Trump’s Victory: A Historical Upset


I have to admit it. I fully did NOT expect Donald Trump to become the 45th President of the United States of America. All of the odds were against him: He was underfunded compared to Hillary’s money machine; Nearly every media source was openly against him; Not one major celebrity came out to support him; He was labbeled a racist and a misogynist; All leading figures of his own party abandoned him; Much of his policies were in direct opposition with the aims of the globalist elite; Robert DeNiro said he wanted to punch him in the face.

Despite all of this, Trump won. While Hillary had the entire establishment behind her – including elite organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations – she did not win. How did this happen? Is this a ‘rebellion against the elite’ as some journalists claimed … or it the elite placing the perfect fall guy for things to come?

One thing is for sure, one voice was heard loudly: Conservative White people from rural areas. Looking at the electoral map, Trump won nearly 100% of the areas corresponding to this demographic. Did they feel that their current government pandered to every possible minority while leaving them out to dry? Did they feel that the liberal values promoted by the Democrats went too far against their Conservative outlook? Did they feel that the American ‘race’ was being diluted by a steady stream of illegal immigrants? Did they reject the tolerant attitude of the government versus Islam? Answering yes to any combination of these questions lead to a vote for Trump.


While media around the world writes pages upon pages analyzing the results of this election, one single word could sum up the entire thing: “Visceral”.

Trump’s electorate had a visceral reaction to Trump and an opposite visceral reaction to Clinton. Electing Trump was a move that came from the guts and the instincts rather than rational calculations. Trump never engaged into complex policies or presented spreadsheets full of numbers. He simply represented, by who he was, the opposite of things his voters were clearly sick of seeing.

Trump was at odds with the ‘liberal agenda’ in mass media, with internalization of borders citizenship, with political correctness, with ‘social justice warriors’ and with the agenda of globalist forces (he even brought up George Soros by name during the campaign). Trump did not promise numbers and new policies as much as he promised to rid America from things he describes as parasitic, whether it be big government, illegal aliens, foreign countries requiring aid, etc. This provoked a visceral positive reaction from a demographic base whose motto could easily be “Get off my lawn or I’ll shoot ya”.

What Now?

That being said, will Trump truly deliver on his promises? The one who described himself as ‘not a politician’ has become a politician. And, as you might know, what is said on the campaign trail often differ greatly to what actually happens in government. Do you remember when Obama promised to shut down Guantanamo Bay over eight years ago? Well, after two mandates, that did not happen. Not even close.

Will Trump actually build a wall? Will he deport millions of illegal immigrants? Will he block Muslims from entering the USA? Many of his promises were clearly unconstitutional. Entities such as the Senate, the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court can easily shut down any policy that does not pass their tests. A few historical facts however give Trump unprecedented power: The Republicans control all three branches of governments and Trump is set to nominate a Supreme Court judge.

Things to Watch For

While Trump appeared to be at odds with the world elite, he will still most likely be used to advance its agenda. The entire American population, especially those who voted for him, need to remain vigilant and always question the true agenda behind new policies. Here are things to watch for.

First, the promotion of a ‘race war’ is something that has been going on for years and Trump might be used to push that agenda further. Leaders from Black and White communities have been riling up their bases and various movements have been gaining steam. The racial nature of Trump’s policies might set things ablaze.

Next, Trump often emphasized the notion of ‘law and order’ when addressing issues in urban areas. We do not need to go too far in the past to see totalitarian regimes devolving from ‘law and order’ to outright ‘police state’ after an important event. Also, the totalitarian tendencies displayed by Trump’s attitude and vocabulary during the campaign might be used to steer America towards an ugly fascist place.

Finally, some observers are already wondering if the elite will ‘punish’ the United States with an engineered economic crisis or something of the sorts. Trump’s election combined with the UK’s unexpected and anti-globalist Brexit means that the two most powerful economic powers of the world have taken a ‘rogue’ path. They might be forced towards the ‘right way’ by the world elite using painful economic methods.

Trump’s victory is therefore an unexpected yet historic event. While it can be interpreted as a slap to the political elite’s face, it also opens a path to a world of uncertainty. A Clinton presidency would have been extremely predictable and in perfect continuation with the previous administration. Conversely, it is extremely difficult to predict which direction a Trump presidency will go. One thing is for sure, the same shadow government that has been ruling the country (and the world) for decades, is still there. And the ‘chaos’ factor of Trump might very well play in their favor.


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Trump is also a puppet from the elite. Here some facts: – In 2004 he was the Grand Marshall of the Salute to Israel Parade in NY – Netanyahu has reffered to Trump today as a “true friend of Israel”. Which is good. Unless you are a zionist. Then it is not good – Ivanka (his daughter) converted to judaism in 2009 so she could get married with Jared Kushner – Jared Kushner is the owner of the New York Observer. I’m sure you will appreciate some cool symbolism in it’s logo So it’s pretty obvious for me that Trump has something to do with the elite. A few hours ago I read that the Simpsons predicted Trump’s victory in year 2000 in season 17th episode 11. Nothing will escape to the elite’s plan to build a NWO. They are a bit more intelligent that what we are and have… Read more »

I loved this post, especially the last four sentences. Amen.

Yes he is and the trump supporters are going to look like fools when goes back on his promises. I dont know if anyone noticed this today but didn’t it look like trump was in some kind of trance when he went to meet obama today in the white house. And when went to meet mcconnel and thew speaker of the house. To me it look like he was under some kind of mind control

Regardless of what happens, Trump will always be better than the demented mass murdering psychopath Hillary Clinton.

@Caril, that wasn’t mind control, that was the effects of having received the presidential briefing which no doubt can be summed up as: “We are the true controllers, you are our puppet, you do as we say, or you and your family die a terrible death”. Trump looked like a totally changed man from pre election to his visit at the WH. You can see the horror and numbness all over his face. In these briefings, I imagine that the presidential puppets are told who are the real controllers of the government, and they are the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.

No, there are not Rothschilds or Rockefellers…it’s Satan, the one who defy God since the beginning and he was there, at the WH and he meet with trump and Obama just tell trump, you see for yourself, it’s not me who govern the world or the USA. Rothsc and Rochk are also his puppets. The bible says: 1 John 5.19 “We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one. 20 We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. Dear children, keep yourselves from idols.” Luke 4. 5-8 ” The devil led him up (jesus) to a high place and… Read more »
Could not have said this better myself. All of this is pointless if it does not lead you to Christ. This is how the Lord saved me, through researching these things on secular and christian sites, 1 John 5: 19-20 really resonates with me and how God called turn away from idols for the reason that Satan rules them and will continue to rule me if I do not submit to Jesus Christ. Even this site I don’t fully trust because it offers no hope in the Lord but just exposure with no solution it can be even entertaining at times I and i have to stop because it leads to glorifying the work of Satan. Know that this is happening yall but keep your mind centered on the Lord God almighty who has already overcome Satan and who is in complete control. Remember that Satan can only do… Read more »

While Satan is the god of this era, the bible clearly states that it is the Almighty who seats kings and kingdoms. Christ has already qualified as our coming world King, but until the kingdom comes, Satan is the one the Almighty is using for his greater plan.

I’ve been seeing that on forums a lot recently; that trump and hillary have been acting out of character this week. I wonder if even they were unaware of what was in store for them.

It also looks as if trump is saying in his head WTH have I gotten myself into. Too late to back out now

Is it possible many politicians are clones? I never believed that conspiracy theory but now I’m wondering.

I agree with. A lot of them were cloned.

there was an article I read where Ben Carson openly admitted there’s 2 trumps…

Holy s**t. Let’s hope not!

I think he totally distrusts the media now. & they covered the room.

I remember dropping Simpsons for awhile years ago after watcihing an episode where the line “FREEMASONS RULE THE COUNTRY” was included. It was the episode in an earlier season where a casino opened in Springfield and Marge got addicted to Gambling. Then there was the episode where Homer became a freemason….

Well, I hope you don’t think the creator of ‘Family Guy’ is any better. Anyone who walks onto Jimmy Kimmel’s show also walks into the main Hollywood Masonic Brotherhood building, where the show is recorded. Seth McFarlane is just the newest golden boy of the illuminati entertainment set. He’s a toad.

Besides from propaganda and productplacements, he sure knows how to observe humans and pick out some very close to home subjects and taboos.
When have you ever seen a sitcom sidestepping on eyefloaters? Quite refreshing, for a while. If you can not stand parodying hardcore sexual graphics, than, okay, Dr. Quin reruns might be fun. If you are critical, subtile propaganda is everywhere, but the packeging is another story.

Let’s not forget Simpsons creator Matt Groening received a foot massage on board Jeffrey Epstein’s jet (that we know of). He is one of them, sadly.

But you know what? despite the fact that all these people are controlled, and info wars defence and promotion of Trump is a joke. At least what is now clear is that the elite are losing control. So much entropic stuff has happened and the whole thing seems to be fallng apart. You can hear the back stage equipment crashing and falling behind the curtain.

Why has “voter fraud” not been brought up when bringing up HRC’s supposed win of the popular vote? I paid very close attention for over a yr. in my own and neighboring states, and there was NO support of HRC anywhere! No signs up, no big get togethers to travel to one of her rallies, etc.
I think the “HRC won the popular vote” is just more divisive BS. Trump won by a landslide we’ll never know the true numbers of, and it’s because “normal Americans” don’t want to play the bad guy to the world any longer, amongst other things.
“Make business, not war”.

So you have been in every corner of the US to witness no HRC signs anywhere? I have both trump and hillary supporters as friends (im not american and do not live there) and you say similar things. My hillary supporter friends claimed that there were barely any Trump signs that they saw. You probably looked around your town and saw no signs but that says more about you than it does HRC support. It means that you live in a town with a certain culture and values. Your direct surroundings have a huge influence on your views. Specially if you havent been exposed to other surroundings for long periods of time and at a young age. I dont know you, so I can’t really know. But please take more care in making certain statements.

Well here in two states only saw Trump signs on lawns. Trump signs, banners, hats flooded FL and GA!

Ella, I too live abroad (although unlike you, I am American), and can assure you that the ex-pats I know are living in la-la land. A disparate number of the ones around me voted for Crooked, thus proving how unauthentically American they have become. If that’s your bellweather, it’s cracked.

Well, back out an estimated 3 million votes by illegals and dead people, and there goes your popular vote for Hellary. In any case, look at the national map by county, and you will see a geographical landslide.

The fact that Trump overcame in the face of outright fraud and ballot-rigging on the electronic machines speaks volumes.

Umm…Please learn to read before making certain statements yourself. Comprehension isn’t your strong suit, eh? Pity. Practice makes perfect, some say, so, good luck with that! 😉

Trump ha been mocked and ridiculed in elite culture since at least the 90’s because he wasn’t interested in following some of their creepier trends. They called him gauche because of it. I know because I was an avid reader of culture magazines like “Vanity Fair” as a girl and I remember many of the articles and their mocking tone about him from more “sophisticated”, reserved elites. All the things they mocked him for — his patriotism, his comfort around working class people, and his personal taste where he chose art and style he thought was beautiful and pleasant to be around, rather than trendy and he would not drink alcohol and do drugs because he saw his brother collapse under alcoholism — all worked to his advantage when he ran for President. It is possible to be in the World and not entirely of it and although Trump may… Read more »

Not only Simpsons predicted this, but also famous cards (the Illuminati card game) showed really visible signs. These cards are: Charismatic leader, Enough is enough. It’s really scary

That card deck also – impossibly – described the rise of 4chan meme frog god Pepe aka Kek. I consider this a lower level form of divine intervention via meme magick. Look up card #293: it’s Kek.
Even wicked Hillary was freaked out about Pepe and attacked Pepe/Kek at the 9/11 memorial. Then she collapsed in front of the entire world and almost died.
Meme magick may have bought America a little time to get it together for the next round. So use it.

Connect these dots with the game of “Zuma”. Frog shooter energy there, added in, with the “ancient Mayanish up to modern /gold fanged vampridom”. Going further with this myself, but wanted to share with some.
Vewy intewesting schtuff…
& why did so many have to scamble frogs brains and then dissect them in early schooling? I’m talkin’ back in the ’70’s that I know of…
Creepy, IMHO, their “business of the shows”…

I think you need to go read Daniel 2:32-49 and notice that Stone that smotes these so called kingdoms and stroll over to revelations 17:12 ( the ten kings which is the unified Europe) goes against the LAMB( Jesus ) then stroll to Revelations 19:11-21 ( these verses SURELY shows you who WINS THE WAR (JESUS)then stroll down to REVELATIONS 20:11(THE LAST JUDGMENT THE GREAT WHITE THRONE WHERE WE ALL WILL BE JUDGED TO EITHER ETERNAL LIFE OR ETERNAL DEATH) go and read it’s ALL THERE PROPHECY .. I hope YOU are ready ..

Powerless that be – take back ur power cowards


For everyone complaining that Trump was acting different after the election…
Did it ever occurr to anyone that Trump HAS to act humble and nice?
Trump is the President-Elect. Obama is STILL the POTUS and has access to all the levers of power. He could do alot of damage before the inauguration… which he is doing by letting in more “refugees”, releasing terrorists from gitmo and by blaming Russia for Hillary’s loss.

Oh, and get off the Freemasons. Freemasons established the U.S. They fought against centralized banking and tyranny. The NWO is not a Freemason concept. The Illuminati were a break away faction of the Masons that went against all the tenets of Freemasonry. Neither Bush was a Mason.

But of course the Bushes are not Masons. They are Skull and Bone.

I believe in some conspiracy theories but people like are just engineered losers. You don’t believe in the human power to succeed and defet their enemies. You just take pleause in playing the victim and wouldn’t be able to recongnize the Lord’s Second Coming even if you see it. You’re pathetic.

P.D. Real Christianity is not for losers.

Over the next 5 years we will see Europe go into Civil War against their refugees. While you watch it over the TV knowing it is thousands of miles away, remember we came very close to it being us as well. This is the only issue that mattered to me when I voted. Once they invade it is almost impossible to exterminate.

”Civil war against refugees”? The fearmongering happens right on your doorstep. It is not an invation. Those travellers are being used. They have not been educated like you were. Most are escaping the drones your and other people send over their heads. And More. The moles under the migrants are hidden and won’t come in daylight untill called for. But that’s a different kind of war than the annoyingly walking about your neighbourhoodyou seem to fear.? But, then again, those moles are walking about already right now, is my guess, and are firing up the locals.

Ask Europe how peaceful the migrants are. They r**e woman. Burn down camps that they feel unsuitable. They also kill innocent civilians with guns or trucks or knives. Get real.

I live in Europe and Dan is absolutely right. To cite only one of thousands of examples, the most horrific crime in the history of Sweden was committed by a group of “refugees” who lured a Swedish woman into a barn and then gang-raped her for 72 hours non-stop. She’s now in a wheelchair, broken pelvic bones, the whole nine yards. And when the Swedish newspapers headlined it briefly, their story was quickly removed and replaced by advertising. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. Women’s rights? You just can’t make this up.

Ask intelligent people how imigrants/refugees are being treated in Europe. Before they settle in the country, the whole country is being hyped up by newspapers and televisionshows, headlines on socialmedia about scared people.
While at the same time cutting social security on page 12, ending funding for homes for the elderly, announced at page 13, finishing support for transport of invalid people to their hospitals. So stupid people make unsound connections with their own situation. But they do not look at their local agenda-carrying ceo’s, mayors, politicians. Why? Distractions.
Humans are easy to trigger. Look at all the childish disappointment about the hillclit not winning. But they did not cry out when all over the world people started to count drone-deaths of innocent children.
In the name of the people. You, people.

While you make speak about many, some of us DID cry out before drones, even, against these bloody deeds against humanity in other areas of this big blue marble we share, as well as trying to keep our own political scenes as trash free as possible.
Can the generalizations, please.
Many unsung heroes abound. Many die and are forgotten, many come to fill their void, now. That’s the hope, anyway.
This IS only a test, afterall…you can spot some of the problem, but just work on your delivery, eh…you DO have elders to try to honor, as do we all…

As a person living in Europe: immigrants are welcome here! There is indeed a minority of stupid racist people who don’t want to help them, but the vast majority of us think that these people deserve our protection, even if many european countries did not participate in the bombings and war with the middle east.
The biggest part of the refugees are normal, good people who only look for a better life for their families, and we don’t believe the lies of some conservative ultra-right groups who try to tell us otherwise.

it begs the question why doesn’t their own surrounding countries take them? Why force them to travel 1000s of miles to far away places when they had perfectly good countries right there….

Answer requires critical thinking…good luck!

That’s NOT true!

I am French and I couldn’t agree more.

So you have personal knowledge or unequivatable proof. Who is the “they”? Every single immigrant rapes women?

Honestly I dont feel very bad for them ya know? Islam is a cancer upon the world at this point. Even people like albert pike wrote about how islam would be used to destabilize the world, and that was like 100yrs ago. I hope nobody forgets the fact that what is happening today MOST CERTAINLY has been planned out long ago. Now i’m not saying every single event is part of some plan. There is definitely the human factor regarding situations due to the fact anything can happen we all have free will, but main events that are causing a stir globally have been schemed up years, and years ago.

Since the fake war on Terror started after 2001, we’ve killed 4 million muslim civilians. The military has destroyed hospitals, roads, schools, water treatment plants, etc. in their countries. There is nothing left in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc. But, they’re just ugly brown people, right? I guess we’re treating the cancer, so it’s all good. /s

it’s the Pakistanis. ICNA and ISNA are their strategic headquarters. The males are racist, fascist and misogynistic and companies keep hring these south asians as It persons while they access te infrastructure of big corprations. Even Obama whi has been accused of eing Muslim maybe he is but being a true Muslim diesnt mean you disregard common sense; he even said Pakistan keeps him up at night. They voted for HRC because her aide and advisor Humedin is Pakistani. At least Americans ditched the plot to let them control parts of American infrastructure. Most of them are a hateful and wicked people; they should not be in America. Most Muslims would even agree as Arabs have to constantly keep these animals in check in Gulf nations and Sunni Muslims who are Black Americans find them more racists than certain white people. where they are subservient workers in check.

she is an arab christian you dumb anonymous whatever you are, brains for s**t

They are indeed sociopathic to the core but they are not smarter or wiser by a long shot against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – Yahusha Hamashiach. He sees everything thyre doing and will utterly destroy them. His wrath his upon them. Hallelujah and Amen. Maranatha Father!

or Jesus Christ.

What is so Evil about being a friend to Israel. Netanyahu is one of the only world leaders with any balls. They’re in the middle of a hornets nest. Should they lay down and die ??

“Netanyahu is one of the only world leaders with any balls.” What a f*cking joke! A nation which hides behind America’s money and ceaseless lobbying in DC?!! Israel couldn’t even whoop Lebanon’s ass in 2006!!! Hands down the biggest p***y-ass nation on the planet, next to emasculated America who b***h and moan about the elites, but can’t even identify these “elites”, get together and get rid of them! Cause America’s fat, stupid, lazy and glued to the damn TV! I’m glad Trump won. Because I can’t wait to see how fast he sells out the very people who voted him in! Make no mistake about it – he is going to sell America out – both liberal and conservative alike. And you know what America is gonna do? America is gonna b***h about it while stuffing its face full of fast food in front of the TV. Putin would whoop… Read more »

Amen to that.

That Simpsons episode was fake, or at least partially was from the post I saw using it

There is an episode that predicts it. Look up “bart to the future” Where lisa says something about “president trump “

I have trouble believing the angle that Trump’s election is an upset or surprise to the Illuminati types. Does anything in politics really ever happen that They didn’t engineer? Same with Brexit.
I’ll admit that I was 100% sure it was going to be Hillary since she’s chummy with the Rothschilds and a well-known member of the Occult Elite. I thought Trump was just planted to ensure she won and to ignite racial tensions. Now I just feel confused because I’m unsure of what game is being played. But confusion and uncertainty is no doubt part of the agenda behind Trump’s election.

Yes, but confusion and uncertainty are essential elements to chaos. They are the latency. And from chaos comes the one thing these critters do not understand or are able to enact, and that is the utterly unexpected, the instantaneous and transformative. Divine.
They may be certain they are in control, but are they? And for how long?

Sing Shadilay

Thank you KEK, you rascal. Your words really resonate and make me feel hopeful.

However, now I have to Google my way down a really bizarre rabbit hole involving cartoon frogs and Egyptian chaos magic or some such, so thanks for that also 🙂

Well, how do you shock the unshockable? The people who shrug at pictures of aborted babies, who think it’s fine for a man to become a woman, who aren’t phased by a politician knowingly and purposefully lying to them for decades, who are more concerned with someone saying someone’s a slit instead of the actual slit behavior. Either the elites wanted to shock their blind followers by ushering in a Trump or it’s truly Divine intervention and God’s giving us another shot to get things right again. Because everything I’ve learned, relearned, about my country is that this Masonic BS has been there from the erecting of the first Egyptian monument. I know voting is a rigged process. There’s no way these filthy rich satanists would dare permit us to have a collective vote. That entails too many variations to their plans. So, I’m confused as to the agenda here,… Read more »

I really hope I’m misinterpreting your post. So it’s ok to have a racist, homophobic, misogynist in the White House? The party that talks about conservative values elects a man who was married 3x’s, cheated/cheats on his wife(wives), threatens and financially destroys anyone who opposes or fights against him. Spews hate time and time again. A man who’s wife has nude pictures all over the internet, but God forbid Michelle Obama shows her shoulders, she’s unworthy of being FLOTUS.

Just because the media tells you Trump is racist, etc. doesn’t mean it’s true. I expect such drivel to be parroted by the demobots in the public at large, but as a VCer, shouldn’t you be a bit more discerning on what you accept as facts? Especially when you consider the source. Anyone who has worked with him denies emphatically that he is a racist, a misogynist or harbors hatred for anyone. He only cares about people’s work ethic and whether or not they produce results. The latest reports say he is putting people like Judy Shelton, Steve Mnuchin (Jewish), Walid Phares (Lebanese) and Ben Carson (black, actual brain surgeon) on his transition team–all heavy hitters and experts in their respective fields, some of whom will likely become permanent members of his administration. Would he really do that if he was the hater that the MSM says he is? And… Read more »

Yup and we can look up interesting pics of Obama’s mother too. Milania isn’t the only one with provocative pics, look at Obama’s mother. And ps his white grandfathers relation to past presidents made him into the bloodline of the presidency ,I wonder if trump has masonry or presidential ancestors with his Scottish background

His mother was Jewish. Wouldn,t that make him Jewish? Mitochondria DNA is where they get the Jewish Blood.From the Mothers, Not the Fathers.


Trump and Hillary is distant cousins and both related to King Edward iii

Didn’t realize he was scottish. Interesting because Fritz Springmeier says many illuminati are Scottish (Rockafellar, McDonald, Sinclair, etc..)

Unreal, you can have him on tape say that he can get away with grabbing women by the p**** because he’s famous and they let him do it and say that he’s the “only one who can solve” the country’s problems (that should raise a few flags) and you will still deny and deny.

The bottom line is America dodged a bullet by electing Trump. I don’t think Trump will be grabbing anyone by the p**** while he’s president, but the Clintons surely would have continued their criminal enterprise at the expense of America.

Bill Clinton took 26 rides in the Lolita p*******e express. He certainly is no stranger to grabbing women by the p***y and all other imaginable ways.

Ben Carson appears to be sampling his own supply, lobotomy that is

Why does “The Left” attack Milania for her nude pics (which are hardly hardcore p*********y)? It is crazy. We have been subjected to Lena Dunham “freeing the nipple” LGBTQ mania for eight years, demanding the freedom to be a big ugly nude woman, and then they rip Milania apart for her nude photos with another woman. They hypocrisy is so in your face, it’s laughable. What isn’t funny is they can’t see it. (I am beginning to assume these celebrities sobbing about Trump’s election have been MK’d within an inch of their life to create the opposition).

anon- you are so right about the blatant hypocrisy. It’s been a part of American culture since idiots like Bill Clinton helped usher it in. Then Obama “broke the glass ceiling” and now we have incredibly stupid and hypocritical “open-mindedly evolved” youth having protest marches illustrating their intolerance. Just stunning.

She was a model many many years ago. The future king of England has a wife with questionable pics in her past. This is old news, look at the here and now. Melania is smart, speaks 5 languages and is the first non-USA born First Lady in a century. She will be an amazing contact for the world! Give her a chance.

This is spot on

Name calling and labeling people does not work anymore! Move on!

Thank you! Trump was slated to win from the beginning because of his owners, the elite. How else could this lunatic occupy the most powerful office on earth. How else could evangelical leaders back him, and not any of the other Repubs who ran? The real powers that be now have their true puppet in place.
Think God is happy about this? Look at the severe storms that tore thru the South this weekend. If you believe in divine wrath, this is a true example.

M. Obama does not show her shoulders much because she is really a man. The first transgender first lady. Imagine how influential that information will be in the near future when they open up to the public about it….

Don’t get me wrong. If people want to transform themselves that’s okay but to intentionally deceive is the art of war. There would be no need for war if deception did not exist.

Why do people say Michelle is a man? I’ve seen pictures of HER from birth all the way up to the present, and clearly she is a woman.

and, another thing………he actually told illegal aliens to vote. that is not only against the law, but also against the law.

I mean the US Constitution…….and the law. it is actually impeachable, just that alone. illegal aliens are not allowed to vote here. they vote in their home country, bc they are not ours.

Listen obama being married to a woma,,is a farce, he is gay and has been with me. He even,got,somone murdered from the church that hooked up him and michelle to be a married couple just,for the public just how lesbian killery was married to the womanizer,for show and originally against, gay marriage and rights years ago when she goes with women and they all,got with children which,is another disgusting and disturbing,common thing among these,people. At least trump is with a real woman for real. I can’t see him doing the gay or child p**n party thing that they all do. I really think he is going to be the fall guy. We already had a race war,going with the cops for a few years now and already were heading to a polic state. Now is,going to look like he did it with whatever he plans on enforcing. Everything is a… Read more »

Still referring to Michael as Michelle, eh? You really HAVE been duped! ;);)

I’m with you Zapp. ..when you open your eyes to reality you see it for the ugly truth it is.

His name is Michael. Blasphemous indeed.

The 7th trumpet … donalds 7th grandchild was born earlier this year. Pence is christian. Lots of other biblical connections that signal this is the dark before the dawn, and we should trust in god.
America has become so godless, pushing anything sacred away under the guise of being liberal and tolerant. Worshipping openly satanic symbols and sin. They’ve become so bold about it, openly flaunting it. Podesta does spirit cooking with marina abramovich, world famous “performance artist” associated with all of the illuminated pop culture celebrities. Their power is rising from the brainwashed masses, yet somehow trump has prevailed over all odds against him. Their hypocrisy and sin is the undoing of themselves.

The FBI had a soft coup, mostly kept secret from the public.They had a huge part of Hillary NOT getting elected. Wiener’s laptop connected Hillary to the Lolita Express, p********a by HRC herself, satanism, money laundering through the Clinton Foundation etc. The FBI higher ups with power and American love of the Constitution combined with NYPD Detectives-also high ups played a big role. Not surprised to see Rudy Guiliani up on the stage when Trump won.
I personally do expect “them” to kill Trump. There is an old prophecy called the twelve feathers, Trump would be the next feather who dies quickly.

Maybe Hillary needs to focus on poisoning the world with Monsanto and Bayer chemicals. She is a share holder in Monsanto and it was her push for farmers to get arrested for not using Monsanto seeds.

Many Trump supporters know about the NWO but think he isn’t apart of it. With a President Trump in office a lot of his supporters will go back to sleep thinking everything is going to be ok.

I thought exactly like you Terrapin. I really thought Trump was planted there to make sure everyone voted for Hilary. After all a sexist , racist , bumbling, inexperienced pig like him had no chance right? Boy was I wrong.

Many people put their hope in Trump, not in him being a good president, but rather in the possibility that he even COULD be elected in the culture that’s been created in the last 8 years. “Not one major celebrity came out to support him.” That speaks volumes and, I’m sure, was just one more reason to vote Trump. Let’s hope the celebrities make good on their word and leave the USA. I doubt it, since they’re all money-grubbing hypocrites.

I would say have hope friend. I know we may think that we are defeated, outnumbered, outmatched, outwitted, and just doomed in every way. But there is hope when we think of God. Just remember that the biggest threat to mankind is Satan himself, and although unimaginabley powerful, he is still no match, and never will be, for the Great Almighty God, who gave up his only son for mankind. Remember, all of those ‘elite’ you talk about work under Satan. So if God has granted us the power to overcome the evil one’s temptations and afflictions on mankind, how much more scary can the ‘elite’ be? I stretch my arm out to you with compassion and love, and invite you to discover more about the Catholic Church, the one true shelter and home for God’s people.

I agree with you 100%.

Once in awhile down here Evil does not win out.Don’t forget the most Evil Repubs,Masonic Bush Family (seeming descendants of Crowley),Koch Bros.,and most of FOX News was against him too.Pence is an honest Christian and Trump is getting there.I think he really cares.In studying Sacred Scripture you see God choose and use some of the most unlikely,blemished people to do His Work.This may be one of those times…

I agree with you. For the first couple days I thought it was so odd that they did not rig the election for Hillary. New info is surfacing now that they actually DID rig it! They just miscalculated because they didn’t know the magnitude of it all. Their pride blinded them! Just as Svali, former illuminati MK trainer said years ago, that the only chance we have of winning is because they are so arrogant they think they can’t lose at this pointm I believe God used this against them! He blinded them with their pride. The Bible says he will have them in derision! Read the Bible guys, it clearly speaks of these Elites in the last days. And in Ezekial, it says that Tarshish (which is England!) And all her little lions (British Colonies, and USA which was birthed from England) will be the only Nations to not… Read more »

Yes! I also believe they were stunned by the silent majority. Never underestimate the power of the people! Not all of us are blind, and have fallen for their dirty agenda. 59 million Americans made this clear. Thanks to the Lord for giving people wisdom to vote against the corrupt criminal enterprise of the Clintons and see through the lies.

Yes Pray, what if they get Trump impeached and his Repub party lets him down and prefer Pence as President or Paul Ryan

Brrr, I just got a chill down my spine. Are you kidding? A comb-overed self proclaimed court jester who manages to collect millions and millions and likes fake imaged women and parading arrogantly on red carpets. Is there really never a real person wanting to take the job – and surviving? No – it just does not matter. Every move you have to watch, in politics that is, not on those red carpets. Please.

richard pence is the most aggressive christian zionist swine in his cabinet of deplorables, please stop pretending you moronic hate full right wing retards arent aware

The elite could sense the anti-elitism mood, as over recent years they have been heavily exposed. They had to control the coming revolution. Trump is the perfect fall guy for the fake revolution. He is going to create so much division and instability and it will be our own fault. We the public turned our backs on the establishment. We will be begging for them to take control again. That’s when they will hit us hard

Trumps policy will be good for America, I dont think it will cause economic instability

@Ella – It was actually Obama who was creating much division and instability and the elite wanted Clinton to continue this agenda. The rioting and protesting will eventually calm down under the Trump presidency.

Yup. The fall guy.

@Terrapin. I felt the same way.

I’m laughing at all the Trump supporters who think they ‘won’. He’s just as crooked and elite as anyone else in politics. If you think this was a surprise to the elite, you’re incredibly naive. They knew this was going to happen; they have it all planned out. All politicians say what the population wants to hear – in this case, racism, bigotry, hatred, and misogyny appealed to the masses. Not a surprise. Anyone who thinks a politician is on their side is gullible as hell.

He is playing them and they are too dumb to see i. He is not going to build a wall, he is not going to send anyone back nor is he going to get rid of obama care. He will lead you into a war though

Caril – You’re wrong! He’s going to send Hillary to Jail….oh wait…This just in…

Amazing how many of my ‘intelligent’ friends are Sheeple!

These people are beyond help. Did anyone ever stop to think that EITHER CANDIDATE would be horrible? Why is everyone so determined to choose a side and argue down the opposition? Defending scum bags and saying they’re being used by God? Don’t put God in this!! Neither one is any good! And America, WAKE UP, we’ve reaped what we’ve sown. This is what we get! It isn’t going to be ok, or get better! Open up your eyes and realize that it’s all downhill from here!! And I will be at peace through it all because I am HIS.

Trump supporters “won” already, because we don’t have to hear/see/have to deal with the freakin’ Clintons on the daily anymore.
I hope they make her trial “pay per view”, as the profits would be a HUGE boon to our economy. & once we take back all of her and her calbals ill gotten gains/profits, the coffers will fill even more.
“Ding dong, the witch is DEAD!” 🙂 At least as far as being a political force in the US anymore, and that is a huge WIN right there.

Yes, “Ding dong, the wicked witch is dead” was exactly the song I kept humming the day after the election. It’s so funny that all the political news shows are trying to analyze why Clinton lost the election. They are so dense! It’s because she is a Clinton! Duh!!!!

Best post on this site.

Great post and you are right. i did not vote for either

there was no bigotry, hatred or misogyny in Trump. that is a lie. he made one off comment about how women toss themselves at rich and famous men, and that makes him misogynous? what a joke. women need to tighten up and stop being slutish. further, he was correct that the imported muslims are destroying Germany and EU. Merkel will get hers. She is next. the Germans are sick of the rapists, murderers and hand outs.

i think Trump is actually the fall guy for the elite, when everything go down will be trump fault and not the system.

He is not going to be “the fall guy” because he knowingly has agreed to be the Pied Piper, leading voters who backed him into being scapegoats: They will be blamed for the economic disaster he will help engineer. He will be well rewarded for his role in this effort.
He flashes the “6” sign in every speech he gives, almost compulsively!
And his ties to the Zionists are glaringly obvious, including within his own family.

Of course the Elite will blame the people but who you think will the people blame?
The system is designed to fail since inception, and the Elite doesn’t want the people to know this so they will play The Trump card.

im glad im not the only one who noticed it

the system had no need for a fall guy. 2 years ago complaining about “the globalists” in public made you a conspiracy theorist. Now trump has not only brought the topic to the mainstream, he simultaneously introduced it AND sold the antidote, American patriotism.
if you are propagating disease under another name, it does you no good to call it what it is, introduce the antidote to your intended victims, and then give it to them. nothing in the trump campaign furthers a globalist objective. they will probably try to destroy him, but that also validates the rebellion.

The only reason it was brought to mainstream because he knew who his supporters would be. You dont think they have access to websites such as this one youre on? They dont read comments? They dont know how people think and feel or how many people feel that way. Google could have easily given them all that info. They know people are tired of the elites and their media. People are getting smarter, so they have to be smarter too. This is propaganda on another level.The pushback from the media and republicans was reverse psychology. It really branded Trump as an outsider. So any bad press on him, worked in his favor. This was a branding success

I really wish you’re wrong but this would explain it all. I’ve been discussing this with like minded thinkers and we were really hoping that Trump’s and Brexit’s victories was finally a light at the end of the tunnel in defeating the Illuminati. But deep down we know, that they are really too powerful to be defeated and Trump is either their plan all along or he will be taken out. Either way, we lose as usual….

I think this was a move so that the Liberals dont get the blame for anything, and they can continue to push their perverted agenda. The masses will fall for the liberal agendas and see the elite as their saviors. I am shocked to see how everyone around the world is in mourning….

I am also shocked that suddenly the Americans have feelings for Muslims and yet they still treat them as terrorists. I am also shocked that people dont see under the Obama admin Blacks were being gunned down and the BLM movement started. This is the typical double standards of the “Liberals” ‘When I say something offensive, do not oppose it. If you oppose it, I will see you as a threat’.

Yes! This is so true.

I agree with you! Nobody is talking about the wasted 8 years of the Obama administration and his pandering to the “black” vote, which materialized into what? Exactly, nothing! Except trillions of more “fake” US dollars of debt to the corrupt Fed. I don’t know if Trump is better or worse, but I would like to think, for the time being, that maybe, just maybe, he may keep his promises and start fixing some of the enormous problems America is facing right now. As for the libtards that fought so hard against him, which included practically the WHOLE media, all the welfare minded zombies, all the actors, all the politicians and all the indoctrinated young people that can’t think for themselves, GET OVER IT! He was democratically elected, fair and square. Anyway, I hope it works out because the US stills holds a lot of power and influence, and as… Read more »

Obama never pandered to the black vote. Most Democrats don’t have to since as a group, blacks tend to vote Democrat. Obama pandered to the LGBT and Latinos.

Your welfare zombies voted for Trump. “Conservative White people from rural areas.” They are the ones who vote against their interest because of their ignorance and bigoted ways.

@bouge75. I definitely agree with you about Obama NOT pandering to the black Americans vote(you know the same people who overwhelming voted for him).That man consistently talked down to black Americans and a good number of black people actually still till this day make excuses why America’s first black president didn’t prioritize them compared to the way he did things for Latinos and LGBT.As a black American it’s embarrassing to see how many black Americans give Obama a pass.I have a feeling if Hillary Clinton became president some of them would’ve made excuses for her too.

Presidents are Selected…not Elected.

Order Out of Chaos… Period.

Fully agree.

He has been flashing the 666 sign using his hands all the time while doing his speeches and he was declared president on 11/9 , which is 911 backwards, at 3am , which is the witching hour, it’s all about the occultism, he will be serving the dark forces my friends …

Watching the video of him with Obama at the Whitehouse, he is doing the Merkel-Raute sign.

It’s not 666 when Trump does it. Only celebrities. Mmmmmkay?

What has happened is a backlash by the whites after the election of the first black man to be president of the United States. Donald Trump was the poster boy for such a campaign and you can remember asking to see Obama’s birth certificate to prove that he’s American. Whenever the American electorate do something positive in elections, there normally follows a backlash by the white conservatives. It’s what American does, look at history. Did you really expect the first black president to be followed by the first woman POTUS?

BTW, the Twin towers were bombed on 9/11 and the Donald was elected on 11/9
Apart from predicting a Trump victory in the Simpsons, the elite plan everything meticulously….

Crooked Hillary never stood a chance….

And hindsight is 20/20

He was elected on 11/8

But declared President on 11/9

Are you really making this about race? Seriously? Says the president who has bombed multiple countries with drone strikes. I’m taking it you are black, that’s the only way you can make ‘white conservatives’ your scapegoat. No bigger than Nation of Islam, which is a hate movement used to demoralize anyone who isn’t black.

practically every christian zionist church extolling its members to join the bush wars wher they can gleefully murder children and unarmed people in iraq, dont come here with your hateful shitty jewsus cult

Obama was a horrible president who did horrible things. It has nothing to do with his race. Why would white people elect a black man if deep down, they never wanted him? You make no sense whatsoever.

It’s not that. The people giving us thumbs down probably think Obama was Jesus Christ himself. They are probably liberals too. Liberals believe all conspiracy theories against anyone against their belief system is true, but when it comes to conspiracy theories against Obama and anyone else in that group, it can’t be true. Whoever posted this is using critical race theory to demonize one race and paint another race as angels. I’ll probably get thumbs down from this, but facts are not their friend.

everyone on the net saw the hateful animosity of white filth acrossa america just 1 month after obama was elected, dont come with your silly defence about white conservatives being the scapegoat

I predict a massive false flag terror attack on American soil where syrian and Iranian passports are magically found. I do not dare to predict what president Trump’s reaction will be!!


I wonder if this was a case of “reverse psychology” played on the people of America? Perhaps it was designed for MSM etc to deliberately vilify him, so the people would vote Trump in on purpose – in order to “beat the system” and to “go against the grain” … when in fact it was the desired outcome from the beginning?.. Also, the next 4 years might bring scandals that could serve as distraction from whatever it is that’s in store for us (worldwide too not just for U.S.A).. or something may go seriously wrong (WWIII, racial, civil war etc) and can be blamed on Trump, of course, and people’s will to choose him despite the opposition from all “intelligent sources”… and that could also pave the way for abolishment of the right to vote (only certain demographics would qualify to vote next time, for example) … people’s power to… Read more »

The true Manchurian candidate, indeed… All of this seems to me like a huge social experiment. It is difficult to predict what will happen but we shall remain vigilant!

OMG I thought that I was the only one who saw him as the manchurain candidate

Well, you know, it just reminded me of times when the Whole World was ridiculing americans for ‘voting’ Bush-jr as president. When it happened twice, they lost a lot of credits again.
But, big but, did they really vote for him? Is the show a show including the mimicking of voting or the counting of votes itsself ?

The Great Show needed a new actor with more reality TV experience. The backstage crew remain the same.

Trump/Pence sound much like “trumpets” from Revelations…just a thought. Just pray everyday

Also – the “Trump” card…too many analogies to be coincidence.

That was one of the first snide comments to come into my mind yesterday when I heard the results, lol. The Occult Elite have played their Trump card >.<

Similar to the Obama-Biden, Osama Bin Laden coincidence.

Very well said and absolutely on point. As an African who watches from a distance and does not buy into any of this “entertainment”, I would like to see how the elite deal with such a loose canon. Some think you may have a hung senate on issues directly opposing Trump. Others think impeachment on some “trumped up” (no pun intended) charges to get him out and get their puppets in.

I personally think that this could be “double speak” and “red herrings”. Get a radical into office, then get him riling up everyone and taking attention away from what really happens. In fact, this could even be classic Hegelian thinking at play. Rememer Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis. Thesis (Obama Admin) + Antithesis (Trump Admin) = Synthesis (NWO). I speculate so I too watch.

We can only wait and see what happens.

I agree with that. That’s how the administration diverts our focus. We have to remain committed to paying attention to the signs and closely listening to what is actually being said and done to see through the bull. That is how snakes operate.

Well said Rev.

Wow! I believe you hit the nail on the head! Classic Hegelian dialectic.

What do you make of that Simpsons episode from 2000 which showed trump winning the election with a spookily similar backdrop? Surely this implies the results were rigged? I would be so interested to hear your take of this

That episode is from 2015, not 2000, someone made a mistake or is purposely trying to make it seem like the simpsons predicted it a long time ago but the episode is actually from last year. They already knew trump was a candidate. Whats actually creepy though is the poster falling in the show and in real life when hes going down the stairs- now that was a creepy coincidence (or was it?)

Actually not the episode “Bart to the future” in which Lisa became president after “Trump” and the economy was in terrible shape. That apparently aired in 2000. It’s all planned smh

Apparently I need to start watching the Simpsons! I hate that show!

They tell you what is going to happen in the movies and tv shows

Lol no it isnt from “2015” that episode of the simpsons is old, could not be later than season 13.


Yes, and hasn’t Trump already warned during his campaign that the elections will be rigged? (Maybe in the context “if he doesn’t win” but still – we’ve been told)

I thought the same thing too. He used reverse psychology by mentioning the potential rigging of votes. So now he’s won-l, no-one can question whether the voting system was rigged in favour of his win.

It’s not planned in advance, the elites have access to time travel. In the movie Back To The Future from 1985, 9/11 symbolism is all over the place. In Back To The Future Part II that came out in 1989, the main characters travel to 2015 and then an alternate version of 1985 where the bully Biff became very rich, looks a lot like Trump and has turned Marty McFly’s city into a giant sh*thole. I think CERN has something to do with these alternative timelines.

They planned 9/11 too, so they knew it well in advance

There was an interesting interview about George Soros has let slip in an interview that Hilary’s Presidency victory is a “done deal” he Soros even said openly that Trump will win a landslide victory but Hillary will be elected president anyways not to mention that The owner of the Wikileaks also said that Hillary would win but I don’t know … Trump is now president anyway I Forgot to mention that there is Another Illuminati card that is called “red scare” and the card says “Place an action token on any Conservative group or on two or more Conservative groups whose current Power adds up to 5 or less.This card may not benefit a group that already has any tokens,or a group which is suffering from any effect that prevents it from getting Action tokens. This card may be played at anytime.It requires an action from the Illuminati”. That’s what… Read more »

if you look at the illuminati cards , A LOT of them are relevant , have happened, or are in the works.
there is also the “enough is enough” card that looks very similar to trump.

nothing was/is an accident.

Don’t take this too harshly but THIS comment has to be the most incoherent statement I might have ever attempted to read…please try to make some sense next time. In one breathe you say: Hilary’s Presidency victory is a “done deal” and then in the next you state what was actually said was: Trump will win a landslide victory but that she would be elected president anyways not to mention that The owner of the Wikileaks also said that Hillary would win but I don’t know ….wait, what???!!!

Also, when quoting someone’s interviews, please post a link to the article or video so there’s a chance of convincing someone that what you are attempting to say is even remotely true. The fact that it got 15 likes is scary and shows how certifiably insane of these readers just might be.

It makes perfect sense. The implication being that Trump would win the Electoral College by a landslide, but they (The Electoral College) would elect Hillary not him. We are now on track for that to happen. Hillary won the Popular vote, but Trump killed it with the Electoral vote numbers. I’m not even from the States and I got what the commenter meant straight away.

Yes, the electoral vote has yet to happen… sometime late December is when they all vote, so yes, they could still upset this win of Donald’s. It’s not in the bag yet. I, too am not from the USA, but know how this works.

This whole election is rigged and if trump means anything well they will get rid of him as JFK. Simple as that. This is all a charade , the elite are planning something; the devil never sleeps…

I believe they will do a JFK to President Trump. I give him less then 2 years max.

We’ll have to wait and see if Trump can fulfil his promises or not.

But in the mean time he’s done us all a great favour by bringing up those issues one was not allowed to mention in polite society:
• Banking fraud
• Phoney wars
• The dismantling of the country’s industrial base and the jobs it secured
• Etc.

That’s a pretty good start I think.

It took Obama 2 periods not to fulfull his promis to end Guantanamo Bay torture. How come you believe another promiss by another puppet??

And that man was given a Nobel Peace Price, can you believe it?

That was just a nasty, rub it in your face kind of thing. He should have gotten the Nobel Pedo Prize.

Yeah, that was all President Obama and not the obstructionist Congress. It amazes me how little attention and accountability Congress receives.

I disagree with everyone saying Trump is part of the elite’s plans. I don’t think he would expose some of the corruption taking place especially with Clinton if he was with them. I believe in his plans and policies are good for the country. I think that’s why the media, all these celebs, and elite politicians are against him. He spoke a lot of truth and exposed a lot of corruption. To the people who talk so negatively have no faith in the power of prayer or God’s divine intervention. Maybe to the faithful God had answered our prayers, the silent majority. I think people need to get back on the path of knowing God if there’s any chance for America to survive. The direction of this country is unpredictable but it’s up to the people to change its course and in order to do that we need God. People… Read more »

Two scenarios play in my mind: (1) This is the way the elites wanted it to go from the beginning or (2) This wasn’t the way they wanted it to go but they planned for this outcome in advance so the would be able to use it to their advantage. Call me cynical, but I don’t think anything happens in the political world without the blessing of the powers that be.

All politicians are corrupt and part of the elite. Anyone who fails to understand that is an idiot.

Thank you!

I live all the way in South Africa and the shock waves are being felt as far as here, VC, believe me. But I still fully believe that whoever is in power was put there by the elite. People who know how the Elite works, know how to read the signs of who will be elected president next and some people had already said they saw Trump being victorious. Also, another telling sign TO ME that he is, however minimally, in line with SOME part of the Agenda, is that his whole campaign he used Division as one of his primary tactics to gather followers and gain favour with people who have division rooted deep within them. Now, his FIRST SPEECH after getting elected is that he wants to “bind the wounds of division” and work towards “unity” which still sounds an awful lot like saying he wants a New… Read more »

I forgot to mention the fact that after a “bitter” campaign against him, Hillary has now urged her followers to work with him and give him the opportunity to lead and said she would work with him; and he in return has thanked Hillary for her contribution. It sounds like the words of two people who are coming from the same camp to me. Also, The Simpsons predicted he would be president. I have NEVER believed that the events portrayed in cartoons like The Simpsons and Family Guy, for example, that later actually transpired, are coincidence. Their creators are probably connected to people that are Bilderbergers etc. who know for a fact what will happen before time.

So true! Trump saw the racism and devision and played on it until he got into the White House . I have to tip my hat to him , he played the ppl.

As did Obama play the people. He was supposed to heal America and “cross the bridge of racial divide”. But that talk was only to get elected. Then he smashed the bridge of racial divide and increased racial problems not seen in America since the civil rights 1960’s!

Not everybody wanted to see a man of colour in power , this would always cause controversy as far as race is concern. Racial issues in America are deep rooted and will take the cooperation of citizens to mend which could not be done by Obama alone. Further more I don’t recall Obama singling out Mexicans or any other race calling them thieves and drug dealers , if he did there would have been an outcry . Did Obama get everything right? No could he have done better…maybe but one thing is for sure, singling out races and using blanket terms to describes them only exacerbates and deepens racial devide.

Calling Trump a racist against Mexicans was spin drummed up by the Clinton campaign gestappo. Trump said he wanted to stop the Mexican thieves and drug dealers from crossing America’s borders. Using the word “Mexican” denotes where these thieves and drug dealers are coming from, not that therefore ALL Mexicans are thieves and drug dealers. Arguing from the particular to the general is a logical fallacy.

Trump Shouldn’t just Be focusing on Mexican thieves, drug dealers and rapists he should be focusing on all drug dealers, r****t and thieves regardless of their ethnic origin .

I didn’t know only Mexicans are thieves and drug dealers gasp :0
There’s good and bad in every race and my point was that ‘Singling’ out races causes devide! Yes it was spun by the democrats but Trump ran with it and to Argue against the particular is obnoxiously flagrant.

Firstly Mexicans are the people , Mexico is the country .

Six months into Trump- how do you feel now? Do you still think he is racist? Do you still think what he is doing in Unconstitutional? How do you feel about his war on “Fake News’? Is he really a tool for the elites or their worst enemy? I think you owe readers an update.

Whether God put Trump in power or not it’s only a different destructive path to ultimate destruction. A lot of ppl keep saying God chose Trump, maybe America didn’t get what they wanted, maybe America got what it deserved. God placed many wicked kings to rule over his OWN ppl when they refused to turn from their wicked ways. When the ppl repent that is when God hears from heaven and heals the land . VC hit the nail on the head, we need to watch this guy and not fall of the okie doke, we need to watch and pray.

amen, I have been saying the same thing. But then again maybe God will give us another chance, He is always patient with His people. All we can do is wait and see what God has in store, while living our lives for Him everyday and fighting the battle in our own homes and towns.

I’ve been wondering if VC would talk about this election. I was slightly surprised that the article made no particular mention of the aftermath, with regards to the Hillary supporters.

Taking into account the idea that Trump supporters were at the very least voting against the idea of the elite (I say ‘idea’ because we have yet to discover what Trump’s agenda actually is), it seems that Hillary supporters were the more obviously obidient to the current agenda, even if that agenda was leading us all towards a third world war.

It’s interesting that many Hillary supporters, both celebrity and normal, now exhibit signs of genuine hysterical trauma since their programming has been disrupted.

The children crying because their fav did not win, it looks like american idols tv for under tens. They get hyped up to react. Just like in the 1930s, ever read about it?

Wrong, the American Idol/Reality TV crowd voted their candidate into office.

Trump ran his entire platform on one of RACISM. He was openly and blatantly RACIST and the WHITE people LOVED it! that was the Visceral response. They all came together because NOTHING matter to them except for the fact that the Trump supporters came together under a deep seated hatred of people of color. White people receive Welfare at a much higher rate than all groups of people put together. White people benefit from the very programs they cry about having to so called pay for. White people in all areas received State and Government provisions and Donald does not even PAY TAXES! Donald admitted that he does not pay any taxes! so he has nothing to say because has contributed NOTHING! Donald received GOVERNMENT FUNDS from the FHA to begin his developments in New York, so he got his start receiving a Government Money. White people didn’t care about… Read more »

Really sad that anyone on this site would buy into the programming of the so-called world elites. No matter who won, they WANT you to hate the other side. They want you to blame the other side for ostracizing you and ruining the country.

Please don’t give in. Whatever happens, we have to fight hate with love. Whether it comes from Trump, or or neighbors, or ourselves.

@LAR. Where were all these racist people in 2008 and 2012 to stop a black man from becoming the president?Why didn’t they make sure that two white men(McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012)became president instead of Obama(a black man)?

On top of that, a lot of people who voted for Trump had voted for Obama.

Racism? Ben Carson and Herman Cain spoke about the same things Donald has. Building a wall and vetting foreigners from Muslim nations isn’t racist in the least. It’s seeing a problem and fixing it. I mean, if Canadians were streaming in and demanding citizenship, I’d want a wall up there, too. If it’s shocking news of sexual distaste from the running mate’s spouses, please remember old Bill and the interns. MK Ultra was totally utilized by both of the Clinton’s. And some report of Obama using tax payer money on young boys. So, if it’s racism that upsets you, I must tell you that there are bigger fish to fry.

It’s sad. You have totally bought into the program. They want you to choose a side, stir up racial conflict. It’s easier to divide and conquer.

Yesterday, I believe it was Van Jones who coined the canned expression “white lash”, an autistic pun on the word “backlash”, to describe Trump’s win over Hillary (completing overlooking the fact that both candidates happen to be, in fact, white). Van The W***e is too poor of an actor to convince me that this was spontaneous. You need to carefully examine the bigger picture to understand what is going on.

Whitelash is referring to the wave of white people who voted for Trump not referring to the race of both candidates.

It required more than white people to create this landslide, JenAOE. Barack Obama ripped off all Americans, according to the prearranged design of his dreadful presidency. Both candidates know nothing about the experiences of people suffering the effects of racism. Hillary Clinton hates blacks specifically (according to comments made over decades). They are doing everything to make this a racially-motivated election and it really isn’t. Van Jones is a shill and a prostitute and this is entirely planned.

True that Hillary hates blacks. Her “hot sauce in the purse” and change of accent while talking with “southern negro voters” was the worst display of racism I’ve ever seen in this election. Some highly educated American blacks noticed this and began supporting Trump.

Wonder what they’d call the “wave of black people” that voted for Kerry, or Obama. P.S. What did Trump say that was “blatantly racist?” Actual quotes please, and try to refrain from shouting, thank you.

Join the di

Historically, black people have ALWAYS voted overwhelmingly for Democrats. Blacks have NEVER turned out in high numbers to vote republican. Dumb post.

You are a idiot. American citizens had been sold out in favor of illegal aliens. If it’s racist to support a candidate that promises to right that wrong then I guess that makes me racist. If I want good paying jobs to stop leaving my country in favor of the thirld world and rich corporations; I guess that makes me a racist. If I don’t want moslem savages invading my country to kill me and r**e the women in my life: I’m a racist. F**k you, you stupid piece s**t!

It’s always white ppl who say racism doesn’t exist. They always have a problem when you bring up racisim they get so heated on the inside. I wonder why. I really don’t it’s because they are racist and extremely prejudice. I’m glad Donald Trump won he will be a million times worse than Obama and Hillary put together. And then all of you who voted for him please note we have the database and recording of your vote .

Im fairly sure the patriotic people of Germany felt the same sense of pride for their leader who promised to make Germany great again.

Merkel didn’t say “make Germany great again”, like Trump is saying about America, Merkel instead used HILLARY’S words of “Germany is already great…..look how evolved we are to let in the most refugees”. Dumbass!

This is the second very angry post I’ve read on here within less than a obviously black people or other non-white people, spewing hatred towards white people.
Can’t you see it everyone??..the race war has already started..

The World is almost gone to another phase… Babylon will be hit hard!! That’s the US Trump will talk bad to China and KABOOM!! China will retaliate so hard that the US will do nothing but cry..(Revelations). Just saying

Revelations describes events in our past, not our future.

Sorry Rich but I must disagree. Revelation describes the return of Jesus Himself so placing everything in that book except that into the past is a stretch at the least.
The false prophet is the UN and we have yet to see the “man of perdition”. Also a half of the worlds population will die according to Revelation and currently that is on the up not down.

Obama is the beast, HIllary is the W***e of Babylon, Pope Francis the the false prophet and the two witnesses can be found in Fresno, CA.

I hope your post is a joke. If not, it shows how simple minded Americans are to think anything having to do with Revelations is based soley on the US and not a global phenomenon.

((That’s a lot of white people voting…)) was the less than deep thought bubble over my head all night as I watched the results. It is funny to watch the media get it so wrong, so high on their own agenda and drama that they never saw this coming, nor did I. Neither Trump or HRC represent minorities, whether they are African-American, Hispanic, Asian, etc… they represent old, rich, white elitists and there is no way around it. They don’t represent the LGBT community (nope, not even Hillary!), they don’t represent the average American woman who works 40+ hours a week to feed her children or stays at home 7 days a week to raise them (nope, not even Hillary!)… they don’t represent men who work with families to care for, people who go to school, veterans, military families, the elderly, etc…. yes they have done all of these things… Read more »

At times this site feels like the Christian elite. Pretty Republican n judgemental. I like this site, but did we REALLY not expect this?

Did anyone really think the elite would let a female become president??

It works in Germany for years. There are a lot of Queens, too, in history. So, what’s your point? Are Americans different humans?

Good point. The masons still don’t allow women in their group. They allow many races and religions but no women.

This is untrue. The french have women masons & so does america. Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Women join the eastern star but not masons.

@TiffanyM. You belong on a site called Oh No They Didn’t! with that social justice warrior mind frame. The elite would have no problem allowing a woman puppet to be president.It’s just Hillary Clinton isn’t the puppet they wanted this time.They decided to go with the male puppet,Trump.

Trump is actually the chaos candidate that backed by ancient Egyptian god of chaos, kek.
Kek was accidentally awakened by rampant shitposting of pepe the frog image by 4chan, and now he came to unleash chaos in this world.
The 2016 election was a battle between moloch and kek, and the Egyptian god came out victorious.
Beware that from now on will be the age of kek, who’s power sustained by its worshipers’ male virgin wizard power.

I realize I am late to the party here, but MY HEAD JUST EXPLODED! I thought you were joking and that was some of the funniest satirical tinfoil-hat ramblings that I had ever heard, but then I googled it…

All I keep thinking of is … Why.
Why did they ‘let’ him win?
There has to b a reason …

”Look at the puppet in my left hand” while manipulating with the right. Look at the laws, not the shows.

For the ones who believe in something as a middle : you can switch left and right any way you want with me here in this example.

The news of the sick “entertainments” and “artistic preferences” was coming out to the common man.
No longer were we who warned of the machinations of the death cultists so easily dismissed as “fundie nutters” or some such. The links of HRC to lifelong “witchcraft”, of Slick Willies love of voodoo, of Humas relations, of Podesta…
No way could she be allowed the spotlight of President after the leaks of what sick freaks they are, willingly, on our dime.
They’re hoping this will divert the masses away from the “darkness” of HRC and crew. Can’t let a HRC “win” allow any more light onto their practices, or they’ll be stopped.
It’s up to us to not be diverted.
HRC said it herself. “If that f-er Trump wins, we’re all going to the gallows.”
Make all that rope, from hemp, in the USofA. Mebbe history will thank Dems. for jobs coming back after all! ;);)

It seems this election is similar to an episode of “The Simpsons” where the aliens were running for President it seems whoever wins will be the most hateful President and will probably be only in office for on term,however let’s not forget about the “Illuminati Cards” This is designed to create and amp up even more trauma and strangeness around American politics. The incredible card game the Illuminati produced in 1995 has a card that is a dead ringer for Trump, including his “enough is enough” mantra and the warning: “At any time, at any place, our snipers can drop you.” … will trump be the fallout guy?

Got a link to that?

It may be that Trump is the real deal…God is bigger than any NWO plans. Still, we should always be watching.

A friend of mine said that there’s supposed to be a white backlash. The alt-right may be part of that. I’m sympathetic with the alt-right–I agree with a lot of the ideas–but what’s disturbing is the anti-Semitism I’m seeing.

It’s not “anti-Semitism”, it’s anti-Zionism, and there is a HUGE difference.

whats is most disturbing is jews in israel whte phosphorus on palestinians and having a fun time

its hilarous to see all these celebrities crying because Trump won. Their ego is so big, they cant believe Hillary lost,. They thought people would vote for her just because celebrities where on her side

Are their tears real, you think?

I was very surprised …. I was pretty sure Hillary had been the NWOs No1 candidate. Because she would have blended into the new “female rulers” party (GER, UK, USA)….occultists are into that!
My current guess is as follows:

Hillary suffers from serious health issues. She is not fit for office. The elite had to think things over…

I think the elite let him win, because of their own agenda. They know that with trump as president, chaos will happen. They need to create order out of chaos and trump can sink the country in, with racial and economical major issues

Actually, they were using Obama to sink the country into chaos and Hillary to continue it. If Trump is used, it will be with some other trick we haven’t seen yet.

A good friend of mine described Trump’s victory as “a somewhat f****d up victory against a system that is obviously corrupt to the core”.

The controlled main stream media couldn’t have done more to recommend Hilary yet people have ignored the indoctrination.

I’m not saying Trump is a valid choice, he seems like a buffoon, but does his winning mean that people aren’t quite as easily controlled as the elite thought?

That, or it means the Elite is more sinister and more clever than we supposed. Which is likely the case. So, it could be that they knew people could look through the blatant programming on TV (perhaps made it more blatant on purpose) and precisely portrayed Trump as the candidate to vote for ‘to reject the system’. Of course, on the other hand there are probably a lot more dumb, angry, white Americans voting for him because they actually approve of his racist policies than there are people like we who are looking past the veil so that demographic is more important to win, but still. In any case, it hasn’t failed to amaze me to see people actually cheering for this bigoted idiot in the streets – I can understand voting for Trump to avoid voting for Clinton, but to actually CHEER for this man? Wow. Considering how meticulously… Read more »

Yes I agree with everything you’ve said. It’s definitely possible. And eloquently put.

God people are stupid, though. I don’t know who frustrates me more. The liberals who fall for the feminism ‘woman president’ angle or the illiterate masses who fell for the ‘businessman president’ or immigration control angle.

I think it’s the liberals who annoy me more though… It’s so disapointing to hear from articulate, intelligent people are so unaware that the majority of their purportedly ‘free-thinking’ opinions have been indoctrinated. Wasting their time making fun of Trump. Why bother, it’s too easy? The man’s a clown. Wouldn’t their time be better spent commenting on Podesta’s wiki leaks emails which clearly point to child abuse?!

Rant over 🙂

TRUMP IS NOT A RACIST. That’s the brain-washing the Clinton campaign has put upon you. You bought it hook, line, and sinker. That’s why everyone thought Clinton was going to win. Because there were MASSIVE amounts of people who actually believed the idiocy that Trump was a racist. Incredible! The Clinton camp NEEDED their opponent to be a racist misogynist, so they framed him as such and a good portion of the American people believed it! That was another thing that made people vote for Trump. Seeing people around you transformed into blithering racist-accusing idiots by the Clinton camp.

I think it is possible that the PTB’s backed off from installing Hillary because their entire child sex trafficking ring was being exposed. It got too close to this deep and pervasive crime ring and it would have toppled everything and exposed their Satanism and shame. So they gave us what we wanted, for now. For sure they are still intending to advance their plan, and for sure they intend to attempt to use Trump. However if they could have, they would have killed him or eliminated him early on, and they couldn’t. America is not saved yet. This is just a chance given to us by God in answer to our prayers. We need to keep praying. Keep praying for Trump’s safety, keep praying for him not to be taken over by the programs that have seized our government, keep praying that the evil is brought to the light… Read more »
The aesops fable about the frogs who desire a long and got a ravenous crane comes to mind. We cannot look upwards to power to save us from this pedi economics. Trump was a pal of epstein, too. It boggles my mind seeing redditors frothed up chasing down podesta pizza , and in denial about their idols like trump and Reagan. Luckily, more are reading Thanks for the Memories and The Trance Formation of America, where all parties are exposed. Frogs Boiling Post YouTube has a good short vid done a year ago on Denis Hastert that reveals the evil system is an Economy, not random bad apples. Everyone who knows about this agrees that it is incendiary information that will dstroy the balance of power worldwide. Most ordinary folks cannot bear to haze into the out of evil operating all around them, we are all little eichmanns

*Frogs desire a KING

Hear, hear! Spot on, IMHO, Caron. We, the People, color o’ skin be damned, HAVE to stay on the path of exposing their exposure and not let it fade in the “fog of war”. We are at war, but not the dog & pony…er…elephant &donkey one ongoing, but the Humane Humans vs. the Demonically enhanced.
I agree with all you wrote so well! 🙂

Trump and Hillary are just the two side of the same evil establishment coin. one that appeals more on racists & bigots and the other one that appeals more on war and ultimate profits. Brace yourselves cause’ it’s gonna be worse than ever. of course the elites have multiple plans that has been made to bring chaos, no surprised there. The only thing that would make a different and a “rebellion” is to go independents, chose your own leader from your own people. it’s been proven that two dominant parties system only really benefits the elites, never actually made the truly right progression for people. even now, the DNC already want to make “Tim Kaine for 2020” which is the most obvious mascot for corporate puppet . . .

krissor- Either you’re incredibly talented with sarcasm, or you’re incredibly stupid. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, though, and say you’re incredibly talented with sarcasm. Bravo!

Another great VG article and one that can probably be live and alive with comments from some of the enlightened people that frequent this excellent site for the duration of thee last days. When the VG say he is confused I suspect many others are too perhaps even the occult elite, who knows. But what did the master say; “Watch and pray” Mathew 26:41. The previous verse said “And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour?”

The world is in chaos, the best that all christians can do now is watch and pray and evangelise just as Jesus commanded.

You must not be vigilant enough if you actually think that Scump is not part of the elite and that the elections are anything but a Hollywood movie.

Only 2 Chronicles 7:14 can heal this land, and turn things around. That’s not likely though. There has always only been ONE KING – JESUS CHRIST. So putting your total faith and trust in flesh and blood is a real dangerous game, and always ends badly. Many want to cut and paste scripture to suit their agenda, but that never works either. Another Bible verse comes to mind here: Jeremiah 17:5 – “cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and make flesh his arm, that departeth from the LORD… The church for the most part has lost their way. They wanted Trump in hopes of keeping their (stuff), not to bring back holiness. So bask in the glow now, it won’t last. You will find out that he is know different from OverTheHill. It might be a slower burn to the end, but still a burn….

Race-baiting is a tactic used by the Elites to divide us and distract you from what the nefarious activities they are doing on a global level. Don’t fall for the okie doke. Let the hate and anger go; emotional, angry and agitated is exactly how they want you to be and unfortunately it seems my own Black people are the most easily manipulated people in America, falling for the bait hook, line and sinker.

You are right, Thinker. We need to unite.

I think of Hillary as intelligent experienced and a coke snorting abuser of mind control slaves, according to Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien. Trump appears less involved with global elite, like trilateral commission and billdibergers. However I have seen photos of him flashing the 666, devil horns and inverted pyramid signs. As VC has stated’, we get two candidates to chose from and they both work for the hidden power.

It all comes down to the emails. Hillary was fine until Weiner’s secret stash was found. It was labelled “Life Insurance Policy,” because he had all the dirt on the DC/NY elites and all their illuminati nastiness. They couldn’t take the chance on any of that seeing the light of day, so they threw her under the bus. A couple of interviews of FBI agents and NYPD detectives are floating around the internet, in which they don’t say anything specific, but they hint that what in those 650,000 emails makes the previous batch look like a Sunday picnic. So, you ask, what could possibly make bribery, leaking classified info and treason pale in comparison? How about MK Ultra/sex slavery/child prostitution and/or satanic rituals? WE here know these things to be true, so it’s a no-brainer that someone in the fold would compile a file like that to cover his ass.… Read more »

Also, Trump makes us look foolish in the eyes of other countries, and that’s a big deal. I’m also worried he’ll say something stupid and have us all bombed. As soon as Trump got elected I actually thought of something YOU posted. An Economist article. It apparently predicted that the world powers would switch from West to East and I believe that could happen with Trump, in charge.

It happened under Clinton, and has continued since. It would have occurred much sooner with HRC in charge, puttin’ Obummer on the Supreme Court for MORE pay to play with Globalists using American people as fodder.

How is a racist rich white man a “slap in the face” to the global elite? Don’t forget this nation was founded on slavery and genocide, things a ‘libertarian’ should be against. Don’t forget the police state largely targets people of color. don’t forget the disproportionate number of people of color in prison (largely thanks to Clinton).Liberalism (of the Clinton variety) and anti-racism are incompatible, and to call yourself a libertarian, one would think you’d be all for the liberation of marginalized groups, or does your conception of liberty only apply to white men? I like the idea of having a real person be president rather than a professional politician, but Trump ISNT a “real person.” He’s a billionaire, he’s part of the global elite, and he actually used to be friends with the Clintons! Truthfully I think behind the scenes they’re still friends and it’s all a joke to… Read more »

Go back a few years, before the first clinton, and see why there is a lot oh heroine in some black neighbourhoods all of a sudden. What president was ”ruling” then? What mayors? Left / Right?

You are using a lot of the elites language and talking points.

no one ever talks about the fact that Hillary and Trump are related .

Shocked at the majority of comments here. How can so many people study the occult so often yet not see magick when it is happening right in front of their eyes. Trump was not supposed to win. A large portion of his followers accidentally used a form of magick to get him into the White House. He has not YET sold out. If you can spare five minutes I would suggest contacting him here >> << with your ideas on how he can continue to fight the new world order. His massive ego could actually be our greatest strength to use him as a tool for good. With all of the past candidates there was CLEAR evidence they were sell outs; such as who their donors were, what clubs the belonged to, etc. We can see with Trump that he certainly has ties to some of the bad guys,… Read more »

I agree that if we stroke his ego and tell him he’ll be bigger than Jesus Christ or John Lennon, he could develop a philanthropic messiah complex and do good deeds.

The reason you didn’t think he would win was because of the disgusting liberal media and the POWER that the Clintons hold. Well guess what, everyone saw through it and took their country back.

We should consider the possibility that the secret government decided that Hillary was too much of a risk, due to her rapidly failing health and numerous and obvious crimes * — they decided to ditch her and go with Plan B (‘B’ for Bankruptcy King).

* they are not concerned with the crimes themselves, but only with the problem that such an obviously evil person could not rule effectively. Too many people would be against her.

We shall see if Trump wants to be President and will work to be the President…or did he just do all this as yet another reality-series stunt, ‘knowing’ that he would lose?
How much do we know about Trump’s running mate? If Trump dumps us, will Pence be a disaster?

“We should consider the possibility that the secret government decided that Hillary was too much of a risk, due to her rapidly failing health and numerous and obvious crimes * — they decided to ditch her and go with Plan B (‘B’ for Bankruptcy King).”


I think this was their plan. Now there are mass protest. Could this be order out of chaos??

There are not mass protests. It’s over-hype by the embarrassed media. Whenever there’s a helicopter camera view of the protests, there’s only about 20-30 people there. The “million woman march” in January has been down-sized to the “woman march”. In the next few months it will dwindle to nothing.

@djiuenago yeah, he is their fall guy. The coming economic collapse and chaos will be his fault.

We roll with it just like we have with every other president before this one…just different things to b***h about, and round and round we go.

Fullfilllment happens with each moment and there’s always a new one happening. Use the opportunity of this day to breathe new energy into your sense of purpose. Do something to show life how good, how rich, how fulfilling it can be.

Sunshine, this website and forum are about waking up to the elite agenda. Not this. And p.s. divide and conquer is an age old control tactic of the elite. If we’re arguing amongst ourselves and divided into groups we’re easier to manipulate.

oh and i forgot to mention that during that lynching, u also had a picnic! good times huh?