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Trans Fats Linked to Brain Shrinkage



Trans Fats Linked to Brain Shrinkage


In the series of articles entitled “Dumbing-Down Society” (check out part 1 and part 2) it was mentioned that a fatty diet containing lots of processed foods had a detrimental effect on, not only on the body, but on the brain as well. A recent study has further confirmed this fact stating that “people who had high levels of circulating trans fats had less brain volume. They also had poorer memory, attention, language and processing speed skills”. In other words, trans fats make you dumber. The study also suggests that consuming Omega-3 has a very noticeable positive effect on brain functions (a fact that was mentioned in the article Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects). Although the study focused on elderly people and on brain diseases like Alzheimer’s (an advanced state of brain atrophy), its conclusions contain facts that should be known by all who want to keep their brains healthy and fully functional. Here’s an article from the Vancouver Sun about the study.

Trans fats linked to brain shrinkage

Levels of vitamins C, E, B and D higher in group of healthy aging adults with larger brains: study

Researchers have found that there’s a part of your body that might shrink when you eat too much fast food.

Unfortunately, it’s your brain.

People with diets high in trans fats are more likely to experience the kind of brain shrink-age associated with Alzheimer’s disease than people who consume less of the artery-damaging fats, the new study suggests.

Those with diets high in vitamins C and E, the B vitamins and vitamin D, meanwhile, appear to have larger brains than people with diets low in these nutrients.

And diets high in omega three fatty acids seemed to benefit the small blood vessels of the brain – “and the thinking abilities related to those vessels,” said lead investigator Dr. Gene Bowman.

The work – published in the journal Neurology – involved 104 people, ages 65 and older, enrolled in the Oregon Brain Aging Study. All were generally healthy elders, with few smokers or people with diabetes or high blood cholesterol.

When the study was launched in 1989, “the aim was to study the effects of age on dementia risk in people that don’t have factors known to increase their risk at the time,” Bowman said.

In the new study, researchers checked blood samples for markers of 30 different nutrients. Participants also did a raft of neuropsychological tests, and 42 had MRI scans of their brains as well. The team was interested in three things: cognitive function, total brain volume and white matter changes thought to be a sign of small vessel disease of the brain.

Small vessel disease, also known as cerebral small vessel disease, is an accumulation of plaque deposits in the small blood vessels throughout the brain. It can lead to stroke.

“We know in Alzheimer’s disease that total brain atrophy [shrinkage] is accelerated com-pared to people of the same age and same gender that don’t have Alzheimer’s disease,” said Bowman, a naturopathic doctor in the department of neurology at the Oregon Health and Science University in Portland.

Among the key findings:

. The B vitamins, the antioxidants C and E and vitamin D all seemed to be working in con-cert in some way the researchers can’t yet fully explain. But the B-C-E-D pattern was associated with greater total brain volume and better global cognitive function. People who scored low on this vitamin combination turned out to have less total brain tissue;

. People who had high levels of circulating trans fats had less brain volume. They also had poorer memory, attention, language and processing speed skills;

. People with higher levels of omega three fatty acids had better executive function – the ability to plan, problem solve, multi-task and perform other functions – as well as fewer white matter lesions on their brain scans.

The findings held after researchers took age, sex, education, hypertension and genetic and other factors into account.

Some trans fats are found naturally, in small amounts, in dairy products, beef and lamb, but the trans fats in the study are hidden in cakes, flaky pas-tries, potato chips and other fried, frozen and processed food. Trans fatty acids increase inflammation, make arteries harder and decrease heart rhythm, increasing the risk of cardiac arrest.

Only a handful of studies have looked at the relationship between trans fats and brain function, Bowman said. “I think our study is one of the first to look at blood levels of trans fats related to brain health.”

Evidence suggests that trans fats can replace good fats in cell membranes, “and when that occurs it changes the structure and chemical properties of the cell in an unfavourable way,” Bowman said.

“Trans fats are known to be bad for cardiovascular health,” he said. “It makes sense that they’re probably bad for the brain, too.”

He recommended avoiding processed foods that list “partially hydrogenated oils” on the ingredient list. “That’s trans fat,” Bowman said.
– Source: Vancouver Sun


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Here's part of my lifestyle. Building a better brain is a big part of it.

I cook for myself as much as possible. I eat very little meat. Some days I take a multi-vitamin and/or an Omega-3 pill.

I try to eliminate stress from my life. I struggle with this every day (don't get me started talking about my neighbor!). I exercise (I enjoy DanceDanceRevolution, of all things!). I exercise my brain by trying to learn new things.

I read VigilantCitizen daily – I have learned and am almost immune to the lies and more lies coming from the television.

For the record, I'm over 50 and I haven't had a cold in perhaps 20 years. I had a small virus of some sort about 4 years ago that made me woozy, but it went away in a few hours.

Be healthy in body and mind and spirit. Try to cut down on the pollutions in your life and body, pollutions of chemicals and noise from the outside and hate and envy on the inside.

Peace and love,


literally one computer user stubbornly typing


as usual our brains are the main target for most of their poisons. Brain is the main important part of our body they still work lot of time.


this doesnt surprise me after having read Kissinger's plan of food as a weapon and food genocide.


Remember when fast food companies said that they'll eliminate trans fat from the menu or something like that? I HIGHLY doubt it. They probably added more toxins into the foods! It's a scary thought but I think the best thing we can do is put down the Big Mac and munch on some veggies.


A couple things that are super important for everyone to know:

1. Products labeled "trans fat free" often do contain trans fat! This is because of some BS regulation (which was probably written by the food processing industry) stating that if there is 1/2 a gram of trans fat or less per serving, the product can be called trans-fat free. So the companies simply make the serving sizes smaller, and bingo! The moral of the story is, READ LABELS! If there are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, it does contain trans fat.

2. The new vegetable shortenings and margarines that are "trans fat free" are created using a process called interesterification, which appears to be just as bad or even worse for our health than hydrogenation. Moral of the story? Don't eat man-made fats! Eat butter, ghee, cream, lard or bacon fat, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, or chicken, duck, or goose fat. Eat fatty fish and fatty meats. These are the natural fats that our bodies are designed to use. They will not give you heart disease.


Organic all the way!

here ye!


@lady GaGa- Couldnt you have just ignored that comment about Spongebob? " If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all……" I think she was getting at the whole "Doctors say one thing is good for you, next year they say its bad for you." @LBV- I'm not trying to discredit your rant, but I dont think any of those people were givin the choice to eat unhealthy. Mr. Franklin never ate Mcdonalds. Its only been in the last 60 years that people started eating the processed crap that we call food today. Most of the things they ate were natural, fruits and veggies, and the meat wasent loaded with hormones, antibiotics, and injected with "solutions". I bought an old cookbook, from the 1950s an am AMAZED at the recipes in it. The have stuff UNHEARD of nowadays. Natural, from scratch foods. Just reading the cookbook feels like a different time, or place. On a related note, I work in the meat department of a grocery store. I see the butchers chop up the meat. I see the blood, and damn near whole cows and pigs that are cut up into "pork" and "hambuger". The pork… Read more »

Me, Myself & Eye

Just had quick look into this EDTA you're talking about & this is what i found:

EDTA – a food additive sequestrant

Unwanted metals often find there way into food from the soil and from machinery during harveting and processing. Often these metals, such as copper, iron and nickel, then degrade the food stuffs by catalyzing the oxidation of the fats in the food. A class of food additives known as sequestrants can be added to food. The additive reacts with trace metals in foods, forming tightly bound complexes (sequestered), thereby preventing the decompostion of the food.

The sodium and calcium salts of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) are common sequestrants in many kinds of foods and beverages.

EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid). The EDTA molecule can bind to metal ions by forming six bonds to it – two from nitrogen atoms in amino groups and four from oxygen atoms in carboxyl groups.

To sequester means "to withdraw from use"

Me, Myself & Eye

By the way that information was from the Department of Chemistry/University of Oxford.


Hey Angie,

Yep, I get what you're saying, too, and tried to better explain what I didn't do so well at saying the first time around.

Sometimes rants are great free flowing thoughts…other times they go kinda sideways. 🙂


In the Capitalist New World Order, Reptilian Jinns eats you, particularly when you're couch potatoes!

David Carranza

Damn,this means I won't be eating anymore of those tasty pringles.


@ lady gaygay I'm just saying that the restaurants saying that they say it's good for u

Lady gaga

Since when has mc Donald's ever claimed that 9/10 doctors recommend eating their crap?

Lady gaga

@ naf Wtf does spongebob have to do with this? Go eat your toxic fictional krabby patties.

Anyways McDonalds fill their nuggets with crap. It's no wonder I feel mildly nauseous after eating them. >_>


One day I was watching The spongebob Truth or Square episode and there was an add( in the show about krabby patties) and mr krabs said in a doctor suit that 9out of 10 doctors recommend krabby patties and in another episode Squidward revealed that the krabby patty had lots of fat.

Me, Myself & Eye

Truth or Square? as in masonic square?


Still not going vegetarian. . .


This appeared in the Oregonian as well.


Only problem here is – and I really do hate to state the painfully and absurdly obvious – especially because I know that many of you are very, very intelligent human beings, but…I feel it appropriate and necessary to ask that you consider this: I would have to think that in past centuries, some of the greatest minds that have existed and discovered, created, engineered, manufactured and composed some…well, quite honestly not SOME, but MOST of the greatest inventions, art and music in the history of time – all while eating plenty of those God-awful "trans fats". Ya know? Like, say….Einstein, Michealangelo, DaVinci, Beethoven, Mozart, Tesla, Wright Brothers, Newton, Galileo, Les Paul, Pasteur, A.G. Bell, ad infinitum. All of these surely had pretty "bad diets" by today's oppressive and Nazi-like judgemental standards, and yet, theyr "brain shrinkage" didn't seem to hinder their ingenious accomplishments in life. Not one bit. Now, of course, it's also true that many of these people, despite eating steady and relentless diets of pork, red meat, fat, lard, eggs, dairy (REAL whole milk, cheeses, etc.) also did some very important things that people don't do so much anymore – like WORK their asses off from damn… Read more »

Sarah Conner

I agree with the majority of your post LBV – but think you may be off track about 'trans' fat. The fat you are talking about regarding our elders does mostly not include 'trans'. But real fat. There is a difference. Good, healthy and organic 'fat' is good for our bodies and our minds. "Trans' is not. Weston A Price: – "Know Your Fats" Also even wiki proclaims: Trans fat is the common name for unsaturated fat with trans-isomer (E-isomer) fatty acid(s). Because the term refers to the configuration of a double carbon-carbon bond, trans fats are sometimes monounsaturated or polyunsaturated, but never saturated. Trans fats are rare in living nature, but can occur in food production process. The consumption of trans fats increases the risk of coronary heart disease[1][2] by raising levels of LDL cholesterol and lowering levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.[3] Health authorities worldwide recommend that consumption of trans fat be reduced to trace amounts. Trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils are more harmful than naturally occurring oils.[4] For instance: my son loves peanut butter, but I know the store bought stuff is filled with trans fat (label says so) so I buy organic PB or almond… Read more »


No, I wasn't calling you out at all, only making a joke about a past conversation we had.

Nothing personal intended.


And Sarah, I was really just talking TO you and the other person, but not ABOUT you. Only sharing some thoughts and observations I thought you might find interesting, but not at all meant as accusations in any way.

I guess if you saw yourself in those comments somehow, that might be revealing something from within or about yourself, but I wouldn't really know, and I certainly didn't intend anything of the sort.

There are no bad or harsh feelings on my end whatsoever…for reals. I hope only for the best things and all of God's blessings in the lives of you and your babies. Feed them and love them well – teach them to love God, and that love will be returned to you a thousandfold. 🙂

Sarah Connor

LVB – Sigh….revealing something from within, no, that wasn't it. Calling me out specifically in the middle of a two paragraph rant on people being vain and committing self idolatry COULD be seen as suggestive. No? And you weren't talking just to me, you were posting a forum where others would have no idea what you are referring to. Leaves room for error. Choose your words more carefully to avoid being misunderstood.

The kicker is I do know how vain you think the world is….and the ultimate irony of this whole exhange is that in the conversation you are referring to, my attempt with you about THAT word, was actually in an effort to help you……. from over-using this charge of vannity on people that don't agree with you. Are you familiar with 'projection'?

Thank you for the well wishes and know that despite the occasional dust-up, they come right back at ya!

Peace, love & respect LVB


where did u get the idea that people and/or scientists from the past ate the crappy food (standard American diet a.k.a SAD diet) that we eat today and is put in almost all our food? people in the past ate whole foods w/ hardly any chemicals because they werent even invented yet. chemicals in our food have been added progressively over this last century i would say and cancer, heart diseases and the like have gotten worse too. not to mention GMO's (genetically modified) which are seeds that had theyre DNA altered and are not found in nature, that cannot be good for our body either. this was done so the plants grown by this method (corn, soy) would accept pesticides and grow faster but did u know that all cancer tumors that are taken out of the body have pesticides in them but this info is being suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies? i could go on and on about all this, but the Illuminati definitely also have control of the health industry too, they DO NOT want true cures for cancer, AIDS, and may other diseases big, and small to be known. they will pay off and kill people… Read more »


Hey, I totally get what you're saying about chemicals and all, and there's no debating that is truthful, as is what Sarah is saying…completely true. I didn't really make the distinction well enough between "trans-" artificial vs. natural fat, so my bad there…but I do get it and agree. My point was more literally what I said (or tried to) and I guess maybe it was misunderstood somewhat. I've got no argument at all that the corp-govt-ruling elite are out to deliberately dumb us down and depopulate according to their designs for a better world…for themselves and their Luciferian pals, of course. I was just trying to get the point across that people often seem to go overboard and fanatical about these things, as though the human body doesn't have a shelf life and if we'd just eat only this or that "good and pure stuff", we'd end up differently – to die from this flesh when your time comes. The poisons being forced upon us just speed up the process a great deal. You may find this interesting (or not), but part of what I was thinking of when I wrote this, something I've observed over the past 25+… Read more »

Sarah Connor

@LVB….are you seriously accusing people who consider, with care, the toxins the adversary is trying to fill our bodies and our babies bodies with….as idolotry? I see no body builders pontificating here!?

And are you seriously calling me out by name as being vain because I would care about such things….for my children and the generation behind me….and next…..and next? WTH?


Trans fats are a new invention that come with new foods… the very clever people that you are talking about were unlikely to have been exposed to these chemicals. In their day, eating meat or vegrtables were more likely to be have been organic because we hadn't started playing around with food at that time…


Thank God I take Omega 3 every morning 🙂


This article is right on. Read "The China Study" it talks about a Scientist who discovered that almost all illnesses come from what we eat and that even Alzheimer’s can be prevented by changing how we eat. He did a 30 year study on how people ate. Most of this information will never be popular or be known to the masses because the food industry including dairy, USDA, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, insurance, and the medical industry, would all lose too much money.

"The China Study" T Collin Campbell


They should outlaw trans fat from food like they did in New York State in the rest of the country.


The sad thing is that so many children in North America start eating McDonalds at a very young age. I remember loving the food when I was four or five years old. It's targeted at our youth, so the elite are trying to poison us from the time we are born.

On a different note, I would love to see an article on hormones. I'm a bit of a Suzanne Somers follower, and I've learned so much from her about our society's issues with 'fake' hormones and how they are making us sick, depressed, and overweight. The birth control pill is one of the worst things that women can put in their bodies, and yet it is our cultural norm to start taking it as soon as possible. Don't even get me started on fake estrogens (xenoestrogen); they are in foods, household cleaners, skin care, plastics, etc…


What kills me is all the hysteria about obesity in this country, but we allow trans fats and corn syrup to be used in food processing, and actually subsidize some of their production with tax dollars, ie, they take our money to make poison to put in our food. They both should be illegal. Take them out of the food supply and you cut at least 25% of the obesity problem immediately. We didn't have an obesity epidemic until these toxins started being used in such massive quantities. At least another 25% of the problem could be eliminated by making the 40 hour work week mandatory and enforcing it. Working long hours sitting at a desk causes negative changes in blood sugar that lead to obesity and takes away from time when employees could walk or exercise. The hypocrisy in this country is disgusting. We say we hae civil rights, but they end when corporate interests are at stake.

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