The Most Dangerous Game: MK Ultra (video)


This 2001 short documentary by independent filmmakers GNN traces the history of the CIA’s MK-Ultra from the covert importation of Nazi scientists at the end of WWII, to the illegal brainwashing experiments conducted on the patients of world-famous psychiatric researcher, Dr. Ewen Cameron. Great video.



  1. i am very very sad.

    i had my own private hell growing up.

    so i know from personal experience how evil humans can be.

    humans don't need a reason to be evil.

    i can easily see evil humans that want money and power doing this mind control thing.torturing other people.

    i am free now, but how will i ever be happy when there is just so much evil and pain in this world?

    how can i ever be at peace, when i felt in my own skin how evil humans can be, and knowing that other humans suffer like i did, and worst?

    i was never happy.

    now i am free.

    but how can i feel peace in my heart and soul?

    how can i heal?

    i am just too sad.

    i really wish some disaster would wash away the human kind.

    i wish i could just go.but i can't ruin my mom's life.

    that is the only reason not to go.

    and it hurts me so deep that i have no other reason to be here.

  2. Can someone link another video to how MK ultra is affecting our lives now? If I were to show this video alone to my friends, they would just say "what has this got to do with them".

    I need a video that links this video to our current world events, media, etc.

  3. I speak from personal expireince MK Ultra is no joke. and is the reason me and my mom Moved off base because she said they were using me and my cousin Marylin for s**t like this when we were both 4 this is not a conspiracy it is real and these children are all around you. They make them into p**n stars, models, assassins, even future presidents you never know

  4. They funded the Nazis and finally they shipped their scientists over to learn the tricks. And they have produced a string of patriotic films over the years about the atrocities of Nazis. You couldn't make it up. We've been living in a bubble/matrix and they keep taking the biscuit. I don't believe anything that comes out of their mouth anymore. People should stop joining the armed forces, there is no point to kill themselves for those twats.

  5. 'The Nazi's didn't lose the war'… damn. This video shook me up, I always thought MK ultra just copied ideas and techniques and stuff on eugenics. I never thought they actually shipped the Nazi scientists over!

    Carol Rosin discuss interesting topics. They've been mind controlling us to believe in aliens for years and use it as the last card to bring the NWO. Check out the video clip. The first card is the RUSSIANS, the second the TERRORISTS, the last card the INVASION of aliens. Rosin gave the speech before 09/11. Expect within the next 20 years (tops) the alien invasion. Yawn.

  7. how come all the great videos have horrible music turned up so loud you can't even get the message??

    why put music in these videos at all?? it distracts from the point trying to be made

    • I agree with you…A lot of this stuff isn't compiled by the mainstream professionals. But I’m glad they’re trying to get the message out. Hey, we looked at it. There is a need for short/concise vids that include sources for us to share. You have to look legit to be properly recognized. I struggle to find things that "look" appropriate enough to send to my educated friends who have no clue!

    • I wouldn't consider this one of the great videos, it's not bad for an introductory to scratch the surface and spark an interest. Unfortunately most people do not have the attention span for reading the topic, or watching what I consider a great video. A great video usually ends up dry, because it is factual and there is not the time for flashes and flare)

      Some great movies full of facts and insight from people, but are very dry. Noam Chomsky or G. Ed Griffin with some of their lectures and interviews online.

      Who wants to hear about Norman Dodds on tax exempt foundations? Well, its a personal account from a reputable congressman who basically just puts decades and decades of the agenda out there and how it has worked from behind the scenes unnoticed by using Tax Exempt Foundations as fronts.… When searching in depth, dry is better ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Wow! When he said that they used high tech sounds to change peoples thinking patterns, I thought i gotta throw my ipod away.

  9. I have been in a deprogramming phase for say 4 months or so. I don't watch TV anymore, only 90 minutes of soccer when Messi is playing, and that is what 3 hours max a week. I have basically tuned out all media. I have decided to live a life of conscience and pertinence. When the din and the hum of the great machine we are being grinded in daily no longer holds you everything feels strange.

    Your peers no longer seem revelent because they are still asleep. You find yourself alone. And that is a good thing for once one can think on their own again. You start to think clearer.

    • What are the deprogramming phases? It sounds interesting, I am fairly new to this and I feel that maybe I would like some peace and quiet.

    • I do something similar. Selective with music, I hardly watch TV, no cinema, I read some news on the internet with a pinch of salt. I avoid HFCS, soda drinks, I read the labels carefully before I buy something. It wasn't difficult at all. I'm amazed how easy it was.

  10. Outstanding video, VC. I didn't hear one word or idea in this that isn't 100% absolutely truthful.

    It's a little scary that you don't even have to exagerrate on this subject to scare the s**t out of any reasonable person. Just tell them the proven facts that we already know for certain

    A pretty good movie along these lines is "The Good Shepherd", about the beginnings of the OSS in WW2, and its transition into the CIA. Although I generally do not like Matt Damon in anything really, he is actually very good in this movie…and so, too, is Deniro, obviously, who also directed the film. This movie has so many subtle hints and hidden facts, if you are able to recognize them – a few of them are the emphasis on children in the film, how they turn out in these elite families, how the very realistic Skull and Bones initiation rituals filmed in the actual mausoleum of the Bones chamber….the guys all naked in cult robes, then just naked, then naked mud wrestling in the pit while the "elder" guys stand above and urinate down on them….nice gayish even pedo undertones are to be found in many scenes in this movie.

    Then they lay in a coffin and must tell their new "brothers" a secret that they never told anyone else (the first stage of CIA education – learning how to "compromise people" as a bond of loyaty, as well as a tool for manipulation if they later do not do what you want them to. You have that "secret" on them, and this blackmail extortion game is very popular in CIA, as well as in the US Congress – who do you think taught them? And how much would you bet that every one of our Congressmen and Senators are compromised in so many different ways, such that they cannot really ever "vote their conscience". I think you have to have a conscience first before you can use it, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, onward to CIA and various interesting scenes of MK interrogation, via violent beatings, waterboarding, LSD, etc. The whole cult of it, the buddy system, how they all watch out for one another at least in covering up for one another, very Masonic, actually.

    This is probably the best, most accurate movie about the history of the CIA ever done.

    Oh yeah, and Angelina Jolie looks pretty good in it LOL

    I'm a little surprised CIA would even let it get out. Who knows, maybe they told Deniro hey we want you to do this and get this out there……conditioning and desensitization. Let them see what we did, they can't do anything about it anyway, so let's rub it in their faces!!

    • Yeah it's a relative old film, I think it was filmed -partly- in the Dominican Republic and Jolie was pregnant with her first child. I was thinking about that film too, how CIA was trained during the WW2 in England. Very interesting film. Damon had his son's g/f -whilst pregnant with his son's child- murdered. I never understood why Damon's father in the film -Timothy Hutton, who happens to be a mason and ex b/f of Angelina Jolie- committed suicide. He left a letter saying he did sth terrible and against his country as a naval officer but what was it. Complicated story, I wouldn't like to be part of this vile elite. Disgusting attitude towards the human race.

    • Even rubbing it in our face is a technique used to bring on demoralization. Like the saying: “You just can’t fight city hall.”

  11. A recent news release came out from Johns Hopkins University about erasing "bad or traumatic" memories from the mind forever… why is there such an interest in this "sunshine of the spotless mind" ideal?…they claim it is to help people with depression, like all those prozac pills (I guess they don't work very well if you still need to get your brain wiped clean)… but there has to be more to it (yes there is the money thing, I'm sure many a silly person will pay up willingly to guinea pig this treatment), but all this research seems to me, to be in line with the whole MK Ultra project, think about it, it's about traumatizing people and making sure they can't remember a thing about it so they can still function properly in society (what I read in Springmeier sic anyway)….and in my humble opinion, there can be nothing more traumatizing than having someone tamper with your mind and memories… I can't even imagine walking around not knowing something had happened to me, but that I'd forgotten all about it and would never think it was part of my existence … I doubt someone with amnesia or alzheimer's disease is happy about what's happened to them….. I'm sure the government however would love it if everyone downed one of these pills (or maybe they can slip it in our water alongside the fluoride) so we can forget all the illegal wars and complete fuckups they commit on a daily basis…what the hell, we don't even need the pill, seems to me we've all already forgotten the BP oil spill, the unjustified Iraq war in 2003, the search for Osama (wow, 10 years and counting, man can that guy hide, even google earth satelittes can't spot him, amazing), etc etc etc…I seem to have forgotten the rest, excuse me…

    anyhow, below is the full article…..

  12. This makes me look back at what I experienced at a certain department store. The store played songs with repetitive and fast-paced lyrics (I don't know the artists). While listening – well, I was actually FORCED to listen – to the music, I found it very hard to focus on shopping and my mind was swimming. Has anyone had a similar experience? Under the condition I could only be an "impulsive shopper," due to the negative psychological effect created by the music. Was that intentional? I want to believe so.

    • @ rainbow

      I don't notice the music in stores, unless it's very loud. Usually, the music leaves me indifferent if I like it and if I don't, I just ignore it. I don't go to boutiques to listen to music anyway, I'm there looking for a specific item to buy. I'm not going to let music distract me and ruin my mission lol.

      If you say you become an impulsive shopper, it's because you feel like buying things for whatever reason. You choose to do that. It is not the music's fault. I really don't see how a sound, a simple tune could make anybody do something they wouldn't want to do. The compulsive shopping must be intentional on your part, I think so.

      • I didn't say music in (most) stores distracted me. Some stores play classic music and I love it.

        Dude, you seem very confident about your claim. Can you show any scientific evidence supporting your claim? Can you cite any research in support of your claim that music never influences shoppers' behavior?

        You should better know how much business sectors pay for research on human psychology. Do they waste money on nothing? After all, who are most interested in human behavior?

        If music does not control you/us, why would the Big Brother use expensive mind control programs and groom the best of our pop stars? Your opinion?

      • @ rainbow

        I have no evidence that music doesn't control people other than the fact that it does not control me. Music and its lyrics or sounds does not change my values and behavior in any way, shape or form. I never find myself doing something that I wouldn't normally want to do when I listen to music. I guess I can only speak for myself. (Like you, I also enjoy some classical music ๐Ÿ™‚ or soul and blues and hip hop and pop from amazing singers like Christina Aguilera or Whitney Houston)

        The study of human behavior or psychology doesn't mean the study of mind-control. Which expensive mind control programs do you speak of, exactly? If anything I think "Big Brother" likes to spend money on crazy useless things. They have money to waste, I assume.

    • For serious? As in you legitimately believe the music was making you an impulsive shopper? I really feel like some people need to cut back on their VC intake as it appears to be making them delusional. Yes, while there are things you need to watch out for I strongly disbelieve the music in the department store was not forcing you to shop against your will. Even popular music by "stars" doesn't control you nor anyone. The stars are "groomed" to push an agenda, get the themes out there that the elite want us conditioned to, but no they don't control us via music. Don't be so paranoid, not everything is out to get you; your claim's very much so a stretch and you don't need to look for signs or symbols in EVERY aspect of your life. There's definitely a lot of messed up stuff that goes on in the world, but I think you're safe to go about your daily shopping routine. Just sayin.

      • One of those news shows like Dateline, or 60 minutes did a special on " store music" a few years ago. I can't give you a clear explanation of what was said, but it was things like, it make you stay in the store longer, shop longer, spend more money, happier to spend money…… They even featured a a part about restaurant music that is used for the same purpose. Don't have time to go into details, but the info is out there.

        You all know well by now, that that booming, catchy music is not to entertain you lol. I'm sure with a few clicks of the mouse, you can find the information !

  13. I just don't get it.

    So in the past, some people used to be drugged, starved of food, received electric shocks, were put in dark rooms, listened to repeated messages and… what? They survived that? And suddenly they did what they were told and the mind-control was successful??? Is this what I should conclude from this video?

    First of all, who would let themselves go through that pain and non sense in the first place?

    If a person is TORTURED like that, OF COURSE they'll feel out of it and terrified and won't be able to think clearly (if they survive that stuff in the first place!!!). Our brain needs vitamins and carbs and things to function properly so of course!

    But what happens after all that mess? Where's the mind-control? Are you suggesting that some people were successfully brainwashed after the torture? All of the sudden, they became different people with a new mentality and did everything their "handler(s)" told them???

    I don't believe this is possible at all! I want to see evidence of this : a real concrete case/example.

    Let's say, a person firmly hates apples for whatever reason (they don't like the color or texture or taste, etc, whatever), you're saying that this person could suddenly be mind-controlled into eating plenty of apples with no problems? That person would start eating apples without any choice??? They wouldn't be able to make themselves stop? All of the sudden, this person wouldn't be able to think for themselves and understand why their eating apples????

    There is simply no way. No handler will ever be responsible for your actions. We do and think the things we do because of our own selves. Nobody else can make us do things or go places or think things we wouldn't want or choose to do or think!

    Last question… IF mind-control activities are supposedly still going on today… how does it work NOW? Is it still electric shocks and drugs? How is the elite going to electrocute billions of people and successfully mind-control them all??

    If mind-control exists, why are we not under the new world order already??? Why does it take so much time and effort from the elite's part to have a New World Order? Why has the elite been plotting to create a New World Order for so many MANY MANY hundreds of years? I think I know : it's because we are NOT mind-controllable or easily influenced!

    • I like how some people love the idea that the human mind is this independent "free-thinking" entity with no possible way of being controlled…the term "mind-control" exists for a reason and there have been many instances where people have been brainwashed and mind controlled, we only have to look so far back as Nazi Germany and the kool aid suicides ordered by Jim Jones… now this may be controversial, and it's purely just thought and opinion, but hear me out if you will…. how is it that society as a whole (or let's put it more realistically a majority) can go from things like women have no rights, blacks and gays are treated as a second rate humans, and nazis got away with persecuting and killing jews …then within a very short time frame, the coin flips, and women, blacks and jews are thought to be equal (and I say 'thought' because I don't think equality is there yet, but let someone dare stand up in public and say anything against these groups without being persecuted–when not so long ago, we're talking just 50 years ago, they would have been cheered)… there seems to me something unatural and a little schizophrenic about a society that behaves this way… yes I realize in this whole time there have been "marches and demonstrations" and all that jazz, but if we think on it, it almost seems like the public has been swayed…or more aptly controlled… like a big joke, someone would say, I bet you I can have this person hate this person to the death, and I also bet you, I can have them love each other the very next…let me prove it… Nah, we'd all say…there's no way you can do that……….

      • @ Jammer

        Well I find it odd how some people sound like they find EVERYTHING to be the result of mind control.

        What's next? We all speak english in here, right? Is that because we've all been mind controlled to speak English? We can all read… I bet that means it's because we were all mind-controlled to read letters. We all see things and hear sounds… I guess that's because the elite mind-controlled our eyeballs and ears and brains. lol

        I am done with this topic. If everything is a mind-control, than there's no escape. So I'll just let it be, it is what it is.

      • lol, I don't even know why I'm still replying to you… you're clearly a very silly minded person… first off you're example for mind control include "eating apples and speaking and reading in English", these these are learned things or they are instinctual in the case of eating… no one ever mentioned something that light and insignificant as being a product of mind control… the more serious things like what the Nazi regime produced is what this is all about (among other things of course)… And you are also looking for someone to answer for you why they would do it…well, who has the answer as to why Hitler was targeting jews or why Jim Jones wanted all those mass suicides…nothing logical about it to the average mind, but these things happened and their reality cannot be questioned… anyway, just making some points here, not going to drag out a conversation any further with you and you're clear inability to reason…. peace

      • I don't think "mind control" touches subject in terms of food, color, or even fashion taste. I believe mind control pertains to changing the way persons perceive ideas, ideals, beliefs, passions, thought about war, religion, etc. Mind control touches a subject to think a preferred way, to act the controller's preferred way. You appear to be too simple minded to understand aspect of mind control…unless you start to look beyond what you normally do.

      • Jammer in response to your (rhetorical?) question, society as a whole can swing from one extreme to another with relative ease because society collectively operates under a herd mentality. We are conditioned from birth to look up to authority figures for acceptable forms of behavior. Our parents teach us right from wrong first, then we are shuffled off to the indoctrination centers for twelve + years where we are taught how to become perfect little worker bees for a globalist society and are given a status quo to strive for once we become adults; college, good job, start a family, work work work, and finally retire. Sprinkle in excessive consumption and overt materialism and you have the perfect American citizen. The Elites desire for everyone to adhere to the 3 C‘s; Compliance, complacency, and conformity. In actuality, this herd mentality and conformist attitude extends to the human race in general. In any culture, during any period of time in history, there is an established framework of acceptable behavior created by authority figures that all of society is expected to adhere to. Fear of condemnation is a tool of conformity that allows the herd to police itself. I’m sure everyone reading this post has been called “crazy” by a family member or friend for sharing information that was learned on this site. Anytime someone goes against the grain they are ostracized for their actions, the rest of the herd is in perpetual play of Follow The Leader. So when the leader says “Men and women should sleep in separate twin beds and only have sex to procreate.” everyone rushes out to buy twin beds, but fast- forward a decade, and the leader says “Have as much sex as you want with whoever you want!” and everyone rushes out to get it on with as many people as they possibly can. This “Follow the Leader” social framework that rules man is the ultimate form of mind control, especially when you keep in mind the very definition of mind control: a process in which a group or individual "systematically uses unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator(s), often to the detriment of the person being manipulated".

  14. Why did they use such repetitive, annoying music with this? I feel like I’m being brainwashed listening to it–had to turn off the sound. Also skipped through the video because of the visuals–the mirror image business, etc. Sorry, could not take this seriously.

    Try watching a mk-ultra slave who managed to escape – interview on youtube Cathy O'brian or Brice Taylor. Very sadly this stuff is true and we are surrounded by it

  15. There is an amazing video on youtube, about mk-ultra carried out in every murders we read daily, the purpose too make humans believe that other humans are dangerous and must not be trusted to their own devices – the main aim to keep us in utter FEAR from one another, so we all shout for a heavy governed state and policed/cctv/fema . After watching this, it does make me question such everyday murders here in the UK – right now we are seeing so many murders carried out by fathers to their own children and the papers report money worries were the cause, even tho many are ex-army men…. also the mass school killings carried out by teenagers in their schools ……. makes one think???

  16. Why did they use such repetitive, annoying music with this? I feel like I'm being brainwashed listening to it–had to turn off the sound. Also skipped through the video because of the visuals–the mirror image business, etc. Sorry, could not take this seriously.

  17. Actually everything claimed NAZI even use of the swastika as military aggressive symbol was used first by America, including the stiff arm salute. And as far as world view mental manipulation goes, research the Indian Schools and you will find the theosophical Society, and the communists/bankers and Jesuit as well other Catholic orders involved!

    Some of his research may be reaching "too?" far but much of it is very good, and eye opening!

    full body of online research

    the more pertinent info here

    his you tube channel

  18. In addition to having the money to spend, they have the backings of the powers that be!!! They have discovered that music is a powerful tool to be utilized for the controlling of the mind and they are using it for all it's worth.

    Why do you think they pay these artists so much money. They don't care about the artists, they are you to get you and me!!!!!


    • It's probably a signal that an ad break's coming. I'm not sure what its purpose is exactly but it's something that TV producers use.

      • When movies are on multiple reels it is a cue for the projectionist to start the next reel of the movie.

  19. IF THEY use images or flashing logos then i was just wondering Can anybody explain

    when ever i watch the television , out of the blue theres a black and white logo pops up rite in the corner seems to be spining kind of small just wondering if anybody else noticed it, mainly on Chanel STV i think……..

  20. this quote, about the americanization of mind-control techniques and birth of mk-ultra, got me:

    "the nazis didn't lose the war, they just had to move."

    "now it's 50 yrs later…now they're much more clever, much more sophisticated…they have a lot more money to spend."

    WOW. O_o

    • Yes – I liked that quote too. I'm reading Corrie Ten Boom's autobiography at the moment – she was imprisoned by the Nazis – I was thinking last night that we are living under a Neo-Nazi Regime right now. Many of societies values are those which were espoused by the Nazis – only now they're voluntary because it's been a soft war – a psychological war. E.g. voluntary euthanasia, testing for hereditary illnesses, abortion as birth control, psychological testing of toddlers… The Nazis despised any one who was "weak" – the old, those with disabilities, etc. We're not far off from that viewpoint being the norm now.

  21. Please do an article about katty
    perry e.t ft. Kanye west…"your so hypnotizing could u be da devil could u be an angel"

  22. The study of human behavior is only 100 years old? This is at the beginning of the video, and I'm expected to watch the rest of it? Hoo boy. Bad, bad decision to start your documentary with such a weak statement. The study of human behavior is only 100 years old? I guess this guy just wiped out the entire premise upon which VC has created this website. It completely blows the "ancient mysteries" theory out out of the water. Thank god for that. I'd thought the study of human behavior was thousands of years old, that people's minds had been manipulated all down through the ages. What a comfort that this joker clues me in to the truth. Sheesh.

    • The study of human behaviour as an exact science is indeed about 100 years old. The "ancient mysteries" is not a science but a philosophical system based on esoteric teachings and its aim was not to "manipulate people's mind down the ages" but to seek enlightenment on a metaphysical level. I believe you have your concepts mixed up here.

      The video is about mind control as a science based on observation, experimentation and analysis to develop a technique that would yield consistent results. There might have been historical similarities to mind control that were ascribed to sorcery or demonic possession but it was never a science until the 20th century.

      • Its all what you consider science. The Egyptian Book of the Dead seemed to document some pretty scientific rituals/processes/tests/ of trauma based mind-control.

        As far as using modern modern scientific methods you are correct… but then it also gives the false assumption that these types of things do not have an ancient legacy of heavy study within the dark arts.

  23. Taken from "Nazi Medicine and the Nuremberg Trials":

    "The victims and witnesses of the human experiments, and energetic efforts

    by intelligence officers, amassed devastating evidence on German medical

    atrocities. The Allies were faced with a number of alternatives:

    1. To view the atrocities as mass murder and launch a series of medical

    trials for the perpetrators of euthanasia, sterilisation, human experiments,

    and other medical abuses.

    2. To document wholesale German medical crimes and allow scientific

    experts to evaluate them.

    3. To consider the ethical failings that led to the crimes and draw up new

    ethical guidelines.

    4. To regard the perpetrators as mentally abnormal and subject their

    conduct to psychiatric analysis.

    5. To exploit German wartime research for defence-related projects."

    Option 5 became "Operation Paperclip" and is worth looking into if some of you are still confused:

    • Hmmm I wonder when the American Medical Association had it's start? When did doctors change from educated men who showed up to your house with a little black bag, into massive hospitals that treat ilness as profitable products.
      How did they obtain the vast data on the functioning if the human body? And how did they find out time frames for certain conditions and circumstance would kill a human. Hmmm?

  24. what an overproduced p.o.s. – i mean, why make a video about mind control seemingly all hypnotic – who's that going to convince? yes, the points are important, but what is said in that video should have been said in the first sixty seconds. important point about the continuation of the third reich after wwii, just displaced. but absolutely no seguae from the drugs stupor into a programmed person, nor any seguae to how people might be programmed absent drugs. i'm always on the lookout for materials to share, but this video is pathetically lingering in the shadows and fear mongering.

    • I agree, why do so many videos on subjects like this also include strange visual and sound effects, and either eerie music or that damned song from the matrix! Is it to caPture the attention if the a.d.d. types?
      I find it unnecessary and distracting on various levels.

      • I know…it's because the information is compiled and produced by amateurs…but I'm glad they're trying to get the message out. Hey, we looked at it. I thought in this video they should have given the interviewees names/titles right as they started to speak instead of at the end. And no double image / less effects. Less is more! There is a need for short/concise vids that include sources for us to share. Unfortunately, you have to look legit to be properly recognized.

  25. that video really helps to piece things together. I have just started reading about MK Ultra and

    to find that its roots are in Nazi history is not surprising.

    What sad images at the end of the film…the solider fumbling around like a child.

    Also, the film mentions only nine victims filed a lawsuit..I wonder how many more are out there?

    • The history has always been with the shadow governments- The Money Masters, the Money Lenders of the temple, they have been around since the history of man. There roots can be traced through most of history with monarchy's, republics, feudal lords, ceasars, czars, presidents, prime ministers, furors, and just about every type of conceivable government and dictatorship that has existed throughout the world(not just the Germans).

      Nuremberg Trials bankers got free passes despite having full knoledge of what it was they financing and profiting from. Some of the banks people consider American are banks are actually some of the most un-American institutions eg. Chase bank for one, JP Morgan and some of the usual suspects were all involved. They profited financing both sides of the war, as well as selling off Jews to the Nazis from France and other places. The international bankers despite their financing the atrocities never lost their positions and very few stood trial and none had anything worse than a reprimand.

    • Acording to Fritz Springmeier, Svali, Brice Taylor and others 1-2% of population is under a total mind control. Thank to the really sophisticated programming they do not even realize they are mind control victims.

  26. Thanks VC! I was trying to explain why these deliberate flashing images and logos and mind control is real and real detrimental last night- and could not quite explain WHY it is all detrimental. This tool will aid me in my learning, thank you so very much for posting!

    • hi emery….can you explain how all the flashing images etc fit into it all? I too am having trouble explaining the "why".


      • I would be honored to discuss such things and bounce opinions and observations back and forth, feel free to e-mail– because I feel here it would be too personal of a discussion. Too many opinions out there to misconstrue or misunderstand what I may say- or not say… So anyway, identify yourself in the subject line. That is a spare e-mail so it won't be hard to tell who you are. Take care. (Anyone else who may want to message can, but please spare me the spam. It is irrelevant to me) Also, I don't have all the time in the world to read novels or anything, just here for discussion and am pleased to share ideas with my brothers and sisters. …Another thing, if you do not wish to correspond, no worries! I just don't feel it is appropriate for me to explain my views here for all to see. Thanks!

    • People do not acknowledge this atrocity because MK Ultra was never stopped, it continues to this very minute, look around. The intensity is lower, the drugs are not as potent, but the scale is much larger and much more consistent. Look at the 400 channels of cable, the endless movies, tv shows and music–constant entertainment is version 2 of MK Ultra. Dont let "them" think for themselves, constantly feed them what you want them to think and disorient. In short people do not acknowledge because they are inside the sphere of influence.

      • I absolutely agree! Thank you for your response. My question was somewhat facetious and rhetorical just for the record :p But you are ABSOLUTELY right. I don't watch TV, stopped a while ago. (With the exception of the occasional observation of what they force feed the children of today.. truly sickening what's on Disney) When people around me watch TV and all those commercials, all I do is exclaim how redundant and disturbing it is. They just sit there and say "duuuhhhhh what?" Even an individual such as myself that is rather self-aware compared to the masses, I have been experiencing my OWN deprogramming. And people need to realize just because you see it and understand it does NOT mean you are not victim to it. Thanks again for your response!

      • It has always been around with us for thousands of years. It is only being refined and more sophisticated through technology but the premise has always been around since the beginning. Think of how long the drum beat has been used for battle and all those who have song an anthem marching to their death only to be pawns in the game by elitists.

        Not many understood the significance then in history just as many do not understand it today. What is scary is the technology has evolved expotentially as has its repurcussions increased over the last 1000 years ago, while humanity has not evolved- We are actually witnessing de-evolution [DEVO] before our eyes (dumbing down).

      • I've been crying de-evolution since I was quite young, and everyone thought I was being judgmental but it was just observation! Glad to know I'm not alone. Sad. I am trying to reverse my de-evolution.

    • Wow is right!

      This is amazing! And Scary. Thanks for posting! I shall send it to all of my friends.

      Can't wait to see if you plan on Doing Katy Perry's new video. She's literally a reptillian alien! And Britney just did another soulless video too.


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