Visa’s “Just Wave and Go” Commercial aka The Human Cattle in a Cashless Society


Yes, this is an ideal vision of the future. ** Takes deep breath ** A bunch of brain dead, robotic humans who move and act in sync, to the beat of conformity, giving the dirty look to whoever dares not to be part of the cattle by not using a credit card that is owned by a private company part of the Bilderberg group and that holds billions of people by the balls due to high interests fees on debt which is, by the way, the single most effective way to keep people subjugated to the rule of big bankers.

Other than that, I liked it.

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138 Comments on "Visa’s “Just Wave and Go” Commercial aka The Human Cattle in a Cashless Society"

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this ad will backfire on visa, its so obvious they're trying to make people like robots on a feeding assembly line. i will definitely boycott this technology.

Weird ass commercial. That would scare the f**k outta me! I remember these commercials. Glad I haven't seen anymore like this.

i hate this ad, "be robot or don't be at all" …those brainwashed fake-smiling zombies are looking at him like he is some dirrty criminal, silly empty shells of people!!!

The private banking system only has control because of Romanus Pontifex of 1455, that is the Roman Empire declared itself to own all the land, all the bodies and all the souls. That's right, in it's bubble, we are it's Roman slaves. But Romanus Pontifex was collapsed June 12 2011. That's right, you are free to go now. Take those shackles off and toss the private bankers card into the Great Plastic Shredder. It is we who choose to give it life, by using it. Be the change you want to see. Stop perpetuating their slavery. Stop making them money so they can control you even more. This time is called 'The Waking of the Dead'. Wakey Wakey!

I first saw this ad on Aussie TV here about 5-6 months ago and i thought it was very peculiar , i am glad that you have done an article about it as it is probably something most people would not get the chance to see with most people not having access to Australian TV commercials as much as we do here.

Combine This :

With the this video and we get :

Rev 13:17

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Just Fascinating Isn't it?

When I saw this ad for the first time and it got to the punchline I instantly thought of it as another step towards everyone having chips implanted..

Shopping, Minority report style.

Electric scanners to get all your License, ID, Bank details or whatever needed at the moment. No more wallets required..

Also, on an extra note, I know it's a cartoon, but season 6 of Futurama has an episode called Attack of the Killer App… Have a watch.. It's pretty good.

I just happened to watch this video and I wanted to punch my computer. I work in retail and I work at a cash buisness a rarity in united slaves states of america. Look at all those robots owned by their bankmasters. Even the lady behind the register with her smug look giving him his change back, ha ha. She shouldn't even have a job they just really need a machine to do her job. At my job the sheep look so angry and inconvienenced when they have to pay cash. I laugh inside and know they are all slaves of the bank. One nation Under Debt, with misery and intrest for all

I've never commented before, but this video made me think of something I watched recently. Did anyone happen to watch the new Disney (dead giveaway right there!) Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension? It just came out about a week ago. The boys, Perry the Platypus and Doofenschmirtz travel to an alternate dimension where another Doofenschmirtz (with a patch over one eye) successfully enslaves the "Tri-state area". The whole town is a complete police state. There are robot "Norms" running the streets ready to blast anyone who is caught outside without their identification. They are all forced to wear the exact same thing, dooferalls, and Perry from that dimension was captured and made into a cyborg. They even show a family portrait of the day they all conformed. Candace and the girl scouts lead the resistance. Perry and Doof join forces to beat the other Doof…The boys… Read more »

To be honest, this is frightening more than anything else. It's like they are all sitting around a table, watching this video, laughing so hard and saying "Look at the slavery and mind-controlled world we created… Hi five David!"

Check this out!!!!!! Omgg the guys who uses the visa card after the guy who pays with cash the prise is 11:90$ (put it backwords) 🙂 this is nuthing to joke around about people it's not that funny

that commercial is complete buuuuuuuuuull S**T! I hate paying with a f*****g card, that s**t takes forever! you have to scan it and then the machine takes its f*****g time making sure im not a cheap ass with no money in the bank and then put in my pin and then sign my fucken name. i say this commercial is backasswards. I.M.O cards take longer

I am close to paying off my last credit card & now pay cash or check (yes, real paper — wow, huh? As old fashioned as vinyl records!) for everything. I refuse to use plastic, credit or debit, for foolish items like coffee or movie tickets. People think I'm a loser for using real cash for everything, and keep telling me how clever they are to use plastic to buy foolish, trivial, unnecessary items, such as the coffee they pay almost five bucks for. They giggle and say, "Look, it's easy. You don't even need cash!" They ("they" being like a person I know, for instance) wander around town using plastic everywhere, then get to the grocery store and get their plastic rejected, try another card, get rejected, etc. & go through various cards, all getting rejected… Groceries they want to buy go into cold storage at the grocery store… Read more »

Great article VC.

I am surprised that you have not posted a lot about the new commercials that have come out the last month or so.

1. cashing checks by taking a picture of the check with an Iphone

2. the new scan barcode stuff where you can use an IPhone- I forget what the commercial was for but you can use your Iphone to scan a barcode through the TV for a commercial. Today I received a verizon wireless bill that had the barcode scanner thing in the corner of the envelop.

I'm sure these are just the smaller steps being taken towards a bigger agenda leading up to what was shown in this commercial as well as a few others. But it is definitely happening.

Thanks Sarah Connor for the tips on ridding of EMF pollution. Might just start taking showers at night instead of morning… I just read the article about the electronic skin tattoo–very interesting! I think we are going to see some "mark" morphing for awhile–until it fully fits God's prophecy and meanwhile we become more and more used to all these different helpful human "accessories".

They looked at the guy with Cash like he is the devil because the people in the commercial are stuck with enormous credit card debt and haven't touched a hundred dollar bill in about 5 years

Shouldn't these idiots that run illuminati be glad that people are using money/ cash that has their number 1 emblem on the back of it! Let alone with the fact that it says IN GOD WE TRUST almost microscopic! above it!

im actually the opposite, i hate when an establishment doesnt take credit or debit, or has a maximum amount you have to spend before they accept it, its annoying. for the record i dont own credit cards(which i believe is a scam) , just a debit. i prefer using a debit card because if i lose my cash, thats it, its pretty much gone, but if i lose my card , i can report it lost, the acct is frozen and my cash is still available from a teller…the benefit is the security, as long as the card is backed by cash you deposit in to your acct then its not really cashless. I cant spend when i dont put in.

I'm so confused about the drive to only use credit as it’s supposed to be "quicker”. I always used my debit card because if I have money in my hand I will burn a hole in my pocket.

But when I moved to New York, NO ONE takes debit. It is a cash only society. So it’s really confusing that they push that plastic is more convenient, while making it impossible to use.

i work in this industry and can say with glee that the take-up of this technology is CLOSE TO ZERO!! outside of london no one uses it, the retailers don't want to risk taking these cards due to fraud risk being passed on to them.

f**k you bilderberg.

And further, I've seen a few places with these card receivers have them removed.

That's already happening. On a personal note, I don't own a credit card, nor credits. My co-workers, all of them own at least two credit cards and their incomes cannot afford them, creating them high rates of interest, they are and will be always in debt. My point is that they criticize people without credit cards, they think it is ridiculous not having one in these days. Further more, they argue it's completely necessary to have a credit card in order to get bails from banks. I've tried to tell them that it is just a bait, and they have absolutely bitten it. Every day, banks push people to own that kind of stuff, plastic money pretending it eases life, when indeed it just enslaves. I know what I am saying it's nothing new to you, just wanting you to know that VC is also and widely read in South… Read more »

here in mexico they put a commercial on, that says hate on dog canned food IN Spanish

this ad was very very creepy.

Thank you VC for posting this and getting the awareness out. A few years back either Visa or Mastercard ran the same type of ad campaign. And now with apps available for selling/purchasing on 'smart' phone and everyone implanted with lovely RFID chips/tats, the cashless global society will be ushered in under the banner of safety and convenience. I was told about this in the early 90's and wrote the guy off as a conspiracy nut.

Ya know, there was a time when the bible was what everybody had to have otherwise the authorities would punish you dearly. That conformity was applied to the entire planet hundreds of years ago. So what if there's a real god in the universe? Doesn't mean it's that one, or anyone of ours. Hell, every ancient deity on earth may well have been some alien visitor with a huge ego trying to push a global cargo cult scam. Since free will is a cosmic axiom, people MUST accept their own enslavement. There isn't any other way to conquer world.

Sorry, did I way world? I meant worlds. This primitive little rock is just one of many. Technology beyond your wildest dreams is everywhere, ideas written into the very fabric of reality. Anything is possible! But so many people are asleep that our civilization's potential is nominal.

I just watched this & I'm nautious. I'm 18 years old, this is not how I want my future to be like just to get something to eat. I don't believe in credit cards so I pay with cash @ all times so that's how it's going to stay for me.

nauseous* sorry.

Look on the prices on the display when the cattlepeople give their card. Sum always 13, at the end 11.

Will they create a problem (11), maybe something out of the actual financial crisis, then this will be the solution they try to push?

Let's do the same, create a problem for them – buy silver – then the reaction – their corrupt financial system will break, because of silver shortage and massive short sales in their books – then the reaction – use the silver we have as currency.

Another positive side effect: we the smart and non corrupt people, who don't like their system, will be the one with money and therefore power.

The guy that paid in cash made a smart move instead of following the crowd

Have any of you heard the radio adverts for flu shots and the chip? I can't be the only one. Its becoming more and more blatant.

i just got my first job and after watching this i don't think am ever gonna opt for any credit card. I buy everything with my own money, just like the guy in the ad. Even though he was given dirty looks he is waaaaaaayyy better off doing what he's doing!

This promo played back to back to the Visa Pay Wave commercial on Australia's Fox Channel, Hosted by Sarah Murdoch.
In 1999, she married Lachlan Murdoch, son of Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

Hahahaha! I know the guy in the middle of the 3 tie flickers 🙂 This ad was so obvious as soon as it came out, trying to make people feel stupid for using cash money. In Australia they are also running a series of ads for EFTPOS which is a completely fear driven, as if we need ads reminding us how we can use EFTPOS instead of cash! Like I said, the agenda here is so obvious if you didn't spot it a mile away your probably not a regular visitor to this sight 😉

I hope I never have to get/use a credit card… (I'm 19) I go with my mom to her bank to get my checks cashed. The tellers ask me every time if I want to open an account, and give me a guilt trip when I say no. Then I save half of my paycheck and put the cold money in my grandfather's 6ft safe, where he also keeps his guns, and important documents like deeds and such. This works for me now, but I don't think it will in the future…. ugh. ?:/

This add be release a couple of profanities the first time I saw it. Seeing it again made me steups. Everyone wants to be cool but sorrry you can keep your credit cards.

I believe there was a similar commercial like this years ago. I think it was the Visa Checkcard in fact. It was advertising the convenience of using a debit card rather than writing out a check. They would show the same kind of uninterrupted flow until someone decides to write a check out. Though they didn't really have the synchronicity that is shown in this commercial. I don't believe in so called "hidden messages" in advertisements or other media, rather the message is simply that instead of digging around for cash, or having to slide your card, it would be easier to use their card with that technology (don't know what it's called) and be on your way. As for the synchronization it's supposed to show how easy and fast using the card is rather than paying cash which "disrupts" the flow when the guy presents it to the cashier.… Read more »

Wow. Thanks VC.

Another example of the media (and those in control of it) pushing boundaries and their ideologies.

I just wish people would wake up and see that they're all being led astray, even my Christian brothers and sisters.

It's frustrating, and the biggest lie is that we can't do anything about it – because we can, and it starts small.

If we all just told two or three people, which encouraged change in their life, and then they did the same with another two or three people, what a difference that could make in a short time.

Don't get sucked into believing one person cannot make a difference.


vc please please you need to watch a movie called ((southland tales )) it has alot of stuff about iraq syria iran the same stuff that news talk about and they mention a world war 3 its so complicated i didnt get it so please analyze the movie whats so weird the movie released in 2006

I Love VC and majority of (if not all) the articles here are extremely thought provoking but i was wondering why VC never has any articles on symbolism in hip hop i listen to all genres of music but i find it to be overwhelming in hip hop videos and music today If anyone here listens to jay z or kanye west im pretty sure you know what i mean anyway they just shot a video for a song called otis where they tear apart a $350,000 dollar maybach also they rap in front of a huge american flag and do the baphomet hand signal repeatdly as they perform if anyone has seen the video look at there hands when they say certain rhymes like "cant you see we gettin money up under you"

I saw an article on MTV where they asked some industry folk what the thought otis meant….google search it…..we cant always just leave it to VC for intepretation, start to look up symbolism and try to decipher and draw your own interpretations..maybe .i can help you along. first off the video is directed by spike jonez, who directed kanye's flashing lights video, which if u remember mixed the whole sex and murder theme, a slow moving video of a sexy very vuluptous model,who strips down to lingerie burns her luxurious mink coat,and with shovel in hand murders kanye in the trunk of a luxury vehicle….look more into his work. ….i saw the video too and just thought it was typical brain wash the youth type video," oh look at how much $ we have, look how cool we look, we will destroy this very expensive vehicle(usually "worshiped" in rap videos,shown… Read more »
@ wow , thank you but no im not a teacher, i just read and research about alot of this stuff myself and have done so for many years, that was only my intepretation doesnt mean it was exact or anything, but its just putting 2 n 2 together,and trying my best to understand what its all about. now to question about tattoos, i would say just what i told the previous commenter, when you have a question first do your own research before you ask someone else , that way you can compare notes instead of just go off some ones eles's ideas. a good way to start off is with a search about "tattoos" or just google "how did tattoos get so popular" do some background reading about the origins of tattoos, who mainly got them in the past and what did they reprsent? theres nothing new under… Read more »
… ur good! I havent seen the video nor heard the song but you explained that so very well. Are you a teacher, if not u should be. I went to philly a little bit ago and noticed how EVERYBODY has a tat (tattoo). Man, woman and child. Can you help me with this one? Why the tats of evil look angels or demons with wings. I mean I think that this spanish old lady had the whole pic of hell on her back. Little girls with tats of their babies foot prints. You name it, somebody's got a tat of it. I looked like I had be locked away because I don't have any. tats of doors, chairs, prayers, stop lights, SS#'s commments, and I even seen one of a bar code on the neck. Is this some part of brain washing goin on? Why is it so wide… Read more »

This commercial goes really well when ran right before the new armed forces commercial where they say they are a global force,, for good.

Could they be any more subtle? How do people who have not read this article not get it after seeing something like this?

A better question: How does Visa get the gall to even say it all so blatantly?

What's with the distinct lack of smiling?

VC, you're awesome for finding this stuff!

Speaking of chips/technology/RFID and stuff, I learned something this last week that I did not know. The new passports have RFID. My husband works in high tech and did not fully understand the implications of this either. At a meeting he had recently they tested out the RFID reading apps you can purchase. Had my huband go to the other side of the room like he was walking in, passport in pocket, and the guy giving the demonstration activated the app. Voila!!! Had ALL his info!! SSN/DOB/Address etc…if freaked him out. He is now getting one of those passport and debit card protectors that can block them from being read. Maybe most of you already knew that? I'm a no-tech soooo…… Also – the UK passport…what's up with that? The chakras and 11' and overall just looking like one big old baphomet? I feel like VC may have even shown… Read more »
Sarah, has your husband heard anything about the company that has developed an RFID tattoo? The company name is Somark, they were based in St. Louis but moved out or are moving out west to CA I think. This is scarey, I think the mark of the beast has to be visual–to indicate identity & worship of the beast–an RFID tattoo could fit that bill. They developed it for farm animals–but how easily that could translate to humans. People are getting so used to tats it wouldn't be such a jump to get an RFID tattoo as it would to get a chip injected. I think people would accept a tattoo much more easily. I wonder if all this other RFID embedded chipping in passports, state ID/drivers licenses could be trial and error for another more permanent ID program? Also, getting us used to RFIDs. Scarey UK passport.

Totally OT but Ij have a hummingbird all up in my business, what an amazingly neurotic little creature!!!

Anyways, not sure but will ask and look into it! Of course in synch this is out in the newsworld today:

My husband works with wireless LAN so you can thank our family for contributing to your EMF pollution. As a peace offering, few things to limit the effects:

1. Walk barefoot on earth at the end of the day…or…take a shower. These both act as conductors to rid your body of the frequencies and you will sleep better!!!

2. Always roll down your window after using your cell in the car, otherwise it is just pinging around on you and yours!

3. Keep wireless phones and cells out of your bedroom while you sleep.

Thanks doodles for the tip! Gonna look into it this weekend. See, sharing is caring 😉

Subliminal 9/11 reference at 0:38. Total amount displayed as 11.90.

An Excellent Observation …… Devil signs everywhere but when you are not blinded they appear in plain sight!

Thank you for noticing this too.

God Bless

It's easier to spend way more than you anticipate when you use a card instead of cash. I take out a certain amount of cash for gas/food each week and budget that way. When using cards, you are freer to buy extra and go over the top. Cash is more literal. You see/feel it leave your wallet. Credit cards are one of the main reasons everyone is in debt. They don't see the cash as it leaves their wallet–they can get instant gratification without the cash to back up their buying fulfilling "instant gratification." If you could only buy with cash, people wouldn't be so over-the-top in debt.

That's me–payin' cash! I pay cash for about everything and checkers say, "What is that?" many-a-times! I love being a little off-beat!

I work in a bank in the credit card division and its the dumbest system I ever heard of. When I asked where the money comes from to give people credit no one could give me a sraight answer. Makes me wonder if the money even exists until you start paying it with interest and bullshit charges.

Working at a bank, surely you know that banks use the money from DEPOSITS to lend at higher rates. The spread (what they pay in interest on deposits vs what they receive in interest on loans) makes up the bulk of profits.

Fractional Reserve Banking………. Designed by the Rothschild Scum!!!!

God Bless

That's funny!

But quite scrary!

@matmar and whoever else is freaking out about "the chip". It's not "the chip" you need to be worried about, it's what you have to profess/believe/submit to to get "the chip"/whatever this mark of the beast is. If you think about it, how much different is money from "the chip"? If you don't have money you cant buy or sell. Why aren't you freaking out about that? I think we need to stop focusing so much on "the chip" and start paying attention to what you have to believe/proclaim to get "the chip". The original hand and head mark is seen in Exodus 13:9 "It shall be as a sign to you on your hand and as a memorial between your eyes," And Satan's attempt to copy God because that's all he can do Rev. 13:16"He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive… Read more »

You know I've been hearing a lot about that too. The mark in the head being the brain and accepting the mark of God is his law. Forerunner777 did a video on the same thing and he asked 200 people about a rapper having a tattoo on his face and what was it. Everybody knew that it was a icecream cone but not one person knew the 4th commendment. Wow it was shocking to see that we know whats on a persons face and dont even know God's Laws. It's on youtube Christopher Hudson is his name.

@jade – Jesus' priest hood comes in the order of Melchizedek not in the order of Aaron. Therefore the ten commandments don't apply to those that believe in Jesus.

Hey Clint, That definetly needed to be said. When I talk about the chip or the "mark" I assume people know what that means. I always wondered how that would work out, would they be very blatant about that at that point? Or will they try and mask what people will profess/submit to? I definetly feel like they are approaching people with the blatant route, music is getting really ballsy as far as Satanism goes, and it goes far in the pop industry now. A little off topic and I hate talking about Pop media but peep Odd Future and Terry the creator- This guy is really pushing the agenda of effed up morals and dissing Jesus onto hipsters and hip hop heads while advertising Allister Crowley tshirts. Then you have Jay-z's clothing line, The TISA clothing line. And t's all appealing to hipsters, hip hop heads, skateboarders, black youth… Read more »