UK Think Tank Wants School Teachers to Address “Conspiracy Theories”

Demos: Keeping an "eye" on the people.

Here’s a very interesting BBC report on British youth learning about conspiracy theories on the internet.

Is the internet rewriting history?

Osama Bin Laden is not dead; 9/11 was an inside job; and police were slow to tackle this summer’s rioters as an excuse to lock up a whole raft of young black men.

Conspiracy theories like these are nothing new; opposing views to the official line given by authorities are in fact crucial in exposing deceptions.

However, independent think tank Demos says that young people do not know how to navigate this information when it appears on the Internet.

“We have something like a Wild West on the internet,” says Jamie Bartlett, senior researcher at Demos.

“There’s a huge amount of very trustworthy, academic, good bits of journalism [on the internet], more than ever before, which is extremely liberating.

But at the same time, equal proportions of distortions, propaganda, lies, mistruths, half-truths and all sorts of rubbish. It can be very difficult, especially for younger people, to sort the wheat from the chaff.”


As part of their research into the influence of the internet on young people, Demos teamed up with creative agency Bold for a workshop exploring digital literacy at a secondary school in Tower Hamlets, in East London.

Pupils were asked to rate various sources of information – the government, Twitter, the Guardian newspaper, their family – according to how much they trusted it. The results were telling.

Closest to the heading ‘Trust’ the pupils placed YouTube; somewhere near the heading ‘Distrust’, they placed the government.

As part of the exercise, the pupils were asked what kind of videos they had viewed online. A lot of discussion ensued about various conspiracy theories. All the pupils had seen videos about 9/11, but were not sure who had made them.

“Those ones are true,” said Aminul Islam, 16.

“There was a documentary, I forgot the name of the guy, but he presented evidence that 9/11 was an inside job. I saw it on the internet – I don’t know what website it was,” said Rizwan Choudhury, 16.

It is the same with news surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden. Pupils said that they had found evidence showing that he was not killed when it was reported that he had been.

The pupils at this school are predominantly of Bangladeshi Muslim heritage, and stories relating to Muslim communities are a common theme in their internet research.

However, Demos say that this problem is not limited to one community, but is prevalent among deprived communities in general.
‘Digital literacy’

At another school session – this time at Shorefields Technology College in Liverpool, the class is more ethnically diverse. Videos raising questions about 9/11 are still the first examples of conspiracy theories to be discussed.

Some pupils are more sophisticated in their knowledge. They point out a need to double-check facts and sources and not take information directly from sites such as Wikipedia. But there is still confusion about the way the internet operates.

“I was searching on Google,” said pupil Faye Barkley.

“I just believed the first answer that came up, to be honest. I know I shouldn’t do it, but Google’s like a trusted website; it’s a lot of people’s home page and you just automatically put trust in it.”

Demos’ report into digital literacy brings together existing research alongside a new survey of 500 teachers across England and Wales.

The report says that students did not verify sources, had poor understanding of how search engines work, and were not good at differentiating between propaganda and accurate information.

“These are the skills now that are so central to education and to broader life for young people, but it’s just not getting taught enough.”

What is needed, according to Demos, is ‘digital judgement’. The think tank says it should be a core part of the curriculum, alongside functional skills that are already taught.

At Shorefields Technology College in Liverpool, teachers say that they are already trying to improve their pupils’ internet skills, placing emphasis on research and interpretation of information.

“We’re no longer a knowledge-based industry, we’re about developing the independent learning skills of students.”

Associate head teacher Larry Wilson says that he is very aware of the power of the internet, but argues that it should be embraced.

“The impact of the internet is colossal but we sometimes dwell too much on the negatives and not the fact that it’s been so liberating.”

“I don’t welcome that people will be taken down the garden path so we [teachers] have to skill ourselves up to ask the right questions as well.”


There is certainly plenty of confusion about who or what to trust at the school in Tower Hamlets. The pupils have recently been watching videos and reading about links between government figures and the News of the World, leaving them ever unsure about who is telling the truth.

“Why should we trust the government when everything that is being broadcast on TV could be misleading us as well… what are we supposed to believe?” said Reema Begum, 16.

A tough question, and not one that anyone in the classroom could answer completely.

“A lot of the information on the internet is radical historical revisionism,” said Jamie Bartlett.

“Without a common base of history that we all understand and accept and agree upon it’s very hard for people to have a shared understanding of where we are now.”

– Source

I wrote above that this BBC report was “interesting” – not for its content – but for the way it treated the issue. It is a classic case of double-speak as described in the novel 1984 (WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH), where the definition of critical thinking is reversed. Critical thinking implies questioning the official version of a story, seeking alternate sources of information and processing everything to come to an independent conclusion. This is exactly what some of these young people have accomplished, yet the report concluded that they have not used critical thinking because they have believed sources that are not deemed trustworthy (not mass media). Instead of praising their resourcefulness, they are almost perceived as a threat.

There is no question that critical thinking and fact checking is absolutely necessary when researching information. There is indeed a lot of garbage and propaganda on the internet. But what about the #1 source of propaganda in the world: mass media? Why isn’t critical thinking towards the biggest information machine in the world being taught?

Let’s take this very report and apply some critical thinking to it. Who are the authors and what message are they trying to convey?

Logo of Demos: Keeping an "eye" on the people.

Demos is a think tank that is said to be “independent” but is, in reality, strongly connected with corporate media and the government. In fact, the Chair of Demos, Philip Collins was the Chief Speech Writer to the Prime Minister Tony Blair until 2007. As for the BBC, it is the biggest news network and is owned by…the Crown. So, chances are, the editorial view of these entities are “pro elite”.

How is this report treating “conspiracy theories” (I hate that term and I put it in quotes because that is the term used by the media)? Are they alternative explanations that deserve some attention or ridiculous stories invented by ignorant people?

At first, the little “theorists” are shown to be mostly Muslims, subtly implying that alternate views are usually accepted by those who naturally sympathetic to terrorists. The report then goes on to state that conspiracies are not only believed by Muslims but also poor people (and therefore not educated people).

“However, Demos say that this problem is not limited to one community, but is prevalent among deprived communities in general.”

Deprived communities?

The report closes with an odd statement from a Demos researcher:

“Without a common base of history that we all understand and accept and agree upon it’s very hard for people to have a shared understanding of where we are now.”

In other words, if the youth does not fully buy and agree with the official version of History – the one that was written by the elite – we won’t have the society we’re looking for. Is the report truly promoting critical thinking or the unquestioning acceptance of official propaganda?

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That was my school they went to. Those were my classmates. The article definitely left me confused as to why they'd point out the fact that the majority of the students were Muslims- as if that would explain why they're looking up the 9/11 'conspiracy theories'. And the whole 'deprived communities' thing…that doesn't even make sense.What is the need to point that out? They try to make it out that we're being mislead by the diverse views on the internet…hey, at least we get different stories online. The stuff we hear on the news is pretty much always one-sided. And as Reema Begum asked 'what are we supposed to believe?'

what the hell is this? Again they are trying to degrade muslims? WTF is this? A normal rational person will think twice before declaring bin-ladin dead because of the fact that no proof was given of his body or his appearance or his death etc…… Didn't this man blamed for wrecking havoc all over the world deserve to be humiliated in the most horrific manner in front of the world for his tyranny and oppression and his perverted interpretation of islam??? Didnt the american people want the man who caused them so much grief be brought in front of them? How could he have been mysteriously thrown out in the occean without the u.s government showing proof of their victory? Fact is they want to make islam the outdated, extreme religion which it is not. When the time for the Dajjal/ Anti christ will come most people will not believe… Read more »

Since I was younger, I've always felt the need to come to my own conclusions about things. I hated people telling me what was right and what wasn't. I never blindly believe anything anyone tells me. I look into the matter by myself and form my own conclusions based on what I think is right, and not anyone else's opinion. I wish more people would do the same, especially those teenagers around my age.

I'm not saying I have all the answers and that I'm right about everything, but at least what I do know I have formulated myself. My beliefs really are MY beliefs.

I've been reading up on articles on this website, and a few others for quite some time. It's just sad what's going on currently, In school, all of our classes had a "discussion" on 9/11 and all the kids in my class believed anything the teacher or the videos they show said. Then we had to write a response on how we felt or some bull crud, I wanted to write about how I thought it was a bunch of bull. Also this article is upsetting and obviously morphing the truth. School is nothing anymore, they teach us to use "official websites" for doing research, as well as that the government does everything they can to help us. I'm 13 years old, and this isn't news to me, kinda sad isn't it?

I have 8 siblings, and it frightens me that they are ALL involved in the ever-lasting game of 'Charade'.

Targetting Children? That's sick, only the lowest of scums would go there.

I hope god gives mercy to the future generation that are yet to come.

If they do come, that is.

& this is coming from a 14 year old. >_>

of course they only quote muslim students when referring to the farce that was 9/11…implying that because they are muslim they are obviously prone to believing internet "lies." not only ridiculously, but also offensive.

im not saying what i read on the internet is 100% correct but neither is anything on tv. its best to hear both alternate and mainstream points of view and make conclusions yourself.

Interesting that Demos, a left-wing think tank, should choose the Guardian as their newspaper choice (why not a range of papers with a range of views?) and present people who reject views in the Guardian as easily-led.

I am a teenager living in the UK and in English we where discussing the death of the nurse that answered the prank call almost everyone in my class believed there to be more then meets the eye and our English teacher encouraged this type of thinking, also my citizenship teacher is quite the 'conspiracy theorist' and we constantly discuss conspiracy theory's in class.

Dear reader Well, I should not say that I have the answer to everything, but as far as I know, what I believe I know almost everything about but I always say: "It is up to you to search and look not by a centered side, try to see by every spot, and also, I am not saying that it is the truth, it is only about knowledge, search and viewpoint". Also, speaking about the "real world" pressure, we are in the same boat, but in my case, the major problem here is my family. About the post subject, well… Actually only my Sociology teacher applies a kind of "think tank" during the classes, but the other schoolmates turn the whole think a boring time because they start to distract my teacher speaking about other things like the last soccer game, the daily soccer fans conflicts about teams being better.… Read more »

some times i read this website and it blows my mind how people fall for such things… and then i go out into the real world and im considered the crazy one, people have told me that im paranoid and showing signs of skitzophrenia (bad spelling sorry) it just blows my mind how there is so many people on here but i know no one in real life that even acknowledges these topics… they just blow it off like its nothing its like everyone is zombies

i have not seen much here about the occupy wall street movement which is growing all over the world, so get out there and join in, this is it people, get moving, stop hypothesising, pontificating and moaning and go tell the story together, on the streets, write smart graff, print cool posters, let the truth be heard from your voice the illuminati they rule the world like a business t h e m it's time to expose them to all the sleepyheads, who have been avoiding the truth, ignoring the obvious and obscuring reality with appearances for so long, WAKE EM UP be constant, diligent and vigilant Be the truth Speak the truth We are all waking up to God now He is within us The holy spirit is in the house Occupy Wall Street with LOVE

btw by farce i dont mean that it didnt happen. ive never heard any cgi plane theories until now but thats just utter bullsh!t. it was real of course, it was just an inside job. the film zeitgiest does a greta job of explaining and provides actual evidence unlike alot of theories

hi people i agree totally with u guys…..

i have found one interesting text that all of u should read just once to understand that people like u and i arent crazy….. but in fackt that we are the ones that arent crazy…. and the ones that can see and understand…..

Great article VC. Well researched, well analyzed. It is entirely true that independent thought & critical analysis have been removed from the 'curriculum' (elite doctrine) by design. If they were genuinely trying to promote pro-active analysis they would need no such curriculum to exist

Kudos to you for catching this article! While most of my immediate family members are of adult age and "awake", if you will, I have a young sibling still in high school. While she is also "awake", she still has a ways to go regarding the critical thinking aspect of understanding conspiracy theories, however, she has well enough of a mind to relate to me the every day horrors witnessed in her school. These horrors being the general "zombification" of her peers. She feels as though she is outside looking in, observing her brainless peers and their obliviousness to the real happenings of the world. She notes the level of ignorance among them, the levels within levels of ignorance. While she has the capacity to observe and understand the bigger picture, events from subjects within politics to mass media to the New World Order, her peers busy themselves with matters… Read more »

And I can tell you as a former educator that internet and computer games have a detrimental and harmful effect on a minor's psychology. Since adults become obsessed with the internet and become unable to control their internet consumption, what makes you assume that minors will be able to control their online behaviour?

I have to say….I love this website. I like how vigilant citizen poses questions and in this particular article it seems like he encourages critical thinking by pointing our examples of the texts that deserve scrutiny. I read the quote and "deprived communities" and it made me question what the article was trying to convey.

My goodness, they shouldn't be so obvious…this thing is so slanted it's damn near upside down! LOL Don't trust the internet, they were saying…accept the official version, 'our' version of facts. Which is how we got into the mess we are in now! No one should EVER accept one version of a story, internet or no internet, read, listen and read again from a variety of sources to draw your own conclusion. Because people are biased, sometimes they just lie…lots of things slant the truth. That's what I tell my kids don't believe ME or anyone, look it up and do the research yourself. Use your own mind! Stop with the group think! smh!!

When teachers are brainwashed, what do you expect the students to be? Thank god i broke free…

Parents, teachers, and the media shape kids. Last night was open house, and i had to raise money for Darfur for my club and over half the parents didn't know there is a war going on, or they just didn't give a damn. Then you wonder why there kids act so damn stupid in school. It's brainwashed teachers AND parents who believe whatever the "reputable" media sources say. Its like when the media doesn't mention something people forget about it. But the war in Darfur isn't even a "conspiracy theory", and even then they don't care. It's like my generation is meant to be doomed. We need to educate and inform everyone around us! These words should be coming out of an adults mouth, but there not.

The classic reversal of order trick! These people must really think that everyone is super stupid, but if they've gotten this far with their agenda then that also says something about us as the 'masses'. Their reign will come to an end and God will establish a kingdom that will stand forever and ever. Amen people!

no-one has an hard cold facts that 9/11 was true or false, or sels there wouldn't be an arugment, so no, children to NOT need to be guided on the internet on such topics. nothing will be guided insetad of what they want to force their opinon to be, is what will happen. proper spelling, grmmar, and such make stories credible, not the fact that it is a huge money-making company or newspaper.

"Critical thinking implies questioning the official version of a story" Depends on the story. "seeking alternate sources of information and processing everything to come to an independent conclusion" Eh somewhat ok "This is exactly what some of these young people have accomplished, yet the report concluded that they have not used critical thinking because they have believed sources that are not deemed trustworthy (not mass media)." Nope totally wrong. They just watched a video on YouTube and said it was factual. I bet that these kids didn't even care if 9/11 was an inside job or not until they actually saw the videos on YouTube. Even funnier was that they couldn't tell who made the videos, but they do remember what they were about and that they probably had some good graphics and a dark tone throughout the whole thing to scare them into believing it. This is exactly like… Read more »

QUOTE: Instead of praising their resourcefulness, they [students that explore alternate information sources] are ALMOST perceived as a threat

CORRECTION: Instead of praising their resourcefulness, they [students that explore alternate information sources] ARE perceived as a threat

There, fixed that for you.

They ARE a threat.

As are children that have somehow not been grossly dumbed down.

And children that have not been thoroughly indoctrinated in the ideology proscribed of the elite.

This processing of children is THE reason public schools exist.

Which is why parents must do EVERYTHING in their means to educate their children at home. Take on the sacrifice it means and DO IT.

what a wonderful world it is when if you dont blindly believe what you are told you are now classed as a 'conspiracy theorist'.

if you cant do your own research and come to your own conclusions, we may as well revert back to the middle ages and start throwing buckets of faeces in the streets and grab our pitchforks and do some good 'ol witchunting.

i must add, i love how they picked a muslim kid's quotes to say 9/11 was an inside job.

I see a reference to Pink Floyds “we don’t need no education”. I think it is sad that people hail this song as some kind of liberation anthem for the youth when it is actually a call to arms for the elite. Mind control is not something that is forced. It is rather presented as a way of life. “Everyone is doing it, so why arent you?”.

You know, I'm more than sure they're trying to deceive people about Internet info just because they want to keep people from believing, consider or even read websites like this. Keep it up VC!!!

Makes me want to laugh and punch the wall at the same time. I am an educator. I teach the conspiratorial view of history. My groups of kids know all about how Al-Qaeda doesn't exist, is used as a tool of the global oligarchy and they know all about false flag operations. They know how global warming is a scam. How the banking system is a scam. Etc…

I have even showed them how the Bastard Broadcasting Crapheads have LIED by using Indian protest footage for the Libyan "revolution" as well as how CNN faked it as well.

I am going to have them review this conspiracy theory, this propaganda segment, and then have them throw eggs at it. These people and just about anyone associated with BBC and the like putting this stuff out are pathetic excuses for humanity.

I want a teacher like you! Keep it up.

we are all here to teach and learn from each other

learn to think for yourself

your thoughts will grow and develop

your mind will become agile


you will share your understanding

I am so happy that the world is alot bigger than "they" think. Thank you V C.

Mass Media
not sure if thiswas posted before.

Essentially, the objective is to indoctrinate/condition young students that:

1). Listen and obey authority and other officials of authority.

2). The facts are presented by approved sources for the good of the Collective aka authority.

3). Don't question or contradict the decisions of authority for the Collective.

Seems to be the most direct message.

Agreed. Also there is a lot of additional non-sense and language misuse. The most obvious being the definition of 'conspiracy theory' itself as a weak/ unsubstantiated theory (ie pure guesswork, no supporting evidence) which goes against the official/ authoritative/ collective reality. Also the TV reporter groups 'conspiracy theory' together with 'misinformation'. (As we all know, the official story is also by definition a conspiracy theory). This (mis)usage of the word subtly shifts the meaning of 'conspiracy theory' from the thing itself to the person/ people using the term. Also I noticed one of the pupils spoke of trusting Google as a source for information. This is like trusting a phone directory to give you the phone numbers of honest people. Obviously Google is just a search engine, it does not actually guarantee the accuracy of the websites it lists. I bet Demos dis not address such misunderstandings of the internet… Read more »

It's wonderful that many children do not believe in lies. "Demos"means the people in Greek. What "people" are they? They are probably the 1 percent, because I am part of the 99 percent. Lmao. On a more serious note, higher education often has descended into mediocrity. Many students graduate without having learned how to read or write. While that may seem like a non sequitur, having a populace that eschews literature or knowledge makes it really easy to let one's self believe lies. Critical thi onking comes being perhaps exposed to a wide variety of sources. Nuff said.

It's probably just a coincidence, that every time one of those Demos guys shows up, or they are being talked about, the word Trust is on the screen (around 0:45 and 1:26)

Cute right 😛

Well call me a rebellious teenager, because I disagree with those "officials" and I'm not going to let them try to shove some crap down my throat when my glorious constitution grants us human rights. Even though they're gradually being taken away. I would've put the government at the bottom of my trust list if I were asked to do what those kids did.

Grats Madison! I too am teaching my daughter to stand up for herself, not allow anyone, government included to bully her in any way. Hopefully your friends are able to learn from your example too. 🙂

I've been having her read on this website, I love coming here and learning from VC's postings. Thank you VC! Not only are you helping me but also my whole family. 3 children. So Much <3 to you for that. Keep up the good works!

what the f@ck??

why does that "think tank", care what young school children believe?

f**k the elite.

i'll kill em first chance I get. on my momma ngga.

It's completely natural for us, teenagers, to look up on the Internet information about 9/11, Bin Laden's death and generally search for some answers. Just think about it: They announced Bin Laden's death, but still, noone knows EXACTLY what ACTUALLY happened. His daughter says he was killed, while it's ALSO been said that he was spotted alive. I've seen on the Internet many fake photos and fake testimonies as well. And what about 9/11? Oh, yeah, it's said to be an inside job. I've read many weird things on the Internet about that as well, but i'm not sure what to believe. To me, it's just unacceptable organising tributes in memory of the people who died there, while American soldiers are dying EVERYDAY, and most of the times they are not even mentioned on the news. We just need answers. The Government was never trust-worthy, and i can't remember listening… Read more »
Conspiracy theories? Like revelations of strange things that might have happened around the death of Princess Diana? Or the riots maybe being used to tighten government control of communication. The article also implies that the only people who would believe the "conspiracy theories" are ignorant, misguided, poor children, not anyone educated and that this is about their concern for the childrens' well-being, not a creepy-seeming move to control them. Yes, if it's not a media-approved statement it can't be true and must therefore be rejected. You know, because the media would never deceive us or be used itself as a means of controlling the population. If you didn't hear it on BBC don't you believe it. "somewhere near the heading ‘Distrust’, they placed the government" aww.. 🙁 "not take information directly from sites such as Wikipedia" A community of millions posting linked and cited information on a constantly revising, never-ending,… Read more »
some of you people are the prime definition of why s**t like this is important. the pentagon wasn't it, it was all CGI. smh. if you believe that you're off your rocker. i'm actually discussing this in class right now, and learning how reliable your sources are is f*****g important – conspiracy theorist or not. just because there's a push to educate people on that isn't a bad thing – however – pushing it under the context of "there's too many conspiracy theories out there" is in fact, a red flag of a cover up. but then you get into a dangerous circular logic of "evidence attempting to disprove this things coming from THESE sources is ONLY INDICATIVE of a cover-up". Also interesting to me was the entire transition from Muslim to poor people in the video, obviously painting people who believe these theories as less then acceptable or whatever… Read more »

Thank goоdness, someone sane in here!

Great catch, VC! I remember being in elementary school, having a session like this given by librarians. They showed us a site, "Beware Dihydrogen Monoxide!" showing how a supposedly poisonous chemical was used by companies everywhere, dumped into the environment, swallowed by people, etc etc. (You get the joke, right?) The lesson: don't believe everything you read on the internet. Verify your sources. But yes, a big gaping hole is that we are taught to believe everything stamped "official" (major media outlets). Though it sounds in this case like this was a grassroots movement, from the teachers up. And you certainly can't insinuate that ALL teachers are working on this secret side, brainwashing our kids. I'll continue to paint a skeptic eye on everything, even you. 😉 I tell you I don't agree with everything you write, but almost every article is interesting enough. And sometimes, as with the music… Read more »

I'm studying to be a teacher, and I can tell you, I WILL teach kid's to question things! In my uni course at the moment we actually got taught to teach kid's that blindly appealing to authority is wrong and isn't using higher order thinking or proper reasoning skills – I'm so glad that the education system I'm in still values this. From what I've heard from others, we are the only uni in my country in a primary education course teaching this. While I loved the subject, many of my peers would rather blindly appeal to authority and didn't take in much out of the course; through this course I was shocked to see how little people actually THINK; Some even complained that they didn't want to think…

When I scrolled down after reading and saw the logo…I just laughed a little out loud.Come on!!! This is just typical. They induce the idea that only poor people, uneducated(by them,of course) believe alternative versions which oppose the officials and make those people seem silly and easily fooled, when it is exactly the opposite. Oh how I love George Orwell… doublethink people!It's everywhere!…May God help us discern.

The video contains a deliberate (?) factual error. The item about foxes was not a "conspiracy theory" but a media prank that successfully exposed how gullible mainstream media can be when it comes to bizarre stories involving animals.

''Telling students to think for themselves/critically and then telling them what to think'' im sorry what!?

They (elite) tend to use the media to publicize their atrocities. How about if we also use these same means to advertise people the true of the world? Making movies, music, videoclips, commercials, examples that demonstrate how global society is blinded and being manipulated, because of their own needs. Do you think they'll chase us to death? Would not be giving much in sight? Let me explain what I'm trying to say: Why our society just don't care if God exists or not? Answer: It was not God who created the U.S. dollar, it was satan who did it, to be able to entertain people on the side of survival and not on the side of persistence that we have natural values, in which we could explore in a natural way. In my office I never heard anyone talking about God, or wondering who would be the nation beast, they… Read more »

This is just sad! But I'm hopeful one sweet day whether I'm still alive or not this will be stopped, our voices will be heard loud and clear. "they" will not be able to control us. Next generation it's up to you now because the war is not over!

well there is a bit truth in it..

I sometimes read some misinformation,,

even on this website i googled some stuff after reading.. and some things are way out of context, only focused on some sentences or something.. while seeing in the whole view it wasnt that bad.. so..

ok this is a bit dubblethinkish but also good that pupils learn how to use google to see how to check facts..


Pupil, eye, student. Hmmmm…..

Well ofcourse!

This is quite disgusting. Kids aren't as dumb as they think, they're basically telling them "everything that's on the internet that's not basically on TV as well is false information". Seriously?

On the bright side, this article's use of words will insult many readers and probably get them to disagree by emotional reaction to those words.

…the movie/report is what I meant, not article. I remember when I was younger I would read something and my mom would point out that "something sounds racist", at first I wouldn't notice, but after thinking about it, I did notice it more often, especially in news reports/articles. It's a relief because the news people are hurting themselves by insulting groups of people. The news people are destroying their own readership when they use condescending words. That means the mainstream story is less believable because of this obvious bias. I probably sound redundant, but I really am relieved by the thought of people thinking "this news offends me" and not buying into it.

The name "Demos" itself is a pretty obvious subliminal psch trigger.

Just like the game where you read a sentence aloud to someone (or a group) and intentionally leave out some common words – those hearing it will involuntarily (subconsciously) complete the sentence, inserting the words to complete the sentence themselves.

Demo(n)s comes to mind…

Sounds like that movie inception… Planting other thoughts in someones head

Good article VC! TPTB are losing a grip on the information, and desperate PR attempts like this only highlight that fact. Admittedly politics in the Middle East is not my forte, but after seeing some videos on what the 'rebels' are doing to the citizens and children of Libya, my heart is extremely heavy for their people. I would post the links but it is against my better judgement this time. A friend sent me this article below and it is really eye opening. Worth the read and watch (all videos). General Wesley Clark (2nd vid) wasn't kidding when he exposes their plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan & Iran. I am reminded of Albert Pike's Third World War and how these buggers are following their playbook to a T. The Real Libya Before Rothschild’s New Army-NATO: See What Americans Are… Read more »