Woman Predicted 03/11 Earthquake on 03/08 (video)


I am not an expert on the subject and I can’t really validate everything she is saying…but, darnit, she was right. This video was posted on YouTube on March 8th.


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To add more intrigue into this whole thing. HAARP has been very active lately from what I hear. We are aware of Madid fault line that runs up the Mississippi river by Tulsa. FEMA is planning for emergency operations in the region in April-May. Is this another Occultic time frame? The big earth quake in the 1800's was on 1811, and now we have FEMA & DHS planning on maneuvers and ordering food and survival supplies, on the 200 year anniversary? So the question then becomes, are the occultists in our own Government going to cause an earth quake in the Madrid area of the country using HARRP?? Of course all of this is a satanic attempt to kill people, but it would ensure our countries collapse. Why? For their One World Order. Hey they can't have a strong America and free America can they? Obama not going fast enough… Read more »