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Network – TV is Not the Truth (video)



Network was released in 1976, but, as it is the case for brilliant works of art, it was decades ahead of its time.

How about this world vision.


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I love you.

Khloe Karsmashian

Norman Beale played by Australian actor Peter Finch, 1976, passed away 1977 the only actor to receive an Academy Award posthumously. Hmmmm.


Hmm.. And they gave they guy an award posthumously? SMH… these guys go after anyone who stands in their way. Sad, that after all of their planning, they will be the ones to loose.


This is so true! TV is like the ultimate babysitter, your friend, advisor, storyteller, and everybit a fantasy. I used to watch "Girlfriends" and something clicked on this level, in that "Girlfriends" IS NOT REAL!! Everything in the top video is blatant and true. The bottom video was disabled by the time I got to it, but nonetheless, I get it! From the daily soaps, to the nighttime dramas, and even the skewed news programs–TV is destroying our brain cells. Even watching Nickalodian, the story lines are DUMB, the humor is gross, and depict storylines to stunt the growth of any knowlege.

Yet, I cant survive without a TV. I am seriously thinking of buying my first E-reader and forgo the endless/mindless chatter of TV. My first E-book will be the Holy Bible. That is what I need right now.

Jay P

Yeah i Agree TV is made by the Illuminati they are all evil they shall be burn to hell!!!

Mocha Brown

Network is one of my favorite movies of all time and so prophetic! I majored in Journalism in college and everything about Network is very much on point. Don't trust your television! It's all illusion, smoke and mirrors! Only those who are sleeping still believe that the media is telling them the truth!


Network is a classic. Sadly, it depicts and predicts the coming reality of t.v. and the world all the way back in 1975.


It's not just TV folks…..

Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America



What's the plan?*

I'll revel some of it to you

What's the plan? To not let you consciously advance

With mindless radio and television programs

Doping you up with new brand's of illegal contraband

Once again activating the hand of the sun of man

No regards for life no chance for yours

Lies and more tax dollars financing wars

While you parting ignoring the news they sign laws

Deceptively forming methods to keep you behind bars

Who rules the planet the people who's over them?

The president ain't number one he got powers controlling him

Long before 9/11 nationwide fraud

America had been the master of the inside job

Anytime there was a tragedy their face was in the picture

When the Rothschild family was breaking bread with Hitler

And all they ever did was enslave you and pillage you

Stop honoring and country that's responsible for killing you


What's the plan? The profit of the poor man's habits

pharmaceutical corpses made a nation of drug addicts

They don't wanna cure they want money while you a dope fiend

I see the devil every time I look at Osteen

[It's hell in the ghetto but it's better in the birds

Countries under control of the Federal Reserve

Wicked regene form back in nineteen-thirteen

Now international bankers rule president's and Kings


Loves how the youtube link has been blocked


yea I cant see the youtube link either :/


Here is the blocked second youtube link still vieuwable
Network – Jensen's Speech

Arthur Jensen's description of the world to Howard Beale. From Network (1976)


the (nwo) speech start @ 1.10


Notice the dark sinister voice as the light flickers out. Classic. They knew about the Devil in the details in 1976.

i am second

"American children and adolescents spend 22 to 28 hours per week viewing television, more than any other activity except sleeping. By the age of 70 they will have spent 7 to 10 years of their lives watching TV."

— The Kaiser Family Foundation


saw this film in class.. very intereting!


I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!


its my money and i need it now!!!!


LOL much needed laugh


Prescient vision absolutely in "Network". (the film is not actually titled "The Network") One of the best mass media, social theory based narratives ever released by…. the mass media – lol. It's almost impossible to line up establishment financing for a major Hollywood release that is going to be critical, in any meaningful way, of… the establishment. And, only the establishment has $50-100M for major releases, lol. Plato's Noble Lie (2,500 years ago -perhaps) is one view for the basic ideation of what you see taken to extremes with 20th century mass media. Authors from early 20th century – also prescient: -Lincoln Steffens -Eddy Bernays -Walter Lippman To mid 20th: -Vance Packard -C. Wright Mills -Guy Debord -Leo Strauss -Marshall McLuhan -All "structuralism" theorists and "semioticians" ( Lacan, Foucolt, Deluze et al – spelling of their names could be wrong) (google both terms above for some non-conspiracy insight into our "Society of the Spectacle" by Debord) Late 20th/Early 21st: -Chris Hedges does a great job in detailing, from an academic pov, again not indulging in conspiracy logic, the history of how much of the bullshit we see came to be. ("Empire of Illusion", "Death of the Liberal Class" are… Read more »


Ah! I see the publisher of this site reads the comments – good to know.

Love your esoteric vectoring and reading suggestions – content made available. I'm weak in this area and will get around to taking advantage of the online texts you've so graciously provided.

My gut is this is where all the machinations we see being Alex/Icked', lol, are coming from. But then those cats have stopped inviting me to lunch, so I'm not in the loop anymore.

Your efforts are appreciated.


Well, all these secrets have really been talked about openly before. It just takes research people don't want to undertake, and a perspective that has placed the human race at the very bottom of the totem pole/ignoring its nautral supirority complex to come up with the answer.

Esentially, in order to make someone a mind slave, you must first get them to agree to being a slave. And you convince them of this by telling them that their inherited knowledge is not enough, and that your knowledge is a secret which you will eventually give them if they prove themselves worthy of it. Even if if that means that they must commit a self-sacrifice.

Lim Lynn

After closing the curtains Arthur Jensen became obsessed with money as his GOD angry at false prophet/Howard Beale for meddling forces of nature (Satan) "business deal" "one holistic system" "vast multinational" "international currency".


What did you mean? If you're going to comment, please make your sentences coherent.


Yes. Yes. and also YES! Wow. SO true! The majority of us are soo soo dumb. Its a shame that we dont even know better when we see all of this unbelievable crap and we take it in as fact and shake our heads in agreement or disagreement as if we REALLY know what's up? Why do we believe everything on the TV could possibly be true? Man, I asked myself that over and over, Why did I fall for it? Because its an illusion that I couldn't keep my eyes and mind off of. A few moths ago I fo sho would watch ridiculous meaningless shows for hours upon hours and when a commercial break would come on (dispite having DVR) I would act a fool and run lightning fast into the kitchen to get a snack asap because "I gotsta hurry to make it back before the show comes back on". Haha Why? Why? and also Why? I would constantly blow people off because it would MY night when all MY shows came on. I would watch all of those ridiculous documentaries on The History Channel and believe every single thing BLAHH Really? So ridiculous. But tell me… Read more »


And when I said "a few moths" ago I didnt mean the insect closely related to the butterfly but "months" the unit of time, used with calendars. My bad guys, my bad.


Oh and when I also said "find myself starring at the television" I in fact did not mean, a self-luminous celestial body consisting of a mass of gas held together by its own gravity I meant "staring" to look directly and fixedly, often with a wide-eyed gaze.

Whoops. Sorry, me no speak well English.


Wow you couldn't have said it any better! Love It.


Wow, you are so brave to admit what you've just admitted regarding your TV addiction, and how it has affected not only your way of thinking, your eating habits as well, and most importantly, how it affected your relationships with those whom you love. Too many of us, including myself, have been all too aware of our TV addiction. I'm breaking mine by setting aside reading time, and busting out the board games with fam and friends

Very meaningful and helpful comment. Thank you.


God bless u Inafets, Ive been in the light for a long time now and its awesome to see another in the same radiation… keep doing what ur doing and let God lead the way, being one of the few is challenging but thats what its all about… Love and light to u and thankyou for an awesome comment post!!



5 Corporations control the TV


General Electric



Walt Disney

News Corporation


great job on this one, thanks vc god bless


That first video is a classic! It is a great eye opener for everyone TODAY!! We should ALL post this video somewhere! Thanks VG for this and so much more…..

Stay Vigilant

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