The Washington Post on “Spy Bloggers” or Disinfo Agents


The Washington Post published an interesting article on the U.S. Central Command’s infiltration of social media using fake personas.

Spy bloggers not ‘friending’ U.S. targets, Centcom says

The U.S. Central Command says its new “Persona” social media “infiltration” software is designed to cozy up to extremist bloggers overseas, not law-abiding Americans chatting on Facebook or similar sites.

Earlier this month, the Web buzzed with a report that the software was designed to “manage ‘fake people’ on social media sites and create the illusion of consensus on controversial issues,” implying that the Defense Department was targeting critics of the war in Afghanistan and other conflicts.

Further compounding a sinister view of the software was the discovery of e-mails from the head of a company implicated in “dirty tricks” against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and a pro-labor organization, which discussed how such technology could be used.

“There are a variety of social media tricks we can use to add a level of realness to all fictitious personas…” wrote Aaron Barr, the chief executive officer of HBGary Federal, a Colorado Springs company whose hacked e-mails revealed plans to attack critics of Bank of America and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Barr resigned Feb. 28 “to allow the company to move on after an embarrassing data breach,” according to the technology Web site ThreatPost.

Centom’s June 22, 2010, contract, offered through the U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command, specified that “Individual applications will enable an operator to exercise a number of different online persons from the same workstation and without fear of being discovered by sophisticated adversaries…while hiding the existence of the operation…and provid(ing) excellent cover and powerful deniability.”

“Individuals can perform static impersonations, which allow them to look like the same person over time,” the contract added. It “also allows organizations that frequent same site/service often to easily switch IP addresses to look like ordinary users as opposed to one organization.”

The fake Internet personas, the contract specified, “must be able to appear to originate in nearly any part of the world and can interact through conventional online services and social media platforms.”

Centcom spokesman Cmdr. Bill Speaks acknowledged in an interview last week that the Air Force had a contract for the Persona Management Software, but denied it would be deployed against domestic online protesters.

“The contract, and the Persona management technology itself, supports classified blogging activities on foreign-language Web sites to enable CENTCOM to counter violent extremist and enemy propaganda outside the U.S.,” Speaks told SpyTalk. “The contract would more accurately be described as supporting U.S. Central Command, rather than the Air Force — the Wing here at MacDill provides contracting support for us — efforts.”

Speaks said the software would “absolutely” not be used against law-abiding Americans.

[Update: Speaks adds, “The phrase [law-abiding] suggests that we might use it against Americans who are not law-abiding. The truth is that these activities are not directed towards Americans, without qualification.”]

Former CIA director and retired Air Force Gen. Michael V. Hayden called the technology cutting-edge but “developmental.”

“Operationally developmental, technologically developmental and legally developmental,” he told Washington Times reporter Shawn Waterman.

But in testimony last June, then-Centcom commander Gen. David Petraeus suggested the use of such technology was well underway.

“Operation Earnest Voice (OEV) is the critical program of record that resources our efforts to synchronize our Information Operations activities, to counter extremist ideology and propaganda, and to ensure that credible voices in the region are heard,” Petraeus told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“OEV provides Centcom with direct communication capabilities to reach regional audiences through traditional media as well as via Web sites and regional public affairs blogging,” Petraeus said.

The FBI has also used fictitious identities for years to infiltrate jihadist Web sites.

Sometimes touted as “America’s first online operative in the War on Terror,”   the FBI’s Shannen L. Rossmiller, a former Montana municipal judge, is said to have “created 30 fictitious male Islamist undercover identities…for purposes of communicating and tracking the enemy [in] Arabic language Internet forums.”

“Since 9/11, Judge Rossmiller has delivered more than 200 cases of actionable intelligence and stings — including two of the largest convictions in the War on Terror,” her Web site claims.

Despite the fact that this article mentions numerous times that those tactics are not used against “Law Abiding Americans”, there are reasons to think that they might be used anyhow – especially against “conspiracy theories” (I hate that term). Cass Sunstein, who is the current administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs published in 2008 an important essay entitled “Conspiracy Theories” (read it here).

Cass Sunstein


In this paper Sunstein states: “The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be.” In his opinion, “the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups”. “Cognitive infiltration” means using paid agents to surf the internet and spread disinformation on influential websites. The paper states: “Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.” Sunstein qualifies numerous times  9/11 Truth groups as “extremist groups”.

In this paper, Sunstein also sees benefits in the hiring outside commentators  – who are then held out as “experts” – by the government: “government can supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes”. Secretly paying non-government officials “might ensure that credible independent experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts.”

I hope there are no paid agents commenting here…

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Jesus is the way the truth and the light! No one comes to the father only threw the son. I'm ready I'm a Christian there is only one god the true living god!

this is old news but good news. a website i frequented was shut down. GNN. guerrilla news network. very anti establishment anti fascist anti racist basically anarcho, the news was interpreted and rewritten, recycled i should say, by interested people. ex. the uprising in greece 08. mainstream had almost no mention of it i didnt know bout it til i stumbled upon that site but now all is silent. yahoo comments is monitered.paid agents and ignorant racists spew hate you cant imagine, i'm happy one day then i read the comments on yahoo story and my faith in humanity is daunted. religion is used to control you. sorry had to say now all of the christ cult will be on my behind saying i am a paid satanist agent financed by the illum!:(… question, since they use the darkside of the occult shouldnt we harness the good side????? o yea… Read more »

What's sad about this is now intelligent, concerned, and enlightened cohorts on websites like this one will accuse one another of being agents. More ways to rend us apart.

I knew it from before. Last year, I noticed that some people were leaving comments such as "I saw the building getting hit by the plane with my own eyes" or "you believe in this ?" under Youtube videos that were talking about 9/11 being the inside job. I am no less than a spy. It looked very fishy. So I ended up checking out their profiles. Strange, but true that all of them had written in their profiles, "I am a musician" and they were of age 21-27. Some of those users' Youtube activities were also listed. Turned out that they were commenting only on 9/11 inside job videos. I pick three subjects from them to investigate in details. The stalking revealed that one was having a bitter argument under a 9/11 video with a person who believed in the inside job. Perhaps, the subject got really furious. In… Read more »
How subtle indeed! Remember how the Serpent in the Garden of Eden was so 'subtle…?' According to the paper – some 'Conspiracy' Theories may be 'allowed' and 'justifiable' or 'beneficial' and others not – in other words, if we read between the lines, those theories that are too close to the truth and do not serve the higher order's (controlling faction's) interests.. I'm surprised they even admitted MKULTRA actually took place.. Hey, that's the way – you've got to to seem 'in the middle' to seem 'normal' like you are admitting 'some' truth but not all… makes you seem like a nice guy (I'm referring to the article and ones behind it). So while you admit some truths.. the current (other) truths go unscathed.. it's not 'Conspiracy' if it's true! Also, I hate that term as well.. it has such implications.. and the other thing is – in the interest… Read more »

you people have such terrible grammer and spelling.

Politicalamity – Extreme

Wars 'n rumors

Of wars, no one knows what for

Toys and soldiers

Deployed, on some foreign shore

Lords and rulers

Destroy, diplomatic rapport

Communists, dictatorships

Democracies, hypocrisies

Ask not what your country can do?

To a one world governmental zoo






Rick 'n poor

Salute your country's colors

Less is more

When one oppresses the other

Pride 'n power

Decorated upon collars

Donkeys, bears 'n elephants

All paper-trained on parliament

Ask not what your country can do?

To a one world governmental zoo

Good poem!

I believe I've been targeted on twitter by one of these profiles. they have 14 lists, each called "Rebellious Accounts". I blocked them. Extremely frickin creepy.

That is creepy.. I haven't looked through all their 'rebellious lists' but the ones I did look through, the users they have on there don't seem to be tweeting about anything really conspiratorial or anything in particular, I did see something to do with sports comments. Maybe they're just about that. But probably good you blocked them anyway, why keep that on there?

i am one hundred percent positive that people such as 'spy bloggers' are aware of this site; i would not be at all suprised if they are the people instigating and insulting other people on this site and others like this making absurd statements ; my advice would be do not get into a conflict with these people or try negotiation on people with such ignorance; lets be intelligent wise human beings we all are one lets stay true to our purpose and stand one against such dark ideals and agendas ; no more mindless arguments with the blind for they can not see… all in all what i am trying to say is lets not participate in arguments and lets participate in communicating our knowledge and start creating a true solution to such ignorance for example: what should we do as a community to get the word out and… Read more »

Yes.. TENOCH.. very good words… I agree.. getting into arguments with these people is pointless and a distraction.. which is just what they and and their 'bosses' want… the important thing to do is not get distracted but stay on the path and continue seeking the truth and making those that care aware..

So, basically our Government is wasting our tax dollars paying for equipment and people to act as 'patriotic trolls'. I think many of us understood that this kind of subversion was going on long before they finally went public. It is also a load of 'BS' for them to say that their only targets are jihadist in nature. How about the attack against our civil liberties and the denied justice from our Government during these times: 1. The operations of COINTELPRO which started in 1956 and was kept secret until 1971. 2. Project MKUltra. Yeah, the one where the CIA drugged a man named Frank Olson with LSD and tried to cover up his death. 3. The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment that targeted poor African Americans between 1932-1972 4. Project Paperclip 5. Iran-Contra 6. Iraq and the missing weapons of mass destruction The above are just a few of the conspiracies… Read more »

"The thing is looking beyond the superficial story that is being fed to us through the mainstream news isn’t enough; especially, when you become aware of Project Mockingbird discovered in 1975 during the Church Committee."

I meant to say: "The thing is accepting the superficial story that is being fed to us through the mainstream news isn't enough; especially, when you become aware of Project Mockingbird discovered in 1975 during the Church Committee."

I want to add to this, too. Even your alternative news sites (AOL's Huffington Post, cough), can be misleading. I mean, you really have to look into who actually owns the news site. If it is a corporation, you can forget it when it comes to getting news that is unbiased and uncensored. Okay, I'm done 🙂

Some good posts Beth.. and yes.. I believe we have to use discernment and intuition about any and all sites nowadays.. (except this one of course! ;^) Well obviously for everything, but this site (VC) is unusually objective and factual.. you can tell it is in the interest of seeking the truth.. there are others out there too.. but anyway, yeah.. I agree with what you are saying..

Jews dont' like your right to free speech, so here u go!!!!

Jews OWN Amerika

they own all media inluding MTV

they are behind Obama

they own Wall street..and hold triggers of global financial system (Rothschilds)

they push for Monsanto's control (Monsanto family originally Jewish too)

they are behind the Rapidscan in dignity for dem goys

They hate criticism, any criticism of Jews brings the anti-semite label. Most ppl have been successfully brainwashed with that.

Cass Sunstein is just another Jew wanting your free speech gone. Fight it or lose it. Don't give them your money, start the revolution at home. Before it is too late.

I believe you're referring to the Zionists who are hiding behind the word 'Jew'.

Zionists and Jews is the same thing. They run it…and I don't like it because their spiritual course ruins humanity. Look even at the mass culture that VG is writing about, its SICK 🙁 Why do people accept it as normal, I don't know. Maybe the population is dumb afterall, but I don't want to think this way….

I knew this comment thread would be a mess.

Pointing,pointing,pointing……I say a lot of contriversal things so I'm sure I'm on the list.

For anyone that thinks I'm one can personally go to hell

as if not there already.Just respond if you want me gone and I promise you I will never comment again.All it takes is one.I won't bother you ever again.

I keep getting hints that that was impulsive.I agree.I apologize.This still will be my last post.I definitely over stayed my welcome. I just gotta get some things off my chest or else Ill just keep coming back. All that I'm Rise and everything.Trash that.Philosophy is good but well entertained thought can be very much appreciated.I also strive to be a type of entertainer. Am I in contact with high sources….yes.Positive….yes.Negative….yes(they slide bs in every now and then) A type of anti……yes and no.A antioxident to a free radical yes…The other anti's….no. You know what's so funny.When that time came and the big guy came down he was not so liked as he is now.What he said seemed so frightingly………opposite…to the point where he was brutally killed by those of the rightous. I see the same delimma happening now and the negative is peaking like before. Although misrepresented The Dawn of… Read more »

I know this is off-topic, but has anyone noticed the emoticon at the bottom of this site? It's in black and is somewhat pixelated.

Yeah…part of some of the templates on some blogging sites.

And no, I'm not gonna say "nothing here, move along." As even "The Three Little Bops" proves, even where nothing untoward is happening it's possible that something gets slipped in just to keep stuff out there.

I just noticed it, right over VC's copyright, right? Like the other guy said, part of the templates of sites sometimes, although VC may have even put it there since he designs his site himself.. looks like a little smiley face, doesn't it..?

I found this website from a link that I found through VC a while back. . . . .hmmm. . .. .

I've come across several disinfo-agents on youtube – ones that have a significant following.

Asking them certain questions reveal their true intentions, it's very simple.

Do tell us who you believe to be disinfo agents, please. There's one in particular I believe is..

of the mainstream disinfo artists i think the following are notable: alex jones, zeitgeist, david icke, & 9/11 truth. Its important to say that 90% of each is close to the 'truth'. Im not hating on these ppl b/c there is value in them. 1) alex jones – hes an alarmist, he uses scare tactics b/c the elite want ppl in a panicked state 2) zeitgeist – learn the occult symbols used by the ruling elite and this will become obvious watching the zeitgeist films, the whole 'transitioning' into a new age, the age of aquarius their preparing us for this new world order. Part 1 of Z-1 is disinfo. 3) icke – he has so much value with regards to the subjective nature of existing through ur senses but he makes it like the ruling elite 'dont understand' the multiple planes of existence, entities etc. the ruling elite know… Read more »

How do you feel about Credo Mutwa?

oh and for youtube indies…mistrbritt & love police.

The more I look at the way the world is going the more it points to one thing and one thing only, and that is: People need to learn how to critically think for themselves and relearn how to handle information and make use of it without necessarily 'believing' or relying on it OR dismissing or rejecting it either. In a way, 'believing' information (or not) is a legacy of an age where only a few have access to information, and the many had to choose whether to believe it or not. This is becoming less and less like the age we are living in now – we are all becoming our own researchers AND media combined. As long as critical thinking and common sense prevail then we can avoid collective 'group think' (ie consensus) while still being able to all contribute to each others' research while observing each other's… Read more »

You make a great point. Critical thinking is not something that is taught in American schools or encouraged in American society for that matter. In school students are taught to be robots, to listen to the teacher and not to question, to accept what is told and not to think, to be good employees and to shut up. And children who are naturally inquisitive are discouraged by their parents at home because alot of parents either don't have the answers to their childs "Why this, Why that questions" or simply don't have the patience. So at home and at school, children are ingrained with the belief that asking questions is bad.

lol i started to read the bible, looking for clues but its freaking long and soo borring ;1

Try reading from some people that study the bible and end times – it's exciting, to me at least.

wonderfull article like always VC but i wish you could talk about my country ''lithuania'' there are bunch of biulding like ''babilon'' and the other things that cant remember how they called lol. There are some people here that come to this website and i think its cool. Anyways people you got to understand this that the illiuminati is controling everything they will cover up anything that they dont want. The only thing we can do is to keep track on what is going on and trust me if you try to tell this to someone they will think you are crazy because 1) they fear the truth, 2) they cant change nothing about it, 3) if they start talking about it they might lose thier job, 4) they live to earn money because i can imagine how hard for parents is to take care of us they dont have… Read more »

And all along i thought we were safe over here in south africa… Our advertisements have illuminati written all over them (there’s a billboard on the side of the highway with lady gaga on it advertising flavoured water and the company that owns it is coca cola) our musicians going overseas meeting oprah and then coming back and the music videos filled with symbolism our president constantly meeting up with obama no one is safe not even in africa.

Aaron Barr? Haha! That moron went to screw with the hacker group Anonymous and got destroyed. If the government has him in the forefront of the disinfo campaign, we have nothing to worry about…

lol…I like how you put, I hope they are no paid informants operating hear… at the bottom. lol.

However, in all serious though, we are pretty much in a state of information anarchy right now. We really don't know what we can believe 100% of the time, even what we see with our own eyes, because there is deception there as well. We can only follow meticulously the actions of others, and let that inner voice or judgement be our guide.

People with strong, sound minds, and an unmoving faith in God and the truth of what we're facing in these current times, will not be easily swayed by these attempts. I am convinced of this–but what we're really at odds with is a society that continues to label conspiracy theorists as "illogical", or lacking in critical thinking–when really, it's quite the opposite–and there is always reason to have doubt in a failed system! What we might ultimately see is the stigmatization of conspiracy theorists, to the point where ANY mention of dissent or disagreement of one's government, is grounds for being labelled (both legally, and in society) as a "terrorist"! Some of the people that post on this website–as well as others that try to awaken the masses to the truth of everything via a faceless internet–I am sure, are VERY well educated, and quite possibly might have professional lives… Read more »

Intoducing laws and passing them which are against the Constitution is punishable by death. Our cowardly men and women who promised to uphold the laws here are breaking their oaths. Bailouts,scams,corruption all endless.George Washington is rolling in his grave by what we've let them get away with.

I've definitely seen quite a few of these agents, especially on YouTube videos concerning anything in the realm of a "conspiracy theory" After a while their tactics become pretty obvious, as they usually troll multiple videos with the same aggressive approach to their argument that belittles anyone that challenges it. I can't stress enough to everyone the importance of discernment when it comes to the conspiracy subculture – there's plenty of nonsense out there mixed with just enough truth to make it seem believable in its entirety. Speaking of disinformation, has anyone else noticed the pervasiveness of aliens in the mass media lately? Skyline, Battle of LA, Cowboys and Aliens – all of these movies demonizing aliens as entities that are going to colonize and enslave the planet. There's also a new song by Katy Perry and Kanye West called E.T. with rather interesting lyrics – It really makes… Read more »
Ah Kirby – can o worms! You are going to get a plethora of opinions on this one. And many completely different than mine!!! But I too have noticed the alien propoganda of late, and also that we have been conditioned/programmed for it for a very long, long time. I've looked into it a bunch, and in my humble, it's just one from the NWO playbook. Ronald Reagan: "I occasionally think how quickly our 'differences worldwide would vanish", if we were facing a threat from outside this universe". Nothing like some falseflag/bluebeam/alien invasion to unite the masses, globally and relinquish all remaining rights for protection. Hello one world goverment…. If there are aliens, imo, they are only little demons. See Aleister Crowley and his 'inspiration' or 'contact' Lam. It's just demonic stuff….and they don't need flying saucers. I believe it's just a great deception. But I know many will… Read more »
Sarah Connor, you my dear, are a truth seeker after my own heart! Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy grander than the NWO and gets very little air time amongst fellow conspiracy theorists. Talk about a complete mind boggler. Whenever I contemplate the mass fall-out from this holographic deception, I am always reminded of Matthew 24:24 "For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect." Project Blue Beam is something that should be preached about from all pulpits regardless of denomination. Quick synopsis for those reading this comment and do not know what Project Blue Beam is: It is basically, a fake Rapture. The Powers That Be are planning to do a WORLD WIDE Three-dimensional Holographic lightshow, complete with audio that is heard INSIDE YOUR HEAD. Through the use of satellites,… Read more »

Awesome links!!! Scary thing is….I'm even seeing the conditioning coming out of the Christian community – check out this song – The Afters "Light Up the Sky"

It is played on the Christian station all the time…catchy little tune and seems harmless. But if the unaware have this messaging laid down into the depths of their consciousness, well, quite frankly, many Christians will be included in the elect that are deceived.

Isn't "the bright and morning sun" (apart of the lyrics of the aforementioned song) a reference to Satan?

Sounds like it will be a great movie when it comes out. I hope they put it out in 3D and Hi-Def on Blue Ray.

Sorry I should have put @DiZiLLuiZioNed

It's no question in my mind that dis-info agents hang here & there. If you ask me, and i'v said before I bet it's those anti- Christian/anti religion folks for starters!

well some might say that religious folk bashing on other different religions are the one instigating and are spy bloggers themselves for disrupting the direction of the conversation resulting in arguments that have been heard for centuries decades years days for a long time; i have friends from all different religions and some that are non religious but are spiritual; i say people who result to bashing eachothers religion really have lost a grip of their own scriptures holy books gospels or whatever you wish to call them they should read and relearn the morals slash ethics of their belief systems resulting in a controlled use of their tongues and dirty mouth spewing out dissent arguments and or fights ; stay away from arguing and fighting with such people it will only result in a endless cycle… peace and love to my brothers and sisters that are for true unity… Read more »

Cass Sunstein, 2008 essay entitled “Conspiracy Theories” :

page 4:

Of course some conspiracy theories, under our definition, have turned out to be true. The Watergate hotel room used by Democratic National Committee was, in fact, bugged by Republican officials, operating at the behest of the White House. In the 1950s, the Central Intelligence Agency did, in fact, administer LSD and related drugs under Project MKULTRA, in an effort to investigate the possibility of “mind control.”

hey guys am confused so someone please enlighten me

so since our societies have basically been taken over by satanic things and people are curses to be sinners and all since they were born..according to christianity

is it really our fault or Gods for creating satan in the first place…i mean he knows the future right`?

Good question, really.

Without Satan (evil), there would be no free will for us to choose. It's that simple. God is not insecure, and is not threatened by anyone choosing to reject Him.

God gave us the freedom to choose, which was the only loving thing to do for us.

We are not robots. We each choose good or evil, ultimately, and therefore, we choose our own fates, in the eternal sense.

You make your choice, and you will reap the consequences, one way or the other.

That's all. 🙂

But if we're talking about the Christian God then omnibenevolence is one of Its qualities, so, how could a being with infinite love and compassion willingly let his "children" suffer for all eternity, even if they did something bad? There's definitely a logical absurdity there.

The powers that be are totally painted into a corner- as obvious as connecting the dots on a map:

And here we have the Washington Post's Freudian slip regarding that Masonic Eastern Star property at 6000 New Hampshire Ave NE

VC and anyoone else can look at this for themselves.

Freemasory is running scared!!!

The devil is a liar, God tells the honest truth.


"I am not one of them. " – Anomaly


Are we really supposed to believe That Americans with "extreme" anti-hegemonical views ARE NOT the targets of these cyber spies? Give me a break.

U all r right. If some1 doesn't agree with was is being said on a site, y would u leave a comment? Y not just exit. That's what I do. If I don't like the article I just close it. Maybe that's a tell-tell sign. Folks that leave nasty comments or oppose the article completely can be the moles. Idk just guessing…


"If some 1 doesn’t agree with what is being said on a site, y would u leave a comment?"

The whole point of a site like this is to provide a forum for discussion even if the viewpoints are totally opposite. It also provides a place for people to provide evidence or proof to support their point of view whether it agrees with the article or opposes it. Just because someone has a different point of view doesn't make them a mole. It just means that they see things from a different perspective.

I fear for VC – as he continues his brilliant work and opens peoples minds to the truth disinfo sell outs will bombard the site with Svali type deviations from the truth

"My third eye open under my fitted" – Immortal Technique (Voices of the Voiceless)


There's no doubt that this is happening, and has been for some time now.

We've already seen several disinfo types here, haven't we VC? 🙂

It's me! 😀 But seriously, if everyone's right about all this Illuminati running the world stuff, wouldn't they not even need to bother? If what everyone here thinks is true about them, then they already control the media and everything so why would they even need to try to spread disinformation on a website like this? Also, if this were the case, it might even be to their advantage to let people come to sites like these and rant about it because it would let them think that they're "in the know" when, in fact, if, once again, this were all true, they run everything anyways. What difference would it make to them? It's like this one South Park episode about the World Trade Centre attacks where there's conspiracy theorists that think the gov't did it and then the gov't actually agrees that they did do it when in reality… Read more »

Also, I'd like to point out that there's a difference between being skeptical and rational and spreading disinformation, just so people don't actually think I'm one of these spy bloggers haha :S

Commuter Outrage was a pro transportation blog emanating from WITHIN THE PENTAGON, was exposed as such and took itself down, and now the contact from the Pentagon wants me to delete the story:

So telling that the Penatgon does not give a daman about transportation evacuation routes, most notably perhaps what may be the real story behind the NY Gov Spitzer sex scandal:

The parties behind such should be surveiled, but instead the Pentagon would more likely protect them- showing that their loyalites are NOT with the general public.

If one is to bust the powers that be, just try researching such planning topics as Washington DC Freeways and the South Capitol Mall, amongst others!

See the planning of Washington D.C., such as why I-95 was never there completed, and that under reported story about the Vatican squashing what would have been the South Capitol Mall, to see how bad things really are!

Very good article VC~! I'm pretty sure I see these 'agents' all the time out there. And I don't think they are being used on foreign threats (although I'm sure they are to some degree) as much as they are being used on us. Gotta figure out who to put on the list for 're-education', and just test the pulse of the people so the appropriate tactics are deployed when the time comes. I know, my tin hat is showing. Forgive me. 'Operation Vigilant Eagle' – targets veterans MIAC –… According to the MIAC report, if you oppose any of the following, you could qualify for being profiled as a potential dangerous "militia member": (Read Homegrown Terrorist) The United Nations The New World Order Gun Control The violation of Posse Comitatus The Federal Reserve The Income Tax The Ammunition and Accountability Act A possible Constitutional Convention The North American… Read more »

Our rights are being trampled and our health is being compromised.

I thought this was SO funny when I saw it, and a total joke, it's not. Actually I think this person was just on to something….

lol @ the underwear…not sure if it would stop the violators at airports…but that is funny.

Many times after something serious happens in the world…I would check out and read some of the comments on there and it always seems like a whole battalion of agents have flooded the comment section in attempts to sway public opinion…im not the type to get swayed though…i've aready taken a postion before i see what the popular opionion is.

It's crazy how things have changed in the past decade..No more warrants needed ..there is no more protection of rights…The government is as good at telling who's s a homegrown terror suspect as they are of telling between who's a Taliban miltiant and an ordinary citizens in Afghanistan.

I totally know what you mean Essential. I see them (agents) all the time trying to sway public opinion and label truth as conspiracy, since it has such a negative connotation attached to it. How much of a looser would you feel like if that was your job? LOL You are a traitor to yourself, your family, and your country at the end of the day. Glad someone likes the underwear – it cracks me up! Of course it won't stop TSA, but it just feels good. Like my Fourth of July t-shirt sporting the American Flag and "Freedom Czar". My husband just had to go through all the screening and took the pat down. Sat and chit chatted with the agent about why they don't just send them through the metal detectors etc – The agent says – "I don't know, I'm just doing my job" That is the… Read more »
There is a book (of course I can't remember the name) that talked about the CIA doing thing type of thing way back in the sixties. Naturally, no internet back then, but they would hire agents to infiltrate student groups, civil rights group, dissenting groups, and either gather information or try to foment trouble among the ranks. They even when as far as trying to exploit the legends of different cultures to gain tactical advantages (faking vampire/monster legends in Vietnam I believe it was). The part of the book I read talked was about this one guy (think his name was Riviera or something close to that) who was doing this for a student protest group, but things didn't quite go as planned. Think about it for a second. If you had a great deal of power and money, and you were trying to keep control over a bunch of… Read more »

Definitely evident on a number of sites… a bit here but not too bad. There was a lot going on at Pseudo Occult Media and tons of instances on sites like, Above Top Secret.

Many are run-of-the-mill, "skepticism" planting… but some are highly sophisticated triggers for survivors of trauma based programming… these often have seemingly random letters capitalized with trigger words attached.

I hope that the plants would be easily recognizable, but you never know. I often wonder when the people claiming to be masons come on here and post things. I've always felt that they might be paid disinfo agents. I feel that the majority of the paid agents work within the threads of God Like Productions and Above Top Secret. I'm also positive that Facebook is a gov't. entity that helps update facial recognition technologies. Nowhere is really safe anymore. People just need to become more aware that posting pictures and personal information is not the smartest thing to be doing. Psychological warfare isn't anything new. It's just been tuned and polished so nicely that sheople are willing to participate under the guise of social networking. I often wonder about the people who come on this site and shout "shill" in regards to every conspiracy scholar and researcher. Some may… Read more »

I agree with you on Facebook as a tool now being used against the people – there are tons of articles to back that up but here is one quick one I had handy.

I agree about Facebook. It collects all our information, networks, opionions, interests….and can use facial recognition software to scan our photos and identify us… – pretty damn freaky. imagine if a war breaks out, they can identify us, and they already know our political stance, our friends, our relationships …

They can segment and target groups of people with information that they wouldnt have had so easily before.

I came back from an overseas flight last month, and I just needed to scan my passport and a machine scanned my face and I was then allowed out of the airport.

straight after that i deleted all of my facebook photos. Who knows how this will be used against us in the future.

It's a shame you cant really delete anything online though..

Funny thing, I have mactubes and no matter which author i chose i couldn't download that "truth about facebook" video…….none.

Bummer newbie – I thought maybe it was one that youtube ripped. They do that. But I had no problem. Try this – good luck!

Thanks for that link… So interestIng to see what sheeple are commenting on that clip as a 'justifiable' reason for this by our governments! haha


in the recent change to facebook privacy rights even if you delete your facebook account they store photos and certain information even after your profile has been deleted… i was reading about it on a website called

I got rid of Facebook and don't participate on any online social networking site…. takes at least two weeks of not attempting to ever connect to them again to actually get off… That's the process they claim will delete all your stuff but you never know once you put it "out there" if it ever disappears. My feeling is that it doesn't so it's best to create "throw away" accounts that you can ditch and never ever put pictures of yourself or your loved ones.

scary to think agents could be posting under vigilant's next articles trying to send us down the wrong path..

You mean the people who constantly say : "Jesus christ will come and save us all" blabla instead of really doing something about whats happening ?

oo sure, and you seem to be doing something about whats happening…NOT! >=/

so much for your obvious hate against christians comment!! you seem more likely to be an agent, yourself, rather than them.. cuz your spreading hate, sending people down the wrong path.. and to see that people gave u a thumbs up is just sad.. hmph.. and even more convincing!! STAY OUT OF VC'S WEBSITE U SPYBLOGGER!!

what path, what are you doing other than talking about jesus..

I would never disrespect anyone's belief system. Each human is literally their own mini-universe, what is true to one is foolish to others.

Spirituality is like riding a bike.

Jesus was a bike rider. The people who control the world don't want you to know how to ride the bike so they create a monopoly on the information about bike riding so when you die and you need to ride…you'll fall.

Jesus wanted you to ride backs, they want you to ride jesus.

Stop riding jesus, its the anti-thesis of the dudes message.

"The kingdom of heaven is WITHIN you"


Not so eloquently put, but I do agree with the sentiment sir, I agree with the sentiment.

Quite the opposite @MP, quite the opposite.

Luke 17:21

EMTV: neither will they say, 'Look here!' or 'Look, there it is!' For behold, the kingdom of God IS AMONG you."

ISV: People won't say, 'Look! Here it is!' or "There it is!' For the kingdom of God IS AMONG you."

Darby: nor shall they say, Lo here, or, Lo there; for behold, the kingdom of God is IN THE MIDST of you.

CEV: There is no use saying, 'Look! Here it is' or 'Look! There it is.' God's kingdom IS HERE WITH you.

BBE: And men will not say, See, it is here! or, There! for the kingdom of God is AMONG you.

LITV: nor will they say, Lo, here! Or, Lo, there! For behold the kingdom of God is in your MIDST.

LOL thats from a book written by imperfect humans with imperfect senses with a calculated agenda in mind.

jesus was a normal human like u and me. he had incredible wisdom and the elite had him killed and created a myth out of him so ud worship him and fail to grasp his timeless teachings. for example, if you eat animals you are spitting in jesus' face with defiance. ALL life needs to be protected. but im sure u dont think thats correct lol.

worship him and youve missed the point.

put the book down, its not going anywhere.

You are the one who quoted Jesus' words from the Bible in the first place to support your interpretation of Jesus. I was just pointing out that you were mis-qouting what De said.

Of course you are not the only one, the Gnostics did the same, and they have handed thier agenda on to you. The Illuminati agenda and beliefs are based on the same lies that gnostic teachings were. Yes, that's right, I am saying you are one of them. Perhaps you don't realise it.

Anyway before you go qouting Jesus or any other Bible writer, you should make sure you know what they were saying.

correction "what He said"

i gotta question for you man, you seem to be familiar with the bible so i have some questions for you…out of curiousity…where in the bible does it say that Jesus was a man just like you and me? you must have missed the first few verses of the book of john…but im pretty sure you dont believe what the bible says either right? where else are the views of Jesus written at if not in the bible? do you even know who crucified Jesus? can you tell me why He was crucified? Jesus was just a good man like you and me (as you say) who did no harm to anyone or anything right? can you tell me why exactly He was condemned to death if He was innocent of any crime?

@Pipo, It's comments like the one you just made here that seems questionable. You know the one where you attact believers/christians.


I really wish people would keep religion out of these posts. In other forums I've been in the post quality is always better where religious discussions are banned. I think Jesus is the only (personal) solution to this problem since the NWO will win temporarily for sure as the Bible says, but there is a time and place for everything and I'm tired of people blathering about Jesus the whole time. I'm not sure many of them even properly understand their own religion.

"Our hair is not long enough to escape the tower."

So build a new tower within the existing tower…

… eventually the weight of the new tower will topple the old tower.

What if the existing tower can withstand any size of tower built inside of it? 'merica is effed, EOD


Well it must be effd then. :laugh:

”That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

… and as far as I know, we are not all dead … yet.


Just to let you know China has their 50-centers (50 cent per pro-govt post).

Our hair is not long enough to escape the tower.