Thrill Da Playa on the Dark Side of the Music Industry (video)


Here’s an interesting interview with Thrill Da Playa regarding the music industry, its occult aspects and the way it changes artists.

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To those who have watched this video and other interviews or documentaries(and of course the wonderous amount of information here at Vigilant Citizen), dealing with the spiritual nature of music, and the entertainment industry as a whole, we should know that NO ENTERTAINER is going to give you the 100percent truth on the inner workings of the industry. They will tell you certain things or instances,but rarely if ever, the more intricate or sensational knowledege that we waiting to hear. But with that in mind be content with God has given you to know,because there are many things that if you were to discover would really either leave you in a state of depression or worse. So to those who are aware of these activities in the industry and have the grace of God,what are you going to do with this knowledge? Let the Word of God and The Holy… Read more »
I have a question – dilemam more accurately – for all who would indulge me, and I'm open to all suggestions. I teach high school (US History, sociology and psychology) and I've tried to broach this topic of mind control with my students by showing them films such as "Conspiracy Theory"(can't use this anymore because of its "R" rating), "The Manchurian Candidate", and a documentary entitled "The Merchants of Cool", "The Island" and even "America: From Freedom to Fascism." I'm one of those teachers whom the kids like, but it's not all warm-fuzzies…I challenge them to think for themselves. I use information/articles about mind control from another great website "Informationliberation." I'm assuming you all are younger than me (I'll be half a century this year) and a little closer in age to my students. So my question is how do I talk about this stuff without turning them off? If… Read more »

The man hosting the show is very homophobic & deeply religious. I don't listen to people that want to control what others believe & or are allowed to do. Especially when it comes to love. In many of his videos he ties gay people to the devil. I have plenty of friends & family who are gay christians & pillars of their community. So I take everything he says as his own agenda, sprinkled with truths. Period.

homophobia isn't real. that word would suggest that someone is scared of a homosexual, which would be a very rare thing indeed. to disagree with the lifestyle is not being homophobic, it is being disagreeable. people just don't like it to be said that they are wrong. what i don't get is why so many people care what other people think? THAT is the real phobia. i believe the Bible. the Bible says men f*cking men is wrong. i don't care if you believe it or not. your life, your problem. i don't want you to go to hell, nor does any other Christian. that is why most of them choose to speak against homosexuality. which, by the way, is not about the person, but the sexual perversion. but it is still your life, your choice, your body, your recompense. you don't have to listen or believe it. but the… Read more »

Truthful but…. angry much? the f word in the same sentence as bible…. God help us. .. Oh and I come in peace.

It is extremely sad for me to see that out of all the valuable information this human being has provided the focus of all attentions has been the 700 women he slept with….

once again deviated from truth by the dark side….

Proselytizing for or against a religion——–VC why is this rule not abided by? its fundamentalist land up in here!! im a liberal believer, i also accept the possibility that religion itself maybe another tool of the elite that this site speaks of , to keep us mentally enslaved and unable to really break free from the ties that bind us, beneath a lie sometimes is the truth, and beneath a truth is sometimes a times translated to english bible quotes used are taken out of context from their original meanings, thats fine if u accept that you are using the verse liberally…but its usually conservative fundamentalist that use the quotes the most liberally!!! :/ its pagan this and pagan that… what i get from some stories in the bible is a narrative of the various ancient peoples with prejudices about eachother and their forms of worship ….i feel uncomfortable… Read more »

LOL, it is so obnoxious, I know 😉

very good article

I'ts a battle for our mind , a test … We are at war with ourselves

@Silentobserver – coming to you in totally peace this evening and letting you know we agree way more than we disagree, dispite the banter on this thread! I read that blog on judgement, and that was right on! I likewise think you will appreciate this one on milk toast Christianity, and how people like to quote John 3:16 without going further to the equally, or more important scripture in that text:… I apologize if I caused any offense, and I think the point I was mostly trying to make, is that at the end of the day, if Thrill is truly repentant (which are we the ones to say?), it's the same blood that covers him and his sins, as covers us and ours. Ya know? I could have been more delicate so I apologize. Anyways – I am looking for some opinion/input/insight into somethings that I would love… Read more »
God knows the intents of the heart. He is the only one who does. Most of these debates about "holidays" are started to cause confusion and doubt. God is the Author of neither. Believe and trust in God, no one else. No one else knows your heart. Oh, and read your Bible. Along with the 10 commandments, from what I've read, He is much more concerned with Adultery Fornication Uncleanness Lasciviousness Idolatry Witchcraft Hatred Variance Emulations Wrath Strife Seditions Heresies Envyings Murders Drunkenness Revellings and such like Evil thoughts Deceit Blasphemy Pride Thefts Covetousness Foolishness and Wickedness If you are sincerely following His Word, and sincerely praying for guidance, HE will guide you like no article, or internet, nor "history lesson" can. I just wish more people would believe they can get their answers directly from The Source, instead of continually turning to fellow fallible humans who always have their… Read more »

I come in peace, I love God every day, others do too, some do not understand the history behind the culture of the times and get information. Paul not only read scripture, he wrote it and studied at the feet of Gamaliel so he was taught in many things. Being deep with God is humility, not telling people off.

Can't argue with that lol. My thing is why bother worshiping a "day" at all? The true worshiper will worship in spirit and in truth every day. To celebrate Christmas as the day that Christ was born is to celebrate (or worship) a day, not Him. Same with Easter. Both are paganistic in nature and have little to nothing to do with Him at all. By the same token, I don't begrudge the next man for celebrating Christ in his own way; I do not ask for anyone to agree with my views, I don't follow a lot of internet philosophers or historians or so-called theologians because too many deceivers have gone out into the world perverting the gospel. I search the Word for understanding only. That's it and that's all.

OUCH! Sorry I brought it up, for reals! I loved your post, and the feedback I got, here and elsewhere. Stimulating learning and growing was what I was thinking….seeking God on it is #1 – totally agree, but sometimes for me there can still be room for confusion. Like people I know thinking vaccines are from God to keep us healthy, or Osama Bin laden is responsible for 911 so they pray to God to bring justice and believe last May was God's answer back etc…it gets complicated sometimes. And sometimes I am just a big dummy – not saying you were saying all this, I just hate to have ruined your day. I seriously have loved reading your posts. I hope you feel better or get over it soon! Thanks for your input nonetheless. Hopefully somewhere, someone learned something, other than myself, so it wasn't all in vain.

@ Sarah Connor et. al., We should all tread very lightly when we try to use only the Bible to explain historical events – remember, the Bible did not come first, but the lived experiences of real people did and that is what is in the Bible. Regarding the KJV, who gave King James the authority to change the Bible anyway? Despite what the Seventh-Day Adventists believe, with respect, it was under Emperor Hadrian, who was persecuting Jews in Rome, that Christians, in order to distinguish themselves from the Jews, began to worship on Sundays. It wasn't a pope or Constantine. Even if it was the pope, Christ gave Peter the "keys to the kingdom" and he is regarded as the first pope – though he did not have that title which gave the Church authority to make changes. Most of the stuff we get from the early Church is… Read more »
Wow thank you guys for your feedback! I put a few feelers out last night to some of my friends so I've got tons of responses on this, which has given me lots to chew on. Love a challenge and an opportunity to be streched. Anyways, I understand what all three of you are saying, I truly do – and Tom, the response I got back today that gave me the biggest smile, "Just because some weirdo somewhere at some time worshiped a FAKE God on that day doesn't mean that I am not allowed to Worship the true God on that day…. EVERY DAY BELONGS TO THE TRUE LORD OF HEAVEN…. and the true God did not evolve from The Goddess of fertility… Easteria. I can replace false worship of false Gods with true worship anytime I want. That fact that a false God was worshiped at one time… Read more »

SC, I did take the time to watch the videos and two words: AWE SOME! I do not celebrate these pagan holidays, but to anyone reading this who has any doubts…this should zap those in 22 minutes! Sarah. just be honest with your children as we were; they were very receptive to learning the truth and it does not bother them at all not celebrating these holidays. Truly God is shaking the remnant and the truth is being revealed and deception is being slayed. Thanks again, I am going to get that sabbath study to you as well.

Hi Sarah, God bless you! Sounds like the The Lord is continually preparing you in His army and as you continue to seek Him, He will reveal and most importantly through His word. So you will understand more of God's agenda even more than the enemy. I already saw the Angelica Zambrano video a few months, a girl in my daughter's school printed out the website and gave it to her. I found it in her closet and went, watched the video with my daughter and read it with her. Arm your children at home with bible study, teach them now as Proverbs 22:6 says Train up a child in the way he should go and when he old he will not depart from it. Yes most churches have not received the truth, I am blessed to have visited a play years back that made it clear with the children… Read more »

celebrating Christ's Resurrection Day, is not the same as celebrating Easter.

celebrating Christ's Birth, is not the same as celebrating Christmas.

it is what you do and believe that matters to Christ,

on those days, and every other day.

if you are a materialistic person, driven by consumerism and carnal culture,

you will be celebrating those days as such, just as you do every other day.

what i don't understand is why people who don't normally go to church, only go on

those days? that has always baffled me.

Hi Sarah, First of all, NO, you did not offend me at all. It really is difficult to discern intent of words or discussion when they are written and typed so I tend to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I absolutely see where you are coming from in this discussion about Thrill, and while I may not completely agree, I do respect your opinion and what the Word states. 😉 I have a lot of respect and deference for your posts on this site, and that is why I allowed the Holy Spirit to restrain me from further comments the other day. I was actually discussing the paganism of both Christmas and Easter the other day with my daughter so it is ironic that you have questions about that! Further, I have some information on the Sabbath that may help you as well; there are so many misconceptions… Read more »

Good post Sarah, those videos were very informative and so is the entire series, plan on watching more of them the back up what I learned in church years ago. Your posts are humble, informative, clear and sincere. Keep telling the truth. If you do, and not intentionally offend, the Spirit of the Lord will convict.

Bless your heart Nay! Thank you! If you get through it and have input, especially on the pagan origins of what we think are Christian holidays, I would really appreciate hearing back. My peace is seriously disturbed right now on the matter, especially since I have two lil ones that I do not want to raise 'in' the ways of this world. Be in it but not of it and all. I thought I had halloween covered but this just throws a whole new twist. My local church, which I love, does not get it. I'd feel humbled for any input, from anyone, on the matter.

Is it just me or did he pretty-much say nothing…. and why did he need to even throw the number of women he had slept with in there. He said it like he's proud of it. He should be ashamed.

This was a wasted 12minutes IMHO, he didn't really say anything meaningful.

And if the interviewer says "PILES" one more time – Im gonna DIE LOLOLOLOLOL

When you're kicking "knowledge" about someone, especially if you're going to make it public, make sure you pronounce their name right SMH

Ok let me first say that although I LOVE this website, that guy said a whole lot of nothing. On top of that, I'm in the music industry and have never heard of this guy to save my life. "Formerly of the 69 boyz" as if that was a great accomplishment. I've seen some of the interviewer's videos before and they're pretty good, but this Thrill Da Playa interview seemed like a waste. If you want to know the industry secrets, interview someone who is no longer in it and can really explain some of the dark, twisted things that go on, not someone who's still trying to make it and get some publicity for his own music.

For all you people who take refuge in the Bible I have a curious question for you:

According to 1 Corinthians 11:14 "It is a disgrace for a man to wear long hair."

Why does Jesus Christ have long hair?

where in the bible does it say he has long hair?

I think that's just artists impressions we now believe in.

You took that whole scripture out of context. I'll prove it to you: 1 Corinthians 11:14-15, "Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?" "But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering." Jewish women covered themselves and long hair was considered covering, not glamorized (unlike the European culture during that time, even by today's standards). Also, no were in the bible does it say that Jesus have long hair. Revelation 1:14, "His head and his hairs were white like wool, as white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire" Daniel 7:9 "…Anicent of days did sit, whose garment was white as snow, and the hair of his head like the pure wool" Daniel 10:6 "His body was like the beryl,… Read more »

I never fully understood that verse either. There has to be something else to it because I don't see how nature itself teaches that it is a shame for man to have long hair. Case and point… the lion and it's mane. I could ask why doesn't the lioness have the mane, but it's seems obvious that the mane is for protection. The lions job is to protect his pride from other competing males. So as it's stated in the Bible, I am not seeing how nature teaches us that it's shameful for a man to have long hair. What am I missing/overlooking?

Lol, not that his appearance matters much and more of the Acts that he did for us like die for yours and my sins. Who said he had long hair?? Why are you turning away from Jesus's Gospel because others (Hyporcrits) are showing you renditions of what they "believe" he may look like?? So you studied just enough to say hey, Jesus wasn't this hippy looking dude but then stopped when Jesus confronts your sins and ask for repentance and to put your trust in him. There is a reason why in the old testament the early Prophets were adamant about not having any symbols or images made to represent God. Because people would be like Oh no he looks like me so therefore if God looks or has skin like me he will prefer me over others. Maybe he'll make me a super Angel. C'mon people think and study… Read more »

@ Ressurected

I like the history Channel but it's not the end source for all History. Sometimes I think it rewrites history just like that illuminati card in the card game. Just because it's on TV doesn't mean its all Kosher.

The Bible has withstood criticism for 2000 years and still stands strong. The new testament has more manuscripted evidence than any work of antiquity. The discovery of the dead sea scrolls also provided great evidence for the Old Testament. Greater forces/ organizations and nations have tried but failed to discredit it over history.

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Matt 24:35


When you say the Bible was written 300 years after Jesus' death, your most likely talking about when the Bible was canonized. Many of the letter's that the Bible contains were written in the first century. Look in to it. I find it interesting that your getting hung up on 300 years anyway. I mean, isn't the Earth 6.4 billion years old? Whats 300 years? If your truly seeking truth, you'll find it, but the question is will you choose to accept it when you do find it? (by the way, i don't believe the earth is billions of years old)

You know I was watching a special on the history channel about how the Bible was made and it was made like 300 years after Jesus death and there were many stories that never made it in there. There were a lot of people who had God like experiences and took after Jesus message. They wanted to keep it as close to his life and sacrifices as possible because they were many people twisting around his message even some of his disciples who created there own groups of religious follows which I guess many would labeled as a cult. Like the book of Enoch so much good information but it never made in the bible but those books explain a lot of the earlier time during the Adam and Eve period, about the falling angels and nephilim that were walking the earth at that time. About how the early man… Read more »
To repeat what i said on another article. I have gotten to a point where I don’t care about the illuminate or whatever devices or ploys the devil is using. This is the time to be vigilant and to know where you stand; only the blood of Jesus will save you. Acts2 vs 21 21 And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Your logic will not save you, science will not save you, Islam will not save you, but the name of Jesus will save you. This is the time to pledge you alliance to decide whose team you are on because on the day of the Lord there will be one winner and his name is Jesus. I know who I am standing on so no demon, no illuminate, no secret organisation will intimidate me because perfect love casts out all fear. I… Read more »
As much as I agree that can affect the way you think, and shape the way you are changing. The belief that the 'devil' is behind it is ludicrious to me. Firstly the 'devil' and God are transient beings, that can't really contact us. That's why God created Jesus. Another thing is that the Devil was God's greatest angel. Now if God is omniscient, which i believe. Why did he create lucifer, so he can suffer? and cause billions of humans to suffer with him? Where does that make sense?? I think its nothing to do with the devil, but the humans. Illuminati, i think is probably a human organisation that wants to control the world, not through the devil but through media. The symbols are there to make people like us aware of them so we can spread the word and be ridiculed, the symbols are WAY to obvious.… Read more »

no offense taken by those of us who have been contacted by God.

if you believed, you would be too.

thing is, you don't have to believe in the devil to be contacted by him.

just a heads up. 🙂

You need to research your understanding of the gospel a little more. You also need to rethink your perspective on omniscience.

Real s**t! However what I don't understand is how can you believe in secret luciferian societies and still deny the existence of Christ? It sounds to me as if you're in a deception from satan himself to me…

I TRULY appreciate this website because it affirms what I've suspected for years about the music industry but no one would listen. THANK YOU!!!

Oh so just because He rap That mean he don't know what's goin on?

Ok then I already know what that ish meant always trying to stereotype a brotha

All I want to say is this interview was boring. I'm threw listening to people's words, I want to see action. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for a rapper to turn to God and make christian music. I will pray for him. If his journey is sincere, then amen. If it isn't well "we'll know by the fruit he bears" (Study Matthew 7:16-20). Parents and everyone, let's use our hearts and minds!

I sure hope that the world changes for the better. 🙂

He speaking the straight truth and I hope everyone especially the youth embraces what he's speaking on. Dont be blind to the fact people please wake up.

Thanks to vc who opened my eyes. Its sad to note that even once innocent musicians in my country Namibia joined the darkside.Even the shops where one buy clothes, rings etc are owned by the illuminati. At times i feel why God tells the prophet in my church that he is upset. Please also make time to visit EXministries church articles by Craig G Lewis. He talks about the same things as this site. I watched Truth Behind HipHop yesterday and like i always thought the devil lied to his followers, he did. He apparently convinced his followers that he wasnt judged fairly by God and he need his followers sympathy. What. Pity that these people dont know how fair and patience is God Almighty. Also check out divine revelations about a testimony of ano 18 year old girl that went to hell and heaven.Michael Jackson, pope John Paul II… Read more »

nice. about to look that up now.

Stop quoting the f*****g bible you idiots. Hes wearing shades because…get ready…..THATS WHAT ALL RAPPERRS DO. But yall are to busy listening to gospel music and listening to bullshits molesting priests to know that right?

So what that is what we choose to do with our own personal WILL. If you don't like the bible that is fine because we can create your own personal habits but that same goes for you. I can't stand when people make comments like this as if they have the power to choose for others. This is the epitome of internet bullying but it doesn’t really bother me because I don't trip off of strangers.

You have a potty mouth! I guess you couldn't speak like an adult so you picked the ez words to type. That book that you cussed about will save your life if you read and believe it. Shame on you!!!! I bet every other word that comes out of your month is a cuss word. You should try english 101, they actually teach words from the dictionay. God looks after babys and FOOLS. So you're watched over and don't even know it…..

I think all that quoting the bible stuff is crap. It was writtin by men. Used by men to deceive the masses for their own personal gain. The bible is filled with a whole bunch of contradictions. There is a god but i dont believe in the god that was forced upon my ancestors or any other nation or etnicity because they felt they weren't civilized. I bet you no one thought about the bible being deceptive……sometime you have to ask yourself questions and challenge everything. That i believe is commonsense, a gift to mankind from god.

Most of the Bible is filled with God calling us to withdraw from evil societies i.e. God telling Moses to leave Egypt, God telling Abraham to leave ancient Sumer, and God telling the Christian Church in the Book of Revelation to "come out of Babylon". Incidentally these are the same places where occult symbolism is derived.


For nimrod, there came Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s), for firon, there came Hazrat Musa (a.s) and for bloody dajjal,freemasory,illuminati and stuff like that, there will come Hazrat Essa (a.s).

Allah Hafiz!

He made a safe interview. Many of the artists interviewd about satanic elements in the industry and secret societies never deny it but they also don't openly speak about it. But they all say the same. I think that if they say 'half truths', or the truth in a light way they won't be punished by the industry. If you take a look, Jay Z, Rihanna and Thrill Da Plata and many others talk about the subject very carefuly chosing the words very well.

Great vid. Good message. But somebody please replace that smoke alarm battery. The constant beeping is a distraction. Rookie videography mistake.