Witches Worldwide Target Trump in Mass Occult Ritual


On the evening of February 24th, at the stroke of midnight, witches worldwide will engage in a mass occult ritual to “bind Trump and all those who abet him”. 

I am always surprised by the surrealist article titles I sometimes witness myself typing. But this is happening. And it is serious. Occultists that are part of public magical groups and secret societies – as well as wannabe witches worldwide – are doing this: A mass occult ritual on Friday, February 24th to “bind Trump and those who abet him”.

The actual spell, which calls on “demons of the infernal realms and the spirits of the ancestors” can be found here: A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him: February 24th Mass Ritual.

Here details of the event posted by occultist Michael Hughes.

Addendum and FAQs

Notes on Binding Spells vs. Curses: Is This Dangerous/Harmful?

Binding spells, or defixiones, are some of the oldest in the historical record, and are nearly universal in the world’s magical systems. In this document, binding, which seeks to restrain someone from doing harm, is differentiated from cursing or hexing, which is meant to inflict harm on the target(s). It is understood, in this context, that binding does not generate the potential negative blowback from cursing/hexing/crossing, nor does it harm the caster’s karma.

In other words, this is not the equivalent of magically punching a Nazi; rather, it is ripping the bullhorn from his hands, smashing his phone so he can’t tweet, tying him up, and throwing him in a dark basement where he can’t hurt anyone.

The spell in this document was carefully crafted, in structure and language, to avoid unintended psychic consequences, but adding a prayer and invoking the blessing of your preferred deity(s) should not be neglected.

Another added benefit: this working has an embedded self-exorcism. Just peforming it will result in a lightening of the spirit, an easing of tension, and a banishing of the gnawing Trumpian egregore. And who doesn’t need that?

Finally: The threat from Trump and his cabal is enormous, not just to individuals, but to the collective body and spirit. Be bold! Say the words with ferocious intensity and feel them!

On the Ritual Phrase “So Mote it Be”

A number of respondents have suggested “so mote it be” is too Wiccan-ish for their tastes. It should be noted that the phrase originated in Freemasonry long before it was adopted by witches and neopagans. If it grates, any similar phrasing would work—amen, let it be so, so say we all, etc.

What Kind of Magic is This Anyway?

The kind of magic that works, based on the template that underlies every functional magic system, from ancient Egyptian to contemporary chaos practices. Some Christian folk traditions, in fact, both Catholic and Protestant, employ similar methods. Adherents of any formal system should be able to tweak the above ritual to suit their practice.

You really think this might work? Has anyone ever done anything like this?

Ever heard of the Magical Battle of Britain? There’s a book about it. And in 1941, author and occultist William Seabrook and a group of young people in Maryland performed a ritual to “kill Adolf Hitler by voodoo incantation.” I was also just made aware of the Center for Tactical Magic. Also, the burning of effigies, common to political protests, is considered a very simple but potent form of magic.

You’re Kidding, Right?

Why don’t you try it and find out for yourself?

But suppose it works? Then we have Pence!

One step at a time, please 🙂


An interesting fact about this mass ritual is that it requires the use of a specific tarot card: The Tower. Coincidentally enough, the cover of the Economist’s “Planet Trump” (read my article about it here) features The Tower card as its first “2017 prediction”.

The Economist’s “Planet Trump” cover featuring a modified The Tower tarot card.

Although she did not directly allude to Trump, Lana del Rey appears ready to take part in the mass rituals meant to coincide with the waning crescent moon.

A tweet by Lana del Rey featuring an occult hand sign.

Will the “demons of the infernal realms and the spirits of the ancestors” successfully bind Trump and those who abet him? I don’t think the results will be quantifiable. There is, however, one thing that could be quantifiable: The number of dimwits who will dabble in occult things that they don’t even slightly comprehend because people like Lana del Rey told them that “ingredients can b found online” *cake emoticon*.




  1. I really love that you dont choose sides. Great Article as always VC. This is probably the closest thing to non biased news/journalism ive ever read.


  2. Please. It wasn’t even a real binding spell. That would require a personal item belonging to the subject. This was only meant to help people cope with the abomination.

  3. you need to look into the subject targeted individuals. they are implementing mass torture through electronic means. it is controlling the masses. people claim to hear a voice and to be gangstalked by people in their communities. this is supposed to be a “god voice” or “demonic voice” it is also said to be contributed to several mass shootings in the united states and abroad. It’s like Manchurian candidate only the subjects are conscious they’ve just been pushed to believing that an act of violence is their only option or they get so fed up and suicidal and angry that they seek to harm themselves and others.

    it is disguised to look as though they have a mental illness but it is psychological torture aka MK mind control which has been a priority of the CIA before I was even born. the music industry is promoting mass surveillance with the one eye symbol and this magick satanist occult symbolism facilitates the MK mind control by implying that these people control demons/these “demonic/god voices” that millions around the world claim they are hearing.

    • the “obey” movement and clothing line also symbolizes this. it’s basically a movement urging masses to obey the voices. Obedience is the mark of the beast, and if you do not obey they are out for your blood.

  4. I know that you aren’t pro-Trump or anti-Trump, but as you can see you were wrong in thinking that he was working with the elites…they are doing everything in their power to thwart him at every turn to the point of ridiculousness. Entire industry, news, entertainment industry, and even the deep state are actively working towards his destruction.

    Be interested to know what your analysis of the Wikileaks dump on the deep state and their shenanigans.

  5. I just hired an old gypsy to enact a counter crotch-rot curse on this coven of kaballistic crones. Will be super effective too as they won’t notice the symptoms til it’s too late due to their regular schedule of STDs masking the progression

  6. Trump immediately kicks the door in like “NOT IN THIS LIFETIME OR THIS DIMENSION B*****S I AM A DIMENSIONAL DEMON”. But oh, the passion.

  7. Michael Hughes is part of the illuminati , in his website the title cover of one of his books shows the ace of pentacles tarot card with a one eye in the middle of coin

  8. they f****d up. “may he fail” is an unsafe line, and allows the spell to bounce directly to the casters. They have effectively taken themselves out of the picture, forever. Trump has been anointed by God and is protected by both angelic and demonic forces. The latter crew is overjoyed at the opportunities these idiots gave to allow them to act against the casters.

  9. Wow…. I thought you were neutral. Trump has ties to the Zionist community + is also a hardcore Atheist. Let’s not fool ourselves here. There’s nothing Christian about Trump. So please stop this pro-Trump bullshit. Trump has made money off beauty pageants & has a history of female abuse. Tell this to a Christian! Its an insult to the Christian community that you consider Trump to be a role model Christian. Hillary & Trump both are the same. Don’t forget they are good friends too!

  10. I believe President Trump is fighting for the American people to retain our freedoms and rights because he’s already doing great things for this country. The fact that he’s doing these great things to protect the American people and undo the things Obama has done speaks volumes about his character. When mainstream media are against him you know that he is for the American people because mainstream media are just puppets. The global elite want us to believe we have no chance at regaining our freedoms back. God gave us a fighting spirit too. It is through God’s divine authority that we can restore hope back into America again. The devil lies, manipulates and deceives and want to break our spirit and faith in God and believe that we have no hope. Don’t believe the lies. Remember God is always in authority and through prayer there will always be hope.

    • My opinion will be downvoted a hundred times but anyway:
      Sorry but as a non-american, I’m just wondering: Trump is “protecting the American people from who??? Don’t you think there are other countries in the world that suffer more from opppression than America. If God is watching you, he does not only care for America: he want you to extend a hand to your mexican brothers and sisters and not to build a wall between you and them. Same things for muslims: yes, muslims don’t share the same faith as you but we are one human family. They say “divide and conquer”: if you’re thinking that Americans are above everyone else and should be protected from the outside, then you’re playing the game of the Elite.

      • As a president. His job is to put America first. Thats his main duty. He can help other countries once ours is taken care of. Because if we keep doing what we’re doing we’re gonna be just like all the other countries.

  11. So the world responds to magic and calling out to the dark side to bring curses upon the Trumps and their associates, I wouldn’t even want to bother knowing whether the so-called “hex” is going to work or not but it seems clearly that the Illuminati has plans for Donny and on how to use him to continue pushing that same old crappy agenda of a one-world government me thinks.

  12. Jesus overcame all of this when he died an rose from the dead. The darkness cannot overcome light. The division is man made and just another way the darkness is trying to destroy light by getting us to fight and hate each other. To overcome the division and the attempt at the darkness to rule the light must shine. People can help god by loving themselves, others and god and counter their tactics.
    Jesus covers the entire universe with his sacrifice an upon the second coming be prepared to be blinded by the most majestic beautiful indescribable life and light ever.
    This world is temporal but Jesus stands forever.

  13. For those worshiping Trump be cautious because the devil is deceitful like a wolf in sheeps clothing, he was seen throwing up his usual 666 gesture & calling for a “1 world community” during a Jesuit Dinner, even though he may not be with the NWO he maybe also be getting heavy influence from them, people like Alex Jones are already all in and singing him praises n all as if trump is some kind of messiah, never trust anyone with that so much money, i bet this is all some kinda reality TV or stage show where everything is scripted in order to get the ordience to think or act a certain way, think of Melania Trumps speech that was so similiar to Michelle Obama’s, how does that happen when they have their speech writers & reviewers especially since she doesn’t speak english too well, you would have to be a fool believing that wasn’t unintentional to make trump & his family look real dumb, it’s all a staged play I.M.O

  14. Lord Michael before, Lord Michael behind Lord Michael to the left , Lord Michael to the right,
    Lord Michael above, Lord Michael behind, Lord Michael, Lord Michael where I am I am his love protecting here, I am his love protecting here, I am his love protecting here.
    Lord Michael remove evil from earth and all the darkness that is around us, send them to the Central Sun for ever and ever. Amen, so be it , so it is.

  15. I thought you maintained that Trump was part of their cabal, group, freemason, secret society, illuminati thing…Now they´re attacking him? Pick a version and run with it, already.

  16. I wish people who believe in witch craft, Christians, Catholics etc… it’s nothing more than mental placebo. You have a monopoly on anything that happens. If someone is saved from an accident it was gods will, if that same person dies the very next hour it was gods plan. The power in all of us is the tongue. it makes us feel better, soothes the soul, and also is sharp as a blade. God is the grand creator of this thing we call the universe and beyond but that is it…. Black Christians especially are a joy to look at. A religion that was beaten into us you except as your own. Do all human beings before the creation of Christianity and Catholicism go to hell for a reason none other than being born to early? ANYTHING THAT IS BELIEVED IN HAS POWER. The common man was tricked into believing the Federal Reserve is good for us, look where it gets us…… The belief in something is the POWER not the actual act.

  17. VC your articles are interesting and often thought provoking even if I don’t always agree with the message within them.

    It’s disappointing however that, more and more, the comments section is being hijacked by religious fundamentalists who don’t add anything of real value to the conversation and whose contributions only serve to bring down the tone of the site. It’s a shame really because the issues you address deserve to be discussed and explored further.

    I appreciate the site’s run by Christians (or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe) and this is relevant to how you frame the issues but the tediously righteous ramblings of many commenters is starting to undermine your efforts and contributes little toward encouraging people to think for themselves.

    Sadly it seems VC is going the way of most sites of this nature, where the voices of people who genuinely have something to add to the conversation and those who want to have an intelligent discussion about the issues get drowned out by people who just come here to have their biases validated.

    • Religion was one of the first thinking-people-hijackers in history. No wonder the mislead are still there, generations of them. Some of them are wakening up too. Questioning the empty promissess, vague conceptualization of faith. And the unquestioned demand to follow the rules of the religion like manics without intellect. Luckily there are others too. Modest ones who do not scream before thinking. Who do not repeat empty traditions concerning loss of reason.
      But why do the books about the content of religion always are so thick, full of repeats, and with more wordplay than I am capable of? Can anybody tell me?

  18. Those people who will join this “event” are going to get the return of it STRAIGHT IN THEIR FACE.
    I don’t envy them at all!!!
    Let’s pray Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Holy Virgin Mary. May God bless us all.

  19. PS re Mardi Gras the suspect says he was given a drink by a stranger on the street and remembers nothing after he drank it. Both his dad and grandma insist he is not the kind of person to drink and drive. The plot thickens.

  20. This was a strange weekend. Eclipse, Oscars and the Mardi Gras parade drunk driving incident. That parade was Endymion and in ancient religion he is part of the Tammuz/Adonais mythological complex, a shepherd involved with the moon goddess. In various iterations of the myth he dies and is mourned or sleeps eternally. It seems to be related to the dark phase of the moon. He is the lover of Selene the moon goddess but in the original mythographic layer he himself seem to be a moon god, like Sumerian Nanna, a concept which goes back at least as far as tantric India. One version of Krishna is the lord of the dark moon. Also the eclipse supposedly took place at the Sabian degree symbolized by a racehorse and Endymion in some accounts is said to be a prince who died in a horse race, the track symbolizing some kind of astronomical circuit.

  21. Don’t worry VC, not everyone thinks you’re political. I must admit that I don’t. There is plenty of evidence in your articles that you’re not that into politics and political commentary.

    And for anyone who attacks you on that front, the best defense I can summon is that you said (previously) that you had not expected Donald Trump’s election victory. Considering that you don’t take the media at face value, that event just shouldn’t have caught you out, and it wouldn’t have if you’d really been paying attention to the US political climate. I don’t speak as a Trump fan (though I must admit I was definitely more terrified of Clinton). I’m not even American, but I did observe the election and saw which way the wind was blowing.

    Your area of interest and knowledge seems to be symbolism in popular culture, and your articles on that subject are (to my mind) your best. They are fantastically informative and interesting, and I’m positive they’ve been massively influential in letting people understand the nature of the society they live in. Thank you for writing them 🙂

  22. I know you’re married and whatever but I wish I could date you, VC. You’re disclaimer at the end was perfect. I feel the same way. I can’t believe I have such a crush on you. Keep doin you, and thanks for the info cause I had no idea about this!

  23. I watched a video called “DONALD TRUMP WILL BE THE PRESIDENT” by Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. I normally don’t believe outlandish claims or prophecies of any kind, but the guy got the first part right, Trump did become president, even when it was looking like Hillary had it in the bag. Then, the way Trump said so confidently in his inaugural address, “God will protect us.” Making me wonder… *head scratch*

  24. Strange to find such an “expert” on the mysteries confused about “magickal Britain” and the desire to stop Hilter, and a publicity stunt (really, the eclipse happening right now is a much better time …) to give Donald Trump, what? A long nose? Like you say, if it’s real it’s real but plutonium would be so much more effective.

    “The Queen of the South will rise at the judgment with this generation and condemn it; for she came from the ends of the earth to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, and now something greater than Solomon is here.”

    And yes, for all the Jew haters out there, that’s the NT.

  25. There is no doubt that spiritual evil is loose across the world. Sure satanic cults are a realty too although they love to r**e and murder children in the snuff films after committing unspeakable crimes against children. See the recent arrest of 1,500 pedos across the country in the past 4 weeks alone. Out of these 1,500 – 474 were in CA – as well as finding 28 children used as sex slaves. The media remains silent about these arrests. ask yourselves why?!
    The power of God is mightier than these devil worshippers.

  26. Witchcraft is neither good nor bad, it is the intention behind it. To believe that all magic is evil is ignorant. I feel silly typing this, but watch the movie The Craft. All these people are trying to do is stop Trump from making decisions that harm transgender people, immigrants and low income women and families. With the multitude of bizarre medical conditions that exist why is it so hard to believe that a small percentage of people are born with the physical attributes of one gender and the brain of the other? There are other cultures that have accepted this for centuries and treat these people as human beings. Accepting trans people doesn’t mean believing everyone should be trans, nor does accepting gay people mean believing everyone should be gay.

    • I will have to disagree about “witch craft is neither good or bad” – from a spiritual sense, it’s bad. There are no such thing as white or black magic in form of good or bad. Witchcraft itself is demonic which invokes evil spirits. These are all malicious intent to cause harm than any good. Even with “good” intentions using witchcraft it still uses evil spirits to invoke which pretty much contradicts to the “good intentions” of using white magic.

  27. I guess now we know the spirit behind a majority of these protests and overall increased lawlessness. Soros, Rothschild, Buffet, Abramovic, Podesta are all players here, some a bigger deal than others obviously. Commonality: All sickos that practice witchery. This has nothing to do with politicians, that just happens to be their day-time occupation.

  28. If you’re a spiritual person, you’d know this is real. The only way this would work though is if Trump’s got no backing spiritually.
    Christians, wake up and pray! Look at how a bunch of crazies are coming together to pray to defeat a man.
    We have Jesus Christ, not these bunch of jokers who worship demons.
    I will be looking out for the next date. Things like this thrill me. Let’s pray and see whose God is powerful.

  29. We are living in the age of Pharaoh 2.0
    And like Pharaoh and all his supporters and witches, they are all gonna be drown in the sea. This is the promise of Allah. Insha Allah.

  30. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised that Lana is a W*tch. It explains how she got to where she is, and please don’t tell me it’s bc she’s talented.

    I believe there is also a connection between this ‘spell’ and the death of the magician on 2-24-2017. It’s too suspicious.

    I am a 1st wave female millennial who voted for our new President. lol I’m also a teacher, so I’m a unicorn, according to the CNN or MSNBC…IMO, he is protected by God so these spells won’t do much to him. God had a hand on our President’s amazing election victory.

    So, the question you have to ask yourself now is:
    Why are the satanic elite, and their lower level evil minions attacking him? Because their days are numbered. Trump’s coming for you. You will be ‘outed’ for what you truly are, which is cowardly traitors to this country and to a greater extend, man kind. You’re all on notice. You will fail.
    You’re pathetic and you wish you could be as good and pure of heart as the average, hard-working American who just wants to live in a free country. Look, it’s not too late to turn back to God. You’re going to lose this battle. America is waking up. You cannot stop it now.

  31. Keep it up VC! I also don’t pick sides when it comes to American politics but it’s necessary to research and find out the truth. I’m still skeptical of Trump’s win but I’m also relieved that witch, Killary, is not in charge. God bless you all!!

  32. oh nothing, just a mega-ritual happening in plain sight. “they” are getting more reckless and less guarded about revealing what they’re into. I think Trump is just a puppet in all of this. That ritual probably didnt even have anything to do with him. Just part of their agenda expose people to this degree of occultism.

  33. The letter P! It stands for “pathetic”!

    – that is all I have to say in response to… wait a minute: Did these *complete morons* just in full seriousness suggest they’re going to call upon the Infernal Realm using witchcraft to do what they perceive as *GOOD*? Is this “politically correct” witchcraft?


    Thank you, VC, for once again exposing the fact human idiocy is apparently without limits! Now I can lose a bit more faith in Humanity. 🙁

    On a more serious note: This hysterical anti-Trump politically correct attitude is obnoxious. Yes, you dislike Trump, same as practically everyone else – we get it! Thanks for continuously sharing your first-worlder two-digit IQ insights with the rest of the world… Notice how this “unite against Trump” motion is steering attention away from other far more relevant topics, such as Syria, the existence of the Illuminati elite, spirituality, world hunger and inequality not to mention focusing on your simple well beingness and contentment with life. Focus your attention on what matters!

    Serious note 2): I don’t know how big this ‘event’ is but since VC bothers to cover it I assume it has sone size. Obviously, a great way to expose the public to and get them involved in occult practices – would not be the least surprised if this whole ‘project’ is Illuminati-sponsored.

  34. I am a practicing Shaman. Psychic Empath Indigo.
    You have been denied! I Blocked you all with very little effort. The new higher vibrational frequency we are in now, deluts your evil intent. Only those of the light shall overcome. Emmanuel has said as much to me.
    So repent your evil thoughts and give way to love and understanding of those that are different than you. There is no room for your pseudo diversity! Even the Lucifarian Pope can’t help you.
    God’s goodness is the reason for such changes.
    You are outnumbered!

  35. Thank you for the political disclaimer. Fwiw, you seem to be an earnest and intelligent individual not prone to falling for political spin. The forums are a different story sometimes 🙂

  36. In addition, yet another murder (oh I mean suicide) occurred at the Magic Castle in Hollywood LAST NIGHT! A magician committed suicide in his underwear, right before the Academy Awards taking place tomorrow. Hmmmmm coincidence? Me thinks not!!

    • At first I was confused on if “committing suicide in his underwear” was a code for uhm….”sexual self manipulation and the messy result” Then I realized you meant he was in his underwear when he died.

  37. So, a few tens of thousands of people.. at absolute most… are going to perform rituals of ‘binding’ against a man and his tens of millions of followers worldwide who zealously believe in him?
    Many of whom currently, and constantly, pray to their specific idea of god.. all for the sake of keeping President Trump, his supporters, and America safe throughout his administation…

    Go ahead, spit into the wind. It’ll have the same level of effect as people gathering together and chanting Death to America. None. Might as well try to chip down a mountain with an ice pick.

    Admittedly, there are some who pray that he falls out of the chair in the oval office and breaks his hip or something, but those aren’t concentrated and effective enough. They tend to be random desires brought on by heightened emotional states. The ones bolstering President Trump direct their thoughts far more specifically.

    In short, this is a bunch of noise designed to sell cheap knock-off spell crafting components, scented candles, leaded glass that they swear is real crystal, and overpriced books to people who don’t know any better. Further, not all pagans are against Trump. There are a LOT of both Christians, and Non-Christians, around the world who are seeing their homelands overrun by ideologies they don’t believe in who hope Trump succeeds and can stand as an example of the possibility of making their own nations great again.

    • One time isn’t going to do anything but get things started. But…should these folks continue on their rituals for a couple of years and the Trump supporters slack off, don’t be surprised if Trump starts sprouting some weaknesses. Especially if the folks around him are suddenly falling aside.

    • There is some information about it and her in the Grammys article. Katy Perry is getting to be old hat, kinda. She goes in these stages of promoting different agendas until it’s time to promote a new one.

  38. Calling in Angels to guard and protect our president and all who abet him!! In the name of JESUS!! MAY THE BLOOD OF CHRIST keep ANY harm away from President Trump, his family and his followers!

  39. The loonies that are defiling the streets and media, now have a ritual as goofy as they are to play with. Wonder how this all worked out for them? Gave them an excuse to get together and get drunk and act stupider.

  40. The big secret going around right now is that Trumps presidency was built or protected by an occult ritual. My personal theory is that Trump was going to win anyway, but the ritual acted like a shield or armor if you will. Anyway, it takes training and practice to utilize any type of magic. So the path of the cultist is not one to take lightly.

    I also find it amusing that these Celebrities had nothing to say during the Obama years. They know all about Mk Ultra, they have known before anyone else. You know, who cares about the race riots going on in other cities? Who cares about the cyborg killers shooting up places??? Don’t go against the Hollywood crowd or you might get eaten by your own!

    This is my message to any cultist or wannabe who thinks it’s all fun and games. I’ll spirit cook your face in the middle of the night, and have you wake up in the twilight zone.

  41. They are using the sacred energies of the Indian Maha Shivaratri night when millions of hindus are praying and offering sacrifices to Lord Shiva. Like always in satanic rituals, pure and sacred energies are turned into their opposite.

    • How does the biblical Satan of Abrahamic religion fit into your world view if you’re a Hindu?

      Just goes to show me people are the same everywhere, regardless of what they name their particular concept of God. How can anybody claim to know the full nature of God? Religions divide but spirituality is universal. The NWO concept of ‘one world religion’ actually makes a lot of sense – just not their particular branch of indoctrinating brainwash program used for nefarious purpose to control the masses.

  42. When Bush, Obama and the MSM were telling lies about Iraq, Libya and Syria, which then led to an invasion of those nations and the deaths of millions, don’t recall the witches being upset about that, nor casting spells against those Wall Street casinos who have and continue to steal trillions.
    Even in my small Midwest town, there is a coven that has been casting spells on Trump. But they had no problem with the mass-murdering, lying, thieving psycho Obama, so whose side are they really on?

    • HI Greg. Lee here making a comment while Not at your site. I agree with you about the Witches making selective spells while ignoring obvious and more atrocious crimes. I have two neighbors that make little AntiTrump comments here and there. Instead of being critical of Governor Jerry Brown, whom is ignoring a major crisis with the Oroville Dam in California where I live, it is Trump’s fault for not coming to California and seeing the dam itself. They are obsessed with Trump’s crotch grabbing than Obama’s mass murder by drones, which they quickly reply with “I don’t know about that”, rhetoric. Then the conversation turns to “Oh, I’m not a hater or skin color makes no difference to me”, response. Yet, they freely hate Trump. Then it hit me, these women who are sisters, are Witches in disguise. You may have also noticed a pattern of hatred for Trump for being a Man. In summary, I call it “Selective Morality”.

    • The world, including these foolish self-proclaimed ‘witches’ and ‘warlocks’, has succumbed to the stupidity that is the “unite against Trump” #notmypresident idea. It’s an excellent way for the Elite puppetmasters to control public discourse and increase negative feelings and focus.

      Just stop talking about Trump, he’s irrelevant. Until he actually does something that we must concern ourselves with, just ignore him. He’s just one man, stop investing so much energy talking about him. Focus on what matters, focus on your own happiness and how you can be a vehicle for positive change in the world.

  43. So as the point is to bind Trump from doing harm as opposed to cursing him, that should be proof to witches that if nothing appears to result from this binding, that in fact, Trump’s actions are beneficial to the greater good. Still winning!

    • Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior has overcome the world!
      Evil is being exposed at the speed of light! Our Heavenly Father has already defeated satan and those demons who torment the innocent, we are in tribulation daily, having on the full armor of God Almighty. Have Faith and Trust in God Almighty we have overcome the world through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Amen!

      For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.
      2 Timothy 1:7

      Psalm 91
      God bless! YAH is Love and our Salvation!


  44. Let Christians all around the world join hands and voices and offer up prayers to bind every demon set loose by this spell to work on Trump and his supporters and to loosen every chain set up on trump and his supporters in Jesus name, amen. Let us destroy all their wicked plans and evil machinations through the fire of the HOLY SPIRIT in Jesus name. Cover yourselves in the blood of Jesus. They can never withstand the power in the name of a Jesus. Be bold and courageous! Jesus is Lord.

  45. *cracks knuckles* oh, I love a good challenge 😀
    They want to bind me, huh? The Blood of Yeshua flows thru me! I have been sanctified and restored by Him and There is no principality nor power that can break that.
    Let us pray up, sons and daughters of the King. The enemy is on the move, but Yah’s spirit is too! I am praying with you!

  46. Wow. Great article. Politics is emotion based and MistaT is all about pushing buttons, and acquiring as much as he can. Indicative of his generation (greedy to the nth degree) to attempt to stop the whole wide web-world to prevent the needed change that many of us empaths have been aware of. Sometimes a prayer can be a curse in disguise. In his mind and others like him of his particular type, the world is just a big chessboard and everything in it, and on it can be negotiated and/or given a certain value based on fake intel. 100 monkey theory, I guess. Desperate times call for desperate measures, perhaps. Everybody be careful out there for what you ‘wish’ upon. When much is given, a heck of a lot more is desired.

  47. It’s a trap! So do be sure to say your own name loudly… and bottle up some of your own DNA in among some sharp and nasty objects while you’re at it.

  48. You can fight the occultist on this by praying to god. Thats how we can can fight against them. If we all together pray, meditate, put positive energy into the collective consciousness we can fight off all the evil together. Its been proven that if a group of people focus and put all their positive energy on a subject it can change the outcome of what happens as a result. Buddhist and hindus have known this too since antiquity. I just hate the word ritual cus of the negative stigma, but its kinda the same thing.

  49. Omg these religious people are hysterical Witchcraft has nothing to do with Satan, do some actual research and then comment …. but besides that , there is so many things wrong with this, sending out ill intent will just result in it coming back to bit you’s in the ass, “and it harm none, do as ye will” that is the oath, what you put out there will eventually come back …

  50. I don’t like Trump, but someone should tell each of these witches right where they can stick all of their goofy candles and crystals. I pray the rabbit or chicken they sacrifice bites them hard before they kill it for their disgusting rituals. Also, is there a reason or rhyme behind the staggering out of dates that Lana del Stupid has on her tweet? Is this going to be a continuously publicized, encouraged event until the end of May? Heaven help us. Also, will any of it be televised like all of the protests? That would be interesting.

    • LOL….Sacrificing chickens and rabbits? How did you get that from the spell posted?! Spells are a form of prayer and meditation using candles, herbs and stones. These people are not invoking demons. You can be a witch and believe in God.

      • LogicOverFear, I’m sure you can be a witch and “believe” in God. However, I don’t think you have any faith in God if you are a witch. Why be a witch if you believe in God? Witches are deceived by greed for power and in return for said power goes pieces of their soul. God’s power is true light and will fill one with satisfaction unlike that of the witches. You cannot serve two masters.

      • I am sure most of them do, and they dedicate their lives and “work” to worshiping and trying to rise up the powers of darkness against God. Demons are all around, you can feel them when you are in certain places, around certain people… and you think practicing occult rituals is not going to incite them? Okay then. Myself, you think i actually read the spell? No. I put a lot in my head but i can stop at the headline for this kind of stuff and get the point. The rabbits and chickens comment was sort of a joke, thanks for missing my hilarious sense of humor. I am still laughing about the idea of a rabbit biting the hands of all that practice witchcraft. Maybe scratch them too while they are it. :3

      • I agree with you. I understand where others are coming from, and until recently I leaned their direction. However with the way 2017 has been for me, I need all the help I can get right now. I’ve explained to God that it’s not exactly faithlessness; more desperation than anything.

        Crying and pouring my heart out at His figurative feet and trying to do the right thing has led me into crushing poverty where, short of a miracle, all my basic stuff (hydro, gas, internet, phone) is soon going to be cut off and I’ll be receiving an eviction notice. I’d rather not be homeless with a toddler and lose her to children’s services. So yeah, why not try out a few basic money spells to try and get the break I so desperately need? I was already heavily under demonic attack before dressing and lighting some candles. And it did help a bit. Not enough to pay any of my bills, but enough to get us through the week and buy a couple lottery tickets (I’ll never win if I don’t try.) I plan on doing a better one later this week while the moon is in the right position.

        My intentions are pure and I do still love God, but I need things to turn around financially so I can properly look after the child He Blessed me with. Apparently He disagrees and thinks I need to be homeless with a toddler or give her up for adoption. So yeah, I’m taking matters into my own hands and it’d damn well better work. I’m not serving any demons; I’m a servant of God and want to do God’s work. If a demon makes me wealthy, I’d still be doing God’s work by helping the needy after taking care of my family.

        Apologies for the rambles.

      • Your perspective deeply saddens me…. There are way too many avenues available and way too many people in worse situations that don’t turn their back on God because He’s not doing what they THINK He should be…. When things get impossibly tough, He ALWAYS comes through as He promises to do with all his obedient children… You need to keep your faith child because all satan needs is an inch to sink his claws into you and YOURS (toddler)… we all need to consider the choices we’ve made in our lives and understand how us taking things into our own hands has lead us to where we are! You also need to consider the story of Job in the Bible… you think you have bad smh… We are tried and tested at times to the point of feeling like we’re not going to make it… and when we do, how much stronger, smarter and thankful are we to Him who got us through AGAIN… Please know i’m speaking from personal trials and have experienced similar situation… God doesn’t turn His back on us… we turn ours to Him and then complain because our lives are falling apart… there’s only one way to get your life on track and it’s going to be far from easy… I can tell you it sure ain’t witchcraft love 🙁

  51. Doesn’t the fact that people are wishing for the failure of someone show you the evil behind this? We should always pray that whomever is in a leadership position to be successful so that we will not fall with them. I once did a simple spell somewhat like the one mentioned and it did invite spirits around me that were definitely not from God. That was not intended but happened anyway because it is an abomination!

    • I love scary movies, but I’ve come to realize that even they, as stupid as they are, are doorways to evil beings. Demonic possession is subtle. It comes in the form of anger and frustration and negative, self defeating thoughts. It’s rarely the pea soup spewing, strange voice uttering phenomena that Hollywood portrays it as. Much, much more subtle and effective to make you think their evil thoughts are your own.

  52. I don’t like to look at this stuff and assume anything. Maybe Jesus is close to coming back but no one knows for sure. All that matters is keeping up the positivism. There is hope. Watch your own relationship with God very closely and don’t become obsessed with always looking for the negative. You will always find it, but you’ll miss all of the positive along the way. Love other people and realize that God can forgive anyone and anything. Look at people the way he does. We are all just sheep by nature designed to want to follow something or someone. People who dabble in the occult have a searching heart; they just don’t know what they are looking for. Stop posting doom and gloom messages about the end times. Even the Bible says no one will enjoy that day. Instead with gentleness, kindness, and self control lead people back to the Lord. Whoo! Okay I’m done. Fingers hurt.


    • Powerful prayer. I touch and agree with you. We bind you Satan and all your wicked devices in the Mighty and Matchless name of Jesus.

      • Article about occult invocations… cue ‘Christians’ typing out their own invocations in all-caps unintelligible mess.


      • I’d rather “invoke” the all-knowing, living, all-powerful, loving Father and trust that he will work wisely with the “mess” I’ve submitted to Him, than invoke and partner with his deceptive, evil, malicious enemies.

      • Christians are the group most targeted by the elite progressives nowadays, along with libertarians and conservatives. We see through their facade and we have the numbers to stop them.

      • Lmao, casting a spell to revoke a spell. Good thing none of them work, have ever worked and never will.

      • Kristina Barker gave a potent & productive PRAYER; not a “spell”, not an “invocation”. Christians say prayers to the one and only God of the universe, YHWH. The power of our prayers comes not from the one who is praying but from the One to whom we pray.

        Consider the Biblical account of the prophet Elijah:

        One of the kings who ruled over Israel was named Ahab. He provoked the anger of the Lord. His wife, Jezebel, who was a worshiper of Baal, persuaded him to build an altar to the false god.

        Elijah, a prophet of the Lord, was sent to him and proposed a test. Two altars were built; one to Jehovah and one to Baal. The priests of Baal called upon their god to send down fire; but there was no answer. Then Elijah called upon the Lord God (YHWH), and fire came down and burnt up the offering.

        All beings in the spiritual realm MUST submit to the name and power of Jesus; this is thoroughly documented in the New Testament. Occultists/Satanists/witches and the like can cast all the spells and curses they want, and yes, they have power in the spiritual realm, but only as much as ignorance and indifference by Christians allow them. One simple prayer, by one simple yet devoted follower of Christ in His name is all it takes to undo a multitude of incantations spoken to lesser beings!! So, my little yet powerful prayers every night for our president, and my fellow Christians accomplish MUCH because my Father Jehovah hears them and has given all authority on Earth and in Heaven to the Son, and every inhabitant of the spiritual realm KNOWS IT.

        For those of us who are clued in to what really happens in spiritual warfare, Kristina, your prayer was perfect!

    • AMEN & AMEN, I plead the Blood of Yeshua over all that they try to bind. YESHUA said whatsoever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and I bind the witchcraft in the name of Yeshua the Messiah! I pray that their eyes would be opened to the powers of darkness they serve and they would receive the revelation and salvation of God’s Grace found only in Jesus Christ.

    • It’s like the blind leading the blind in these damn comments.
      PSA- be careful what you read, what you say
      Be conscious of your thoughts.

      Be mindful in reading prayers and incantations. They are one and the same. Protect yourself”only love and light, that be for the highest good of all”.
      Only love will bring us together….
      Perspective is a tricky thing. Do not fool yourself. The war is an internal one for your soul.

      • I don’t really like Trump, but the group of people that I fundamentally disagree with hate Trump with a burning passion (progressives-the same group of bastards that this website exposes). In the spirit of the phrase “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” Trump now has my support. He could be a pawn in the game, but I doubt they would go to these kinds of lengths for a bait and switch.

    • Im a follower of Christ, and I do pray that God guide and teach Trump the ways of the Lord.
      I just cant agree to his racism, his willingness to sell the american consumer to big business and more.
      Trump needs prayer to change into a good president.
      As he is now, he just cant do it alone, He needs God’s help to transform, in Jesus’ Mighty name.
      As for being an instrument of God, even Nebuchadnezzar was an instrument of God as said so in the word of God yet God did not uphold him as some kind of paragon of virtue or Champion of the people.
      This honor he gave to David.
      Trump must transform from Nebuchadnezzar into A King David.
      In Jesus’ Mighty Name.

    • In Luke 10:19 Jesus says “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and they will not harm you.” Sit still Trump, the devil and his wickedness will not harm you at all. Americans pray for your president please. Victory belongs to Jesus.

    • Okay, but he is pure vile evil. for the people who are not intuitive enough to see Trump and his cabinet as pure evil, I pray for you to SEE.

    • Thank you! Someone who is not a superstitious idiot. If a bunch of yoga practicioners got together to meditate on the same thing people would just shrug and move on. It’s because witches are doing that is becomes *scary*.

  54. Witchcraft is Satan’s realm, and he excels in counterfeiting what God does. these folks don’t stand a chance against the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As Christians bind the evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and call on His name for a hedge of protection around Donald Trump, their foolish godless plans will be rendered null and void.

    There is no name greater and more powerful than Jesus Christ and when called upon by those with a pure heart who belong to Him, satan and those that belong to him don’t stand a chance.

    The Bible has a lot to say about witchcraft. Witchcraft and its many cousins, such as fortune-telling and necromancy, are Satan’s counterfeits to holy spirituality. The Bible expressly condemns all forms of witchcraft.

    At the heart of witchcraft is the desire to know the future and control events that are not ours to control. Those abilities belong only to the Lord. This desire has its roots in Satan’s first temptation to Eve: “You can be like God” (Genesis 3:5).

    These fools are on the road to damnation…

    • Yes, ma’am – perfectly said.

      But it’s never too late to change who they put their faith in, be it themselves or some false deity/power. God rejoices when we make a decision to come to Him!!!

      Perhaps some on this topic thread will consider searching their hearts to see what it REALLY is they are serving and placing their faith in. I challenge them to just humbly pray to the One True God, Jehovah; ask with an open heart for Him to reveal Himself to you – His Word promises He will! His love and redemption is available to all, it’s not some sort of special club you have to earn your way into. God LOVES YOU! He created you to know Him and to be known by Him; to receive His gifts of peace, love, joy and eternal life through salvation by Jesus Christ, the only name given to man to save us from ourselves. Why not RIGHT NOW try your own “Elijah test” and pray with a sincere heart to see how God answers??? Don’t let the enemy lie to you and keep you blinded to the Truth of God’s great love for you.

  55. Could you do a story on Emma Watson and her Illuminati ties? The new movie, ” Beauty and the Beast” is coming out and the Beast looks just like Baphomet.

  56. I remember when Trump came on the scene as a USA presidential candidate and the things he said. My thoughts were he will never be president. Fast forward and he is now president. Has he changed? Not one bit. Am so flabbergasted.

  57. I’m curious what the reply spell in FAVOR of Trump and his actions looks like. I’m sure there’s one out there, and some heavy hitters are either preparing to cast it or are casting it even as we speak.

  58. OK, but……if Trump is out, that means the VP Pence is in. Has everyone thought about the consequences of having Pence as President. Unfortunately, he would be more disastrous!

  59. Hey, that’s Lizzy Grant… oh, she’s a witch now? geez.. and I thought she was dumb for trying to call herself Lana Del Ray.

  60. Interesting. Trump has stated several times that he is a christian and believes in God. If he really trusts in God and puts everything in His hands as he says he does, then NOTHING, not even Satan in person can do any harm to him. And I really hope that the witches covenant backfires so bad and they all rot in hell forever. Witchcraft is something absolutely forbidden and condemned by God, but these days it seems to be “the new cool thing”.

    • Technically not true, only what God allows can happen to one of His sheep, that may include physical harm, but not spiritual death, God has redeemed the soul. And if there is any harm, the outcome is for the GOOD of that person. Do not fear man but God.

    • not really the cool new thing. witchcraft, paganism, shamanism, and the druids are a far older religion than Christianity. you people are so sad

      • The history of these religions is satanic…look up the neplim and their parents(book of Enoch)…the angels who came down from heaven because they believed earthly women to be beautiful and wanted to have sex with them. They are the ones who taught the powers to create these beliefs, and made humans worship them because of what they taught. They corrupted what they learned from God. So yes Christianity came later because it was God’s solution to reconciling God with him and pulling ppl away from the satanic.

      • What ppl are saying is new is the fresh faced paganism and witchcraft of today. You want to talk about dark history Paganisms roots go back to canabalism and human sacrifice. today its all about worshipping earth and yogo and spirit guides (on the surface). Witchcraft too has now tried to give the impression that there are good witches tht can still do black magic but its ok because they’re good witches. This is to make it cool and hip to this generation. New age new look kind of thing.

      • the Bible contains numerous death penalty scenarios – that is, codifying human sacrifice in line with an expressed tenet.

        the term pagan literally means a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions, which at the inception of Christianity would have qualified it as such.

        it’s a completely relativist term.

  61. “surprised by the surrealist article titles I sometimes witness myself typing. ”
    Indeed. I thought I knew which way this world was towarding, and in a long term it’s still true. But…
    Sometimes really unpredictable things happens, just like this. The Wolrd-wide Witches Union stands against Trump????
    Things are getting more & more ridiculous…

  62. Even the Bible says that these pagan rituals and spells have real power, because they’re executed by demons. Like angels, demons have varying degrees of strength. Angels greatly outnumber their fallen ilk, but they do the will of God, not the whims and desires of men. Spiritual warfare, as much as it sounds crazy, is very real. You must protect yourself and those you love from the enemy. The ONLY way to do this is through Jesus Christ. There’s immense power in His name. It’s why they mock Him and only Him.

      • And you do? I actually think this spell attempt is laughable. I mean, it is clear concession of Trump’s real power and victory (which symbolizes power of the people and rejection of Democrat Liberal hypocrisy). When opposers have to result to magical thinking, it’s a laughable admission of powerlessness. I hope you witches feel better about yourselves. Game Over.

      • @Shawn, your attempts to equate terrorism with magick spells is grounds enough to throw out your whole argument based on analogous incompetence. There is a massive difference between someone physically slapping someone and someone only WISHING to slap someone. That’s all magick spells and rituals are: WISHES that only make the wisher (or magician, spell-caster, etc) feel better about themselves by feeling more powerful. And why do they need to feel more powerful? Because they are powerLESS and cannot slap their enemy, therefore only wish they can slap him. However, if the wisher feels so much personal power by doing rituals that s/he goes out and actually harms people (slaps them in my analogy), then that’s a different story. It’s not wishing anymore, it’s doing. If a person can DO, they don’t have to WISH. If a person has real Power, they don’t need delusional Power. And that’s all magickal thinking is: Delusional self-impowerment. It’s when the wishing becomes doing, like in these VC articles, that we need to be concerned about. But some stupid on-line witch spell? Nahhh….No one should be that stupid to worry about that. Even you, Shawn. 🙂

      • Also, I will go a step further, Shawn, to see if you’re schooled in the literature. Do you know the will of the magician? If you think it is anything other than manipulation of other people, you’re wrong. Who is the target of the witch spell that was announced loudly on social media? Not Trump; The spell targets only those who FEAR magick. In the words of Barnum and Crowley: “A sucker is born every minute”…

      • People who say that there are no demons, that rituals are powerless & just words do not respect the power of words or understand the power of belief.

        That aside though, demons are real & rituals work. I understand that the average mundane person isn’t going to know that because they’ve never been exposed to it. If all you’ve been exposed to in life is a public school education, media, some university, you will never know.

        If you’ve never had any metaphysical experiences besides Harry Potter & a Final Fantasy video game, you’ll think it’s nothing. But there’s a whole world out there of occultists, magicians, witches, hermeticists, etc. If you’re on this site at least THAT shouldn’t be too hard to believe. If you don’t share in occult beliefs, at least people should acknowledge that an enemy does believe in these things & respect that because not to respect an enemy is foolish. In a religious context, every Christian should respect the other side because the Bible tells us the Devil & his army is nothing to play with & we must arm & protect ourselves with knowledge & the armor of God.

        Even the Army respects terrorists & what they’re capable of, any sports team respects the opposing team, don’t gotta like them, but respect what they’re capable of.

        Demons are real, rituals are real, and they’re so much more than just words, “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” -Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio

        Saying that, I can almost guarantee it’s about as easy to harm a U.S. President with some spell you find on a message board as it is to hack the Pentagon with some hack you found on a message board. Would it be so hard to believe that there are safeguards against spiritual warfare? It’s already a known fact that the CIA has practiced Remote Viewing, take it a step further, while ignoring the fact that this site basically says they’re all occultists anyway, but is it really so hard to believe that our government wouldn’t have their own witches & occultists defending against such attacks? The Romans had their own occultists, even Queen Elizabeth I & the English government had John Dee, Abraham Lincoln had Nettie Colburn Maynard, Hitler was a black magician in his own right & was surrounded by occultists even trying to recruit Franz Bardon, Woodrow Wilson had Edgar Cayce, Washington D.C. is one big magical symbol, so it is really so hard to believe that there wouldn’t be protections against this type of attack from our government? A world super power would be completely incompetent to not take spiritual warfare seriously & make it that easy to get at the President.

        Magical thinking is not a laughable admission of powerlessness. Too many powerful people in history have taken magical thinking very seriously & I’m sure the U.S. government is taking this threat very seriously, even though they would never admit it publicly. They would be foolish not to.

        There’s a whole world or worlds out there, it might not be your world & experience, but a person shouldn’t be so ignorant as to completely shut down the possibility & speak on
        their belief based on limited experiences as fact.

      • A convoluted and underdeveloped statement.

        Are the words efficacious?

        At the end of the day Shawn (above) is right. Let me add that the modernism that rejects scholastic metaphysics is the sure path to a miserable life and eternal death.

      • “Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so.” The irony when ppl who learn all of this talk about “programming” and “brainwashing”, lol.

  63. I am sorry, I laughed.
    I thought about all those pony-horse-girls (and yes, boys) that watched hours of Charmed and other outofthisworld fantasy-television. Now they’ve hit a menstrual or shaving cicle age they are still into the occult, or what some call occult.
    No, seriously, this one is still kicking in over here, I presume.
    From my point of view, there is little occult, but a lot of psychology going on.

      • They will be evoking demons. Invoking would be if they were inviting demons into themselves. Nobody would do that.

      • They are basically doing that too because they have opened themselves up to being used by demons. It is safe to say they could possibly have demons attached to them.

      • If even just so they themselves become more demonized and the young, dopey minds that might listen to them to start cursing and hexing and etc can see a gateway into the occult…. hurting themselves far more than they can ever hurt Trump. That very well could be the true goal of this, they are just using the Donald as the cover.. making him out to be Satan when Satan is real and after their souls. O_O

      • Well, it takes a demon to fight a demon I suppose. Not like anyone has the balls to arrest tRumple Dickskin and Krewe.

      • NOWHERE in the original posting for this binding spell has it been stated that you are supposed to invoke demons!!! WTH people? This is a binding spell… nothing EVIL. No harm shall be done. Binding him from harming others is a spell of protection. Why does everyone thing that magic is automatically evil? Magic shows itself in the Bible. Can you NOT see that this is a widespread PRAYER to protect our nation?

    • You’re acting as if VC is encouraging it. It’s just an explantion of events lol. It is relevant. I’m sure nothing like this on a worldwide scale has ever publically taken place.

    • Why? Because you chose not to believe that evil exists in the world? I’m praying in the name of Jesus that this evil continues to be exposed for what it is so that people who scoff and think it’s a joke come to see the truth: there is a spiritual battle going on all around us. We live in a fallen world. If we’re not vigilant, the evil one and his minions will knock us down and eat away at our faith. Don’t think for one second laughing it off doesn’t make it real. I’m sure it’s terrifying to think about this stuff, but there is a solution and His name is Jesus. He has no equal, no rival. He has already won the war for us. It’s just a matter of picking sides. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’m praying for all of us. And I’m also adding my prayers to rebuke any evil designs sent against ANYONE, in Jesus Mighty name.

      • Jesus was not GOD. He was a PART of God’s energy that came to this earth to teach the lessons of love, forgiveness, compassion, being humble, empathetic. I just don’t understand why this site has become the Christian site for awareness. What happened to having an open mind? And GOD chose Trump to be our President??? That is some seriously messed up thinking. It had nothing to do with the people in power? It had nothing to do with Russia?

  64. Remember, all magic comes with a price. Also, how far are you willing to take this? There are many of us who walk this Earth that are far more dangerous dead than we ever were alive, especially when killed by magic.

  65. I have a suspicion that God’s protection is on President Trump for the time being. I mean, the campaign last year alone was surreal with how Trump was able to come out ahead in nearly every situation. That speaks of divine providence to me.

    But expect more serious sacrifices from the more hardcore occultists. And pray for the children who are targeted in this mess.

    • I honestly think Trump is a necessary evil. His presidency will be a major turning point for this country and not in a good way. God allowed him to win for a reason and maybe in time we’ll understand.

    • Totally agree with. The children, the children! God knows how many innovent children, be it refugees or not, who were kidnapped and tortured for this purposes. I shudder whener I remember the various articles and videos I have watched of survivors of these satanic ritual. Cue Fiona Barnett.

  66. Dear Vigilent citizen… never ever forget..that they are pushing the agende of ‘divide and conquer’, Trump is just as bad as every filthy psycho in office..dont forget that..i have seen you talk about the Clintons & the podesta’s..but not about trump’s agenda.. im seeing a patern here, carefull..Trump has been to Lolita Island to..he makes sexual remakrs about his daughter and has very strong ties with Israel…and thats just the things we can see.look, dont get me wrong ,i dont hate him or have something against him, i have something against ALL of them, dont forget this.

    • I’ve got my doubts about Trump but no reason to join the hysteria just yet. He’s only 1 month in. If he actually honors his promises to put American citizens before the agenda of the globalist elite then he may actually do some good. Right now its much more interesting to watch the mask drop on the left. Things could get crazy for awhile.

    • He has had a crude sense of humor but give me that, over a deceptive, elegant snake who opens their mouth and flowers fall out, while they’re secretly dropping poison into your drink.

      • Did you hate Trump so much before or after the mainstream media told you to?? How about do your own research…even go out of the coubtry and talk to people and you’d be surprised how many like Trump compared to the idiot liberal americans who cant stfu and let other people have an opinion that differs from theirs….ans to be honest satan hillary vs trump who loves God ….i pick trump !

    • agree man, trump is controlled opposition by the zionist for the nwo agenda of divide and conquer, just because he kicked cnn out of the white house doesnt mean it was real, couldve been an act to build the image of anti government and the one who fights the system. trump is a supporter of israel and says alot of things to keep the hate energy flowing, and thats what the elites want.

    • Trump has never been to Epstein’s island. That’s a ficticious rumor and I hate to use this term but it’s essentially ‘fake news.’ Tip: stay away from any news source with “Daily” in the name lol. If Trump was down with the pedo-ring, he would’ve never appointed Sessions for one, he wouldn’t have had Epstein barred from Mar a lago after he found out he was a kiddy diddler, and he would’ve never mentioned Clinton having an island problem/ nor make an initiative to combat human trafficking in general since he could be tied back to it himself if what you said were true.

      I think the elite are just afraid and trying to project their vileness on him because they know he has been around their like for years before running for office and therefore has copious amounts of blackmail material at his disposal They also can not “buy” him into anything. Who would’ve thought one on the inside would turn on them? Let’s wait before we lump him in with those pack of wolves.

    • And what is wrong with having strong ties with israel ? Perhaps you would rather he had strong ties with islamic countries.

      • The Talmud describes Jesus as “boiling in Satan’s sperm in Hell for all eternity.”
        In the Quran, Jesus is the most quoted prophet.
        I think you’ve been fooled.

    • I am shocked at how many people cannot SEE that Trump is evil. Research him. He is linked to organized crime. Is this Christian? Oh yeah, because religions fight right!

    • May our Father reverse the curse and make it worse. All who wish harm to others should have harm come to them of themselves. Father reduce their powers and diminish their effects and cause confusion amoungst them that they may curse each other. Your will be done Father

      • Trump must be doing something right. Why none of this for Obama, or bush. Most probably because they are high up within covens. So mass murder is allowable.

    • The establishment aka cia wants the border open so they can bring in drugs and guns from “messyco” and distribute in poor neighborhoods so they can kill each other over drugs and guns – thats how they do. They wont ban Iran bc they get heroin from there so white suburbs kids can OD….its all about money not about whats beat for humanity.


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