Why Nobody Trusts the Mainstream Media (video)


This video contains interesting interviews regarding the purpose of mainstream media. Many aspects have been discussed in the article Mind Control Theories and Techniques used by Mass Media. I suggest you read it, if you haven’t already.

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77 Comments on "Why Nobody Trusts the Mainstream Media (video)"

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The problem with conspiracy theories about "the Jews" (05:33) is that it's never explained what their ultimate goal is. To enslave gentiles? Really? Nobody seems to have thought this through, so it always comes across as base anti-semitism/neo-nazism. This instantly discredits anything else you have to say, because it's stupid and juvenile. You have to understand the optics of this.

Critiques based on ethnicity do not stand up to scrutiny, and you instantly lose any intelligent audience you might have suckered in thus far. If there really is some Kabbalistic, Jewish, Hasidic, Zionist worldwide conspiracy that is exclusive to Judaism and doesn't also involve Christian fundamentalism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and all the other isms then explain to us exactly what it is. Because, sorry, being Jewish isn't a crime in itself.

It's over

I knew it!!!! My dad was right!!! Wake up people… This is nothing to all the things that are going on!!!!!!

Great site, but you need to please be aware of the hierarchy behind the scenes influencing your own lives. The people involved in this hierarchy are everywhere, the boss at work, your brother, literally everywhere. Last week I discovered the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming going on in the main screens of Internet chat rooms. It's a form of hypnosis that creates a trance like state which is used by the ADEPTS to then alter your core beliefs. I watched in utter disbelief as the messages became darker including suggestions for racial hatred, anti religious and anti capitalist beliefs, pro communist, hedonistic and verging on sexually depraved rhetoric. On further investigation I discovered there were a large number of apparent pagans and wiccans that were involved in this NLP operation. The rest of the chatters appeared to be drunk or comatose while under the influence of this NLP. I think… Read more »

News isn't news if it's censored.

Everything on the news is like someone telling you half the story, They do tell the truth (sort of) and only give, part of the story, what the goverment doesnt want us to know (the truth about healthcare the stimulus, and why barrack obama is president) is not put in the news on purpose, to give us the idea were being "informed" but the whole plan is decietful

Thanks for sharing this, VC. I am impressed at the speed a message can reach people by us sharing things with our social networks, it gives reason for optimism I think…


To the people questioning VC's motivations, remember this is HIS website so he can do whatever he wants. If you are not happy with the content feel free to start your own websites. It demands a lot of work to write articles with in-depth analyses about occult/hidden symbolism plus there are always reliable and verifiable sources. Give the guy a break, he has a life, it's so easy to sit and criticize. It's not like it was the only website out there dealing with the NWO agenda if you feel like something is missing here you can find it somewhere else. I have no problem with genuine questioning but the "Metropolis never saw it on TV and VC did a piece days before its broadcast, how weird!! he might be one of them" Come on now!!! Metropolis is a masterpiece they will always broadcast it. I watched it a couple… Read more »

I have had the same feelings. I have also been a member of this site for a WHILE.

One time, an article came out about Metropolis (movie) Then, I kid you NOT, a few days later, THE VERY SAME MOVIE was on one of the movie channels. I had NEVER seen it on cable before. NEVER. That really threw up a flag.


Believe HALF of what you see and NOTHING of what you hear. Knowing is half of the battle.

Seems that "African" ppl can see in the dark better. . . . .

There is a logical explanation as to why this is occurring. There is so much bullshit going around now, VC keeps getting distracted, and doesn't know which avenue to take. How about this though for Original Content? Go up there, any of you, and by up I mean up this site (seeing I will have to spell it out to you it seems), and click on the "Contact VC" and work on a submission. Either a) you will realize how hard it is or b) actually put something out (excuse the pun) and c) I am aware this is not the only two possibility, and the percentages of actual/factual/supported by true and concise evidence provided in a "well-framed" and "acceptable" manner by the Masses of You (every time you say sheep, it makes me think you are in a huddled mass pointing at others, and calling them sheep.) Now, look… Read more »

Man, whatever happened to this site? It kind of sucks now… There's only new content every other day or so…

Listen, I know this is a "one man army" site, but in any line of business, mind not the profit/none-profit, if you get a certain level of service/quality/availability to your customers/readers/buyers, you can't, if you want to keep them around, drastically cut down on that level of service/quality/availability. This was to me, one of the best sites in it's genre on the web until about a month ago. I am not asking for news articles found here and there on the web, but you promised us more "original content" and so far, I haven't seen it.

Any one of us is able to go to youtube and watch the videos you are posting here, there is not even an assay related to the video, i think the site has become more dependent on the explanation done by the discussion board rather than writing your own material.

Don't take in the wrong way i log in here a dozen per day but each time expecting something original and getting disappointed 90 percent of the time.

And your solution is…complaining? Nobody ever achieved greatness by complaining. Try to write an article as well researched and written as the one VC wrote on the LA Library. How much time would that take you? Probably weeks or months. I actually respect VC for not posting BS on a daily basis to "meet a demand". Contrarily to commercial news sites, he doesn't need to.

@ Franky..

VC is the bomb…I dont usually get catty but SHUT THE FUDGE UP…seriously, you try writing an article (academically referenced at that and see how many you can pump out…)

If you cant do a better job… keep it zipped…or visit another site u ungrateful person….

hmm.. good video, but the reporter said "they were running amok", not that they were "mocking" but whatever

I don't like spin, That's why I listen to Fox's "Bill O'Reilly's" No Spin Zone!!! NOT

infuriating!the media is decieving us

i was watching about the incident of the andrew myers taser at U.F. with John Kerry,the real recorded footage from start to finish unedited, by chance, and then watched fox news take on it and nbc and all other media outlets.Unbelievable! this really goes to show us the lies and manipulation they have on most people. I bet people believed he was resisting arrest and causing a disturbance. The corporate media outlets is seriously controlling the masses. That was only one example, saw many others,too. I don't even want to go in the unfortunate racial profiling, global, environmental ,etc. Amazing how people are so easily persuaded. Also read the Serb conflict and remember where I was and what coffee shop, I smelt b.s immediately as with anything in the main stream media. Read Noam Chomsky was a CIA informant went dissidence.

i would like someone to explaint to me the whole jewish vs zionism thingy……..i've been trying to get a grasp of the big picture but i cant.arent the jews supposed to be good people? can anyone shed some light here

thank you

Complicated and confusing issue. In a nutshell…..

Judaism is a religion. Zionism is a movement (political/ecomomic etc)

Here is a website 'Jews against Zionism'

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion explain the movement

knowledge really is power i never knew any of this. thank u so much

to my understanding there is nothing jewish about the state of israel

Those are great links Sarah…


also check out: The Khazarian Conspiracy (goes deep into the issue ..including the Zionist movement in America)


Very good series Essential!!!! It will take me all week to get through because I can only stomach so much in a day. But thanks!!!

Absolutely…..and please take note of 'Protocol 12' which will sum up what we are seeing in todays media climate or culture……..and exactly what this whole post is about. I finally just watched VC's vidoe post and was actually lol!!! I have much more faith in all of you figuring it out than I fear these tools getting away with it!


how can we tell which events/news are real and which are fake?! i mean we cant trust the news on TV .. and articles on the internet are the same too right?! .. where can we find the truth?!?!

I guess this is why that family in California beat that news crews ass!!


Good! And I'm so pissed at the idiot racist in that thread who are angry at the family for their right to mourn in peace. Don't people deserve the right to not be harrassed while they say good bye for ever to their loved ones. I hope more people start fighting news cameras.

How do you all feel about this article? I dont believe it to be honest: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/02/22/cell.phone.b

I do not believe that article to be honest at all!!!! Here are two links with multiple articles from Dr. Mercola and Natural News' Mike Adams on cell phone dangers.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V94shlqPlSI – cell phones making popcorn pop. There are tons of these!

There are safer ways to use cell phones and I highly recommend reading some of these articles to see what you can do to minimize exposure. Especially you guys 20 and younger….your skulls aren't fully developed lol – I mean really, the bones aren't finished growing so they are thinner putting you at greater risk.

http://search.mercola.com/Results.aspx?q=cell phone dangers&k=cell phone dangers


JJ I am a total dorkasauras and jumped the gun. I started reading and thought it was implying that cell phone use increase brain activity in a 'good' way…..I agree with many parts of the article and stand by comments on cell use.

Frenzy reader and typer……my bad.


Ok the mercola one didn't go where I wanted it to. Just search cell phone dangers….he has TONS of articles. Here is a good one in the meantime.

The worst part about it is that it's affecting people already. They're parodying the Illuminati elements and making it cool!! I swear this kid has an active program in his brain….. Notice the tiger with one eye showing, the Mad Hatter poster in the background and the stuffed kitty/tiger on the bed. NOT TO MENTION the "parody" itself. It makes imitation of the elite's symbols "cool"


@Jameccia …I understand what u mean. I was just thinking and that came up in my mind.U never know what to blive any more in this world.And the illuminati is not an american topic alone, The have a NWO agenda and the NWO is going to affect the hole world including africa not just america.

Speculation, speculation, speculation… That’s a very good question AFRICAN AND PROUD. Want to hear another good question? How do we know you’re not from the illuminati, trying to cast fear upon the readers of this site. How do we know you’re not jay-z or some other kind of negative influence? We don’t. We don’t even know if you are in America posting a comment about American topics. Thing is, if someone lays out some info you can either pick it and research it or just leave it alone. Where else can you read what the media/entertainment industry is doing? Sure not on TV. I’m just doing what you said, “thinking outside of the box”. Oh and by the way who is your people? If you believe in Jesus Christ you would know that we are his people and if you believe in some other power then, YOU are his people.… Read more »
A wise man once told me that in this information technology age, you will encounter a lot of different sources of information. The key is to expand your horizon and gain as much knowledge as you can. It is your obligation to further research and understand the underlying motives and ulterior motives of the information you comprehend. After doing that, only take with you the information that will benefit you and your loved ones for the better. So you see, it doesn't really matter who VC is working for as long as he is giving you credible information pertaining to the ongoing Illuminati agenda. If your familiar with this site, you'd notice that most of the content VC sheds light on can be found by anyone. Its not like he/she has the key to the Illuminati secret vault of information or something…VC finds things related to the Illuminati and he/she… Read more »
Listen folks we are only as smart about the truth in matters as they let us be. Everything that we have ever learned we learned it from them. Of course they will only tell us lies because for the common person, how are you going to find out the truth unless you have something to do with the story. We look at the news and accuse the people of a crime that the reporter tells us to accuse. They leave out or input key info to make the store sound juicy. They think that we are stupid. They show us adults commercials about bears wiping their behinds with toilet paper. Come on now. Or geckos making it out with humans (GEICO). These commercials aren’t for children they can’t buy toilet paper or car insurance. I hate it! Almost like we have no intelligence and we all “joe six pack” kinda… Read more »
No need to fear every one..No power is stronger than GODS power. Stay strong my people…..But i have always wondered how r we sure vigililantcitizen is not run by the illuminati.U may ask why will the do that??? They can do it to make us fear them even more!!!! Im just saying.. U gotta think outside the box and ive been visiting this website for quite a while but never commented and i always wondered how they always seem to get the key latest details about the illuminati and where do the get the info and sources for there stories,and how they know so much about them in so much details in a way that as soon as any illuminati musci video or something strange that happens they are always the first to find out and point out what means what. Who really started this site and who runs it.… Read more »
I appreciate your concerns and it is always healthy to question everything. I hope I can shed some light on this issue. I didn't find this website until about a year ago. Five years prior to this, I'd been studying the shadow government, NWO, and the general aspects that are causing society to deteriorate. I encourage everyone to not stop at this site, but allow the topics explored here to guide further into the rabbit hole. You will soon discover that those who are trying to shine the light on who and what are corrupting people (especially the youth) are usually not the henchmen of darkness. VC doesn't spread fear. Knowledge is power. Even though some of the information that is discussed here is frightening, it's up to each of us to decide how to handle it. To me, it's about preparation for future events and being able to identify… Read more »

AFRICAN here's what youre saying: "Hey VC, your site has been very informative and enlightening. I've learned a lot from your hard work. You have done the research I'm too lazy to do myself…therefore…YOU ARE ILLUMINATI! Get your pitchforks!"

F**k outta here

Don't let paranoia get the best of you…it is ok to question things, but honestly: vigilant's research and interpretation of these things is pretty spot-on to what these pinheads are really doing to our media outlets. The truth is not always pleasant, but its discovery means there is something more to be found out!:) Keep on your search for truth, even when you think you've already found it…God blessed humans with common sense and the capacity to reason so that we might better be able to discern good from evil–never let that go! Having faith appeases paranoia…lack of questioning leads to denial.

off topic..but does anyone think its a stange all these natural diasters are happening all at once?


In Islam, one of the signs of the end of times is that earthquakes will increase. You should look up all of the signs for there are at least more than 50 minor and major signs altogether. Most of the minor signs have already taken place.

There is weather weaponry that the "elite" use to get such things as earthquakes, strong hurricanes, etc. It's part of their deceptive plan to get people to think these things are acts of God when in fact it's technology that has been developed sometime ago. Nikola Tesla is the one given credit for this technology, though I'm sure others have contributed as well. HAARP also plays a big role in this.