The Trailer of “Call of Duty : Black Ops III” Portrays a Heavily Transhumanist Future (video)


The trailer of the video game Call of Duty : Black Ops III depicts a future where the merging of humans and robots profoundly alters social order as well as the worlds of sports, medicine and warfare. Is this another case of predictive programming?

Call of Duty is an insanely popular video game franchise that sold well over 100 millions copies in the past ten years. The promotional material surrounding the latest installment of the series, entitled Black Ops III, places the game in a futuristic context where transhumanism is widespread and somewhat out of control. Here’s the trailer.

As you can see, this trailer is less about Call of Duty than it is about the future of transhumanism. It is about the creation of a “hybrid” breed of humans, their integration in various fields of human activity, the change of legislation to protect their rights, the creation of a new luxury market selling transhumanist enhancements to the rich and, of course, the creation of weaponized robot-humans to be used by the military.

Here we see a gold winner at the 2028 Nairobi Olympics. She is wearing a Oscar Pistorius-type enhancement.
Here we see a gold winner at the 2028 Nairobi Olympics. She is wearing prosthetic legs similar to Oscar Pistorius.


Yes, this one-eye salute giving Pistorius.
Yes, this one-eye salute giving Pistorius.


We see a shot of an electronic tattoo embedded with a microchip.
Amongst hundreds of quick shots, we see an electronic tattoo embedded with a microchip.

The technology behind electronic tattoos has been in development for years, and its arrival in mass market is imminent – despite voices claiming that its nothing less than “the mark of the Beast”.

The trailer shows how the inequalities provoked by transhumanism will create widespread anger and riots. Transhumanism is bound to only help the elite.
The trailer shows how the inequalities provoked by transhumanism would create widespread anger and riots. Transhumanism is bound to only help the elite while the masses turn into an inferior species.

We then see an Edward Snowden-type whistle-blower revealing that the U.S. army uses transhumanism to create “weaponized” humans used in Black Ops missions.

Of course, the U.S. government denies it.
Of course, the U.S. government denies it.

This is where the gamer comes in. The millions of Call of Duty fans, from the kid who got the game as gift from his nana to the 34 year-old engineer looking to relax, will be playing the role of a weaponized human modified by transhumanism. These enhancements will inevitably been deemed as “cool” and “awesome” as they will be necessary to “pwn” other players.

A screenshot from actual gameplay shows how players will be half-robots with superhuman powers. A great way to sell transhumanism to the youth.
A screenshot from Black Ops III. The player is a half-robot with superhuman powers – a great way to sell transhumanism to the youth.

So, despite the fact that the trailer of Black Ops III describes transhumanism as a controversial issue with many pitfalls, it is nevertheless depicted as an inevitability. This is exactly the goal of predictive programming.

The theory proposes that public media (such as films, television, news casts, etc.) are deliberately seeded with subtle clues to future social, political, or technological changes. According to the theory, when the relevant change is later introduced into the world, the public has become used to the idea through exposure, and therefore passively accepts it rather than offering resistance or opposition. Predictive programming is therefore thought to be a means of propaganda or mass psychological conditioning that operates on a subliminal or implicit level.
– Wikipedia, Predictive Programming

Considering the great amount of media selling transhumanism in popular culture (see the numerous articles I’ve written on the subject), it is safe to say that there is conscious effort by the elite to make it part of our reality. Videos games are, of course, not exempt from being “touched” by the elite’s agenda – especially when we consider major franchises such as Call of Duty.

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121 Comments on "The Trailer of “Call of Duty : Black Ops III” Portrays a Heavily Transhumanist Future (video)"

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They destroyed this game seriously. Before with the old stories it was about real life wars and old weapons. now, it's about future crap.

I played the last release and towards the end of the game you see Baghdad burning and ancient Assyrian historic Artifacts in the backgrounds standing ans some being destroyed. Exactly what's happening with isis now in Iraq.

Scary. We already have phone watches and computers that can think for us in certain ways. What next?
And i really somewhere about a man with prosthetic legs that are controlled by brain waves.
Jeff Polachek talks about mind control in his blog.
But electronic mind control. This way thoughts, dreams, and voices (among other things) can be introduced into the human mind using a microchip.
Did you read rusirius1111s comments. He/she said "we have passed Star Trek a long time ago" . Just the same way the whistleblower character in the video said that technology is way ahead of the spot people are aware of.
Rusirius1111 also talked about how the military creates a kind of recruit during MILABS (Military Abduction) who has split personalities and can be used for military purposes (Manchurian candidates).

You should see how many young kids I talk to daily and out of 100 at least 25-30 of them will say they want to join the military to serve the country. Then when I ask what kind of video games they play, they say counter strike, call of duty, battlefield.. All the war games, they want our youth to fight a war that is made out of properganda and money hungry people!! It's sickening.. But thanks for the article VC, you should also look at Call of Duty Modern Warfare, that game has so much symbolism it's scary. A little example is in the game, you go to Baghdad, Iraq and it has been colonized by America and they've made it a futuristic city…
It's pretty full on..

Chemtrails are for Bio-Engineering all Living Life Forms on Earth into Artificial Life Forms..Research It.

What if we used their own technology against them! For example, we could purchase or build our own drones and spy-bots and use them to spy on the elite. Hack their systems and turn their own cyborgs against them. Convince their trans-humanist slaves to turn against them. Hit them with electro-magnetic pulse devices. Disrupt their RF signals. Just some ideas for the future.

That would already be something that would happen. It’s not a bad thought but the thing is governments all over the world would be light years ahead of us with this technology, just as the guy said in the video. Right now even, there have been confirmed invisibility suits being tested in war and things like that, that we don’t even know about. People will definitely fight back, but in the end, that’s what they want. More mayhem, destruction = more “coming together” when it’s all over. Causing us to rebuild and become even more advanced as time goes on.

Brainwashing the youth to answer the "Call of Duty" in some so-called "Black Ops" as metahuman cyborgs……..the government sure knows how to conceal it well to many, except a few who are "vigilant" enough to know the reality behind it.

Why does the teaser trailer reference this company?

At :23 seconds into the teaser trailer there are geocoordinates that point to that companies location in Zurich Switzerland.

Three comments: 1) one of my favorite lines from "Dangerous Liaisons" comes from the character Glen Close played: " I read novels to see what I can get away with." The modern day equivalent (since no one is reading anymore) are movies and video games (or news from the internet). It's not that it's "already here" (though it almost IS), it is what people can "get away with." First it's outrageous, then edgy, then cool, then normal, then "so last year!" 2) Just saw Big Hero Six. While on one level I liked the message and over all feel of the movie, it was blatantly transhumanistic. No better way to introduce the atrocious than to make cute and cuddly movies, or hilarious comedies that feature the "best case scenario," How COULD you say no if….some one is helped, or it can stop a hurt, or…. The key here is NEVER… Read more »

Thanks for posting that. At 60 years old it's hard to know what another gen is thinking. The problem is that novels and books are written by individuals who's objectives, desires, goals and so forth are not the product of corporate agenda, and who's alliances might not naturally have humanities best interests at heart.

"We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."
-Carl Sagan

Great sentence. Very true. I'll research on the author…

I’m pretty sure if anything, Black Ops 3 kind of serves as a cautionary tale of WHY this is a bad idea. The whole idea of is technology destroying our humanity and everything that comes with it is a central theme of the story.

VERY interested to see how transhumanism – robots as either living entities that are capable of compassion or ultra rational human exterminators – will be handled in the next Avengers movie. The character The Vision will be used to normalize the concept of domestic robots capable of feeling!

Big studios don't miss these ritualistically hyped global media events to add a little social programming for its all ages audience. Just look at the fascist Nolan Batman movies – that was a three picture arc! Nothing accidental about it.

I want the day to come when a blockbuster director is cunning enough to add positive symbolism to films that are opposed to luciferian control, details that only reach the vigilant ones in the audience. I feel the original Lord of The Rings films come close (to me, Saurumon is an honorary Bush family member!)

I've been waiting for someone to review the Call of Duty franchise ever since i finished Advanced Warfare last year. AW was full of concepts in line with the elites plan. It was a total way of getting their populace comfortable with ideas and ideals that they are introducing into their culture. New concepts that no sane person should except. In one cut scene in AW it shows people excepting vaccines, not unlike whats trying to be pushed through in line with the ebola scares recently, then warns to keep a vigilante eye on your neighbour, you know incase they are not vaccinated and pose a 'public risk', then after a shot of a football stadium being used as a place to lay the dead, people are then funneled into uber citys or mega citys or concentration camps. The british program Utopia is an illuminati run series, and it shows… Read more »

Not only that but in the exo-zombies they replaced the mystery item box w/ the 3D printer. Basically getting people used to the idea that the 3D printers are the future.
Your character is essentially useless without his exo-suit, you can't have quick revive, juggernaut, speed reload or any of the other essential perks that used to be common place until you had your exo-suit on. Basically it was Edge of tomorrow meets Nazi Zombies. Very clever.

"Kingsman: A Secret Service" is all about transhumanism and population control. The transhumanistic character had prosthetic legs made of blades. The population control was done via phones (with an imbedded microchip into the individual) which emitted a brain frequency that would trigger violence and death. The "regular" people were left to kill themselves while the enhanced and wealthy people safely watched everything unfold. The movie ends with the transhumanistic person dead along with the elite but c'mon, the movie's message is all too clear and not so far fetched.

You can do a quiz about transhumanism on the blops3 site:
Looking at the results of everybody who has taken part is sometimes shocking…!

'Would you surgically swap out your eyes to see 5x further?' 66% said yes!
'Would you undergo extremem surgery to be better at your job?' 52% said yes!
'Would you risk permanent paralysis to run faster?' 44% said yes!
'Would you cut out your lungs if it meant you could breath underwater?' 57% said yes!

and most shocking…

'Would you let the government tamper with your DNA if it made you more powerful?'…

I hope this results were manipulated….

I believe they would too! sick puppies man! Satan knows how to manipulate ego. smh!


The scariest part is that most people will agree to this if that's the cool thing to do.
YOU just need someone to start doing it so all the flock will follow him.

And you believe the public results are the true outcome? Why?

Sounds a bit reminiscent of the X Files. Super soldiers ring a bell?

totally random but the wikipedia link you posted on "predictive programming" was deleted last night at 1am…..any ideas what thats about??? I smell a rat….

My guess is because they see it as a conspiracy theory so not true according to Wikipédia.

I saw that trailer on youtube and i was amazed how any of those Call of Duty fans realized about the reality of this trailer, THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! and people doesn't realize about that. THEY are talking about multiplayer and campaign style.
Come on people you need to be aware of what is happening right now and is not a good thing for us.

the 'technology' of centering, grounding and connecting to the earth, internal source creative spirit, is and always will be superior to any tech the masonic hierarchy can foist upon us. Article and comments are observant but pessimistic, giving away power to those that want to enslave us sovereign human beings.

There's reason Why I got into fringe theories: there's more than just becoming half-robot when it comes to getting Superhuman Powers

Do you think they'll come up with an implant that prevents your character from being dramatically knocked unconscious as a plot device?

COD has some of the laziest writers in video game history.

Predictive programming is exactly what has caused the agenda to extend to higher levels

Thanks VC! Keep it coming!!! 🙂 God Bless you and yours!

Ah yes, Black Ops as in Black Ops Agents….. this is to desensitize and condition us for how "The Elite" envision the future to be like and also that last highlighted paragraph regarding predictive programming is vital.

Anyone notice anything about the date of release at the end?

Do you mean 4-26-15? ie 18 = 6-6-6

wow I didn't even see that. great catch @2ruebee

They are a huge game company. Can't you see they are just playing along with the mainstream media and didn't propagate anything to anyone.

I can't wait to upgrade my organs one by one until I'm like Gore Burnelli. Bring it on.

Even Triple H of WWE was promoting transhumanism in WWE paper view Wrestlemania.

I Wouldnt say "even triple H" as if hes special or something. He is one of them, or part of the problem

Did you say about his entrance as Terminator? Yep, I didn't like this too. BTW. The Icon of transhumanism (Arnold Schwarzenegger) went to Hall of Fame this year. He's his best friend. That's f*(king why.

Anybody recognized the snake / reptile eye shown between sec. 00:32 and 00:33 ?

your concern with loosing our humanity is credible, but transhumanism is another step in the evolutionary process, we have evolved from something else, therefore we have to accept that will evolve into something sooner or later, transhumanism is welcomed if it means that humanity will find a method of survival against whatever the universe has installed from us. We were designed to evolve to meet our environmental demands…the world is becoming more technology centric, it is only rational that humans do as well…..if the bible

Yes, it has a good side to it.But once you know the truth about our government and the atrocities they are capable of, you will see that this technology will be used for evil purposes.

It's so crazy to think about the fact that still, the majority of us are blind! Isn't this too obvious right now? From movies, to TV shows, to music, to fashion, and etc., we cannot deny that the elite has been pushing this new world order already!


It's so f****d up people have a hard time believing humans can be so evil… =/ it's hard to accept this world as it is…easier to look away….

i did not finish the previous one yet with Kevin Spacey and now this?! we're getting even further with the technology and the messages

Great article, a nice change from analyzing music videos and movies.
There are plenty of video games that carry the same message and imagery.
This is nothing new, putting symbols and satanic imagery has been going for decades now. I remember playing Doom in my computer back in the 90's and had satanic graphics and gore all over.
The amount of violence increases as times go by.

all transhumanism is in fact MILITARY. In a free society, this wouldnt be much of an issue as military has always had secret experiments and black ops- however, the problem is that all totalitarianism/fascism is essentially rule of the Military (ie hitler, mussolini, roman empire, etc), and with the US quickly approaching totalitarianism (rule of a militaristic government with such things asnazi-style checkpoints demanding papers) – the civilans become the military, and so are ‘offered’ the catch-22 of having to get the chip or not be able to buy food; all ruled by the war lords whereby their conquered slaves are the very civilians.

Couldn't agree more! You mentioned Catch-22, a great novel about military-industrial complex. High weirdness here: in the story there is a character named Snowden who "spills his secrets".

Exactly, VC. Call of Duty: Black Ops III is predictive programming at its most definitive. Couple of nights ago Nat Geo TV had a Neil DeGrasse show on discussing how science fiction "inspires" scientists. A few years back there was a Wm Shatner TV show depicting how Star Trek "inspired" science and tech. Hundreds of EOTWAWKI movies made. Prepper and survival shows. Any time now.

I'm glad to see VC discussing a video game. In the past several years, there have been an increase in games containing topics VC has covered- Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower, The Secret World, and F.E.A.R, to name a few.
I'd like to see VC or a member of the VC community cover Outlast, since that game was directly influenced by MK ULTRA reports.

I wish VC would check out Shin Megami Tensei. The series has been around since the 90's and is full of symbolism and occult references. They usually have multiple endings based on Law, Chaos, and Neutral and if you pick Neutral is actually very anti occult agenda and pro freedom.

I have a copy of FEAR and HALO.

FEAR is very creepy and I quit playing it. It's about experimenting and exploiting children, cannibalism, incest, transhumanism, weaponizing soldiers via bionics, and opening a portal to Hell very much like CERN is doing.

Try Deus Ex Human Revolution. It covers and exposes transhumanism, FEMA camps, Bilderburg, etc. The gameplay is great and allows for different styles of play, for example you can actually play throughout the whole game without killing anyone except for the main villains which is pretty much unavoidable and self defense. You can take out all the henchmen, guards etc with non lethal means if you wish. There's also alternate decisions you can make and different endings depending on who you side with.

If you like RPGs try Shin Megami Tensei(Not Persona, that's different).

That game Outlast is so real that is so creepy.
A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, the asylum has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.
You can say that Josef Mengele was the Angel of Death with his experiments in Mk Ultra in the 60's.
This video should be called MK-ASYLUM. because of Mind Kontrol.

Wow it's getting worse by the minute. so much for tip toe to totalarism ..more like mad dash to the finish line. How many people will buy this ! or will the sheeple boycott . We could have got a better way of life if Icke,Jones,Wilcock and others told their listeners to strike or boycott. the reason the rich are rich is because we buy their crap . We work to make them rich.

This is sick. They could change this game, for example "You are a human and you must destroy all cyborgs" or something.

There are games with good themes, like Mass Effect and Deus Ex mentioned above(however that poster thinks they're propoganda because he hasn't taken the time to play them). Call Of Duty however is essentially a playable Hollywood movie however and has been a propoganda tool for a while now.

That would then go against their agenda of making transhumanism cool. These are all seeds be planted into the subconscience through the conscience aimed at people who clearly arent smart enough to realize whats happening around them.

If you can't beat them, join them

I would rather die with honor and dignity then become an abomination.

This is in a number of games. Mass Effect, Halo and Deus Ex come to mind. This is a common trope.

Most see it as inevitable.

Those games don't promote transhumanism though, in Deus Ex it's shown to be a tool of the Illuminati(and yes they actually name Bilderburg, Rockefellers, FEMA, etc) to control the masses while they themselves become immortal and in Mass Effect the Reapers(main antagonists), machines housing the minds and genetic material of entire species are shown to be heartless abominations.

So sad to see… They are moving in the exact opposite direction of objective reality and truth. Ego inflation, pure and simple. This type of motivation and trajectory leads to very bad results, indeed, on personal and societal levels. It's really an attempt at deification of emptiness and futility — like the Tower of Babel. A deification of matter which leads to death. This is the opposite of true, spiritual, immortality.

everywhere. 2 results for technology And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666. If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, he same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the… Read more »

We have access to the Revelation, thank you very much. A bit annoying to see extracts of the New Testament so often on this site.


You may just scroll pass anything that even looks like a extract from the New Testament ..There are some here who appreciate it I'm sure.Unfortunately you being annoyed by it won't prevent it from being seen again in the future…..enjoy your day.

THANK you for posting that blip from Revelations. Some of us on the site DO appreciate seeing appropriately used bible passages on the internet.

Yeah we're waiting for the poster to comment on the Bible and the Revelation. The input of the poster is magnificent. Shall we make a standing ovation too? A shrine maybe? Does he/she wants to throw dust to our eyes and convince us that he/she is a good christian or very knowledgeable because he/she copies and pastes the Bible?

Why are you attacking someone who pasted a relevant verse with such vitriol?!

Explain how you interpret the part of the verse" For it is the number of a man and his number is 666" as that specific part connects to technology everyone will be asked to receive?

Lol, to think that the videogame makers are somehow 'in on it' is just ridiculous. These are issues that concern all of us, are around the corner, and most important of all, make for a great video game topic. Your notion of involvement everywhere by some kind of 'elite' is preposterous, as all you do is gather topics that touch on it then say 'clearly, this is influenced by the elite', with no proof whatsoever. I can understand the link you make between a number of pop music artists, but this? Back up your statements.

I like to discuss topics like transhumanism with some friends (AI and other programmers). Doesn't mean we're suddenly evil. Might be the same with the game's developers…

VC backs up his statements by just the massive amount of identical garbage all these branches of entertainment keep putting out. It's in the detail, and if you haven't looked into it, I would suggest keeping quiet until you know what you are talking about. Nothing happens in the financial/entertainment world by accident. Everything must meet a group consensus, and fit an agenda. They don't spend and make billions because someone may just like discussing topics with others, etc.

"It's in the detail". If it were really there, please summarize, prove and show the world. People like yourself will read and watch so much of this conspiracy stuff that you don't need any evidence anymore. "Just look into it and you'll find out" is what's often said, meaning: I believe this stuff without proof, brainwash yourself to do so too or go away. It's healthy to be a sceptic, but that works in both directions. Keeping quiet is about the worst thing to can do. Proof, proof, proof.

The proof proof proof is all there hidden in plain sight – in all the music videos, films, games, tv commercials, ad campaigns, billboards etc. They put clues of how they function in all aspects of what I've just mentioned.

Nonsense, stop supposing others can paste knowledge in to your mind for you. It's your obligation as an adult to seek the truth. All you need do to realize what people here are saying is true is to read the inscription on the FDR Memorial. John Taylor Gatto said; "What we have run in to is a civilization that's at least 5,000 years old and which is even more immoral that we are." If a man like Gatto tells you that's what you're dealing with, then you can sure it's the God's truth, like it or not. Remember something here, this is the first generation where by the means for a mass awaking to this understanding is possible. It's not the reality we would have hoped to see or hear, but it is the truth, and if you want a better world you have to recognize that truth. Look, I'm… Read more »

I like what you said about its healthy to be a skeptic but it works in both directions. I think you have a good point with that. Sometimes it does seems everyone here agrees because VC writes it and they don't need evidence anymore. I have thought some of his articles were iffy myself.

His articles have been less about exposing the symbols and more about exposing the patterns. He has so many countless articles where he goes in depth about everything. I think if you look at his work as a whole and not by article but I agree over time he has shown a lot less evidence & just provides links to his prior articles.

I posted a lot relevant for you (and other skeptics, which is a healthy attribute) to look at above. I could point to lots more (another especially convincing example is BBC’s ‘Ides of March’ video available on YouTube, jam-packed with subliminals) but you need to start some place.

Deus ex:human revolution, a game from last generation had the exact same "vision" of the future. Makes me wonder what the next mario storyline will be lol
does seem a bit weird that call of duty is going down the same route, gearing us up for a new transhumanism war

It's not the first time nor the first video game that it's part of the agenda carrying a message behind it.
I've played video games myself including the modern warfare ones in it has plenty of symbols all over it.
They take a great part of desensitizing people to violence just like movies and TV, not to mention keeping the herd "entertained" and distracted. Just take a look a the mortal kombat X and it's insane the amount of gore and violence detail they put on, not to mention the satanic imagery plastered all over.
We've just became "used to" the violence and as time goes by, it increases.
The proof is in the purpose behind it, how much of a videogame you saw in the trailer?
Just because you don't believe in it doesn't mean it's not happening.

I think not wanting any kind of violence, blood or images of demons /evil in any game ever is ridiculous. However, I am disgusted by the extreme violence of the Mortal Kombat X game. MK games have always been highly violent, but I view it as excusable because it’s so over the top and cartoonish. In X, however, it’s no longer fun at all, it’s just absurdly violent in a way that isn’t fun, at all. This discussion does get me thinking, however: Would reality be very different if we got rid of games like MK and Doom (the new version of which is also violent to the point of nit being fun – why would one want to brutalize a demon and rip it’s head off with bare hands? Sick, frankly). Does the sight of any kind of violence corrupt us and would things be entirely different if we… Read more »

I agree with you in a sense… It's stupid to see the "elite" or "illuminati" hand, meant as a practical action, behind every human phenomenon… It's true that sometimes VC it seems to portrait this in a wrong way… Instead the right interpretation of all of this is that there is however a more subtle influence of the elite, not practical, but more "psichic", something it's possible to call psichosphere or with other names, that nevertheless influence mankind…

Good point. Without going into the discussion whether a psychosphere is a physical phenomenon or not, there could easily be a subconscious influence of "illuminati" work on other artists (of any kind). Starting artists will notice that triangles and checkerboard patterns tend to sell better, then why not use them? Following the masses is a good way to sell a product.

Humanity is clearly coming to terms with technology becoming more advanced and getting closer to the level of humans. The amount of movies on this subject recently (Limitless, Lucy, Transcendence, Edge of Tomorrow to name a few) is huge. So I don't think it's strange at all there are games on the same topic too. I would surely consider the same if I were a game developer.

In fact, Artists/Intellectuals are for definition the more "sensible" persons in society… They are the first to "catch" what's "in the air", the spirit of the moment, and they transform it in Songs, Literature, Paintings, Screenplay, Etc… They are VEHICLES… The problem is that there is a point where something else come in… Money.
Example n.1 The producers of films or videogames for example, can interfere in the process (because, after all, the money are theirs) and so they "suggest"(dictate) some ideas/guide lines…
Example n.2 The producers in Hollywood can decide, between thousands of screenplay, which one to finance and which one not…

Per, your posts are sensible but you are ignorant on this topic. As you were already advised: Do the research.

Look at VC’s ‘Sunister Sites’ section. Try to rationalize why the Ezu parliament is shaped like the Tower of Babel? Or why random images of an eye are being flashed on the stage at the super bowl? Or maybe try to explain away the massive evidence the various ‘terrorist attacks’ are false flags with actors fake crying (very poorly, they’re even shitty actors) over the loss of their ‘lost ones’ while making sure to talk lots about gun control. Or, just go to even the basic level and try to explain why WTC7 collapsed.

The Illuminati is real. I’d like the help of a skeptic individual such as yourself in exposing them.

Lots of mistypes, I should have proof read. Look at the EU parliament article in the Sinister Sites section. Explain the shape of the building, explain the pentagrams on their official poster.

Really? You own a corporation and are a member of the round table I assume then? You can fund the development of a start-up to the tune of a few tens of millions then? Gullible is a word, look it up, and while you're doing that look up the big lie and learn some history since history should always be your first stop for guidance, and it appears you could use a considerable amount that since you seem to think that the production of such software just magically appears out of some kids garage. Now if you don't think transhumanism is evil, then you have no real understanding of the nature of reality, and that too is exactly what the powers that be desire, for there is no evidence what so ever that the mind is a product of the brains neurology, rather that it is a quantum receiver. Understanding… Read more »
I don't mind criticism, but I fail to see what you're accusing me of. Just a blatant "Learn some history" isn't good enough. Never in history has there been a global 'elite', and everywhere in history there have been civilisations that went to dust, partly because of their own greatness. Abundance -> wealth -> individualism -> drop of morals -> decay. This shows more about the stage of civilisation we're in than any hidden global program. "You have no real understanding of the nature of reality?" What is that supposed to mean? Bringing heaven and hell into this seems a bit absurd, just as the notion of evil. We're not talking religion here, let's keep it that way. "transhumanism is evil" is a much more shortsighted statement (and assumption) than I made in my post. It's probably just as evil as technology itself – meaning it can be, depending on… Read more »

@per, you are going on and on and on about other peoples comments and you want them to show you proof. Yet you haven't provided any useful information yourself. Why don't you do your own research

Boy go to sleep! Do you not read??

Per, I can definitely see where you are coming from in terms of your questions and thinking, just as I can understand where the people who have responded to you are coming from. You are familiar with predictive programming yes? If so, then you must be able to see the clear pattern of programming we are receiving from anything ranging from music videos to video games to fashion shoots. Transhumanism, milatarized police state, martial law, blurring the the lines of sexual identity etc. Go and look at the massive amount of predictive programming leading up to 9/11, and tell me that there isn't a clear agenda here With the programming we are seeing today and the geopolitical events transpiring daily. Keep in mind that the global ruling elite are highly highly compartmentalized, so while the vast majority of the people at the makers of COD probably don't have a clue… Read more »

Alright, fair enough, let's say these signs are that obvious (I don't think they are, how many millions of people won't tell you they know for certain their religion is definitely true, while most of them are obviously wrong too). Then I'm interested in this agenda. Firstly, I find it hard to believe it's that well organized. Governments fail to organize even themselves while they can do everything out in the open, but this 'elite' has more power, operates worldwide and in the dark? Secondly, I would like to know more about the motives. World domination? Power? Destruction? Satan? Without a motive, we're just shooting in the dark. Barbaric plans? What are they?

Per, you need to do research on this….

There is always a ruling elite. As social animals we live in a hierarchical structure. Nothing new since Sumeria. As for global elite, that may be impossible to accomplish, but if anyone can it will be the banking elite.


"for there is no evidence what so ever that the mind is a product of the brains neurology, rather that it is a quantum receiver. "
Please elaborate.

I think ultimately what he is saying is that the mind is like a piece of paper. Blank at birth and everythng we learn / process (see & hear) is received. The mind on it's own is like an engine without oil. At least that's what it sounds like. I'm not sure I buy it, but since birth all of us were shown images and therefore could be subjected to this type of ultimate mind-control.


Per, first of all…i think you are lost.But anyways…
Yes, our world has a dirty evil government.
If you can't accept this, search for MK-ULTRA because this went public.
When a government tortures and murders kidnapped people in order to control their minds, going against any kind of human right, you can say for sure that evil sadistic people are in power.This was not a small group of people.For a research like this to happen, it takes A LOT of money and A LOT of true psychopaths to make it happen.And they were ALL protected by the government.
Now… you really think they stopped?
That is just a tiny bit of the big picture, but gives you a hint of the kind of souls that live in this world.

Yes, technology can help us a lot!!! =)
But in the wrong hands, my friend, we are all f****d.

Also,do you know what is a good start for a nicer world to all of us??

Trying to treat people nicely even if you can't see who they are.

It is also free.


Umm, so, this WHOLE site is devoted to explaining the elite agenda. Maybe you should peruse a bit before making comments such as these. This article is just one piece of a complex 3D puzzle…

Per, normally I’d agree that thus is just crying wolf where there is none but you’re failing to consider the fact (even though VC himself emphasized it) that this trailer has almost nothing to do with the actual game and everything with transhumanism (coupled with pictures of EYES, which are totally unrelated to the topic if the game)..

Also note this trend that’s quite prevalent of flashing images very briefly. They may nit strictly be subliminals but since I’ve confirmed subliminals ARE being used I don’t like it one bit.

Sorry, at this point I’ve seen enough I can no longer think this us just a ‘cool video ‘. COD is a large franchise. Also, the NBA2K game has entirely clear Illuminati imagery so yes, it *is* in video games, too.

I just wrote my term paper in Bioethics on Transhumanism, using sources from Nick Bostrom. S**t is getting real. When technology overcomes biology, the next step is reaching the singularity. Scary times we live in.

But why is that scary?

A breakthrough by itself is not scary, but knowing that the 'powers that be' will use any means to keep their dominion makes any breakthrough scary.

"Oh, brave new world, what wonders thou doth behold." Aldous Huxley's world has arrived.

Call Of Duty is one the more obvious propaganda series. It also plays into the notion of encouraging people to join the military cause it's "cool" and they'll be fighting "bad guys".

Yeah, they keep trying to sell the idea that war is necessary.No it's not.Makes no sense at all.People killing each other while the "leaders" wait to see who killed more.It's insane.

You forgot to mention all the $$$$$$$$ that is made off wars. Trading of weapons etc. selling etc. It's a billion dollar INDUSTRY. WAR is here to stay unless the masses wake-up fast. We are getting dumber and dumber by the day; most of us. I personally don't play video games, they dumb you down even more. My brother and sister both play this kind and others; I refuse to get involved. I stick to reading.

We are heading towards a fascist society. The atmosphere and mindset of our country right now is very similar to the mindset of Germany during the rise of Hitler.

Not all video games dumb you down. There's many different types of games not only shooters. There's a lot that require a very complex set of rules to play and make you use critical thinking and planning ahead. To think all video games are bad is the same as thinking music is automatically bad because of the pop trash that's around.

STOP CALLING THEM ELITE!! They are nothing but the hand of Satan.

i dont know whats so bad about transhumanism… if it prolongs lives and help humanity well then let it be, why are you against it? you think anyone could ever make a soul robotic? there is no way… please think before waging a war on something

I have crazy idea that evil spirits will be able to possess robots in the future and that is why they want to create robots. I hope it's just my fantasy.

The problem is that they will use this to control, monitor and influence people.Have you ever read 1984?That book will help you see how technology can be used in a very very evil way.Yes, technology can be good, but in the current world we live in, it will be used for insane purposes.

so true

These technological changes have nothing to do with what we are told, They people sell us seductive dreams like we will live longer ,we will be disease free etc. The true purpose of all this is to create a better slave class of people. Designed slaves , who can be modified with machines.

Plus trans humanism includes things like Brain chips , Hive mind. You must be knowing how dangerous they are.

Hmm.. bryan terfel pointed out some things worthy of deep thought I think. However, there are many things deeply disturbing to ponder once you understand them sufficiently enough to grasp the nature and scope of the lie in the agenda behind transhumanism. Start by considering what kind or real economic model is driving the present world. This is a slave economy, at least according to some people much better read than myself, and it's operated by a wealthy civilization, It's the same wealthy civilization that's been running humanity for at least the last 5,000 years, What I gather that means is that the notion of Catherine Austin Fitts, description of the economic system as one of being organized around a Central Bank, and then starting wars, hence creating wealth in war making while keeping the little stooges in chaos is the general theme, and the title of which is known… Read more »