The History of the CBS Eye Logo (video)


Interesting video but I have a feeling they purposely left out the “occult” meaning of the eye.

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76 Comments on "The History of the CBS Eye Logo (video)"

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rswallace, I have to agree with Sarah Conner and Grasshopper. The world events have been laid out in the bible already. There are countries lining up in the middle east againt Israel as prophecied. The world is lining itself up for one world government so that one man or person can grab hold and control the entire world…Also prophesied by the bible. This has everyrthing to to with God and Christ because we are in a spiritual battle as we speak. Please keep an open mind and read more of the word. Also, I believe that Jesus is the biblical messiah and son of God. If that makes me a freak I am more than happy to be a freak for Jesus.

Adrian, I agree that Jesus (Isa) will in fact return to once and for all end all this evil and corruption. The major difference between Christianity and Islam is that Christians believe that Jesus (Isa) is the son of God. Muslims believe that he is one of the many messengers (prophets) that God had sent to guide the mankind. Muslims believe that Isa (Jusus) will descend on Mount Afeeq, on the white Eastern Minaret of Damascus. He will descend from the heavens with his hands resting on the shoulders of two angels. His cheeks will be flat and his hair straight. When he lowers his head it will seem as if water is flowing from his hair, when he raises his head, it will appear as though his hair is beaded with silvery pearls. He will descend during fajr (morning prayer) and the leader of the Muslims will address him… Read more »
Grasshopper, here is more than one verse in answer to your question John 14:7-10 [7] If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him." [8] Philip said, "Lord, show us the Father and that will be enough for us." [9] Jesus answered: "Don't you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, `Show us the Father'? [10] Don't you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you are not just my own. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. John 10:30 "I and the Father are one." John 14:11 Believe me when I say that I am in the… Read more »


In all those verses you listed, not one of them mentiones Jesus saying to worship him as our creator. PS. Of course there would be a Messiah to come. Jesus was a Messiah or as we Muslims say a prophet and not the son of God. He was sent by God to lead the people of Isreal. Aside from the revised new versions of the bible, Chrstians believe that he is the son of God because he had no father. Adam had neither a father nor a mother so would that make him a bigger God?


I'm not a Christian scholar or a Pastor so I do not know every single thing about Christianity. But I do have the sufficient amount of knowledge to let you know that there are a lot of flaws in the religion of Christianity. If you've read all the bibles and have compared verses. You would see that a lot of them are not in line and contradict one another. When you have free time, I want you to please watch this video about a Christian pastor explaining exactly what I'm talking about. Without an open heart and an open mind, you will never be able to see the light of the truth.

God Bless

Hello Grasshopper, I did not mean to offend or question your beliefs or anyone else's. You are correct in saying that the bible has been somewhat mistranslated incorrectly in English. The original Tanakh or Old Testament was cannonized around 200 BC and the Hebrew language was later modified in the 10th century with vowel sounds. This version of Hebrew has been in use for over a thousand years and is accepted by Orthadox Jews still today. Why? The Old Testament of today is based on the earliest known Hebrew Abjad and Oral Tradition. The New Testament was written in Koine Greek with the earlist books appearing in the first century. Okay, I'll bite. The modern Holy Bilble is a copy of a copy. However so is the Holy Koran, as there is no original version of this book either. I do believe this, Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah and… Read more »

Captain Awesome AKA Adrian, your question "What are the Muslim authorities afraid of?" is indeed a very good one and one that I have thought about often…..

omg it's funny that you post that because yesterday I was at the public library and I couldn't focus on my math exercices so I looked through the window and I saw that super random cbs logo on top of a building which read "stay connected with cbs" or something like that and I was like wtf ?! (I live in France, Paris and we don't get cbs here so it's weird) I couldn't get my eyes of it probably because as a faithful read of VC, a million thoughts were running through my mind, I thought about all the things I've been reading in here and "they" are definetly everywhere but I have a feeling that anglo saxon countries are "more touched" because countries like France, Germany,Italy… are in better hands than the UK and of course the US. I was in the states like a few months ago… Read more »

your english is fine. i am curious as to what you mean by "nonsense" that is accepted here? specifically what you observed. i agree, this place is full of nonsense- but i am interested to know what an "outsider" point of view is. thank you!

well first of all I was amazed by the hundreds of ads that were aired on tv per hours like a 25minutes show ended up lasting about 40min. Sometimes it would make me soo mad that I would just turn off the tv and grab any book ! In Fr. we have five minutes ads when shows are over like a transition to another program. The news are not so good, on Christmas, they showed a huge christmas tree in alexandria, VA (i was in DC) that was well decorated, i gotta admit, but it wasn't a reason to show it every 30 minutes ! basically news sucks I know it's the same everywhere because the medias are not going to do their job and inform people about real stuff but still news sucks in here too, but I think it's worst in the states ! And when celebs were… Read more »
1. American media airs at least 5 minutes of commercials every 15 minutes. This bothers me to no end, and it is interesting to know that it is not like that everywhere. People who watch TV a lot every day watch HOURS of hypnotizing ads! GROSS! 2. The news, local and national news, are so dim-witted. One time, I was watching the news and it was a few years ago when Britney Spears shaved her head- ALL DAY they talked about it. For hours, they just repeated over and over about the story. Then there was a brief moment where they said “Breaking news! Illness from Salmonella has been reported in 16 states from the cereal brand, Malt O Meal! Back to Britney” They didn’t say any more information than that. They did not detail WHICH cereals, WHICH states and how many people had been effected- they spoke less than… Read more »

no problem ! and thx, I try to keep my eyes opened !

So weird! You read my mind. As a graphic designer I was just watching hulu and noticed the eeriness of the cbs logo and was just about to google where the logo came from yesterday before I got distracted. Thanks for this!

1min, 12secs.: Picasso eat your heart out. Thought this perfect circle was better:

Some people might say that CBS stands for 'Complete Bull-S–t' too.

Hex signs came from Germanic runes. They were part of German folk magic and were brought to America by German settlers. They are a form of mandala.

Wow, did they just say that out loud in real life?!

I don't have time to watc the video right now but I wanted to say i thought of this very type of video or article being made yesterday in my histroy class. we were watching presidential videos, and I believe it was FDR but it could've been Hoover during the campaign, I can't remember which, anyways they were speaking in front of a podium and it was either NBC or CBS with a flag on the fron og the podium with two lightning bolts striking through the letters.

cbs eyeball = gay

hahah I hope some masons read this!

I was waiting for this


Would love you to do a piece on the BBC, VC. The BBC is MSM just like all the other MSM. This 'Aunty' image is crap… and the Capita 'TV Licencing (TM)' scam needs exposing too.

Not everybody loves the BBC… the BBC certainly shot themselves in the foot with this one:


its the CBS LOGO (2.0)

I Dont Know Why But The Scenes With The CBS Logo On Things Is How I Picture The Future Under The Control Of The Elites.

i just realized that the brazilian flag is also an all seeing eye.

No creativity, he straight up copied the logo, thats how you KNOW its the all see eye! Stupid.

There it is, plain as day and they didn't even deny it's occult origins!

Thanks VC

Great video!

This video has introduced me to SHAKERISM, a following which I had never heard of before. Interesting belief system. If you take a look at their art, or "giftings" as they call them, they are spiritual manifestations of visions from the supernatural. Google some of it.

Also, isn't it interesting that tele (Greek prefix meaning distant) VISION screens are also called monitors?

yeah, also interesting how the shows are called "programs" !!!

The great architect and the eye of horus and many other meanings are admitted to by the men who create eye symbols for corporations or businesses. The symbols used have a general meaning and then a hidden one which is known to the individual or initiate. It's no mistake that a media giant like Time Warner has a an eye/ear logo. Whether it's evil or not depends on the actions of the individual or people behind the symbol. Best example would be the Third Reich's Swastika. Every industry has a variation on one symbol i've noticed. The transportation industry has symbols pertaining to the spiritual journey or path of enlightenment. The media has the eyes and ears. Banks have Swastikas. God knows how many businesses have a pyramid in their logo. We shouldn't be afraid of the symbols themselves but be wary of the intent of those behind the symbol.… Read more »

loved this comment!

"This is Conrad ? suggesting you keep your eye on this eye"…. Oh, I will be! 'cause they're sure as hell keeping their eye on me!

It's "This is Conrad Nagel suggesting you keep your eye on this eye"

Do people know the occult meaning of the peacock symbol as well, that NBC uses?

De explain please.

I mean "do explain please".



"An all seeing eye to ward off evil" – lol.

Lol I could tell he was lying when he said that everybody liked the new all seeing eye design.

Sometimes I'm with you on things, sometimes not.

The network's name is CBS; any designer (or really any person) is immediately going to think of a logo involving sight because of the letter C and the fact that well — it's television.

The best logos are simple, easy to remember. While CBS is indeed evil ('King of Queens' — barf), I'm not so sure about this.

So blatant! They introduced the All – Seeing Eye (The Eye of Horus)

Why is the eye the body part chosen to be so symbolic?
Really, most of us regular people walking around, that eye means absolutely nothing to us.
My husband told me a good while back their symbol was an eye. I couldn't care less seeing as how it doesn't affect me A's a person or my mind.

With everything we read about conspiracies, is it a surprise this symbol was chosen? Not hardly.
The eyes on the barns seem somewhat the sane as Frost Bank's symbol.

have you ever heard the saying that the eye's are the windows to the soul….

They eye represents a lot of things. So hopefully I don't get torn apart by trying to answer your question succinctly. ;^) Google search Eye Symbolism for more information. From my studies, the Eye of Horus represents the omnipresent vision of the Sun God as a derivation from the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth Ma'at. In western magical tradition, amongst other things, the eye represents secret or occult wisdom. This is probably why most people don't regard the symbol as affecting them. In fact, it really doesn't have to be important to most people to be effective as a symbol…and probably has more power that way. One last note, the bible documents in Genesis 3 that the serpent; the most SUBTLE of any beast in the field, tempting the woman (she was not "yet" Eve) to eat of the forbidden tree by telling her that God knew that in the… Read more »

It is mentioned as a quality of the Daijal (he got in a fight or something and lost his eye, and will be the anti-christ that is suppose to rule the world before Jesus returns) in the Ko'ran and I want to say it has something to do with Christianity as well but I'm still reading!

By the way, the narrator needs to blow his nose


Yeah real creative you f*****g satan, its no different from ch 7s ABC. Too many companys use the eye of whoreus.

"I see CBS, and I see B.S." Nas had it right.

Maybe they don't mention any occult meaning because they really were inspired by shaker art.

They all need to burn in hell for such crappy programming.

at least they admitted it was the all seeing eye

I believe in all of this occultism, and Illuminati symbols, but i think the "Jesus freaks" need to lay off.

The way i see it, none of this has to do with "Jesus" or Christians. The NWO will come, and Jesus won't help you.

If you dont like Christians dont bash them because they didnt bother you. treat people like you would like to be treated

Not to antagonize, but maybe just skip over the 'Jesus' comments and ignore the freaks if you don't like them. The cross offends, I get it. However, the NWO is exactly what the bible talks about, the actually 'end time'. If you believe the bible, you know who it is, what things will happen just before and during it's implementation, and are basically just given a roadmap of how it will play out. It has everything to do with Jesus and Christianity for those who study it and believe it. To actually see so tangibly, that Satan is the prince of this world…..many are then inspired to make a decision one way or another on where they stand, or what they believe. Every person, through free will, gets that chance. And hey, the bible even says it, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. What better way… Read more »
rswallace Do not be so naive as to say that this has nothing to do with Christianity and religion. This has everything to do with religion in terms of good vs evil. All religions equal good and occultism/Illuminati is just the opposite. Their aim is to destroy and discredit all major religions. Why do you think they subject people to all their anti-religion rhetoric? I can tell you that its not just for their sick minded pleasure. The plot thickens and this is a movement which is bigger than both you and I that his been in motion for centuries. What the people of today are witnessing is just beginning of the end. Once Allah's last and final messenger prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) stood amongst the people, glorified and praised Allah (God) as He deserved and then mentioned the Dajjal (Antichrist) saying, "l warn you against the Dajjal… Read more »

Grasshopper – I'm not familiar with your religion but just had to let you know that is pretty cool about the one eyed warning. It is knowledge that has been…..for a long time!!!! Nothing new under the sun!!

Kind of reminds me of Matthew 6:22-23 "The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee is darkness, how great is that darkness."

Though I think they may be talking about the pineal gland here???… it is known as the 3rd eye or the part of our brain that is stimulated in meditation and prayer. Still relative. And another reason I hate fluoride….it calcifies the pineal gland!!! I believe that to be by design.

As much as I agree with the polarisation of good/evil, having to make a choice, and certain things being pointed out in the Bible, I would like to add that the Roman Catholic church was as Illuminist as any, trying to unite the world in Christendom, killing people with different ideas, using the Bible as a tool of opression, and interpreting it as they willed to get more power. We are still living in the aftermath of that, just saying.

"So I keep one eye open like CBS"-JAY-Z

(Song: Can I live, Album: Reasonable Doubt)

yep! You are Right! Illuminati all Over!!!!!

I've read about that. The eye kind of looks like the lunar phases to me, but who knows?

columbia owns so many things… a lot of their artists signed to the many labels within it, one can see the many similarities in their music / videos / appeal..

cant say it enough

I think CBS sold its music business to Sony many years ago.

Does anyone know if this is from the History channel, or is it CBS? I couldn't tell. Interesting but filled with some BS…. The guy who came up with the CBS logo was not inspired by some art books and picutures of barns or whatever lol – The logo he came up with first off was the TeleNews with two lightening bolts (satanic) above and below the phrase. All seeing eye as his second 'inspiration'? It is just placement of dark symbology from what I can see, and I'm a total novice so that says something. It was not some Joe Shmoe doodling on his art pad lol coming up with lightening bolts and the eye of horus. While watching this little production, Hitler's quote comes to mind: “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed” But that guys toupee is priceless!!!!!… Read more »

i love how the lightning bolts were above and below the news part of the company…….

It from Charles Osgood, and CBS sunday morning. He's been with CBS for quite a while, so i would say he probably more detais on the CBS eye logo than anyone. Doesn't mean though that they aren't practicing sun worship, and the ey of the horus. Also, people who believe Christianty is seperate from this religious paganism, should really look again. All the symbolism in Chrisitanity is Sun Worship too including the cross representing Jesus Christ. Plus, do you really think these old warrior priest and cult magicians who worshiped the serpent and Satan (or saturn) would let Cristianity flourish with out any influence or infiltration as well? Proposterous. Christanity has killed more people under its banner than any other religiion in the world. Where do you think evil really lies? They always cover both sides of the coin. I think it is time we put all these religious text… Read more »

Please do thorough research, beacause it seems your comment is somewhat hasty. Yes, there are similar symbolisms between Christianity and Paganistic worship. When Constantine of Rome was in power and wanted to help people transmit from the evils of Paganism to the glory of Christianity, he made compromises. He changed the official recognition of Jesus' birth, took books out of the Bible, and other psycohlogical ploys in order to lead the ignorant to salvation and unite hands. In Christianity, we do not serve the cross, but we serve Jesus, we do not cause bloodshed but will not deny God for this is what he asks. You sound smart but unwilling to find the whole truth because you may feel wrong about your past decisions, but God will forgive anyone, just ask.

looked like 60 minutes (cbs show)

@Sarah Connor

You wrote: "Does anyone know if this is from the History channel, or is it CBS? I couldn’t tell. Interesting but filled with some BS…."


CBS = See Bull S**t

This video seemed to be more danage control.

I often wonder about the TV channel 'ion'. It seems to be a play on the words 'Eye On'.

Also on CBS's Sunday Morning, they show various artistic renderings of the sun during the program. At the end before they go to their nature segment, they show an add for Spiriva and close in on the dot for the 'i', which is a triangle/pyramid. The viewer is taken through this symbol into the nature segment.

I love the show and it's one of the few shows I watch on TV, but I am disappointed when I see the symbols and know that it's under their control. 🙁

This is a very interesting video on the concept of the CBS eye accept for one thing…They forgot to mention the Satanic influence! I believe that bible prophecy is coming to pass with current events happening at this time in Egypt. It only makes sense that satan is central in mass media and music to further push his agenda.

Thanks VC

I agree ADRIAN They leave out the satanic side of the logo, funny people who believe in the eye of horus alway said it's wards off evil but isn't that what we have Jesus Christ for

Great job on this one VC

Endday, all to often Satan twists things right around. You are absolutely right that people claimed the eye of horus wards off evil. The question is how can evil fight evil? It´s all lies from satan. Only Jesus and the word of God can combat evil.

Thanks for your post.

Design a New "Symbol" that could be used "On Air"

Dr. Stanton didn't like the old logo because it had no style.

Hex Symbols and an "All Seeing Eye" inspired the artist of the logo

The "All Seeing Eye" was a dominant symbol and soon the "All Seeing Eye" would become dominant of CBS.

And then it started appearing everywhere.

Wonder if this means CBS is connected with the occult groups who are also dominated by the all seeing eye…/sarcasm


very interesting.