Take That, Robbie Williams – “SOS” (video) – Interesting Lyrics


Save our souls we’re splitting atoms
Go tell Eve and go tell Adam
Liberate your sons and daughters
Some are gods and some are monsters
We’ll get a five minute warning for divine intervention
With the satellites falling prepare for ascension

Under mind control
We’ll be practising our politics
Defending all our policies
Preparing for apocalypse
Don’t let the hungry serpent see you no
No, no, no, no, no

She’ll let you fall asleep then eat you whole
It’s like a bullet to the head
It’s an SOS, it’s an SOS, oh yes, oh yes, it’s an SOS
It’s an SOS, it’s an SOS, like a bullet in the head, it’s an SOS

When the levee brakes
And Manhattan sinks
There won’t be water fit to drink
When the winter’s warm
And the summer’s cold
The poison stops you looking old

You’ll get a five second warning for divine intervention
And the satellites are falling prepare for ascension
As the earth looks on
The odds or probability
Of losing all capacity
To function it’s hereditary
No antibiotic can save us now
No, no, no, no, no We are the virus that we talk about

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Pretty sure this is about the illuminati/JFK. Robbie Williams made it public knowledge that he visits a particular conspiracy theory website – he has taken a lot of interest in certain issues. If you listen to the spoken quote in this song: “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed – and no republic can survive”, it is the voice of John F Kennedy (the assassinated US president) and the quote is part of speech. Many people believe the ”secret societies” he was speaking about in that speech was a kind of illuminati that he was warning people about and which eventually led to his assassination. Also note the lyric ”It’s like a bullet in the head – it’s an SOS”. JFK was killed by a bullet to the head. Read the speech that the JFK quote is taken from (Google: JFK Secret Societies Speech). This song… Read more »

I want to believe this is a cry for help, or maybe a warning to the people of what's going to happen in the near future if we don't "act now" since supposedly this artists are experiencing this "mind control/apocalypse" on the flesh….. but i'm afraid i'm being far too optimistic.

Here they explain a little…


does gary's shirt at 1:00 had any kind of meaning?… it just looks interesting

What is this satellite falling? What do you guys mean by the fake rapture? I've been reading VC for a long time now, but have never read anything about a fake rapture and project blue beam or whatever. Can someone help explain, please? thanks!

Come on people, what are you guys talking about?! this is just a band singing about general and random stuff! Do you guys really think that a band would try to spread a message this way? And that they really believe all that nonsense about an apocalypse and stuff? No, they are just trying to have fun, to make money and to make their fans happy and not to manipulate the world or whatever you all think. I really like TT, I used to be a huge fan back then in the 90's, but like any other artist they are just trying to make money, that's all!

Robbie Williams made it public knowledge that he visits a particular conspiracy theory website – he has taken a lot of interest in certain issues. If you listen to the spoken quote in this song: “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed – and no republic can survive”, it is the voice of John F Kennedy (the assassinated US president) and the quote is part of speech. Many people believe the ”secret societies” he was speaking about in that speech was a kind of illuminati that he was warning people about and which eventually led to his assassination. Also note the lyric ”It’s like a bullet in the head – it’s an SOS”. JFK was killed by a bullet to the head. Read the speech that the JFK quote is taken from (Google: JFK Secret Societies Speech). This song is blatantly about all of that: “Under… Read more »

On the return of Jesus and to be ready and on watch


God will return soon, stop gazing like a deer in headlights…… do some thing !!!! a secret is not a secret if told……… they are exposing the things they want you to know….but its the things you don't, that you should be mindful about…. they are exposing what they want you to know….please prepare your self for what God has said will come to pass.

it's part of the evil agenda to make you know what's going on now… get the testimony of JOHN TODD,an ex-illuminati, on youtube or anywhere else !!! No one can force u to follow God or the Devil…the devil gives nothing for free just to please humankind :HE HATES YOU!! an he is jealous of you because your have a GREAT PRICE in God's eyes…

these songs can say whatever. even if these artists have more knowledge than the average person, no body knows what's really going to happen (and when) but God. I really don't think anybody knows except for the people who are trying to alter things.

After watching the video and the RW interview here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tum4mmLd5IA&fe… …..this is what I see…. (1) Cashing in on 'truth movement' (FAIL) (2) They are now middle aged men – to be still singing about adolescent boyband stuff would be just too weird – yet their attempts to be 'edgy' are even more of an embarrassment (FAIL) (3) Whether there is a deeper agenda or not it's all still just marketing and not genuine… what's new?…. (answer nothing!). (FAIL) (4) This turns credible information and research into (celebrity) gossip idle (and idol) speculation – which is especially unproductive for the 'fledgling truther' who is just starting to hear about the world and potentially wake up. (FAIL) (5) He's attempting to gain street cred while denying (in interview) he actually believes any of it (massive FAIL) (6) Contradictory/ mixed messages with megaphones, armageddon, SOS etc yet delivered as shallow and unbelievably… Read more »

Robbie Williams is only singing about this because he thinks its a trend . I watched a video and he basically stated that this kind of stuff only interests him NOT that he actually believes it to be true. You'd think if he'd be advocating what you all say he is ,he would blatantly say it in interviews.

He's just like all the rest of them.

Yup, youre right, I saw that interview. & honestly thats what these people do, this whole Illuminati thing & everything that goes along with it, these entertainers are cashing in on. Like the article Lady Gaga did with Rolling Stone Mag, ' bout the dream she had where a "being" cut her arm, poured honey & ointment in the wound & then dressed it. Then she supposedly went & told her mother the dream and her mom said oh my, isn't that an Illuminati ritual? I mean, ewwww. It makes me sick, I'm honestly tired of seeing & hearing it everywhere. & I hope what these people in the "industry" are giving up, is worth it to them, cus I couldn't do it, not even for all the cash in the world.

Go to the next one on the list after this video finishes and check out The Flood, another interesting song with interesting lyrics.. if you read that one, you will get a better idea of where they're comin' from… like someone else said on here, I don't think there is really an agenda here in this song, it is more simply expressing the Truth that will set us free… there certainly are Biblical/Apocalyptical themes with a hint of the 'conspiracy' related stuff.. but just because somebody expresses these ideas, doesn't necessarily mean they are promoting them.. it is more like a 'truth-telling' song it seems. Anyway, here is the other song's lyrics:


Enjoy! It is a pretty good song actually..

P.S. So this is what Robbie Williams has been doing since 'Millenium' wasn't that his last big hit..?

Glad to see Robbie Williams out there again. I haven't heard anything about the guy since his "Millenium" single. Which has some really interesting lyrics. He's not very well liked in the States for some reason, but I like the guy. I take this song as a warning.

''We’ll get a five minute warning for divine intervention

With the satellites falling prepare for ascension''

Reminds me of a nucleair war: the famous Doomsday Clock, anyone?

i though robbie was part of all this agenda?

I dont think the prince would allow this song if he didn't know that in some sort of way it will help the agenda but i am not sure how ! i wish vigilant citizen explains more about the song

Notice at 02:01 and after the burning tall buildings

What i found interesting is that they maybe deliberately repeated "give head" so that people would be distracted about the real meaning by the silly sexual phrase.

notice how they say sos and no 6 times

Other songs of interest:

"Sparks Of The Tempest" and "Fair Exchange" by Kansas

"Monkey House" by T'Pau

"The Final Solution (Slavery Is Back In Effect)" by Sister Souljah

"Six Six Six" by DeGarmo & Key

"Raging Of The Moon" by Whiteheart

The album "Kilroy Was Here" by Styx

"Sexcrime (1984)" by The Eurythmics

listen !!!!! 🙂
(end of days-vinnie paz)

Amazing. I came on here because I was listening to the flood by take that and thought that had some relevant/poignant lyrics and I find this here, the first article.

I detected two handsigns.

Everything O.K (666) by Robbie 0:24min while singing "With the satellites falling prepare for ascension"

and the horned devilsign at 00:52min during refrain "It’s an SOS"(save our souls)

Disturbing text, but anyway a very good song and performance in front of the royal loge! *g

Greet from Germany and happy x-mas,


ps: sos video with better quality HD/1080p

The purpose of this song?

I think it is persiflage against Mr. Infowarrior Alex Jones, held in the eyes of the prince of wales!!!!

They are using the typical "work-instruments" of Jones, his microphone and megaphone and his "bad" utopia in their songtext.

addendum to 00:52min and after: notice the skyscraper with pyramid on the video-wall at the side of the stage

If you think Robbie Williams is some sort of saviour, perhaps think again. He has been a main fixture in the symbol-infiltrated UK show X-Factor for the past three years, a show which has its strings pulled by Simon Cowell.

its a creepy scary anxious exciting feeling i get when i hear this song and songs like this. i dont believe they are on any agenda but they know the truth and maybe some more than what we know.. something big is going to happen. idk about you but i can just feel it.. i go outside everynight and take a look at the moon and the big wide sky view that we have of our universe. we are tiny little things in this infinite place of energy and light.. something is going to change and we will have a five minute warning for divine intervention, we'd better prepare for ascension.. and im sure theyre speaking spiritually.. for u E.T. fanatics.. not doubting the fact that we might have contact but clarifying what theyre saying.. "save our souls" keyword "souls"

The great majority doesn't even get the lyrics, they are just into the music. Prince is probably checking up the lyrics right now and raging over them

Jesus help us all , that's all i've got to say.

this may have nothing to do with Robbie, but this video (coming from the biggest and probably most popular band in my country) couldn't be more obvious and blatant : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hts_XSaZHto
The song title : One

this song is supposed to be a song about God. but, oh well just watch the video first and you can decide which God they are referring to.

omg. dewa19 is involved in this?! D:

I really liked the song, even tho I couldnt understand one word of it, lol…. and geeeesh, this symbolism is just everywhere anymore, either people are picking it up because its “the cool thing to do” or theres something really with it.

that's an Indonesian band.

I liked the song even though I don't understand the language. Where are you from?

2012 will happen, and that is something abolutely certain, but worry not my friends, what is coming in the 21sth of december that year is the assension of humanity into the fourth dimension, and we are setting free of Iluminati control, 2012 is in fact the most glorious year of humanity, even if illuminati says the complete opposite

Ugh, it's so unfortunate that, probably a good portion of people in the audience were much too starstruck to be able to truly grasp the message…

Robbie williams has Reptilian descendance, and has also a lot of Reptilian mesages in his previous songs, he fully supported the illuminati agenda, but he was changing with the time, until recently that he sent everything to the f**k and decided to go indie an antilluminati…..

Seems quite strange why would they sing about serpent, Eve and Adam??? I hope that "Some are gods and some are monsters" isn't referred to fallen angels who they worshiping all along and judgments sent by GOD to judge the world. No one other than LORD Jesus Christ can save us because he had redeem us with his blood shed at Calvary 1 Corinthians 15:55-56 since Romans 3:23. 2nd resurrection damnation and White Throne of Judgement. Acts 16:27-30 27And the keeper of the prison awaking out of his sleep, and seeing the prison doors open, he drew out his sword, and would have killed himself, supposing that the prisoners had been fled. 28But Paul cried with a loud voice, saying, Do thyself no harm: for we are all here. 29Then he called for a light, and sprang in, and came trembling, and fell down before Paul and Silas, 30And brought… Read more »

This song is literally an SOS. And they are telling us, repeatedly.

Listen to their first single from their new album called "The Flood". I think those lyrics are more telling: Standing, on the edge of forever, At the start of whatever, Shouting love at the world. Back then, we were like cavemen, We’d beam at the moon and the stars, Then we forgave them. We will meet you where the lights are, The defenders, of the faith we are. Where the thunder turns around they’ll run so hard we’ll tear the ground away. You know no one dies, in these love town lies, Through our love drowned eyes, we’ll watch you sleep tonight. Although no one understood we were holding back the flood, Learning how to dance the rain. We were holding back the flood they said we’d never dance again. Bleeding, but none of us leaving, Watch your mouth son or you’ll find yourself floating home. Here we come now… Read more »

I'm kinda scared for all of this.. you know, 2012 and all. It makes me not want to be here for it, but I still wanna live my life. But if it does happen, I hope the Lord, our savior comes to get us all. I would way rather be with him then be down here for all of this.

@Sydneyy… Not to upset you or anything, but the only rapture is going to be that "Project Blue Beam", which is a NWO made up rapture to make more people confused about who is the Antichrist and who is the real Messiah… We all made this monster together and we are all going to have to face it together… But yeah, It would be very nice if we could just leave this rotten world and return to our Creator…

"Some are gods and some are monsters"

the monsters are those idiot lady gaga fans who think she is the most original thing since sliced bread.

what a great performance.

I always liked take that.

and muse.

the lyrics are very interesting. Hope it's b/c ppl are waking up everywhere, even in the industry =)


Now I have more respect for Robbie Williams.

First he was a sell out, Now he is someone who wants redemption..

Keep going Robbie.

Save our souls we’re splitting atoms (This is referring to the multiple nukes going off in various cities in the US and UK (as described in Operation Blackjack 12-21-12.) Go tell Eve and go tell Adam Liberate your sons and daughters Some are gods and some are monsters We’ll get a five minute warning for divine intervention With the satellites falling prepare for ascension (This is the fake rapture and worldwide TV messiah appearance of Project Blue Beam – one can also see the fake rapture described here in the Bank of America murals with the fake Nibiru black sun appearing to blot out the sun.) Under mind control We’ll be practising our politics Defending all our policies Preparing for apocalypse (As described by Frank Springmeier, porcelain masks are symbolic of possession/ mind control. From V for Vendetta, we are shown the worldwide TV messiah event when V takes over… Read more »

Actually, we ARE splitting atoms. Scientists have been experimenting with colliding atoms to create the spark that began life…and black holes.

Of course we're splitting atoms, we've been doing that for about 70 years now. But where does this person get the idea that that means that a whole bunch of cities are going to get nuked?

Splitting atoms maybe in reference to nuclear energy were using now for powering subs, bombs/missiles, and waste. If we have a WW3 most likely there will be nuclear fallout. At least I don't think he is refering to CERN with the Haydron Collider because your right that is not splitting atoms at all.

And ya, there's a big difference between splitting atoms and colliding them. And flips, I personally don't think there would be a nuclear war. Did people forget about mutually assured destruction already? No one would win.

I do not think there is an overt reference in the song about WW3, and was just speculating about splitting atoms from someone elses comment (I think I mentioned several alternative forms of atomic/nuclear energy problems and did not just focus on Nukes). I do think if there was a WW3 there would be some nuclear event whether it be from a dirty bomb and various other forms of delivery systems not necsesarily a complete annhilation of civilization (not every country has effective delivery systems but have nuclear fallout capabilities). But then there is always "Dr. Strangelove"

One thing is for sure is that we can rule out the LHC – CERN is colliding atoms for possible fusion exatly the opposite of splitting.

Haha ok, we agree on the LHC, but like I said, if there were a WW3 event, I still don't think there would be any nuclear attacks, as ignorant as a lot of people are, if they've taken a history class they're going to know why that (probably) won't happen.

Where on Earth did you get these absurd ideas?

That was a good breakdown. Only thing I didn't like was the prediction of my city going bye-bye. Can't say I wasn't already thinking it would happen eventually.


The funniest thing about this song is that he may not even realize how close to the truth the song really is… its Revelation time, really. Can't you feel it in your spirit, God equipped us with the tools, "…ignorance is not a pleading when you face those pearly gates and if you don't believe in Heaven I garuntee something else awaits."

If you dig deep enough and read the right books you'll realize Its always been Revelations time….

Its always been Revelations time….

exaclty, all of us here are born into the Apocalypse. Right now essentially is a judging process so live carefully..what you say and do..including myself =/

REPLY : Alichuuu~ says: December 23, 2010 at 10:47 am Maybe they did their comeback to spread information or warning us. Who knows , but the song’s good. bruv you stupid , You think there going to bother in so called "Spreading The Word" to warn people about the industry, man see if the "Devil or Elite or Freemason or The illuminati or even the one eyed fuk etc etc" wanted to he could get them all buried 10 feet down , so personally I don't think it has anything to do with them trying to warn us I just think it has mixed messages maybe just to plant a thought with out any body noticing anything, think about it , it is a good catchy song and even at the end of the video every body gets up and claps like its normal , without the band and the… Read more »

These people are clever enough to camoflage their messages so that it looks either cool or innocent.

"Give – Head" at the end ?

Glad I was not the only one to notice that

Maybe they did their comeback to spread information or warning us.

Who knows , but the song's good.

Robbie Williams is quite different, actually. He joined the Above Top Secret forum a couple of years ago because he had had an extra-terrestrial/UFO experience while jamming with a few friends. (His username there is "chrisonabike", I believe.) Hearing him tell it, it definitely changed his Life. But I've been listening to Robbie since he went solo, and the cat has ALWAYS had quite a bit to say – he's much deeper than all the mind-controlled Illuminati slaves out there. He has definitely always come with a great deal of awareness (as well as self-awareness – there's quite a bit of depth to Robbie). The unfortunate thing is (for MANY reasons.), he isn't as "big" to the public as, say, Lady GaGa or Beyoncé, so there's less opportunity for skeptics to scoff at him or people who are aware of what's really happening to mentally high-five him. This does work… Read more »

(Sorry about that, Alichuuu – that last message was meant to be in response to SavedByGrace. 🙂 <3)

I've noticed a lot of artists (you know, ones that actually sing REAL MUSIC, but will never be headliners) speaking more and more about the price of fame and how the 'system' controls the industry. This song is right there with the rest of the real artists that are waking up and seeing the forest for the trees.

I'm sure a mainstream artist is not trying to spread any truth. They just do what they do to sell albums. Same reason why there a movies that claim to reveal illuminati secrets. Plan and simple: they want the revenue from a certain audience.

Agreed, however, there are several movies that actually do give a good vision of what is to come if we don't do something about it. I discuss several of them here http://buttaflyytulsa.wordpress.com/dont-just-wat…. You should check it out!

Predictive programming? Or perhaps he is warning us? The name of the song is S.O.S and the context of the lyrics are extremely suggestive. Vigil should do a full break down on this. Mind Control, Poisoning Ourselves, Water not fit to drink,….. He's mentioned like 90% of the song on this sight before. This is the most blatant display of secret knoweledge that i've ever seen.

Its not secret knowledge…..

Predictive programming at its best!. I wont be surprised to hear of Manhatten being flooded sometime soon, with no fit water to drink! This is deifnitely a blatant display of secret knowledge unknown to the masses.

Interesting how the Mic is made to look like the CND/PEACE symbol anyone else notice ? pretty cool …

No I don't find it that cool at all considering the peace sign is technically an inverted/perverted crucifix. It's upside down and the arms of the crucifix are bent, which can be interpreted as perversion. Manly P. Hall's book "Secret Teachings Of All Ages" has an entire section on the practice of symbol perversion.

I was jamming to this song. It has a nice groove to it! No he didn't say we are the virus. If that ain't the truth !

" Don't let the hungry serpent see you " lol this was performed at the Royal Variety in front of Prince Charles and Camilla who some would refer to as Serpents/Reptilians.

He's talking about the World Serpent, the "Good Spirit" of the Kabbalah, the Quetzacoatl of the Mayans, an Evil Spirit that manifest as a serpent… Creepy

Wait, if Prince Charles is actually there, there is no way his evil ass would allow a song like this unless he enjoys its truth in some sick, demonic, and/or psychotic way.

Well, its not like he could say "I don't like this song so I won't allow it to be released."

Just saying.

Right but the point was him allowing it to be played at that theater, you think the prince wouldn't have that authority?

The prince is an idiot, no brain,lives in a bubble, probably didn't get the song, etc.

The Prince is royalty, and would have knowledge of a secret society's plan for world domination. If you consider the Illuminati bloodlines as factual he would be directly connected to such plans, even if in only a minor way.

Robbie Williams has just rejoined the band and has obviously written these lyrics.

Here he is talking 9/11,Bohemian Grove Vaccines Zeitgeist e.t.c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tum4mmLd5IA&fe… Check out BODIES of his last solo album he talks on the same themes V.C and allot of us know about and our more and more are waking up to.

He knows the deal People !

HAHA yes Robbie go on son you legend ! this will go over most peoples heads but i am amazed still.

The use of the MEGAPHONE is also very clear reference to people spreading truth on the street – i bet for HE he watches CVEITCH of the Love Police's videos in London !!!

Love it.

ps everyone youtube "The Love Police" and watch Cveitch's videos he is great.

I originally thought the use of the megaphone was somehow related to the Pink Floyd "Waiting for the Worms" with mind control references, practicing politics, defending policies, preparing for politics and its a function of heridity (possible final solution) to the world problems again.

But I like your reference better also it is the same microphone as the Love Police, thanks for sharing. It is a more positive light on a dark subject.

The microphone has the shape of the peace without Christians symbol! Punk is about being a god yourself. Don't bow down to God. Freemasons teach that the serpent means eternity and wisdom, wich is in direct opposition to what the Bible says. They teach that the world isn't perfect and must be made better, yet we see every day how it is distroyed even more by silly politics made by people who think that they are oh so clever. Many people think that they know the manipulation techniques, but I find that they are the most brainwashed, because they buy into anything that they are told by other people and treat other humans like gods. Why would anybody want to be the monster of a no brainer like Lady Gaga? Much of the "scientific wisdom" that we today is based on the occult, introduced into societies through people who practised… Read more »

I have various feelings when hearnig this song.. because to be honest it could be simply that they sees how messed up the world is.. and feel "biblical appocalipse" coming (this is something happening all around the globe) so this song would be them saying it as it is in their view.. and seeing the video I can't find anything promoting any sort of agenda.. but whenever I hear mind control I feel like someone is talking to me.. and at the end of the song I think they're supporting the global warming bs or could be because they imagine some sort of nuclear/chemical problem.. we'll have to wait for the official video to see if there's anything more to it..

By the way, absolutely hated the guy singing with the bloody peace sign..!

the lyrics……hmmmm….."divine intervention"………."satellites falling"…….I feel a hint of the future soon.

I know the reason why satellites will come crashing back………Godspeed to the real divine intervention

When i listened to it i just had to keep swichting the sound of it just sounded evil to me. Another thing who are they askin to Save their Souls (SOS) ? Could they be saying that they have sold thier souls? Did u notice that the specker that he was holding was in the shape of the peace sign?

''prepare for ascension'' and SOS = Save Our Souls ?

Beware of the "New Age" trap.