The Kardashian’s Masonic Christmas Card


Let me point your attention towards the floor. The type of floor I discussed over and over again.

Of the cards, Khloe says on her blog that “our card this year might be my favorite” while Kim found the shoot special because of “a new addition to the family… little Mason!”

Let me just point out that the pic DOES NOT prove that the family members are into Freemasonry (the brotherhood). It proves they are part of the Illuminati entertainment business, which uses Masonic symbolism as a code. Those are two different things.

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248 Comments on "The Kardashian’s Masonic Christmas Card"

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Kardashian's xmas card is very satonic, evil, self-absorbed linke

I believe the hand on the hip is a masonic gesture as well.

They are satanic. jenner and Oj are both Monarch slaves as are the kardashian girls. Google Monarch slaves. They wear alot of black and white stripes which are satanic triggers for mind programmed people not to mention monarch butterflys in the decore of the back ground. The clincher for me was a tape of Kim and Kourtney when they were children singing'" catch a falling star and put it in your pocket". This is known in occult groups as an esoteric song they teach programmed trama based satic ritual children from satanic famlies. The floor in the card and the stairs scream Masonic!!!!!!!!!1

For those of you who have also read into ISIS symbolism all you need to do is get a glimpse of Kim's recent homage to 'Cleopatra'. Don't tell me everything in that photo shoot was purely coincidental as well. Kim is so preoccupied using her simple wiles to gain petty riches that she fails to understand exactly how she is being used and why. Foolish girl, she may literally end up as another sacrifice for all her troubles. She certainly wouldn't be the first…

Did anyone tell them they have a black gentleman in the picture? (Comment from the movie the Blindside.)

that's about as christmas as the jews will let you show ……..very masonic…..

Notice how there are 11 people in the picture. 9 of them standing. 2 of them sitting down. (9-1-1)

5 males including the child. 6 women. Both the number 5 and 6 are extremely symbolic numbers in terms of the 5 star and the number 6, which symbolizes satan. (or 666 if you want it)

Just pointing things out.

Baby experts Pamela SATtrAN and Linda ROSENKRATZ explain to Us

L.O. can you say mind-control. Probably not.

yea even christmas is not christain its satanic.pagan

I know VC must have been tripping out when he saw Khole's new photoshoot!!! I know I did 😉

I mean it's NOT VC's way of saying that…..sorry for got that word.

I think it's a very close coinsodence… Also, like said by many other commenters, VC's disclosure, is his way of saying "oh the Kardashians are totally Freemason" it's just saying they are puppets as well as other hopeless artist out here. FYI the main reasons why the K's are famous is:

1. Their dad Robert Kardashian: (OJ's Lawyer)

2. Bruce Jenner: (Olympic medalist)

3. Kim's sex tape with Ray J.: This was Kim's poor iniation into the Illuminati world. She took the rap for everyone in the Kardashian family. Sadly, enough she felt a reality show would cover up her embarassment.

BTW: Kourtney and Scott's baby Mason has absoloutly nothing to do with that. It's just a mistakable coincedence. No one should say a helpless infant is apart of a world that is trying to kill.

this has made me sick on the stomach and i really liked homegirl. And by the way, the photo was creepy as hell.


Sorry, didn't have time to read all the comments so I don't know if anyone else came up with this observation, but to me they look like the 21st century 'ADAMS Family'.

Whatdo I know: Wolf

I really feel for the young,handsome and innocent baby boy,Mason.

Illuminati + Kardashians + Crap load of Photoshop = Christmas card from hell.

Oh… I was thinking when I click onto this page, "Now What?!" I thought the picture was a nice picture by the way but not for a Christmas Card. I'm all for the glamour they went for but not this way. The first thing I thought when I saw this for some reason maybe because of how gloomy it kind of is is, "The Adams Family." It's still a nice shot though but for a different occasion.

Yes, Very interesting! I do agree with many of the postings here – specifically about this crazy shot picture from what must be the bowels of hell! Also too, more broadly about the satanist aspect to the false so-called 'Christmas'. Just a few comments on the pic. Apologies, I don't know the handle of most of these idiots (aside from the big-assed w***e from that 'leaked' gonzo p**n tape!) and I don't want to, either! 1. The occult codification of the bimbos on the stairs is interesting. The Persephone aspect to the sitting chick with the deliberate flash of colour sounds right. Also, of course, the colour black has strong 'spiritual' energy. A symbol too of night. The beloved shroud of satan! As for the others, the three young ones (not the old hag) have a suggestive 'open' stance with overly emphasised voluptuousness/fertility. Incarnations of Isis? Symbols of the trajectory… Read more »

very good!

I agree with some things that this site publishes, but not this.

No offense, but I cannot see the Kardashians as Illuminati, or a part of their agenda in any way. Why would they leave out the all-important stone pillars? A floor is just a floor. They’re dressed in high fashion. They did take photos smiling; this just happens to be the shot that was chosen. Mason is a name, and nothing more. I also don’t think the number of stairs, people, etc. have anything to do with anything.

I think that the floor and the name are just a coincidence, but to me nothing else fits right. Just sayin’.

If you want to understand who these people are, you must investigate the father. Robert was and is the key. The society has run its own eugenics program for over a millennia…..he was well compensated for his role in the GREAT WORK….his children are the fruit of his labor. ISIS was the goddess of sexuality…PARIS france was named after this deity. PARIS Hilton became a house hold name…by way of her sexuality. The Sacred Feminine ENERGY is alive and well…can you feel its presence today? Kim is ISIS….nothing more nothing less… you not understand ritual? The Profane should refrain from speaking…as your intellect is not sufficient….

They just kinda look like the regular Nouveau Riche Jersey McMansion douches that drive into the city on the weekends. The really weird part of it is the card is Kim (the one with the kid, Mason) is wearing a suit unlike the rest, that's kinda weird. I'm ashamed to actually know their names.

The picture looks like something out of a vogue magazine. The clothes are all very stylish, and modern. The staircase gives it elegance, and the picture is classy. Just because its not a typical goofy grin picture w/ santa hats and christmas trees does not make them part of the illuminati. They are a materialistic family who is very fashion conscious. THEY ARE FILTHY RICH! Do you know anyone that has the kind of money that they do? I sure as heck dont.. rich people and celebrities do things differently. If we want to get specific, Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday. Ive never received a Christmas card photo w/ a nativity scene in the background. The only strange things I noticed about the picture is that Kourtney's family looks separated so that looks kinda odd. And one of the younger girls is looking alot like elvira. Okay..… Read more »

they all look like their wax selves….espeacially the sister at the end of the stairs right infront of kim, she kinda looks like the japanese robot humanoid , doe'snt really convey a sense of warmth , cheer and hope, more like "if you wanna be famous, dress like us, do absolutely nothing, let the mainstream media puppet you around and look pretty", i dont know thats just me…they could've at least thrown in a christmas wreath or somthing dag…lol

Are the Kardashian sisters wearing black, white and red?

They remind me of the Adams Family in this pic.

Adams Family 2010! lool!

Their last name in armenian means ''stonemason''. ups!. My two cents.

Um…..CAN THE KARDASHIANS PLEASE JUST GO AWAY??!!!!! They're famous for no reason at all! Don't get me wrong, the girls are beautiful but that's all they are! You're famous for owning a clothing boutique? Please. And I don't know about you guys, but I thought Christmas greetings were supposed to be warm and cheerful. Not hard and cold.

There is no joy in this Christmas card what so ever! My heart feels an emptiness just looking at it! This is sad!

Bruce Jenner is the only 1 i can respect cause he created his own name through hard work..Not doing it for fame. The guy was an Olympian, Think of all the hard work that goes into that.. Thats whats wrong with the youth today.. they expect everything to be handed to them with no effort on there part..

clearly,the symbolism is blatant as hell,but do you honestly expect to me to believe that their idiotic daughters are capable of being part of the grand scheme….*cocks head back like ed lover* c'mon son.

why does the guy in the bottom right have pink toes?

For all those who honestly believe the checkered floor in the picture is nothing more than their own home floor: this is absolutely not true. Check this picture and see how the floor in their house really looks like:

Sorry for the misinformation :(( Apparently they re-decorated. Check Kourtney Kardashian blog:

And Jesus said, "NO ONE gets to the Father except through Me. " Christians worship Chirst's life (Christmas) and salvation (Easter). You can try all you might to equate our faithfulness to Christ with "paganism" but you're deadwrong. Believing in Jesus Christ is NOT "idol worship" and you know it. Be careful who you persuade and confuse with your b.s. as you'll be held accountable for each and every attempt you make against the Lord's people. Talk about removing one's plank — take a long look there buddy in your own mirror. Begin by untwisting your lies before you spew more of them.

I can tell that you have no truth to tell….. so just pipe down. If you read what I wrote then you will know that I am not trying to persuade anyone to do anything nor am I trying to prevent the worship of the ONE TRUE MESSIAH and CREATOR. I endorse it to the fullest. You can categorize it and label me all you want and it it will not change the truth. I didn't invent truth, I just speak it, so don't shoot the messenger. You can not prove what I have said to be lies and I welcome you to do so – if you can. But I doubt that you will be able to since truth always prevails like light that cuts through darkness. I also pass no judgments and I have not condemned anyone for what they choose to believe. There is a reason why… Read more »

WHOA!!! What you said is AMAZING. I can't wait for the rapture.

My comment was meant for Frank.

Hey ya’ll I jst saw this pic 2day and I was tellin sum1 it has some masonic meaning and she was like how did I know so I say let me show her some sign and I saw this. Pls but what do u mean by they are not into I don’t understand pls expanciate

I would be very weary of this family. Freemasonry or not? Do you think PARIS HILTON and KIM KARDASHIAN continue to get famous with no connections. Yeah, sex sells, but it doesn't sell this well.


And plus I think Kardashians Step-father is some big entertainment lawyer, so he might be in it.

I find it hard to believe that anyone in this picture is smart enough to set up a picture with any type of symbolism.

The Kardashians are all pawns and they know it.

They look like a family of vampires from the Twilight saga!!!!! LOL!

Merry Christmas!


I was thinking more like' The Adams Family'

Here is a link to an article that was featured today on the Daily Mail's website:
It's about the Kardashian's Christmas cards through the years. It states that their cards always have a theme. It's very interesting how their later cards have a red, black and white theme, which are Illuminati colors. Especially the picture titled Red Christmas shows the young girl (whoever she is) on a ladder towards the top rungs. Ladders and steps are very telling. Also, this year's card is the first one where nobody's smiling. They all look very content in the previous year's card, but in the motocycle themed card, the two girls don't look happy at all.

VC, you sure generate alot of comments beneath your stories! Keep'em comin'!! I just love "truth-exposers". We need more of 'em.

Religion is not the answer. We can sit here all day and dissect each religion, but what it all boils down to is A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!!! There are a lot of people who do not research the word, so I will dumb this down a little . . . For every day that God has, the devil takes the Glory. (Example) 1. CHRISTMAS – For the sake of argument, we are to celebrate the birth of Christ. . . .which the bible has NEVER told us to do. BUT instead we go out and spend money we don't have to buy gifts for our loved ones. Now consider SANTA, a big fat man dressed in what a RED suit, BLACK coal boots, has REINdeer (you know like the rain man) with no wings but can fly. (oh and also has the ability to come down a chimney ,aka… Read more »

I don't even have a christmas tree at home. No decorations of Santa (SATAN) and I will go to mass only. I know Jesus was born in September, but I think celebrating his birth is okay, always.

Well actually, the three wise men did give gifts to Jesus' family when he was born and Halloween has changed over time from a holiday that believed spirits could return to Earth, to being STOLEN by Christians and becoming all saints day, to being hated in the colonies for being too Catholic, to the party holiday it is now. It really has nothing to do with demons or saints or candy or anything else really, it lost all its original meaning a long time ago.

You're wrong. Religion IS an answer, for lack of religion — and worshiping our selves and our dark desires as a substitute — has got us to the wretched mess where we are today.

Atheism and materialism has done nothing but create societal decay. Renounce it in our lives and society and we MIGHT have a chance to survive.

Another thing to think about, if the stairway represents the stairway to illumination, than the ones who are "higher up" are the ones who are more "immersed" within the system.

Notice that the two official celebrity athletes, Bruce and Lamar are at the top of the food chain while Scott doesn't even make it. The girls wouldn't count as much, I believe, because they can't join the freemasonry, but the wives, Khloe and Kris are also higher up with their husbands.

Kris, Khloe, and Kim have bent elbows to represent 666 with their bodies.

The wives, sisters, & daughters of Freemasons can qualify to join the Order Of The Eastern Star.

Nevertheless, Kim is looking mighty fine there. Nice hips.

…apart from her c**k-eyed gaze of course (obviously the whole pic is ‘shopped – I was being sarcastic but I know it was a poor attempt so I’ll give all the downvoters grace)

I kneeeeeeeew it!>.<

my friend posted this picture on facebook

and right away I noticed this. thanks to VC for

opening my eyes!!

Ok….did someone say "festive" or "funeral"?

One question:

If Mason had been born a girl, would she have been named "Madison?"

Between the concept of the word "Ma-son" around "Di" and the fact that James Madison's wife's name was "Dolly," I have been creeped out by that name being used as a girl's first name ever since I first read about it.

Most people would find this as art, and I find this as a joke.

even if they were not part of it before, this picture will definitely make the devil/ illuminati interested in them.

i also meant to say great career move