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The Madness of a Lost Society (video)





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Ava Stella R.

Oh how I wish I was born back in 1920 atleast 🙁

This is horrible. At the end of the video I was just like "holy canoli! this is the horrible world I live in…"

mari kay

i literally just shed a tear


The problem with protesting the TSA body scanners (which are sick evil and unnecessary) is that they can shut off the scanners and then plot a terrorist event themselves just so they can tell the public " seeI told you so" after that the stupid sheeple will beg for them

Colin Williams

Vigilant, you are one hell of a guy. Thanks to your detective work and the site you've built around it that is both aesthetically pleasing and professionally written, I've been able to help many people see what has been in front of their eyes or their entire lives. I imagine that when you get up to the pearly gates, god will give you a well deserved pat on the back. It is an honor to be going through the end times with people such as yourself. Cheers!

Colin, Louisiana


Why is it always the United States?


If you are shocked at what people are capable of through greed and ignorance in this video then you seriously have a long journey of understanding ahead of you , there is a war that has killed hundreds of thousands regardless of good or bad people as god is to judge because of this war on so called terror, if we can allow that shit to happen then what the fuck does it matter when we see some people go apeshit over materialism , allow the hype and fix the major shit first then focus on things like this……. check secret iraq on you tube it shows the truth in some perspective , there is more to it but this exposes a little. peace from a fellow muslim brother and no im nt a terrorist

Narrow gate

Yes, they are fools. But so are we ALL fools in some way or another. We people are so flawed. I try and stay humble. If I do good, I don't take all the credit, I remember to thank God for helping me. But I am still a fool. Come quickly, Jesus.

team jesus

I often wonder why people allow themselves to be so ignorant. Years ago, I concluded people without knowledge of self, of their history (spiritual and natural), of how their bodies work, how their minds work, of how to navigate this world with grace, character and dignity, unaware of their reason for being and their place in the world, often resort to this kind of foul behavior. To the ignorant, material possessions are everything. It's their worth, it's their status, it's their god. The people who profit off this stuff drill it into people's head that they "need" this junk… this made in China crap. People are so willingly, happily stupid and greedy. It's frustrating.

I bet there weren't any stampedes at the bookstores. Nobody racing to get to the last bible on the shelf. Lord help us.



A random thought

Lets all boycott all sales all shops and all places where money is used. for maybe 2-3 days that in itself would be devastating to there income 😀 if this was done on a global scale they might get the point that we as people have had enough of there games and bull***t


Here's a thought. Why not everyone keep their money in their pockets next Christmas and show how much power & control we have of this corrupt system? Everyone moans about how evil these people are, but they keep giving them their power.

Just think if everyone would have stayed home last Friday, the impact it would have had on our "elite". What IS Christmas anyway? The supposed birthday of Christ? Do you think Christ would be getting in his car at 1am to go and buy things that no one needs just to show how much he loves them? Most of these people can't afford the crap they bought in the first place & that's why they are trying to get deals. SO is this celebrating the "alleged" birth of Christ? Going broke just to have useless things?

People need to get their priorites in order. Making you loved ones happy shouldn't be in the form of a new iPad or 50in TV.


Last year I saw an interesting report about a man from my state of California who caused controversy with his Christmas decorations…

Here's the link to the interesting video:


2 Dec. City of the Lion in the Low Lands Namaste, People are misguided by the demon Mara. It causes the uncontrolled rebirth. And make them behave like a neurotic stampede. Christmass is coming. And everywhere you come there will be songs of Santa Claus and feed the world. And this is what America is doing. And the rest of the world………. Stop buying unusefull products. Stop to much materialism as a need for happyness. Let is all go and become permanently free and happy with your spirit. By prayers, meditation, and following the Dharma. After all it is all an illusion. All the earthly things will go away. Except your spirit. So why in the hell would you let your self be bothered by materialism? You can't take it with in the grave. Only the karma of your actions is to take with you. Wich causes your uncontrolled rebirth in the next life. Only to live it over and over again. Are you free of mind? Are you happy? Or are you running through a mall like it is a warzone? Only freedom of mind, body and spirit is usefull when you die. It is as all so very… Read more »


What you said make a lot of sense, and i agree with you.



Rolling the prayer beads………..

Ohm mani padme hum. (108x)

Ohm tare tutare tare. (108x)

Siddhi. (108x)

Ohm shanti.

BF Sane Shopper

I participated in Wal*Mart's sale. We decided to travel about 30 miles because the store is bigger. Best decision we made. Everyone, including the associates, were nice, polite and in good moods. I didn't experience any of the madness seen on the video. Yes it was crowded, but there was no fighting, pushing or any other violence. The sheriff's department and I believe state police were there the entire time. I actually had fun this year. I went a few years ago (in my town) and it was similar to the video. That's another reason we decided to go out of town.

In regards to the video: it grieves my soul to see my people behave that way. OUR people. I am almost at a loss for words. It's as though the inner savage emerges and causes havok. It's crazy and sad.


WHy haven't this video BEEN seen BEFORE Black Friday came??????

Cause….it's too late.

Sarah Connor

I would just like to recommend to everyone that it is not a bad idea to stock up on a little food and water should any number of events occur. Natural disaster, dollar collapse, false flag or real terrorist attack, solar flare etc. We are fragile people in the current system. What would you and your family do if the food and gasoline supply were cut off for a few weeks or months while things reset? This video is an example, and mild one of what could, and probably will come. If you can, prepare your homes so that you are not reduced to going out and facing the desperate mobs in any such event. Hunkering down at home with friends and family will be much better than going out searching bread lines with the masses in chaos. This is not to frighten you, but to make you think ahead. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. There is some element of peace in that. The rest is up to HIM. And it is not overwhelming if you just do a little at a time. Look for stuff on sale and buy two instead of one etc. The… Read more »


I remember how crazy it was when Circuit City started their final closing sales. I actually popped into one of them places to pick up an iPod (figuring that it being an Apple Product it wouldn't be too discounted and would sell out FAST), and I was seemingly right. And while I was lucky enough to find a cashier at a side counter so I could quickly buy my "find," I saw a line to the back of the store of people "snapping up the bargains."

Turned out that these people were likely paying more for their "10% off" items than if they had come in a week before and got them at the normal "discounted" price. And my iPod had a slight imperfection that made certain songs impossible to play – an issue I was stuck with, since Circuit City was going out of business. I wouldn't be surprised if iPods were going at 20% below "full price" the week before "the sale" – that's right, I was probably ripped off price-wise (although I came back during the 30% off phase, and iPods were still only 10% off).

The video surprises me not one lick.


it's called black friday because that is the day the stock market crashed in 1929 novv it is a marketing ploy to boost 4q sales

A random thought

LOL what a bunch of flipping morons. oohhh stuff to fill my house with! well guess what you aint gonna need that stuff when they come knocking down the door at 3am to take you to re-education/death camps. and say hello to the Amero, North american union money. things in this world are getting nasty and are only gonna get worse as long as people are as short sighted as those retards! sorry if this comment is offensive to anyone but if your one of those who behaves like that then its meant to be. you need shocking into reality!


Very disturbing.

o matic

i take that back the vid makers and website owners are awesome heros and i appreciate them informing us but its time to gather. I think the staged and fake tea partiers made the mistake of making it a normal thing for people to go straight to the politicians about issues about the truth and demand answers.

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