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USA admits adding fluoride to water is damaging teeth and has been a big experiment (video)



In the article entitled Dumbing Down Society Part I: Foods, Beverages and Meds, I’ve mentioned research claiming that fluoride in drinking water had no beneficial effects on teeth. Studies are now confirming that fluoride has detrimental effects on teeth (imagine what it does to the brain).


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"Too much of a good thing?" Since when is a POISION good at all? Fluoride is more poison than LEAD and nearly as poisonous as ARSENIC. It causes bone decay (including teeth), cancer, birth defects, among countless other effects. Our government already knows this and is putting it in our water to lower the IQ of the masses and slowly turn us into entertainment-saturated zombies who will be completely dependent upon the elite. WAKE UP PEOPLE! If the government really cared about our health don't you think they'd be putting VITAMINS and MINERALS in our water?? Not POISON!!!! We need to spread this information like wildfire, our children's lives our at sake!!


website with lots of info I think i read (long ago) hitler was the first to use flouride as a way of making the population "docile" The fluoride in water and consumable products is not the natural occuring type, but a toxic by-product of the agricultural/fertilizer industry…it is so toxic that is is illegal to dump it, so it gets sold to the water companies etc etc…..what a weird world. I use a well, and when not at home just buy spring water (read the label carefully) many bottled waters are "municipal water" i.e…outta the tap (faucet) then filtered by reverse osmosis (basically thousands of hair thin "straws" with miniscule holes which trap the minerals) then they add their own manufactured minerals just for fun…go to the various bottled water websites and read the mineral content in all of them, they are all almost the same, except one will have a little more of "x" and another will have a little more of "y", and all the websites appear to be designed by the same designer regardless of brand. i believe that using an RO filter in your house will remove all minerals (not good) and all the brita… Read more »

Soul Star

I didnt get a chance to read all comments but to point you guys in direction on effects of the brain incase it was not mentioned research the pineal gland in the brain, what it repersents scientifically in it works on the body, and what it spiritually repersent and how sodium fluoride effects in assisting with dumbing down society. i can get deeper but looking up both health/ Scientific and the spirtual of pineal gland and insight should come fast, i would get more indepth but i am about to head to bed, i may expand on this further if needed but yeah it should be easy to link together whats going on all you need to do is look for it. and you will find interesting thing about the pineal gland being portrayed in illumanati and the pope and catholic church, and so on.


And what are they gonna do to fix it?! This makes me so angry I am NOT proud of being american! Im sick of all this c**p ! This is not freedom, this is not the land where dreams come true. I am a dental assistant and i remember in school how they hammered it into our heads that fluoride was good for you so was mercury in the amalgam (silver) fillings. Bunch of bs…..the whole United States of America is a load of c**p!!!


”Chlorine and fluoride are the biggest killers of modern times they are insidious poisons.” by Dr. Joseph M. Price


wow is all i have to say on this one!


A bit late, I know, but…

I think they'll reduce fluoride in the water, simply because they no longer need it to dull people's minds.

Remember, they sold it to us with the idea of protecting our teeth from decay (which it does, whether it's by making the teeth harder or by killing the bugs that try to use our teeth as food…remember, it IS a poison, wouldn't surprise me if THAT'S how it works). Now that they can dumb us down, they no longer need to hide it in the guise of stronger teeth and fewer cavities.

And with there being lesser industry in the USA, there's less need to hide the fluoride waste.

So they cut it and act like they're doing us a favor, when they're cutting costs on their enslaving us.


Not once did they mention fluoride being an industrial waste.


Why is Fox news the only mainstream media outlet that seems to be leaking the truth. We have all seen their bias and predjudice on display. Yet here are they focusing on so called 'conspiracy' theory. Is it to make others more aware or to spread disbelief? It seems sincere which is really puzzling. Regardless its nice to see that news could actually be factual for once.


Makes no effing sense in the first place. Toothpaste has fluoride in it. So do most mouthwashes. Why do we need it in the water we drink? Our stomachs and organs certainly don't need fluoride


I haven't been able to view videos on this site for weeks now.

i keep getting a message stating, 'need adobe '. On my phone. I used to be able to watch them all! Something changed.

I can sometimes find it myself on youtube. …

but, without a title and front/first picture, I can't find them.

I've missed SO many videos!

Can anyone help, please?

Thank you, Ann


i suggest dumbing down "technology"

its hurting the earth

and making us lazy therefore we are evolving to be more lazy being


"Too much of a good thing" – lmaoooooooooo

well now even the elitist of all television networks are laughing in the faces of the american people.


I read a study somewhere, hell it might of been an old nat geo I can't remember. they test the teeth of some tribe somewhere, who are obviously only consuming natural things. although their teeth are yellowed, there was no sign of any types of tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath, etc. and yellowed teeth (in this case at least) is only aesthetic. (although in our case it's probably caused by chemicals and s--t) keep in kind these people use no toothbrushes or floss or anything, and would be consuming pure water via nature.

ANYWAYS, when more 'modern' foods where introduced into their diet, they noticed increased tooth decay and all that. if we were just consuming truly healthy foods are bodies wouldn't need us to take care of ourselves to clean up our mess

Sarah Connor

You got it!!! Whole foods vs processed foods makes a HUGE difference!!


Hey I read that report in a textbook I had in cultural anthropology class. Yeah, they had strong teeth. But then canned foods were introduced to them and thats what caused problems in their teeth later.

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amusing how he's introduced by the fox anchor who suggesests it is "too much of a good thing" even though the guy interviewed even puts into question whether it was ever a "good thing." also amusing how the idiot anchor says "i didn't know there were toothpastes without flouride" – sometimes it seems that pairing important news with idiot anchors casts the whole story as stupid. interesting that the guy interviewed is antiflouride and restrained his own p.o.v. so well in order to be heard out. in any case, interesting it was on fox.

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oh, and especially lack of mention of the non sequitur relating to systemic ingestion of a rat poison to superficially treat teeth decay …


Thanks Emery for your thoughts. I'm thinking way more about ever using it again. Interesting reading further about how it affect the pineal gland. A while back, I had intense problems with my sleep/wake patterns and my seratonin levels were so low that I had to take an antidepressent. It helped me for a bit until I realized how horrific THAT medication is. Thankfully, I'm eating whole foods, get exercise and am now off them. But many family members still have this issue. I always have felt it was due to chemicals/toxins affecting some part of the body.

Sarah Connor

So here is some interesting stuff on the pineal gland and flouride. I've mentioned it a few times and found this article from VC which I thought was very cool:

Also interesting to note how much pine cone (represents pineal gland) symbology there is out there within the elite/priest/ruling class. Here is one little video that talks of just that:


Everything is frikken fluoridated >.<

A list from 2005 of everything Americans consume with fluoride. I am shocked!


I grew up with fluoride in my drinking water from living in Michigan. Moved to Oregon in my adulthood. They dentist cracked open my mouth and said, "you didn't grow up here, did you." I said, no, why? They said, "anyone who grew up here has a ton of cavities." I had "0" cavities until I moved to Oregon and I started to get a few. Therefore, I started getting the fluoride treatment from the dentist yearly and haven't had a problem since.

I fully agree that it shouldn't be in the water…but I think it can help prevent tooth decay. Any thoughts????


Is Oregon’s tap water not fluoridated? I find your story interesting. But to me, even if it does help with tooth decay- there are other ways to prevent such problems that don’t put the rest of your body at risk. It is proven to be extremely detrimental to your central nervous system (just one example).

The cons far outweigh the pros.

Fluoride doesn’t stand alone, it always combines with something. When it is in your body, it attaches to the calcium and collects in your body. There are many parts of your body that require calcium besides your teeth… and that’s one reason it affects the central nervous system so much- because the CNS needs LOTS of calcium to function properly. Anyway, I’m not trying to claim I have all (or any) answers, but these are just a couple things I have learned along the way. I’ve been fluoridated my whole life, and have always had cavities.


Thanks for your thoughts. I'm thinking way more about ever using it again. Interesting reading further about how it affect the pineal gland. A while back, I had intense problems with my sleep/wake patterns and my seratonin levels were so low that I had to take an antidepressent. It helped me for a bit until I realized how horrific that medication is. Thankfully, I'm eating whole foods, get exercise and am now off them. But many family members still have this issue. I always have felt it was due to chemicals/toxins affecting some part of the body.


Random little fact I learned a while back, you may already know this. But you mentioned your serotonin levels were low, so that's what made me think of this. Anyway, if you ever feel thirsty, that means you are at least 3 full glasses of water behind where you should be. And if you are dehydrated, your body produces very little serotonin. Also, something to consider- if you are dehydrated- obviously your brain is thirsty, too. and since your brain functions with electrical impulses- what do you think conducts the electricity? water… So if you are lacking the water your brain needs, in a sense it misfires and thus causing headaches, confusion and inability to function properly. So if you find that you are depressed, tired, apathetic, and achy- consider a couple tall glasses of water instead of a pill- because chances are that is really all you need. Anyway, good luck to you- I hope maybe this either helped or reassured you. Listen to your body, it is usually pretty good at telling you what you need. but on another note, damn that sodium fluoride! have you seen the film FoodMatters? Check it out if you get the chance!… Read more »

Flouride sucks

Is there anyway to reverse the affects of flourosis on my teeth?

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