Street Cams Can Now Tag, Track and Follow Individuals (video)


The dystopian nightmare described in George Orwell’s novel 1984 took place in London, UK. This very city is today one of the most heavily monitored places in the world, using a record number of cameras and the most advanced surveillance technology to keep track of its citizens. Reuters now reports that the CCTV system of London has now the ability to tag specific people, track them across the entire system and even run a “search” on them for previous footage.

The report basically praises the software and quickly dismisses the privacy concerns it raises, stating that most citizens approve of being monitored (I’d like to see a scientific survey proving this). Of course, this summer’s London Riots were mentioned as an excuse to implement this technology, as anticipated in my article entitled The London Riots and How They Will be Used to the Elite’s Advantage.


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Son of africa

@sumbowdy…ure a very stupid somebowdy I must say, crime does not spawn from boredom or drugs or anything like that, IT SPAWNS FROM INEQUALITY when one percent of the population owns 99% of worlds finances ofcourse pipo are gona commit crime be it in the well lit paveved streets of london or dusty streets of soweto, so being watched aint gonna solve the problem, Authorities have NEVER cared about u and NEVER will, the same boom of camera presence has occured in Pretoria, South Africa in that citys central business district yet the same weedmen ive known since High skul r still runnin their hussle in broad daylite considering all the things goin on with FEMA on the radio waves(U.S) the censoring and tracking of the pipo(U.K) id much rather dwell in my so called "3rd world" South Africa…peace


oh yea he has to be working with the government i mean look at the logo…seriously (the eye)


Forget about the street cams, do you own an Xbox with Kinect?

If so, READ the user agreement. I warned you.


Looks like im going outside in a bhurka…


Yep, it's nutty here. THE most obnoxious form of CCTV all the time, everywhere. Every time I live in this city, the cameras freak me out. Just…watching. Tracking. It's weird, it's in the Tesco, the bus, the tube, the everywhere! I live literally across the street from the MI-6 building and it is freaking me out. As in, if I can see them from my bed and bathroom windows, are they watching me? Little old me? Drawing the blinds while I shower today! Seriously, living this close to that is creepy too. You can see all the dishes on the top, ugh.

Saw the fireworks at the eye and I thought they were gorgeous, and for all that monitoring they sure let a lot of drinking go down in the streets that night. I didn't think anything about the fireworks coming from Big Ben, other than how gorgeous they were. Besides DC and Vegas, I have never seen so many cameras, perhaps more here and more obvious. Trying to get everyone USED to the police state, are we?


CCTV survelliance has got to be most manipulative and brainwashing devices used on society; it is getting behond a joke in the UK. I've walked into places and there have been literally tons of cameras, mostly which are those sinister dark dome shaped cameras that look like they've come straight out of Minority Report. I walked into a booze shop, looked up to the ceiling and counted upto six of the things – why so many? why dont the owners question why they need so many?. I can understanding one or two camera but this many just blew my mind. Who's paying for these to be installed? Shop/business owners just dont care, all they care about is thinking theyre gonna be robbed, and as a result, thinking they'll lose profit. In other places its much the same, ASDA and Tesco have rows of cameras up and down many of the isles; litering the ceilings; they also have weird 'lookout' control points which are manned by staff, these staff just stand there checking the cameras around the store. All this is very obvious to me and very worrying, yet noone else seems bothered by it. What does it take for people… Read more »

Jamile Jones

Another way to keep up with us is those smart phones. I will not own one if I can help it. Supposedly, they can keep track of where your location is even if these phones are off. Wake up people!

Jamile Jones

Well, apparently we have these in our neighborhoods to enforce traffic laws but I don't believe it. I think it is to keep up with us more now than ever. We are slowly losing our freedom.


If this is, "the most visible form of surveillance" that's gotta tell you something about how advanced the surveillance systems they have that are not seen really are.

"Nothing to hide, nothing to worry about."

Obviously you haven't seen videos with peaceful protesters getting pepper sprayed that haven't broken any law(s).


Keep knocking!!


A wise man called Benjamin Franklin once said that "those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither". I suppose these days he'd be labelled a terrorist.


I read this post and I am reminded of a blockbuster movie that I seen some time ago. Anyone ever see 'Eagle Eye' Seems that this whole camera tracking a suspect may be just a stepping stone for something straight out of Hollywood. Maybe that is what they want, if they show you on some movie, and then they show you reality, you will somehow just believe it is another trick of Hollywood. How far are we from actually achieving A.I. It may already be employed in some small part and we remain unaware. Remember DARPA, the organization behind the helicopter surveillance drones has for years been striving for people to make autonomous vehicles. And great industrial giants like Japan have always strived for robots and automation. Add pieces of the puzzles from the news, the sites like this and even Hollywood, we are in for a total state of monitoring where they know your every move, (think Apple and the tracking software) or even the simple fact that most new tech these days has a camera in it. Phones, Cars, iPad/iPod, XBOX, – shoot even your Government mandated Digital to analog converter boxes are suspected of having cameras built… Read more »


Anyone see the London New Years Eve fireworks? They had fireworks coming out of Big Ben… looked like clear V for Vendetta, NWO etc symbolism


Looks like everybody is going to become a "Person of Interest"


The movie Demolition Man springs to mind. On a different note, Humanity would get along with each other alot better without religion. how many wars have there been due to religion?


If religion is a connection to God, then religion should not be blamed because of psychopaths who use it as a pretext for their true intentions of power. If it wasn't religion, they'd use the label of something else, which they do. Like capitalism, and communism, and the war on terror. And WWI and II. The worst wars in existence have been entirely due to materialism and anti-religion, not religion. But in a way, if doing the bidding of Satan is called a religion, then yes – perhaps Satanism is a religion that does cause wars. The war against God Himself. The idea that "religions" cause wars is exactly what the elite would have us believe, so that we develop a hatred against moral and spiritual growth and internal strength. What's so terribly wrong with religions? Where else is love and justice and patience preached? "By the time! (1) Surely the human is in loss, (2) except those who believe, and do righteous deeds, and counsel each other unto the truth, and counsel each other to be patient (in adversity). (3)" (Quran: 103: 1-3) "And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk gently on the earth, and… Read more »


Nice catch of the relation between the riots and what's happening now. You can see how it all works clear as day, but people still live in this bubble


I'm just wondering now…could they have "vaporized" people? I know it is premature to talk about this but it is quite clear that the purpose of this unacceptable surveillance is getting rid of some people. Maybe it didn't happen yet but it WILL…. and if stuff like that had already happened, we would never know.


Check out the laser system on the Joint Strike Fighter.


good thing i live in good ol' 3rd world country where that type of technology isn't even near…. something good had to come out of living over here!


LOL I love your way of thinking. It also crossed my mind that in a way it's safer to live somewhere where this kind of technology doesn't exist.


except that in those places, they've got other "technologies" pushed down your throat. like sterilization and depopulation and plagues of lab-manufactured diseases, and food control. but yeah, overall… maybe not THAT bad.

The Water is Wet

"I guess there’s no way to escape from this eternal plebdom other than to fix yourself in the inside and find a way off this planet.

Its worth it, to get off this planet."

Suicide IS NEVER the answer! Nor should it be a response to anything negative in one's life. Anyone pushing suicide is part of the death-cult of anti-christians who KNOW where the soul may be headed and thus wish for condemnation of souls. Such people are harvesters of their own disasters despite what they may believe they are doing for or at the will of dark entities.

To Heaven we must go, this time is short, life is but a myst, a little while longer and we'll be home [Heaven]. Patience is a virtue, let go and let God.


I meant fix yourself on the inside (your soul, senses etc) and find a way out (and into the gates of Heaven). 🙂


Oh how lovely. They are invading our privacy to protect us right? Don't you feel safe knowing that nothing you do is private and you are being watched 24-7? Don't you feel better knowing the president is awesome enough that he can have anyone arrested and killed for any reason at any time without anyone knowing? These protectors want to protect us! even though they knock down towers we are in, crash planes we are in, destroy our minds, change what we thought was real, poison our foods, and take what we thought we owned. Ahh yes, safe and sound.


Yeah But VC…..All this technology and their future queen is a major stepford wife, they throw up the same handsign top to bottom, and they spend their days playing golf and going to watch ''sports games''. In the Quran it says what you wish for others will be your own fate. Its true. Think about it. All those things I mentioned ^ are what they want for the proles. Its all very well distracting yourself from the drudgery of daily life by making fun of these people but why get scared? Police states are all the same. These times are Those times. These people are Those people. Its all the same thing it just gets recycled over and over and over again, in the hope that it (might) one day work. Tyranny and injustices always get put in the past. Think about it every single tyrannical system has been overthrown. I'm actually kind of disappointed with the illuminati, when I first heard about this stuff I thought I would finally be able to sit on my ass and be scared and act like a victim. Then I read a few books and realized its the same crap that gets recycled… Read more »


I admit I'm also "excited" in a way…..(no, I'm not mentally sick) but I'm happy that I know the truth. Fixing the inside is what everyone should do, because in the end, that is what "the elite" fights against…our soul's salvation. Some may not believe it but I hope they will come to the same conclusion on their own. "The elite" is not only on the outside…there's also one in our heart which tells us to be proud, to look down on our fellow men, to never see our sins and flaws. People that see their own flaws are more powerful and great than those who can heal (note I'm not talking about "magical" healing which is from the devil and will be VERY present in the future, as deceptions, but I was talking about Saints of God). In the past, people saw truth and God and had rich spiritual lives….then , the "elite"-of bad spirits worked from the inside, and people knew and fought against it. NOW they've numbed us…we don't know God, we don't know love…and we don't know how to identify the real enemy- it's not the Bilderbergs, nor Lady Gaga(hopefully), because those are just puppets and… Read more »


Why does the whole 'huge support' and 'survey' thing sound so unconvincing?


I live in London… I just cannot believe that this is happening. First they started with phones, now they are moving onto the big things like cameras.

Stuff to not hide

I have not submitted this to The Vigilant Citizen as a suggestion to a future article, because I know it won't be posted and I don't want to waste my effort. Because people are always reading comments on this site, I have decided to post it on the latest article here for everyone to read. Subject: US Army's A160 Hummingbird drone-copter to don 1.8 gigapixel camera Body: Starting in July of 2012, the United States Army will deploy three Boeing A160 Hummingbird drones to Afghanistan as part of a one-year trial program. Unlike the Predator drones already in combat, the A160 is a rotor-based aircraft capable of vertical take-offs and landings. What's more, the craft will be affixed with the DARPA-developed ARGUS-IS imaging system — which boasts a 1.8 gigapixel camera the Army says can "track people and vehicles from altitudes above 20,000 feet." The A160 Hummingbird platform will provide the Army with the ability and flexibility to: take off and land without a runway; fly for twelve hours or more without refueling; and monitor up to 65 enemies of the State simultaneously. Test flights of the unmanned chopper are scheduled for early 2012 in Arizona, but residents hoping to… Read more »


They want to do the same s**t in Germany too!

If anyone thinks that this still has something to do with "safety" and "protection" for the people, must be retarded!


oooooooh GREAT, I just happen to live there -.- what will they do next?