USA admits adding fluoride to water is damaging teeth and has been a big experiment (video)


In the article entitled Dumbing Down Society Part I: Foods, Beverages and Meds, I’ve mentioned research claiming that fluoride in drinking water had no beneficial effects on teeth. Studies are now confirming that fluoride has detrimental effects on teeth (imagine what it does to the brain).



  1. "Too much of a good thing?" Since when is a POISION good at all? Fluoride is more poison than LEAD and nearly as poisonous as ARSENIC. It causes bone decay (including teeth), cancer, birth defects, among countless other effects. Our government already knows this and is putting it in our water to lower the IQ of the masses and slowly turn us into entertainment-saturated zombies who will be completely dependent upon the elite. WAKE UP PEOPLE! If the government really cared about our health don't you think they'd be putting VITAMINS and MINERALS in our water?? Not POISON!!!! We need to spread this information like wildfire, our children's lives our at sake!!

  2. website with lots of info

    I think i read (long ago) hitler was the first to use flouride as a way of making the population "docile"

    The fluoride in water and consumable products is not the natural occuring type, but a toxic by-product of the agricultural/fertilizer industry…it is so toxic that is is illegal to dump it, so it gets sold to the water companies etc etc…..what a weird world.

    I use a well, and when not at home just buy spring water (read the label carefully) many bottled waters are "municipal water" i.e…outta the tap (faucet) then filtered by reverse osmosis (basically thousands of hair thin "straws" with miniscule holes which trap the minerals) then they add their own manufactured minerals

    just for fun…go to the various bottled water websites and read the mineral content in all of them, they are all almost the same, except one will have a little more of "x" and another will have a little more of "y", and all the websites appear to be designed by the same designer regardless of brand.

    i believe that using an RO filter in your house will remove all minerals (not good) and all the brita type filters have very small print which says "does not remove fluoride"

    my knowledge of RO filters comes from training as a dialysis technician….dialysis requires the use of RO filtered water as the water needs to be mineral free for dialysis.

  3. I didnt get a chance to read all comments but to point you guys in direction on effects of the brain incase it was not mentioned research the pineal gland in the brain, what it repersents scientifically in it works on the body, and what it spiritually repersent and how sodium fluoride effects in assisting with dumbing down society. i can get deeper but looking up both health/ Scientific and the spirtual of pineal gland and insight should come fast, i would get more indepth but i am about to head to bed, i may expand on this further if needed but yeah it should be easy to link together whats going on all you need to do is look for it. and you will find interesting thing about the pineal gland being portrayed in illumanati and the pope and catholic church, and so on.

  4. And what are they gonna do to fix it?! This makes me so angry I am NOT proud of being american! Im sick of all this c**p ! This is not freedom, this is not the land where dreams come true. I am a dental assistant and i remember in school how they hammered it into our heads that fluoride was good for you so was mercury in the amalgam (silver) fillings. Bunch of bs…..the whole United States of America is a load of c**p!!!

  5. A bit late, I know, but…

    I think they'll reduce fluoride in the water, simply because they no longer need it to dull people's minds.

    Remember, they sold it to us with the idea of protecting our teeth from decay (which it does, whether it's by making the teeth harder or by killing the bugs that try to use our teeth as food…remember, it IS a poison, wouldn't surprise me if THAT'S how it works). Now that they can dumb us down, they no longer need to hide it in the guise of stronger teeth and fewer cavities.

    And with there being lesser industry in the USA, there's less need to hide the fluoride waste.

    So they cut it and act like they're doing us a favor, when they're cutting costs on their enslaving us.

  6. Why is Fox news the only mainstream media outlet that seems to be leaking the truth. We have all seen their bias and predjudice on display. Yet here are they focusing on so called 'conspiracy' theory. Is it to make others more aware or to spread disbelief? It seems sincere which is really puzzling. Regardless its nice to see that news could actually be factual for once.

  7. Makes no effing sense in the first place. Toothpaste has fluoride in it. So do most mouthwashes. Why do we need it in the water we drink? Our stomachs and organs certainly don't need fluoride

  8. I haven't been able to view videos on this site for weeks now.

    i keep getting a message stating, 'need adobe '. On my phone. I used to be able to watch them all! Something changed.

    I can sometimes find it myself on youtube. …

    but, without a title and front/first picture, I can't find them.

    I've missed SO many videos!

    Can anyone help, please?

    Thank you, Ann

  9. I read a study somewhere, hell it might of been an old nat geo I can't remember. they test the teeth of some tribe somewhere, who are obviously only consuming natural things. although their teeth are yellowed, there was no sign of any types of tooth decay, gum diseases, bad breath, etc. and yellowed teeth (in this case at least) is only aesthetic. (although in our case it's probably caused by chemicals and s**t) keep in kind these people use no toothbrushes or floss or anything, and would be consuming pure water via nature.

    ANYWAYS, when more 'modern' foods where introduced into their diet, they noticed increased tooth decay and all that. if we were just consuming truly healthy foods are bodies wouldn't need us to take care of ourselves to clean up our mess

    • Hey I read that report in a textbook I had in cultural anthropology class. Yeah, they had strong teeth. But then canned foods were introduced to them and thats what caused problems in their teeth later.

  10. amusing how he's introduced by the fox anchor who suggesests it is "too much of a good thing" even though the guy interviewed even puts into question whether it was ever a "good thing." also amusing how the idiot anchor says "i didn't know there were toothpastes without flouride" – sometimes it seems that pairing important news with idiot anchors casts the whole story as stupid. interesting that the guy interviewed is antiflouride and restrained his own p.o.v. so well in order to be heard out. in any case, interesting it was on fox.

    • oh, and especially lack of mention of the non sequitur relating to systemic ingestion of a rat poison to superficially treat teeth decay …

      • Thanks Emery for your thoughts. I'm thinking way more about ever using it again. Interesting reading further about how it affect the pineal gland. A while back, I had intense problems with my sleep/wake patterns and my seratonin levels were so low that I had to take an antidepressent. It helped me for a bit until I realized how horrific THAT medication is. Thankfully, I'm eating whole foods, get exercise and am now off them. But many family members still have this issue. I always have felt it was due to chemicals/toxins affecting some part of the body.

  11. So here is some interesting stuff on the pineal gland and flouride. I've mentioned it a few times and found this article from VC which I thought was very cool:

    Also interesting to note how much pine cone (represents pineal gland) symbology there is out there within the elite/priest/ruling class. Here is one little video that talks of just that:

  12. I grew up with fluoride in my drinking water from living in Michigan. Moved to Oregon in my adulthood. They dentist cracked open my mouth and said, "you didn't grow up here, did you." I said, no, why? They said, "anyone who grew up here has a ton of cavities." I had "0" cavities until I moved to Oregon and I started to get a few. Therefore, I started getting the fluoride treatment from the dentist yearly and haven't had a problem since.

    I fully agree that it shouldn't be in the water…but I think it can help prevent tooth decay. Any thoughts????

    • Is Oregon’s tap water not fluoridated? I find your story interesting. But to me, even if it does help with tooth decay- there are other ways to prevent such problems that don’t put the rest of your body at risk. It is proven to be extremely detrimental to your central nervous system (just one example).

      The cons far outweigh the pros.

      Fluoride doesn’t stand alone, it always combines with something. When it is in your body, it attaches to the calcium and collects in your body. There are many parts of your body that require calcium besides your teeth… and that’s one reason it affects the central nervous system so much- because the CNS needs LOTS of calcium to function properly. Anyway, I’m not trying to claim I have all (or any) answers, but these are just a couple things I have learned along the way. I’ve been fluoridated my whole life, and have always had cavities.

      • Thanks for your thoughts. I'm thinking way more about ever using it again. Interesting reading further about how it affect the pineal gland. A while back, I had intense problems with my sleep/wake patterns and my seratonin levels were so low that I had to take an antidepressent. It helped me for a bit until I realized how horrific that medication is. Thankfully, I'm eating whole foods, get exercise and am now off them. But many family members still have this issue. I always have felt it was due to chemicals/toxins affecting some part of the body.

      • Random little fact I learned a while back, you may already know this. But you mentioned your serotonin levels were low, so that's what made me think of this. Anyway, if you ever feel thirsty, that means you are at least 3 full glasses of water behind where you should be. And if you are dehydrated, your body produces very little serotonin. Also, something to consider- if you are dehydrated- obviously your brain is thirsty, too. and since your brain functions with electrical impulses- what do you think conducts the electricity? water… So if you are lacking the water your brain needs, in a sense it misfires and thus causing headaches, confusion and inability to function properly. So if you find that you are depressed, tired, apathetic, and achy- consider a couple tall glasses of water instead of a pill- because chances are that is really all you need. Anyway, good luck to you- I hope maybe this either helped or reassured you. Listen to your body, it is usually pretty good at telling you what you need.

        but on another note, damn that sodium fluoride!

        have you seen the film FoodMatters? Check it out if you get the chance! I think you will really like it! I hate watching TV and movies… and I watch that film with every person that is willing to sit down for an hour and watch it with me, haha

  13. I always like to thank VC for the wonderful work, but I also want to thank all the people who read, comment and share these articles. We all learn from each other, and I think that is great. Keep it up, everyone!

  14. Instead of flouride there is a movement called "oil pulling". Swishing certain types of edible oil like coconut oil in the mouth, around the teeth and gums, to clean the teeth is an old form of oral care. There are books that claim oil pulling can eliminate certain diseases that originate in the mouth. Floride will become a joke in the future.

  15. In the mid 80's I was in elementary school and our school participated in some sort of dental program where once a week an aide would come into our classroom and give each student fluoride to "swish" for 30 seconds in our mouth….I remember doing that for several years…I wonder now what was the actual "point" of that….SMH

    • To keep your teeth whole.

      Remember, there was no internet as we know it, nor even a prototype. It was either glossy prints with all the bona-fides or some badly printed tract that made Soviet Russia books (or India books – I've seen both) look good. Government and all the other pillars of society were still believed in; and I'm sure people remembered how badly teeth help up before "the twin miracles" of Stannous Fluoride and fluoridated water.

      In a way, I'm sure Vaccination still enjoys this halo. After all, there were still strong memories of what Polio did to people and how the "Vaccines Quashed The Menace" (now we can see that Polio was already receding, even if the vaccines helped out). Smallpox was also remembered (and still stands as a successful example of the power of vaccines).

    • They had the same program in my school.

      But it was something you had to pay for, making more than my family could afford.

      I remember feeling a little left out while I watched

      my classmates swishing their little cups fluoride

      during the special time the teacher allotted.

      Little did I know…Broke-ness sometimes has advantages.

  16. ya know, just because they say on the news that they're lowering the fluoride levels, doesn't mean they actually are. Just food for thought.

    • I KNOW, RIGHT?! I try to tell people just because they act like they care, doesn't mean they are really doing what they say! And besides, we don't need them to reduce the amount- we need them to take it out completely! Find another way to rid themselves of the toxic waste! But that is not going to happen. Not in this lifetime.

      Not until the "useless eaters" are all gone will the elite make the water pure again.

  17. I think it's funny how the earth's natural resources are taxed, paid, and manipulated by people. Did man make water? No! I wouldn't be surprised if the "elite" decided to tax sun rays.

  18. Fluoride like anything else has pro's and con's. If the amount that occurs naturally is 2 mg/l and the amount that a water purveyor ads is 2 mg/l or less there would be no bad effects. But you also have to take into account the amount in other things you use daily like toothpaste. Too much of anything can be bad. But as long as the total amount is limited to 4 mg/l or less it does help prevent tooth decay and has no other adverse effects.

    • I have to disagree. I don't believe anything that is classified as "more toxic than lead" is okay in any amount. Sure, it won't "kill" you in small doses. But if you have the option to keep it out of your body- why not? This is one quote from the chronological history of sodium fluoride:

      1954 Charles E. Perkins, the scientist sent by the U.S. to Germany after World War II to supervise the breakup of I.G. Farben, states, “the real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistence of the masses to domination and control, and loss of liberty.”

      Isn't that why we are all here? Because we are losing our control and our liberty? How can we accept one facet of our own demise by saying "It is good for your teeth."

      So what? There are many cheaper, more effective and more beneficial ways of doing that without adding a neuro-toxin to our most precious life source, water. If you want healthy teeth, clean them and intake calcium. Toxins that inhibit your central nervous system don't seem like a more ideal option…….

      And I don't mean to seem defensive- I am just very passionate about this issue. I have been fed chemicals, genetically modified organisms, processed junk and toxic water my whole life- and I am sick of this joke on humanity. Absolutely appalled that we have gotten to this point. I cant change anyone's mind, but I can definitely put my thoughts out there- and prevent any more CRAP from entering my precious temple.

      • For those that elect not to have this in their water there is a very simple fix. All that is needed is to attach a simple activated carbon filter or a small reverse osmosis system to their tap and it will remove fluoride, chlorine, etc. and the problem is solved.

      • You are right. But for worry warts like myself, I care too much about everyone else, too- and just wish we weren't in the position to even worry about toxins in the water. Especially toxins that man deliberately added.

    • OK, I'll bite.

      What are fluoride's pros?

      I wonder why scientists offered a high dollar award to anyone who could find the pros of fluoride?

      From article: "A few antis have offered a "reward" for proving that fluoridation is safe. During the 1970s, a $100,000 offer required the pros to post a bond "to cover any costs which the offerers of the reward might incur if the proof is deemed invalid." The offer did not state who would judge the evidence, but it was safe to assume that the antis themselves would have appointed the judges. If a suit had been filed to collect the reward, the court might have ruled that the offer was a gambling bet that should not be enforced by a court. Such a suit would have required at least $25,000 for the bond and legal fees. Even if it had been won, however, there was no assurance that the money would have been recovered from the individuals who sponsored the reward. Most of them were elderly and scattered widely throughout the United States and Canada."

      From link:
      The article basicly says that the fluoride "conspiracy" has been around since the 70s and the anti-fluoride campaigners (antis) were paranoid.

      • the fluoride conspiracy has been going on since the early 1900s. (You could even claim since the late 1800s)

        1855 Smelters in Freiburg, Germany first paid damages to neighbors injured by fluoride emissions. (See 1893)

        1893 The smelters in Freiburg, Germany paid out 80,000 marks in damages for fluorine contamination injuries and 644,000 marks for permanent relief. (See 1855, 1900, 1907).

        1900 The existence of the smelting industry in Germany and Great Britain is threatened by successful lawsuits for fluorine damage and by budensome laws and regulations.

        1907 The smelters in Freiburg, Germany (see 1893) are identified as the cause of cripplied cattle in the area since 1877, and fluorides are identified as the culprit.

        1916 The first evidence of brown mottling of teeth is reported in the United States, and would be eventually found to be caused by fluorides in water.

        1922 Aluminum production (along with production of toxic by-product sodium fluoride) increases. Aluminum cookware is mass introduced in the US, beginning the gradual accumulation of aluminum in the brains of Americans. Additional aluminum is injected into society in “antacids” and toothpaste tubes, which aggrevate the action of toxic fluorides

        and the list goes on and on.

      • @Emery

        Thanks for adding this information. Fluoride is a naturally occuring chemical, but that doesn't mean that it has any helpful properties. I'll have to find the name of the person who first discovered/claimed that fluoride was good for your teeth. It would be interesting to see his background and who he worked for/with and how many years it was tested to decide that he was "right" in his claims.

        Arsenic is a naturally occuring chemical as well, but I can honestly argue that it has a good purpose because it helped cure the stray dog I took in of his heart worms. I'm still trying to find the benefits of fluoride though. I guess I'm one of those paranoid "antis" from the article I linked above!

      • Read through what I was quoting (Google "Fluoride: A chronological history" I printed it out, and I think it's about 40 pages long!) Basically goes year by year, person by person, company by company- Research and opinions and propaganda about sodium fluoride from late 1800s to today. You may find your answer about who started this crap.

    • lol! Nolemmingshere? Um… you just regurgitated mind controlled propaganda. Did you know that Fluoride is in just about everything, diet soda, milk, fast foods, foods… etc… your intake is far more than what you suggest.

      BTW, they don't put it in fertilizer because it would kill the plants. In humans it causes such conditions as liver and kidney damage, weakened immune system, cancer, symptoms akin to fibromyalgia, lower IQ’s, and Alzheimer’s disease… Yay!!!! Diet Coke anyone?!

      • ooo me, me! I would like some diet coke! gotta get my daily dose of e. coli feces…. the amazing sweetener aspartame! mmmm baby, tastes so good to be dumb!

      • Well I can't believe I'm going to do this, but in nolemmings defense, I noticed on another thread that he/she has been a teacher for 35 years. Deductive reasoning then would lead me to conclude then that he/she is late 50's early 60's or older. There are decades of social/scientific/media conditioning and propoganda that must be broken through. Cognitive dissonance comes to mind. Many of nolemmings replies remind me of my dad's right before and in the beginning when he agreed to walk down this path with me.

      • Sarah, I fully agree. Which is why I tried not to seem condescending with my remarks. I have respect for everyone, but especially my elders and those who are teachers. I do not think for one second that because my opinions differ that means the other opinion is ignorant. But I also agree with you about decades of "social/scientific/media conditioning and propaganda" needing to be broken through. I hope that if nolemmings reads this, they understand I am not trying to claim victory over these things- I am working on my own deprogramming right now. I hope together we can learn- young and old- bridge the generational gap and band together to fight against this. Or at least refuse to lay down and take it blindly. We all can learn from each other, so no one here is played a fool. Light and love to you all, my vigilant brothers and sisters.

      • You got it missy!!! I don't think you sounded condenscending at all!! You should hear the way I have to talk to my dad sometimes 🙂 Out of love of course. Those walls/foundations that have been improperly laid are hard to break through and I notice them frequently with nolemming. I feel compassion cause in some ways it's not their fault, but once you lead a horse to water……..

        I am constantly reminded that the more I learn, the less I realize I know!!! lol

        Talk about deprogramming!

    • @nolemmings

      I just realized what you said

      "If the amount that occurs naturally is 2 mg/l and the amount that a water purveyor ads is 2 mg/l or less there would be no bad effects."

      That would be true- if the fluoride they add to the water was the same as what occurs naturally. But that is the difference. Calcium fluoride is what occurs naturally and gets into our streams and lakes… whereas sodium fluoride is a result of aluminum production that is highly toxic- not calcium fluoride.

      "The solution to pollution is dilution"

    • You are kidding right? The government knows all too well. Read the chronological history of sodium fluoride, you will be shocked at how much the government knows and has done.

  19. Now them admits….

    It seems strange to admit it now, then always denied it, This is Holy s**t, all the s**t that made us believe, is boushit… soo now them said.. "Fluoride to water is damaging teeth",

    when I have problems of disease throughout the body, should go to hell!! all them

  20. HOLY CRAP fox news is talking about it? Ha!


    Fluoride is a derivative of Fluorine which is the 13th most common element in the Earth's crust.

    Calcium fluoride is found naturally in water sources.

    Sodium fluoride, which is what is in the water- is a waste by-product.

    Google the chronological history of sodium fluoride. Very interesting to say the least.

    I refuse to drink fluoridated water. I choose dehydration over it. I take every step possible to ensuring I have the purest water possible- otherwise I suffer without. Personally, it is more important to stay aware of what goes into my cells than to just accept what comes my way. Some may disagree, but for those who do- I say do your own thing, and I will do mine.

    I am happy this way, and it proves to the people around me how serious this detrimental compound is to our brains, bones and central nervous system.

    • I cringe when I am eating food or drinking water outside of my R.O. system in my house. I don't think fox actually addressed the issue of fluoride being poisonous, they danced around the subject and just said TOO much fluoride will cause this tooth disease called fluorosis. You see they simply alleviated the blame off the fluoride and blamed the disease. Then spamming fluoride "facts" on the side of the screen which were total BS. This is typical of the media, to talk about a very serious issue that has been buzzing in the public's ears for some time now but completely redirect the actual problem.

  21. it's been long time ago almost everyone knew the effect of flouride in a persons body. flouride in the toothpaste, and now in the water? how much flouride can a person's body can handle? . is the FDA doing its work? just asking…

    • I make my own toothpaste. It is cheap, it is more effective, and it is without toxins and chemicals. All you need is to mix 1 teaspoon baking soda with 1/4 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide and add a drop or two of organic peppermint oil- BAM! Feels great, white teeth, no yucky stuff!! And super cheap!

      • I don't make my own, but this stuff that I've been using recently is the next best thing. It's called ToothSoap, its 100% organic, as its created from essential oils, mainly coconut and extra virgin olive oil, and doesn't have any sodium flouride, propylene glycol, lye (Sodium Hydroxide- aka drain cleaner), or sand (Hydrated Silica) or any other toxic additives which are found in almost every major brand of toothpaste. The ToothSoap comes in the form of small little waxy shreds that dissolve in your mouth after you slightly chew on them and start brushing your teeth. It's incredible how much cleaning foam (or soap) just one of these tiny little shreds creates. After brushing, my teeth have a really smooth sheen that you'd normally get after a cleaning at the dentist. The best part is its relatively cheap, as a 15 dollar investment of 180 shreds should last you around 6 months. Here's a link from Naturalnews that reviews the product more in depth.

      • Hey don't add hydrogen peroxide to your toothpaste it causes cancer. Less white teeth or cancer? You can get your teeth whiter other ways.

      • It isn't good to swallow hydrogen peroxide, but I have never heard of it being cancerous- and cannot seem to find any evidence that suggests that. You may want to check your facts.

  22. No body beleaves in me when i tell them these stuf.teachers, students, even friends say im dum.they dont beleave in weather controling machine and illiuminati.thier so ignorant and cant notice it :/ well we will see everything in 2012 its all or nothing

    • man seriously don't believe this 2012 crap, it is just the elites plan to put fear into people so when somebody does something stupid on 2012 they'll just take away more of our freedom.

    • Well with that kind of grammar I am sure its hard to convince people you are not dumb. Then on top of that you're probably ranting and raving about the year 2012 because you watched a movie that said the world was going to end. It's safe to say you're not really a credible source of insight.

    • … weaken our immune system and make us more dependent on medication.

      …………because population of sick people can be manipulated more easily

      …………….& they also profit from selling those =full of side-effects= garbage

      • FDA was known as Bureau of Chemistry and I don't think they really care about consequences of public health. What's the point of needing them when they trying to deteriorate your health.

      • People in the United States and Canada should all come together, especially the ones on this website and start a petition to sue their governments like Erin Brockovich did. One thing the government despises is bad publicity and public scrutiny. If no one does anything they'll just keep telling people that their going to decrease the level of the poison but in reality will just increase it, or add some other form of harmful chemical to kill us off faster.

    • Yes – Friggin Dumb Arses! Research how many people who worked/work for the FDA either come from, or are transferred to pharmaceutical jobs with cushy pay, many times overseas. There is a 'revolving door' between the two industries/agencies…….And now thanks to bill S.510, the Food Safety Modernization Act passed in December, the FDA now has even greater reaching authority and power regarding our food supply:

      "Spanning some150 pages, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act would authorize the FDA to dictate how farmers grow fruits and vegetables, including rules governing soil, water, hygiene, packing, temperatures, and even what animals may roam which fields and when. It would also increase inspections of food “facilities” and tax them to do so. And, fulfilling the dream of a long line of agency officials, the bill grants the FDA unilateral authority to order recalls."

      The opportunity for government/over regulation and abuse here is frightening.


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