Street Lights that Spy On You


The company named Illuminating Concepts (can’t make that up), backed by the Department of Homeland Security, has launched its new product called Intellistreets. It is street lights equipped with a speaker system, motion sensors, video cameras, mics and other crap nobody wants. Remotely controlled using Wi-Fi technology, these street lights have some interesting advantages such as energy saving and whatnot. It however doesn’t take much of an imagination to grasp to frightening police-state, oppressive potential of these lights. I mean they can film you, record your conversations, and yell orders at you while displaying a video. Anyone who has read 1984 can definitely see the frightening similarities between the “telescreens” and the hidden mics of Big Brother and this technology.

Here’s the promotional video for the product.

And it won’t take decades to see this street light on our streets: Intellistreets is presently being installed in Farmington Hills, Michigan.


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Ninth Eyed

That voiceover sounds like the guy from Tomorroand in Disneys Magic Kingdom… Yes Ive been there and NO I am not proud of it 🙁

Prince E chizzy

If this is not " bigger brother " then it's Anti-christ.


This is ridiculous we are truly an enslaved society! satan really wants omnipotent control over this entire sector of the universe….Dont worry The Son Of Man is Coming.


Also, apparently the video no longer exists.


I think they're already spying on us through current streetlights…just not on all streets. There have been times where I've been out walking around and turn down a street and suddenly hear a loud, high pitched squealing/humming in my ears. Others in my company seem oblivious. It's as though I'm the only one who hears such an obvious sound. I refuse to speak a word until the noise stops. Its enough to make me want to design a fashionable tinfoil hat.

Although they've probably discovered a way to penetrate tinfoil by now.

Vincent N.

Can anyone tell me who owns these cameras hanging on street lights? I am trying to get copies of video coverage from a car accident, and I am having a tough time locating the company.


I kinda liked the music. And damn it for being so techy and new agy! 🙁 and the freaking pictures! They make this s**t look… Pleasant! Of course that's their job, sell the product, but sheesh, near the end, i was starting to like it! I still remember their agenda tho, no worries.

And at the end it's so funny how they mention homeland security features then give a pause, and its weird b/c the street light they have shown looks a little like baphomet or two illuminated eyes saying "i see youuu". Creepy.

Anyways, at my apt complex, they just started putting up more street lights b/c ppl had started selling drugs in the backwoods behind my apt… they kicked out those tenants but im starting to wonder if those lights have cameras.




i find this highly creepy because i live less than 10 minutes from farmington hills :/

Ming D

Oh. Apparently none of you have ever lived in "the hood". They had these in the projects like 15 years ago. I remember I used to go outside on my porch and if there were too many hustlers in the parking lot, someone would come on the PA system and tell them to move or the police would be called. Again, nothing new.


would just like to say… it has been installed and is being used in branson, mo.

here is the link.


they already have these things in england. im not even slightly surprised. alot of the streetlapms have cameras. 😐


what we need to do now is expose and reveal and point out how weird these people must be ,wanting to control everybody??/ private school male cheerleaders who have behaved like souless cretins to get where they are today,,,,what a pathetic bunch of psychotic mentally ill people ,,,your gonna spy on me ? im going to eat you like your rich ancestors used to do!!

so my masterplan is to visit michigan every saturday morning,

pull up a chair with some popcorn,

cross my legs and watch the sunrise!



This reminds me of the speaker system they had during the war to spread propaganda.


wait, isnt it enough just to locate the sun and turn off the lights? didn't they just want to increase energy management?

then whats up with this other extraneous stuff? HMMMM…



get real

i don't think these things will really affect third world countries because those countries will be forced in a more brutal way. just because we will be "one world" doesn't mean that everyone region will serve the same way. i'm sure third world countries will be forced in a different manner.


@Apostle The Satan I was referring to was the carnal one. The Satan I meant elects the president and is a child molester. The Satan I meant is a banker who owns a large bank. God bless.


Why try to stop them? That is a pointless pursuit. If you really want to decapitate them then focus your efforts on other effecting the 7 BILLION people who inhabit the world in a positive way. You can do this by fully accepting the power that you have through Jesus Christ who lives in you. Become a vessel for God so that he can be a physical presence on earth through you like he did in Jesus. Start accepting the fact that the spiritual world exists and stop getting in the way of it's operations because of your fears and doubts. Stay happy and joyful, because you know that everything is alright and God is in complete control. You would be amazed at how many people will be attracted to you just by your disposition and will desire to have what you have. This is the mind of Christ. Now could you imagine how quickly and dramatically the world would change if even 100 million out of 7 billion people were performing around the world with signs and miracles like the diciples did in the time immediately after Jesus' resurrection when He sent His holy Spirit? God's glory would spread… Read more »


They have installed about 10+ cameras like this in areas of crime here in Austin, Texas..lot of people not happy especially the criminals:) but does seem to help.

Speaking of security..type in illuminati backwards then … like this and see where it takes you…

get real

OMG that is SO WEIRD

@hope @sado masonicrites lol its true,it would take years before nigerian government can put such hypocritic things on the streets.and we nigerians would rather use the money to get new clothes,cars and the latest blackberry phones than getting karotz monitor or RFID chips or BAR CODES,we'll tell you we're not cattles to be branded with numbers


don't the people who design this crap realize they have to live with it, too?


Has anyone realized that the city they are installing these in happens to be the muslim capitol of the U.S.? Perfect opportunity to bleed right into Dearborn.



They will be denying access to the statue of liberty for 1 year in order to perform well needed renovations; or so they say. You can bet your sweet arses that they will equip it with high quality 360 degree surveillance cameras and microphones to watch your every move and hear your every word!!!!! Not to mention, they may well set up a secret command post there as well.


Either that, or they are setting the Statue of Liberty up for a fall like twin towers LoL ;P Na, I'd guess it's what you said.