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“World War Z” Will Fit Right in the Illuminati’s Agenda (Trailer Video)



"World War Z" Will Fit Right in the Illuminati's Agenda (Trailer Video)

"World War Z" Will Fit Right in the Illuminati's Agenda (Trailer Video)

Brad Pitt’s next movie will apparently be about martial law, massive depopulation and a devastating crisis that would most likely lead to a one world government. In short, will be another movie portraying the future in a very specific, Illuminati-friendly way. The movie will be an adaptation of the book of the same name – but completely rewritten to feature less social commentary and more Brad Pitt. More importantly, it will contain a whole lot of predictive programming. Here’s the trailer.

The trailer begins with a little girl innocently asking: “Daddy, what is martial law?”. This basically announces what the movie will be about: Drilling in people’s head’s the concept of martial law and total government control in times of crises. In my article named ‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses, I explained how the movie Contagion used the fear of  disease to normalize the concept of martial law. In case you don’t know martial law can usually be defined by the imposition of military rule and the suspension of civil liberties such as searches and seizures, freedom of association, and freedom of movement.

World War Z will use the fear of a zombie apocalypse to normalize the same concepts. Furthermore, zombies is a great way to portray the masses as a bunch of brainless animals that need to be destroyed. The movie trailer alone depicts an amount of people being killed. Imagine the whole movie.

"World War Z" Will Fit Right in the Illuminati's Agenda (Trailer Video)

Thousands of people piling up like insects while helicopters shoot at them. Yup, Hollywood loves to show us these images.

So prepare yourself for a whole bunch of predictive programming, desensitization of human deaths and Brad Pitt running around.

As one guy says at the end of the trailer: “Every human being we save…is one less to fight”.

Wait, what?

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"World War Z" Will Fit Right in the Illuminati's Agenda (Trailer Video)

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is it just me or do these zombies move and act a lot like "Jinn"?…


This film is zionist racist israeli propaganda!




samson option


It's very apt for the general population to be portrayed as zombies. What is the general population anymore except for drones bent on sex and violence, lost in ignorance. They are programmed to live in boxes, drive a box to another box to pay for other said boxes and buy whatever they are told will help them get sex. ……. On a side note….. Vigilant citizen, have you ever considered a mapping out of certain bloodlines? Biblical through modern day? Preferably that of what is called the serpent seed, cain's line of descendants. I think it is known, not sure how widely, that all of our presidents save for one, are related and that these relations, traced by mother as well as father, all have a common ancestor, a king to the english throne. I forget which king though. I only bring it up because i have heard someone, tila tequilla mention said bloodliners, brad pitt being someone. Though i never did find out as to what bloodline she had reported him as having. …. Just a thought, keep up the awesome work!


Pray for all, even the actors and Politicians a soul can not be sold, they are just so in love with Money, Fame and Power that they do not want to give it up, they also know once they stop pushing the agenda they will be labeled as crazy or a pedophile or ever sacrificed like MJ. Right now all still have a chance , but once they take the Mark they will be doomed to hell forever: basically subhuman. We have to Pray for Revival , we still have a little time to save others through Jesus Christ: King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
Almost time to separate the wheat from the tares !!!


I'm not going down without a fight!


I remember wanting to be an actress and my family always saying that there were things I'd have to scarifice in order to make but seeing all of this made every idea of being in this business revolting.


You think it's possible for Brad Pitt to get his first part in Thelma and Louise without having to do favors as John Travota talked about to the Massage Therapist?


Pitt might have zero affinity left for the Middle Class America that used to be the lauded Post War Ideal. ZERO concern for a lot of things?


So impressive that these kind of movies NEVER show ANY SINGLE BABY! They know really well about it! Praise Jesus!!! ^_^ You know, I already understood this. Hollywood is really telling their plans once the church is gone… NO CHURCH IN THE WILD says the song you know…
That's why the bible says that may are going to wish to be dead in those times. I'm sticking with Jesus!


For there will be a tribulation lile has never haooened beofre nor will ever haopen again. In fact, if those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved.
(Matthew 24:20-22)

Everyone calling on the name of Jehovah will be saved (romans 10:13; joel 2:32)


I saw this thing a few days ago. Kudos VC for hitting the nail on the head where this piece of crap is concerned. The whole thing was a promotional ad for the UN and WHO.


I watched the movie and was disappointed. but i actually understood why that zombie problem happened. Because most of the people were already dead before that. Faked feelings and faked happiness in the family of Brad Pit character. There was no love and were there is no love – there is no life. Just walking dead.

"Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead." Matthew 8:22

c. hanna

You can find Angelina Jolie on the CFR list. She is a member of the Council on foreign Relations. look her up on their list at

Why is she a member? My guess is she serves as some kind of role model…her and Brad.


this is how they see us


I am so tired of these images and desensitization… I just want peace… why do they want such horrible things… control isn't the best answer… we could all be happy together… it makes me so sad…


I was wondering when you guys are going to make one about this t.v show The walking dead..


Any movie without 10,000 close ups of Tom Cruise's face is a winner.


Z for Zombie, or Z for Zion?


Resident Evil.


Well whoever posted this obviously hasn't been to youtube 4 awhile . Cause there is a video there that shows multiple illuminati symbols within the trailer itself. I trust no movies, I ONLY GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT 4 AWHILE until someone proves them DIABOLICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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