Starsuckers – The celebrity obsessed media (video)


This great documentary on the media and the cult of celebrity was submitted by Sarah Connor (thanks!). It does a great job at highlighting the absurdity of it all.

Starsuckers is a feature documentary about the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it.

Made completely independently over 2 years in secret, the film journeys through the dark underbelly of the modern media. Using a combination of never before seen footage, undercover reporting, stunts and animation, the film reveals the toxic effect the media is having on us all and especially our children.

Chris Atkins presents Starsuckers as a series of five lessons on fame in the modern world: how children are persuaded that fame is something they want, how television and the media reinforces the importance of celebrity and the efforts to attain it, how the mind and body reinforces our need to follow the activities of well-known people and strive to join their number, how the press became addicted to celebrity coverage, and how the art of promoting fame has led to celebrities and their handlers controlling the press instead of the press having say.

Along the way, Atkins demonstrates how celebrity news with no basis in fact gets into print, why newspapers will run press releases almost verbatim, how parents will eagerly sign away the image rights to their kids, how certain mass scale charity events end up helping the performers far more than the causes they designed to support, and how publicists keep accurate but unflattering stories out of the news.

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124 Comments on "Starsuckers – The celebrity obsessed media (video)"

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the video is well put together but there's no real knowledge that the average person doesnt already know to justify the 2 hours it takes to watch it.

ill save you the 2 hours:

we are obsessed with celebrities, and half of celebrity news is fabricated for PR.

VC! Prying open the eyes of the sleepy "n_n" sleeeepy…zzzzzzzzzzzzz and not so sleepy.

This is exactly what I needed to see. Growing up as I kid I had always wanted to be famous; famous doctor, famous inventor, famous stunt man whatever it was I just wanted to be famous. Now as I've gotten older going into my twenties I stopped wanting to be famous as I watched all the hounding and negative press celebrities got and the pressure of fame. Now Thanks to your documentary I know that its all a game and their apart of it and the only one who loses is us, the consumers.

Humanity is f*ed. That is why the best thing you can do right now to fight is to turn off your t.v. Next, you probably should protest your t.v. stations and tell them to tell the truth, instead of spewing properganda, fear and lies. Forget the politicians.. If you can control media and information, you control the world.

wow I am naturally appalled by such t.v. programming and material, When growing up I always condemned such shows and celebrities .. but now that i start to think a lot of the people addicted to these show do have narcissistic personalities .. just imagine these range in the millions across the world… so my question would be how can we stop or severely cripple this process from over taking our countries and the world ? Any suggestions?

In my opinion, the most important thing to remember about celebrities is that they are normal people, despite how beautiful or talented some of them may be. You would be suprised at the number of celebrities who have been coached/trained, had plastic surgery, extensions, tans or skin bleaching etc etc and are photographed in the right clothes with the right people at the right angle in the right light by the right camera. The most crucial qualities a person can have are respect and belief in themselves. If you have these two qualities and stay true to them, you will never be swallowed up either by envy or materialism nor by a group or company that will tire of you when you get too old or your looks don't entertain them any more. I have never understood why anyone wants to BE famous, because I see so many more negatives… Read more »

Really interesting video.

It basically highlights what we already know: the media is a powerful and influencial tool and mixed up within that is a chaotic combination of truth and lies. Who can even tell anymore? It doesn't matter whether its a story about a celebrity or our politicians. There is NO such thing as truth anymore. Just different angles, spins, opinions, eye witnesses etc. I have always wanted to be a journalist but I am worried about the reality of the industry. I have always wanted to be a writer of truth.

I am completely flabbergasted at the ignorance and subhuman qualities of the peasants presented here. . . A Reality TV school? ARE YOU FRIQUEN KIDDING ME?

And that moronic woman calling it a culture ?

Wow! Things are worst than I thought. Once mediocrities such as those are enshrined, the collapse of a society is not too far behind.

Man, you need to muzzle it or at least get rabies shots!


Just don't watch TV – it'll kill them.

Great find Sarah, keep up the good work.

So who exactly is this Donald Trump guy and where did he come from?

Oh ya, he just had a reality tv show… called "The Apprentice."

Who exactly do you think the term 'apprentice' refers to here? You thought it referred to the contestants who competed for a job? If you don't get it, the media played a huge on you.

No, the term 'apprentice' is a reference to Trump, himself. His reality tv show was his "apprenticeship' for the ultimate reality tv show – the American politics show. He has now graduated from his apprenticeship and become a contestant.

What was the last trick described in this doc? Taking power.

This is really sick. I had to fast forward some parts because I just couldn't take it.

so i made a comment on my facebook about how stupid the royal wedding debacle is…one of my former coworkers writes this (and I quote here): "They are our future King and Queen – our rulers. Also harkens back to the ideology of chivalry, romance, integrity. We are looking for/at hope. A Hope that dreams can come true. EVERY single girl among my two daughter's friends and classmates wants to be – or did (7 & 3 yrs old)- a princess. My house is full of Cinderella, Ariel, Aurora etc. To watch the wedding is to acknowledge our oldest and deepest Dreams. You scoff at people for seeing a dream coming true? Makes me sad actually. We can get into the role of the Monarchy etc if you'de like but that would be missing the point. We are vicariously living the fairytale" I'm not kidding, this is what people actually… Read more »

It's an archetype – king, queen, prince and princess. Jung called the four together the quaternity, which is a symbol of psychological wholeness, and it represents the elder and younger version of the respective male and female principle. The princess is the young female, and of course girls identify with it. The problem is taking it literally and acting out an elite dominating version of a political ruler. We are ALL royal, and every girl is a princess, and the voice of the young female should be heard as much as the voice of the elders or the young male.

Has anyone else noticed the commercial for the new film Bridesmaids? A monarch butterfly flies out of a crazy mechanical wedding invitation and lands on the recipient's head.

I believe the media feeds into the narcissistic ideas, however, parents are the ones mainly responsible for creating the narcissistic children by catering to them and giving into their every whim…and the cycle continues…

It's had to watch the innocent kids being used like that..=( I mean, everyone knows the world is evil to an extent but that is just so wong. =/

That looks like a fabulous doc!

Speaking of crazy society, this video made me think of how the overly sexualized music industry is influencing younger and younger, perfectly oblivious poor kids 🙁

hopefully i am not perpetuating the inappropriateness by posting the link … i guess i just find it a little horrifying and related to many of the articles on this site's particular analysis of society as having some pretty weird elephants in the room. shared in the spirit of social critique:

"the power of association is far more potent than we realize."

(ex; same birthday as Rapsutin made you be more sympathetic towards him)

lady gaga much? makes me think of her stupid lyrics and twitter blabberings of all her "little monsters" "we can do this"(aka get me a bunch of youtube hits and i'll pretend to love you, even though they are 100% meaningless except for her giant ass ego)

btw the document won't go past and hour and 4 minutes for me.

This documentary will be great if it was subtitled. Is it possible to add subtitles?

really hero

WOW. I watch this video from start to end.

very very great video. people must watch this video!

An in-depth documentary concerning the world wide missing children phenomenon, and the Foster Child/Parent system, and its involvement in Satanic ritual abuse of children in its care, would put pressure on the secret world wide Satanic recruitment and indoctrination industry, to include the children ritual sacrifice industry, and focus unwanted public attention upon an area the governments of the world want to keep their citizens ignorant of, and out of the viewing public's eye.

Yomael – have you watched Ted Gundersons "Satanism and the CIA"
Here is the first clip – there are about 7 I think? Touches on some of what you are saying here.

Thanks for the information Sarah, yours, and the information flips sent, will help me focus upon the on-going plight of children helplessly trapped in the clutches of this insidious world wide Satanic system of Luciferian worship.

People just cannot imagine the size, scope, and scale, of hidden Satanic Luciferian worship worldwide, and if they are aware, they are either intimidated by it, or too frightened to do anything about it. I can't say that I don't blame them though. Satanists are nasty immoral creatures who only respect raw occult power and materialism. They are the masters of lying deceit and artful deception.

Moving on to a lighter subject – thanks also for your kind invitation Sarah, and if you are ever in Europe you have an open invitation to visit me as well, just let me know.

Your from Europe. I am traveling there in a few weeks-going to take an internet holiday for awhile. Depending on where your from you may have come across these as well

This one takes place in France and Italy, spoken in french with english subtitles.

Not an easy topic too watch, and not for everyone

This one is in German- with Enlish subtitles

I did not see this one yet- but noticed it on a link from searching South Africa

It's International!! On a lighter note, How's the wheather over there?

Thanks for the information Zuul, and the weather here is above average for an European spring.

Enjoy your vaction and anything else you have on the subject matter please feel free to share share it with me.

I agree with what your saying. Unfortunately to get that far deep into it, you have to be involved in it somehow which means your either comprimised yourself to go to jail, framed, character assisnated, or killed. The Franklin Cover-up is one documentary that comes to mind with what you mention (you've probably come acrossed this, but if not and for others) – it was supposed to be on scheduled TV programming. It is also interesting to see how high up the cover-up went up- The bizarre convenient deaths and strange court cases surrounding the case. For me its the body count that confirms it for me- and highly doubt that "it was a carefully crafted hoax"… I can not write enough about it- It's best to self research it- because the topic is to heavy for just a single comment posting. After researching something like this you… Read more »

Talk about straight and in your face! The royal wedding upon the eve of the Grand Sabbath and Satanic Baptism. I mean wow! Viewed by over 2 billion worshippers world-wide. I believe in Satanic ritual within the Luciferian hierarchy this announces Prince William, and his new wife, as the new High Priest and High Priestess. Artful lying deceit and deception done with charismatic flair and grace so as not to alarm the profane, yet mesmerize the masses. Applause!

Now for the second half of this dog and pony show; the Messiah who saves a world gone mad!

To Sarah Conner Grandma by Yomael Grandma let me ring the chimes of the big grandfather-clock in the hallway of the big family house – She'd press shiny silver dollars into my sweaty little palms whenever I came to visit her at the big house – She'd let me sit on her lap and cuddle me giving me the feeling of being safe and warm – Grandma smelled of blueberries freshly picked from an autumn harvest – And she was blessed with the aura of rich dark earth from which blueberry harvests sprang- She'd move across the big house like a lacy veil gently blowing in the wind – She'd slowly easy herself up the stairs to her room like she was pushing boulders up a steep embankment – After a hard bit of a climb she'd rest herself and gather her strength to begin the assault again – She'd… Read more »

Yomael – for what it is worth… expand my mind something crazy and I love your posts!!! You are welcome in my home (Seattle area) any time you come! That is the truth!! Peace friend!

PS – I am Gen X……so maybe not so gramma! But super loving so bring it on….didn't want to disappoint! I'm adopting Emery if I can!!! Love that girl. If you come this way in this life (Seattle) lemme know~!!!!! For reals….

I would really like to find this film and watch it myself!

Can I ask how does everyone share the truth with people??…do you just start telling them stuff..?..I tried to tell a friend the other day..and they just couldnt digest it…kind of denied it..and said, that there has to be a balance in life, and that i cant just 'stop living'….I want to get rid of my t.v. also….but everyone in my house would be upset…is there any suggestions?…I cant stand my kids watching that airbender cartoon…or others anymore…they look like little zombies!

Thank you..

Almost all anime (even this 'Americanized' one) is a philosophy lesson wrapped in animation. People get turned off initially by the either the cartoon element or not understanding what the story elements are about, however if you decipher what they are trying to teach and tell the young ones about it, it will definitely make them into independent thinkers. All the characters have goals in their lives and at certain points their faith and/or integrity is tested or their lives are put on the line and they have to fight for what they believe in. The same goes for other animes like DragonBall Z and Naruto, although with the latter I noticed recently they had to form a 'Shinobi Alliance' with the 5 Ninja Nations who weren't exactly friendly with one another to begin with coming together to stop the current antagonist Uchiha Madara from completing his objective of bringing… Read more »
Just a few things to think about- It's about focusing on priorities and where your focus is. Where your focus is, is usually what direction your going. People will subconciously conform to the focus or purpose of a room. To give you an example of what I mean. Most people I know in the USA have several TV sets- kitchen, living room, bedrooms- (I knew person who had one in their bathroom 🙂 , I was flabergasted). In each room the TV is in the center, the chairs, everything position directed towards the TV, even in the kitchen. Looking at the position of things like how your furniture is oriented show what the focus and priority is. I have some friends that you do not even know where the TV is unless you go to the TV room. The living room, kitchen, and BATHROOM 🙂 are devoid of TV. The… Read more »
Thanks for sharing flips those are all really good ideas. Lucky for me I only live by myself so I chose to shut it off and had no one complaining in my ear about it. I also just pointed out the other day how much it has always bothered me when I see young kids with iPhones or other of those hip cool phones. I never had a cell until I was 17 ( I am 20 now) and it wasn't a fancy one just one to make calls. Now I see 9 year olds with iPhones and I think how sad it is. Sad that our children are growing to be completely consumed in their little gizmos and gadgets. No one in my middle school had a cell let alone my elementary. I have even considered not bringing children into this gross world, because even if I do raise… Read more »

Humor is the best way to get truth out, if it offends then that meant that individual had to think why. don't let the name fool you, ironically its a tv reference, to avoid tv ask your family: what would Jesus do? also try alternative activities with them like going for a walk, listening to ambient sound music, or even smoking ganja, the last one will liberate anyone. If these don't work i suggest conversing with your family for alternatives

why must we as americans always put celebrities on a pedestal? theyre there to entertain US. why do we place so much importance over someone who can fake emotions on film and tv or rhyme and sing good?

back in the middle ages was the kings jester the most glamorized and interesting person ever?? of course not.

celebrities are the lowest of the low IMO so why do we even give them the time of day?

Good? Yes. Great? No. Despite claiming at the top of this article that this "documentary" Starsuckers "uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it," it only goes half-way. Who owns the media corporations? Who owns the talent agencies? Who owns the film/movie studios? Who owns the giant PR firms? Who are their top attorneys? The answer is the same in every case: jews, crypto-jews, and nonjew frontmen. But the only owner mentioned in the "documentary" is Rupert Murdoch, and I'm sure it's no coincidence that he is the only mega-media owner publicly said to not be jewish. (But he is a crypto-jew.) Of course, not "all" jews are criminals. A subset of jews certainly are conspiring criminals, as are all the owners and fronts for the mega-media and showbiz corporations. Notice that Starsuckers' top-billed executive producer… Read more »

Baby steps buddy….baby steps. I hear ya though! 21st century is sensory overload something fierce. A soul can only handle so much in a day….at least mine! Thanks for your input! Be grateful for the building blocks as they come…..

The best advice I can give to anyone is completely cancel your cable/satellite. Don't pay corporations to sit on your ass and be hypnotized. You will very quickly discover how much you really do not need or care for it. I've been without tv for a year and my quality of life has improved. I spend more time with family, outdoors, exercising, playing with my animals, taking care of my home and self, and I never even think Of the tv. When I turn one on at a friends house, nothing appeals to me except tosh.0 or forensic files ( I think ive seen literally every single episode) anyway, it all just looks like one big idiot show to me now. One big spastic LOOK AT MEE BUY ME DO THIS THINK THAT shitshow. I used to be obsessed with reality tv it sucked me in for hours. The housewives… Read more »

Media has always been a tool for the powerful. Nothing new. I disagree about the internet, lots of babble yes, but the truth is there somewhat if your willing to do you homework. Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper. -jefferson I do not take a single newspaper, nor read one a month, and I feel myself infinitely the happier for it. -jefferson

nice documentary…

long before i have watched this video, i always have a hunch and believe about this in the entertainment industry, even though the artist is not that good or even the worst one, still they are being idolized or praised for their so called ''achievements''…

constant exposure to the media makes them look like they are the best and meant to be followed… even if they have no talent at all… the industry want us to believe that these people that they are putting in the limelight are appealing and really got what it takes be called a true artist…

Have a quick look at this article. It's quite long, but about halfway through you will see a large section of facts about the PR firms that were hired by certain govts to run their psywar efforts during a major war. I would guess that mMost people don't know that modern wars have expensive PR firms guiding and controlling the psychological warfare operations. What you will see, among other things, is that these same PR (Psywar) tactics were used by high-dollar American PR firms (Ruder-Finn, etc.) to discredit and demonize one side in the Bosnian war, in order to get sympathy and support for the other sides – with no regard for facts or truth. They openly admit it. Here is a short piece of an interview with the head of Ruder Finn public relations, James Harff, about this subject – and remember, these are HIS own words: Harff: "We… Read more »

"These tragic events were also an extremely convenient and well-timed media diversion from the deviant acts of former US President Bill Clinton, which led to his impeachment and very nearly to his removal from office, entirely." – I don't know why? But this reminded me of Wag The Dog – Dustin Hoffman movie

Thanks for the article LBV – clearly shows the lack of integrity in the journalism. Minus the likes of Scott Taylor etc….true patriots. Lots to get through but I"m excited to read it.

"Wag the Dog" was specifically written and released by Klinton's media pals about his exact situation, in case you didn't already know that, so there's no coincidence there lol. His good friend Billy Bob even starred in it, as I recall. And it was written DURING that timeframe, not years later in retrospect. Hollyweird was willing to do anything for Klinton, including real-time propaganda diversions, in the form of big star, big budget movies. Ya can't get much more blatant and nauseating than that…well, until a creature named Obama was elected, that is. Since then, we have learned a whole new definition of nausea. True journalism is all but dead now, but there are a few heroic people with integrity, such as Scott Taylor, who you mentioned. They aren't easy to find, but they are still out there telling it like it is. What's interesting to me is that Scott… Read more »

*field* – I"m tired. Thanks again for your input! Good article

Excellent video !

Fame is a fleeting thing. Some people pursue fame to feel secure. Some people need the constant adulation of millions to feel self-worth. Influence is far more important. There is positive, uplifting influence in the world and then there is negative, toxic downward spiralling influence. If one has good self-esteem, a sense of purpose and faith one does not need the attention of thousands. If you are happy with G-d (and G-d is happy with you of course), happy with a loved one and some good friends then you can dwell in real peace, sanctuary and warmth. The real power in the world comes from those who are influential. The famous ones just front the stage. The funny thing is though, if you become so influential you will not be able to avoid being famous. So what do you want to be ? Famous or Influential.

People have a choice. I used to be celeb obsessed, knew more about celebs lives (A-Z list) than I knew about anything else…most of the time i'd spend time tearing them down while simultaneously being obsessed with them. I walked away because I hated what I was becoming…and my generation (generation Y) and the next generation is this way. It's really, really, really sad…I literally have to spend half my time telling people I DO NOT CARE when they try to bring up celeb gossip in everyday conversation.

The obsession over these so called celebrities has always repulsed me. Basically i cannot fathom how some actor or musical artitst (i use the term artist and musical very loosely) can earn millions of dollars whilst our teachers, doctors, scientists and aid workers earn peanuts, and receive no respect or appreciation in today's society. Same goes for sport stars. I am well aware of the hidden agenda behind this obsession and the goal to direct people's energies towards these puppets, but even at face value it is so blatant and pathetic.

Also. The whole way the little boy is being totally exploited and is walked around by very sexual women just seemed a bit disturbing to me. I mean, if the roles were reversed and that was a girl there'd be a major fuss, but whenever it's a boy (Jayden Smith, Justin Beiber) it's like, Go Get It. There's something not quite right about the industry's exploitation of young boys, because they all seem to have a specific 'pretty' quality (unless they're black, in which case the whole body is sort of emphasised, like Jayden in the Karate kid), it just doesn't feel like any of these stars are really and truly aimed at teenage girl audience, if feels like they're supposed to be viewed by older men, which sounds…homoerotic. (It may be just me) But it feels like we've been conditioned to accept pretty men as the ideal type if… Read more »

I'm sad for Justin Bieber. Poor boy. Very young and yet he already surrendered his soul to the industry. :'(

thats it, i'm going back to eagle cam

i feel duped :*(

Sikk mann tingg

its so sad but true how this all ties in to dumbing down society and trying to push group mentality on us. by having us hooked on tv we dont have time to go to school and do well and make something of ourselves and educate ourselves about these very issues

I hope your not talking about that institution called school in the USA. Schools throughout the country have been selling out everything depending on where you live. From roof tops for planes flying over, to buses, football scoreboards, vending machines, cafeteria food, banners, and even providing TV/Video to classrooms. Talk about mind control and programming. The first 30 minutes of highschool was nothing but a waste. First the bell rung, sit in your assigned seats, take attendance, pledge of allegiance, hear special anouncements and 5 minutes of student news, watch 15 minutes of Channel One News with its advertising, followed by sitting for several minutes unable to get up without permission until the bell rings. That mandatory morning routine is everyday for 180 days of the school year. 2-1/2 hours a week, 90 hours a year. Doe this sound like a that routine contributes to independance/autonomy in preparation for a… Read more »

Sorry about the long rant about high school- Things like homeroom, mandatoory pep rallies, and some of the mandatory special in school programs had a lasting impact of scratching my head thinking "What was all that about?"

flips, you hit the nail in the coffin. I went to high school for a few months in a small california town, nothing much happened yet everyone acted as though los angeles was the model for life, yet went i started going to high school in utah; its EXACTLY as you described, same routine, I only hope that in today's system there will be that one or two teachers who gets students to question rather than obey,

I think I read a book covering the same topics of this documentary with more detail, it's called 'Flat Earth News' by Nick Davies. Though to be honest, at the time I never took it too seriously. :c

Thanks Sarah~

its not really that serious if you think about it. i can see if you are constantly in front of the tube ciphering hours away at a time. but honestly, just going to see a movie every once in the while is not bad at all. just keep it in prospective. i must say that a lot of people (just judging by the comments) on this site demonize almost everything. its well known that a lot of this stuff is a lie or a fluke. but, take it to your own belief and views and not someone else. we know right from wrong.

Yes, go watch your movies, I will read my books and we can entertain ourselves however we would like. Just gotta point out that your mentality is exactly why this mess will never get cleaned up.

Lady Gagarbage looks jewish. Why does she lie she's Italian. Italian my a**. Muppet.

Hey hey hey, don't drag the muppets' name into this. They taught me how to read, write, spell in an entertaining fashion when I was younger, lol. If anything Stefani Germanotta is a marionette 😀

I am totally stealing that, bahahaha Gagarbage!

should i blame myelf because i make beats and write rhymes…naah i wont do that i express productive rhythm when i make hip hop and my fav rapper is mf doom who has no fame as a person he wears a mask and doesnt even do interviews i think im on the right track

did sarah help make the movie? Its ok. A good starting point to introduce ppl. But it never goes into enough detail. Considering its billed as a tell all, many will watch and think the film hits all the major points, when its only a very cursory glance. This has been on uk tv a while bk and the papers gave it good reviews. Hardly anti establishment.

sarah conner.. ive seen her comments before. how nice to know that you listen to your audience VC. …This video is awesome. It was hard to watch how blatanly they recruit our kids.

The footage that grabbed me most was the LIVE 8 and LIVE AID appearance versus the reality of the charity events. Watching the cargo plane just dropping supplies to go to waste at 1:25:00 and how much was misused and caused harm instead to the people. The charity event was more about self promotion, water down the politics and real issues, and taking advantage of people's altruistic nature to give their money to do the coorpotations bidding. Good Documentary- Nice Find Sarrah Following the financial news: you can find how bad some of these charities really are and what their true intentions are despite what is presented on the Mainstream media as a triumph. U2's Bono has an organization called "One" that is for helping the needy- about 1% actually goes to charity. The rest is lost to administrative costs and salaries etc. Don't forget that this is a tax… Read more »

Sadly, people almost always prefer and believe the beautiful lies over the terrible truth.

I am so glad you pointed this out flips – 'One' is a scam. And Bono is a high ranking mason…my crazy is on!

OK…do you have any source for your claim that Bono is a freemason?

Whoops – my response to you was deleted. Link crazy maybe?…..if you look into it, the evidence is overwhelming.

I don't know if he is a freemason. But the part about "One" is in the financial news because they have to produce financial records to be filed. There are lot's of articles in the financial arena- He is just one of many entertainers who have their own pet non-profit organization for the purpose of tax write-offs.

You should always research what organization your giving money too.

Here are just some sample sites of questions to ask and how to grade organizations

"One" fails miserably by all standards- There are many organizations like it that fail miserably by many of these Elite hollywood celebs and entertainers. Do the homework before you give to an organization.

I always felt like that guy wasn't right, this might be dumb and unrelated, especially after he and Jay-z did a remix of U2's Sunday Bloody Sunday. Anyway I'm really liking the new Beastie Boys album.

Kudos to Sarah for this video suggestion btw.

Sarah Connor is my heroine!

I always wondered how they get a parent to sell their child. Man I didn't expect to be so easy!!

P.S Aren't there any laws against children exploitation?

this topic brings out an obvious question: why don't we see this documentary on tv? At least on one of the so-called independent channels?