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103 Comments on "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America (video)"

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The reading and writing it's true, they did that with my daughter when she when in kindergarten. The teacher said it will help her be more creative without her feeling bad or scared that she will write something wrong, she is now in Second grade and they encourage reading lot so her writing has improved a lot too! I didn't think it was bad actually, since she became very good writing her own stories without feeling like she was doing anything wrong, since she reads a lot too, she has almost no spelling mistakes. In my time, they would find it more important to spell right but didn't care too much about what I thought or felt so I wasn't creative when it came to writing my own stories. I did grow up in another country though so of course the education is different. I don't know, I'm confused with… Read more »
I'm a grade 1 teacher at a private school in Toronto Canada… no way that's going on in my class… I do use the old school phonics to sound out words, never even heard of the look and see the word method, and I always nit pick their work down to if they miss a period at the end of a sentence…their self-esteem is not only fine after I do it, they are even stronger, not one of them gets sad because I told them they could do better…they actually go and do better to prove it to me!… anyone who would think otherwise is just too lazy and doesn't really care about teaching to let mistakes slip by… all my grade ones are super spellers as I've taught them to sound out the words and break them down by syllables, they can read and write adult words just fine,… Read more »

I believe it is in the best interest of humanity to either have a very intelligent and productive populace or a very ignorant and uneducated one.

Ignorant, uneducated populations are no threat. They formulate few opinions that digress from what is already known and there is little innovation or originality. But an uneducated population does not really benefit anyone because ultimately they become destructive. I cannot really see how an ignorant population truly benefits anyone. However an educated population that is exposed to some knowledge but not all is a powerful asset because these people, including all of us really, probably feel we know enough that we don't feel the need to truly search for me.

If you feel you are not being educated in school, teach yourself. The internet, books, libraries, relatives, speaking to people, travel – it's easy to learn whatever you want to if you keep your mind open.

my sister is a teacher, i asked her to watch this and here is what she said: The video is interesting, but I think it has a lot of ideas just thrown into a 12 minute clip. First off, in all of my experience in the classroom (which isn't TOO much), all reading programs focus on phonetic learning and sounding out of words, so I do not know where they are getting this information on the "See and remember" method. Also, aside from a teacher's assistant in H***** (a town primarily with a black & latino population, much poverty), there has been NO classroom teacher I have worked with who believes that no answer is incorrect and that 2+2 can equal 5. Do I believe teachers are going overboard with the "gold" star method? Absolutely. The video is accurate in its claim that we as teachers are too scared to… Read more »

why the pop up it scared me

Hey! I can't watch the video!

I wasn't aware of Death Education being taught though…

Unfortunately, the video doesn't have an ending, all it's saying is the problems with our school system, without highlighting the overlaying two problems.

1) Compulsory Education

2) State-Monopolised Education

Until parents [and students] have the right to choose their education, we will continue to be moulded into the "perfect citizen", ones who have no individuality and follow any state-doctrine without question.

That is the end result to true equality.

Thus I call for the decentralisation of the school system, give parents full control on which school to send there children to; even if the school is using a different curriculum to The State.

This is a sorrowful reality for mankind to be subjected to.

We really need to come together and take a stand and expose this monster of a society for what it is. Sad thing is most people don't want to wake up. They would rather go on believing nothing is really wrong and live their cozy lives. I can't fault them because alot of this stuff is scary when you have nothing to fall back on. We are more than flesh and blood, we are fighting against the evil pricipalities of this world. We have a job to do, a responsibility to this generation and the ones coming after us. Vigilant is definitley doing his part we must do ours myself included.

God Bless

Some people were criticizing somebody just because that because that person doesn't believe god is the savior? Well, there are just some things I don't like here, like how alot of people think that the only people even looking at this site are christians. My family is not really religious but hey, I'm just as concerned about these occult things just as much as you do. In my honest opinion, I feel that if we should start getting motivated to atleast TRY to stop this. Instead, most of us just sit here on the computer and not do anything about it. It's like how our country was originally created for, freedom and rights. People fought extremely hard for this country's birth. But now that it is corrupt, why can't we fight for our rights and hopefully attempt to stop the occult groups. I can see that some people just aren't… Read more »

I'm 17, and when I was in kindergarden, I was taught the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make…when exactly did the method of recognizing words become a law?

Then again, I live in Tennessee so that might have something to do with it…

Sheeple need to WAKE UP and see what the schools are doing!

I think I'm going to be sick. The Truth is here. We are awaking. That was a compelling video. Way to go Neal Fox. I was told by the pharmacist at Mickey Fine that the two biggest prescriptions in Beverly Hills are: Prozac & Valtrex.

Go figure. I wonder how much fluoride is in Valtrex.


I was sent to the counselor once when I was in…my sophomore year I think, because I was upset about something, don't really remember what, but the one thing I remember her saying right before I left was, "Maybe your thinking too much".

What kind of f****n advice is that? Never really made sense to me, but now it does …I guess

I don't know about it going THIS far, but… I know a woman whose mother fought for education all her life, and also fought so that teachers would be paid well enough. Remember, this was after the institution of "no-fault divorce." Anyway, she fought to make sure students would be well educated, and that the teachers would be paid a good wage, and that people would accept that education would be valued. Guess what she told her daughter. "Home school your kids." That's right, all that fighting, and she saw her efforts as abject failure. Not only that, but her death was brought about in part from a steady diet of aspirin at low-overdose levels. Cancer. I can't help but wonder if this woman had fought the good fight but realized she had picked the wrong side…and realized she was unable to pick the right side (sold her soul to… Read more »

VC is doing a very good job, and I enjoy reading every article. But how come the website has not been halted by some agency yet? I really hope it does not.

Exercise your rights HOMESCHOOL!!!!!!! Its not as hard as they would have you believe, you know your kids more than any teacher. I'll say it again, HOMESCHOOL!!!!!!

What home school system do you use?

I am a pediatric nurse and I see kids on Psychotropic drugs all the time. Young kids on Lithium, Prozac, etc. It blows my mind and makes me sick. I wish parents would think for themselves sometimes and not feed their kids poisen. But then I guess they (we) have been dumbed down also. At least I can try to make a difference one patient at a time.

I don't understand. I am a college student. And college is in no way easy. I never understood why elementary school, middle, and high school is a piece of cake but when you go to college, you do the most work you have ever done in your life. Elementary through high school, academics was a joke to me and everyone else. You have to be an idiot to not pass these days. We were allowed to use calculators, we were able to re-do tests when we got a bad grade. And then when I got to college we were allowed to use calculators, if you misspelled one work in your paper you get an F,I wrote my first 10 page paper, etc. So my question is: Why don't they start dumbing down universities??? This video is contradictory to me. If someone can answer my questions instead of disliking it I… Read more »

I'm just guessing that they don't dumb down the universities because they use "smart" people. If you think about it, all doctors, teachers and scientists are just puppets. Doctors are told what drugs to prescribe and how 'effective' the are, and they are bribed into that. Teachers are told what to teach and they will teach that without question. I'm still at school and we have to learn all about evolution and global warming (which is completely false by the way). So I guess that they still need some way of actually educating people. I watched a youtube video of an ex illuminati member that said when he went to their gatherings, he was surprised that most of the members were in fact doctors, and scientists and other intelligent people. They need these intelligent people to fool us as a dumbed down society

my college classes were a complete joke besides advanced chem and math. the rest was just about teaching you not to be a christian and to be part of the system. My supposedly advanced comp classes were stupidly easy, the kids were dumb. I was very very disappointed. Tested out of most first year credits on those tests for credits from knowledge randomly picked up.

I never finished. tried to go back twice. College is for idiots. Cah't stand it. I am sure some majors are better than that, but some are just flippin easy.

You must go to a decent college if its hard.

yea. But it depends on your major. I am Pre-Physican Assistant so I got to take alot of Biology, Chemistry, math courses which can be challenging. I actually just finished finals, one on Monday, one on Tuesday and 2 on Wens. So it is intense. But if your a communications or criminal justice major then college is a piece of cake.

None of my teachers believe in God and many of them express that in class. And their is alot of emphasis on Darwin's theory of Evolution.

Great video.

I think that the video brings to light a lot of issues that continue to bog down the educational system, however true education begins and ends at HOME… not school.

We can try to blame the system or the government but without the internal family support children will not succeed in school or in life for that matter. It is easy to always try to blame someone else for our own misguidance.

Ah, I also need to point out that every empire throughout history has seen a rise and then its fall. Sadly, the USA rose to the top and now the empire is on the decline and another empire (China) will take it's place as the Alpha Dog of Super Powers… such is life.

you can find toothpaste without flouride at wholefoods market, its called Toms they also have toothpaste 4 children

this video makes me feel very angry….these are little children gifts from God and all they can do is destroy them instead of taking good care of them!!but as much as it makes me angry the only thing i can do is teach my children the right thing, and avoid medication at all costs….my boy does without medication most of the time and he's very healthy and happy!!i always wondered why kids get groggy and uncomfortable while going through the normal immunization. and i got my answer from VC…thanks, great article as always!and God will not let his people suffer these maniacs wrath…….

Very remarkable little film. Thanks for this find, really brilliant. I am so sad that this is true.

OFFtopic: These days more and more often Vigilant Citizen's site is unavailable!!! I am a bit worried. I think I will archive even more books now from Knowledge Files, because it was also unavailable for hours today. I do not know what is behind this. I hope nothing serious.

I wouldn't mind this video if it didn't present itself in the same slanted and agenda-based style as a cable news segment. I understand that there's arguable issues in public schooling, but this information needs to be spoken of objectively and purely with logic, not the fluff of "Maya" and her sudden hanging. Which is an absurd attempt to tug heartstrings.


Also, I'm worried this video is subject to the "Everything sucks now" nostalgia that we suffer as we get older.