awful piece of legislation making internet censorship EXTREMELY easy, goes through. While it is said that the goal of SOPA is to fight internet piracy, the powers it bestows to governments and elite corporations go way beyond copyright issues. Entire websites could potentially get shut down without notice and without a legitimate court order, even if they do not explicitly host pirated content. Think I’m going too far? Well, it has already happened a few times already and SOPA would simply make it completely legal, legitimate and a lot easier.

Here’s an informative video on SOPA by Cynical Brit a channel that usually deals with gaming. Yes, the issue is that important and affects the entire world.



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everyone would be ignorant without the internet, there would be limited source of information. i find it kind of sad. this shouldn't happen.


I am not a US citizen, I am Brazilian, but I do think if this bill passes, they will try this in another countries too. And the internet is made by us, to us, not by me, to myself. So I will defend the internet as it is now doing what I can do to help. Also, let us keep something important: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter and others are not innocent, search for the filter bubble and tracking. They are also planing to defeat a powerful enemy of them: The free and open source foundations, licenses and projects, and I wonder if Microsoft Apple, Nokia, Novell, Sony and others are not involved. Sony mainly because their new consoles are a jail, literally, because you cannot play your backups or old games, the console (With a internet connection) can block itself, Sony removed the Other OS feature saying that "the other important features are still available", and the console does not play open format (OGG, OGV and others). Some news are roaming around about Microsoft and a new type of initialisation system (Known as "secure boot") that ains to "protect users against viruses, malwares and unsigned software". Come on, why should… Read more »


This is a good way of knowing which corporation serve the elite illuminati.


Looks like it's probably a major twist that will happen shortly…


Dear reader.

Just a quick note: If PIPA and SOPA are allowed, the entire WWW domain system will be corrupted and irrelevant.

A workaround is the Dot-BIT domain system.

Words from a normal internet user.


Have a nice day.


Whoa…..I knew i should have taken the blue pill.

Syrus Magistus

The last gasps of a desperate oligarchy to suppress the awakening of humankind.


WHAT will be next time? Cell-phone prohibition?


Am I the only one who's sick of people on Vigilant Citizen bringing religion into everything? And you wonder why they call us "crazy conspiracy theorists"..


Find God.

Ditch the wolf, buddy, he's a real loser, and I don't mean you as a person.


Lucifer is God.

You can tell by the attitude of Christians that they were not meant to find the truth.

How can they claim in the same breath to be the world's largest religion and also that very few people are saved? It is nonsensical.

The carpenter was sent to throw sand in the eyes of the masses. His teachings have done nothing but make them proud to be sheep! Is there anything more despicable to a human than to covet total enslavement? To renounce liberty for the tyrannical rule of Adonay?

When Christians say that "being a slave to the god" makes them "free from sin" it is a final insult to their dignity. Not only are they required to be slaughtered, but to openly profess a paradox: that slavery to death is the real freedom.

To be a Christian you must believe that child sacrifice is a valid means to make amends. Even if it only occurred one time, you must believe that God's sacrifice of his son was a proper and righteous ritual.

Pray about it.



No child sacrifices are required. Christ was 33 years old, a supernatural being and was crucified according to his Free Will.


Is a son not a child? Not an infant, but a child? Sacrificing your offspring?


John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

I tell you my dear friend, receiving Gods love is worth going through it all! To be mocked at, to be falsely acused and even killed for the faith.

And I can't convince you with any of my own words, but believe me, I will pray for you!

God bless


Wolfie you're in a funny mood methinks. Taking the mickey much or what? If you have issues with God, take them with Him because your plan to pull my leg won't work. 😛


SOPA means "quiet" in Greek wonder if that has something to do with it.


Vigilant… this news is secondary. Why haven't you posted an article about the NDAA yet????? This should be top news, but of course the main stream media is telling ppl that it won't effect citizens. Meanwhile, thousands of FEMA camps have been built across the country for the detaining of US citizens!!! Check out this article I found…


December 8 2011, 2:45 pm

VC did ! ! !


It's not only the door they knock. Wait until they find you on the road or somewhere out. One walks faster and the other follows behind. What a ritual. Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons and Scientologists are something else. I freaked out with them.


Jehovah's witnesses are dogmatic, obsessed to such extent that they are willing to shove "awake" and their other magazines down your throat. And they are willing to have their own kids dead than allow them to have blood transfusions. I don't want any religion freak to pester me with his/her religious beliefs. I am aware that too many Catholic priests are not what they claim to be, far from it, but at least no person with a Catholic background has ever given me grief and tried to persuade me to follow his/her religion.


oh one more thing, if the end times prophecy is true, why are you trying to save souls?

straight and narrow is the path that leads to salvation, and few find it. wide is the gate that leads to suffering and many are taken in there.

it sounds like the powerful men and women you love to hate so much are the ones who are avoiding the suffering, and they're on the straight and narrow.

it's more likely that you're on the wide path just by probability.

the truly hidden path, the one true way to salvation is on the inside of the Luciferian doctrine. that is most straight and narrow direction, millions of people will go anywhere but there, by definition if you disavow the real Lucifer you have chosen destruction.

truly there is none like the Beast

All Serpents and Sco

"oh one more thing, if the end times prophecy is true, why are you trying to save souls?"

A better question would be: Why are you trying to lead souls to damnation?

I am proud to be a sheep and know that The Lord Jesus Christ/Yahwah/Holy Spirit is my master. Know this, weak Satanists, the Lord gives Christians ALL POWER over the enemy and NOTHING can separate us from our master YHWH. Read it, it's in The Bible. So your anti-Christian "power" is nothing but an illusion, GOD wins. Onward Christian soldiers.. marching as to WAR with the CROSS of Jesus going on before!

We know how the story ends, the lake of fire is for the devil and those he has misled through false VISIONS and false REVELATIONS. Your handle is quite telling, another illuminati slave, but there is HOPE! Hope in Christ, turn now before it's too late, he loves you.


that's exactly what Power wants you to think.

"it's okay that you have power on earth, because my decoy-god has more power in the hereafter!"

You support the Power that you pray about opposing. You say that it is destined to be this way, and so you evangelical Christians are indeed sheep. The shepherd is not who you think he is.


there is no god named Jehovah except the invented one you just said loves me.

there isn't even a hebrew letter J, so how could it possibly be "JHVH" as i'm sure you're about to reply.

why not just call him Baal


I agree with you "just saying"! There is nothing we can do to stop this, and anyway why would you want to stop Gods master plan. Its almost like they wer trying to stop Jesus from turning him self in. JESUS had to die for us to receive salvation. Like wise with this world. These things were foretold. All we can do is open as many eyes as possible and brace for the worst knowing who is really in charge. WE CAN NOT STOP THE NWO, WE CAN NOT STOP THE ILLUMINATI, WE CAN NOT STOP MTV, LADY GAGA, RAP MUSIC, OR ANY EVILS OF THIS WORLD! Again all we can do is become more aware and alert others. If there was more or if we could stop it, the Lord would have folds us like he has done in history. They've been doing this all along its just that its now coming to a head. COME Lord Jesus COME.


🙂 tis just all Bible prophesy coming true. It says it all!


All these things that are happening now are not a coincidence guys. the choices and consequences our world is facing is setting up the stage for the antichrist to enter. A lot of you are outraged by what is going on (as you should be) since it means a violation of your rights and limitations on your personal liberty, but I urge you to stop being short sighted. There is more you can do than using all your efforts to fight this battle on earth; what is happening before you has been foretold long ago. Instead of focusing on what is happening NOW only, we must prepare ourselves for the life to come as well. Seriously you guys, wake up, christ is coming. If you have ever had any questions about him, now is the time to seek him. Our time on earth is running out. And all these signs make it clear.


Ever since this years builderberg meeting wich had the heads and ceo's of from most of the big internet kingpins (facebook, google, amazon, Linkedin exc..) i have been anticipating them to do something big to censor or track the internet and here it is. They are hiding behind the copywrite excuses but their real goal is to disrupt the free flow of information so they can filter and censor the internet like they do the tv and also so they can monitor and track peoples actions. The illuminati works one step at a time to try to not bring suspicion upon them, this will also help prevent the public from seeing the changes as they occur. They work from many diffrent fronts to reach their common goal but act as if they are not connected. Everything they do is gradual. The internet is the best place for getting honest and alternative news in todays world and the illuminati knows this. The internet and the spread of honest information is the illuminatis biggest enemy (besides the people themselves). I have a feeling this sopa bill is just the begining of their campaign against the internet. "But if they ever find out… Read more »


Hunter gathering is one of the ways by which the genetic heritage was passed on from the ancestors of mankind. It wasn’t done just for food but also for relaying mind food over time because the brain needs nutrients to grow strong and healthy sustaining thought systems that fight mental sickness.

Hunter gathering or ‘search and store’ is something one can do on the internet but naturally it’s necessary to identify any poisonous berries that also grow around or stale decaying matter. It’s advisable not to consume voraciously but with discernment as otherwise the result could be aches and pains and maybe even more severe diseases.

No need to fear the sick ones.


Keep on searching friends of life.


how are you equal to billionaires who could (according to you) have you shipped off to a secret prison and tortured? you are not equal.

that protocols of zion nonsense or whatever you just quoted was written by other wanabes like you to get off on the idea that sitting around chatting about how equal you are will make it so.


You like it or not we're all equal. We have the same destiny, 2 feet under, so we're equal.


So by that measure there was no need to emancipate the slaves because they were already equal?

If everyone is already equal then what's your problem with the status quo?

Dave WWC

Of course we are all equal, some are just more equal than others. At least thats what the greedy little piggies would have you believe.


@wolf88 "how are you equal to billionaires who could (according to you) have you shipped off to a secret prison and tortured? you are not equal." To put it simply, yes we are all equal. We all came from our mothers womb, we all inhabit this small planet together, we all breathe the same air and we all are mortal. The fact that a small percentage of the populist has aqcuired most of the worlds wealth, natuaral resources, and power by setting up a corrupt system that always favors them over the people dosen't mean that we are any less equal then them, it menes that their small percentage is a greedy, self centered, power hungry, backstabbing group of inbreed savages who will stop at nothing to get complete power and total control. They will lie, kill, steal, poison, decieve, and brainwash their fellow humans to accomplish this. To me that makes these people sick in the head but that does not make us less equal than them. They can have all the earthly goods and hold all the great titles they want, but their still our equal. "that protocols of zion nonsense or whatever you just quoted was written… Read more »


I meant to write 2 metres under.


vc has done a great job by being so informative. If this site is shut down, i in particular will suffer from lack of information about the 2012 agenda of the illuminati.

I will also like to know more about the omar's mosque.

Stay Vigilant

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