The News Definers: The Truth about the Council on Foreign Relations (video)


The Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) is often mentioned on this site as it is one of the major elite organizations pushing for a New World Order.

Bank of America / Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
Hess Corporation
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
The Nasdaq OMX Group
President’s Circle
American Express Company
Barclays Capital
Bennett Jones LLP
BP p.l.c.
Chevron Corporation
Credit Suisse
Eni S.p.A.
Fortress Investment Group LLC
Guardsmark LLC
Kingdon Capital Management
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
Korn/Ferry International
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Mars, Inc.
McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Moody’s Investors Service
Morgan Stanley
New Media Investments
Nike, Inc.
Reliance Industries Limited
Rio Tinto
Rockefeller Group International, Inc.
Rohatyn Group, The
Soros Fund Management
Standard Chartered Bank
Strategic Real Estate Advisors
Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
Veritas Capital LLC
Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisors, LLC


Access Industries, Inc.
ACE Limited
AEA Investors Inc.
Airbus North America
Alcoa, Inc.
Allied World Assurance Company, Ltd.
Apollo Management, LP
ARAMARK Corporation
Aramco Services Company
Archer Daniels Midland Company
Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings, Inc.
Arnold & Porter LLP
Baker Capital Corp.
Baker, Nye Advisers, Inc.
Baldwin-Gottschalk Group, The
Banco Mercantil
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, The
BASF Corporation
BGR International
Blackstone Group L.P., The
BNP Paribas
Boeing Company, The
Booz & Co.
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
Bunge Limited
CALYON Corporate and Investment Bank
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Canon, Inc.
Caxton Associates
Chartis International
Chrysler LLC
Cisneros Group of Companies
CIT Group Inc.
Clarium Capital Management, LLC
CNA Corporation, The
Coca-Cola Company, The
ConocoPhillips Company
Continental Properties
Corsair Capital
Covington & Burling
Craig Drill Capital Corporation
De Beers
Deere & Company
Deutsche Bank AG
Duke Energy Corporation
DynCorp International
Enel North America
Energy Intelligence Group, Inc.
Equinox Partners, L.P.
Estee Lauder Companies Inc.
Federal Express Corporation
Ford Motor Company
Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Inc.
Future Pipe Industries, Inc.
General Atlantic LLC
General Electric Company
Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, LLP
Google, Inc.
Granite Associates LP
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Hitachi, Ltd.
IBM Corporation
Indus Capital Partners, LLC
Invus Group, LLC
ITOCHU International
Jacobs Asset Management, LLC
JPMorgan Chase & Co
Kailix Investment Advisors
Kometal GMBH Austria
MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Inc.
Mannheim LLC
Marathon Oil Company
Mark Partners
Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
Marubeni America Corporation
MBIA Insurance Corporation
MeadWestvaco Corporation
Medley Capital
Medley Global Advisors
Merck & Co., Inc.
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc.
Mitsubishi International Corporation
Mitsui USA Foundation
Moore Capital Management LLC
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
National Interest Security Company
New York Life International, Inc.
News Corporation, The
NYSE Euronext
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Olayan Group, The
PepsiCo, Inc.
Pfizer Inc.
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Principal Financial Group
Prudential Life Insurance Co.
Raytheon Company
Rho Capital Partners
Rothschild North America, Inc.
Sandalwood Securities, Inc.
Shell Oil Company
Siguler Guff & Company
Silver Lake Partners
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett LLP
Sony Corporation of America
Standard & Poor’s
Starwood Capital Group
Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Tata Group, The
Thomson Reuters
Time Warner Inc.
Tishman Speyer Properties, Inc.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
United Technologies Corporation
Verizon Communications
Visa Inc.
Volkswagen of America, Inc.
Vornado Realty Trust
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Warburg Pincus LLC
Wyoming Investment Corporation
Xerox Corporation
Zephyr Management, L.P.
Ziff Brothers Investments LLC


Baker & Hostetler LLP
Banca d’Italia
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP
Control Risks Group
Debevoise & Plimpton LLP
Hemispheric Partners
Idemitsu Apollo Corporation
Intellispace, Inc.
Intesa Sanpaolo
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Joukowsky Family Foundation
Oxford Analytica Inc.
Turkish Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association
Weber Shandwick Worldwide

A quote from CFR’s web site:

“The goal should be to redefine sovereignty for the era of globalisation, to find a balance between a world of fully sovereign states and an international system of either world government or anarchy.”

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71 Comments on "The News Definers: The Truth about the Council on Foreign Relations (video)"

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we shall fear not. they can take over the world and control the people. yet, they are mere slaves for Satan.

The conspiracies are endless, especially when big firms and corporations merge together in order to subdue and control the populace without them ever knowing about it.

Many buy into the “denial” of this propaganda, yet quite a few actually are smart enough not to fall for that crap since its the truth covered up in typical “smokescreen” fashion.

Here's another video you need to watch (the book is awesome, too, if you can find it)

"The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline",

by James Perloff

I would agree with LVB and also highly recommend ‘The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline’ by James Perloff. The only significant fact missing in that book that I learnt much later was that it is a Zionist agenda to create their New World Order in a One World Government.

the most annoying thing is when people (i.e mostly teenagers) thinkk they know about all this and still blame the poor zombified artists, they still don't get the big picture. it's hard to explain to them, especially when they throw jokes at me about it. D: jerks. but when i get into details, they're completely blankk and still have absolutely no clue what i'm saying. these are not 13-year-olds, they are 16-17-18. even 20! how do we simplify it without saying, "they sold their souls to the devil for money and power and in return they must glorify satan. soo, in their way of doing so, they use music, movies, television, food, medicine, and just about every consumer product." or is that the best wayy possible? that seems a little like too much for a teenager, even more so, they'd thinkk i'm totally nuts and brushh me off as another… Read more »

i'm not calling you crazy at all. i belive that the elites are trying to control us a what not. i just don't get some of the government stuff because VC uses like these huge words that are really hard for me to understand.

The reason you don’t understand what you call ‘big words’, cheese, is because the New World Order controls Education (as well as finance, governments, medical etc) and their policy is to Dumb Us Down. Compliant serfs don’t need to be educated – in fact thats dangerous to them.

Their best trick, created a conspiracy, reveal the conspiracy and deny the conspiracy.

The uninitiated can't understand, why?

All this company have a good corporate image and it's easy for them do deny all allegation of conspiracy.

What can we do?

Sorry for my bad english.

ok so i have a question if the elite know all the secrets of the world and know for a fact that god exist and will win in the end why in the world would they sell there souls to satan it makes no sense i have a feeling theres a bigger conspiracy behind all of this.

money, fame, to live lavish here on earth and who knows what deal they made with the devil or what satan may have persuaded them to believe, they're only worried about life now. Who knows!

Maybe they know after they sell their souls and believe they can't be saved. This may sound crazy, but have u ever watched Princess and the Frog? Its a perfectly good example of reason why people sell their souls listen carefully to the songs in that movie after they sell their soul to satan

Hey Guys check this out!

I'm from Spain and thus, we have some members inside CFR and Trilateral Comision.

I live next to Barcelona and our regional government (CIU, Convergencia i Unió), recently awarded with the national sovereignty..has apported a new member to the Global Elites.

Our latest contribution is Esther Giménez-Salinas, (Rector, Ramon Llull University; Professor of Criminal Law, ESADE Law School, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona).

What's "cool" about this is that ESADE (reputed business school worldwide known) is our governments THINK-TANK, here we have the relationship between TC and the government.

So, well..very soon we'll have regional elections (22nd of MAY) so today CIU (conservative party) has presented their lists for the upcoming elections. So once got in the action..CHECK THIS PICTURES.

Freemason numerology..MASSIVE 911 with sarcastic SMILE's, very very powerful images.

Thanks to ALL.

The 911 over the smile reminds me of "One eye open, nose, one eye closed". I'm sure I'm just over analyzing, but what was the purpose of that symbol?! I wish I could read/speak Spanish!!

Hi Emery,

The meaning of the 911 is the number of lists that this political party presents in every town or city in order to attain to the MUNICIPAL elections. Also note that, the number of candidates is EXACTLY 11,000 people.

Understand list as a "list" where the names of the future elected majors (and counselors) appear.

Sorry for my poor english, I keep on trying to do my best.

Thanks to ALL again.

Wow. How IN YOUR FACE can you get!

I've just seen it on the news while having LUNCH.

I went immediately NUTS..what the hell is going on?

Please spread it all over the net, I don't think it's mere coincidence, CHECK the whole text there's a lot more hidden numerology…i.e " 11,000 candidates".."947!" ..9, 4+7= 11, 9-11.

If anyone can answer this: It seems as though there are several elite groups trying to rule the world. Are they all working together, or not? It seems like they would most likely fight against each other for the supreme position of world dominance.

It's the plot for survivor or game theory as described by John Nash for example. I hope that helps-

Even now agents of the "Elite" sit back and study each and every individual blog sent to this site, like a hunter observing the habits of the prey, so as to be able to predict the prey's behaviour in any given environment, under any given situation, and under any given stimulus. It is their business to control our thoughts, our very minds, with its spiritual faith and religious belief. With each sent blog we reveal a little more of ourselves to them, our likes, and our dislikes, our feelings, hopes, and dreams, our contradictions, our personal flaws, our strength of spiritual faith and religious belief, or lack of it. After all their business is to control everything that they can imagine, from God/Goddess, to Creation, the Infinite and Eternal. Which is why they call themselves "The Olympians", or "Moriah (conquering wind), or "Illuminati", or simple "The Family" to distinquish themselves… Read more »

Yeah, they're idiots, aren't they? I want to ask, you're going to spend every minute of your one life worrying about what the rest of us are doing and trying to control it? There are so many better things to do than that. They have a built in flaw – you have to be really weak to be that addicted to power.

A butterfly's wings stirring up a storm – that's a lovely way to take back the Monarch imagery and turn it into something positive.

and also the logo is showing one eye riding a pale horse with the latin word for "everywhere"" underneath. hmmm

Everything leads to blue bream project and torwards the NWO

these people think that there is no tommorow, or probably they believe in the lies that they themselves try to implement on this world.

In this world there is only one absolute:

Everything has an end!

And the end will justify the truth,

the end will justify the means of our existence.

wow you always seem to read my mind! ive just been doing research on the Passion Of The Christ Movie and realizing how full of misrepresentations it really is about Jesus and the symbolism thats in it. Well Anyway, What people miss is that Jesus ends up with only One Eye for most of the movie and at the end Jesus raises from the tomb completely naked, which most certainly isnt biblical. After research and analysis it was realized that they were reflecting the one eyed naked antichrist horseman that the CFR uses on their symbol. I know I will never watch that movie again thinking that im paying homage to my lord and savior now that I know what Mel gibson and others were really up to. Also I never realized that His production company's logo is a cropped picture of Mary's Left eye! Thanks for this because i… Read more »

I also too noticed that in the movie. They would show him with one eye for a split sec. I even mentioned it to VC how they showed his buttock at the end of the movie. Glad im' not the only one who noticed.

Robbing america's minds and money at the same time. Diabolical!

Nice, concise video!!!! A great starting point for discussion, and for any doubters and skeptics a good place to start researching to find it all checks out and verifiable. Thanks again VC

"It's our way, or the highway"

but they also built the highway….

The Highway to Hell, one might say. 🙂

question: what does it profit them to gain the world and lose their soul.

answer: a one way ticket to hell.

thing is they seem to think they will out smart God and win in the end, as if the bible doesnt already tell us this is going on and what will be the final result! IM NOT scared of whats to come but they better be, i have faith. and as far as im concerned this world is already hell on earth so they can have it if they want it so badly. I live my life daily being not of this world or seeing myself as a god like they do. For those that believe Religion is a great deception, it is. But Spirituality is not. Otherwise our maker wouldnt have blessed us with the most precious gift of all: Souls. hmm and what does the elite want to take away? Souls, hence the transhumanism and alien agenda.

First-class ticket that is…

CFR, The Pilgrim Group, Jason Society- some degrees of the Illuminati. It just goes on and on…


the club of romo


trilateral commission

bilderberg group


United Nations

New Age Movement

all basis for European union and NWO

And don't forget the CFR's British counterpart and BFF…The Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), aka "Chatham House": "Chatham House research is structured around three areas: Energy, Environment and Resource Governance; International Economics; and Regional and Security Studies. The full range of Programmes includes: Africa; the Americas; Asia; Energy, Environment and Development; Europe; Global Health Security; International Economics; International Law; International Security; Middle East and North Africa; and Russia and Eurasia. The Royal Institute of International Affairs was founded in 1920 as the Institute of International Affairs following a meeting at the previous year's Paris Peace Conference. The first chairman was Robert Cecil, while Lionel Curtis served as honorary secretary. Arnold J. Toynbee later became director. The Council on Foreign Relations, its American sister institute, was established the following year. Chatham House's well-known headquarters at 10 St. James's Square, London, was donated to the institute in 1923, having previously been… Read more »

In the Anti-Christ they Trust

sovereignty is a big complicated word that i had to have spell-checker go and spell correctly after i typed it; ergo it shouldn’t be that important to people since such “highbrow” concepts surely can’t matter too much to people like me who are more worried about getting home from work and having dinner all over with before the baseball game starts. i’ll let the real intellectuals like angelina jolie and kumar worry about that big complicated s-word.

im confused…can someone translate all this to a 13 yr old?

Slowly reveal the conspiracy or potential mass of. Then deny the reality. Now the masses have to either align themselves with the conspiracy or reject it. Based on what we know about them they will do the latter, thus not only will they write it off and put it to the back of their mind, they will dismiss any future attempts to reveal the situation. All the while the basic idea builds sub-consciously at the back of the mind that actually we do live in a controlled, elitist, conspiratorial mindstate. So fear paralyzes them making them prone to apathy and general under-enthusiasm regarding possible change, events are now expected and accepted as the natural course of things even if they dont really know why. There is also now an in-built fear and willingness to succumb and ultimately lay down with a childlike awe in the face of this unspoken terror.… Read more »

Just trying to find the guy who was saying we can expect an 'event' on 4/19 or 4/20, cause I agree – they love their numbers…..

Here's just one more with a strange *tag* –

Another *6.6* in New Zealand….

I know this could very well NOT be referring to the CFR, but…

Revelation 6:1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. 2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given to him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

You're very welcome, VC, and thank you very much for posting this here.

Working together to spread the truth to as many people as possible is the main goal as I see it, and your site is definitely the big dog with the massive number of readers. It's a beautiful thing.

I actually saw this first on a friend's blog ( and knew that you and everyone here would want to see it.

Peace and keep up the good work.

Thanks LVB!

Man its crazy how Lupe Fiasco is such an underrated rapper

with the very, very, very, long list of these corporations fighting for a new world order, can we really overcome them? they look pretty much to me, i'm jus sayin…

We can overcome them in our hearts and minds, and that is what matters most. There are billions of us, and in reality, only thousands of them – so just keep in mind who really has who surrounded.

If they have overcome you in your heart and mind, then the battle is over before it begins.

The battle for hearts and minds….it's called Psychological Warfare, my friend. Do not let them demoralize you with mass media propaganda. Fight back and do not surrender.

That is the attitude we all need to have. 🙂

You've nailed it!

Thank you for the clip LVB.

does big business have to have its hand in every single f*****g thing??

pretty soon america is going to be one big advertisement for coca cola.

and the white house will be called the disney house.

and also be on the lookout for some major world catastrophe or something to happen today or tomorrow because it always happens on april 19th-20th

Oh no! PBS!! can"t believe it!!!! I love that channel, I learned a lot about countries and cultures there!

You have to be careful, because they only tell you what they want you to know about other cultures.

I was thinking along the same lines and then I considered a "practical" approach to it…

Maybe they are telling you all this so you do get pissed, and when the times comes when you get a chance to uproot the "usual business", you'll jump at the chance at no longer being a "witness".

Then, they will sit back again, because the "puppets" did exactly what they wanted, showed their face as being the corrupted, and had you all take them out and "replace" it.

All in all, a person can read how to do "martial arts" all day, but until they get up and practice… all your tissues won't be able to remember it. The brain is a beautiful thing.

CFR's real business hands are the same hands hidden inside the Coat of Washington, so to speak.

Western civilization begins in Sumeria six thousand years ago, and we are dealing here with the creators of time worn institutions both religious and secular, upon which modern civilization is based. We may think ourselves clever in learning to discern their presence, but isn't that exactly what the Elite want. Aren't they right now, at this very moment, establishing control of the 'conspiracy phenomenon', and the 'conspiracy community', by controlling the information leaked concerning themselves. Yet, despite all the controlled revelations, they still remain shrouded in unknown secrecy to us, because we will never know them personally, so as to know their personal character, and personal character traits, so as to be able to establish a one on one relationship with them individually, which is important if we are going to change them individually now, and later, collectively. Although we personally feel empowered by the knowledge leaked, and we bemoan… Read more »
PS – I think sometimes, too, that not only are the architects of the media talking to us, the public, they are also sending messages to each other. Some of the stuff in magazines, for example, reminds me of graffiti, and how it marks territory. The way the same symbols crop up over and over now in fashion spreads seems like them reassuring each other, "We continue to be in control of this publication." Well, we can play that game, too. We can establish a language of symbols and talk to each other. We're not powerless. And never forget, you are connected directly to your creator through a column of indestructible light that is rooted in the earth and shines out of the top of your head like a crown. You are in charge of your chakras, your body and your mind, and if worst comes to worst, your ultimate… Read more »
So you see the book of Enoch, I 'thot' I saw a "MUD-dy" Kit-Kat… Logos "record" the actions through "cords" (nervous yet?), stringed "Haarp" through "frequency" notes. Scalar waves your column through Space, you'll find whose you face you seek today. Not much time do we have, Yoda? No, but mark the X Kenshin. Reverse blade again my way, Fleurdamour… know that all our butterflies lose ground some more. Also, the Mind you speak of, Scott Adam's God's Debris known to your "frequency"? Interesting read, Avatar of the "7 Percenters." 93 after all… A butterfly that flaps its wings creates a storm indeed, but only if it flaps knowingly… After all, speak loud enough and even it's silence can be deafening. Talks from Geitner today about US losing its AAA ranking (who cares? Oh wait…), "Nine " flight controllers suspended since March, FAA losing face and corporations will make their… Read more »

I'd never heard of God's Debris, but I looked it up. The concept that God is exploring existence through us is one I'm definitely subscribed to. I part company with it where it says it would have made the most sense for Him to annihilate Himself upon creating the world – I really do think He's indestructible. Even to Himself. I've thought for a long time that something of the knowledge of our divine origins is fueling the ego psychosis of the power-hungry. Some part of them recognizes the God part of themselves, but they're stuck in an infantile self involvement that doesn't allow them to realize that the rest of us are expressions of the sacredness of being, too.

I nominate Ignotum to invent our symbolic language. I think you've got a great head start. 🙂

Good morning, Yomael. I'm going to throw my two cents in here because what you said touches on something profound for me. I get deeply frustrated with conspiracy theory stuff that ascribes every last scrap of human culture to the control of these people, like the X Files episode where every human language and seed of cultural achievement was discovered to be encoded on an alien artifact. I found that plot point to be an insulting suggestion, as if we are incapable of evolution on our own. Humanity at its best is deeply creative and deeply connected to life, and individual expression spontaneously arises, sometimes even in the worst of circumstances. Our best art reflects this because it's a primordial spiritual response to the universe, an assertion of the great I AM. The elite doesn't own everything. I make my living in a corporation and my time is owned while… Read more »

<3 !!!

Is it possible that we are all being secretly programmed through symbology, mass media revelations of information the "Elite" obviously want us to know, in harmony with their occult purpose and magickal intent and agenda, in union with some mega occult ritual to take place before our hapless eyes, before the turn of the Aeons, in 2012, which we all will helplessly participate in – wheter we want to or not.

Just a passing thought!

I don't think people appreciate what you're saying here – i think this is very important.

We are certainly being imprinted with these things for a reason – a bulk of their motivations must relate to the astral…not exactly sure tho.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing too. I think they are going to reveal themselves pretty soon. Those who are awakened will have a struggle with the elite directing those who are asleep. It maybe the great apostacy and growing resentment towards all religions by the zombie-like masses literal of the 'spiriturally dead'. The struggle for the awakened maybe to battle conformity and similar themes to the movies like the Matrix (1999), They Live (1988), or Dawn of the Dead (1978).

Here is a short creep clip from "The adventures of mark twain" heavy with symbology and the story of Satan's view. You can replace satan with the elite who want to play god with the people on earth.

oops? forgot to add the clip.

Here it is:

This would have given me nightmares as a child- and the content I would say is pretty adult.

Whoa flips – that is some disturbing claymation, is that supposed to be for kids? YIKES!!!! I might have nightmares tonight!!! One thing stuck out to me in the clip, was from the mouth of the freaky voiced Satan: "How about a storm, or an earthquake if you like" then proceeds to produce big earthquake eating up the 'pathetic' people. Only cause just today I commented on comment #25 below to beeznuts – DOH!!!! didn't see him when I was looking, that today 4/19 there was a *6.6* in New Zealand, just as was a *6.6* on 4/11 in Japan – one month after the initial Fukishma event. I'm not well versed in numerology….but this is just ABC stuff to my novice eye…..and it is happening. Spooky, and suspicious. Thanks for sharing….I think?!!!! lol… – here's an article you might find interesting given your remarks on the resentment towards… Read more »
More about the movie:… It was released for the timing of Halley's comet. Mark Twain considered his life linked to the to the comet because he was born within weeks of the comet in 1835 and died within days of it's passing in 1910. This movie was released to be in time for the return of Halley's comet in 1986. Interestingly this clip from the clamation of his unfinished work- he stopped writing once the comet arrived- and died shortly there after.… Mark Twain is quoted as saying: "I came in with Halley's Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it. It will be the greatest disappointment of my life if I don't go out with Halley's Comet. The Almighty has said, no doubt: 'Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out… Read more »

You can't make this stuff up!

this is the illuminati.. its just all the pr compagnies and the big corporations that influence everything.. they can pay..