The Future of Homeland Security: Interrogations and Scanning your Face for “Malintent” (video)


Homeland Security is developing technology to be used at “security events” which purports to monitor “malintent” on behalf of an individual who passes through a checkpoint. The video below explains how “Future Attribute Screening Technology” (FAST) checkpoints will conduct “physiological” and “behavioral” tests in order to weed out suspected terrorists and criminals. The following video provides a chilling glimpse of life in a police state.

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56 Comments on "The Future of Homeland Security: Interrogations and Scanning your Face for “Malintent” (video)"

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Can you breathe freely in United-States?

Sorry for my bad english.

For those of you who use smartphones to take pics and post them to Facebook, Myspace or Twitter…

I wear a hat and sunglasses whenever I'm out in public.

Once I went into a certain store and was "asked" to remove my hat and sunglasses while in the store. I told the employee, "The way I dress should have nothing to do with me spending money with you. But if you want me to spend it elsewhere, I can do that", and walked out.

He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.

– Benjamin Franklin

I just met an ex mk ultra programmer….i don't know if this was by chance. He happened to be very hot and my type of guy. Im very afraid and weirded out…I honestly think there is something wrong with us meeting. Been doing at lot of researching on programming and i meet at "ex" programmer. Something isn't right!!

wished I lived in a remote part of afghanistan. like the Hundu Kush area

I'd just chill all day, be a farmer, be with my family, smoke opium. the simple good life. and I'd be happy doing that until I was old and grey and see my grandkids doing the same thing.

no I.D's, No taxes, No government. No stress, no sticks, no stems. and NO WARS

hear hear. Too bad I will never fly out of this country or get a passport… So I am stuck in the grid of society! I want all those things, too. Maybe not the smoking part- but who knows 😉

NO WARS? You do realize that there is a war in Afghanistan and Americans are killing people there every day, right?

First, they tell us that they can't profile at airports because you can't simply identify a terrorist by what they look like.

Now, they claim to have technology in which a machine can identify a terrorst based on, well, what they look like…

I'm not fooled.

This kind of reminds me of the movie "Minority Report" with the whole pre-cogs, predicting future crimes and everyone thinking that it makes a utopic society, only to find out the whole thing is f'd at the end. For people who haven't seen the movie, definitely worth checking it out.

It's scary, because everything we've seen in "scifi" and "futuristic" movies is happening to us right now, and we have been preconditioned by hollywood to not even question if its normal because we have already seen it and digested it.

Anyone have a spaceship? I want out.

Not being funny or anything, but what about sadists? I know you're all against S&M but I'm a masochist & my boyfriend is a sadist, one of the things is "do you want to cause pain?" or w/e, I mean, he can obviously control himself but o_o

Homeland Security is watching us anti-NWO bloggers…


It isn't just the USA. I have been living abroad for the last year. In two days in Paris, I saw well over 20 MP's with machine guns at every major site. Including patrolling in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral, Mt. St. Sacre, museums, the Arc and the Eiffel tower. Have seen similar things in other countries as well.

It's everywhere. In London right now, I am filmed constantly. CCTV cameras EVERYWHERE. Worse than the US. Every hallway, elevator, street, tube, everywhere. The Police State is alive and well all over the world.

So are all the symbols and signs in Europe, particularly London and Paris. Checked out the Harrod's memorial today…

Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.

-1 Thessalonians 5:3


F**K that s**t. They think they're so slick comin at us like this. Haha…the bastards.

I bet there's two exits to the structure. The first one lets you enter the expo. The second is the room where you're terminated. No, but seriously. A lie detector test is not admissable in court. How is this going to play out when someone with an anxiety disorder gets kicked out when they really posed no threat at all? It's just that they are nervous people by nature, yet the machine identifies this as malintent. I'm assuming that they have already purchased their ticket for the event. Are they going to get a refund? This is going to be tying the court system up. There will be many law suits. Welcome to the Pre-Crime Unit. "Now, please shut up and allow me to molest you as I read your thoughts at the same time. Yes, this is the best job in the world and I'm proud to serve Homeland… Read more »


Okay! You know what? Just round up the butt ugly people who act "funny" and keep desireable traits of beautiful people only. That's the ticket. Are you happy now?

society already does everything you say. People who speak out against nwo, end times and survialists types are labeled to be crazy , strange or loners. Then look at reality tv when was the last time you saw someone who wasnt (what is now considered) attractive ?

this is all very similar to what the nazi's were doing in the 1930's (before the outbreak of ww2). In some wierd way the nazi's did us a favour. Let me explain. Due to what the nazi's did we are more aware of how our freedoms can be taken so with that in mind the NWO are having to implement policies at a much more gradual pace. This has given us some time to prepare for survival and the comming war. I see that vc has less than 5,000 fans on facebook, then look at how many fans shows like american idol, the hills and other "reality" tv shows have. We have already lost our rights. However its up to those of us that are aware of what is comming to resist and fight back through all possible means, education, sabotage and even violence when the time comes.

Honestly people who come up with their own theory that nwo isn't in effect …there is no better conviction than Jesus arrival and end this their time is borrowed they know it too well.lets live our lives aware of their attempts of their misdoings but keeping in mind its all gonna end soon

thats is outrageous man… so if i have to intent to break the law is that a crime? i mean technically if i have the intent i havent done it yet so how could this stupid machine serve a purpose…. there taking our rights away little by little

TOTALLY!!! I mean just cause I'm thinking it does NOT mean I'm going to do it. Excellent point!

What if they keep impeding on humanitys progress to the point where humanity becomes inraged.They can think there machines can intimidate into submission but it will have the opposite effect.

They have gone off track and are losing harmony with all that is.They know this yet still continue.There invoking the wrath of GOD.All apart of the plan.Flex ya muscles when they flex there's.

While posts like this confirm the New World Order is indeed imminent, it heartens me to see the torrent of comments come in opposing it.

How priceless is this: @ 3:00, a chemtrail is shown behind the tower!

What the hell kind of EXPO are these people going to that requires all those types of questions? Are you from the local area? Have you been here all day? Do you plan on blowing up people? Is it the month of September? September what as a side note…

Do you know that is is the fasted and best way for them to perfect the 'police state' screening equipment with drawing suspicion!!!! This is all done in the name of anti-terroist fight.

It is no different than the testing of the swine-flu vaccine done and a vast number of people without any retaliation because they scared the people into thing that it was for their own good.

Better than testing on lab rats, isn't it????

But because we as a people have become so gullible, stupid and taken with the garbage they feed us without ever trying to labour for the truth for ourselves, this is what we get.

God help us!!!!

we should see wat will happen if we say yes to all the questions

OK I agree. YOU go FIRST!!!