Woman Predicted 03/11 Earthquake on 03/08 (video)


I am not an expert on the subject and I can’t really validate everything she is saying…but, darnit, she was right. This video was posted on YouTube on March 8th.

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192 Comments on "Woman Predicted 03/11 Earthquake on 03/08 (video)"

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To add more intrigue into this whole thing. HAARP has been very active lately from what I hear. We are aware of Madid fault line that runs up the Mississippi river by Tulsa. FEMA is planning for emergency operations in the region in April-May. Is this another Occultic time frame? The big earth quake in the 1800's was on 1811, and now we have FEMA & DHS planning on maneuvers and ordering food and survival supplies, on the 200 year anniversary? So the question then becomes, are the occultists in our own Government going to cause an earth quake in the Madrid area of the country using HARRP?? Of course all of this is a satanic attempt to kill people, but it would ensure our countries collapse. Why? For their One World Order. Hey they can't have a strong America and free America can they? Obama not going fast enough… Read more »

In February 2011 I saw a commercial on ESPN(I think) about an important basketball game taking place on 3-11-11 and used those numbers in the commercial while showing Los Angeles burning in a 911 type event.I thought it was in poor taste and thought there may be a “terror’ attack on that day and then the earthquake happened.Coincidence maybe? Maybe not?

March 24, 2011. Myanmar just got hit a 7.0 earthquake near the boarders of China and Thailand. Casualties had been reported in Thailand where one was reported dead caused by roof collapse. There is more than to this video. I bet.

Was the Japan Earthquake / Tsunami an Illuminati Job? Over the past week a growing number of people around the world have been wondering whether the “Illuminati” were responsible for triggering the devastating Earthquake off Japan. Such a question is not totally rooted in Science Fiction fantasy because it is a known fact that weather modification weapons (such as HAARP) do exist. Those astute enough to have some understanding about the “Illuminati” would tell you that they have been busy trying to implode the economies of specific nations around the world like the USA (… think “Katrina”) as a way to remove any “threat” to the creation and sustainability of a one-world Satanic government. The “Illuminati” are Luciferian filth that wishes ill upon mankind. It follows then that any attempts by the “Illuminati” to implode (or at least create chaos to) the world’s third largest economy (Japan) would come as… Read more »

Who the heck is this 3/23 predictor speaking and what are her qualifications?

Breaking news. Myanmar just got hit a 7.0 earthquake near China and Thailand. Casualties had been reported in Thailand. It may not been have the 23rd but on the 24th. It may not have been on that date, but I think, this woman are telling us something really important here.

This is the oldest trick in the book. Start off at the first of the year, make predictions about everything, include just about every span of days from January to December. Continue on as the year progresses. Inundate people with one prediction after another, pick dates, name catastrophes, cite spirits and visions. Hype up the few close calls you manage, make some new predictions, change some old ones. Bring in others to support you, then distance yourself from them when they're wrong. Continue making predictions, some wild, some mild, pick more dates, change dates, show people charts, report normal phenomenon as "weird" or "strange." Hype you predictions and do everything you can to have a new and exciting prediction handy just in case something happens. Then… low and behold… PAY DIRT! All you hard work is paid off with a catastrophe and you can claim you predicted it all along.… Read more »

Wow! People say I have an over active imagination. I can take anything that was said here and totally debunk it. It's also funny how all of a sudden after the Earthquake, this video shows up claiming to have been posted three days before hand. You do know the dates could very easily have been faked in order to make it look like she predicted this.

Also there is no comet heading towards Earth that caused this Earthquake or helped predict it. Because if such a comet was out there and was big enough to cause one, we'd be able to see the comet by now, it'd cause disasters on the other 9 planets in this solar system. Not yet including Mercury and Venus. Oh and it'd cause more than one major Earthquake in one country. It'd have cause several Earthquakes at the same time all around the world.

The earthquake in Haiti was on the 12th!!! not the 11th.

Comet Elenin is not really a comet, it is called Planet X (Nibiru), and it has a lot to do with what is metioned in biblical and quranic and all other relgions…..due to the allignment of this and it is accompanied with Nemsis, understanding binary star fission could help, this is what is causing the pole s**t, it orbits and nears earth every 3600 years. She mentions that part of the name elenin is from Sumeria, and in ancient Sumeria it was when it neared earth, and there is theory and people beleive that there is another race living on Planet X (Nibiru), called the Annunaki or the reptilians, there is still much more I could say about this. They came to earth and the Sumerians were convinced they were Gods, etc. This has a lot to do with what the Illuminati's agenda is….they want to use mind control to… Read more »

I don't know why but I have a dreadful feeling that worse is to come; to the point that Japan could be annihilated from the face of the Earth.

Oooohhhh this is getting interesting now, that lady who made that video has opened our eyes to things that are not published in the media surrounding these strange events. THANKYOU so much, just wanted to add she talks about the milan plates which are around north america covering from tennesse, arkansas and missisippi and surrounding areas! I have just realised that this is where we have had the recent bird and fish deaths, so obv it means something very strange is going on round there!!! Its time for people not to fear but put on your spiritual armour cause these mf's are trying to wipe us out.

I've enjoyed browsing this forum and find a lot of enlightening information here, thank you all. There is no doubt in my mind that a massive amount of brainwashing is going on to control populations through archetypical images combined with propoganda, fear mongering and artificial creation of enemies. But I don't personally believe this earthquake & tsunami, nor the one in Indonesia, were directly caused by man except by modern man's pollution and zombyish idiocy. As brilliant and conniving as the brainwashing of the ruling elite has been, other sciences are horrendously lacking and mis-state their safety under conditions that they could never have even tested. They can't predict tsunamis because they can't see or measure any large part of the ocean floor – the pressure is just too much and there is no light or and little light reflection. It is such a mystery, that there are still creatures… Read more »

A slightly different take but ….. for those of you who like to read, try this on for size ….


less conspiratorial, but more of a quick analysis of the information provided, prior to the incidents, by these scientists and their friends, who couldn't do what the lady who posted this youtube vid could do, thus enabling a mass evacuation before the quake/tsunami hit ….. hmmmm …. ???

Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but 3/11/11 is the 7th anniversary of the attacks on the Madrid train system. More about that on this post: http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2011/03/lot-going-on

Anybody notice the date? 3/11 = 33. What a coincidence.

he that has ear's let him hear what the spirit is saying.these are the last days we can't deny that and d signs are all over.one thing i know is that these people are fulfiling prophesy.they can't bring the world 2 an end on there terms.the world is sure comming 2 an end soonest bt in GOD'S time.check out at LVB he said d truth.read d book of daniel and u will get more revelation.be stronge in the LORD.they are only fooling them selve(the illuminatist) even the devil knows.

he that has ea

Could it be true?, I do believe in you. I have researched about HAARP. . .

"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it," was surely an old adage, but is now obsolete!

The Illuminati are all behind this. If you have read Sidney Sheldon's novel, "Are You Afraid of the Dark" (Please read on it if you have time). It has mentioned about "weather modifications." Well, I have read it a few years ago, and thought that it would be possible, even though the novel is clearly fictional.

It's hard to listen to 14 minutes of the most annoying voice ever. Seriously, she up-talks like crazy. Be eloquent if you're going to do a video.

Despite that, what she says is very interesting.

I think that many people are forgetting the earthquake that took place Wednesday, March 9th in Japan.


March 9, 10:45am Wednesday

Reports of this earthquake published, for those in different timezones, late March 8th.

It's hardly a prediction.

Warnings about a POSSIBLE tsunami went out Wednesday, following that earthquake.

Then there was ANOTHER earthquake on Thursday…..tsunami was on Friday.

…I think it's a bit of a stretch to call that a prediction.

I agree with an earlier comment. Earthquakes happen every day – and you can watch them if you choose to: http://www.iris.edu/seismon/

Whether or not the Japanese government chose to warn their people (can you imagine all of the panic this would cause?) is a different story.

what program do you use to play around with the earths axis, well the program she used.


She mentioned an increase in frequency of activity in Yellowstone and this is in my backyard. Yellostone is a super Volcano and if it goes – i'm gone.

In the Ocean's 11 movie with George Clooney and Matt Damon, the guys make a man-made earthquake happen in the las vegas casino so they could steal the money. Remember how everyone thought it was an actual earthquake but the whole crew caused it. I never thought about it until recently and that was actually one of my favorite movies, but it just goes to show how they can sneak things in there.

It's also interesting how the movie started out with 11 people first….

And don't surprised that something happens right here @ home, might be priming the pump to set off a HAARP induced quake here in the U.S. we haven't had a major New Madrid quake in over 100 yrs. You know they have to even it out with a little disaster of our own, so that 1 world gov can advance.