Tupac Shakur: Lost Prison Interview Circa 1994 (video)


I know many readers of this site are rap fans so I figured many would appreciate this rare video. It is a 45 minute uncut interview with Tupac Shakur during the time he was incarcerated. This might remind people of the time when artists had something to say and had views about issues.

Tupac was about 22 years old in this video. One can only imagine the potential influence he could have had on the world as his mind matured and his views evolved. This might explain why there was such a massive FBI file about him…and probably why he got murdered. As he said himself in this interview: “They’ll start taking out anyone who is trying to do something positive for the community”. What can be more positive than making “being smart” a cool thing?

“If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

Boy was he right.


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in an interview , im not sure if its this one , he talks about the prison guards let him take an extra bath because Madonna was going to see him… Madonna…. a white girl……….likes rap music………….? that is freaken wierd I always questioned why the heck she wanted to visit him.. was pac into all the illumaniti and then got out?