Tom & Jerry and the Illuminati President of Hollywood (video)


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93 Comments on "Tom & Jerry and the Illuminati President of Hollywood (video)"

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am a teen and i cant belive that i was branwashed until i got baptized and came to kno God at gets me mad being 16 thinking i was feeding into the lies the devil shows.the scary thing is it has always been in the open.were just realizing the symbols know cuz of the grace of God opened our eyes to show us the true meaning behind the things we valued like music,tv,techonolgy,ect. its not new,nothing is new.the devil is older than us. but with God only can we escape the traps and truley see and hear.

Just like the Illuminati opposed the Catholic church, the freemasons did the same. The freemasons weren't evil. They were freethinkers and philosophers. Do you know how EVIL and PAGAN the catholic religion really is? Recall for me the virgin Mary with the halo above her head nurturing Jesus. Is that no different from the pagan mother worship were the pagan mother goddess would hold a sun disk above her head while breast feeding her child. Sometimes I think Vigilant Citizens should weigh there options more. I can see how this would be a connection to the Illuminati, but look how scared the two are to see the president. I could secretly be a desperate cry for help to the audience. The Illuminati aren't trying to be subliminal, because a Satanist agenda rules society. But the subliminal messages may be cries of help from the celebrities that are masked beneath the… Read more »
November, Cheers! Fascinating interpretation of Alejandro and GaGa. I have serious issues with many of the posts here. Although I do appreciate alot of the content. I think there is alot of Fear Based Thinking, bashing and bullying others who don't follow the "Read The Bible slant". And to me forcing people to think as square as you do and to just focus 98% on fear is another form of Trauma Based Mind Control. I wish we could have a discussion without the name calling and pro bible thumping and really discuss Esoteric Knowledge, Gnostic Texts, Meditation and how colonization and missionaries destroyed, raped and brainwashed so many indigenous cultures who were minding their own business. While these original bible thumpers were forcing enslaved people to renounce their own sense of self worth, they stole their native tongue, their heart and soul. Gave them a "White God" to bow down… Read more »

Don't confuse Catholic ritual, history, or culture with the acceptance of God's gift of salvation. They are not the same or even similar

Anyone else notice that the ''president of hollywood'' is a demon as opposed to a human being! I love how they parade the truth as fiction…cos as we all know the president of hollywood and the illuminati is of course the one and only Satan– man's worst enemy and the number 1 con artist and deceiver! #justsayin

They also say "It's HIM" near the start, which is another name for the devil I heard.

Thanks Tom & Jerry for the Heads Up,

Now HOLLYWOOD is definatley SATANIC shown to the LITTLE ONES

It's Satan who inspired Hollywood. Fallen angels influencing moral decay film industry.

Illuminatoons (TM)

Am I the only one who caught that the show was called "The Crazy Super Race?" And the cat and mouse aren't good enough to join the 'Super Race.' Saturday morning eugenics.

Oh, sorry, I misheard, it's the "Fabulous Super Race." Not any better, really.

I have watched this movie with my nephew several times and never realized that part until now…

-why, president of hollywood…what big horns you have!

now i have to admit…that is some creepy stuff 0_o

Time to make our kids learn that some of the things on tv are not good for them…it’s our responsibility to let them know the truth and regulate what they (and us too) watch on telly. Pray that Jehovah God guides us in our day to day lives that by His grace we may escape the ensnares of the evil one.

Could the illuminati be anymore blatant in their agenda?
I mean, it’s staring the public right in the face! What I don’t get is how non believers could watch something like this, and continue to refuse that there’s an evil force out there.
TIME TO TO TURN OFF THE TV PEOPLE! We’re being programmed from kids’ cartoons to music awards shows to movies to reality.

wow! im 15 and remember watching this when i was 10. even back then i knew something was weird about it. i was like “wow, now theyre openly admitting satan’s in charge of hollywood?” and asked someone what the pyramid-eye things meant. they said it was just something on the dollar bill. nice post! thanks!

Jenn, it is very refreshing to see someone so young taking an interest in these very important matters.

WTH is going with Tom & Jerry??

its disgusting!

wow..i cant believe they would even put this in cartoons, they aim at anyone even children, i mean the eye of the illuminati everywhere, bowing down to “the president of hollywood.” wow this is all jus sad

LOLOL It's Satan, at least they were honest!

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is waaaay too obvious. There is no denying it now, need I break it down? Um… all seeing eye+bowing down at a devilish looking creature= yeah I think Vigilant knows what he's talking about!

WOW if that's not blatant enough, then I don't know what more proof folks want.

Here is a longer version of the Tom and Jerry clip: I also encountered this a while ago and it was a shocker because of the symbols, the devil worshiping, etc. Also, there is a hint of a threesome if you observe how the demon turns into the president of Hollywood and two women… By the frozen smiles of the business executives you can tell they where scared of this man/demon…shouldn't we be scared also?

OMFG…..That was unreal…So blatant and so in-your-face!!! Damn… the only reason they are able to get away with such blatant imagery is because of colossal ignorance. I only wish more people knew……………………..

Very true…maybe there is a way to get more people to know?? …I think there needs to be some kind of article or document which sums up all there is to know about these hidden symbols and the cults which are begind them and make the entire world aware..Hmm.

But wait……..THERES MORE! Here’s the part you didn’t see

Amaaaazinnng find!!! Even more creepy… especially when he burns that guy with the all seeing eye stick.

but this is too obvious

There's only one way to stop the corruption…………………BURN YOUR TELEVISION! Then if you'd like, gather the ashes and scatter them over the seven seas. The consecration is complete.

marx teh killuminatist e3e

haha!!! XD i rofld wen i saw this on tv

Also Spongebob has used the all seeing eye VARIOUS times.
I’ve watched it with my little niece on bored nights and I was WOWED by how many times they used it.
It was really in your face! After I saw them I looked it up on youtube. Heres one of the videos for you guys to see;
Not the best one but its the only one I found for that episode!!^^