Thrill Da Playa on the Dark Side of the Music Industry (video)


Here’s an interesting interview with Thrill Da Playa regarding the music industry, its occult aspects and the way it changes artists.

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To those who have watched this video and other interviews or documentaries(and of course the wonderous amount of information here at Vigilant Citizen), dealing with the spiritual nature of music, and the entertainment industry as a whole, we should know that NO ENTERTAINER is going to give you the 100percent truth on the inner workings of the industry. They will tell you certain things or instances,but rarely if ever, the more intricate or sensational knowledege that we waiting to hear. But with that in mind be content with God has given you to know,because there are many things that if you were to discover would really either leave you in a state of depression or worse. So to those who are aware of these activities in the industry and have the grace of God,what are you going to do with this knowledge? Let the Word of God and The Holy… Read more »
I have a question – dilemam more accurately – for all who would indulge me, and I'm open to all suggestions. I teach high school (US History, sociology and psychology) and I've tried to broach this topic of mind control with my students by showing them films such as "Conspiracy Theory"(can't use this anymore because of its "R" rating), "The Manchurian Candidate", and a documentary entitled "The Merchants of Cool", "The Island" and even "America: From Freedom to Fascism." I'm one of those teachers whom the kids like, but it's not all warm-fuzzies…I challenge them to think for themselves. I use information/articles about mind control from another great website "Informationliberation." I'm assuming you all are younger than me (I'll be half a century this year) and a little closer in age to my students. So my question is how do I talk about this stuff without turning them off? If… Read more »

The man hosting the show is very homophobic & deeply religious. I don't listen to people that want to control what others believe & or are allowed to do. Especially when it comes to love. In many of his videos he ties gay people to the devil. I have plenty of friends & family who are gay christians & pillars of their community. So I take everything he says as his own agenda, sprinkled with truths. Period.

homophobia isn't real. that word would suggest that someone is scared of a homosexual, which would be a very rare thing indeed. to disagree with the lifestyle is not being homophobic, it is being disagreeable. people just don't like it to be said that they are wrong. what i don't get is why so many people care what other people think? THAT is the real phobia. i believe the Bible. the Bible says men f*cking men is wrong. i don't care if you believe it or not. your life, your problem. i don't want you to go to hell, nor does any other Christian. that is why most of them choose to speak against homosexuality. which, by the way, is not about the person, but the sexual perversion. but it is still your life, your choice, your body, your recompense. you don't have to listen or believe it. but the… Read more »

Truthful but…. angry much? the f word in the same sentence as bible…. God help us. .. Oh and I come in peace.