U.S. Government Plans to Push Americans Out of Suburbs to Move in Planned Cities (video)

IBM has massive contracts lined up to create "smart cities". And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

Agenda 21 is an United Nations “action plan” that basically defines how citizens will live in the 21th Century. Under the guise of “eco-sustainability” and other “you-must-agree-with” buzz words, the plan ultimately reduces the freedoms and living conditions of citizens, not to mention reduce individual and property rights. A major component of this action plan is to get citizens out of rural and suburbans areas to get them to live in dense, highly planned and controlled mega-cities. The elite wants to see citizens use less space, own less land and real estate and they want them to fully depend on state-owned public transportation.

Corporations like IBM are highly involved in the creation of these “smart cities”.

IBM has massive contracts lined up to create "smart cities". And they are promoting them BIG TIME.
IBM has massive contracts lined up to create “smart cities”. And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

Concrete action is now being taken to push this plan forward. The U.S. government is looking to implement new policies to discourage people from living in the suburbs and to promote living in major cities. Here’s a report from FOX News about the plan. However, don’t be fooled: While the report blames Obama and the Democrats for the plan, it was already in action when Bush and the Republicans were in power. Plans of the world elite advance no matter who’s in power.. Here’s the report.

Viewing this report reminded me of a short video I posted on Vigilant Citizen two years ago named “Planne-Opolis”. Created by the Forum for the Future (which was funded by corporations such as Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, Royal Dutch Shell and Vodafone) the video describes how a planned city would work. While the little cartoon woman attempts to make it all seem amazing, the implications of this video are nothing less than chilling.

Here are some of the “lowlights” of the video:

  • Food and water is regulated and rationed by a “Global Food Council” which seizes total control over farming. Meat is a rare treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions
  • The state decides what your job will be with “designated career announcements,” nobody has the choice to decide their own vocation
  • Movement and behavior is controlled by a calorie credit card linked to a smart phone that rations the amount of travel the citizens of planned-opolis, are allowed to make. Private ownership of cars will be banned for non-elitists because, “the state knows they just aren’t practical anymore.”
  • “It makes so much sense doesn’t it,” insists the smiley faced slave “Vee,” who enjoys the fact that she can “switch off brain and go to work,” adding, “With this many people around I’m glad there’s a mega-computer in charge.”
  • Those who resist and still cling to some semblance of freedom in defiance of the state and the super-computers running the slave grid, there’s the “cry freedom ghetto,” prison camps for malcontents who are blocked from getting jobs, accessing high speed transport or the Internet

Other scenarios conceived by Forum for the Future are slightly different but they all have common threads: drastic reduction of rights, privileges and freedoms; constant reference to  “an elite” having exclusive rights on cars and other luxuries; state controlling all aspects of life.

“Makes much sense, doesn’t it?” Nope, and get off my property.




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Why the f**k is this not on every single news channel, every single day? I'll tell ya why. Cause "they" control the media. What the government plans, and what we accept as a people, is all up to us. The time to stop this is now, before it is too late. Non-compliance, non-acceptance, speaking out (peacefully) and making everyone aware…this is what we have to do. David Icke says with respect to Agenda 21 to beware of anything with the term "smart" before it. The most obvious being…"smart phone"…which we all probably have or know someone who has. I've also noticed we have these smart cars…smart water…I'm sure if we pay attention it's everywhere. However, I don't want to pay attention. In fact, I don't even want any of this as even a minute speck in my reality. I choose peace, and love, and freedom and that's what I'll concentrate… Read more »

Sounds like a description of the movie IDIOCRACY!

S**t is gettin real….!

good find. thanks for posting. sobering and easy to see how the current trends tend toward this sort of project, though i imagine there are competing firms with slightly varying visions. the Vee video from this creepy progressive organization reminds me of the GCHQ's release of its strategies out till 2040 they posted a few years back.

If aliens exist I wish they would just EMP the entire planet. Return to simpler times and being a Native American could get back with nature

the ghetto sections are called low-income housing in ny… a lot of this started already.. the tree huggers in the city riding their bikes think they are helping the environment.. they are, but why should we use this as an excuse for no one to have cars eventually- except for the elitists? They will do what they want and live in the burbs with their nice property and fresh air and make us all live crammed in buildings… sounds like china… smell communism anyone?

Didn't Mayor Bloomberg propose an idea for "micro-unit" apartments of 300 square feet maximum (probably at ridiculous rents)? I imagine he's right on board with this kind of thinking. Well, Mr. Mayor and all the rest of the elites (what an ironic word for these 'human' cow patties) can set a good example and live in these 'sustainable' cities with the rest of the peasants in overcrowding and discomfort. It won't happen though; their motto is "do as I say, not as I do."

The government wants to control the masses, yet these government workers despise being questioned or being exposed for their wrongdoings. An example would be the communist school board protecting their own teachers while they indoctrinate the students with the Communist Luciferian Manifesto. Teaching Unions are notorious for protecting the jobs of people who perform poorly or misbehave at work, especially if they are sex offenders like Vivian Mavrou. Nowhere is this more evident than in Toronto's public education system. Thanks to the lengthy process to dismiss incompetent and abusive teachers, Vivian Mavrou and other unethical teachers like Gordy Stefulic and Varla Abrams remain employed while law-abiding teachers in the lower ranks of the pyramid are faced with reduced teaching hours and job losses. Teachers unions also oppose merit pay plans, claiming whether students do well in class is entirely out of their control, when studies show teacher quality is the… Read more »
I realize they have something scary these days called "Urban Planning" which is part of a new Illuminati plot to enslave all of humanity and make granola out of Soylent Green, but lets take a moment to review, shall we? Urban planning has been around for thousands of years. For as long as there have been cities, there have been authority figures planning where to put roads and how to supply the citizens. The modern rectilinear grid plan has been around a millennium before the first Freemason. People have been moving into cities for thousands of years for access to arts and culture and economic opportunities that don't exist on Grandpa Zeke's old farm. And now that the cities are cleaning up and putting a lid on crime, now that they're bringing back the streetcars and the interurban lines that make city life possible people are trying to move back… Read more »
I have to say Im kinda terrified right now. Im fifteen and french so I think I have more access to all this info than most french peiple because of the tongue barrier( so **** convenient to control everyone ) but most people I know including my mom don t even realise what s happening around them and carry on like nice little cattle , lambs to the slaughter! I read 1984 , it gave me the creeps but this video was just on another level. My dad is amazing, he keeps informed and is aware of most of the s**t going on ( but as he worked for the french government once again he was in a privileged position, what was happening made him so sick he had a breakdown followed by cancer so …) we re both into survivalism and being capable of supporting yoursleves without depending on… Read more »

Looks like the movie industry made its point with all of these by creating 'elysium' that movie is super creepy…yet not far from reality

what I mean to say is that suburbs aren't too GREAT either, they are full of GMOs and bad public resources, though some are worse than others obviously… I will stand back and see where this goes. The first small town I lived in, there was only one place I could buy food since I don't drive and none of it was organic, not even the milk and eggs. For work people had to go to Albany (hint as to wear I was sort of) or smaller cities around

I was living in an actual "successful" suburb, I guess that one will survive??? I was born in NYC and I had to get out, so I moved when I was 21 and finally could afford to support myself. I had to come back home after a year because I got into drugs, and a rehab poisoned me close to death. If you want that story I'll tell you

This makes perfect sense. I live in a northern suburb of Chicago, and the plan is definitely being put into action here. The roads out here are all horrible, and there is construction everywhere; roads have been under construction for YEARS. The prices of gas consistently raise, and the prices of food and supplies have been skyrocketing. When my husband and I venture out to the outskirts of the city, however, the roads are much smoother, the prices of everyday items are cheaper, and rent is lowering.

"Switch off brain and go to work!"
Well, that part will be easy to implement given that the majority have willingly succumbed to switching any smudge of intelligence off and out of their consciousness.

You *could* have posted the whole possible scenarios video. This is only one of four scenarios, and all are represented with good and bad qualities except perhaps for the last one which is a tad more positive [no, the one you posted is not the one "suggested"].

I always thought people were being pushed to move into the cities…for one thing you'd save gas. I live in a fairly rural area but thankfully in a small town where everything's within walking distance. (Maybe that's a reason for high gas prices?)

Maybe some of our major cities will be these mega-cities.

America has more jail inmates than any other country.
Then, we have sick people in hospitals.
Depressed people in mental institutions.
The elderly in nursing homes.
And children in school.

If they can group the rest of the people in some kind of camp or town, they'll have everyone squared away-backed into a corner so that we can be easier controlled.

Which is known as the New World Order! And for those who don't obey , are sent to FEMA Camps! Wake Up Everyone, The Night will come when they start rounding everyone up. );

Fox news…

I'm out….

Anyone noticed in the second video the part with the graduation cap, it was surrounded by something looking like the bp Logo???

the reference to the "cry freedom ghettos" remind me of the biblical revelation where during end times unless you take the mark of the beast, you will not be allowed to buy, sell or trade anything for survival.

Yup – yeah of course – whatever you cannot control you must corral. The elite see the 'non-elite' as an uncontrollable force so they must control it the best way they know (and don't think that corporations are not behind all of this). Oddly enough at bottom of it all is a poverty mentality – that there's not enough to go around for everybody. But if things were a certain different way there would be. Corralling everyone into planned megalopolises is almost like putting everyone in concentration camps (or at least reminiscent of the Nazis sending the Jews or other 'undesirables' into the 'Ghetto.' Which is what cities tend to turn into sometimes. So send all the 'non-elite undesirables' into the cities while the rich and elite continue to reside in their huge mansions and corporations mine the land for more resources (which in turn the rich and elite will… Read more »

Corporations like IBM are highly involved in the creation of these “smart cities”.
IBM has massive contracts lined up to create “smart cities”. And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

Can we please not forget IBM's role with in developing punchcards used to help facilitate a more efficient genocide during the Nazi era?

Yes, watch the Matrix Trilogy! This is what the social/economic planners want and have wanted for centuries. The elites want to live in a world apart and the rest of us, lower caste, to exist in boxes. Live in an apt., take the elevator, to mass transit, to an assigned workplace, perhaps go to a shop or bar or park, take mass transit back, elevator, to apt. and we will repeat this until we are cremated in an oven. We will go from box to box to box. Truly, cage to cage to cage. And now we are all plugged in an consuming generating money energy, just as in the film. The Matrix films were predictive programming. Swallow the red pill and head for the hills!

Hunger games… the books not the movies (they took out they whole point of they book in the movie) is like seeing that in practice ….. Is horrible to see it all so fast

There will be a need for WW3, and a shaking up of our world before this transpires… Many freedom loving lives lost in order to dwindle the population down to a more manageable level… Control through chaos… An age old tactic that has worked for many centuries…