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Tupac Shakur: Lost Prison Interview Circa 1994 (video)



Tupac Shakur: Lost Prison Interview Circa 1994 (video)

I know many readers of this site are rap fans so I figured many would appreciate this rare video. It is a 45 minute uncut interview with Tupac Shakur during the time he was incarcerated. This might remind people of the time when artists had something to say and had views about issues.


Tupac was about 22 years old in this video. One can only imagine the potential influence he could have had on the world as his mind matured and his views evolved. This might explain why there was such a massive FBI file about him…and probably why he got murdered. As he said himself in this interview: “They’ll start taking out anyone who is trying to do something positive for the community”. What can be more positive than making “being smart” a cool thing?

“If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

Boy was he right.


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Gregg Riggs

Speaking as a white boy from rural America, I can easily say I used to hate Tupac. Now that I'm older I've realized that I was taught to hate Tupac and others like him. Just like "the black man" in the ghetto is taught to hate "the white man," I was also taught to hate "ghetto insert-n-word-here." What I've learned is that there has been (and still is) a huge push from within the black community to step away from this conditioning. I've stepped away from it too. Let it be said by a white ex-redneck: I love my black brothers and sisters. I respect you. I pray for you. You are my people and I will give you the shirt off my back if you but ask for it.


Thanks, VC, for posting the vid.


I just wanted to clarify Gregg, blacks aren't taught to "hate" the white man. That distrust we have for white people is ingrained. We're taught through history to watch our backs around the white man. You can't blame us for that it's self-preservation. Even the most militant-minded black person doesn't "hate" white people — they just don't TRUST them. That's another way the illuminati has programmed white people to think — further building contention amongst us bottom bricks. I'm glad the truth has found you. Those blinders will fall off one peice at a time. I will speak for myself and say that I'm glad you gave your testimony.

AhaYAH bless!


I send all my love, I hope u dont have to reencarnate back into this world. Maybe u will end up in Patra with all the other great artist.

There is another artist people should know about. His name is K-Rino he has real lyrics like Tupac. Just youtube him you wont be dissapointed.

peace, love, life


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in an interview , im not sure if its this one , he talks about the prison guards let him take an extra bath because Madonna was going to see him… Madonna…. a white girl……….likes rap music………….? that is freaken wierd I always questioned why the heck she wanted to visit him.. was pac into all the illumaniti and then got out?

Freta Felcher

Man what a classic interview, great watch!


“If you take me out of the game, you won’t want to see the next one. Trust me. Take me out of the game, you won’t wanna see this next dude, ’cause he ain’t gonna have no compassion.”

And he was right !!

R.I.P. Tupac Shakur !


Tupac to me was more then just a rapper,

he was my role model. That one person that i can look up to and be proud to. He taught me that both blak and white it dont matter.

He was and always will be a legend and role model to me.

R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur ily


He was a very intelligent young man. This video shows a promising artist that has a conscience and cares about the world and people. Compared to the wannebe thugs and rappers nowadays that can't even string a sentence together because they are too stoned and drugged out. I guess because he has his own mind, thoughts and opinions and was strong minded, that was why they couldn't have him become anymore popular than he was.


The fact that a person can have this much influence in terms of current issues we face today, having passed away in 1996, Tupac, and what he left behind is still very much relevant to instances that occur in the media, politics and the world as a unit. We still have people painting him with the narrow-minded brush of a thug and villain. Which by all means is an opinion at the end of the day. But if one was to really pay attention and listen and converse rather that dictate and turn those said opinions into facts then we would all be a little more clued up. Past the profanity and some of his ludicrous actions therein lied a person with immense knowledge that thrived in turning the so called 'system for the people' on its back by shoving out his views and thoughts on how those on top cannot stand to see the progression of a minority lesser than them. knowledge is power and Tupac was fully aware of this. Intelligent and artistic is why he was so favored and will continue to be. Tupac and a well recognized political figure who probably had more of an education… Read more »


Thanks, VC, for bringing this to light and to our attention!!!!


"LOST" prison interview my ass. This was WITHHELD!

political atheist

In jail for "forcibly touching the buttocks"? WTH? The TSA is doing that every day and we're supposed to be ok with that.

This guy is droppin' some serious knowledge. What a tragic loss. Keep his memory alive by keeping it realz, yo. Every one of us.


first off, the music industry is controlled by satan just youtube john todd who worked for zodiac productions and do some research and u will see and understand. tupac sold his soul for fame and money just like all other singers/rappers which are not christians. if tupac was so worried about black people then maybe he should of moved to africa which makes the life style of african americans look plush in camparison.


Its mighty funny how they say black ppl promote violance nd they have a list of they type of music rappers shud rap to make us seem more ignorant, more violent, nd make black women seem like their whores…then throw it in their faces later on if they try to speak out…like tupac nd dmx….

then you got ppl from my hood believin they aint never gonna b nuttin but a whore or think you gotta b a rapper or a basketball player to make money…i do wish black ppl would open their eyes

i kno when i finish school i wanna b da one to say you can make it too…..sorry i kinda got all deep wit it but i really appreciate dis…we need more dudes like tupac…. word


It's amazing to see the profound impact he's had over so many people in his short life. I have a deep respect for Tupac. Anybody who is not afraid to stand up and speak the truth in a world constantly trying to tear you down, deserves mad respect. It's a shame I can only dream about what more he could've accomplished if he'd still been alive today.

On a brighter not, just because Tupac has passed on doesn't mean there aren't rap artists today out there speaking about real issues; the truth. Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique and such are just the tip of the iceberg, there's a whole underground world of good, conscious rap out there. It's a pity all we hear in the media nowadays is garbage music with evil messages.

Thanks for the vid, VC.


harm one

Pac did alot for raising awareness and changing things for the minorities in America, besides his music. This video touches on it. Yes, the conspiracy surrounding his death does have an Illuminati ring to it…That's for sure. what was the exact reasoning in the killers and conspirators minds?? Was the killing an act of cowardice on behalf of illuminati forces? I wish I knew the whole truth behind it all but the fact is when multiple people probably want you dead, in high places or not you gotta watch your ass. Regardless of their race, gang ties, illuminati ties…My friends it comes down to hate jealousy money,control. Pac knew the consequences of being brave in his quest, he died in honor (being shot; but having accomplished so much in his short life, although yes it's sad he couldn't live on to do more great things.

dan the man

tupacs murder has connections to the jews, who if you dont know control america

semporia graccha

honestly, do think Jews are responsible for the world's problems? Jesus and his disciples and his mother were all Jewish and they obviously didn't do that. this is a ridiculous theory


Everyone doesn't have the same opinion. With that said, for those who JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND Mr. Shakur and his relevance to WORLD history,. . . . . o well.

Tupac was a Prophet. Too bad many cannot get off their high horses, take the blinders off, and deprogram yourself from what the MSM wants you to think.

Long Live Tupac and what he stood for. Peace & Blessings

camelia d. onridge

don't be ridiculous, nobody id being programmed. tupac was not a prophet. moses, abraham, jesus, those are prophets. tupac was a gangster and a bad influence


Allow me to introduce first, Makaveli the Don

Hysterical, spiritual lyrics like the holy Qu'Ran!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Deazy…Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. I learned a lot by reading your blog. My heart hurts because I miss Pac so much. I miss the REALness! He got me through such hard times and when I was 18 I got all eyes on me tattooed because I felt so strongly the same way Pac felt! Smile for me »is and was my anthem! One thing that I find myself repeating alotis “How am I supposed to be a angel surrounded by all these deviLS” He was so deep and passionate. I am born on Nov Seventh and I am a child of light SURRounDed by all these devils and like Pac said I shed So Many TeaRs. It makes me sad to see people go out like this TUPAC Lead us water but he kant make us drinK! This generation is unfocused and WeaK where are our REVOLUTIONARIES ssssmmmhhhh no one wants to die so we all WILL! God BLess and TURN YOUR HEARt to jesus!

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