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This is No Game. This is No TV Show. This is War (video)



Here’s an interesting documentary describing how the US military use mass media to influence public opinion. From reality shows to the news without forgetting Hollywood movies, the Pentagon actively participates in the creation of “entertainment”. This is one example of how an agenda can be promoted through mass media. As we have seen in other articles, there are many more agendas that are pushed on the masses.


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A group of students in my country Chile invented a few years ago the way to make mind controlled the pc, the idea was to help handicaped kids that cant move feets, arms or talk be able to use a computer.The invent was presented in america a few months ago.

sorry my english

Andre Isakandar

you cure you care

Civilian General

for all who wonders. the bible says there will b a resistance against the beast. the war like portion will ultimatly fail. I am the Resistance. You are the Resistance. They are the enemy. Resist. but remember in the end only God is Supreme. @nvra75 you sir have missed something. God doesn't want puppets. he lets people worship him willingly. and honestly no proof of Jesus? Its called Google. Look It Up.

here is something:


Games like call of duty have got to be part of this too


My husband is in the military he has been deployed twice to Iraq and 2 to Afghanistan. These news stations glamourize war. Its so sad and disrespectfull. The soldiers are being used to fight two unnecessary wars and now ratings. War is ugly. War is terrifying. War is sad.

We need to pray for our soldiers they really need our help. No one sees they need someone to save them.

Can't wait for Jesus to come back.


I'm not sure if any of you pay attention to the Disney Channel but take a few mins (these run aprox every 15 mins or so & last 5-7 mins) and watch their commercials hosted by Michelle Obama. She has quite a few different commercials airing by "Joining Forces" where Disney stars talk about how "GREAT" it is living in a military family. They totally uplift our military fighting for our freedom, & go on about how it was nice to travel around the world. They use words like "explore, adventure, duty, & proud". Then, the dialogue is topped off with Michelle Obama asking for children to find out ways to "volunteer" to help their country as servicemen do & refers to the website. ( I think)

They are quite manipulative & deceiving. Especially when you know that the average Disney viewer is under the age of 13. I don’t understand why I'm the only person who has asked myself this question: "Why is the 1st Lady promoting military life to small children?"

I can't believe we are allowing this type of manipulation to be exposed to our kids. Are we really THAT lazy & defeated?


Extremely well said, I think you have valid points. I have not read the Bible, just recently here and there a little. But your point about Revelation especially rings true with me. Sure enough with this whole end of times busines in 2012. Like a big a-s self fulfilling prophecy for people to throw their hats in the ring. Also then you read that the Bible has been translated and re-written many times over, you just wonder. Put this all together with Mind Control, in which I am now researching up into my eyeballs, a picture starts to emerge. And let us not forget the Catholic Church and their role.

White pope, black pope???? So much to learn……………


You know, I've been educating myself using this site's articles for a while now, only to sharpen and refine my awareness and attention to all these subject matters which I was previously keen to, though obviously not to the extent I am now. I am appreciate of this site and it's author. However, I rarely ever read comments, though I've scrolled a few articles comments more recently. Idk who will read this comment, or who will care what I have to say. But frankly I feel clarity when I leave this site. I walk away from sessions of reading information on hear feeling like I've learned so much and put so much into perspective. And continuously remind myself of major important points, that are always known within me, but need to be refocused on sometimes. Now for the record, I was raised christian. I've been traveling through philosophy, moral discussions, psychology, mythology, mysticism, and psychadelia since I was about 7 years old. So just making it loud and clear, I've read your bible, probably more times than you have, "christians" , and you need to stop preaching, and viewing other beings as "blind" when you refuse to open your eyes.… Read more »


excellent post.


I couldn't agree more. I am so tired of people copping out of the fight like "Revelations" is something to sit around and wait for, something we deserve. People have been waiting around for the end of the world probably since the beginning of the world. Guess what? We don't have to got out like that. Not in 2012, or in a thousand years. Not unless we choose to. I for one intend to fight for the future. Won't you join me? While politics and the whole POTUS race is not the end-all be-all solution to all that's going on in the US, you shouldn't dismiss anyone for wanting to try at least, to work within the system to improve it, rather then starting over from scratch. All the politicians may be Ills. but they have their factions, they compete and work at cross purposes and thwart each other. And who better to throw a monkey wrench into the works than one of their own? Call me a dreamer, but I bet if Hilary got in she would wreak havoc on a lot of the Ills. who betrayed her in favor of BO. Now that would be entertaining to watch!… Read more »


I was just thinking the other day about all the commercials that have been coming out lately promoting some sort of WW3 theme. A few comes to mind..from the Call of Duty games, to the Verizon commercials to the car commercials with the dancing hamsters, the theme seems to be the same…a WW3 scenario. There are also tons of music videos and movies coming out with the same theme. Whether we like it or not, we are being prepared for some sort of catastrophic event which will ultimately result in some sort of militarized police state for America.


Our society is sooo blind to see the reality of whats happening to us all in front of our own eyes yet most choose to still be in denial.

I hope by some miracle things will turn up and change for the better.

Our government is soo corrupted along with the damn corporations! We are being controlled by evil Luciferians satanic sick pedophiles! what a sad world we live in these days..

They must be stopped for us & our future generations!

I'm a lesbian but I do love and believe in my lord and savior jesus christ.

My prayers go out to all the victims that go through horrible ordeals.

God please watch over all the innocent people and children all over the world.

God bless you all and be ready protect your loved ones. God be with us all.


Very nice movie, I had no idea these things happened in the US. It's sick.


Yes! the matrix is the same idea of metropolis. We are all in it for sure. So remember what happend when Neo was awaken? They targeted him. I believe once the nwo is in full effect, they will target the enlightened ones.


pizza boy. there is nothing wrong with wearing the cross.

Remember the death of jesus was already planned out in heaven when God called Jesus to his side, wrapped his arms around him and said; "son, the world needs a sacrifice".

God loves us so much that he gave his son. And jesus loves so much that he replied "Yes Father! ill go"

The cross brings remberance of the tragedy he went through but it also reminds of salvation. Christians live in thanks and admiration that jesus was willing to be the sacrifice for our salvation. The cross reminds us of and symbolizes it. i will wear my cross to remind me and others there is allways salvation.


Interesting movie. As a film academy student, I thank VC for this link. I didn't know about "militainment" but it sure is a whole new TV genre. A unique mix of reality, reality TV, journalism and propaganda. The future of television.


Fast forward to 19:10 and notice the pentagram inside the letter A. Not a coincidence.


Just to let you guys know…."PSYOPS" has now been offically "renamed" to remove the "deciet" (spelled wrong) factor. I just read it in a military newspaper. The new name is under "MISO" Military information support operation….this is my first post after reading a lot of these articles. Also if you want to see something scary…. look up the 11000 series of presidential executive orders….it gives ANY president the power of a king!!!!!!!

someone put a monkey

"humans (all) of us are the owned property. (slaves)"

"Street Preacher: Outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you! All around you! " – They Live

The blue bus is more


Sail the ship = Sailboat TRIANGLE

Chop the tree = center of eye

Skip the rope = outside of eye

LOOK AT ME: The One Eyed Triangle

ALL TOGETHER NOW! == Yeah, we know! Stupid occultists!

ALL popular media is controlled and poisoned, don't believe a word you hear on it, it's all a part of the BIG SHOW.


Hi everyone!

What about magic shows? I've just been back from a magic spectacle. People just blindly applause without wondering "how the heck is this possible???" . The background on the show was a bunch of…. butterflies and the table cloth was…. a funny circle in a triangle…. what a strange coincidence (wink) I saw a show on tv one dy where a magician REALLY PASSED TROUGHT SOMEBODY!!!! How is is possible without any dark magic???? What it is with all those people still saying that's there's a trick. How can there be a TRICK to pass THROUGH someonelse's body???? What do you think about it?

By the way I read on a website that " magicians wands are made from the wood of holly trees, thus we have HOLLYWOOD, and stars are the points of light that shine forth Lucifer's wand"

It all fits, don't you think?


Stay Vigilant

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