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The American Dream (Interesting Video)




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There is growing movement among Scientists that believe The Twin Towers were destroyed via Scalar/Particle Beam Weaponry. Why? Abnormal accelerated rusting on Steel, disintegration of the Twin towers into dust, lack of molten metal (they say there was but walked all over the so called molten area), vehicles were burning but paper from the towers around them did not burn, metal beams bent in horse shoe patterns. How are you to compete against this with a cheap rifle and a couple bullets all supplied by those same people you seek to flee from. Not only such, they want you to openly Rebel, so they can put more hedges and despotic laws around the larger populace. The question now is why doesn’t the Order crack down on dissidents?


the video says that the best time in america was when we gave value to the dollar through gold, but i heard that america stoped doing dat cuz if we continued doing so, we would run out of gold and resources. help me out here


hey im a fairly newcomer to VC but i think most of what I read is legit and I try to do my own research but looking thru each individual comment is mind numbing to say the least I honestly want to know about our financial system but the content of what you guys are saying is so deep and complex i feel like alot of it is going over my head not only that but when i see something that makes sense BAM someone comes with another comment tearing the previous comment down and i start from scratch. I know you will all tell me to do my own research but i look to a few of your comments for guidance idk i guess im trying to say is there something we can ALL agree on. but yea i look foward to interacting with you guys some more.


Interesting that this "silly cartoon" mentioned the "Red Shield". If you research this entity, they were started by the Rothschild, who, had/have dealings with the "Illuminati"…

Too bad it was produced by a perv (John Stagliano).


nobody should be a slave to the system anymore, no loans, no credit, no new flash car on finance, everyone is competing with each other for the new iphone etc. the US dollar is going to collapse, the fed keep printing more and more paper weakening the dollar, gold and silver are way up! silver was $18 an ounce in aug 2010, jan 2011 it reached $31! gold in 2001 was $250, 2011 it reached 1400! when people don't have faith in fake fiat currency they turn to precious metals, its a good time to get in because JP Morgan are manipulating the silver market, keeping the price low. cash grows weaker everyday and silver is up, research further.


watch that apparently its produced by a a big time p--n producer…and the animation studio worked with names like Nickelodeon


Thanks this it was really interesting and gave me a greater insight on the lies that are being told and the kind of world that we presently live in. This really explains inflation and why the banks got the bailout money. Why we the people voice is never heard and also why we keep falling the okey dok. Until we stop coveting things and stop trying to live as everyone else and until we start loving our very own individualism again and stop following others, we will always be zombies doming ourselves to the pit. This explains why the world is now unraveling and why the people in change are starting to really show there flaws because they have no control. This further confirms that voting and democracy is an illusion and why it is a waste of time. What it did show is that as man God creation we do have the power to say no and to make different choices and the best way to start is to stop selling your soul for the illusion and delusion of the so call American Dream. Now even gaining an education is starting to be like a house note and not… Read more »


LONGGGG VIDEO, good content.

I don't know if I buy the thing about Andrew Jackson. That man was pretty greedy himself – See Trail of Tears.

Megan Bishop

WOAH!!! I learned a lot from this!


glenn beck is behind this project!! i'm wondering why a republican wants monetary system gone…

Sarah Connor

I say this with a bit of sadness, because a few years ago I really liked him, and he has played a part in waking me up to some of the ways of the world. I first hand know many others who could say the same. But my little freemason radar blipped on him a few times (his logos for his Beck University, hand gestures while airing and then on magazine covers etc)… I started hearing & seeing him differently. Just came across this article and thought you might find it interesting. I fear he is a wolf in sheeps clothing….without trying to be too overly dramatic. And when my bosses wife tells me we just need to keep on doing what Glenn Beck says to get this country back……his influence is just a little frightening.


Beck is a tricky devil. He comes across as a patriot but he is a deceptive disinformation agent. He has a classic bit on the economy filled with standard misdirections while seemingly being against TPTB. It reminds me of the classic economic disinformation book The Creature from Jekyll Island. It is sometimes hard to tell the difference between dumb people and disinformation agents but when they are in the mainstream media I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt: they aren't dumb.

Sarah Connor

I should have added that although this particular article does not address the monetary question you had, it does explain that he is being used or helping to perpetuate the NWO or global theology… that would then apply to all areas of our life 🙂


hey people. my daddy does that thing with his hands. the pyramid thing. and he isn't Illuminati. don't talk about my daddy that way.


I had a hard time finishing this video. A few years ago I might have thought it was true information but not today. I read all the comments to see if anyone else caught on to the lies. I was happy to see Sarah Connor pick up on the incitement to violence and patriotic emotionalism at the end. Here's the truth. If you want to know how the money system really works the best video I've found so far is Money as Debt and Money as Debt II. I wish these videos delved deeper into the consequences of it but unfortunately they don't. But they do cover the mechanism truthfully, which this American Dream video doesn't. I would group The American Dream video with The Creature from Jekyll Island book. Disinformation. Enough tantalizing information is mixed with lies to make them interesting, but truth they are not. And in the end, the message they give is deceptive and misleading. The banks do not loan out money they get from the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve does not print money. The Federal Reserve purchases Federal Reserve Notes from the Bureau of Printing and Engraving for the cost of printing ($.04/note)… Read more »

Sarah Connor

Truly appreciate the recommendation, so thank you! Will be checking those dvd's out in the near future. I recently watched a documentary with David McAlvany and was pleasantly (for lack of a better word) surprised at how interesting, and yet horrifying the financial system can be, or more accurately……


The Money as Debt I and II series are are available on youtube

Sarah Connor

Much better!!! Thank you so much for the f/u JT!!!


I would also like to add this.. Incitement IS of very high importance to these fools. Look at the level of terror inflicted on the Palestinian just to incite a violent reaction for their uses. This video is doing the exact same thing using a sad eyed doggie to tug at your loose bits of string.

Some above see the hand at the controls of this wizard machine and this hand can't stop Toto from pulling back the curtain and revealing the plain old man yanking all those levers of the indoctrination machine with all it's fire and loud noise.

The more lofty the perch the harder the fall will be.

See you after the splat Humpty! We have a compensation system to regain control of.


Right! Labor and services! Exactly!

Not Gold or Silver!

We might have hope yet once this mess starts being blown through the fan.

Money is a mental trick to get you to do as your expected to by those that have far more of it than you.

Money represents confidence in and support of a system of remuneration for labor and service.

So HOW much confidence do YOU have in the money system of today?

Do you think you are getting a FAIR remuneration for all the work you have done with all these usury experts pulling the levers of compensation?

The so called rich are NOT rich.

They just look that way.

A hard working man free to do as he pleases even in the face of the the money changers flagrant disregard for our RIGHTS to compensation. THEY will FALL.

WE will just work on and survive! They don't have that option once the just man SEE'S their lies and tricks and his confidance in that system is lost.

The full faith of the almighty buck is in trouble…. Big trouble!


"Interest" should be made illegal.

another open eye

i probably will have to watch this video again, but i really loved it. not being fluent on English makes a lil hard to understand everything but i got the feeling of what its going on on the world for sure.


Suggestion to Enoch: Since you've spent considerable time over who knows how long digesting all the American History rewrite propaganda and then taking time here to regurgitate it, why not now delve into primary American documents – the writings of our Founders, per se, and actually LEARN how and why America was developed. You and your indoctrinated ilk ARE THE PROBLEM America faces today.

more $ more problems

This whole reverse racism thing is another predictive programming. Much like this cartoon they portray blacks as all knowing & make whites come across as ignorant, naive & weak.


what the hell are you talking about. All i saw was one black person in there, and they weren't even on the opposition side. And for that matter, everyone who has an dollar in there pocket is effected. So don't make this a white vs black people thing, it isn't.

They plan on making everyone slaves, regardless of color (which is really is a figure of mind control meant to keep people seperate)

The three worst weapons of mass destruction, keeping from reaching true human potential are 1) Currency or (money) and FIAT MONEY OR URSURY DEBT, which is what this animation is about, 2) Religion… pretty much creating a real estate monopoly on the afterlife, and then commanding people to certain deedes to get in, and then 3) Racism – saying that some people are more superior then others when they all have interlocking cultures and spiritual ancestory. And destroying or re-writting cultural history in the process to make people feel superior.

Not Blind

@Evil live Angel Thanks for pointing out Buttman's (John Stagliano) history. From his educational history, he seems as though he could've accomplished great things. Instead he decided he wanted the money more and started producing s--t. This certainly explains why the women are portrayed as purely sexual props. The Hash House Harriers also view women as bimbos and sluts. Anybody who believes in degrading somebody else for their own pleasure are sick. I wouldn't doubt if Buttman's friends are helping to fund MTV's 'Skins'. Wikipedia also states that he is a Libertarian (like many hashers are known to be), which are known to have strong views regarding free expression and property ownership (I'm in agreement with these two ideals). They are also known to be anarchists. This would explain the violence that is alluded to in the video. I believe in violence when you need to exercise self defense or defend someone else's life. I would like to see the financial criminals put into prisons not strung up hanging from a noose. Killing them would be too kind. Separating them from their luxuries and fine meals would make them wish we had simply strung them up. This is true punishment… Read more »

Evil live Angel

First John Stagliano made women to drink s---n, bodily fluids, vomit, piss, and to be degraded in front of a camera all for your entertainment and now he wants you to "fight back the evil rotschilds" so the cops and military could wipe out you and your friends for the sake of a new world order.

I guess he's found a new market in "riot p--n" or something, and wants to exploit you just like he exploited all those "nasty a--l sluts"… I mean women.


Ad hominem attacks are red flags for the average conspiracy theorist, you know that, right? I saw these posts and my first thought was, "Why are they bringing up a totally pointless argument about an American citizen exercizing his Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech (eg, filming p--n), a right I have and every adult in this nation has, to discredit a cute, G-rated cartoon? Ah, because they are agents of the Fed, trying to discredit this short." OK, maybe you aren't, but that was my first thought – blame the tin foil.

I wasn't going to watch it, because it's half an hour long, but my reflexive suspicion of all transparent and inappropriate ad hominem attacks convinced me to invest a bit of my day in it. Thanks, it was good! And maybe even educational! Oh, and btw, if you want to take away my right, as a US citizen, to mudwrestle in a bikini, or draw cartoons of women mudwrestling in bikinis, watch this video instead: Cheers!

Evil live Angel

Well, maybe my sense of humour was something too heavy for you, I apologize. But the thing that I tried to say was this: This animation is telling you all the secrets about your money and how your society works and they even mention Rotschilds by their name. And in the end they give you message that you should start a fight against these evil Rotschilds and their allies. Ok, sounds good doesn't it? But if you think a little more you should ask these questions from yoursef: What kind of weapons do I have? Can I really take over my country from these evil rotschilds by throwing rocks at them? To cut the chase, my point is this if you missed it: This video encourages you to violence and the truth is, violence does not get you anywhere. You just give the rothschilds a reason to kill you because you start rioting. Your weak 9mm pistol is pathetic to the weapons US military have and when every "sheeple" is running chaotic in the streets they are very easy prey for the trained soldiers who know exactly what to do. I don't want to take away your rights, but I'm… Read more »

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