Tupac Shakur: Lost Prison Interview Circa 1994 (video)


I know many readers of this site are rap fans so I figured many would appreciate this rare video. It is a 45 minute uncut interview with Tupac Shakur during the time he was incarcerated. This might remind people of the time when artists had something to say and had views about issues.

Tupac was about 22 years old in this video. One can only imagine the potential influence he could have had on the world as his mind matured and his views evolved. This might explain why there was such a massive FBI file about him…and probably why he got murdered. As he said himself in this interview: “They’ll start taking out anyone who is trying to do something positive for the community”. What can be more positive than making “being smart” a cool thing?

“If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

Boy was he right.

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162 Comments on "Tupac Shakur: Lost Prison Interview Circa 1994 (video)"

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"Wake up, it's a staged piece of propaganda.

The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.

The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.

We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order's plans. It's not about Left or Right: it's about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.

Covered in this film: who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda. If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you."

Speaking as a white boy from rural America, I can easily say I used to hate Tupac. Now that I'm older I've realized that I was taught to hate Tupac and others like him. Just like "the black man" in the ghetto is taught to hate "the white man," I was also taught to hate "ghetto insert-n-word-here." What I've learned is that there has been (and still is) a huge push from within the black community to step away from this conditioning. I've stepped away from it too. Let it be said by a white ex-redneck: I love my black brothers and sisters. I respect you. I pray for you. You are my people and I will give you the shirt off my back if you but ask for it.


Thanks, VC, for posting the vid.

I just wanted to clarify Gregg, blacks aren't taught to "hate" the white man. That distrust we have for white people is ingrained. We're taught through history to watch our backs around the white man. You can't blame us for that it's self-preservation. Even the most militant-minded black person doesn't "hate" white people — they just don't TRUST them. That's another way the illuminati has programmed white people to think — further building contention amongst us bottom bricks. I'm glad the truth has found you. Those blinders will fall off one peice at a time. I will speak for myself and say that I'm glad you gave your testimony.

AhaYAH bless!

in an interview , im not sure if its this one , he talks about the prison guards let him take an extra bath because Madonna was going to see him… Madonna…. a white girl……….likes rap music………….? that is freaken wierd I always questioned why the heck she wanted to visit him.. was pac into all the illumaniti and then got out?

Man what a classic interview, great watch!

“If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

And he was right !!

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur !

Tupac to me was more then just a rapper,

he was my role model. That one person that i can look up to and be proud to. He taught me that both blak and white it dont matter.

He was and always will be a legend and role model to me.

R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur ily

He was a very intelligent young man. This video shows a promising artist that has a conscience and cares about the world and people. Compared to the wannebe thugs and rappers nowadays that can't even string a sentence together because they are too stoned and drugged out. I guess because he has his own mind, thoughts and opinions and was strong minded, that was why they couldn't have him become anymore popular than he was.

I send all my love, I hope u dont have to reencarnate back into this world. Maybe u will end up in Patra with all the other great artist.

There is another artist people should know about. His name is K-Rino he has real lyrics like Tupac. Just youtube him you wont be dissapointed.

peace, love, life

The fact that a person can have this much influence in terms of current issues we face today, having passed away in 1996, Tupac, and what he left behind is still very much relevant to instances that occur in the media, politics and the world as a unit. We still have people painting him with the narrow-minded brush of a thug and villain. Which by all means is an opinion at the end of the day. But if one was to really pay attention and listen and converse rather that dictate and turn those said opinions into facts then we would all be a little more clued up. Past the profanity and some of his ludicrous actions therein lied a person with immense knowledge that thrived in turning the so called 'system for the people' on its back by shoving out his views and thoughts on how those on top… Read more »

Thanks, VC, for bringing this to light and to our attention!!!!

"LOST" prison interview my ass. This was WITHHELD!

In jail for "forcibly touching the buttocks"? WTH? The TSA is doing that every day and we're supposed to be ok with that.

This guy is droppin' some serious knowledge. What a tragic loss. Keep his memory alive by keeping it realz, yo. Every one of us.

first off, the music industry is controlled by satan just youtube john todd who worked for zodiac productions and do some research and u will see and understand. tupac sold his soul for fame and money just like all other singers/rappers which are not christians. if tupac was so worried about black people then maybe he should of moved to africa which makes the life style of african americans look plush in camparison.

Its mighty funny how they say black ppl promote violance nd they have a list of they type of music rappers shud rap to make us seem more ignorant, more violent, nd make black women seem like their w****s…then throw it in their faces later on if they try to speak out…like tupac nd dmx….

then you got ppl from my hood believin they aint never gonna b nuttin but a w***e or think you gotta b a rapper or a basketball player to make money…i do wish black ppl would open their eyes

i kno when i finish school i wanna b da one to say you can make it too…..sorry i kinda got all deep wit it but i really appreciate dis…we need more dudes like tupac…. word

It's amazing to see the profound impact he's had over so many people in his short life. I have a deep respect for Tupac. Anybody who is not afraid to stand up and speak the truth in a world constantly trying to tear you down, deserves mad respect. It's a shame I can only dream about what more he could've accomplished if he'd still been alive today.

On a brighter not, just because Tupac has passed on doesn't mean there aren't rap artists today out there speaking about real issues; the truth. Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique and such are just the tip of the iceberg, there's a whole underground world of good, conscious rap out there. It's a pity all we hear in the media nowadays is garbage music with evil messages.

Thanks for the vid, VC.


Pac did alot for raising awareness and changing things for the minorities in America, besides his music. This video touches on it. Yes, the conspiracy surrounding his death does have an Illuminati ring to it…That's for sure. what was the exact reasoning in the killers and conspirators minds?? Was the killing an act of cowardice on behalf of illuminati forces? I wish I knew the whole truth behind it all but the fact is when multiple people probably want you dead, in high places or not you gotta watch your ass. Regardless of their race, gang ties, illuminati ties…My friends it comes down to hate jealousy money,control. Pac knew the consequences of being brave in his quest, he died in honor (being shot; but having accomplished so much in his short life, although yes it's sad he couldn't live on to do more great things.

tupacs murder has connections to the jews, who if you dont know control america http://iamthewitness.com/FBI%20files%20on%20Tupac

honestly, do think Jews are responsible for the world's problems? Jesus and his disciples and his mother were all Jewish and they obviously didn't do that. this is a ridiculous theory

Everyone doesn't have the same opinion. With that said, for those who JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND Mr. Shakur and his relevance to WORLD history,. . . . . o well.

Tupac was a Prophet. Too bad many cannot get off their high horses, take the blinders off, and deprogram yourself from what the MSM wants you to think.

Long Live Tupac and what he stood for. Peace & Blessings

don't be ridiculous, nobody id being programmed. tupac was not a prophet. moses, abraham, jesus, those are prophets. tupac was a gangster and a bad influence

Allow me to introduce first, Makaveli the Don

Hysterical, spiritual lyrics like the holy Qu'Ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deazy…Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. I learned a lot by reading your blog. My heart hurts because I miss Pac so much. I miss the REALness! He got me through such hard times and when I was 18 I got all eyes on me tattooed because I felt so strongly the same way Pac felt! Smile for me »is and was my anthem! One thing that I find myself repeating alotis “How am I supposed to be a angel surrounded by all these deviLS” He was so deep and passionate. I am born on Nov Seventh and I am a child of light SURRounDed by all these devils and like Pac said I shed So Many TeaRs. It makes me sad to see people go out like this TUPAC Lead us water but he kant make us drinK! This generation is unfocused and… Read more »

i love and miss TUPAC, i met him at a concert here in OKC when he was still with digital underground and you could feel his presence 500 yards away, when he died i thought it was just "gang violence" through this website i have evolved in my thinking and thank you for sharing this video, this is the TUPAC i remember.

I was a rapper, who started writing poetry at the age of nine. As i grew older I falsely believed that talent was what put people on the big screen. So I pursued it, but when I finally got closer to where I thought I wanted to be, all of the truth was simply exposed because I was around celebrities. And anti-christian agendas were brought up. Prior to me coming across this experience, my first love , and friend of many years told me long ago about the illuminati. All he listened to was pac, because he could relate to every song from me against the world to brendas got a baby. He was in and out of jail many times in his young life, and was also a ward of the state due to his biological mother's drug addictions. I didnt believe in what he told me,because this was… Read more »

Listen to the new Eminem songs, he has something to say for the industry he has changed especially after Proof's death, I thought it's just a cover at first but again if he is singing good things to cover himself & the Illuminati then what is he serving? good things? the Illuminati purpose is to destroy our minds & it's not happening in Eminem songs. Also they really doesn't need to cover themselves they doesn't care, look at ET song for Katy Perry it is so Illuminati. & he doesn't have to die instantly to proof he is right, They needed 17 years to destroy M.J.

Lil Wayne & Eminem are trying to get out??????????????

yes, just listen to new lyrics

I seriously appreciate this post and furthermore, I appreciate the understanding this man is FINALLY recieving after having been dead so long. He literally died to let us know what the f**k is really going on in this world. Pac was a target for the illuminati because he was sent by The Most High to rally the lost children of Israel and the Gentiles with a good/true hearts against evil forces. He was warning us. What most of you don't know is that the jews in Israel right now are IMPOSTERS. The true Israelites by blood are the black people scattered all throughout various parts of the world the decendants of the slaves from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Not only blacks..but Native Americans and some hispanics as well. It's a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people, but it's been a conspiracy to keep the knowledge of who… Read more »


"It's not about EAST or WEST

It's about niggaz and b*****s, POWER and MONEY,

riders and punks. Which side are you on?"

Wow- I listened to the whole interview. He was trying to share knowledge. RIP angel.

I had no idea. I hate when the media deliberately lies.

We must all be our own saviors!! Nothing around you will change, until you change yourself first.

With all this extra stressin

The question I wonder is after death, after my last breath

When will I finaly get to rest? Through this supression

they punish the people that's askin questions

And those that possess, steal from the ones without possesions

The message I stress: to make it stop study your lessons

Don't settle for less – even the genius asks-es questions

Be grateful for blessings

Don't ever change, keep your essence

The power is in the people and politics we address

Always do your best, don't let the pressure make you panic

And when you get stranded

And things don't go the way you planned it

Dreamin of riches, in a position of makin a difference

Politicians and hypocrites, they don't wanna listen

If I'm insane, it's the fame made a brother change

It wasn't nuttin like the game

It's just me against the world

3rd Verse of Me against the world….

More truth than any song i've ever heard

i thank someone out there , who ever it wuz that kept this interview around , so hard to find the full version but yet again VC you pull thru and put the info out there

appreciation for serious

I grew up in a poor neighborhood, and tupac died when I was in 5th grade. I will never forget the day, there were kids crying in my class. Actually crying! It was crazy. I didn't realize at the time how BIG that was. He touched so many lives with his lyrics and music. His life was definatley cut short, and its very sad. RIP Tupac~ you live on through your music!

VC thank you lots God bless you soul

Tupac was the truth! Since his death, we have had a major void in rap/hip hop. I miss him. R.I.P.

I always found that pac stood out more than any one when it came to rap due to his poetic view and just the realness of it all like come on real recognize real  , however people need to get the story straight … When 2 PAC was arrested for supposedly violating that girl ; that was all a set up because 2pac kept exposing the illuminati or may i say pushing their buttons and they didn't like it so they would basically put a threat on him for doing so by Locking him up for all this nonsense . What I found so funny that the day he released his last album he was killed 7 days later and another thing the day of his death before dying suge knight told 2pac to take off his bullet proof vest ( which PAC always had on ) Because he was… Read more »

Okay so i have a question but it is not relevant to this article, sorry if anyone thinks this is not the place for such a question. But i really wanted to know if anyone knows whether DJ Tiesto is with the illuminati?

I have been inspired by his music but noticed a few symbols that ive been bothered by..Please if anyone has an answer that would truly be appreciated!!!

Thank you =)

I see so many mixed reactions on this board but to be honest I cannot explain the complexities of Tupac but to say he was NOT Revolutionary couldnt be further from the truth. Revolutionary is defined as engaged or promoting Political Revoultion. For any small minded individual to sit and say he was a gangtsa rapper etc. is simply put close minded. Every Banker who declines a single parent that home loan or declines her that car to get her to work and her kids to school are they gangsters no they are just doing their job. In the music industry you have record what sales and what people wanna hear I.E. label execs. Music would be a whole different scene if music execs put out the songs the artist chose like hey this is my album lets go that just doesnt happen they are in it tooo make money… Read more »

“If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

That next dude is Immortal Technique

''selling crack to some kids, I gotta get payed'' that's the way it is.

Funny guy this 2pac

i love tupac too, i'm from the bay after all, but to say that tupac was doing something positive for the community is revisionist history. if you really look at his complete legacy including all of his positive and negative songs and actions then i think all you can be left with is a complex person with many parts good and bad in his personality. for every "brendas got a baby," he also recorded a "hit em up." as much as he would talk about black activism he ran with death row at the time, the primary purveyors of gangsta rap, and all of its negative images, stereotypes and representations. i have a hard time elevating tupac to "prophet" or "revolutionary" status because his legacy was so mixed. i think he was a smart brotha who came from that black panther legacy but was firmly a person of his own… Read more »

I agree, he definetly had a good side but counteracted it most of the time, he fed into his hate more than he should've to really make a difference. Maybe he would of fed the better part of him if he had lived longer, he had the potential and ears of alot of people, too bad he couldn't do better.

I'm convinced the plan was to rid the game/world of 2Pac bc he wz a revolutionary. Had he been alive today, the [rap] game would not be in the shape its in now. He would have led a nation of young people to actually think instead of just accepting what's being given to them thru these mindless, greedy, fame-driven artists of today. Oh, which poses this question to VC: Have you heard anything about Odd Future? These guys are messengers of hate, death, r**e, violence, and crimes against family and humanity in general. I think its time to stand up, fellow Vigilant Citizens…its time to stand up against this poison thats being given to our youth thru the music.

Down with Bullsh*t music!!

Why are all these people that spoke their minds and actually challenged people to open their minds and see the world in a different way, in a positive way now dead like tupac, bob marley, martin luther king, even john f kennedy????? doesn't that tell you something?????

Wow even then Tupac had such revolutionary views. "fear is stronger than love remember that" "I don't have any friends" "My music will live forever" The fact that he pointed out that Blacks and Hispanic will always be targets of the government- government resources and technology- is and has already happened. The best way to determine future behavior is to look at past behavior- this will continue to happen and will intensify. "some of us might no even make it to live to be killed by aids." Prophetic words. The official story on the record would suggest that Tupac died because he was young and lived fast associated with dangerous people who did not have his best interests in mind. Which is accurate but it's not the whole truth. Half truths are still lies by omission. The "Off-the-record" story has roots- there is a lot more to this story than… Read more »

I totally agree with you 100%. You're exactly right about having no freedom of speech. Just look @ the Kobe Bryant fiasco. How could someone be fined for saying a word? So in that case, I need my money for "N-word," I need a check for "b*tch," "w***e", and any other offensive slur that comes to mind, but we all know why they are protecting the gays, its just another part of imposing a backward lifestyle onto the masses & our children especially. Sometimes I despise the "world" but thank God we have a Saviour…and his return is imminent.

You thank "God" for his Son, yet you spew ignorance. Learn the correct name for "God", and what his son taught: love one another.

Don't you see that this whole damn debate about gays is a way to further divide us? It's nothing to do with "imposing a backward lifestyle." It's a parent's job to educate their children instead of leaving it up to MTV.

Remember this: love one another. Love isn't saying "faggot" or any other offensive word intended to put one down.

As a parting thought: Yahweh knew us in the womb, and He loves us. Even the gays. So think bout that next time you say or type anything against any of His children.

truth is yes yah loves all but he does condone backwards living.Satan perverts everything yah sets up.SO stop lying to yourself saying that you were born that way because you wasnt.THats saying GOD makes mistakes .not saying you are a mistake but your life style is blasphemous. all sin is the same true,but gayness effects everyone who comes in contact with it many in different ways.book of romans says that anyone who condones or supports this lifestyle is guilty of it themselves.

Tupac was an intelligent brother who had the passion and charisma to pull off any venture that he set out to do. I feel that Tupac was very aware about how this world is ran and how it relates to the entertainment industry. He knew that he had to become apart of the industry in order to get his message out. To some people he was contradictory in his lyrics and mannerisms but I think he did that again to play the game (pretend that he is leading the masses astray through his lyrics, etc) however, his true intention was to put out positive and inspiring messages in his songs. He was going to lead people through his lyrics and eventually actions to better themselves in a world that is set up to keep a chosen few on top and the majority at the bottom. However, I believe he realized… Read more »
i just wrote the unrelated message, below, to vig b/c there is no longer a message board to post to – it is about an ad that appeared at the head of the page, but not always, now there's one about some service that will resurrect me if my on-line reputation is destroyed, but the one in particular did succeed in catching my interest: the ad appearing at the head of your page … i don't think you can control that, right, it is based on content, etc. it is for a new movie: "the god who wasn't there" http://www.thegodmovie.com/?gclid=CIHGyMOGr6gCFUO… trailer includes zeitgeist sentiment: the first decades of christianity contained no christ, jesus was not the first to be born of a virgin, adored by wise men, heal the sick, suffer and die on a tree or cross, buried in a tomb and rise on the third day, and that… Read more »

People give zeitgeist too much credit. It is the same old story just repackaged for todays internet/youtube generation. Although they bash every system currently under the Sun such as religion and various forms of government, this is common for anytype of pre-revolutionary movement throughout history.

The Idea is to deconstruct- then put in place a new idea. The conclusion of zeitgiest is nothing more than collectivism/communism repackaged with re-labled terms and contemporary slogans so as to appear like a new utopian view- It is nothing more than propaganda an example of ideological subversion.

We have witnessed throughout history what has happened with communism and its end conclusion- So logically speaking, why would Zeitgiest be any different? The only thing different is the packaging- but what's inside waiting to come out is the same.

So sad to see that pic of Yummy Sandifer in the background. That kid had gotten killed the summer that Pac got locked up. The kid never had a chance in life and was a stone cold killer by age 10. Of course he didn't last long on the streets SMH.

that story is so tragic

So much wisdom from such a young man, very very intelligent. If you think about it, the world really doesn't have that right now. He was truly a martyr, Rest In Peace, what a loss!

I love this interview. The interviewer asked so many good questions and received such insightful answers. I loved Tupac thanks for this VC.

my history teacher was just talking about hows sports stars and such don't have views anymore, as Ali, for example, did back in the day. and ALi was hard, no soft s**t, and not this 'whats the trend to be a fan of' crap.

Rip tupac miss u

A very intelligent man indeed. There's no doubt that if he were alive today the impact he'd have on the world would be widespread. He's one of the few that had the guts to stand up and speak out…he proposed a threat to the "hidden agenda" so he had to be stopped. But riddle me this…did Tupac have great ideas?…yes…did he want something better for his community?…yes…is that wrong?…no…BUT there's just one major element missing from his revelation. See people don't realize that the evil, malice, hate, violence, etc stems from the "prince" of this world ————> Satan. How can we combat the effects if we don't deal with the source first? No human is able to defeat Satan no matter the amount of weapons or "good intentions". So how? 1 Corinthians 15:22 states "For as in Adam all die, so in Christ all will be made alive"…when Adam sinned… Read more »


“By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?”…If it walks/talks like a duck then it’s a…i’m done=)

Please explain this concept further as I dont understand the point your trying to make.

My mind has become so dumbed down over the years Im not as sharp as I once was.

Please exlplain this concept further as I feel like yur talking to me on it and I feel like I will MASSIVLY benefit from the point your trying to make. Only problem is I dont seem to get the point right dis second so please do explain it as soon as you can or neone else out there that can.

Many thanks, God bless, love light and blessings and strength to u ALL!!! xxx

@ Moby D

DiZiLLuZioNed explained it perfectly. Sorry for the misunderstanding…I can see how the last sentence could have been confusing=) If you have anymore questions feel free to fb me at Cordia Rochelle (that is if you have facebook)

Be Blessed

it means know them by their actions characteristics behaviors etc….honest people dont lie,green isnt blue.If a person says that they are one way but acts like something they are not they are a liar.so if i say im a orange tree but grow apples im not an orange tree im not what i say i am.

Hey Moby, I will give it a shot and try to explain it for you. My explanation will be my interpretation, cords could have been trying to convey something entirely different but I believe what Cords is saying is that there is a difference between religeon and spirituality. Religeon is a man-made institution complete with rituals, traditions, and graven images (I.E. pictures of Jesus, Mary, the cross with Jesus hanging on it, rosary beads, etc.) whileas Spirituality denotes a personal state of "being" connecting with a higher consciousness, going within yourself and developing a relationship with a higher power. James 2:14 is a good scripture to read to get a better understanding of this. The saying "Faith without works is dead" is similar to a Christian claiming Christianity as his religeon but not having a personal relationship with Yeshua/Yahshua/Jesus. The beauty of Christianity is that we do not worship an… Read more »

"The saying “Faith without works is dead” is similar to a Christian claiming Christianity as his religeon but not having a personal relationship with Yeshua/Yahshua/Jesus"

are you sure that is what that means. One of my main issues people in general is when they quote the Bible then interpret it in all kinds of ways.

Faith-Belief in the Lord

without works -actions, or living a Christian life, doing what "Jesus" would do etc

So wouldnt that mean the opposite, as in even if you have a belief or personal connection with God and then do not practice Christianity -attend church, preach, lifestyle, then you are wrong??

I may be coming to the conversation a little late but I hope I can shed some light on this 'faith without works' topic. If someone truly believes in something, his actions will demonstrate his belief. For instance, let's say I've been standing all day and I just want to sit down. There are only two options for sitting, an old raggity chair or a sturdy, new chair. Because I believe that the one will not support my weight, I go for the newer, more sturdy chair. My actions followed my belief. The same with God. If you truly believe in him, your actions will echo your belief. However, if everything I do is contrary to what I say I believe, then I'm just paying lip service and that's all.