Willow Smith: Next Illuminati Star?


Willow Smith, heir of the Hollywood royalty couple formed by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, is definitely being groomed for superstardom. The 9 year old has been signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation and there are already signs of her becoming a mini-Rihanna – a young singer trained and dressed to propagate the Illuminati agenda.

Will Smith has come a long way since the days of Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He is now one of the most powerful people in Hollywood with important connections in the movie and record industry – not to mention his ties with Scientology – and he is determined to see his children carry on the legacy.

Animal prints, code for beta programming mind control…or for a very bad stylist
You know what this stands for. What is even more disturbing is the fact that her eye seems to be covered by someone else’s hand

Skull and bones, culture of death and all of that stuff


Will Willow Smith become the next Illuminati pop star? Is she one of those mind controlled child stars born into elitist families? Only time will tell.

Done deal

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429 Comments on "Willow Smith: Next Illuminati Star?"

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This website propegates the so called Illuminati agenda by conditioning people to see occult symbolism in everyone and everything. We create our own reality and by constantly digesting this garbage and offering no alternative solution tell me how you are any different from them.. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. At first I was intrigued by this site but the more I read the more I realize these articles are the jabbering of someone who is starving for attention and the right to say see I told you so. People wake up. By reading this stuff you are only polluting your own mind. Sending you further down the rabbit hole. I am all for exposing the true nature of these elite sickos but you are only spreading their disease by offering no alternative. How is any if this information useful other than to trick… Read more »

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me. (John 14: 6)

Thanks VC. You are making these kind of things painfully obvious.

Wow, that poor little girl.. It’s sick enuf these stars are involved in this s***, but to perpetuate the horror onto their children… She is definitely being groomed. The sickest part of this is she appears not only to regard it as normal, but also like it’s an attention-getting thrill for her. Where will it end?

Is that the freemason handshake?

It’s how people usually shake hands…

i joined but am not answered

also the there is no true church, they are all part of satin and his demons.

once you know our gods name you must live by his laws, not any worldly gov.

Did anyone else notice the Illuminati "hand shake" between will smith and jay-z?? I have only ever heard about it from my father and he has demonstrated it, so I knew it looked familiar. Ive seen it in several pictures, but never with will smith before. She doesnt stand a chance…..

Why is the whole wide world scared of a few people who supposedly have certain satanic believes and want to control us, We are with 7 billion people, We can unite and not let them control us, Stop giving them fame and just fight against it in a normal and non violent way.

You can talk and talk believe in yourself and do good by yourself and to others then you'll see the real you


Yes it's disturbing and no kid of mine will be watching it. Just have 1 TV in your watch and avoid watching it when the kids are around. It's not that difficult. Trust me. That family is irritating and up its a**e. Hundreds and hundreds of people disappeared in Japan and he's thinking about a short flight. Idiot, he makes me cringe. Will Smith 'charters jet to avoid economy' Sunday, March 13 2011, 09:46 GMT By Colin Daniels, Entertainment Reporter Will Smith reportedly refused to board a flight from Dublin to Manchester after discovering that the plane only had economy seats. The actor was due to make the 50-minute journey with his family using Aer Lingus, as daughter Willow continues to support ­Justin Bieber on his European tour. However, once his management realised that there were no first or ­business-class seats, they chartered a private jet at a cost of… Read more »

did anyone see her new music video 21st century girl?????

i dont know im really skeptical of it. First its this weird lady and she finds something and she is happy and puts it into the ground (to the devil?) and then cloth comes back up. then all of these kids are getting everything they want from the ground (from the devil?) cars, skateboards, ect…is that saying the devil will give you what you want, this is the 21st century, this is how its supposed to be?

go watch it…can you guys do a review on that?

its disturbing because its…all kids..


then u will love willow in lady gaga's lap

what do they mean by done deal????????

why could will smith take his own daughter to dead point TO JAYZ the devil man he earns money from his evil things?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

in the pic with someone covering her one eye- is that an upside down star shaved in hear hair?

have been googling and i cannot find a pic of it!

King Must Die- more wonderful lyrics you should look up





too too bad

and not surprising

Solo tiene 10 años y vayas pintas,no te digo a los 18…

This one is a SLAM DUNK ! Not to mention the mixing of the male/female names Jaden after mom and Willow after dad… I remember when Jada first hit the scene she seemed like a happy, down- to-earth type – her eyes were happy. Now look at her crazy vacant eyes – they look crazier the more she hangs with $cientology psycho Cruise. Will and Jada even bought a programming center (school?) in Malibu to crank out more freakies. That kid does NOT look happy – they've loaded her up with almost all of the usual suspects, er markers, the animal prints, skull&crossbones, the 'twinning' w/Rhianna, the Eye of Horus and I'm sure the lightning bolt signifying DID is in there too. Of course the hand signs probably too. Jay-Z Rockefeller? If David Rocka-Fella had it his way, Sean Carter's mother would have been sterilized due to her non-Aryan genetics.… Read more »

Every time I read all those comments by people claiming their belief the ONLY REAL ONE and arguing about religion I start asking myself something. Most of you agree with Vigilant that something out there in the media is stinking foul and that somebody has reasons for presenting all those things to us . Would'nt those persons be absolutely happy if the people, who are reading the articles of this homepage, were argueing and hating each other? Would'nt it be helpfull to their agenda if those people did'nt trust each other for different beliefs?

Excuse my bad English, but I guess you understand what I mean.

Love and Peace 🙂

The picture with Willow in purple at a red carpet premier. Notice the time piece, and the watch on her right hand.

To me at least… the picture/outfit represents "Only a matter of time".

If her family wasn't famous no one would bat one lash at her. Frankly, I hate her single and I don't think she can sing whatsoever. Her song is annoying. Just like her voice. Having talented parents doesn't mean it's genetic and passed down. Talent isn't heredity. Only a select few have actual talent. The rest of us have to build up our talent. Most of us know this is only beginning for her. She is 9 years old. She has a long ways to go. I'm sure like Miley Cyrus she'll be out doing her own thing trying to show everyone she is a "woman" and not some goody goody. What does a 9 year old know about life? Nothing. She is rich and has probably lived 9 years of a great life. "Don't let haters keep me off my grind." Um, what the hell does a kid know… Read more »

They know exactly what theyre doing… They are in the business

I hope someone will answer me.

Does Will and Jada know what's going on. Are they fully aware?

And how on earth would they go about the torture sessions. Does Jada take her to be sexually abused and tortured like other mothers take their kids to play dates? How does it work?

Thats sad 🙁

Do you know what came into my head to the rythmn of Willows repetitive line, a much better line…….

“I’ve got The Lord on my side’.

So if that song comes into my head or if anyone hears it on the radio, I suggest inserting that line..

Haha!! Beating them at their own game!!

I must add I was quite alarmed when I heard that voice (of little willow), it sounded eerily similar to that of Rihanna’s and was rather disconcerted about her age when I found out she was nine at the time. I think (personally) she's far too young to be exposed to the evils of the entertainment industry I mean it's not like her parents don't have the money. They have enough money to entertain their children until they all respectively get married. What is especially worrying is that the parents seem way too comfortable to have their kids thrown into the pervasive and intruding eye of the public. Rich or poor, famous or not parents have a responsibility to watch over their children and instill in them good values and morals. First of all the hairstyle seems inappropriate for a pre-pubescent teen, the outfits we can assumedly peg to her… Read more »

We knew something was wrong but to use children like this!!!!

It isn't an atheist's job to prove that God exists. It is the believers job. The Christian god doesn't deserve to be worshipped.

Jay-Z is not Lucifer.. he is just a slave..he is a sell out to the Illuminati!I don`t fare him..hes only a human.. but i fear what he stands for..the evil.. he said in Empire State Of Minde – Jesus cant save you, life starts when churchs ends and he also have a song called Lucifer.. and he also disses Jesus in the song On To The Next One. I feel bad for this girl, she is only 9(?)..man i thougth will and jada were smart ppl.. but they r a part of the industry them self.. but selling theyr daughter to this fake “world“ of money, drugs and sex.. and to Jay Z?just woooow.. she will end up like the rest of them.. destroyed!It is not normal for such a young girl acting like this, that style.. copying Rihanna.. like pro***.. and that covering-one eye just proves one thing.. she… Read more »

The part about skulls/death being sexy is actually really disturbing. It goes hand-in-hand with subjects like murder, suicide, terrorism, anorexia and other terrible things. And now it's suddenly become SEXY?!

When I was 9, like Willow, all I wanted to be was a WILDLIFE CONSERVATIONALIST. I always dreamed of helping animals, going around forests and stuff like that… But what about Willow? Has she been completely deprived of her own mind, or does she still secretly dream in her world of dreams and imagination? I pray to God it is the latter…

WTF? SHE IS 9?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does the black and white pattern mean?

Word. V.C. is always on point with there info. Very reliable source. The symbolism is plane as day. It's all there . The eye of horus,the shaved head,the star in her head,the name in its self "Willow". Go to her twitter page http://twitter.com/OfficialWillow the whole one eye thing,the eery back ground. This stuff gets deep. Wicked people who are possessed by unclean spirits that are carrying out satan's agenda. generational. People have taken oaths and make agreements with the devil and for money. The same deal that satan offered Jesus during the 40 days of tempting is the same exact deal he is offering us. Satan is a sales man. He knows people will always buy into it. She is possessed. The bible says that some were created just to be evil. Thats why the flood came the first time. Things had gotten out of hand. Scientology is a cult.… Read more »

i think it's disgraceful that a 9 year old is already advertising such darknes.. i blame the parents…disgraceful

Will Smith is a dud. I've never seen or heard anything from him that was any good. That he rose to this level shows how utterly pathetic the people in this country are. And, the people will get what they deserve…

For the comments regarding the bible… The fact is with over 23,000 archeological digs to date, still not one word from the bible can be proven false. Not one. If you were really willing to give it a chance, you would see that the bible is the only religious text in the world that contains over 1800 prophecies that have come true. If any other text did this and the prophecies did not come true, the whole text would become invalid. Keep in mind, the bible was written by at least 40 different authors over 1500 years and all of their stories match perfectly. For me, it's like a million piece puzzle and when you place that next piece, the whole picture becomes that much more brilliant. No human could ever duplicate such a beautiful thing! Again, if you're genuinely willing to give it a try, God's word is amazing… Read more »

Great article, you also forgot to mention that in the picture where willow is being “forced” to show the one eye, she has the 5 pointed star shaved in to her head, and the star is inverted by the way which means is totally satanic, but it is cleverly shown only half the way so people con dismiss it.

I think everyone should calm down here, when has Jay-Z ever stated he is a Devil worshipper? there are so many people on here not able to make their own mind up and ask that question first. Especially the ones on here claiming to believe in God yet judge Jay-Z at the same time, only God shall judge remember, this is in the Bible. God is mighty and powerful and no one shall over throw him, and the ones that think they can shall be cast to the lake of Fire, but trust me he wont need anyones help, so stay out of trouble stop judging people and live an honourable life.

Now don’t carried away ya’ll. We don’t even know if this is real. We’d all like to believe and it’s on that ,that wer base our claims on the illuminati to be real. But there are no facts that verify these claims.For now, these are opinons.Not facts.We have to get bonified proof before we can start accusing people of these things. Might I add, that there are a bunch of looney’s out there.People with mental illnesses that believe this stuff is real. I’m not saying it’s fake.And I’m saying it’s real. I’m sayin’ we don’t know.It’s like with UFO’s. There are people who have claimed to see UFO’s.More that enough but since everybody in the world have not seen them.It’s hard to say wheather their real or not! All we can do is pray for each other and keep each other uplifted and heal the world with understanding and love.… Read more »

When I first saw this music video I thought it was really strange, too many weird colors and repetition and… I don't know, something just felt weird about it. But then my friends got really into this song and we started watching it and listening to it more, and it just became ok to me. But this whole time I've been waiting for a review of it to come out on here so I could see if anything matched up. Thanks for posting these articles!

this actually makes me feel sick.

she. is. a. KID.

i hope jay-z rots in hell

Okay, I always read Vigilant's posts but I have never commented before IN MY LIFE. But I decided to watch the whip my hair video after reading this and noticed something crazy. Go look at the video on her official youtube and pause it at 1:11. Tell me what you see. That is freaking crazy. And I'm going to assume it's not a coinkidink.

It's so disturbing it reminds me of martydom,like in palastine

GOD, I expected so much more from Will. I've been researching Brice Taylor. The things that are happening/have been happening to children in the industry is so sad. Then again, it does start early.

Noooooooooooooooooo! Not Willow!