The TSA is Out of Control (shocking video)


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86 Comments on "The TSA is Out of Control (shocking video)"

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"I HAVE POWER, I HAVE POWER!" Reminds me of King Kong….

Now, I think I'll choose another country for college….

The problem with protesting the TSA body scanners (which are sick evil and unnecessary) is that they can shut off the scanners and then plot a terrorist event themselves just so they can tell the public ” seeI told you so” after that the stupid sheeple will beg for them

its official if this keeps going, im not going to fly to america (good thing there's always the train). Over seas, no problem. America heck to the no. Thank you God for allowing my mother to immigrate to Canada

if that wasnt enough read this article: I plader cancer passenger was left humilited soked in his own urine when the TSA dudde broke the seal of his urinary bag from execive padding PUBLICALY. They really REALLY need to take a freaking chill pill

the land of the free? ha, they are treating us like dogs. i'm only 15, i have no idea what i can do, but i want to do something, America is changing for the worse… pretty soon we won't even have freedom of speech, and all of our rights will be taken away. WAKE UP, OPEN YOUR EYES… but be prepared for the consequences… with every enlightenment comes a revolution, i'm up for the fight 🙂

9/11 conspiracy theories allege that the September 11 attacks in 2001 were either intentionally allowed to happen or were a false flag operation orchestrated by an organization with elements inside the United States government. A poll taken in 2006 by Scripps Howard and Ohio University showed that, "More than a third of the American public suspects that federal officials assisted in the 9/11 terrorist attacks or took no action to stop them so the United States could go to war in the Middle East." The most prominent theory is that the collapse of the World Trade Center and 7 World Trade Center were the result of a controlled demolition rather than structural weakening due to fire.Another prominent belief is that the Pentagon was hit by a missile launched by elements from inside the U.S. government or that a commercial airliner was allowed to do so via an effective standdown of… Read more »

SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS……German accent included circa Nazi Germany!!!

And this keeps confirming the idea I have always had that 9/11 was an inside job and was "allowed" to happen. I felt that the day it happened, and everything I have seen since then has only confirmed it.

It makes me so mad and thankful as well that I don't live nor travel to the US. I wouldn't let those bastards pat down my children! wtf.

However, I am moving to UK soon. Does anyone know if that happens there as well?

The most powerful nation in paranoia, they create their own scare and threat story to control and start the prophecy of total lost of privacy and freedom.

Good Idea?. Are you insane, caleb?. this totally disgusts me and makes me very angry. This "terrorist" crap has totally gotten out of control. Only a fool would give up their freedom for security, to quote benjamin franklin. i only flown once in my life, but now unless this is stopped i will never fly again. the TSA might think they are GOD, but they are NOT. i believe that all those people should sue the TSA, THE AIRPORT and the PREVERTS AND THUGS that did this to them. i know the illuminati filth is behind this. the government wants to take away all of our freedoms. i say to hell with them.

yeah, man, you're awesome. rage on some more about this illuminati bullshit and just do you.

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamin Franklin

well i think this is a good idea ur all just crazy this is a good thing there trying to make us safe

You actually think this is a GOOD idea? You think it's GOOD to subject yourself to no physical privacy? You think it's GOOD that this is a requirement to simply get from place to place? Do you really think that this additional "security" measure increases our safety? Absolutely not! If anything, I'd feel less safe going through security than actually flying on the plane. As far as I know, the last airborne security threat was the improvised bomb(s) (the printer & ink cartridges) that were addressed to synagogues in Chicago. That has absolutely NOTHING to do with personally-carried weapons. If anything, our safety is derived from our fellow citizens – the underwear "bomber" was foiled by the passengers on the plane. To me, this additional step by the TSA, which I see as extreme and offensively intrusive, does the exact opposite of what it's "supposed" to do. It causes more… Read more »

I haven't seen any complaints from anyone wearing a buhrka. If there are any accounts of muslim travelers having any of this trouble- I haven't seen it. Has anyone else? Also, I am having a tough time recalling the rash of 3 year old tactically trained insurgents.

Come on people, this is flat out insanity!

actually I do know of alot of Muslims who have been harassed at airports, detained for hours because their first name is Islamic, including my brothers, the reason you haven't heard is because they won't show that on Fox News!

not to insinuate that you only watch fox news, but I mean the Western media would rarely cover something like this in a sympathetic point of view towards Muslims

So, they're doing all of this in case of terrorists? They ARE the terrorists!

I don't believe in the "illuminati" or the so-called "New World Order" for reasons that would take up over 500 words to explain. BUT I do think that the United States is heading towards a police state regime and it IS inevitable that it will happen, someday. Hopefully it doesn't but this country is only 300 years olds and hasn't been through the trials and tribulations that the rest of the world has been through so there is going to be a point in the future where the US will go through its dark period(s). It is plausible, if not possible that the US could become a fascist totalitarian state, if not a resurgence or revival of a system similar to Hitler's Germany. After all the saying goes that "history is doomed to repeat itself." And the thing is, there is nothing that average citizens can do to stop this,… Read more »

hmmmm move to canada ay. Ever heard of the North American Union ???

Yes I have heard of the North American Union but I don't know much about it… I value my freedom and I value my individuality so I would do whatever I can to survive.

Oh no… I am going back to my home country from USA this December… I definitely don't want to go through this. 🙁

AMericans are too fat, lazy and brain dead to do anything. That is why we are in this predicament, besides adamantly pushing God out of this country. Hold on folks, this is cupcakes compared to what they really have in mind.

Yeah americans are too fat and lazy which is exactly why they have been the power house of the world for the past century. Thats a logical explanation.

This is worse than the Soviet Union under Stalin. Are they going to turn US into huge labour camp?

I believe that is a strong possibility.


we need to stop flying at any that their airlines start loosing.but later on they will make ppl travel saying that a disaster is on its way.what i feel is to take a camel and supplies and head for the desert being off radar will give me a life like the Prophet of muslims did.

Simply take the bomb out of your "butt-cheeks" problem solved for the terrorist.

However I'm all for the zero-security flights!

Oh my God, I don't believe in all the conspiracy things but this is definitely real. It's going out of hand! I'll be driving from now on!

Looks like we're getting closer to the NWO police state. This is exactly what's gonna happen in the NWO, random checks, government officials can do whatever they want……..enjoy freedom while we can. Well….the little we have so far

AND oome on Europeans GET OF YOUR HIGH HORSE. LOL it's called the New World Order, it's gonna happen to you too lol. AAAND, acording to Svali the rankingofthe chain of command would be. Germany, France, UK, Russia, China, United States. Europe has been the most cooperatve. So obviously you guys will be hit allthesame

I cannot f*****g believe this..

Holy s**t..

When the Rosa Parks bus incident happened, the African American community got together as one people and boycotted the bus transport system. They helped each other out. Those with cars, trucks, etc. would provide transportation for previous bus-takers. Others would walk, ride bikes, etc. Eventually they brought the bus transport system to it's knees and were given equal rights. If Americans had that same mindset, got together as one people, they'd have the same results with their runaway gov.

What a TOTAL CROCK OF CRAP!! NONE of these things is going to stop any "terrorists" anyway, this is all what Alex Jones and others have said, that it's all designed to bring the US many steps closer to a total police state!! Fortunately the American people are ROYALLY PISSED OFF and not standing up for this crap anymore, with various legislators and congressman, most notably RON PAUL speaking out forcefully against this and several local law enforcement agencies saying they'll ARREST TSA agents that grope people from now on.

See this article for more

Police Now Staking Out California Airports to Catch TSA Gropers

All this pat down and body scanning is TOTALLY USELESS ANYWAY!! Check out this ARTICLE Written in January 2010 by MIKE ADAMS, THE HEALTH RANGER of NATURALNEWS.COM on how explosives in your butt will do NOTHING and SURELY won't bring down a plane!!! "HOW TO EXPLODE YOUR RECTUM WITHOUT HARMING ANYONE NEARBY" The ABC News story mentioned above goes on to state that this terrorist's underwear was packing 80 grams of an explosive powder called PETN, which government tests have revealed can blow a (tiny) hole in the wall of an airplane. This is all brilliant stuff, of course. Truly brilliant. This whole idea that underwear explosives might destroy an airplane all makes sense except for the fact that the terrorist's butt cheeks are in the way! Had this explosive packet actually been set off, I can tell you exactly what would have happened: There would have been a really… Read more »

terrible evil people become male cops and TSA agents because they are homosexual and love to touch other men’s junk. There is no other reasonable explanation for a police officer trying to reach into another man’s bottom.

but its ok, they will all have fun in hell

You sound very ignorant

i feel sorry for the people in America, i'm glad that i'm from Europe

it’s strange, none of the people they show getting patted down, harassed, and beaten up appear to be muslim or arab. even more, they are all people we feel sorry for: children, the elderly, and disabled. the law expanding tsa power went into effect 9/11 and a lot of these reports start with “ever since 9/11…” its almost like the media is trying to remind us of who did this (the enemy) and then showing us who’s paying the price (people who couldn’t hurt a fly). the purpose of the tsa’s actions and the media’s reports seems to be to instigate anger in the eyes of the public and increase their hatred of “the enemy”.

So, if they were muslim or Arab it would be acceptable?

"none of the people they show getting patted down, harassed, and beaten up appear to be muslim or arab." even more, they are all people we feel sorry for"

Eh? What's that supposed to mean? I think we have another case of Islamophobia…tut tut tut…shame on you, Doha.

I hope I'm not Islamophobic, considering I'm Muslim and Arab. It's not right for this to happen to anyone. My point was that the TSA searches and the media seem to go out of their way to harass people who don't seem to be Arab or Muslim. Seeing this would increase the public's anger towards Muslims and Arabs. As in "Hey, you're the ones who (supposedly) did this, how come you're not the ones paying the price for it?!" I hope you get my point.

I feel bad that you had to point out you are an arab…

I would have thought Doha would have said enough.

PS. I have lived in your region, in Thuqba of all places XD….

أشكركم على الشجاعة ليتكلم هنا.

وسلم من الله.

I'm from the United States, and I couldn't agree with you more… In my opinion that's exactly what their doing! Makes me sick.

This is exactly the point, they are saying: It is the muslims fault

Yes, that is what they wanted, people not flying, feeling that they have no rights. The expressed their desire to make it difficult for people to fly already in 1969 on a conference about NWO. 9/11 inside job was only helping the installation of these disgusting, humiliating, human rights violating methods (and of more other things). And they succeeded partly because there are some people who indeed believe this is for their security – while all this is against them. Did you see that poor little girl crying? The pervert mofos. And I am sorry for all of them, the man in the wheelchair, the girl who's got beaten up… that is America, the land of the free… pah… dreadful. It is in our faces, NWO.

“I don’t know why everybody is running to buy these expensive and useless machines. I can overcome the body scanners with enough explosives to bring down a Boeing 747,” Rafi Sela told parliamentarians probing the state of aviation safety in Canada obviously states that these are useless if Rafi can bring these explosives onto the plane. So that just further indicates the TSA is doing all this for a much deeper reason than they are telling us. Also states TSA Chief John Pistole says they are “critical to protect the public” and: “Do I understand the sensitivities of people? Yes,” he said. “If you’re asking whether I’m going to change the policies, No.” Since Nov. 1 the TSA says it has screened 34 million passengers with only 700 complaints. That’s less than one/tenth of 1 percent. So come on and start complaining and not flying or they will… Read more »

Wow!…Americans, Lord have mercy on you…peace!

Nasty stuff. and yes i agree FUBAR! it definatly is. Im sorry america but if the rumors are true things are gonna get a hell of a lot worse. All i can say is. Stand Up, Fight Back and Never give in.

wow "flying is not a right it is a privilege"? this is FUBAR!!!!! , our rights are being stripped, so sad that no one stands up to this and if anyone does they will sit back down because no one will stand up with them thanks to their selfish busy lives wHere they only see the present but not the future. so sad yet so true, this country is doomed to be a nazi country, we are the next nazi germany and china is the next america understand history and learn from it because history repeats itself.

I used to work for the airlines in the 90's. Even back then they indoctrinated all employees that "flying is a privilege". They also knew all about Bin Laden & terrorists but didn't seem to be as concerned as they are now.

The official 'lock down' has begun in earnest in anticipation for the expected financial collapse to limit/demoralise any potential armed revolution by the people once all hell break lose. The war has begun…

for some reason the video doesnt show up on my end…VC did u take it down??

When a friend sent me this video to me yesturday..i had to forward it to VC and my friends & family around the world…i cannot believe whats happening at airports today….i knew it was bad .. but its far worse than i ever imagined. Even worse than this video…with the new enhanced, enhanced aiport screening they sexually assault you.

Calling themselves "God"…& touching kids is over the top.

The police state has reached new heights…i read on CNN yesturday how NYPD has been using Iris scans for some time now….with the help from a Homeland Security grant…Police Commissioner of NYC Raymond Kelly said…. "Were authorized to take pictures….This is just a picture of your Iris"…."Twenty one Machines will be set up around the city…"

Denver Post has an article in it today about the TSA screening & ensuing controversary. This one particular guy, 'Jeffrey Gator Henry' is in the article for what he did at Denver National airport yesterday…….passing out the bill of rights to people in the airport, and wearing speedos through the opt outs in protest. I wish I could paste his whole story because it is amazing….but I couldn't agree with him more on his closing comments….see below. I want to share with all of you on this site what I have been and am doing to defeat these Satan worshiping Nazi’s, and I want each of you to know something (which most of you do); this TSA issue is THE ISSUE for our Republic; this is their beachhead, this is their D-Day, and if we allow them to win here, then it is over, and you can throw our Constitution… Read more »

Here is a link for a petition to investigate the TSA.

This sound like a great way to beta test the Citizen ID bracelet…. which was the precursor concept to the RFID chip, though with RFID technology it became the Smart Card.

At a guess it was easier to use a pre-standing format, the ID card, and infuse it with the RFID chips than to get people to wear Citizen Cuffs which could be made to deliver a rather hefty shock if so desired.

This is the first time i have heard of these bracelets since before the Gulf War….

And i find it frightening….

I also don't like that i cannot find any information on these bracelets, their development and developers online yet.

Smells of slavery if you ask me.

Obama's cronies sold the American people (government) the scanners so Soro's will make more money on the bracelets too.

I have written all my representatives, and will not fly nor my children, I saw a picture of a scanned person and it looks like P**N, and the irradiation is another huge problem.

I am sure Obama, Michelle, Rev Wright, their terrorist friends along with the muslims here in American and abroad are laughing their you know whats off watching Americans being photographed naked and fondled,

I'd say Obama has achieved a victory even since the Democrats lost a lot of seats in many legislatures, this is his pay back. The Democrats have to be disbanded, along with the Unions, and America needs Christian Yahweh fearing leaders again.

All of this had been planned way before Obama, who(like most presidents doesn't matter if they are republican or democrat it's all the same people appearing to be on opposite sides) basically does what he's told, took office. I see you have been nicely programmed into thinking the muslims are the culprits. The culprits would be those running the u.s. government, whose branches stopped following the Constitution since 1945 thanks to the Senate and president at the time, Truman. They've been following a policy the U.N. drew up back then to further enslave us. Know, that such things as body scanners in airports, etc., have existed and were planned to be put in use many years ago, all they do is wait for the right time to introduce such elements to the masses.

It seems Lamperd Less Lethal Inc. (a canadian company) developed EMD Safety Bracelet,

However, i first heard of trials for a device similar to this from US military back in 86….

Any french speakers want some home work?

what the hell, i'm really shocked. I feel bad for the little girl and the woman.

Well… if the news are reporting it… it means something doesn't it?

maybe there's two sides here

there's the evil and the good, they must be fighting

Why do you think lady gaga new album is all about god, and being born this way

which is the opposite of the illuminati standards

this is absolutely disgusting, a concussion and broken arm over a bottle of contact eye solution, this just upset's and anger's me to the fullest, seeing them beat up and innocent women like that, makes me want to beat the holy crap out of them…. shame on those people for even working for the tsa, usually one would know what's right and what's wrong, grow a damn brain employees.

Wow! America=Nazi Germany

Get out while you still can.

absolutely agree 100%, i refuse to even go visit my family for fear of something like what happened to that little girl or that man with the false leg.

It feels horrible to say but in some ways I regret coming with my mother and father to America

I started to change my mind after I was in washington d.c for the first time and i only spoke russian, the dirty looks people gave me hinted to how small minded people are becoming, its disgusting

Now this? I serious want to leave and never come back, not that the article on russian pop symbolism proves russia is any safer than america, at least the people there don't assume I'm a spy because i speak with an accent =/

This is shocking. With biometric passports and full-bodyscanners the total state surveillance has reached another level.

One thought that just popped up in my mind: If secuity officers have got the right/permission to control a passenger; should'nt that work the other way around as well? Just as, according to this absurd theory, the citizen might be a potential terrorist, the security-guard might also be one. Therefore I should have the right to undertake a bodycheck on the security officer too!

I have tears in my eyes right now after watching this video. It makes me completely sad and disgusted of what the U.S.A. has become; totally corrupt and tyrant with their power. I can only imagine what it feels being one of those poor citizens and those hundreds of others who have received such abuse without it being reported.

My God this is horrible! Who do they think they are?! Apparently some tyrant, violence-ridden, control-happy psychopaths!! Out of control is an understatement.

And the bit at the end… bracelets that shock you?! Are you kidding me? So they're going from being invasive, to molesting, to straight up torture?!

Whats sad is that I feel so powerless. I know there's always something someone can do, a fight to put up, but with the government backing them up… And all of the world's elites backing them up who quite literally control all of the money of the world… Its overwhelmingly disheartening. I find peace in my belief of good & righteousness overcoming all. Love is much more powerful than hate. They may have their power, their money, their laughs on this earth, but as they gain more of each one, they quite literally dig their hell-hole deeper and deeper.


My friend and to all people(truthseekers)…Its the "system" that controls our lives as puppets and one of many puppet string is the IDEA of "money". Ask yourselves why "money" is very damn important.Whyyyyy. Just try to connect everything and anyone will see there is a "system" of control.

I hope the solar max…would destroy this irresponsible technology…and begins the domino effect.

May the good forces intervene now. Godspeed.

May the American government and security and police force rot in hell.

horrible ABUSE of a power that should have never come to exist. what do these people really get out of treating others this way? disgusting.

I agree. this is getting a little out of hand and scary. The fact that the ''reinforced'' security is one result of 9/11 makes things fall a bit more into place though..

I was having the same thoughts!! They need a "legitimate" reason for what they do to persuade the masses… Too bad its far from legitimate…

WOW…… makes me glad that we don't have to go through that in Australia…yet! Your video was rather disturbing, the TSA seem to be a law unto themselves. They way they handled those situations was just so wrong. I'm sure that if they had to abide by the same rules then they may they would handle things differently…. just saying