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The Disturbing “Momo Challenge” Leads to Bizarre Teen Suicides



Targeting young people through Whatsapp and Facebook, the “Momo Challenge” is linked to the suicide of a teen who wrote the words “Illuminati” and “Devil’s one eye” on a wall beforehand. 

The Momo Challenge has been spreading in several countries across the world, leading police forces to warn parents about the potentially dangerous effects of this disturbing “game”. It is the latest social media phenomenon that leads unsuspecting teens into a world of violence and pure darkness.

What is the Momo Challenge?

“Players” are challenged through Whatsapp and Facebook to contact Momo at an unknown phone number. The teens are then ordered to perform a series of dangerous tasks. Failure to do results in repeated graphic threats that include:  Making personal information public (doxing), harming family members or casting evil magical curses. These threats are often accompanied with scary, gory and disturbing pictures. Some teens stated that they received terrifying images during the night while others claimed that the character threatened to materialize overnight to curse them. Other added that they received calls during which they could only hear screaming and terrifying sounds.

The “Momo Challenge” is reminiscent of the “Blue Whale Challenge”, which was linked to the death of dozens of young people around the world. The players were required to perform a series of exploits for 50 days with the ultimate challenge being suicide.

The Momo account uses as an avatar a picture of a grotesque woman with bulging eyes – a sculpture created by the Japanese special effects firm Link Factory. The firm denies any involvement with the challenge.

The Disturbing "Momo Challenge" Leads to Bizarre Teen Suicides

You probably don’t want this face to text you in the middle of the night.

Little is known about the actual content of these chat sessions with Momo. However, the stories relayed in the media by teenagers who played the game speak of incitement to violence and the exchange of violent content. Experts believe that the exchanges are an exercise in desensitization as players are gradually exposed to hyperviolent pictures and images throughout the challenges.


The challenges also lead to extortion and piracy. Indeed, using various techniques, the people behind Momo were able to access the players’ phones and use their contents for blackmail.

How Many Deaths Are Linked to the Momo Challenge?

The Momo Challenge was linked to the suicide of a 12-year old girl in Argentina who was in contact with a Momo account. However, police investigation remains inconclusive.

On August 28th, an 18-year old named Manish Sarki was found dead in a livestock shed which had the words “Illuminati” and “Devil’s one eye” scrawled on the wall.

The Disturbing "Momo Challenge" Leads to Bizarre Teen Suicides

Manish Sarki was found dead in Kurseong, India.

The Hindustan Time reports:

Manish Sarki, a class 12 commerce student of private school was found hanging inside a livestock shed, a short distance away from his home on Monday night. He had gone missing on August 20. The police are examining the sketches and words like “Hanged Man”, “Illuminati”, “Doped Up”, “Metal” and the name of a girl painted inside the livestock shed.

These graffiti had raised suspicion that the boy killed himself following the instructions from the game.

“We are trying to unlock the phone of the boy. Once we are able to do it, we might get vital clues on the reason of the suicide. Manish was found hanging inside a livestock shed on the night of August 20,” said Harikrishna Pai, additional superintendent of police, Kurseong.

“I had seen Hanged Man, the drawing Manish painted, in the Momo app. The game is responsible for his suicide,” said Arjun Ghatani, Sarki’s cousin and a class 10 student. Another friend Imon said he had told teachers that Sarki always hid something from them while using his mobile phone.

Momo challenge messages were reported in several countries around the world including Mexico, India, Argentina, France, Germany, and Canada. Some messages were reported in the United States, but no reports of harm yet.

Preliminary investigations determined that most of the messages originate from Japan and Mexico. Some sources believe that the “challenge” is most likely a form of “bait” used by criminals to steal data and extort people on the internet.

Another hypothesis is that these kinds of phenomena originate from underground rings of people who are into things that are extremely dark, violent and occult and who revel into leading gullible teenagers into a world of horror, self-harm and ultimately, death.


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Kids awakened during the night by their phones? Come on parents. These kids don’t need phones, and especially not while they are suppose to be sleeping. We have a crisis of crappy or no parenting breeding these pus-brained children.

As for Momo, the gov and all the social giants can follow everything you do and censor you for whatever they want, but they can’t get to this criminal enterprise behind Momo? I smell a great, big RAT.

Truth & Light

THE neo-parents are the worst. I see it daily


All acts of terrorism against the public are created by the governmennt. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.


While parents are too busy distracted by politics and NFL games on whether players should or should not kneel for the National anthem their children are being targeted. These kids have school there is no reason why they have their phones at night. Parents need to step up and do real parenting which means they themselves need to get off their phones or television and pay attention to their kids. There is a spiritual battle going on and the youth are in the front lines with no protection from their parents. This is beyond sad and it is preventable!


We need a savior …. Jesus Christ help us through tribulation.


What we would do without the usual religious propaganda?


Anyone notice you can post pretty much any opinion on here, and everybody’s polite about it, except when you post Christianity? Why is there a group of people that just can’t leave a Christian post lying there like anyone other? They MUST pick it up, figuratively, and smash it against the wall. Hey.C– no reason to hate. Ever think of just letting the poor woman express her faith without calling her beliefs ugly names? Try it; might feel good.

Open your eyes and ears

Because not everything has to be brought back to religion or Jesus. Maybe relying on a god to save us is the problem here?!


I would rather rely on an all powerful entity than a human being…


Maybe the fact that we have ignored true spirituality is what is wrong here? We have all fallen for the lie that is the modern bible. Jesus isn’t coming back, it is up to us to follow his true teachings and become as he was, united with God, pure in heart and mind. As Jesus and someone like Shakyamuni Buddha was only then can we vanquish evil.


If God is all powerful why did he let this happen? A test? That’s evil.


Then don’t take any test in this world, ass. And you probably were tested by your parent’s…which you thought were evil. Spoil brat!


No, i was raised by a loving family and have overcome many hardships to be where i am in the world today. The idea of an all powerful god, creating the universe and having power over literally everything letting the world be so full of suffering is an impossibility if that god were not also a malevolent entity. We have to suffer because our distant ancestor ate an apple? What?

The fallen

Just read the Torah and 613 original commandments to understand God’s logic. He would not let evil happen, evil came into the creation through a choice.. free will… The tree of knowledge.. the snake…. yeah that was the evil in disguise we happened to fall from God’s grace and heavenly love in the Garden of Eden… humans happened to fall for material world.. however his true love is real, we see this through his incarnation.. The same bark we ate the fruit from was the same bark he was hanged on to cleanse the sin and help us see the light we once saw before the fall.

So no evil was created by the fallen.

In the name of Jesus, I believe that Jesus died on the cross to take my sins and rose again from the dead. I confess all my sins and repent. I forgive everyone who has hurt me and pray for their souls. In Jesus’ name, I transfer all pain, betrayal, rejection, abuse, trauma, shame, guilt and abandonment to the cross of Jesus Christ.


Notice how anybody on these comment sections that doesn’t follow the religious path gets down-voted?


She always does that. I’ve even seen her do it on other sites.


Not just Christianity, it happens with Islam too. It’s a crime to be religious these days.


We don’t need a savior, we need to sort things out ourselves, pathetic brainwashed crap.

Katara Cole

I heard about this a few weeks ago and looked it up on Facebook and was shocked how many of these pages are on FB. I’m glad I’m not a teenager anymore. Scary shit.


This is exactly why Steve Jobs did not allow his children to indulge in cell phones and iPads. Who needs all this cr*p information to enter your brains?


My niece when she was 4 or 5,when she seen the similar images on tv she ran screaming shouting “momo” it was 20 years ago. I believe it has a demonic nature, and represents demonic presence and oppression. Pray for these kids !


As a parent with two children both sexes and with internet they can access I have spent many a time teaching them the dos and don’ts.i have told them about catfishing iv told them about shit like this suicide pacts iv told them about creepy YouTubeers also they do not have any social media for these daughter is 11 and son is 14 and they both know the dangers of the internet and for that I know I have done my job.i also have made them believe that I can see anything they are up to lol which every now and then when they are at school I check their internet history (I never taught them how to delete it lol) so am glad to see just innocent stuff like annoying orange and try not to laugh challenges these are what your children should be doing not creepy stuff like on this article you either gotta be gullible or dumb or your parents didn’t teach you right

The BiggestFart

The idea that your kids don’t know how to delete their history selectively is just adorable. I was homeschooled by extremely sheltering parents and knew how to clear my history at like 10. And it certainly wasn’t because a parent taught me how. You’re quite naive.

Kids poke around and figure out how to internet on their own.

i saw the light

this is another way to traumatize people.I was receiving phantom messages on phone asking for me to reply to them.. saying charges would be applied. Bait.. I 3 in morning my phone blew up with vulgar sexual and aggressive messages from that #…very scary…evil coming at us thru the phones…


You should sue them.


Look up the phone number and report it. That is criminal activity and some law enforcement s on the good side.

Oddly Specific

Wow! This is just like the Black Mirror episode “Shut up and Dance.”


Each generation feels the need to one-up the previous generation, and I guess these internet challenges are the ways they’re rebelling? Lame. The spiritual crud permeating society, this post-modernism of subjectivity is truth, not reality, has got to STOP. Parenting is a verb!


Whatever is behind this, they/It are not actually “people”.

this world is nuts

“On August 28th, an 18-year old named Manish Sarki was found dead in a livestock shed which had the words “Illuminati” and “Devil’s one eye” scrawled on the wall.”
Very typical of the devil… Does the devil have 1 eye? Is this the reason why the eye inside a pyramid is a symbol of the illuminati??


The Dajjal has one eye and he is the final boss of all these lesser devils. Very interesting stuff, look into it!


Grasshopper, you can leave the temple when you have claimed Jesus as your saviour.

Saucy Jack

Zechariah 11:17 is the reference usually cited, in which the antichrist/Lucifer is described as blind in his right eye (‘utterly darkened’). The Gospels and Revelation make reference to a singular eye as a metaphor for enlightenment and the ‘third eye’ which forms a triangle/pyramid of sorts with the earthly eyes. The imagery dates from at least Egypt of course and is also a reference to the pineal gland or inner eye, outwardly the eye of Horus or all-seeing eye of God. This was originally meant to be a comforting symbol for humanity, a reminder that God is aways watching and ever present and available. Not sure how it came to be associated with Freemasonic doofuses or as some eye of Lucifer Illuminati type deal, other than they seem quite good at appropriating imagery as well as rewriting history to suit their whims.

this world is nuts

@Saucy Jack, thank you!


Check out the Japanese movie “Suicide Club”, it is eerily similar to this.


“Another hypothesis is that these kinds of phenomena originate from underground rings of people who are into things that are extremely dark, violent and occult and who revel into leading gullible teenagers into a world of horror, self-harm and ultimately, death.” That’s what I thought too while reading this article. Probably (dark) users of the deep web, which most likely have knowledge about hacking and stealing information. Also, the pictures in the article are creepy as hell, best not to give attention to anything that looks like that in the first place.


Strange…I think a year after Go90 had launched, there was an AwesomenessTV original series uploaded on the platform, called “Sleep Tight”. It was a horror anthology miniseries with I think eight episodes. One of the episodes was called “Special Red”. In the episode, “Special Red” was a new, trending, online mobile game which was unusually addictive. When the main character of the episode started playing the game, it eventually became clear that the game contained subliminal messages which ultimately turned the players into mind-controlled slaves to whoever was hosting/moderating the game. This “Momo Challenge” game seems eerily similar to that “game”.


In the last Ariana Grande’s themed article here, I said that the triangle symbol pointing down was an illuminati symbol. Someone answered me and said it wasn’t. But it is an OTO (an occultist organization) symbol! Just search for “water the goddess auramoth”, withouth quotation marks, on Google to find it (I saw it on google images).


Idiocracy. Darwin Awards. More proof that having kids is not for everyone, thats what is all trouble about.


Exactly. I don’t know why it’s viewed as necessary or natural in society to have kids, especially women.


…Because it is natural to have kids.


Not everyone wants to have kids you smartie.


Some investigative techie on the side of GOOD should dig a little deeper and find out where this is coming from. Harassing kids with blackmail is a FELONY.


Ps- sorry i posted twice…i didnt know the other one posted….hey i just woke up and havent had coffee …im half asleep still lol


Satanic elites run this show including gov’t.

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