Symbolism in Britney Spear’s Femme Fatale Tour (video)


We have describe the entire Illuminati mind control theme around Britney Spears’ Femme Fatale album in the article entitled Britney Spears, Mind Control and “Hold it Against Me”. Unsurprisingly, her live shows appear to also contain a good dose of Illuminati symbolism too. Her performance of the song Gimme More features: an illuminated pyramid, an eye above its gateway, Masonic twin pillars rising from the ground and more. The combination of these symbols make the set more than “Egyptian-themed”. It becomes secret-society themed. It is as if everybody’s singing “Gimme More Illuminati symbolism”!

(Sorry about the quality of the video, it was shot by a fan using a mobile).

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154 Comments on "Symbolism in Britney Spear’s Femme Fatale Tour (video)"

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More in the media on Britney's decline. Worrying what they are setting this girl up for.

"She's miming, lethargic, there are hundreds of unsold tickets – and her parents get all the cash. Britney's humiliating new tour"

Read more:

I really don't understand why the 'upper ups' choose to put so much symbolism. Not like most people will understand what they mean anyway. This is like they're just playing with the 'stars'

"I just can't control myself, more

They want more?

Well I'll give them more (ow!)"

I dont want anymore Britney, I dont want you to have to suffer for peoples entertainment any longer. Lets set Britney free!

I agree. if you really look at the video closly it looks like if there are horns in the middle of the stage really huge. and It looks as if the piramid is in the middle With the Eye in the Middle. and If you look on the floor you can see there is a lot of smoke But it seems as if it was fire Blazing from the floor. I dont know but thatss just me.

I went to that concert. It's not horns , the whole stage has that circle thing , but there was a chair or machine in front of it to make it look like that

Do you guys remember VC posting that video of her "hello, oh, hello, ew" interview. I noticed something.. I think her trigger words were used there. "Weird" was said right before she went insane, and all of a sudden it was all good after she said "strong britney." I think "weird" and "strong" might be trigger words for her alternate personas.

poor Britney…did you guys have a look at her world tour conert schedule? seems really crazy..every day performing at different much …

too tight tour schedule all around the world…crazy stuff!! I hope she goes through…

Shes coming to New Orleans this month. I was going to go see her, but lately Im becoming more and more sensitive to all that mind control stuff. I ask all to pray for these mind control victims. Souls incarnated into these situations need lessons in love, hate, forgiveness, and last but not least, GOD. Only in a Godless state can these horrible things happen. With all the talk of mind control victims, survivors, etc, I dont hear the word GOD nearly enough.

How is it possible nobody sees all there egyptian references?

I was watching TMZ last week & even they mentioned her new tour is lackluster & she's just going through the motions. Talk about being a puppet!! Sad she has no way out but to continue to put up with all that just to make money. I'm waiting for the Illuminati to recreate a duplicate of her & send her out instead . . . oh yeah, they just did that on this tour!!!

When will the Illuminati realize "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the time". Apparently, they think they're getting away with fooling lots of us, but lots of people do suspect, Britney hasn't been herself in years.

HEY GUYS! This is a HD video of Gimme more live with the pyramids and all that stuffs:

try to look at her "Everytime" lyrics; Notice me, take my hand Why are we strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me Everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my **WINGS, I feel so small **is the wings stand for the baphomets? I guess I need you, **BABY And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, it's **HAUNTING me **yeah only bad spirit keep haunting human. I guess I need you, **BABY **who is her baby being mentioned here? I make believe that you are here It's the only way I see clear What have I done You seem to move on easy And everytime I try to fly, I fall Without my wings, I feel so small I guess I need you, baby And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, you're haunting me I guess… Read more »
that's not realy what the song is about. because it was actualy about her ex justin. she wrote it when they broke up. "Everytime I try to fly I fall without my wings" *Everytime she tries to move on(fly) she just falls back into the sadness of a lost love(just like she lost her wings) (I know that this sounds a lil weird but it's metaphoric and how can you explain something metaphoric when it's about love? But I think you know what I mean) "And everytime I see you in my dreams I see your face, it's haunting me" *Have you ever left someone so much that you couldn't think of anything else but this person just like it was haunting you? "I guess I need you baby" Her baby is/was Justin Timberlake "At night I pray That soon your face will fade away" *She don't wanna think about… Read more »

I remember Britney saying once she wanted to sell her house because it was haunted and heard lots of noises… and this was back in the day about three years ago when her mind control started to show through.

Glad to see she's still living out her dream. I know she's had rough years, but seeing her back in work shows that she still has got what it takes to continue on.

poor Britney ,she makes me so sad because she is clearly a victim ,i think that right now she's 100% controlled ,not like the past years since the famous breakdown .

She is now "more happy" perfoming ,she talks more ,she dances better and its sad that this is hapening because of the hard programming shes has been into the couple years.

God bless you Britney ,i hope that one day you'll be totally free

Umm you should look what janet jackson is wearing in her concert

Lady Caca- I totally agree with you but I wonder why those humilated persons always seem to be females. Why aren´t men also undergoing that sort of programming? Or am I missing something? Please tell me? :O

male chauvinism is the answer

On a related note, I've noticed that Beyonce is getting so much bad press these days, predicting her new album "4th" will flop. It reminds me of the media bashing done to Christina last year in the lead up to "Bionic" flopping. There are 2 coincidences I've noticed: a) Both ladies were into their 4th studio album b) Both ladies were 29 when this happened (last year CA was 29 & this year B is 29). Is there something going on? I've read here somewhere on Monarch programming. Where these 2 ladies malfunctioning hence they needed to be re-programmed (via their music make-over)? Or is it because their programming is winding down (I heard it's up to 30 rears old), hence they have to endure public humiliation & "suffering" until they are re-programmed back? Or is this some sort of initiation to the next level or test for their loyalty… Read more »

this is a little off subject but i wanted to see if anyone else had any input or maybe i was just reading too much into it…but i was listening to adeles song "turning tables" today and in one of the lyrics she says .."next time i'll be my own savior…"….i thought this was and interesting lyric, and especially after reading several articles on vc…what do you guys think?! 😀


I just can't with this untalented gimmick, puppet.

I wouldn't go to a crappy show of hers not even for free (well… i might).

Hey and notice at the end of the till the world ends performance, she leaves the stage flying with wings like a butterfly :O

I love this website. Since reading it, I have seen a lot of things other people ignore or pass over. I feel so sad for the way society is moving. I’m a kid from the 90’s and 80’s. When I was a little kid, the bad boys of the music industry were the heavy metal bands. I remember the grown ups furious about Ozzy Osbourne biting off heads of birds. Not very many people listened to that music. Only a select group. I can also remember how controversial Madonna’s video, Like a Prayer was. I felt that it was uncomfortable for her to be dancing in a church like that, and maybe they shouldn’t show that video. Well, that video went on to do well, then other videos pushed the envelope even further. Now we have singers wearing crosses on their crotch. The difference is the audience the music is… Read more »

I can't wait to see this show TOMORROW! it's the end of time b*****s!

New Japanese Pop Idol Shocks Fans With News–She’s Not Real (video) |

its not what you think – only worse

~Uncanny valley~

They even opened a website for the netizens to play around and create their "dream idols" using these girls' facial characteristics. smh

Can I just say I never thought you'd post this assuming a million others had probly sent this to you as well. So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Ok, i dont know how this will sound to a lot of you but from researching a lot of this for past 2 years or so, ive kind of come to a plausible conclusion. i personally believe that people believing in the illuminati and freemasonry etc has grown a lot, and i believe that all these pop artists and such are placing imagery in there video clips and there live performances, not because they are satinists or because they are being controlled by the record label, but because they are trying to turn heads and to get attention, precisely what they are doing, good exposure or not, they are getting there attention. you know what they say, any exposure is good exposure. I do believe that the world is slowly being dumbed down and that the illuminati are contributing to this, but have have any of you ever thought that… Read more »

I at least applaud the fact she's attempted to fight back, and be free from it a handful of times, which is why her fans have woken up to this. Unlike blatant puppets such as Gaga, that relish in it, and have no remorse brainwashing her niaeve "monsters".

I feel so bad for britney, you can tell she doesnt want to do this. she doesnt want to be on a stage like a f*****g puppet. the symbolism of her control is so blatant its sick. why are they still using her like this? and "femme fatale" what is that supposed to mean that shes doomed?

it makes me want to cry she looks so sad most of the time.

There's also a lot more background on that subject, Oprah and the new age bible "The Secret", that she and James Arthur Ray were selling to the masses, along with many celebrity cult converts (Lady Gaga, for one), in my article "A Brief History of Stars – Part Two".

The bottom line message in "The Secret" is pretty much a mirror image of Crowley's "Do What Thou Wilt", which explains why it is such a big hit with the ruling elite and degenerate celebrities of the world.

Oprah's New Age cult BFF, James Arthur Ray, convicted on three counts of Negligent Homicide (human sacrifices) for his involvement in a mass "Sweat Lodge" ceremony in Sedona, Arizona.

WHERES THE DANCING?? Theres more action in the stage props than Britney. Its actually hard to see her in that mess. She's just standing there barely singing. Where the hip thrusting where's the movement? This is one of her best songs, it should have been pumping! she should have belted it out, full of feeling. Its like they took her soul out of her body.

Mj would never do such a poor performance, I don't understand why she isn't dancing and singing her ass off. Shes like dead up there.

There's plenty of performances in this tour where she's belting out songs, and dancing. Dont judge on one low quality video.

I didn't know performers take breaks from performing onstage during whole songs…. maybe I'm just used to people with talent. Thanks for the heads up Joe. Maybe you could link us to evidence of that during this tour??

I've been a fan of Britney Spears I was 8 years old, now I'm 20. It's a sad world we live in. The symbolism in this video is horrible. I feel she will be the next sacrifice in the industry. I truly believe it is over for her. She had a good run from 1999-2004. I find it funny how she is said to be "mentally incapable" to go to court, but yet they can just throw her up on stage and make videos and do a world tour. She seems happy all of a sudden. Is she being programmed? It's really weird and strange. I've grown up with her and it would suck to see something happen to her, but I think this is her last album. She needs to retire and get far away. She even said she would give up anything to be a full time mom.… Read more »

I think when she was young, she really wanted to be famous, and beautiful and loved and tried hard to be the it girl. Then when she made it, she got her first heartbreak from men and the reality of it all. I don't think she wants to be a dancer/singer, but shes made herself into a big name and its gonna be hard for her to retire, unless she learns to be stroung and say enough is enough, and learns to live a humble life like the way she grew up. But she has a big hollywood mansion and alot of things to pay for and shes gonna be pressured or forced to do concerts she doesn't have the spirit to do. It wouldn't be so bad, if she really could pull it off, but it's become obvious she just can't do it.

The set reminds me of the one for the 1999 Oscars:

I´m a huge fan of this website and for quite a while now I've been studying and reading about symbolism, freemasons, Illuminatti agenda etc. At first when I started reading VC's articles on the music industry I was shocked because everything was always in front of us and we never realized! sometimes you get an eerie feeling that something is just not right, that's the kind of feeling I had with Lady gaga when she first came into scene. I've got to admit that her songs are REALLY catchy and I hate saying that I even like several of them, however I'm always analyzing and I'm really aware of the symbolism on her videos and the lyrics of her dongs, everything is just SO obvious, she is a true satanist at least she makes a huge effort to come off like one. Last month I was in Mexico City and… Read more »
The reason so many artists manage to fly under the radar is because they make their songs and videos just vague enough that their managers and/or their fans can defend them. For example, I'm sure a number of Gaga fans argue that 'Judas' is actually a morality tale, since Mary M. dies at the end, presumably for 'choosing the wrong guy'. This has been going on for a while. For example, the Beatles were before my time, but I do like some of their music; and I, like Gaga's fans, once defended their Sgt. Pepper album cover, even though it included Aleister Crowley because, technically, you Could make a case that he would be a 'lonely heart' (after all, who could love a creep like that(?) However, my defense ceased immediately when I discovered that the true name of the photo montage was actually 'People We Like'. I hope that… Read more »

This will give me nightmares…. :/ and to think young kids are seeing this is also very scary….

I was at that concert! in Sacramento

To see her alter come out search 'Britney Spears alter ego' on YouTube. It happens during her interview with Diane Sawyer. I'm surprised VC hasn't already posted it. Very creepy.

This article needs a new video of her tour Femme fatale, shen she is MARILYN MONROE!!!!!!!! and at the end of the tour she is wearing huge angel wings…the angel of death…..and of curse,, there are tons of sadom escenes and videos on that tour…

I can't tell you how much I love her ♥ She's in my prayers :'( If God really is all loving and forgiving,he will let her into heaven when the day comes. She was a star since she was a child.Poor girl didn't want this.She wasn't aware.She was/is a victim.I don't care what others have to say.I don't care if she's a lifeless zombie.I know that deep down in her heart,the real Britney lives and I love her with a passion.Whenever I see her,I fight the urge to cry.I wish I could just kidnap her and take her faaaar away from 'them'.Help her to get back to her old self.You have people like Rihanna and Lady Gaga who enjoy this evil lifestyle and I don't care about them.Their choice.They love it.They don't care. But people like Britney and Michael..I keep them in my heart. What a horrible world we live… Read more »

speaking of nicki minag, I found this on youtube! it starts at 0:40. Its the song monster, performed at the Femme Fatale tour

Umm VC, why did you delete my last comment?

Those poor Brainwashed fans are to busy staring at that mindless marionette hop around on stage half naked to realize all that Illuminati stuff RIGHT ABOVE HER HEAD

Watch the " I want to go video. At exactly 3:04, the camera is focused at Britney's reflection in the car, but the figure that's shown is that of Baphomet

OMG i knew it man…its baphomet….so baphometney

I can't see bathomet there.

The Car reflection, is not hard to see

:O You are completly right!!I thought how could that be! but you are : O

And the evil red glow into her eyes are very weird too at 1:30 and in whole clip and her face looks so weird (not her) at 1:42.

Illuminati also in Manga

O-Parts Hunter or 666 SATAN, Manga from 2001-2008,

contains a lot of satanic symbolism..

The only way to "free" Britney would be to stop buying anything Britney, the hard part is try to convince the millions of fans to do it. Sad.

i agree don't support by BUYING the music, just download em illegally like every other american!

Some of us believe in supporting the artist and the art. And part of that is in buying the music. I only take music when there's no logical way to buy it (yes, there's stuff out there that can't be bought).

And I don't care if you're being a smart ass. This in, IMHO, too important to joke about.

Eww. The devil IS a liar! This one performance sums up the entire "movement" that is the devil's new religion … the religion of the self! The acknowledgement of our holiness, but with satan claiming HE is the only way! Such evil blasphemy. If I were Brittney, I would never perform again, no matter what they do to her. Rather than be a devil's minion, start working for the one true GOD. I know she's got an alternate personality, (*or she's possessed by an evil spirit…) but there ARE times when she snaps out of it. She can choose to break her agreement right now and stop working for him, but she keeps the masquerade up. Brittney desperately needs to let go of her fears. This is a lesson in disguise for anybody who feels weighed down by the evils of this world… just know that God works for you,… Read more »

Simply creepy!

Are those horns on the stage? Bathomet?

I agree post more articles on mathemagic please I am interested to hear what you have to say on the topic. Keep up the great work 😉

Poor Britney, girlfriend's brains are fried. It's getting to the point where she cannot even perform simple functions without them turning on the remote control, I have a feeling shes going to ''overdose'' or have a ''car crash'' sooner rather than later.